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$38 Tarot Readings to 200K in 10 Months with Simone SeolMy special guest on the podcast today is my 200K mastermind student, Simone Seol. Simone has an incredible story, and this is going to be a must-listen episode if you want all the tips on marketing and selling. Simone joined 2K for 2K last April when she was selling tarot card readings for $38. She’s been a coach for almost a decade, and she had even given up on her business at one point until she joined 2K for 2K, where she made $48,000 in her first 60 days.

Simone went on to join our 200K mastermind and finished out last year at $200,000. This year, she’s already made $200,000 in the first quarter. She is a marketing and selling machine, and this episode is going to be jam-packed full of wisdom that I know is going to show you the kind of money that’s possible for you to make too.

Join us today to discover how Simone moved past her initial resistance to selling and doing the work. You might be experiencing this yourself, but once she took the first step, her growth was unstoppable, and the same is true for you as well. She’s sharing so many gems around the importance of being coachable, her secret to massive growth revenue, and her simple two-step process for marketing on social media.

The 200K mastermind is opening up again soon! If you’re ready to start learning these advanced selling principles and apply them to your business, make sure you apply. It’s worth every single penny and if you want to work with me at this level, you have to get in this year, so get on the list now!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Simone’s secret to massive revenue growth and why this made her so much money.
  • How your brain can dramatically change in a short amount of time.
  • Why being coachable can alter the trajectory of your life.
  • How to be coachable.
  • What keeps you from being coachable.
  • How to sell on consults and in marketing, even if you don’t have a niche.
  • Simone’s simple two-step process for knowing what to say on social media.
  • How Simone made her first 40K month.
  • The importance of feeling certain about your offers.
  • What has helped Simone become a leader.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Female Announcer: Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first $2K, $20K, and $200K using her proven formula.

Stacey Boehman: Hey, coaches. Welcome to this special bonus episode. Today, we’re talking with my 200K Mastermind student, Simone Seol. She has such an incredible story. She joined 2K for 2K last April and was selling tarot card readings for $38. She had been a coach for almost 10 years. She had even given up on her business at one point.

She joined 2K for 2K and made $48,000 in 60 days. She went on to join 200K Mastermind and finish the year at $200,000. She joined a second round of 200K, my current class, and has already made $200,000 in the first quarter of this year. She is a marketing and selling machine. She opens up on this episode about her secret to massive revenue growth, and I’ll give you a hint, doing everything she hated, and why this actually made her so much money. She’s going to tell you all about it.

We also talk about how dramatically your brain can change in such a short amount of time, and how to be coachable so that you can take advantage of that, and what keeps you from being coachable. Then she reveals the thing that turned it on for her with consult and how she started selling everyone she talked to.

We also talk about how to sell on consults and in your marketing, even if you don’t have a niche, and she shares her simple two-step process for knowing what to say on social media always. This conversation is seriously jam packed with marketing and selling tips, and full of possibility for what’s available for you when it comes to making money. This is the must listen to episode. Let’s dive in.

All right, coaches. Here’s Simone. Let’s do it. We’re going to have the most amazing conversation. I already know it. So, here’s how I want to start, Simone, because I didn’t know this, and you posted it I think in 200K or somewhere, and it blew my mind. How long ago was it that you were selling $38 tarot card readings? I need to know the story behind it. I think everyone needs to know.

Simone Seol: Oh, my gosh. It was March of 2019, so at the time of recording now, it’s April 2020.

Stacey Boehman: March of 2019, so literally a year ago you were selling $38 tarot card reading.

Simone Seol: $38 tarot card readings. $38 was a lot more than I was charging before, and when I bumped up my price to $38, I was like, “Nobody is going to buy.” I didn’t have Stacy Boehman in my life.

Stacey Boehman: When did you join 2K?

Simone Seol: I joined 2K on April 1st. I remember my 2K anniversary. I call it my 2K anniversary, April 1st. Just days before I joined 2K, I was doing tarot readings for $38.

Stacey Boehman: Oh, my gosh. Then what happened in 2K because you came in, and my impression was this girl came in like a lightning rod. I can’t even describe it. Your energy. It was just like Simone, Simone, Simone. You were all in and constantly posting about your work, constantly getting transformation. The group changed by your energy being in it, which I think is so fun.

Simone Seol: Oh, my gosh, that’s an amazing way to describe it. Thank you. So, the $38 tarot reading wasn’t the only one thing I was selling. I was also selling coaching.

Stacey Boehman: Tell us about that. Where were you before you joined 2K? Because you made a ton of money in 2K, but I want to paint them a picture because your story is so powerful for what’s possible in such a small amount of time. Where was your business before you joined 2K, and then just walk us through the transition that happened there.

Simone Seol: Before 2K, the biggest month I had ever had with my coaching was in December of the year before. So, that was 2017, and I made, I don’t remember exactly, but it was between $3,000 and $4,000. I had a coach at the time, and I remember telling her, “This is never going to happen again.”

This is the most amount of money I could ever see myself making as a coach, and it was just a fluke. That was like the giantest success that I could imagine as a coach that I made thousands of dollars, like three or four thousands of dollars. That just tells you how much I was making before that, which was not even close to that.

Stacey Boehman: How long have you been coaching?

Simone Seol: For almost 10 years. Not consistently. I had jobs, and I had periods of ignoring that I was a coach, but I got certified for the first time almost 10 years ago.

Stacey Boehman: Wow, I didn’t know that.

Simone Seol: When I first got certified, I was in my mid-20s, and I “tried to make my business work” for a good year. Of course, it wasn’t working, meaning I thought I was trying everything, all of the marketing things, and just nobody ever wanted to work with me. I worked with a lot of free clients, which I was very happy to do to build up my skill, and I was just in love with it at the time. I was in love with it. This is so funny. I remember this thought vividly, “If it was meant to happen. It’s been a whole year. It would have happened by now.”

