Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | The 30 Million Dollar ReinventionBack in 2018, I reinvented my business for the first time, but I didn’t just reimagine it. I burned my business to the ground and started building it up with a completely new foundation, which also meant a complete reinvention of me as a person. 

I’ve been basking in the comfort of the business I dreamed of for the last three years. I thought my next business goal was going to be 20 million dollars until I realized it was already done. That’s when I decided to leave basking in comfort and standing on the steady ground behind it to go after my next big move: 30 million dollars. 

Tune in this week to hear my thoughts on my 30-million-dollar reinvention. I’m sharing the process of realization that I went through, why letting go of the safety of what’s working for the risk of a future result you want is so painful, why I now feel unstoppable and unbreakable in a way I’ve never felt before, and how I’m taking you all with me. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why completely reinventing yourself and your business is one of the most painful things you’ll do.
  • What the first reinvention of my business looked like.
  • The self-concept shift that happened over the year of reinventing my business for the first time. 
  • How everything in my life and business has prepared me for my 30-million-dollar reinvention.
  • What my 30-million-dollar reinvention means for you.
  • How to know if you’re competing with your coach. 

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 202. Today I’m going to tell you about my 30 million dollar reinvention. Are you ready? So this episode, I had this whole episode planned out as I typically do and I’m changing the entire thing. I was going to do an episode on scaling from 10 to 20 million dollars and trying new things. That was going to be this episode. And I was going to tell you how I’m trying all these new things. And I’m entering in the unknown. I’m going to get to 20 million, but I don’t have the how, all the things,

And I’m in Brooke Castillo’s, Reinvention Mastermind, so basically shit’s about to get real. And I’m going to tell you all about it. Are you ready? So for those of you that don’t know, I was one of the originals, one of the first students that she took through what she calls her reinvention process. I don’t think it was called that at the time, but she has now created her reinvention process. And I was one of the original students. So we literally burned my business down to the ground and started it all over. We completely reinvented it.

We didn’t just reimagine it. I actually feel like this is a reimagination to 30 million. But the first reinvention was an actual burning all the way down to the ground and building completely fresh, completely new foundation, new décor, all of it. We reinvented me as a person. And this is one of the most painful things I have to tell you because it requires letting go of so much of what you believe is working, and so much safety, and so much security, and so much of knowing.

And it requires stepping into the unknown, and the not knowing, and the unsafe for your brain and your emotional body. And I always tell my students that you have to be really mentally prepared for this. I talk about this on the Success Intolerance podcast where what happens is you will often get to your success marker. A lot of times this happens at 100K, this also happens at 200K and 400K. As you start to grow and you make more and more money, a lot of times we just become addicted to doubling our income, tripling our income, that energy.

So rather than basking in the known, and the achievement, and the security, and the having your result you jump right into the next big impossible thing. What happens is eventually you wear yourself out because your body and your brain need recovery time. You have to grow your emotional capacity to go to the next level by growing your capacity to have this current level. That’s how you do it.

So four years ago back in 2018 I reinvented my business. I was selling at that time about six offers at different price points. And I had a podcast called the Diva Business School podcast. And I was teaching a little bit of everything to a little bit of everyone with a business influence. And I was making about 400K. I do think looking back I probably could have gotten to a million this way I think. But it would have been really hard to get to 10 million. So we burnt everything down, I grieved my 400K business and I started fresh, not just to get to a million but really to get to 10 million.

And when I say this, that I burnt my business down, what I really mean, I just want to be clear because some of you guys misunderstand how that can happen. We really gradually burned it and gradually rebuilt. This happened over a year, but even that felt shocking to my system. We made the decisions almost all at once in one meeting essentially. But it took time because my business was already at a certain level. It did take time to roll it all out. So it happened over a year.

So I launched 2K for 2K, that was the first decision we made. And then I kept the Diva Business School podcast going but then seven months later I ended that podcast and started Make Money as a Life Coach podcast. And at that time, I think a few months before that I launched the 200K Mastermind. So within a year period I let go of Diva Business School podcast, my six offers, my one-on-one coaching, my Diva Business School Mastermind. I think I had a thing called VIP Diva, burned it all down, let all of that go with over a year.

And launched 2K, 200K and then Make Money as a Life Coach podcast. And I became master coach certified. And along that journey really what happened is the self-concept shift. I went from a hot mess and kind of doing things on the fly as a solopreneur to a multimillion dollar CEO. And for the last four years or really I should say three years, because it took a year to do that. So for the last three years, I have basked, and I mean basked. My business has felt easy, and fun, and predictable. It has been a cocoon of comfort and now it’s time.

Now, up until a few days ago, I didn’t know just how big of a reinvention I was going to undertake. I was actually going to do this podcast again about going from 10 to 20 million. Like I said I was actually going to do this podcast about going from 10 to 20 million. I thought that that was my reinvention, being a new mom and running a business at the $20 million level. But the last six months have been a sort of unintentional subconscious, I wasn’t aware of all of the things lining up perfectly at the time. But it’s been kind of a silent process of burning down and starting over.

In fact as I look back at this entire year I think every single thing that has happened in my life and my business has prepared me for this moment, for this next reinvention with my coach. And I just have to say, I have to thank the universe a little bit because I feel like – if you’ve listened to this podcast for a long time you know that one of my most painful stories of my whole life was that the universe just didn’t care for me, didn’t like me. I wasn’t chosen, a chosen one. The universe didn’t support me. It was working against me.

