Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | 6K to 100K in 10 Months with Elizabeth Salazar

For all of you who are on your coaching journey, learning how to get clients and make money in your business, you’re going to absolutely love this episode. Hearing from other coaches who have done it themselves is the best way to learn, and that’s exactly what I’m bringing you today.

Elizabeth Salazar is a client of mine and one of our 100K mentors who went from making 6K to 100K in 10 months back in 2018. Since recording this episode, she’s close to having her first quarter of a million dollar year, and she’s telling us how she did it. From an exact breakdown of what she made monthly, to how much she invested in her business, you’re not going to hear this kind of information anywhere else.

Join us this week as we dive into Elizabeth’s money-making mindset and discover how you can practice the same way of thinking to get as far as she has!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What Elizabeth made monthly to make 100K in 10 months.
  • How much money Elizabeth has invested in her business.
  • Why getting to $100,000 is a mind game.
  • What practices were most important in creating $100,000.
  • The one thought you need to think to move forward.
  • Why you have to believe you can make money as who you are now.

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  • Join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula.
  • Brooke Castillo

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Welcome to episode 20. Are you ready for today’s episode? We are doing a throwback interview. I started podcasting with a podcast called the Diva Business School Podcast. You might have heard it. And last year I started featuring my clients who have made 100K or more on that podcast, and I decided I wanted to keep doing that for this podcast.

I think you all like to hear from coaches who have recently done it, and done it with this process I’m teaching you on the podcast and in the 2K for 2K. So if you’re in the 2K, you’re going to love this episode because I’m featuring one of our 100K mentors, Elizabeth Salazar.

And this episode is going to be such a treat for everyone. I thought about re-interviewing Elizabeth because she’s made so much money since this episode recorded, and she’s in such a different place in her business, but this episode is so good I re-listened to it twice myself. We have a conversation about money like I have never heard coaches have before publicly anywhere.

We break down what she made monthly to make 100K in 10 months, and going from 6K the year before. 6K all year to 100K in 10 months. We also break down how much money she has invested to the dollar and what she thinks about it all.

And since this episode, Elizabeth has gone on again, to make way more money than that and she’s in my 200K mastermind, and she’s going to be having her first quarter of a million dollar year helping coaches with their mindset around making money and what I found fascinating was this episode feels like the foundation of why she is where she is today.

So if you want to reach out to Elizabeth, if you want to catch up with her, you can reach her at Again, that’s You should totally reach out to her. Let’s dive into this throwback episode. Enjoy.

Stacey: Hi Miss Elizabeth, what is going on?

Elizabeth: Just excitement to be here with you.

Stacey: Yeah. Oh my gosh. So I love doing these interviews when my clients hit $100,000 because you know, I post on Facebook and I’m like, what do you all want to hear from a brand new 100K earner, because I think when you hear it – you just did it, and in 10 months, when you hear it fresh – it feels like fresh off the press. You get the in the moment responses that sometimes I know in a year you’re going to forget some of this stuff.

I actually think what’s going to be so fun is that in a year you’re going to be able to go back and listen to this podcast and remember all these things. But I want you to say, because we were just talking before I hit record. I want you to just say what you said when I was reading all of the questions and I was like, oh, this one might be good, this one might be good, and then you said, “You know what it is? It’s hard for me to think of the answer because…” what? I want you to say it.

Elizabeth: Yeah, so you’re reading through all these questions and some of them feel hard to me and my mind is like, I don’t know the answer to that. What? Did I do that? And the reason is because they just don’t apply. At the end of the day…

Stacey: No, that’s not what you said.

Elizabeth: What did I say then?

Stacey: You said, “They don’t matter.” You said none of this stuff matters. None of this stuff is important. I think something like that.

Elizabeth: Yeah. It’s not important.

Stacey: We’re going to answer the questions. We’re still going to do it. But why don’t you think they matter, or why don’t you think they’re relevant? I think relevant is the best word. They’re not relevant. Why?

Elizabeth: It’s because they’re just not looking at what the real problem is. They’re trying to go around and they’re like oh look, I’ve got this ouchie on my arm, I’ll fix it, when it’s like, no, the problem in your business is not this or that or niche or programs or anything like that. The only problem is your thoughts. And so when we look at all of these questions and I talk about…

Stacey: And let me clarify because we haven’t started the questions yet even though we’re totally going to answer them and we’re very – she’s very excited to answer them. But all of them are very like, focused on what she did versus – some of them are asking you what your beliefs were, which I think are super helpful, but so a lot of them are very focused on what did you do, what was your first program, how did you find your ideal clients. It’s very like, how, how, how, and we know and all the listeners of this podcast also know, it’s like, when we ask how, right? But how? That it never comes from that. We never create a result from the how.

