Thoughts About Your Coach

100 episodes, people. This is a major milestone, not just for me, but for all of you too. It’s so astonishing to think of all the results that have been created over nearly two years of this podcast, and today, I want you to take a second to stop and acknowledge the lessons you’ve received and put into practice, and the success you’ve created for yourself.

I also recently turned 35, and I had an outpouring of comments in our 2K group, with my students sharing their thoughts about me. It got me thinking about the concept of your thoughts about your coach, and the possibility of your people thinking these things about you, and just how powerful that can be.

Tune in today as I invite you to examine your thoughts about your coach and how having the highest belief in them can be the lens through which your audience sees you too. I’m sharing just a few of the comments I received to help you recognize that it’s 100% possible for this to be your experience and the experience of your people.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why our brains naturally go to disempowering thoughts about our coaching relationships.
  • The power your thoughts about your coach can have on you and your clients.
  • Why you will always get the best results when your beliefs are in favor of you and your coach.
  • What I believe about the client-coach relationship.
  • The one philosophy that helps me get the most out of my coaching with my coaches.
  • One life-changing thought that I use about any coach I have.
  • How your thoughts about your coach are what help you sell your coaching.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 100. So I wanted to do something special because we are at episode 100 of the podcast. This is such a milestone. It’s such an accomplishment for me to record 100 podcasts and for you to listen to and apply the work of 100 podcasts.

We have been on a journey together, my lovies. So I want you to just take a second today and really think about what has changed for you in 100 episodes. No matter when you listen to this, at whatever time, even if it’s a year from now, stop and think for you, having gone through 100 episodes, how are you different?

In fact, I want you to take more than a second. Take 30 minutes to sit and really give yourself acknowledgment for the lessons you have received and put into practice, the actions you have taken, the experience you have created. That is almost two years of podcasting, y’all. Two years of us coming together to think about making money and serving clients and being the best coaches we can be together.

It’s really astonishing to think of all the results that have been created because this podcast was made and you came to listen. Our world is changed. And what’s really fun to think about is the result of 100 episodes.

So many of you, because of this podcast, have joined 2K for 2K and started making money as a coach. This year, we have made more money in 2K than even I knew was possible. I remember the thread we had going when the pandemic first was announced. It was hundreds of comments long of coaches signing clients, making money, helping people through one of the most difficult times possibly, if you’re as young as I am, that some of us have lived through ever.

Some of us not, depending on your age, or even where you’re from, where you live, what part of the world. For me, being in America, this is definitely, other than 9/11, one of the most profound things in the world that I have experienced personally.

I will say a lot of people diminish this with talking about other bigger things like wars and more awful things like genocides, and that is not to discredit those things when I say this is one of the biggest things we’ve been through. Obviously, that’s not my intention.

But I do think this is a time where mentally, there is a crisis happening with emotional health, not just physical health, with the entire world at the same time on the exact same wavelength, experiencing the exact same fears and situations.

So we are here as coaches serving through it, and I just want to give credit for that. We have made so much money just this year helping people with emotional health. Seriously, every day in 2K, multiple people are posting that they have signed their first client, made their money back, hit their first 10K months during a pandemic.

To me, this is just – it’s like a really exciting thing to think about what we have done together. I hope you feel the same way. I remember 100 episodes ago, thinking back to 2K, there were maybe 100 people in our group. And we were finding our way. There was no 2K process yet. The program was changing and kind of reforming into something new from Diva Business School.

By the way, shout-out to Claire Byrne and Danielle Savory. They are heading into two-million-dollar group, but they started before these 100 episodes, when it was still the Diva Business School podcast. What? Y’all, a journey we have all been on together.

And so many of you have gone from the podcast to 2K to 200K, or some of you even straight into 200K from the podcast. And our mastermind in 200K, in three months, this last round, have created 10 million dollars. Not counting my revenue.