Stacey Boehman: That’s such a sneaky thought. I bet a bunch of people have that thought.

Simone Seol: I believed it so deeply, and I folded up shop with this is my dream that I’m giving up. I’d been trying for a year. If it was going to happen, it would have happened if I were meant for it.

Stacey Boehman: Wow.

Simone Seol: So, when I hear people say stuff like that, I’m like, “Man, I have been there.”

Stacey Boehman: Disproved that.

Simone Seol: Well, it took me 10 years to come around, but it doesn’t have to take you 10 years because you’ve got 2K.

Stacey Boehman: How did you even find 2K?

Simone Seol: I listened to the podcast with Brooke about selling that you did.

Stacey Boehman: So, you found me with Brooke. Love it.

Simone Seol: Yeah, I listened to that podcast and said, “Who is this woman? I must go learn from her,” and I signed up for 2K in like two days.

Stacey Boehman: I love it.

Simone Seol: When I came to 2K, I was like, “This is everything I needed for 10 years.”

Stacey Boehman: Wow. Then what happened? Because you had a pretty explosive growth. You made $100K from just the 2K process in a small amount of time.

Simone Seol: Yeah, I’m trying to think of where I was when I applied for 2K the first time. Pretty close.

Stacey Boehman: It feels like forever ago.

Simone Seol: I know, right.

Stacey Boehman: It’s only one year. We’re like, “What was it?”

Simone Seol: It wasn’t even fully one year. I think I was pretty close to $100K, but not quite, but I was almost at the precipice when I applied to 200K. The thing is, when I first came to 2K, it really does feel like so many lifetimes ago because my brain is just so, so, so different now. I hardly recognize my own brain.

Stacey Boehman: That’s so fun. I tell people, you probably get this, where I really genuinely feel like I have lived multiple lives in this life with the consciousness of it, as opposed to past lives without consciousness.

Simone Seol: That’s what coaching does.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, I was a completely different person with completely different thoughts, and I even think the person I was at multiple six figures is now completely different, and people see that. They’ve seen the transformation, but now, I feel like this is like I’m in my third phase of my third actually different person that I am in this current lifetime, which feels so fun that you could literally change everything about you and create anything that you actually wanted ever.

Simone Seol: Testament to the power of coaching. Really, I think my brain when I first joined 2K is a different human being’s brain than the one I had my first 100K, which also feels like a dramatically different brain than the one I have today.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, and I think it shows too, 100%.

Simone Seol: Totally.

Stacey Boehman: What do you think is the different brain that you had when you made the first $100K? What changed when you joined 2K and enabled you to make that amount of money?

Simone Seol: I’ve been thinking about this, about what I did. I tore through the group and tore through your program in this dramatic way.

Stacey Boehman: I felt it. I was like, “Who’s this Simone girl?” I love it. You were just a lightning rod. That’s all we can say.

Simone Seol: I got really, really obsessed because listen, I told you, 10 years. I feel like I’ve been waiting for you for 10 years, and when I found it, everything in my body told me this is it. But I was thinking, “A lot of people will find Stacy, and they love her, and they don’t grow as fast as I did.”

So, ask myself, “What did I do? What did I do differently?” Because my brain kept being like, “Well, I don’t know. You didn’t do anything differently.” I said, “Yeah, you did. You did everything differently because you grew so, so fast.” I think what I remember doing a lot of in the first month that I joined is doing so many things that I hated the idea of doing.

Stacey Boehman: Oh, like what? That’s so good.

Simone Seol: You’re going to laugh, but I remember downloading the consultation code. For listeners who aren’t in 2K, this is the book where Stacy reveals all of her secrets to selling on a consult. It’s freaking brilliant. I remember I first downloaded it. I read through it. I was like, “There is no way in hell that I’m ever going to do this ever.”

Stacey Boehman: What part of it?

Simone Seol: Here’s honestly what my brain told me at the time. My brain was like, “You’re not going to do some stupid formulaic sales conversation where you don’t even sound like yourself, and this is horrible, and this was a terrible investment. You made the wrong decision. You blew 2K, and this Stacey women is terrible.” My brain was like, “We’re not doing this,” just because it was so different from anything that I’ve done before. It was so interesting.

Stacey Boehman: I’m glad you shared that because I have a feeling there are people that will join and have those thoughts, but they won’t catch that, their thoughts, which could be the difference that you’re saying of, “Why did you know I grow so quickly?” It’s like you caught them as thoughts.

Simone Seol: Well, at the time, I didn’t even have the language to be like, “Oh, that’s just a thought.” I didn’t even know the model before I came to 2K.

Stacey Boehman: Wow.

Simone Seol: But here’s what happened though. I had that thought like, “No way I’m going to do this. No way I’m going to take any of her advice, do this five-step thing. That sounds so fucking stupid,” is what I thought. The next day, there was something in me that’s like, “You know you got to go back and learn everything that’s in there.”

Stacey Boehman: That’s so good.

Simone Seol: Then probably that was the day when I announced to everybody, “I’m going to do 20 consults to get over my fear and loathing of this whole process.”

Stacey Boehman: I love that. And you did.

Simone Seol: I did.

Stacey Boehman: When you started doing it then,

Simone Seol: Oh, my God. Here’s how I went from, “This is stupid. I’m never going to do this. I hate Stacy,” to like, “Oh, my God. I have to stake everything I have here,” is that of course, the first consult I did following the formula, I made my first $2,000.

Stacey Boehman: Oh, that’s fantastic.

Simone Seol: It took me like a week.

Stacey Boehman: That’s so great.