And I’ve really changed that in the last four years and really stepped out of that victim mentality and stepped into the universe always has my back. And I’m so lucky and so grateful the way it aligns itself for the things I want most in my life. It doesn’t always feel that way, sometimes it feels like everything’s falling apart. But it has to for things to come back together the way that you want them to. And so every single thing has prepared me for this moment including my coach even offering reinvention to begin with.

She just made an offer at one of her events and was like, “I’m starting this Reinvention Mastermind.” And the fact that I heard about it when I did and jumped in. I was like, “You’ve got to let me in. I’m in, let’s do this.” So all of that just brought me to this moment so it kind of feels, I don’t know what the word is but just like magical undertakings in the universe. So we had our first call and what she was teaching us is how hard it is to burn down what’s working. And to let go of the safety of what’s working in exchange for zero promise of the future result that you want.

And really how determined our mind and ourselves can be to stay comfortable and we have to actually have, we have to reverse that, we have to that determination to grow more than be comfortable. And I sat on the call with my $20 million goal, thinking my reinvention was being a new mom and running a $20 million business. And when she talked about the pain of letting go of what’s working I had the thought at the time, well, I’ve already gone through that grieving process this year.

Some of you may know this, some of you may not, but earlier this year two weeks before I had my baby I lost a few of my best clients, so I thought at the time. And later on they took to social media to sort of rip me apart, and my business, and my ethics, and make very lavishly negative claims about me. And this was at a time where I was really envisioning us all going to 10 and 20 million dollars together. And the way that I was thinking about my business included them so much in my plans and in my decisions. And it sort of shook me to my core.

It’s like a breakup where your partner has, it’s not this extreme but I’ve been through this where my partner was cheating on me and harboring all this resentment and I was so in love. So when I found out it questioned my entire understanding of reality and what is true. And the fact that I’m a life coach, and how did I miss this, that’s how this felt for me. I kind of went through that, how did I miss this was happening? How did I not know this was going on in my program? How did I not see it coming. How did I not anticipate this?

So the last many months have been me grieving and rethinking everything about who I am as a businessowner, and what I thought was going to be the next couple of years, and who I was taking with me. And just what I want. And really just how I’m going to recover from this and move forward from here on out knowing that this probably will happen again multiple times over and over as I reach new levels. And not wanting to recreate that again but just knowing it’s part of the gig and really rectifying that, just understanding that in my brain, growing my emotional capacity to handle that.

And it’s been really fucking uncomfortable. This whole ground felt like it shook, and it left me questioning a lot of things including for a while whether I even wanted to sell Two Million Dollar Group and coach people at the $1 million level. I had this thought leading into the last 200K Mastermind which was in – I’ve lost all concept of time being a mom now, which was when, August, I was like, “Was it January or August?” I literally forgot what month we’re in right now. It’s October. I’m recording this on Halloween, dear lord, help me. Literally lost space of all time.

So going into this next August event I literally had the thought, if they’re just going to hate me when they get there, what’s the point? And the last 200K award show, if you watched it, I was so emotional. I just cried through the whole thing. But I kept telling myself this is the point. It’s not about me. It’s not about how people feel about me once they get there. That’s not the purpose of the work I do of whether they like me when they get there. It’s about everyone, all of us, you growing, me growing.

And if we stay in love, and we stay friends, and we stay married, great, and if not that’s just not the point. So I’m sitting on this call, this reinvention call knowing that the discomfort was there and that I had already gone through a lot of, I think, my husband had told me after the call. He said, “I wonder how different this reinvention would be for you if you hadn’t gone through what you went through this summer before you had your baby and while you were on maternity leave, all of that. If you hadn’t experienced that, would you have been so open to burning things down?

And would you have been so ready emotionally for it?” Because it really is like, if you’ve ever been through one or if you work with me eventually you will go through one, it really is like it’s changing everything about what you knew before and going into the unknown. And I was able to do it so easily I think, so actually I would say the first reinvention I had was just becoming a life coach and learning how to sell life coaching.

And I wonder even then, if I had had an amazing job that I loved, and a relationship that was great, and a house that I liked, if life was pretty good, and I think I’ve talked about this before. It probably would have been much more challenging than that was another time in my life where the ground completely fell out from underneath me.

I left a relationship that I had been in for seven years, for someone who I thought was someone who was completely different than who he was. And found out very publicly in a very humiliating way how different he actually was, and how many times he had cheated on me, and how many people knew about it. And I was just very embarrassed, and then was kind of left with nothing. Was left with travelling in the winter staying in Super 8s with my dog because I was practically living with this guy. And that was so uncomfortable.

I remember there was a point where I was like, “Okay, well making offers can’t be more uncomfortable than this.” And at the time that I did my first reinvention I was so exhausted from my business. And I had just had a really big personal, not public but personal falling out with my coach at the time. And so that was all so uncomfortable and then there Brooke was once again to say, “Hey, do you want to come into this mastermind?” I swear it’s like the universe has sent her as my fairy godmother maybe.