And after 100 episodes, my company this year alone, we’ve made six million dollars cash. 100 episodes. Like, the results of that value has been for my business alone, 8.5 million dollars in just two years. That doesn’t even count the three years of multiple six figures and my 800K year that I was still doing Diva Business School podcast, which really blows my mind.

Just these 100 episodes, 8.5 million dollars. This feels monumental to me. So I wanted to do a special episode. Recently I turned 35 and just a side note, I have been telling everyone I’m 35, I’m skinny, I’m rich, I’m in love, I have everything I ever wanted. We literally just paid off our house.

I am in my calling, I am in my potential, I am spiritually fulfilled and grounded deeply. I feel like for the first time truly, I know me. I went through a little bit of an identity crisis this year and have been checking all of my beliefs, and I feel more than ever like I know who I am and I am comfortable with me and loving me. I’m better than ever and I’m living my life, even in a pandemic. I have so much to celebrate.

So I celebrated all weekend. I’m getting to a point, I promise. And I come back and I check the 2K page, as I do on Mondays. And my client Maggie Reyes, y’all know how much I love her, had posted in 2K telling everyone it was my birthday and asking everyone to write one thought about me that they got either from me or they think about me, and it was moving to understate it.

I cried so hard. I read every comment. And something occurred to me that inspired this podcast. I was so moved because the thoughts these students have about me, I was thinking they have those thoughts inside of them. If they were able to think them about me, they can think those generous, wise, amazing thoughts about themselves.

They can think that their clients think that about them. And then I started thinking about how each one of you would show up if you thought your clients, your audience thought the thoughts that you think about me about you. So I wanted to do this podcast and talk about the impact and the sheer power of your thoughts about your coach on you and on your clients.

And I will share some of the thoughts they shared later in the episode. At the end of the episode I’ll share some of the ones that they said about me so that you can borrow them for yourself.

I also think this is in line with talking about thought leadership because my thought about my coach, way before it really started embedding into my self-concept for me was she’s a thought leader. Seeing her as a thought leader and example to me of what is possible is what allowed me to start believing I could be one too.

How we choose to think about our coaches opens very big doors for us. For what is possible. Or it closes the door for what we can get out of a relationship for ourselves and our life, and it closes the door for what we can learn and achieve.

A lot of coaches don’t intentionally choose their thoughts about their coaches. This is what I find. They believe their thoughts about their coach are a C, a circumstance, they’re just true. Whatever they experience is just true. Their opinion, their observation is just the way it is.

There’s the way it is and then they’re observing it, and they’re only observing it because it’s the way it is. But really, our minds just tend to try to protect us by focusing on what can harm us, what we aren’t getting, what we don’t like.

And our brains love to defer responsibility for feelings and results to other people. So naturally, our brain, left to its own devices, will often go to disempowering thoughts in coaching relationships.

I kind of think about it like it’s often the easiest for us to be the meanest to the people we love the most. So we’re the meanest to ourselves and our spouses usually, like our family will see the worst version of us. And it’s like, after we trickle outside of our family to beyond even maybe our couple of best friends into acquaintances is when we start being nice to people, which is the opposite of the way we should do things.

Love ourselves first, love the people, our spouses, our partners, our close family, our family, our best friends, take care of all of those people first, before we worry about what acquaintances on Facebook, how they’re thinking and feeling.

But it’s just not the way our brains work because of the level of comfort. So I think what happens when you work with a coach is the comfort in the beginning, it’s not always like that, but as you work with them, the comfort is so close. You are so close with them and a personal relationship that it’s very easy for you to take your worst moments out on them and blame them and attribute your feelings to them.

So I’ll see coaches talk about their coaches saying I’m not getting enough attention, this isn’t what I need, she or he isn’t giving me what I need, this isn’t working. I would say in the most severe forms of disempowerment what I’ve seen is she’s just going to take my money, she’s just in it for the money, she’s using me.

Now, I’ve had these things said about me. I have heard these things said about other coaches who reach out to me to find out if I’m different than this other horrible coach they had. And I have seen these things said about my coach.