Simone Seol: I remember at the time, I had never charged $2,000 for anything before. My package that I was selling when I first joined 2K was $750. So, the words $2,000 came out of my mouth in that consult, and I was shaking on the inside. The other person is like, “Okay, great.” I’m like, “What?” I’m playing it cool like, “Yeah, of course you think it’s great,” but on the inside, I’m like, “Hold on. What is happening?” I remember getting off that call and taking the crazy selfie of, “I can’t believe this is happening,” and posting it to 2K. So, I was like, “Oh, this works.” Who knew?

Stacey Boehman: Who knew? It works. That’s so good. Now, your brain has no argument now at this point.

Simone Seol: It’s not that it has no argument. All of that is transfused into my brain. All of the contents of that book because I studied it so f-ing hard, it’s just part of my brain now. When I say I did so many things I hated the idea of, it was like that. Just everything about selling used to make my whole body recoil. You would say things that I just hated hearing.

Stacey Boehman: This is the best interview ever.

Simone Seol: Can I give an example?

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, please do.

Simone Seol: First of all, I obviously try to be a good student and try to make sense of the things you say, but one time in 2K, I’m sure you remember, you said, “Okay. No one here is allowed to be confused.” That’s all you said. “You’re not allowed to be confused. No more confusion.”

That’s all she said. It just made no sense to me, and I thought about it for days about what does it mean to stop being confused. I figured it out eventually, and I was like, “Oh.” The thing that I did to grow so fast was all the things that my brain resists so hard. In fact, the harder it resists something, there’s something else in my brain that’s like, “Wait, why are you resisting it so hard? Let’s figure this out.”

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, my brain does that too. It’s very resistant. I’m always like, “Hm, this is interesting. I should look into this.”

Simone Seol: Yeah, I think a lot of people don’t do that consciously. They’re like, “I hate it.” That’s it.

Stacey Boehman: Well, I used to not do that consciously. My whole life here, “I hate life. I hate people. I hate my job.” Literally, that was who I was. Sometimes I get Facebook updates of your memory, of something said nine years ago or something. It would be just the worst, most negative things ever. There would be no likes, no comments.

What I always laugh about is I would keep doing it. I would keep posting on Facebook really awful things. There would be like five notifications in a row where no one responds, no one engages. I was really negative. Everything was everybody else’s fault. Nothing was ever my fault. I was the most resistant client ever. My first coach threatened to fire me four times. She was like, “I am not going to take this.”

Simone Seol: See, it’s so funny because you tell us stories like that, and from our end, it’s like, “Yeah, right. No, she’s probably exaggerating,” but then now, I get it more. I’m at this multiple six-figure level, and I look back to who I used to be and how really genuinely how dramatically your brain changes. Now, I’m like, “I believe it.”

Stacey Boehman: 100%, literally a different person. I always tell Neil if he had met me a year earlier, we would not be together.

Simone Seol: I feel that way about my husband too.

Stacey Boehman: 100%. I wouldn’t have been attracted to him. He would not have been attracted to me.

Simone Seol: Yeah, you weren’t the person you needed to be to attract your true love.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, 100%. I was so different, and I still carry a lot of resistance with me for the world in general, but now, I just have so much more awareness, that it doesn’t always take 100% hold of me as strongly. I think that the reason I feel so compelled to teach people how to be coachable and how to be open to new things is because it was literally what saved my life.

Genuinely what saved my life. Not just what made me money, but genuinely what saved my actual experience of this lifetime on this planet was learning how to open my mind, and take feedback, and learn how to be different, and think about things different, and be open to what someone has to say.

Simone Seol: I want to ask you about that. What do you think it was for you, that critical thing that was blocking you being teachable before, and opened it up before? Because when I think about it, for me, it was I was resistant to being teachable and being coachable because I felt so much shame inside. What was it for you?

Stacey Boehman: Probably the same. What I was associating with wrongness. You’re telling me I’m wrong as a person.

Simone Seol: Exactly, that’s what I mean by shame.

Stacey Boehman: Some people will fight or flight. I’m a fighter, so I’m going to fight you and the world if you tell me I’m wrong and bad because I think you might be right. It was just all self-worth stuff.

Simone Seol: I was a flighter, and it’s like, “Oh, this thing I did was wrong? It means my existence is wrong, and I’m just going to go hide forever because that’s way too painful to think about.”

Stacey Boehman: Yes, 100%.

Simone Seol: You changed that because I just had to teach myself how to be coachable so many times because I was so triggered by so many things you said.

Stacey Boehman: Do you ever feel like, I don’t know, it’s like there’s this part of me that never wants to delegate anything, but sometimes I think it’s a little bit of a miracle. People like you and I, when we have something that keeps us moving forward. I think about all the times I could’ve quit or not leaned into it, and it was the smallest little moments where I’m like, “It could have completely gone a different way.” I don’t know, it just feels like there’s some kind of magic in the universe.

It’s so crazy to me, but I think back about that all the time about all the little massive moments of change where I was open to something different. I remember I was listening to Brooke’s podcast. I found her, my best friend messaged me when she was on episode 11. So, she had just done lessons with Byron Katie, and there was one more after that. She said, “I found this podcast called The Life Coach School.” I had just met my first life coach. I didn’t even know what one was.

So, she sent it to me, and she was always into these personal development stuff. I was like, “I’m going to listen to this.” I start listening to it, and at the time, I’m pitching, and I’m managing like three states. I’m training all the people, and I am constantly screaming match fighting with our CEO. This would never happen in Corporate America, but in the pitching world, just knockdown, drag out fights.

I was supposed to drive eight hours to this training conference that we were doing in the woods where they told us that we couldn’t have our cell phones, no interaction with the outside world for seven days. They controlled the environment morning, noon, and night. My worst nightmare. I don’t get along with any of the people.

I’m literally driving, and every second, I’m like, “I’m going to turn around and quit. I’m going to turn around and quit. I’m going to turn around,” and it was literally listening to Brooke’s podcast, those 11 episodes, and I kept listening to Byron Katie, and loving what is, and reality just is, and you can decide what you want to think about it.