But it’s like every time that I’ve been ready to go to this next level it’s been preceded by some really awful uncomfortable thing I’ve gone through in my life or my business to make it to where I’ve already gone through something so uncomfortable that why not, go all in, all the chips on the table, bet on me, and do the uncomfortable thing that I think if I were happy and just in this amazing place, before I remember going to mastermind this year.

I met with Brooke in person about some other business ventures and I remember being so happy in my business and telling her everything was perfect. My clients are all making so much money. I love all my clients. I’m working with only the best people. My husband is so amazing. I’m having my baby, everything in my life is perfect, then two weeks later it all fell apart in my mind. So now here I am at this place, it’s a long story short to say I am at this place where I have gone through that.

And I have come out the other side feeling so emotionally grounded to do a next big move like that, to leave everything behind, to leave all of the basking, and the comfort, and the steady ground. So flash forward from that call, I had a one-on-one with my coach, Brooke, and I realized truly the extent of my reinvention and what is ahead of me because 20 million already feels done.

It really does feel like who we are, and we don’t have to change anything in our business to accomplish that really, simple tweaks, more infrastructure, more selling. Things I want to add to my program and make them better. One of the big things we already did was implement a one-on-one coaching program inside the 200K Mastermind so that every single one of our students can get one-on-one coaching every single week. Because I just see that being the biggest thing between my 2K students and my 200K students is they want to have a business mastermind, but they also want the one-on-one coaching experience.

But my business mastermind is a luxury masterminded. It’s top of the line, it’s not cheap and so I get that. And I also want to make sure at the 25K investment that every single person has all of this work they could possibly need to get to the finish line and make 200K. And so that was a huge undertaking that has taken most of the year for our company to create, and train, and execute. And on top of that we have spent this current round of 200K Mastermind, we didn’t sell it. We wanted to just implement it and work on fixing all of the little things, just making sure it’s super smooth, a super smooth process.

And so we’re in the middle of that and so really truly getting to 20 million at this point, by the end of this year will be just small simple infrastructure things and just doing the same thing we did this year but better and we’ll be there. It doesn’t require me to look differently at my business and my clients’ journey. And that’s the big one that I think has been shaken into my system since my call with Brooke is that my clients’ journey looking differently and being even more supported.

And so all this to say 20 million does not require me to do anything differently but 30 million does. 30 million looks a little like a new business, and a new process, and really shaking things out and starting over, and just making sure everything. It’s almost like you built the house but you realized that a couple of rooms could be better, and it could be, the foundation could be laid slightly differently. And if you just changed a couple of things, the house would be so much more functional. And that’s what it feels like we’re going to do.

We have to take the house down because you can’t change the foundation that it is. But we’re going to keep 75% of the house. We’re just going to add 25% that makes it all so much more livable and every single person can enjoy it in a really amazing way. By the way the house analogies are coming from the fact that Neil and I are also looking to make a move out of the state and move to Tennessee. And it’s been our dream to live in Nashville. It’s one of our love cities as we call it. We’re over Kentucky but we want to stay in the Midwest because our family’s here.

So Nashville it is and we’re looking at land. And we’re looking to build, and so it’s just a really crazy exciting time. What’s happening in my life? And I’m a new mom. So here’s what I will tell you. I feel so ready, and so compelled, and so uncomfortable bit I’m definitely headed in the right direction. So for you as one of my listeners or one of my students what this means for you is a bigger chance to get to more money quicker. We are going to serve those of you in 2K and 200K at the highest level than ever before.

You all are going to get all of the byproducts, including this episode of me reinventing myself and all of the wisdom that comes with it. I’ve really been thinking about this because on the one hand I love to share with you all once I’m really through something and I have that wisdom looking back to where I teach it simply, and clearly, and do-ably for you. I love to package it that way. And if you ever buy any of my programs just know that that 100% is what you will get when you buy a program from me. And so I like the podcast to do that.

But I always have this push and pull with, also because I’m a business coach I want to share with you me in the process, and me going through the process. And I want to not forget things that I might forget once we’ve accomplished something. And I want to show you what that journey looks like and normalize it. I don’t want to keep things from you so that when it happens to you. I don’t want you to feel like oh my God, this never happened to Stacey.

Because I do that sometimes with my coach, Brooke. I’m like, I just imagine things never happened to her that happened to me until I maybe find out about it, or I hear about it. And so I want you guys to know when things come up in your business all kinds of things. I want you to be like, “Stacey’s been through this. I already know how to solve this. I already know how to approach this.” And go back and listen to that episode and take her thoughts. So some of the podcast episodes I do want to bring you along on the journey.

And then of course if you’re in my programs where that will come into play is on our coaching calls. I’ll be able to share some of these things, the process that you learn will still be that very finished clean cut product. Because I want to get those things to you in a way that is really simple and digestible for you to implement right away. So those things will always stay true in all of our programs. But in the coaching calls I can really open up and share some of these things. And then also I will do my best to also do this on this podcast.

Okay, so having said that for those of you in 2K for 2K, working your way to your first 25K, stay tuned. And for those of you ready to go to millions, I am bringing you with me. One of the things the last seven months did for me is show me how necessary creating a $1 million container is. When I lost some of my best students I wanted to run and hide really from grief, not from shame by any means, from just pure sadness and grief, instead it was almost like a dog licking their wounds. I felt personally hurt in my brain and I wanted to hide from those emotions.