Never from the most successful students, which I think is interesting. From the students who are getting what they came for. This always comes from the students who aren’t getting what they came for, which always makes me so sad for them.

They have a disempowering thought that leaves them disempowered, and then from there, they can never create what they want, which is a business where they empower people. Because how can you empower people through coaching when you don’t feel empowered through coaching?

You have to be a product of your product. It just doesn’t get simpler than that when it comes to selling. But this is pretty common, to see this type of thinking about coaches from coaches. And I also know this because it’s very interesting when my students are so shocked when I overdeliver, which I always do.

But when they are like, really shocked, like you can tell they’re shocked, relieved, surprised, even taken off guard, it’s because they were expecting to be underwhelmed. Their mind wasn’t telling them that they were going to be taken care of, they would get more than they gave in the relationship, they would get 10 times the value, 100 times the value.

And it’s a great thing to not have expectations. You’re way more easily blown away sometimes when you don’t have expectations, but this isn’t what I’m talking about, this isn’t that. It’s a more on edge, distrust feeling that softens when I overdeliver.

Now, me overdelivering is a bit of a C. Like me going out of my way to intentionally give way more value than I charge for. But it’s one of those things, what comes first? The chicken or the egg? The value is seen as even greater when you approach it from that mindset always. This will be valuable.

When your confirmation bias, your set of beliefs is based in your favor and your coach’s favor, you will always get the best results. Because whatever we believe, that’s the bias we have, our brain looks to confirm that in everything that happens.

So if we mistrust coaches and believe that we don’t get what they want, they just want our money, and they’re just trying to use us, and we’re getting rich off of us needing them, when we have those disempowering thoughts, she’s not giving me enough attention, she’s not giving me what I need, I’m not getting enough, when you have those thoughts, if that’s your belief, your brain just finds confirmation in every single thing.

It’s like, oh, this circumstance that happened, yup, bias confirmed. I’m not getting what I came for. Bias confirmed. She doesn’t really care about me. Bias confirmed. She’s only in it for the money. Bias confirmed. She doesn’t care about me. That’s what happens.

But when your bias is like, my coach is amazing, she always overdelivers, I always get what I came for, everything that she does is an opportunity for me to grow, everything she says is brilliant, everything she says has more perspective than I have, I trust her completely, when you have those thoughts and that is your predominant bias, then your brain goes to seek and confirm that in every single thing that they do.

I always get enough, that coaching was for me, there’s plenty of her to go around. Every thought, every single thing that happens, your brain is just confirmed, confirmed, confirmed, I have the best coach ever, I have the best coach ever, coaching is amazing, I love coaching, I get so much out of coaching. Confirmed, confirmed, confirmed.

When you come to the relationship as your highest self, you receive the highest form of value from your coach. Let me say that again. When you come to the relationship as your highest self, with bias, confirmation bias that serves you, that is empowering, then you receive the highest form of value that you could ever possibly receive from your coach.

You come at 100% and you get 100%. If you remember the podcast on 100% results, it’s just like relationships too. I feel the same way about romantic relationships. I love how Abraham says in the book The Vortex, you don’t have access to your partner’s highest self when you are not in your highest self.

That was the most profound thing I took from that book and from all of Abraham’s teachings really is I don’t have access to Neil’s highest self when I’m not in my highest self. When I’m not fully in love with him, I don’t have access to who he is fully in love, being in a relationship that has someone fully in love with the other person.

So I remember when I was trying Neil on, that’s what we do with coaches too, wasn’t sure if he was the one, and then I was like, oh wait, I don’t know what he’s like in a relationship when he’s in a relationship with someone who thinks he’s the one. How is he different when I think he’s the one?

When he’s in that relationship, when we’re both in a relationship where we believe each other is the one, I don’t know what that Neil is like. I only know what Neil is like based on me not being committed and me not knowing if he’s the one and me questioning if he’s the one and me being undecided and me still kind of thinking about other people or looking around at other people, or wondering if there are other people out there.