Elizabeth: Yeah. And that was a huge thing. When I met you in November, that was what I kept asking. In fact, I’m going to go back and listen to myself get coached then because I remember still being stuck in that cycle of like, okay yeah, but there has to be something I have to do. I mean, I remember thinking like, okay, I’m doing this mindset work, but this can’t be enough. It can’t be enough to change my thoughts. What else do I have to do because I want to go faster? I want to do it right. And you just like, stuck with it, like, no, it’s your thoughts. I’m like, okay, she keeps repeating this, this must be a thing. I’ll write that down again.

Stacey: Yeah, so this is actually interesting. So before we dive into like, your story because I think your story is going to blow people away, I titled this podcast From 6K to 100K in 10 months, which I think is just fucking mind-blowing and I know everybody is going to want to get their hands on this podcast. So we’re going to tell that story, but before we do, I’m just curious because I’ve had this come up a lot for like, my clients, for my client’s clients because I tend to coach a lot of business coaches, so then they have clients so then I’m helping them with like – or even just life coaches coming and saying my client is struggling with this and I’m having a hard time coaching them.

And the thing they’re always struggling with is feeling like they’ve done the mindset – like, their thought is well, I’ve done that, so now I need strategy or now I need something different – I’ve done the mindset, I’m good there, I got mindset and I’m ready to move on, what is your thought about that?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I think I might have believed that at some point because I do come from a marketing, strategy, action-oriented background, but the reality is every piece of getting to $100,000 is a head game. We can logically know, and that’s why we can do it in tons of different ways, but we can know the pieces. We can know, it’d be this many clients, this amount of money, and I should go do this. There’s not actually that many actions we can take, but the work comes in with what came up in our mind. And it’s an entire process.

It’s not just oh, you had to get over your money beliefs so you could tell people how much you charge. It’s you had to get over your problem with people seeing you and judging you so you could post, so they could actually see you. You have to get over sharing and being vulnerable and this is all again, head game, right?

So you could put out content that people actually relate to. You have to get over the ideas you have around selling and what that looks like and what that involves, and somebody telling you no maybe lots of times. You have to get over inviting them to what you’re going to work with and mapping out like, this is what’s so valuable, because your brain is going to throw things at you like, oh my gosh, only offer them this short of a package because they don’t want to pay.

They probably don’t have the money. And then they’re going to hire you and you’re going to keep doing the mindset work because – and this is what I remember. My first few clients, I was doing so much mindset work just to like, serve them because my brain kept harassing me. And in the past, before I had mindset work, I would have just believed it. I’d have been like, I’m not good enough, they want something different, they need something different, I can’t help them, and that would have crippled me. And so it’s like, it’s an entire process of like, there isn’t one thing.

There’s like, this is why having support, this is why having that growth community because you think you’re the only one doing this and you can’t take this to your Facebook page. People are going to give you all sorts of crazy advice, but that was one of the things I loved about being with Stacey and having her was it wasn’t just her, but it was a group of people that could watch me grow, and every single place that my mind harassed me, I would take it and people would be like, “Oh yeah, no, that’s totally normal.” And then when I told myself, oh, that’s normal, I’m like, huh, okay, well that’s normal, let’s do this.

Stacey: I love that. My brain is harassing me. Get a restraining order on my negative thinking, I’m very tired of it. I love that, and I also think, you know, sometimes when people say like, I’ve done the mindset, I’m good, I think sometimes they think mindset means positive thinking. So what they’re actually saying is like, yeah, I’m in a really good place, I know my thoughts create my results, and so I know how to do that, but it’s like, no, but how you know how to do it or that you know you’re at the place where you’re good is if you have all the results you want and like, that’s it.

Like, literally, I love how you and I both have worked with Brooke, like, I love how she said – she said it the other day. Someone was asking her about well but like, this, and she goes, “You know what, money, I love that it’s always the result because I never lies. How you know if you believe you can make a million dollars or $100,000 is if you do.” How you know if your mindset is there if you have the tangible cash in the bank. That is how you know.

So yeah, I think it’s a misunderstanding. It’s not always just like, you have to do the mindset to be confident. It’s like, you have to have the right set of thoughts that create the result that you want, and that may be – there’s so many different angles of it and so many different thoughts that can lead you in the same direction. It’s just, it’s always going to be a process. It will always be work. It’s the work.

Elizabeth: And that was your last podcast was like, looking at your results from a numbers standpoint. And I just post yesterday that I made $100,000, and I had one person say, “But why do you feel the need to share this?” because my mind might ask the same thing, right? And I thought about it. We need to know why, and I love the idea that I get to be an example of what’s possible.