And instead I doubled down. I committed to the students I did have who were so grateful that I didn’t close the program down. I committed to getting them to a $1 million. We started coaching every single week. I had been toying with it for so long, I don’t know why. I think I had the thought that my students at the time wouldn’t want to do that. I don’t know, doesn’t make any sense. We started coaching every single week. And what we talk about on the calls, the level of coaching and problem solving that we are doing, the ideas that are being created and being given in that container.

The real shit that each and every single one of them is going through and working on has shown me that not just that I have to continue on but the Two Million Dollar Group, that room is my calling. And I think I’ve been afraid of it for a long time. I think that I’ve had this thought kind of like an undercurrent of who am I. Because I’ve had several multimillion dollar earners reach out to me and ask if they could coach with me. And my reaction has been up until now like, “What? Why me?” And so my self-concept just hadn’t caught up to of course me.

This is my calling, it’s what I’m meant to do. Obviously I could have never said it four years ago because I hadn’t even made my first million. But I also couldn’t have said this that I’m about to say which is, are you ready? I am taking coaches, all the coaches from zero dollars all the way to their first million and tens of million, their first two million and 20 million. Because if I ever create another room beyond Two Million Dollar Group it will be for $20 million, you better believe it.

My company is going to serve you all at every single step of the journey. You will never have to find another coach or method if you don’t want to ever. So you’re not going to have to go out and fill any gaps. That’s the major thing. So I can’t tell you all the things coming. I concede to stay tuned. But just know that that’s one of the biggest things for my $30 million reinvention is looking at the client journey and not making you fill any gaps with other processes or other people. Because sometimes that can be really confusing then to come back and jump back into my process where there might be a gap.

So what this will do for you is you will only have to strategically invest along the way rather than kind of throwing money around all over the place and taking tidbits from here or there. You won’t have to buy tons of one off cheap products. I’ve probably bought 40 along the way, this $47 booklet here or this $9 pamphlet there, a $47,000 program here, $10,000 one-on-one coaching there. And then just not use all of it or have to piece it all together and make it all make sense into your own process.

I’m going to set my business up in a way that allows you to buy only what you need when you need it. And in steps that allow you to fund your education as you go. And so you can make money and profit along the way. Where is that at right now in the industry? It’s not there. I’m creating it though. It’s all coming. Now, here is what I want to offer as I do this process. There’s a disclaimer that I told, I had this conversation with everyone on the 200K stage. I didn’t know I needed to have this conversation but now I know that I do.

So I want to offer this to you. My media producer, Matt Kerr offered me this. He is a multi-Emmy winning producer and storyteller. And he’s actually won his Emmys for storytelling, for the way he’s done documentaries. And he told me that the human brain is designed to tell stories and listen for stories. And if there are any gaps in the story your brain will fill that missing information in. That’s how our brains are designed to do it, to fill gaps in the story.

And because our brain is also always looking for all the ways that we might be harmed, what it does is it fills those gaps in negatively if you don’t bring intention to it if you don’t direct it. And this is another reason I want to be transparent with you along my journey. I don’t want you to fill in the gaps with assumptions that aren’t true.

And what I realized this year is that as I went to 10 million some of my students and some of my audience members were triggered by that growth and there were gaps of what they were seeing and what their brain was telling them. And they filled those in with stories of bad ethics and bad values or ideas that I might be selling out or that I were making decisions for my $10 million goal that were against them. This is why I want to be transparent with you along my journey. I don’t want you to fill in the gaps with assumptions that aren’t true.

Whether that’s of assumptions that aren’t true, that give you judgmental thoughts about me and my actions, and create disconnect there, or this has happened a lot over the years in my 200K journey. Is where the interpretation and the filling in the gaps is on what I’m doing in my business that you then translate in what you should be doing in your business. And either way neither of those are highly valuable for you. So I want to do my best to inform you if I anticipate a gap might be coming, something that you might not understand that you see me doing.

So here are the ones I anticipate as of now because some of them have just already happened. So number one, on this journey, you are going to see me deviate from the 200K and the Two Million Dollar Group processes. For those of you who are in those programs or are going to be in those programs, you just need to know that. I had a client get very upset with me that I started doing pre-enrollment and payment plans. And she said I wasn’t practicing what I preach essentially. And that I wasn’t doing what I taught in 200K, that I wasn’t in integrity with what I’m teaching.

But of course not, I’m not at 200K, or even two million. My business is at close to 15 million and I’m going to 30 million. And I don’t even know the how yet. In fact I started thinking about 30 million just the other day and breaking down how I could even believe it was possible. And what I was going to be selling and how many people I’d need to be working with, and what the plan was to get there. And I realized immediately based on how I felt that I was doing it wrong.

When we try to approach the how, it’s always going to create anxiety for us. So I erased all of it and I started with being at 30 million, being, having, feeling it. And it felt completely different. I realized I can’t figure it out by getting to the how ahead of time. I have to be there, and I have to be willing for the how to unfold. And so I don’t know what the process will look like. But I do know it won’t look like what I’m teaching you anymore because I’m not there anymore. It doesn’t invalidate what I teach you though.

