3 Hour Event 

with Master Certified Life Coach and Sales Expert, Stacey Boehman.

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023    |    10am – 1:00pm ET

Consultations that convert into paying clients are THE prerequisite for the success of your coaching business.

One consultation, with one yes is the entry point to being a paid coach.

But going into every consult knowing that you have the skills to confidently lead that person to a buying decision, is where you turn your hobby into a business.

Most coaches do not know how to have this critical sales conversation or that this is THE key skill to propel their business forward.


Higher converting consults are the secret weapon to growing quickly without needing thousands of followers (or even 30).

But let me be clear. Consults are a skill, they are not a downloadable script from the internet.

This conversation should NOT be scripted.

Let me repeat.

Should NOT be scripted. Unless you want your client to feel like they are on the other end of a telemarketer call.

They should be fun. (Instead of doubting every word that comes out of your mouth.)

They should give your client a massive transformation. One so massive that they tell people, “You have to work with my coach!”, even before they have their first paid call.

But skills take time to learn.


Mastering consults through trial and error takes years and you’re not bringing cash into your business while you’re “practicing” either.

Not to mention you already have a consult looming on the calendar. 

You need a way to bridge the gap between winging it and owning it – right now.


In this 3 hour event, I am going to peel back the curtain and teach you how to master the consult.

This event will lead you step-by-step through every single aspect of a high converting consult.

You won’t have to rely on a cheesy script or rigid template from a self-proclaimed guru.

I’m going to teach you how to show up in service, have fun, and hold space for massive breakthroughs all while signing clients with ease.

And let’s get real for a second. Who you learn this from matters.


Before I became a coach, I sold infomercial products in LIVE demos across the country in two languages. I learned everything about selling anything to anyone by selling mops and slicers and dicers… in WALMART. 

I was the best in the industry for seven years before I found life coaching. I’ve trained thousands of people to sell and coached just as many to improve their sales when they weren’t hitting targets.

But I didn’t become a sales and business coach the day I packed up my demo stage.


I started my life coaching business right where you are now.

I started selling general life coaching to anyone I met. Then I niched down when I reached $200k in revenue.

When I reached $500k, I refined my niche again and have grown my business to $10 million in sales helping life coaches learn how to sell and scale.

I will help you too.

No matter what stage you are in – your first $2k, $25k, $200k, $2 Million, this class will raise your conversion rates (and confidence) and get you working with paying clients, fast.

I did the consult *exactly* like Stacey said. I listened hard and coached hard and she was a HELL YES and thanked me for coaching her on her objections. After no consults for two months…I created two clients in 2 weeks!!” ~ Whitney Uland, 2k for 2k Student

“Every time my (now) client wanted to know the price, I would ask her the questions that Stacey suggested. At the end of our hour-long consultation, she was so excited for me to coach her that when I told her the price, she immediately gave me her [credit card] and paid for the program.” ~Michelle Vasquez, 2k for 2k Student

It doesn’t matter what kind of coaching you sell. 

Higher Converting Consults will help you sell it with ease.


Whether you’re a life coach, business coach, high-ticket, low-ticket, new, experienced, 1 to 1, groups – as long as you’re selling to humans, this training will help you sell it with ease and integrity.


We’ll cover:

  • My Proven 5 Step Consultation Process (aka exactly what you should be doing every minute of your call).

  • Everything NOT to do when you’re talking to a potential client (and NO you haven’t heard these before).

  • 15 ways you are undermining yourself on the consult without even realizing it

  • The ONE tool to use on consultations that creates a 70-90% close rate.

  • The psychology of selling life coaching (or business, health, weight, or any other kind of coaching). This is the complete opposite of how your brain wants you to behave in social situations, so it takes some getting used to.

  • The one thing that has to happen…or your client will be a NO.

This event will consist of a 90-minute class followed by a live Q&A with myself and a group of hand-picked students who have achieved massive success with this process. 

Meet the Panelists

Olivia Vizachero The Less Stressed Lawyer

Olivia Vizachero

Olivia offers coaching for lawyers who are overwhelmed and want to live lives with less stress and far more fulfillment. Her current
12-month revenue is $100k+.

Janae Young tutoring coach

Janae Young

Janae helps students raise their SAT/ACT scores and navigate the college application process so that they can reach their dream schools. Her current
12-month revenue is $300k+.

Maggie Reyes marriage coach

Maggie Reyes

Maggie offers marriage coaching for Type A women. Her current
12-month revenue is $360k+.

Megan Wing

Janessa Dean

Janessa helps nurses get into Flight Nursing. Her current
12-month revenue is $100k+.

Janessa Dean

Megan Wing

Megan helps entrepreneurs scale simple, successful, and enjoyable businesses. Her current
12-month revenue is $150k+.

Michelle Rogers

Michelle Rogers

Michelle coaches parents of children with autism. Her current
12-month revenue is $370k+.

They’re from a variety of niches, experience levels, and coaching business models so you can see how these techniques work – for everyone. They are also all six and seven-figure earners who now instruct in my programs.

Bring your toughest sales questions and biggest consult struggles, no questions are off-limits.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to pick the brains of the best in the business.

If what you learn helps you sign even one client, this training will pay for itself. 

If what you learn transforms how you sell coaching, this training will change everything.

Here is what you get when you buy…

  • Higher Converting Consults LIVE Training with Master Certified Coach Instructor, Stacey Boehman

  • Higher Converting Consults Workbook

  • Consultation Q&A with a Panel of six coaches who are making 6-figures

  • AND a 7-day Replay Pass

The investment for this class is $97.

Buy NOW before the timer runs out!