People see me and they’re like, if she can do it, I can do it. Because I’ve had that thought. I’m like, if Stacey can do it, I can do it. She’s got mind drama; I’ve got mind drama too. We can do this, right? When we look at numbers, I love – especially your last podcast, referencing this is our data of what’s working. When three people sign up for our training and you’re like, three people, great, it worked, now how do we make it work more? As opposed to what our brain normally wants to do, which is like, nothing worked, it was terrible, and just seeing our numbers, because then why wouldn’t we proudly say like, look at how much my mindset is working. Because there’s no other measurement for does my thought work work, except numbers.

Stacey: Yeah. I love that. So good. Okay, let’s dive into some of the questions because they are pretty good. Okay, so I want to dive into the story of how you got started. So Monica asks, “The story of how she got started, what activities, practices were most important in the early days and what activities and practices were most pivotal to creating $100,000.” So I want to take this in chunks. So first of all, tell us the story of how you got started. How did you go from $6000 in a year to $100,000 in 10 months?

Elizabeth: Yeah, so my business started, I don’t know, three years ago, maybe five years ago. I was working with a woman. I learned about the online business in general, and I came in to help her with the strategy end, and we took her business from $5000 months to $20,000 months. But I saw a few things in her business. One, I saw how much mind drama attacked her, and two, I saw that there were some very systematic things. So that’s what kind of took me down the marketing path. I didn’t know about mindset.

So then fast forward, I spent two years trying to make the strategy work. I knew I was great at what I was doing, I had great numbers, but I didn’t have the belief. And so all of these people, I worked with a coach and she was like, “You need mindset.” I was like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I mean, I literally thought when people talked about mindset, when they posted about it, when they recommended it, I was like, I feel like, you know, when you go to the airport and they’re selling air? I’m like, that’s what mindset was to me.

Stacey: The oxygen things that you can put your nose…

Elizabeth: Yeah. And like, that’s ridiculous. No. And so I just avoided it. I was kind of looking, and then one day I had a friend who was like, you need to check out Brooke Castillo, and I was like, okay. And she was the first person who broke it down, who gave me a systematic way that I could do mindset work all the time. And I don’t always do it that way anymore, but it’s like, it gave me a foundation and so I started with her in May of last year and – for the people who were like, what were you doing daily, it started with like, learning the Model and doing it every day.

And like, seven months in, I was like, okay, I’ve seen some changes, but my business hasn’t changed the way I wanted. But I was still very action-oriented. I was aware of the thoughts but it was still very action-focused. And then when I met you and I joined your mastermind and we started doing a different flavor of work, that’s when the changes really started.

Stacey: A different flavor of work. What was the flavor of work? I have no idea what that means and I love it.

Elizabeth: Brooke’s flavor was very thought, and then you brought in this whole feelings, and I spent that whole year before that, I spent 31 years like, feelings, what do I need those for?

Stacey: You brought in this feelings.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I think I remember middle school, you know, when people say mean things to you or you’re the chubby kid who chose on purpose the big, giant glasses, and you’re like, mom, why did you let me do that? People make fun of me. Like, people are mean, and so I think I remember just like, thinking I don’t need feelings.

Stacey: Because if you feel them, you have to feel bad. Like, you have to feel like when people make fun of you.

Elizabeth: And neutral was just better, right? But then I met you and you’re talking about like – first of all, you were doing things wrong and I was like, what? She can do this all wrong and be successful? Wait a minute.

Stacey: What do I do instead?

Elizabeth: You build relationships, you provide amazing content, you just coach people…

Stacey: I’m just like, let’s just go out and try it and see?

Elizabeth: Yeah. It’s like, what? Why would I do that? Let’s think about it too much first. So it’s like…

Stacey: You know Lindsay Dotzlaf. I was in Austin with her and we were looking for like, some store, I think ModCloth or something, and we didn’t exactly know where it was but I took off. Like, she was like, trying to catch up after me and she’s like, “Do you know which direction it is?” I was like, “No.” She’s like, “So you’re just getting wherever you’re going quickly?”

Like, “Yeah, I just take off very” – she was like, “You were walking very powerfully like you knew exactly where you were going.” I was like, “No, I’m just like, okay, let’s get started, let’s start walking and figure it out.” That’s kind of always been the way that my mind works. It’s just very interesting to hear you say like, it’s a different flavor. Like yeah, I love it.