Just like my coach is scaling to a 100 million, I’m not looking for the ways that she is going against the thing she’s teaching me if I even think about it at all. I’m understanding and trying to imagine what she could be thinking and why she might be doing what she’s doing from where she is, to use that for me at a later date. So I can be inspired, so I can know ahead of time, so I can see, I remember, Brooke doing something like that. I never ever, ever, ever use her growth against me, against her coaching of me because then I would be the only one who would lose a 100% of the time.

If you’re one of my clients and you see this, or if you read an Instagram post, or you see something, if you’re curious, ask me. What was so fascinating is of the clients who got really upset with me over the summer, none of them asked me, “What was your thinking behind pre-enrollment? What was your thinking behind offering payment plans? What was your thinking behind this, this or that, your $10 million journey, or your $10 million goal? What was your thinking when you acted this way?” Instead of assuming you know what my thoughts are.

Because I guarantee if you think of something about me or what I’m doing in my business, against what I’m teaching you and it feels negative it’s probably a lie. I love Byron Katie, always says that. Whenever we feel negative, it’s just because we’re believing something that’s untrue. And I’m not going to know likely until I know what that process is. I won’t know until I’ve achieved it. And so I won’t be able to tell you all of the gaps, or all of the things that I’m doing ahead of time.

I’m not going to be able to say,” Hey guys, listen, I know I’m teaching you this 2K process, and this 200K process, and this Two Million Dollar Group process. But here’s the $30 million process, so that you know exactly what the process is so that when you see me doing it, you understand that that’s the $30 million process.” I won’t be able to do that. I don’t ko know that a 100% ahead of time what that’s going to before me, so I have to figure it out. And there are going to be fails. I’m going to talk about this in just a second.

But there are going to be things I try that don’t work. So definitely don’t use what I’m doing to inform you what you should be doing. Because I might do it one time, and I have done this before with my coach by the way. I have done something that I saw her do one time and was like, “This is the way, I’m going to keep doing this.” And then it wasn’t even something she stuck with. It was just something she was trying out on the journey of not knowing how to get where she’s going. And just being willing to try and fail, and try and fail, and try and fail.

That’s the only difference between me and where you are is I’m just trying a lot more things and failing a lot more times. And I just happened to have already gone through all the places where you might be. So I can tell you exactly what worked and exactly what didn’t and why, and what you should do to get there if you want to get there the quickest and simplest way. I’m able to share that with you but only after the fact. I can’t do that ahead of time. so don’t adopt things that you see me do thinking this is what I should be doing at this level. Not knowing all of the gaps of why I’m doing what I’m doing and what I’m testing out, and what the intention is, don’t do that.

And then don’t interpret it as something negative for you or about me and my character.

Number two, if you’re a business coach, I just need you to know this thing. Please hear me. I want you to win. I’m genuinely not competing with you. I don’t compete with anyone. And that might seem like a lie if you compete with others intentionally or unintentionally because if you haven’t yet, I’m going to say yet, if you haven’t yet stopped your brain from doing this you won’t be able to understand how someone else could. But I have already learned this lesson.

I lost the relationship I had with my first coach because my mind couldn’t stop competing and couldn’t understand that hers couldn’t possibly be competing with me. I only recently mended that relationship. It took it happening to me as the coach to see it as the student. I genuinely don’t want your clients and I’m not trying to get your clients. And me believing my programs are the best in the industry and stating that loudly and proudly doesn’t negate your work. It’s my job to believe in me, to believe those thoughts about my business, that’s my job, if I’m in my lane.

It’s your job to believe in you in that same level. Let it inspire you. Don’t let it let you start competing, and comparing, and despairing. That’s how you know you’re competing with your coach is if you compare and despair with your coach by the way. If you look at what they’re doing and think, she’s doing it so much better, I’m never going to be at that level, why would anyone ever buy from me? She’s so much better, they would just buy from her. Any of those thoughts where you compare or you despair, all of that comes from competition.

You would only compare and despair people that you think are at your level that you’re competing with. I don’t do that with Brooke because I just am like, “She’s not even at my level, what do you mean? She’s got 10 years ahead of me. She makes four or five times what I make.” Just I know it’s not useful to begin with. But also why would I do that to myself? There’s no way to compete with that unless I just hustle myself into the ground. And I’ve talked about this on the podcast, but I just want to again say it to you.

And so that you know also it’s my job to believe in both of us at the same time, to be able to hold both of those truths, that I’m the best and you’re the best. And the way I hold those is I truly believe there are plenty of clients to go around. Trust me, I’ve been there where you don’t think that’s true. I get it. I’m not going to judge you if you think that’s true. I want you to just be aware of it. I told my 200K students this at our last live event.

I went to the LCS Mastermind, The Life Coach School’s Mastermind, they doit every year. And they give out awards for 100K earners. And there was more students that have ever been on that stage than ever before. I counted how many awards were actually given out for the 100K students and it was around 130, I think. I could be wrong, but I think that was around the math. And then I counted the faces because there was a photo. I counted the faces of the people I knew were my clients.

I want you to think about right now, just come up with a number or a percent. What do you think the number was that were my clients? I asked my students this and they shouted out 60, 80, 100, 130. 26, 26 of those people were also my students. To me this shows me, I remember having thought, who are they coaching with? And not in a negative way, out of curiosity, who are the coaches that they’re hiring. To me that shows me and you that there is room for all of us.