And he was doing the same thing, wondering if there was somebody else out there, wondering if there was a better fit. And then when I decided that he was the one and decided to only have bias that confirmed that he was the one and he was amazing and he was so – I used to call him the hunk. He’s so hot and he’s so amazing and I would only talk and say amazing things about him, I started confirming that everywhere.

So I had access to his highest self because I was in my highest self. The same is true about our coaching relationships. I believe this so deeply about the client-coach relationship. We as clients have to show up as our highest self and then we get our coach at their highest self in our mind and in our experience.

But we only get it when we show up to the relationship as our highest self first. This is how I think about my coach Brooke. So this is the coach I get in my mind when I get coached by her, when I learn from her trainings, when I see her coach other people, when I listen to her podcast. What I get is the best coach in the world. There’s no one better than her.

The quality of her coaching, the clearness of her process is above what anyone else is doing in the industry. The level of teaching that she does is far superior to anything I’ve ever seen. She is a thought leader and innovating and growing faster than anyone in the industry.

I get that coach because that is how I see her. I am so profoundly lucky to work with her. I think this is the best decision I ever made in my life for myself. I believe she’s 100 steps ahead.

So even if she makes a change in her business, her teachings, her philosophy, her life, I am always like, oh my god, I can’t wait to learn from this. All of it.

I remember when I first started Million Dollar Mentoring, she said there wouldn’t be weekly calls. We would just meet once a quarter, we make decisions, and then we coach ourselves on it. And at first, she didn’t even want us working with other coaches either. She just wanted us coaching ourselves and then reporting back.

And at first my mind wanted to freak out. And then I remembered my thoughts that I choose for our relationship. I totally trust her. Her perspective is far greater than mine, she is teaching me something here. And she did.

I taught myself something. Something profound shifted at that level, to take that level of responsibility of my self-coaching and my productivity, and how I use my time between meetings, what I accomplish, if I hadn’t had that experience, I don’t think I would be the thought leader I am today. I don’t think I would have learned to trust my own coaching and my own mind at that level.

There’s a time where you need to be getting coached every week by someone who is where you want to be, and you’re learning their thoughts, and then there is a time where you start leaning on your own mind, after you’ve developed it enough to support you.

And I learned that deeply because I was willing to choose a thought that served me to be all in for whatever my coach offers me. Whatever I do with her, however it is set up, I know I will get everything I came for and then some, and it’s exactly what I need.

Y’all, these are the thoughts I’m choosing. Not this is an experience that happened and I’m witnessing it and then reporting back the news. No, I’m collaborating, I’m co-creating in this experience of I have the best coach ever and I’m the best student ever and I get the most results ever.

And because I choose these thoughts, I now have it in my experience that choosing these thoughts that I choose about my coach is available to my clients always to choose about me. I am always just offering my client a C, circumstance, to get to choose their thoughts about.

I give them constant opportunities to choose thoughts about Cs that empower them, empower our relationship, create our relationship, that allow them to show up as their highest self and receive me as my highest self.

My coach Bev gave me a life-changing thought about any coach I have. Actually, any person I came across. And she gave it to me in the context of my relationship with Neil. But she gave me the thought, “We are on the same side.” When my coach gives me tough coaching, when Brooke says don’t do that when I have an idea that seems really, really, really great, I always think she’s on my side.

So I’m willing to look at the coaching. And when I’m willing to look at the coaching and how it’s for me, not against me, I get it. I get something for me. My coaching is never for her. It’s always for me. Of course, it is. So I always believe my clients will do the work of uncovering how the coaching I gave them was for them.

I always trust my clients to take as long as they have to to understand the perspective I gave them. And I trust them to do that because I’m willing to do that. I’m willing to take the time to figure it out because I have all these amazing thoughts about my coach, I believe my clients have these amazing thoughts about me.