That podcast got me to show up to that event, and then I showed up at that event. This is what they did. This is how horrible this company was. The theme was summer camp. So, we were going to all come together, all the trainers in the company, and learn how to train our people in the field better. The idea was summer camp. So, we all had to wear summery type clothes, and we all had badges on our shirts. It was so dumb. But I get there late to the food hall, and they decide my punishment is an awful waffle.

Simone Seol: Oh, God. What is that?

Stacey Boehman: Literally, when I tell you this, you’re going to freak out and be like, “How do they not get sued?” Where I had to lift my shirt up, they took a tennis racket, put it on my stomach, poured maple syrup all over my stomach, and then grinded it in with the tennis racket. This is something, apparently, they do in summer camp.

Simone Seol: What?

Stacey Boehman: So, they do this in front of the entire company. Imagine. Remember, I’m the most resistant person on the planet anyways, and I’m known for being a diva. I’m known for being everyone lookout, Stacey is the top salesperson. She’s so diva. She’s such a bitch. She requires all these things. So, everyone is losing their minds like, “She’s going to freak out.” I have Byron Katie in my head, and I’m like, “Loving what is. This is not a problem. This is just what’s happening. I get to totally be all in.”

All the basic principles of the work, and just the fact that we have the option to just be whatever. So, after that moment, I went back and I cleaned up, and I was like, “I am going all in with this weekend. I’m going all in. Everything we do. The awful waffle, if I get another one, it’s perfect. It’s fine. It’s amazing. I love awful waffles. If we’re going to go play a game that I don’t want to play. I’m all in. If I don’t get any sleep, I’m all in. This crappy food they’re feeding us that is flour and sugar, I’m all in.”

They did awards at the end. I ended up getting the most transformed person award, and then I ended up having a conversation with the CEO and taking responsibility for everything of all of our relationship, and I ended up getting a huge promotion and running the entire section of Puerto Rico in our company. It was just the biggest turning point, and I ended up deciding that I was going to become a coach. It was just so powerful to see moments like that.

I could have easily been like, “I’m out, and I’m suing you.” It’s just such an incredible moment. So, I think about those moments all the time. I always think of all of our journeys as coaches, and then our clients. Every moment, it’s like a moment to grab one opportunity to become someone different, and each one of those things, they add up over time in such a profound way, whether it’s changing your life or your business.

Simone Seol: It’s a thing like, “Oh, you hate it? Lean in. You hate it? Lean in.”

Stacey Boehman: We did this. This was our personal choices. We get to take full responsibility for that, but sometimes it feels a little magical that in that moment, Byron Katie was there, in that moment, I decided to lean in instead of pull out. It feels a little bit miraculous.

Simone Seol: I love it.

Stacey Boehman: Anyways, you went, you joined 2K, you leaned into everything that I said that pissed you off.

Simone Seol: All the things I hated, yeah.

Stacey Boehman: So fun. You started making money. Tell me about do you remember the journey, the curve, of that $100K, how that went? In April, you we’re making $3,000 or $4,000.

Simone Seol: No, actually, April I made like $8,000.

Stacey Boehman: $8,000, okay.

Simone Seol: Remember, the highest I ever did before it was like $3,000, $4,000.

Stacey Boehman: Wait, so you made $8,000 eight days after you joined 2K?

Simone Seol: I did. I did.

Stacey Boehman: That’s so amazing.

Simone Seol: I made my $2K back in days, and then I made like $8,000 in the first month, and then I was like, “What is happening?” At the time, somebody was like, “You’re going to have your first five-figure month next month.” I was like, “Come on, that’s not a thing.” That’s how far my self-concept was from the idea of a five-figure month. That was like Mars, like no. Then the next month was my $40K month.

Stacey Boehman: It was how much?

Simone Seol: $40K.

Stacey Boehman: Hold on. You did $8K in the first 30 days. How do I not know this story?

Simone Seol: Yeah, how do you not know that?

Stacey Boehman: So, you did $8K, and then you did $40K.

Simone Seol: First of all, I used to always call it my $45K month, and I actually ended up having to refund $5K of that $45K, so now, I call it my $40K month.

Stacey Boehman: I love it. We have to know how you did it.

Simone Seol: You know, I ask myself that a lot. Actually, you coached me on a part of this in the last mastermind, but I think, “What happened? That makes no sense.” I remember just getting all of these consults all the time. My calendar was like consult, consult, consult. I was closing all of them. Here’s what’s astonishing. At the time I couldn’t even decide on my offer. I couldn’t decide if I was offering $3,000 or $4,000. I was going back and forth, and I had no confidence, and I was like, “Well, if you can’t afford it, I’ll cut it in half. No problem.”

Stacey Boehman: That’s why I try to tell people, I tell them the difference of a selling tangible versus an intangible. You could literally go back and forth in your offer. It doesn’t even matter. $3,000, $6,000, offer them both. It literally doesn’t matter.

Simone Seol: And I didn’t have a niche.

Stacey Boehman: And you didn’t have a niche. So, what did sell it then? Because I know, but I want you to say it.

Simone Seol: Here’s what you coached me on. I don’t know what you’re thinking the answer is, but I think I was creating all of this value before that I had no idea how to cash in on because I was never making offers because I had no idea how to make offers before. I had been sending newsletters. I’d been doing this.

I’d been doing tarot readings, but the thing about tarot readings is that they’re cheap, and they’re fun, and everybody wants one. You don’t ask for a tarot reading from somebody that you don’t respect and trust to give you a good opinion on your life.

So, I had this group of people around me who liked me and trusted me, and with whom I had been building relationships totally free of this like, “They have to become my clients,” because I didn’t even know that they could become my clients before. I didn’t know how to make offers. So, I had all this value in the value of bank, and when I finally started making offers and believing in my offers, everybody was like, “Yeah, of course.”