Elizabeth: Well, it wasn’t just that though, right? It was feelings but it was also we did a lot of work because I think the things that I thought before you were to specifically grow my business. And I was like, okay great, we have this strategy and it’s going to help me. But for your thing, I knew it would help my business but I didn’t know how, and you were really selling that I was going to figure out me, that I was going to learn to accept myself and love myself. And you know, there was just…

Stacey: Did you?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Because you have to. You have to learn to trust yourself, you have to learn to comfort yourself because we do have these two parts of our brain. Like, one of them is like, this is everything that could go terribly wrong, and then the other version of me has to sweep in and comfort that version and be like, yeah, that could totally happen but you know what, we’re going to be okay. And I know how to create this sense of peace that just flows through my body that it’s like, yeah, you know what, everybody could hate me, we’ll be okay, you know?

Stacey: And so how did that impact literally, $6000 in 2017 total in your – what? This was your second or third year?

Elizabeth: Yeah. That was my second year.

Stacey: And then $100,000 in 10 months. How did that tangibly translate into money?

Elizabeth: Yeah, so I think it was that willingness to trust myself, to put myself out there, because it’s like, when I came to you, this was just part of the work and then when you have that belief in yourself – because that was the other part was like, belief in yourself. Who knew that was necessary? Yeah, big checkpoint.

Stacey: Like, deep, hardcore belief, right? Belief in yourself sounds like kind of fluff, but it’s like, do you believe in yourself enough to go out and just launch that thing? To go out and tell everybody you’re a coach, to go out and tell everyone your six-figure goal or your million-dollar goal? Like, to show up all of the time.

Elizabeth: And that was the thing, right? My belief in myself is really like, it had to be that belief in what I could do to help people because in the very beginning of the year, I was doing marketing and it was all marketing. And so even though I knew I was great, even though I knew I had great numbers and I knew, my brain was still like, yeah but there’s still variables that you don’t know yet. Maybe you won’t know how to do it, maybe they’re going to ask you a question, maybe they’re going to expect – I actually thought that I should know everything.

So if somebody came and was like – think about your website. There are people who only specialize in using one tool, but my mind was telling me I had to know all the tools and I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t know enough until I did. And then every time somebody would reach out to me and they’d be like, “Oh, well do you know Spotify?” and I’d be like, “No,” my mind would just harass me all over again. See, you’re not good enough, you don’t know enough, you can’t help people. And like, the thought work was learning like, wait no, what I know is enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s mindset or marketing. What we know has to be enough.

Stacey: Oh my gosh, I think I talked about that on one of the really early episodes of this podcast, like, that you have to believe that you can make money exactly with who you are now and the knowledge that you have. I think it’s so true. I used to have people when I was like, the earlier days of my business coaching that would be like, well, how do you do this? And I’m like, “I don’t know,” and they’re like, “You’re supposed to know.” And I’m like, “No. I’m not. You’re supposed to figure it out.”

It’s not my job to understand how to start a blog and a YouTube channel and a podcast and a – that’s not what I do. You can’t know everything. There are people that are experts in certain little niches, so that’s so good because I think a lot of new coaches are probably telling themselves they don’t know how to coach good enough yet and they – maybe they need to go get certified or maybe they need to go take another – like, I see coaches that will get certified, and then they’re like, oh, I need to do a deeper level of coaching because I’m not making the money I want and so I’ve got to like, learn even more. And I think that the decision coming from that place is coming from the place of I need to know more before I can make money.

Elizabeth: Yeah. And I mean, the real way, and this is – I think this has been the difference because I’ve never been certified. My brain tells me that might be important but…

Stacey: Yeah, I think that’s important for people to know. You were like, $6000 in 2017 was for your marketing business, and then in 2018, you just decided like, pretty early on in the mastermind like, I’m actually going to be a life coach. I remember there was a whole like, we were coaching on whether you were just going to call yourself a life coach and come out of the closet and be like, I’m going to take mindset – now it’s like, so natural for you, but I just remember there was like, all of this work that we had to do to get you confident enough to even call yourself a life coach and start offering that to people.

Elizabeth: Oh yeah. Because at that point, my brain was like, you can call yourself a marketing expert, we’re probably okay there, but then my brain was like, but could you call yourself a mindset coach? And then my brain brought up all the reasons like, you don’t even believe in mindset, that’s probably not a thing, and then my brain focused on, I bet other people will think that.

And it’s that whole like, thing that comes against you, and how do I get good at coaching? The same way I got good at marketing, which is you go out and you do it and you see what works and you get better and you’re like, whoops, I didn’t quite do that right, let’s try again. And you just keep going.

Stacey: Yeah, I think from the outside looking in, if I were answering that question for you like, how did you do that, that big jump, I think it’s like you’re one of my clients that is the most willing to go all in, head first, and totally fall on your face. You’re just willing to go out and try things over and over and over, and you’re willing to fail at it and you’re willing to just come back and you’re like, so matter of fact about it, you’re like, this didn’t work so this is what I’m going to try next. And it’s like, you’re really willing to get muddy, and I think that’s like, a really good – I was the same way. I was just willing to get dirty and scraped up and like, let’s just do this.