Because of how it feels to be in my coach’s energetic space, I feel compelled to give that opportunity to as many coaches as I can meet and tell them who I am and offer to help them. They can have this experience too and it’s a wonderful experience.

I want you to think about if you’re having some disempowering thoughts about any coaches, but especially your coach right now. Do you feel compelled to pass that experience on? If you have disempowering thoughts, of course not. It’s so hard to sell coaching when you don’t have a compelling coaching relationship to be your baseline of that experience.

But you are in charge of that, which is the best news ever. Your thoughts about your coach are what help you sell your coaching and what make you have an amazing experience with coaching.

I think about my work with my coach Bev and I think she’s such a coaching ninja. She’s so good. She’s always helping me be a better version of me. I’m a calmer human because of her. She has helped me raise my self-concept to 10 million dollars. I get so much out of our coaching.

I have this thought so often, there have been many times I get off a call with her and I’m like, for real, that call was worth the entire price I paid for her. Paid to coach with her, work with her. I just got 20K of value right there.

And because I choose to think of each breakthrough being worth $20,000 and I really take that coaching and implement it, as if I had paid $20,000 just for that one piece of advice, just for that one thought, I get so much value out of our coaching. It’s free. Like I paid my coach $100,000 this year. I made six million dollars, people. Getting fired up.

$20,000 thoughts are just thrown around all day long. When people talk to me, they’re always so curious how I get so much out of my coaching with my coaches. They’re always asking me about the equation to get the most out of the coaching.

Like, how did I transform so fast and so deeply? And the answer is my thoughts about my coaching. My thoughts about my coach. It all starts there. You could have whining and complaining thoughts and you can feel victimized, and you can think you aren’t getting enough, or you can think only thoughts that feel amazing, inspired, compelling, empowering, and full of growth.

I have spent years investigating this theory that I’m about to tell you, and it has yet to be proved otherwise ever. Years. So here’s the theory. That I will never choose a thought that creates separation for me with my coach ever. No matter what they do. No matter how they show up. No matter what they say. There is no C, no circumstance that they can offer me that will serve me to not love everything about them and be on board with every decision made.

And so far, that philosophy has created 8.5 million dollars in two years. 9.4 million dollars over the last three years, and 10 million dollars in my business in just five years. I don’t ever worry about that thought causing me harm. I don’t ever worry about trusting my coach implicitly taking me from who I am.

Because if you remember, I’m celebrating 35. And I feel like I know myself more than I have ever known myself, been more clear about who I am, what I believe, I’ve never felt more at peace with myself, more in love with myself. I’ve never had more respect for myself.

I’ve never been able to disagree with other people that I love and respect more deeply and love them and myself deeply because I’m so clear about who I am and why. I get the most out of my coaching. That is why I am where I am as fast as I am, and you can be there too.

My most successful students, they are choosing these thoughts too, all day, every day. With just that one theory. I’m never going to choose a thought that creates separation for me with my coach ever. No matter what happens. Never.

Okay, so I wanted to share some of the comments from the thread that Maggie started in 2K. Now, you can listen to these as testimonials about me and you will get a few thoughts. You’ll walk away with, oh, Stacey’s really great, her clients really love her. Or you can listen to these thoughts as optional thoughts for you.

And even more, as thoughts your audience is already thinking about you. Already thinking. That is the key. Try that on. Let that sink deep. If your audience is already thinking what I’m about to read you about you, how compelled would you be to get out there and find them and tell them who you are and offer to help them and more people like them?

How much more motivated will you be to market your business and sell your offer? This is why I am endlessly selling and making offers. I just think all my clients think this about me and will have the opportunity to think this way about me and feel this way about themselves in a relationship with me. If I can just get to them and introduce myself.

Okay, so there were seriously 200 plus comments. They were all amazing. I’ve chosen just a few. But it is not representative of the love that was given in that group and there were so many more amazing thoughts I just – I could have literally done the entire podcast just reading them all. It’s why I think 2K is the highest quality group you could possibly be in with the highest-level thinkers, because of threads just like this.