Stacey Boehman: It was literally just the shift in making an offer.

Simone Seol: It was a shift in making an offer because I learned how to believe in myself and in the value of my offer at such a deep level. Here’s what I see. My clients, when this begins to click with them, everything starts to work, is this deep-seated certainty in the urgency of someone taking action now to coach.

Stacey Boehman: Yes.

Simone Seol: It’s so important, and it needs to happen now. When you really, really believe it, you sell like crazy. In retrospect, that’s what you taught me for the first time in my life, how do really believe deeply.

Stacey Boehman: That’s so good. I just interviewed Maggie for the podcast, and she talked about when I talk about urgency to buy, and the urgency to buy is to solve the problem now and understanding why there’s never a better moment than right now to do something about it. It’s the same thing though. It’s that moment of there’s no better moment to lean into resistance. And when you’re being an awful waffle.

Simone Seol: Totally. I taught my brain through 2K how to feel certainty in my offer, and I intentionally took my brain to the place where I saw and felt where my clients could be or where my prospective clients could be. I just felt so deeply from my heart like, “I know what’s possible for them, and I know that they can get there if they say yes to this, and it is my obligation to present it to them.”

Stacey Boehman: Which is so different than people who are like, “I don’t know what their problem is. I don’t know if I can solve it.” When they get on consults, and they’re listening to the people talk, when they’re in their own head worrying about they don’t know exactly how to coach them or exactly what they should say or how they should do it, that’s the difference.

They’re using the energy and the sacred time on a consult to do that versus you are using the energy to get into your heart and think about your client, and be like, “I know I can help her, and it’s so important to help her right now.”

Simone Seol: To be clear, I had to figure that out by trial and error, how to not to be like salesy and graspy, and how to be detached from my own wants and needs, but definitely. So, here’s what people think, that learning how to be detached, you just should have detaching thoughts, and then you just are detached on a consult. I actually don’t think it happens like that.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, I agree.

Simone Seol: I think you learn by trial and error and by getting it wrong a lot. You learn by being graspy a lot how to not be graspy.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, I always tell people the only way that you’re going to know whether you pushed someone and you shouldn’t have or not is if you let yourself go and see what happens. It’s the same thing with making decisions. The only way to figure out how to make good decisions is you are going to make a ton of them, and half of them are going to be really bad, but you have to develop your own meter for what is too far and not far enough. The only way to do that is with real people on the phone.

Simone Seol: Totally. The other thing I want to say, because I told you I had no niche, because a lot of people when they don’t have niches are like, “I don’t know what result I offer people, and I’m confused about what to say.” But here’s the thing, I didn’t have a niche at the time, and I believed so strongly in my offer even though everybody was wanting different things.

When I was writing my newsletters, it’s like, “I don’t know what your issue is, but listen.” What I developed so much certainty in is at the time, I had 100% conviction that I could help to change your brain. I can help you change your brain, and if you know how to change your brain, that’s the key to everything in life.

I was so excited about what an amazing process it is to direct your own brain to do what you want it to do, how to manage your mind, that I was on a high of what an incredible thing that was. So, I was never confused about what people wanted. What do people want? To change their brain. Of course, duh. Whatever you want, changing your brain will get you there.

So, I don’t understand when people are like, “I don’t have a niche, and I’m confused.” How can you be confused? You have the most powerful set of tools on the planet to help people do whatever they want to do. Whether they want to write a book, stop procrastinating, lose weight, get a promotion, whatever it is, if you know how to change your brain, you can do anything. Like, hello?

Stacey Boehman: Then people want to change their brains.

Simone Seol: They do.

Stacey Boehman: Even when they don’t know 100% what results they want in their life, when your brain is angry, and resistant, and victimy, and miserable, you know. You know what experiences of being you, and I remember being like, “I want to feel different. I want to think different. I want to have what other people enjoying their life.”

I used to look at people and think, “Other people have a secret, and I’m missing it. I don’t understand what I don’t know about life that they know. How am I doing all of it wrong? How am I doing the money wrong? How am I doing the relationships wrong? How am I doing the living situation wrong? How am I doing the career wrong? How am I not getting it the way other people are?” I always used to ask myself that. Even before I had a life coach or knew what one was, I could tell that something wasn’t right.

Simone Seol: You’re just following your habitual programming, and most people have some sense that they’re following their habitual brain programming, like they’re hostage to their habits of thought and doing. I think the idea of being able to change that the way you want is so powerful. Life coaches should never be confused about that. If you’re sold on the power of changing your brain, you could sell coaching to anybody.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, 100%, and people want it. People are always saying in 2K that they don’t know, what should I be posting? You’re the person to answer this question. What should I be posting when I’m just selling general life coaching? It feels like the message is all different, and it’s not consistent, and I don’t know what to talk about. When they say that, what would be your answer for that?

Simone Seol: So, I was just doing some intentional thinking and intellectual property creation on this, and I just came up with this two-step process.

Stacey Boehman: Perfect.

Simone Seol: Knowing what to say on social media. Here’s the thing. Every time people get stuck about knowing what to say on social media, it’s because they’re people pleasing in advance. What I mean by that is what are people going to find valuable? What are people going to engage with? What are they going to like? How can I get them to react, and respond, and book a consult with me? This is kind of like you’re trying to think of content, not from a place of power, but yeah, that’s really the best way I can say it. You’re already people pleasing them.

Stacey Boehman: So good.

Simone Seol: What I just thought of is like, “No, that’s not what I ever did.” I think I sold so much coaching because I never wrote from that place. My drive for self-expression is too strong for me to people please. Here’s the first step, is say the truest thing that you can say in the moment. Say something that is true of you in this moment. I think that question will always get you to this really powerful, authentic place.