I know some of you think that there’s no point in being a business coach in The Life Coach School’s community because I’m just taking all the clients and Stacey’s already just, she got in on the ground level. There’s no room or there’s not enough. But there really is, there is proof. And to be clear, I don’t market my business as The Life Coach School students being my client avatar, despite what people might think. I built my business around and for all coaches. And I happen to coach mindset with the model, and my experience, and my sales knowledge all combined.

But I’m not getting rich because LCS promotes me. I’ve done it painstakingly myself with of course obviously, any time they do give me really amazing opportunities and promote me. I’m so grateful, that does happen. But I’m just not relying on that, thinking about that. And I’m not adjusting my marketing to try to market to their people. I’m thinking bigger than that room. And if you’re a business coach or any coach I want you to think much bigger than my room or anyone else’s room, than your school’s room.

That’s how you build a $30 million business. The foundation has to be set thinking about everyone, not just a tiny, small group. That’s why when you join 2K, I don’t assume you understand the model. I teach you the model. I have modules in the start here section. I say, “Hey if you want to be coached on the model, here it is. But also you don’t even have to be because the 2K process, I’m going to walk you through.” You don’t even need to know it.

I’m going to teach you of all my intellectual property, all my things I know about selling, and making offers, and getting clients, and overcoming objections, and all of that. And the same with 200K, it starts now, wherever you are is thinking bigger than the room you’re in. And I want to help you do that. I want us both to win. I promise you with everything inside of me I don’t want my expense at the expense of yours. And I don’t even believe that’s possible.

I recently told my coach, who doesn’t really offer business programs right now per se, but that if she ever did, I needed her to know that I would be okay, that I didn’t need her to hold back any offers ever, anything on the account of me, not that she would. But I just needed her to know that. That’s how I feel about you too.

And then number three is that my ethics aren’t changing because I’m growing. Don’t ever confuse, especially as you see me trying new things, don’t confuse mistakes and failures, thought errors, models where I’m not in full alignment yet with where I’m going, don’t mistake that with intention, I intended to do that, to make a mistake, or to fail, or I intended to make a post with that thought, or whatever it is, whatever pisses you off. Don’t think that I did that because I’m selling out, especially the selling out.

If you do this to me you will subconsciously do this to yourself. You will stay small for fear of selling out your people and yourself. But the way I teach it, the way I teach scaling, if you’ve heard me talk anything about scaling, remember the definition, more clients making more money, you’re working with more clients making more money while they’re getting better faster results. That’s always the deal. So it’s impossible for your clients not to benefit in a way that serves them even more when you grow and make more money. That is how I teach it.

So that’s how it’s going to happen for you. I want me making $30 million, I really genuinely want you to feel so excited that that’s happening, that I’m on this journey because you know you’re going to benefit from it. And how you know this is true is if you’ve ever thought, I’m so glad Stacey said yes to life coaching because here’s she created this incredible program that I get to benefit from. So if that could be true then, how could it not be true now? I need you to really think about this for me or any coach you work with.

Now, having said all that, it also doesn’t mean that I won’t make mistakes or have bad judgment along the way. We are human, trust me. Trust me on this, you will spend a lot of time worrying about what people will think of you and being afraid of being canceled or spoken about negatively. A lot of my clients are very afraid of being misunderstood, or people thinking things that are untrue about them. That feels very uncomfortable. But when and if it ever happens to you, the thing that will actually cause people to be angry at you about, you won’t even see coming.

You will not be able to anticipate it, you will not be able to worry enough about it to prevent it ahead of time. There might be some things that you’re like, “No, that just didn’t happen.” I remember one time, someone got really upset with us in 2K and left the program because they said I censored them by deleting a post and that post is still there today. You could still find it. And we could not convince them to come back and see that the post was there. We were like, “Just rejoin the group, we’ll let you in. You can Google it, or you can look it up, look your name up and you will see it’s there. We never deleted it.”

And you can’t just delete and then re-bring back a post on Facebook, that doesn’t work. We never deleted it, but we could not convince them that we didn’t. So some things you actually won’t do. And then some things, you’ll look back at and be like, “Oh, yeah, I can see how that wasn’t the right move now.” I can see from more wisdom and having more pieces of the prospective, that I could have done that better.” You might have seen how you could prevent it, or you might see, next time, I couldn’t have prevented it at the time but now I won’t do it again.

You will step into shit, but it will be because you were looking up at the beautiful sky, not because you chose to, not because you intended to, or because you didn’t care if you got shit on your foot in the pursuit of your goal. I will never make a choice that I feel will be hurting my students or choosing money over my students, an actual choice that would give them less so that I get more. My values have only strengthened as I’ve made more money, I promise you that, because I don’t need it.

The more money I make the less I need it. So the less I’m making decisions from insufficiency, and lack, and fear. But I am a human, I will fail publicly sometimes. And you might fill in the gaps with your brain and make it mean something hurtful, your feelings might get hurt. And just like your clients will have the same choice with you, you will either allow me grace, and choose that you could be wrong and ask me about it or not. You will either let it bring us closer together or further apart. You will either give me room to grow and be human or you will create room between us.

I remember the year I went 325,000 I lost a best client at that time. She’d been coaching with me for 18 months. And I raised my prices from $800 to $1,000 a month for one-on-one. She had signed with me 18 months prior. And when we had the conversation she said she wanted to think about it. And then later she texted me that she appreciates that I’m trying to hit my goal but that it won’t be from her paying me more for the same thing. And how she felt that I was using her for my goal and that I never cared about her. And I’ve always just been in it for the money.

