Get It Done: 25k Cash with Lizzie Langston

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Get It Done: 25k Cash with Lizzie LangstonMy 2K students are working hard to make money and qualify to join us in the 200K Mastermind this January and I’ve asked some of my best students to help.

They will show you how they made $ quickly in our first ever Get It Done: 25k Cash series.

If you are dying to get into 200k, this push is for you. This BONUS is the replay from the LIVE with Lizzie Langston.

Lizzie Langston is mom to three kids, six and under, wife to a bearded hunk, and a coach for LDS postpartum moms. She joined 2K for 2K in April 2019 and created $50K in the next 12 months. After being accepted into 200K in May 2020, Lizzie created $42K in just three months.


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