Stacey Boehman: That’s so good. But say it to one person. Say your thing truest thing to one person.

Simone Seol: Yes, that you like.

Stacey Boehman: That you like. Don’t say it to somebody you hate.

Simone Seol: Actually, your point, similar to my second step, because it’s a two-step process, say the truest thing that you can say in a moment, and the second step is put a love filter on it. That’s how I say it because you can say so many things that are true, but your truth could be that you’re angry, or you’re pissed off, or you are conflicted, or you are this or that.

Stacey Boehman: Or you are judging.

Simone Seol: Or judging, yeah. But the thing is, let’s say even if you are judging, the way I put it is that you put a love filter on it. You decide, “How would I say this if I were coming from love?” Love for yourself, love for that part of you, love for this situation, love for reality, love for other people. If you say anything that is true for you in the moment with love, it’ll be the most powerful thing you can say.

Stacey Boehman: Oh, my gosh. Everyone take note that’s listening, that if you just follow that, zero chance you won’t get clients. That’s it. If you stay consistent with that, and that’s what you do, because I agree. You’ve heard me talk about don’t talk to your haters. Just don’t make any messages. I see coaches do that all of the time in this industry. They put each other down, how people are showing up, what they’re doing. They post in a way to try to be controversial, and it comes off very condescending, judgmental, righteous.

Simone Seol: They’re not coming from love.

Stacey Boehman: It’s not coming from love, and I think that you will still attract people engaging with that, but it creates such a bigger ripple when you’re just always filtering with love.

Simone Seol: When you’re filtering with love, people want to be around you.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, well, it builds trust, right?

Simone Seol: It builds trust. Yeah, because you’re modeling who you want to be as a life coach, probably, if you’re always coming from love. The thing is, I even now constantly have to do a check, “Wait, hold up. Is that coming from love? Nope. Okay, go back to love. Go back to love,” and then I say it, and it always comes out so powerful. I think that’s why people trust me. I think that’s why I’m a leader now because I have learned how to consistently be in love for everything, for everybody.

Love doesn’t mean being positive. Love doesn’t just mean cuddles, and unicorns, and rainbows. Sometimes love is gritty. Sometimes love is tough to bear. Sometimes love really just requires you to be in discomfort, but even if you’re in discomfort, being in resistance or judgment versus love, it’s going to be two totally different posts.

So, it’s never about what to post about. It’s never what to say. It doesn’t matter. Is it true for you? Is it authentic to where you are right now? Are you really saying it from love or from a different place? The things is that these are very subtle things. It’s not like, “Now, listen to this formula.” You have to go within.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, 100%. I agree. I can see it. You can tell when you scroll through social media, and I think everyone could do this even as an exercise. Get on Instagram, get on Facebook, scroll and see what people are saying. If you just say, “What’s the energy of this post?” You’ll always be able to label it, and whatever you label it, it’s either inviting to you or it’s not, and the same is true when people are scrolling and seeing your stuff. 100%. I love that so much. So, you did $40K, and then what happened?

Simone Seol: Then my brain freaked out. It was actually one of the most difficult things I’d ever experienced. It was really ironic because I didn’t even know who to talk to besides my coach. It was like, “I made so much money, and now, I’m freaking out.” I think for so long, I was just so used to the self-concept of like, “I’m this struggling person who doesn’t know how to make money,” that my brain just couldn’t reconcile my success even after it actually happened. So, I think the month after that, I think I did like $15,000 or something. So, I did $15K.

Stacey Boehman: Which is still insane.

Simone Seol: Which is still insane, yeah. Then I spent the next couple of months just spinning out like, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” When I go back and look at it, it was 100% success and tolerance, but at the time, I was like, “Oh, God. Oh, God. What am I doing? That’ll never happen again.” Right?

Stacey Boehman: Yes. I think everyone goes through that. I watched all of you in the 200K do that, explode your money, and then go through that intolerance. I remember recording that podcast after just watching the experiment happen, and now, I’m convinced it’s the one thing that we have to coach everybody on when they make a lot of money, is they have to be prepared ahead of time that that is going to happen. It’s going to happen at every. You have to be prepared for it so you don’t sabotage yourself or spend time spinning out.

Simone Seol: Now, I learned how to coach myself through success and tolerance. It’s a very specific thing that I worked on. For example, I just had my 100K launch, and that was a giant success that I could not believe, and still kind of can’t believe. It came again, and I was like, “There it is.”

The terror that comes after success of like, “You’re never going to be able to repeat this. This was the highlight of your life ever, and that was a fluke, and it’s never going to happen, and it wasn’t really yours to begin with, and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah.” Then my brain always goes to, “And then you’re never going to make money again, and Stacey is going to kick you out of the mastermind, and you’re going to be this sad, broke woman.”

Stacey Boehman: Oh, my gosh.

Simone Seol: Your brain is so dramatic.

Stacey Boehman: Your brain is kind of mean to you.

Simone Seol: My brain is. This is what I’m contending with. This is what I’ve been contending with all my life. Because I worked on success and tolerance, my whole success drama only lasted days instead of months like before because when my brain says things, I’m like, “Nope, that’s just success and tolerance. Nope, this is just what happens after we have a big accomplishment. Nope, thank you for your opinion. Now, sit down.” Now, I can do that in my brain.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, 100%. That’s so good. It’s kind of like the vulnerability hangover. I’ll go speak on stage in front of 500 people at LCS’s mastermind, and I’ll feel amazing about it. Then I get home, and I’m like a 1,000 lbs. are weighing on me. Oh, my God.

Simone Seol: Yup, I did something wrong.

Stacey Boehman: The last time, I was like, “500 people are having thoughts about me right now.” You probably weren’t, but it became so clear in my brain, that there was a possibility that I opened myself up to 500 people having judgments about me, which is so funny because literally, I just looked at 400,000 downloads on this podcast.

