You can make your first 2k or your next 20k in FOUR simple steps

I have cracked the code on making business growth simple and EFFECTIVE so you can spend your time impacting clients and enjoying your life.

You will always know how to get clients. You will know exactly how to handle the  “I just don’t have the money” objection. You will learn how to overcome EVERY objection a client has.

The life coaches going through this process are MAKING MONEY. They are signing clients in a way that feels NATURAL to them. It doesn’t feel pushy and gross.

In fact, it feels JUST LIKE coaching to them, so they spend their time doing more of what they love.

I have broken down the SCIENCE of SELLING and getting the YES in the most approachable way, so my clients enjoy the learning process.

If you are fascinated by human behavior this will be the ultimate missing link in your sales and coaching.

So many coaches are telling me….

  • Selling is HARD
  • They HATE marketing
  • They never know exactly how or where to find clients in a way they can rely on
  • They are winging it on consults.
  • They don’t know how to move past a client’s money, time, or “I have to ask my spouse” objections.

If this is YOU, I totally get it.

And when you are good at SALES…you will never run out of opportunity to make money and grow your business. EVERYTHING will be EASIER when you have high conversion rates, referrals like crazy, and a high percentage of repeat business.

The 2k for 2k program is for you if…

  • You want to make your first 2k
  • You want to multiply 2k over and over
  • You want an exact process to make money
  • You want step by step process to sign clients
  • You want to overcome every objection a client has
  • You want to get over all your self doubt and confusion and be super clear about your path ahead

Here is what you get…

  • Weekly LIVE trainings and Q&A help from Stacey and all the members who have gone through the process
  • LIFETIME Access to the 2k for 2k Process online classroom: 39 modules to walk you through making your first 2k, 10k, and beyond.
  • Plus BONUS COURSES and CONTENT: Library of Past LIVE Trainings, 32 Day Business Reboot, Making Money with the Model, Interrupt Mindset Training, Money Mastery Course, and access to all 64 episodes of my very first podcast (Diva Business School Podcast)

This program is risk free. You make your 2k or I give it back to you.

Are you ready to make 2k on your way to 200k?



Within 30 days I made my money back and confidently raised my prices!

“I decided to join the 2k for 2k because as a new coach, I could see Stacey had so much to teach me about sales. I knew even if she only saved me two sales, I would make my money back. Within the first 30 days I made my money back AND confidently doubled my prices. I now have a sales process I feel great about. And last month, only my fourth month of the 2k for 2k Program, I generated over 12K in new sales. Stacey knows her stuff!”


“I can’t even tell you in words how unreal this all feels.

GAME CHANGER. Seriously. I can’t even tell you in words how unreal this all feels. I joined her 2k program thinking what I really needed was a very expensive 1-1 coach. I generated $71,000 in three months. I’m a heart break coach and I had no idea this kind of money was available to me this quickly. I really thought I would have to build YEARS of experience and influence. Turns out I was just missing a few key things that Stacey taught me to implement right away. It’s shocking how a few things can really change your entire trajectory.”


“I made my money back + some in 24 hours!”

Want to share a win! I’ve been in the group for 1 day, binge watched your enrollment videos and signed a client within 24 hours!! So I made my money back + some! I LOVE your enrollment process…much better than what I was doing, I must say. Thank you Stacey!
Jamie Berman
The PCOS Coach

“I was afraid to commit to making even my $2k back, but in 30 days I signed six clients and made $28,500!”

$28,500. That’s how much, in new sales, I’ve made since joining this program 30 days ago! 

Never did I expect this, but I worked so hard on my belief and used the strategies Stacey suggests. I studied them soooo hard! I applied them constantly. And now my dreams of being a $100k life coach this year seem more real than ever. I’m so grateful and excited to serve my six new clients. They will be getting the best of me because of the work I am doing under Stacey’s mentorship. I think back to my very first post about how I was afraid to commit to making even my $2k back! Through lots of prayer, mindset, and trusting the process laid out for us, I’ve achieved that and MORE! I hope this triggers inspiration in YOU and the belief that you can do it TOO!!


“I started the program with $2k months, then hit $5k months, then $7k months. I just had my first $8,500 month! YOU really can do it too, $2k at a time!”

I started this program at the end of summer, and I was at consistent $2k months at that time. I immediately hit $5k the next month and was consistent there until January when I hit $7k. Ladies.. tonight I signed a client which brings me officially to $8500 (so far!👀) this month.

I am SO grateful to Stacey, and to the mentors here. You are all such an inspiration to me of what is possible.

To all who are just starting.. I am not any more of a magical unicorn than you are – you can DO this. Dig into this program and commit to it. It’s so worth it to create results that blow your own mind – $2k at a time!!


“I’ve made double what I put into this program as a result from being in it.”

So I didn’t announce right away, but I’ve made double what I put into this program as a result from being in it. I am so grateful to the many coaches I’ve worked with, but I have to say some of the best of the best of the best in our industry are involved in the creation and/or oversight and coaching in this group. I am delighted to be here, and as I knew I would, it was only a matter of time. I’ve doubled the 2K I put in here and like Stacey likes to say, this is just the beginning.

Love to all of you, my fellow coaches. If I could share one thing I’ve seen and learned since being in here, the thing that I feel that has contributed the most to my success in my business this month, it is this; work harder on and in your beliefs than you do in any other part of your business. If you do this, all the other activities you do in your business will be more fruitful for you and more impactful to those you serve.