And that of course wasn’t the truth at all. What’s even more ironic is I ended up letting go of one-on-one shortly after with my scale to a million. So I had to let clients go that were paying me monthly and say, “I’m not offering this anymore.” But I look back and I see now that she just filled in the gaps. Instead of choosing to think that my demand had increased, which it had, and maybe in the 18 months since she had signed her contract that we had coached, I had improved and created more value.

And people were lined up to pay me at that new price. So I had to charge everyone that new price to be in integrity. Instead she chose to never talk to me again. I really want to offer, whether you’re a business coach, or a regular coach, or not even a coach and you’re listening to this podcast, whatever you are, choose to fill in the gaps with love, not fear, and anger, and hurt. This is always what I do with my coaches now. It’s my rule. I will only choose amazing thoughts.

I will not let myself seed one, because what happened with my first coach, haven’t told this story and one day I’ll probably have a longer podcast on this. But I wasn’t at the time in a place where I had as much control over my brain, had as much tools, and experience. And I didn’t have as much awareness, so many things were going on. But I had a couple of negative thoughts creep in, a couple of lack filled thoughts, a couple of thoughts about her intention. And then I didn’t take care of them myself, let alone ask her about it. And then they started toppling on top of each other, one little one here, one little one there, one little one there.

And then the worst part, I also told this to my 200K students. I’m like, “If you are spending more of your time coaching yourself on me than on your business stop working with me. This is not a good use of your time. Do not hire coaches where you have to endlessly coach yourself because they trigger you over, and over, and over, and over.

I had one client who recently did this over three rounds of 200K. And every time she came to me she was filling in a gap in the most horrible way, the worst possible thing she could think about anyone, she was thinking them about me. And every time I offered her a refund and I said, “I just think that it shouldn’t be this difficult for us to have a relationship. I don’t want you to spend your time coaching yourself on me when you could be coaching yourself on your business.”

And every time she was like, “No, no, no. I see what you’re talking about”, blah, blah, blah. Looking back, this is something that I will do moving forward but I should have just said, “No, you don’t have a choice, this is your refund, here you go.” Because it just was not useful for her.

And so I told everyone in 200K, “Literally this is the most unusual thing you could ever do is choose a coach that triggers you constantly and you have to constantly feel like shit in comparison to them. And they make you feel worse, not better. And you don’t have the ability to get control over that in your mind, stop coaching with that person.” You can always come back when you get better control over your brain and you’re comparing your despair. That will always be available but it’s just not useful.

Find a coach that’s easy for you to coach yourself with, or coach yourself, don’t let it be this ongoing thing. If you see thoughts that come up, nip them in the bud right away and get moving. And if you can’t do that, then you’ve got to go find another coach. If it continuously keeps coming back to the point where you coach yourself more on your coach than your goal, that’s a problem. Don’t do it.

And so I literally got to the point with my first coach where I just couldn’t recover from it. I couldn’t not see my thoughts as truth. I just couldn’t get past it. And so I ended that, I stopped coaching with that coach and then I started coaching with Brooke. And from that moment on I did know that it was on me. I did know that there were things that I just couldn’t get past. So I made a deal, fresh slate, I’m never ever allowing that one thought to seed and bleed into any other relationship I ever have. So I only let myself have really positive thoughts about my coach.

And then for the last five years I’ve been working on unwinding all of those thoughts, all of them, which is why I feel so strongly that coaches can’t cause things for us. I don’t believe in bad programs. I don’t believe in bad coaching. I don’t believe in cultish coaching, none of that stuff. It’s all just thought errors on the client’s part that need to be worked out. I truly, I’ve done the journey and I’ve come out the other side and really seen it and let it all go. So I just don’t want you to have to spend five years doing it like I’ve had to.

Okay, number four, and along the line of ethics, as I grow I guarantee you will hear negative things about me. I’m hitting the point where my influence is bringing in so many new people from so many places on the internet, lots and lots of people. You have to remember, no matter how tasty peaches are there is always someone who doesn’t like them, or chocolate. My husband doesn’t like chocolate or coffee, I can’t even. It was almost a deal breaker, but I hung in with the thought, more for me.

Anyways people are going to be introduced to my work at an unprecedented rate. And some of them will love me and some of them will hate me. And some of them will say lots of things about me, recently this is probably the most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened to me. Recently we had someone actually report my business to the Kentucky government claiming that I was basically in her words, running a pyramid scheme with 200K Mastermind where only a few people at the top make money and everyone else is scraping by and barely making enough money to pay me.

And it was so weird because this person had never been in my programs. And then the government wanted us to make this formal reply of how we were handling it. And I told my COO, “Just send them our Excel sheet.” We revenue report every Wednesday in 200K, and we keep track in an Excel sheet every single round, so with everything round’s Excel sheet to see how much money, for several reasons. But number is to see how much money and value we create for the Mastermind group as a whole.

So if you’ve ever seen me say, “We created $10 dollars of value as a group, $30 million dollars of value as a group.” That’s what I mean, I actually track that, I’m not making it up. We do this every round. We have nothing to hide. Our clients are making so much money it sometimes doesn’t even feel real to me. I literally have said that at least five times in the last couple of weeks. It’s stupid how successful 200K is. It makes no sense. I mean it does with the level of work I put into it.