So, people are always listening to my thoughts and having the ability to think whatever they want. But it felt like because they were in person, I saw them, but it felt so crazy. I just had to sit with that and watch my brain make up a ton of stories about my speech, and about what I taught, and about my energy, and about my slides. Literally, everything.

I was thinking about it, and I’m like, “As I grow bigger, I’m going to be on bigger stages, and I’m going to have to have the capacity to be able to put myself out there with that many people, and then sit in that and decide what I want to think about it, and how I want to feel about it, and be with that.” It’s going to only get bigger. If I write a book, whatever it is, it’s only going to get bigger.

So, I have to grow this capacity to be able to experience that. It’s the capacity to be able to experience your success and also the capacity to be able to experience opening yourself up to criticism or other people’s opinions because that’s what happens too. I run Facebook ads now that comments on them are plenty with people’s opinions about who I should be and what I should do.

Simone Seol: But watching you makes me feel like my capacity to tolerate all of that and to process all of that can grow, and it is growing because when you’re at a lower level of having thought about that, you think, “Oh, I wouldn’t be able to bear it if all these internet trolls came after me,” but the thing is you can bear it. You will bear it. You’ll manage your mind. It won’t be easy. I think you have to trust that our brains have the capacity to grow through that kind of stuff. When you trust that, you’re not afraid of growth anymore.

Stacey Boehman: Well, and I’ve used specifically the Facebook ad hate comments to think about my philosophy, and what I believe, and my ideal people, and why it’s so powerful for them. So, I just use it to reinforce everything I believe, and everything that I teach. I also will use it, if it really triggers me to, to be like, “Where am I not clean on this? Where do I need to do work myself on this and make sure I’m really clear and clean on it?” Everything is a growth opportunity.

Simone Seol: Love it.

Stacey Boehman: Sometimes. Right now, there’s a preacher that posted this. It’s a whole thread now on one of my ads about a preacher. “Don’t listen to life coaches. They’re the voice of the devil.” It’s a sermon, and people were like, “Amen.” I looked at it, and I was like, “I’m not even deleting this.” I just moved on.

Simone Seol: Oh, my gosh.

Stacey Boehman: This is just what’s happening on Stacey’s Facebook ads. It’s just like this is the experiment of the world and what’s happening. So, you get to a point where it’s just what it is, and it’s totally fine.

Simone Seol: Just making lots of money here. Nothing to look at.

Stacey Boehman: Just keep commenting. It looks like we’re getting lots of interaction, and Facebook likes that. So good. I was actually thinking about this. So, how much money did you make? You made $200K last year?

Simone Seol: Yeah.

Stacey Boehman: It was $10K the year before? Is that what it was?

Simone Seol: Way, way less than $10K.

Stacey Boehman: Okay. Then $200K in one year, and you’ve made like $200K in three months this year.

Simone Seol: Almost.

Stacey Boehman: That is insane. How do you feel about that?

Simone Seol: It’s bonkers. It’s truly bonkers. What is happening? I don’t have the words for it, and I’m now adjusting my brain to, “Okay, I’m somebody who creates almost $200K in just a few months.” Like, “Okay, okay.” But then you know what?

My brain always wants to be surprised about it, and my work right now is to walk it to a place where it’s not surprising and I’m not surprised by my own success. Because like, “Oh, why? Because I work so hard, and I invest like a mofo, and I get up in the middle of the night to attend the mastermind calls.”

Stacey Boehman: We have to hold on and tell everybody about this. So, you’re in South Korea?

Simone Seol: Yup.

Stacey Boehman: The call is at, what, 4:00 in the morning for you?

Simone Seol: Now, it’s 4:00 in the morning, which is so much better than what it used to.

Stacey Boehman: It used to be, what, 2:00 in the morning?

Simone Seol: It was at 2:00 before daylight savings time changed, and then 3:00 in the morning.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, well, we moved it back this time for you. I tried to.

Simone Seol: I know, I’m so grateful.

Stacey Boehman: We also had someone in South Africa, so you guys were battling like I could only pull the day out so much where she’s at like 10:00 or 11:00 at night, and you were like 4:00 in the morning. I remember coaching you on that, and you were like, “I want to do this mastermind again, but how long am I going to just be getting up at two in the morning?” I was like, “I don’t know.”

Simone Seol: The thing is, when you are coaching me on that, you didn’t feel bad for me at all.

Stacey Boehman: No.

Simone Seol: I was just thinking about how remarkable that is that you weren’t getting in the pool with me at all because I was freaking. I was like, “Oh, my goodness.” For everybody listening, I love, love, love my sleep. The idea of getting up in the middle of the night and f-ing up my sleep for the night, it was terrible. I was just thinking about how you could have so easily just been like, “Yeah, I’m sorry that’s going to be hard,” but because you didn’t feel bad for me, I felt like I shouldn’t feel bad for me.

Stacey Boehman: This is what I was literally thinking about when I was coaching you. I’m like, “When you make $200,000, when you make $2 million, you are not going to care.” That was genuinely what I was thinking. I was like, the future you, I just knew, was not going to care.

Simone Seol: Then you told me, “Don’t tell yourself like it’s going to be great and positive, think your way out of it. It might be kind of terrible.” The thing is, obviously, it wasn’t super fun being up most of the night for one day of the week and messing up my sleep schedule, but at the same time, I wear it like a badge now. In my mind, I’m such a badass that I woke up in the middle of the night every week for six months to become who I want to become. Because I did that, I believe in my own clients’ objections way less. I’m like, “Stop being a baby. You can do hard things.”

Stacey Boehman: Also think about their results that they want, and you’re like, “Listen, when you get those, you’re not going to care that you went through all this. You’re not going to care.”