So I think that’s one of the big things for you is that you’ve just really been willing to take action and show up and you also do a ton of thought work. You were always in either the Diva Business School page or the VIP page, telling people, these were my thoughts this morning, this is – it’s so obvious to me that you do the work. I just see it all the time. It’s like, not just this every once in a while when it’s convenient. You’ve really made mindset a practice, like, a daily practice, a ritual for yourself.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and one of the reasons I love to show it to people is because at one point, I thought that my thoughts were just – I was the only one having them. And I judged my thoughts as if I tell people this then they’ll judge me, or they won’t think I’m as good as I am, or they’ll find out I’m not as good as I think I am. I don’t know.

And so when I just share the thought work I’m doing, I have to be okay with like, yeah, you know what, sometimes I do worry that I don’t create my own results, and I have to do work to do that. Or the work I do on fear, like, wait a minute, that’s like, a bubble that’s just telling me where I’m comfortable and I’m pushing on it. It’s like, my mind just wraps around stuff in such new ways and I want people to see that. I want them to know that this is the work because they can do it too and it’s available to everybody.

Stacey: Yeah, I love that so much. So I want you to talk about – because you had a really interesting brave, just courageous way of going about your goals this year.

Elizabeth: What was it?

Stacey: Okay, so the first, you joined the VIP in December, right?

Elizabeth: I think it started in November, but yeah.

Stacey: Oh okay, so it was November, December, and in January, you made $1500, right? And then you decided to just try to double your income every month from there on out. So tell us about that.

Elizabeth: I do remember that, yes. So I made $1500, and keep in mind, my brain was in the place where I’d made $6000 total for the whole year, and I’d worked with a bunch of people because I was selling like, $99 things. So $6000 wasn’t like, oh, you worked with like two people. No, I worked with a lot of people. So January, I had one client and they paid me $1500. And I was like, okay, I could probably do this, this is working. And then in March, I’m like, I bet I could double it, and then I did.

Stacey: Wait, what did you do in February? So January was $1500, what did you do in February?

Elizabeth: $3300. I doubled it. And I was like, wait a minute. And so I’m like, I bet I could double this every month, and I was just playing with that possibility of like, that would be cool, and my mind was freaking out because I’m doing – I’m looking at the numbers and I’m like, that’s eventually going to get crazy.

But then in March, we, in Brooke’s Self-Coaching Scholars, we were doing something about believing, and so I just decided to up the ante, and so I was like, I’d be thrilled with $6000, because that would have been a double over the month before, but I decided to put it at $9000. Because what do we want? We all want to make $100,000. What’s that number that’s right above $8000, somewhere like nine. I set the goal.

And again, I’d never made $9000 in a month before. I’d never made it recently or ever. And I set the goal and every day I did the thought work on believing. I didn’t do any different activity. That’s the fun part. People are like, “What did you do? Was it more aligned action?” I’m like, “I don’t understand what you’re asking me. I did more thought work.”

Stacey: You worked on believing.

Elizabeth: And by the time I got to the end of the month, I’d made $9300.

Stacey: And then what did you do the next month?

Elizabeth: And then the next month I was like, that was interesting. And then my mind was like, oh, but maybe we should only do it double like, three and six and nine, so I shouldn’t set my sights too high. But I’m like, let’s just try it. What would be double of nine? Like, 18. And so I did it. I was like, what?

Stacey: So good.

Elizabeth: I know. So I think the month after that I did like, 15, and then my belief started to get shaky, guys. This is what’s so fun, right? My belief got shaky…

Stacey: I did just 15 the next month and my belief was a little shaky.

Elizabeth: And I remember that. I remember telling you guys all I only made $18,000, I suck, I didn’t hit – because I think my goal might have been 20 or something. I’m like, wait a minute, this is really good actually, why is my brain telling me that we just did terrible? And it was proof to me. Just more proof. I can’t trust my brain.

Stacey: I do feel like when you did the 15K, what month was that?

Elizabeth: I think it was May.

Stacey: Yeah, I feel like, right around May, it was May, June, July-ish were kind of rough months for you mindset wise. But what did you end up doing? Do you mind sharing? Because I mean, we’re just breaking down 100K in 10 months. So do you mind sharing what you did in May, June, and July? Do you remember?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Let me look here really quick because it’ll pop up because I keep it all in a spreadsheet.

