I started out selling ShamWow in Walmart.
It was the true school of hard knocks selling.

I’ve sold everything from a $19.99 cleaning product in Walmart to a $36,000 coaching package to entrepreneurs. 

So when I tell you that I I will teach you how to sell anything to anyone, I mean it. 

For seven years I was one of the best pitch artists in the industry. I was ranked #1 in the United States and won trips all over the world for my incredible sales record. 

I constantly hear new coaches who aren’t making money say that their prospective clients won’t spend money on coaching. 

Listen, if people will buy a $30 lint roller when they could buy a $2.99 one, they will buy the coaching that will change their life. 

People have money.
They love to buy things.

They want to buy things from YOU. They just don’t know it yet.

That’s why you need to know how to sell.

It isn’t inborn. It isn’t sleazy. It’s a necessary skill that you can learn.

And you have to learn it. Selling is the BEDROCK of financial security in this industry.

Listen to me. Your social media can be taken down tomorrow.

Your podcast could be removed from iTunes. Facebook ad prices could sky rocket.


If you know how to sell, you will never stop making money. 

When it comes to making money….I live by one rule. 

Where there is ONE there is always TWO. 

Two clients, two opportunities…two thousands of dollars….two chances to change everything. 

And when there’s two, there’s four. When there’s four, there’s eight. You get the idea. 

BUT there’s an important catch.

So many life coaches try and go from business beginner to six figure earner overnight.

It doesn’t work, because it’s too big of a jump. Your brain literally can’t figure out how to do that. 

But I can teach you how. 

I help you reach your income goal $2,000 at a time. 

We create your first 2k and then we scale up. 

Because you can’t get to $100,000 without going through $2,000 first. It’s literally how math works.

2k to 4k to 6k to 8k. That’s how you get there. 

I know because that’s what I did.

I built my business ONE client at a time, one PERSON at a time.

I took my business from $2,000 to $200,000 in just over a year. 

And I did it without ANY fancy tech.

I will teach you everything you need to do to meet your next client and close them. 

I have helped hundreds of coaches make money learning how to sell. 

Many of them are now six-figure earners, and they got there $2,000 at a time. 

You can too.

Ready to get started?

The Life Coach School


“I made $5ook in 2.5 years.

I started a brand new life coaching business working with Stacey in 2016 and mentoring with her over the last two and a half years has not only helped me create a $500k business but also my dream LIFE. She taught me how to BE in the world to have a successful business and really LIVE my life. She helped me navigate crucial client conversations, she helped me really plan for where I wanted to be at 500k and she saved me from making critical mistakes with my growing business. My profit is high, my time is totally in my control to enjoy my life, and I have really learned how to solve any problem in my business. Mentoring with Stacey will change everything in your business and life.”

- Lindsey Mango

“I can’t even tell you in words how unreal this all feels.

GAME CHANGER. Seriously. I can’t even tell you in words how unreal this all feels. I joined her 2k program thinking what I really needed was a very expensive 1-1 coach. I generated $71,000 in three months. I’m a heart break coach and I had no idea this kind of money was available to me this quickly. I really thought I would have to build YEARS of experience and influence. Turns out I was just missing a few key things that Stacey taught me to implement right away. It’s shocking how a few things can really change your entire trajectory.”

- Claire Byrne