Okay, so since it was Maggie Reyes’ idea, let’s go with her first. Alright, so Maggie Reyes says – so she had asked them to say their thoughts about me, but I have just said she, you can put he, you can put whatever, and I want you to consciously think about someone thinking this about you. That what I’m about to read you is someone saying this about you. Here we go.

“She is the best business coach on earth and I am so grateful she was so fierce about following her dreams when it was hard, so that she could live them now and help all of us.” Lisa Sharp said, “She knows what she’s talking about. Just do what she says.”

Annie Henderson says, “So many of us were feeling hopeless after months and even years of being unsuccessful, and then we found you. Thank you for making magic happen and for creating a ripple effect that will affect generations upon generations.”

Tammy Halfrick said, “I have loved watching her commitment to growth. She has continued to grow and evolve and level up consistently. She is showing all of us what is possible when we truly commit to doing our own work in a healthy way so that we can bring our awesome to the world. It is beautiful.”

Shonda Howard says, “I love to think about your journey from two spoons to two million. It has helped me shatter so much self-concept that has held me back. I find sufficiency all day every day and it’s changing my life.” I want you to think about that. I really want you to put yourself and feel someone saying to you, you are changing my life, you are helping me find sufficiency all day every day.

Olivia Visacero says, “My most practiced thought about Stacey is she saved my life. I don’t mean it in a hyperbolic way. I mean it with every ounce of me. I will never be able to thank her properly.” Again, I want you to imagine people, you delivering content, making offers, and people thinking you have saved my life, I will never be able to thank you properly.

Samantha Nivens said, “It has been an honor to find you and do life with you from here. My life will forever grow and be changed from your coaching, your program, and being the first coaching investment I ever made. You are an innovator, a leader, and a bold, fierce woman that is changing so many lives, creating hope and possibility for us all. I am grateful and blessed to have heard your podcast name as a recommendation over a year ago. My favorite thought about you is Stacey is unstoppable. And that inspires me to go after all of my dreams and goals, seeing you blaze that path.”

Again, I want you to even try the different ways on that this can settle for you. I want you to imagine you saying this to you. It has been an honor to find you and do life with you from here. I believe that about myself at 35. I’m going to get emotional. It’s an honor to do life with me now from where I am here. It is an honor.

I want you to have that ability to say that about yourself, that your life will forever grow and be changed from your decisions. From the work that you have done in investing in yourself, that you are an innovator, a leader, and a bold, fierce woman or man that is changing so many lives and creating hope and possibility for everyone.

Really think about that, taking that belief on for yourself. When you have these thoughts about other people, you can recognize them as opportunity to think that about you.

Angela Robeck says, “My favorite thoughts about Stacey, she genuinely loves me. She cares about me and wants me to succeed. She believes in me. She is a dear friend. She loves fiercely and openly. She is funny and real.” Lacrosha Simpson says, “Selling is coaching and coaching is selling. She gave me permission to love selling and now I do. Thank you for this gift. Without you, I wouldn’t have become a full-time coach during this pandemic.”

I want you to think about who’s waiting there for you to become who they want to be, now that they’ve been faced with something they didn’t believe was possible to happen in their lifetime maybe. When maybe all of their certainty has been rocked, you can be that person that says had this pandemic not happened and had I not found you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. That is available for all of your clients in the future because you show up today.

Andrea Fleming says, “Stacey is changing the world. She is revolutionizing and entire industry. She is a gift and an inspiration. She is loved and cherished.” Andrea, you are loved and you are cherished and I want you and everyone to imagine yourself revolutionizing an entire industry.

If you believe that I am doing that and I am capable of doing that from two spoons, why not you? Why aren’t you capable from where you are? Remember me, driving around the country listening to The Life Coach School podcast with a stage in my trunk smelling like onions and bleach. Why not you? You are revolutionizing and entire industry. All of you.

