Our business is founded on service and integrity. We prioritize client results the same as company revenue. We are leading the coaching industry by taking responsibility for client results. We get results for 100% of our clients, 100% of the time, or we give them their money back. We strive endlessly to create processes for our clients that make creating results simple, clear, and doable. We explain the WHY behind everything we teach, and we keep our students on track through failure, self doubt, and success intolerance. 

We only sell results that we have created and mastered first. Our processes are edited for only the most relevant teachings. The quality and constraint of our products, the high level, focused engagement in our communities, our rigorous standards of conduct, and our consistent over-delivery give our clients a “winning the lottery” experience. Every second spent with us in our programs is highly valuable.

We teach a non-hustle approach to making money: selling simple offers, honing the same processes year after year, and applying intentional thinking to create revenue.  And we scale revenue alongside client results. We only make more money as our clients get better faster results. 

We are helping women become millionaires by changing people’s lives. Inclusivity matters. And we won’t stop until our students of color represent our top success stories. 


  1. Overdeliver in everything we do
  2. 100% results for our clients
  3. Extraordinary execution 
  4. Diverse representation and inclusivity 
  5. Humble hard work 
  6. Bringing new and unique ideas into the industry

If your values and mission aligns with ours, we'd love to have you join our team. Please see below for our open positions and follow the links to apply.

*We currently do not have any open roles. Please check back at another time! 

Our team is fully remote. You can work from any office space where there is reliable access to fast internet and no distractions.


We get things done and we are growing like crazy so there's always room for upward mobility. 


We work as a team but each person has ownership of their work and sees it from iteration to execution.

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