Stacey: This is why things like this is important is because Kara Loewentheil and I were talking about this one time like, you, as your coach, I saw you like, really going through it. I saw your belief shake, I saw you go into the tunnel of just all the drama. We were coaching on it all the time, and usually the same thing all the time. And yet, you’re still making money.

Elizabeth: Yes. So I’m looking at my numbers here. So January was $1500, February was $3500, March was $9300, April was only $1500, and then May I did the – it’s almost $19,000. $18,600. And then June I made $7500. This is where my belief is getting shaky. July…

Stacey: Yeah, so your belief is shaky at $7500 a month.

Elizabeth: Right? My mind is blown even with that. And then July my belief is still shaky but we’ll still at $11,600.

Stacey: So good.

Elizabeth: And then August was $17,700.

Stacey: That’s so good. I freaking love that. So you can make a shit ton of money with a half-managed mind, with all the mind drama.

Elizabeth: That’s one of the things actually that I keep thinking about. I mean, I’ve made like, 15, 17, 18, like, for three months, and so my mind is like, I bet I could make 30 or 40 if I had better belief in my management. That wouldn’t have been that hard.

Stacey: Yeah. Here’s what I think. What really is fascinating to me is to see how what we’re able to create with our minds, with just like – when you’re in the craziest drama, you’re still able to create so much. So it makes me think like, our brains truly must be infinitely powerful. What can they do? I just want to spend my whole life pushing that to the max. What can my brain do? It’s very fascinating.

Elizabeth: Yeah. It’s true because – and I love that you point out that I was in so much mind drama because I was, and it was still working.

Stacey: I just recorded a podcast that will come out before this one. I think it’s actually the one directly – this one will be right after a podcast I recorded on the river of misery, and I think it’s like, you think something has gone wrong if you’re experiencing tons of mind drama, but like, if you’re growing, you will experience tons of drama, tons of self-doubt, worry, overwhelm, frustration, unworthiness, shame.

You’re just going to – confusion. You’re going to experience so much of that if you are pushing yourself. You’re basically pushing yourself out of what you are currently capable of into something new and unknown so of course it’s going to be scary. So people think oh my god, something’s gone wrong, and it’s like, actually, you’re doing it right. Fascinating.

Elizabeth: It is.

Stacey: So good. Because like – I mean, I literally feel like I’ve been in the river of misery all year but I’ve also made more money than I’ve ever made. So this is also a good time to transition into the question, are you happy? Someone asked, “Is she happy?”

Elizabeth: I did love that question.

Stacey: We both loved that question.

Elizabeth: Yup, because it’s such a good question, right? So when I visualize – actually, I was looking back at some journals, because I’ve been thinking about making $100,000 for three years because I saw people were doing it and I was like, I can probably do that.

Stacey: Okay, so hold on, can I just say, for just one second for everybody listening, I see so many people that are like, I didn’t do it my first year, my second year, this is my third year trying in my business and they think like, they’re entitled to make six figures in their first year. But like, that’s not actually something that happens and for everyone it’s like, this is like, yes, you’ve done it in 10 months but you’ve had your business for three years. You could have easily given up way before you got to this point. So powerful. Okay, continue. Are you happy?

Elizabeth: Am I happy? So I wish there was a simple answer, and the thing with emotion is that I know at this point that I can never trust the emotion because I create my own emotion, right? So I was really excited as I was – I did some math wrong, so I thought I was closer than I was, and then I was like, $20,000 away and I’m like, crap, this has been my thoughts, it’s going to take forever, and then once it do, it takes forever. And so I was already excited because I’ve known this is coming. It didn’t sneak up and surprise me. It’s like, oh look, there’s $2000 more, there’s another chunk, and it – you know you’re…

Stacey: Surprise me, I love it. I’ve known it was coming. Like, I knew I was going to make $100,000 a while ago,

Elizabeth: Exactly. Yeah. So I’d been excited. I’d been feeling that, and then when I got there though, I had this really interesting like, letdown of emotions. So first of all, I was purposely excited because I wanted to celebrate that and feel that excitement, and then I felt this letdown where I realized that my subconscious really thought that something was going to be different, that when I got here, that I was – that my circumstance were going to make me happy, like, having made $100,000.

Like, having clients, having this cool business, having people that think that I’m cool and do mindset work really well. I thought that that would make me happy, and I had to come back to the place where I was like, wait a minute, I don’t feel happy because of that. Everything is still normal. Like, the same conversations I was having with people the day before are still here. Nothing actually changed. Even making $100,000. You make it and you spend it as you go. So when you get to the end of making it, you’re not like, look at all this $100,000. That would actually probably be fun, like, saving it, every penny.