Nicole Horlacker, I hope I’m saying that right, says, “She overdelivers to everyone. Literally thinks about us and not herself.” Let that sink in. I want you to imagine if you believed that one about your coach. If you work with me or someone else, if you just believe I’m always taken care of, my coach literally thinks about me and not herself and overdelivers every time.

Imagine how much trust you would have, even if you didn’t understand a decision your coach made. Sometimes I change up the formats of my masterminds or my programs, and you can see some people immediately get on board and they’re like, this is going to be the best thing ever, I can totally see how this is going to be useful to me, I already figured out, I already had a transformation and a breakthrough about it, I 100% see how this is going to change my business.

And then you have people that are like, no, I’m so sad. And who do you think of those coaches is going to get the most transformation and make the most money? It’s going to be the person that’s literally everything you do is amazing and it’s for me and it makes me make more money and be a better business owner. Everything. Even if I don’t understand it yet, I’m really excited about getting to the point where I understand it.

It’s so easy to do that when your bias is that she overdelivers every time and she thinks about me before herself, which is true. I teach my students not at the disservice of yourself. It’s not about putting your clients before your own health and your own needs, but it is about not raising your prices so that you can buy a bigger house or take a better vacation.

It’s I’m going to create enough value that my price becomes the filter from the demand of how many people want to work with me and then becomes part of the up-level of my own clients’ self-concepts and identities. Everything is for them.

Kim Jarmon said, “My favorite thought is Stacey makes it so simple.” When I read that, I thought Kim’s going to do so well in this program. If she believes the program is simple, think about how she’s going to show up to every single thing she learns. She’ll be like, oh, that’s so simple, great, more simplicity. I love it. Everything she does.

Versus when your bias is it’s all so complicated, everything you encounter will need so much explanation, it will be so complicated and confusing and hard. And I see that in my students who take the entire program and they never change the thought that building a business is complicated. And then everything about the process feels complicated and hard.

Versus when people are like, oh, oh my god, Stacey made business building so simple, everything is so simple. Our thoughts come first, and then our experience happens. It’s not the other way around. This is something I have to work on too. I get it.

Alright, Priyanka Vanagopal says, “She held space for me without even knowing me. That is one of the most special things.” I want all of you to let that one especially deeply sink in. You are holding space for people without even knowing them, and it is one of the most special things.

Ciara Taylor says, “I celebrate and honor her for being who she is and creating a program and a community that is changing the coaching industry, as well as the lives of her coaches and their clients. I feel truly blessed to be under her guidance and because of it, I know my dreams are inevitable.”

So good. Ashley Fraytor says, “My thoughts about Stacey are she is so honest and fearless. She makes things seem so simple. She is a bloody powerhouse that sometimes I don’t want her to be right, but she is, and I should just do what she says. And she is so passionate about her work, but she never forgets where she started.”

How fun is it to be in a relationship where you believe that about your coach? Where you choose those thoughts about your coach? It’s so fun to have a coach that is a powerhouse and makes things simple, that is honest and fearless and never forgets where she came from and she’s always right. It’s so fun for that to be your coaching experience. I’m always baffled when people don’t have a life coach or don’t want one. I’m like, what? It’s the most amazing thing ever.

And y’all, these are just some of the thoughts. There were so many. So I really want to encourage you to imagine your audience thinking these thoughts about you. I want to encourage you to get intentional about how you think about your coach and really investigate how you show up when you choose loving thoughts about your coaching.

How much less volatile it will feel to coach others, to market, and to sell. And when you think coaching and your coach is just the best thing that ever happened to you. How does that make you feel? How would you show up?

100 episodes, y’all. I hope that you know how much I love you, that I am on your side, that I do only what’s best for you, and sometimes that’s doing what’s best for me, to teach you how to have that boundary. That I only want you to make lots of money. That is my only agenda and be extraordinarily happy and at peace, and that I will never stop working for you, ever.

And I will always overdeliver. It’s just who I am. Okay, 100 more episodes. Let’s go. I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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