But in the scheme of things I sometimes look at my program and I’m like, “How are we producing this many 200K earners? And how are people making this much money, way beyond 200K?” It’s crazy, crazy town, we don’t have anything to hide. I’ve got my Excel sheets, I’ve got the numbers, folks. So you’re going to see my haters increase. Let them hate. Choose your thoughts based on your experience with me, not anyone else’s. That’s all you can know is your experience.

My one-on-one coach, Bev said to me, she gave me this analogy of being a Buddha in the city. She’s like, “If you think about the Buddha.” And then she’s just quiet and calm, meditative, contemplative, focused on the Buddha and then there’s the crazy city and everything’s happening all around. Don’t let the crazy city influence you in your journey and what you’re going to do with your mind. I can’t tell you how many times if I just decided every hater that The Life Coach School had, I’m going to listen to them and decide that’s my experience.

I’m like, “You guys are mistaken.” That’s the greatest thing I ever did ever in my entire life. And if people want to gossip by the way about any of my coaches or any of my colleagues around me I will either leave, change the subject or depending on who it is, I might let them vent knowing that they have some stuff, hear them out but I never let it influence my thinking ever. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. It doesn’t matter how super negative it is. It doesn’t matter how it sounds or what could be implied. I just don’t take it on. I’m like, “Well, I don’t know that that’s true.”

It didn’t happen to me. It’s not my experience. My experience is amazing. Okay, so I heard a lot behind the scenes of the people when this was going on, I don’t know how many people heard about it. I don’t know what the extent of the reach was. It did reach our programs, we had to refund almost a $1 million and by the way, if you ever work with me in 200K or Two Million Dollar Group, I’m also going to teach you how to withstand that. We just refunded that money lovingly and went on our way because we are always that cash flow positive.

But it did hit our 200K room, it did hit the Two Million Dollar room and some people that were thinking of working with us. And what also hit me was how many people reached out and just poured the love on. I heard about a call that happened where coaches, there is apparently a group of coaches that get together every Friday and they either are past or current 200K people. And they spent an entire call talking about how much they love me and how much I have impacted them. And then they also spent the time allowing themselves to express their anger for what they were seeing and what they were hearing.

And I want to say two things. I love that they did that because I do think sometimes it can feel like grieving when something like that happens to someone you love, whether that’s a business love or a personal love, or both, like a mentor love. But also I just want you to always know you never have to fight my fight for me, or speak up for me, or worry about me in any way. You can if you want to but only if it feels good to you and not negative to you. Do you know what I mean? I will always say only the most amazing things about The Life Coach School, but Brooke doesn’t need me to fight her fight.

And I never want any haters to distract you from making your money. That’s just going to happen, just know, someone’s hating on Stacey. And just know for every hater there is 1,000 people who love me. And that message is always so much more powerful. And I’m hater proof for real. It hurt my feelings, that’s what happened this time, my feelings got hurt personally but I got over it. I have amazing coaches and I do this thought work and I love myself deeply. And I sit with myself in my most negative emotion and I do the fucking work you all, I do it.

I will always recover. I will always be resilient, so you never have to worry about it. And if you worry about it happening to you, a lot of people also brought that to me. Listen, I’ve got you, I’ve been through it so many times. You heard some of the example on this episode. I will get you through it too. Alright, so that’s it for now. Those are the gaps I anticipate possibly happening. I’m bringing you with me on this journey and I’m going to again, do my best to fill in the gaps so you don’t create scary stories with what you don’t know.

Ask me if you don’t know and you’re curious or ask my company, just make an ask. I’m going to $30 million, you all. I’m reinventing, I kind of feel barfy, but in a really good way. It doesn’t feel as scary as the last time. I feel energized. I feel free. I feel unstoppable. I definitely feel unbreakable at this point in a way that I’ve never felt before, un-fucking breakable. I feel grateful.

My husband and I recently went house hunting, and we were looking at houses that ranged between four million and 10 million. And I literally started crying in the car with our realtor, which by the way is so weird. And I just told them, “I just can’t believe I grew up in a lower middle class family in a neighborhood with shotgun style houses, my room was in the basement and here I am looking at million dollar houses to raise my son all because I took a chance on me.

And I’ve got to give some credit because I found Brooke, because I chose to follow her every step of the way. And by the way, you all, sometimes have problems when I give people too much credit or what you think is too much credit. But I promise you, I own all of my results and every decision I made and everything I’ve ever done and from a place of insane abundance. I also recognize the contribution that my coach and that school did for me. So I’m not discrediting myself when I love all over my coach, I just love her. I’m grateful.

I remember actually as the first reinvention started, that first $1 million scale I was in Brooklyn with my husband, and I told him, “Listen, I’m grabbing on to Brooke’s coattails and I’m never letting go.” If she allows me, I’m going along for the ride permanently. I have some clients that feel that way about me. So here I am, I am going nowhere, best student for life and I’m not going anywhere with you either. Best coach for life, so here we go, second reinvention.

I’m coming out with a whole new business, a whole new arsenal of ways to help my students and I’m bringing you all with me. You are getting access to $30 million of wisdom coming at you, let’s go.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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