Stacey: No, it wouldn’t be because like, this is like – that’s a really good time to talk about this is like, because you have – I learned, I mentored and still do with Brooke, and one of the things she taught early on was that your first year should be a breakeven year, and you should try to break even up to $100,000. So like, if you make $100,000, you invested $100,000 in your business. Your first year should always be a breakeven year.

I actually think you should break even until you get to six figures. Like, I see so many people that are like, well, but I invested $20,000 last year and $10,000 this year and I’m not – but they’re not there yet. You’re never going to get there unless you keep investing because if you could have the tools within you and you were able to do it, you would just do it. Like, nobody was just sitting around not making $100,000. You have to figure out what you’re missing to make $100,000. So you’ve done this brilliantly, where you have really – I mean, you’ve up-leveled other things in your life too, like you take a spa day every Thursday and you have…

Elizabeth: Bought a whole new wardrobe.

Stacey: And bought a whole new wardrobe. You and your family go on vacation. You guys do things. And so you’ve gotten to do some fun things with your money, but I’ve seen you invest so much in yourself. It’s like, turn around and invested again, turn around and invest again, and I did the exact same thing, and like, you’re not going to always do that.

Eventually, you’ll make so much money that like, no matter how much you invest – like I just spent 18K on master coach training, and it’s like, I just make so much that that didn’t even – it was a drop in the bucket, right? So eventually, the money comes in way faster than you can let it go out. But you’ve been such an example of just constantly investing in yourself to up-level your mindset, and not from a place of I have to but like, this is so much fun. Talk to people about that. I think that’s really interesting.

Elizabeth: It is. This idea that we don’t – I don’t come into anything I do, this year especially, because I have to. I do it because I want to. And I’m looking at the numbers here and I actually didn’t know what this number is. My husband’s probably not going to be thrilled. But I already have like, over $100,000 and how much have I spent? $58,000.

So for everybody who says to me like, oh yeah, this is how much money I need to live on, that’s a really questionable thing for you to say your first $100,000 even because I have felt so good investing all $58,000 of that because I’ve made so much more money on it. Like, I didn’t just invest – the first investment I was scared and I was like – and then I think I like, 10X-ed what I invested. I keep looking at like, what am I investing in?

And then sometimes it’s just because I want it. I just bought this program and it’s Stacey’s work, it’s Brooke’s work, but it’s just like a different flavor of it, just a different flare. And I’m like, it’s almost like decorating your office with new things when you’re doing mindset work and you’re just learning to think about your thinking in different ways. It’s for the fun of it and it just helps me grow and grow my business.

Stacey: Yeah, next year that $58,000, it’s not just for this year, right? The $58,000 you spent to make $100,000 is like, what’s that $58,000 going to produce for you next year? What do you think?

Elizabeth: Oh, I think that it can easily produce $300,000.

Stacey: Right? People are like – I spent $6000 on coach training, which was way back in the day and that was everything to me. I remember $6000 was like, I have no idea how I’m going to come up with the money. I’m going to have to get super creative. But over three years, I’ve made a million dollars in my business.

Over a million because I did 150 my first year, 325 my second year, I’ve done 600-something this year. And so, are you kidding me? I spent probably around what you spend, probably 50 or 60 my first year like, investing – I was in two different masterminds, I did The Life Coach School’s coach training, I had a one-on-one coach every week, I did a VIP experience, I did a retreat. I was doing everything I could do, surrounding myself constantly with people who were up-leveling and could help me get to the next level.

But now it’s like, yeah, that seems like a lot in your first year, but now I’m like, I’ve made a million dollars in my business. And this year, my business is like, really profitable. It’s going to be sad to pay my taxes. I was like, what? I’ve profited this much money? How could this be? What can I invest in?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Well, I think one of the great examples that you shared with us and I just want people to hear this because they might hear me say I’ve invested $60,000 to make $100,000 and they might immediately freak out. No, I’m not willing to do that, that’s too much, my partner would never agree to that, and yes, my partner has had to agree to things along the way. Like, yeah honey, sorry – we didn’t go on vacations because we were building my business. He was cool with that. So when we had…

Stacey: He’s like, gotten to hear kind of stories about you too, and one of the things I love is that you’ve got to both think big picture. He didn’t quite believe in the beginning but then you started making money and all of a sudden he’s like – I remember when you told me the comment where he was like, “I can’t wait until you’re making a million dollars,” and you were like, “Ah!”

Elizabeth: Yes, because when you hear your partner say that to you, if he believes I can make a million dollars, he’s probably right.

Stacey: Okay, but you were going to say like…

Elizabeth: Yeah. You wouldn’t go into it. Some of you might freak out and you’re like, oh my gosh, no, I can’t do that, but you don’t go into Target and you don’t know ahead of time what your order is going to check out at because if you did and they were like – you just walk in the store and you’re like, oh here, you’re going to pay your bill first and it’s going to be $400, and you’re going to freak out and walk back out, right?