Simone Seol: Yeah, so I got up in the middle of the night for six months, and what happened is I made a fuck ton of money.

Stacey Boehman: How much are you going to make this year? Now that you’re in the place where you’re like, “I’m going to decide to believe that my success is inevitable, and it’s who I am, and I create success,” how much money are you going to make this year?

Simone Seol: So, my goal was $400,000.

Stacey Boehman: Are you going to stick with it?

Simone Seol: Well, I don’t know. Maybe you can coach me on that.

Stacey Boehman: I don’t have an opinion at all. I was just curious because you just blew it up so quickly. You have a program that you’re going to launch later in the year, right, at some point?

Simone Seol: Yeah.

Stacey Boehman: That’s coming up, right?

Simone Seol: It’s in the works. But it’s funny because when I set the $400,000 goal in the beginning of the year, my thinking was, “Oh, I just want to double what I did last year,” but at the time, I had no idea how I was going to. I was like, “But how but how, but how, but how?” That was like four months ago, and now, I’m like, “Oh, how? Is that I made half of it in four months. You just didn’t have a goal for you, and you just made only the money that was fun and easy for you this year.” I think that would still make me a lot of money.

Stacey Boehman: Last year was my first technical million dollar a year. We did $860,000 the year before, and then $2.5 last year. At the beginning of the year, I knew that my goal is inevitable because we kept it at $1 million. We didn’t say, “Oh, we’re going to try to double it and do $1.65 million or whatever.”

It was like, “We’re just going to do $1 million,” and it became evident very early on that we were going to hit that early on. We did it in the first six months. I kind of knew in the back of my head like, “It’s possible I could do $2 million or $3 million.”

Every time my brain would go there, I would take it back to like, “That could be fun, but what is my main goal this year? It’s to only do work that is fun. If it wasn’t motivated by money, if it wasn’t motivated by needing money or wanting money, just I’m waking up today, and I get to decide my day, what do I want to do?” What’s been so fascinating is a lot of people think without that, they won’t have the same motivation.

I think I have more motivation than ever when I just want to get up and serve, and I create all these ideas, and I have a whole list of things I want to work on in my business, and content I want to create, and things I want to do for my clients, and ways I want to help them, and webinars even that I want to do. I don’t have to do them at all, but I’m like, “Oh, I want to teach this. I want to teach that.”

Simone Seol: Yeah, because the pressure actually kills motivation.

Stacey Boehman: It’s so much fun to do that. I think we should do that for you. I think you’re for sure going to hit your $400K, obviously. So, let’s just have you do only things that you love, and for fun, and because you want to.

Simone Seol: It’s weird because when you say that, I feel like that’s what I’ve already been doing. Last year, a lot of people ask me, “How did you know you were going to make $200K.” I never set out to make $200K. That wasn’t even in my self-concept, but what I did know was that I love coaching, and I love my business, and I love showing up for my people, and that’s still like the constant in my business. So, I think I’m just going to keep doing that.

Stacey Boehman: Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s be surprised at the end of the year?

Simone Seol: Be like, “What happened there?” It’s going to be the story of my life like, “How did I make this money?”

Stacey Boehman: I love, love, love that. So, when you were thinking about this interview, and you’re thinking about the listeners, is there anything you wanted to share that we haven’t covered? Because I feel like we covered a lot of ground. You have dropped so many gems. The two-part marketing, so good. Anything else that you can think of to share with the audience?

Simone Seol: Here’s something that I’ve been thinking about, which was definitely inspired a lot by Stacey’s ideas, but the way I think about it in my head is that you make the money the fastest when you’re just living in the joy of serving. I have a thing that I say to my, which is, “When you believe that everyone is your client, everyone pays you.”

Some people pay you actual money, and other people pay you in the confidence that you get from helping more people because you get a sharper sense of how to help people better every time you help somebody, and other people pay you back in gratitude, and they tell other people about you.”

So, if something good happens, you get something back every time you serve and every time you are of service and help people. If everyone is your client, you’re going to be serving all day, every day, and not just thinking that it only happens when I get paid. Because it’s so fun when people are so grateful to you. It’s so fun when people pay it forward.

It’s so fun when you feel like, “Oh, I’m kind of getting better at helping people because I’m talking to more people,” and you’re getting paid every single day, and sometimes it just comes back in money. I think that is the most powerful place you can be, and that’s how my business is so joyful, and that’s why I think I make so much money.

Stacey Boehman: So good. That is like, yes, that’s the gem. I love it. Thank you for sharing that.

Simone Seol: You’re welcome.

Stacey Boehman: Tell everyone who you work with, how to get ahold of you, how to reach out to you, all the things.

Simone Seol: Okay. So, I work with life coaches, and I teach life coaches how to get fully booked because you can see, I have lots of thoughts on it, and they all work.

Stacey Boehman: Fantastic. You’re a marketing queen. So, if they have lots of drama about marketing.

Simone Seol: Yeah, marketing, mind, drama queen. So, bring it all to me, and you can find me on Instagram @simone.grace.seol. That’s my name. You can find me on Facebook. If you search the same name, I’m there. My website is So, everybody, it’s just my name.

Stacey Boehman: And you have a podcast, right?

Simone Seol: Oh, yeah. Duh, I have a podcast called Fearless Marketing for Life Coaches where I talk about all of this stuff. It’s so important. Listen, everybody. Let’s just do this from joy and love. We can do it from stress and hustle, or we can do it from joy and love, and guess what? Joy and love makes you way more money.

Stacey Boehman: I love it so much. Thank you so much for coming on and lending your brain for this conversation. It’s always a pleasure. You’re one of my star students, and I am literally blown away by your results.

Simone Seol: Thank you, Stacy, for having me on, and for everything, all the changes you’ve made in my life.

Stacey Boehman: You are so welcome. Just the biggest mutual love affair ever.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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