Up Your Business in 2020

On this LIVE 5 Day training I reveal the 3 Simple Steps that Seven of My Clients Used to Make over $100k in 2018... by keeping it SIMPLE!

(and I've personally used these to make seven figures!) 


It's been a full YEAR since I've done anything like this... but I AM COMMITTED to helping coaches to bring in more money and have that "I just signed a client!!!" energy all the time!

About Stacey

Stacey is a master pitch artist, certified Life Coach with the Life Coach School, and founder of Stacey Boehman Coaching. She spent 7 years traveling the country learning the psychology of sales and reaching the top in her industry. She believes sales can be 100% authentic, fun, and in SERVICE of others. For the last three years she has been teaching coaches her proven sales method to make $100k and beyond in their businesses.

Stacey Boehman Founder of Diva Business School and Stacey Boehman Coaching