Stacey: Yes.

Elizabeth: I mean, I love the example of it.

Stacey: This is literally the analogy I give of why you don’t give your prices ahead of time. It’s a whole different conversation, but yes.

Elizabeth: But it’s the same, right? Like, it is the same.

Stacey: Yeah, so you don’t go into it being like, I’m going to invest $60,000 before I’ve ever made a dime. You make the money and then you reinvest, and I’m a huge proponent on that. You know. You’ve been in my masterminds. Like, I am like, literally if the mastermind is six months, I’m going to bring up, have you made your money back and coach you on it six times. Every month we’re going to talk about who’s made your money back.

I’m going to constantly be drilling that in because I really think if you can learn to make your money back, you can be an Elizabeth Salazar. You can do exactly what – for the people listening, you can do exactly what she’s done if you just learn how to make your money back. You take one investment, you learn how to make your money back, and then you know, oh wait, I can figure out how to make my money back.

So then you go invest again. And this whole time, you’re becoming someone different, you’re thinking different, you’re learning things differently, and all of a sudden, you’re becoming the woman who’s not going to make $100,000. She’s going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that’s where the game changes. That’s the tipping point.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Stacey: That’s so good.

Elizabeth: It is.

Stacey: And I love – we’ve been off topic, but I love that we’ve broken it down like this because I don’t think very many people talk about the money like we’ve just talked about. You saying okay, this is how much money I made every single month and this is how much money I invested. Like, never have we talked about this on this podcast.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and I love it. I love the idea of talking about money. I love – because it can sound big and it can sound overwhelming. It’s the same thing with you make investments in small chunks. You make money in small chunks. And so you’re building your belief little by little because $100,000 didn’t come to me in one check. That would be totally cool. I don’t know how but…

Stacey: You will have a week where you make $100,000 and you’re going to be like, what? This is ridiculous.

Elizabeth: Well, and I still like to think about like, I’ve had jobs for nine years where I only made – I think my very first job was making $27,000 and I don’t think when I left the corporate world that I had made more than high $40,000. So when I look at making $100,000 and I look at what’s possible and I look at normal people and I’m just like, yeah, I always knew I wasn’t normal.

Stacey: I know, I’ve always had that feeling too, and I have a feeling anyone listening to this podcast probably has that feeling too. I’m probably – I’m meant for something bigger. I think you have to listen to that little niggling inside of you. You have to be willing to be like, you know what, I’m going to listen to that. Maybe I’m not.

Elizabeth: I think that niggling is telling you where your work is because when I met you, you know, it didn’t logically make sense that I was going to work on loving myself and believing in myself. Logically, that doesn’t make sense. But I was drawn to it. I felt like my insides kind of leap a little bit like, that sounds like good work. Just for the fun of it. I didn’t put any pressure on it that this work had to make me money. It was just like, I want to do this work because I want to be a better version of me. And then as I did the work and you talk about business and all those other things like, it works.

Stacey: So what’s one question that they could help themselves to like, figure out what thought they need to be thinking in order to help them make $100,000? What’s something that you could tangibly give them to like, go out and do today? Come up with one thought to move them forward.

Elizabeth: So there’s two things here. One of them is a question you always ask, so I want you to think about what’s something you want. Like, something tangible. Maybe it’s a client. Maybe it’s – whatever. It’s probably a client. And then the question…

Stacey: Probably a client.

Elizabeth: Stacey always asks us this question. She’s like, what do you have to believe in order to show up and find that person? And I just – my brain would just always come up with the answer. I’ve got to believe that they’re out there, I have to believe they’re waiting, I have to believe that I have so much value to give them. But guys, the one thought that I can give you that it’s like, I hold on to this, I love it, and this thought is, “It’s working.” And I just feel it through my body and I’m like – because my brain wants to tell me even when I make $18,000, my brain’s like, it’s not working. And I’m like, what? When is it ever going to be working then?

Stacey: When is it ever going to be working.

Elizabeth: So we have to have these thoughts and we have to remind ourselves like, it is working. And then we force our brain to go find the evidence. Why is it working? Because people commented, people reached out. I love it, screenshot when people tell me things because – that my work is helping them transform because every time, my brain and I are like, really? That’s so interesting. We did that, huh?

Stacey: Really?

Elizabeth: So the thought, this is working, will change your life.

Stacey: That’s so good. Yeah, so you’ve got to like, decide what you want and then what you would need to believe to go get it. Show up for it. So good. I love it. Alright, thank you so, so much.

Elizabeth: Thank you Stacey.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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