Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Entitlement

Lovies, be prepared to be triggered this week on the podcast as I’m taking a deep dive into the topic of entitlement. We all know that being an entrepreneur and trying to grow our coaching businesses can get uncomfortable at times, but truthfully, how many of you think growing should feel good?

We believe we should be complete, whole, and happy, and that we should have more than we already do now. And while it seems glaring, these thoughts actually show up more subtly than you might think. This week, I’m taking you through the signs of entitlement and some practices you can try when you identify those feelings coming up for you.

Feeling entitled to whatever you want, whether it be in your business, your relationships, or your health and wellness is the start of an endless cycle of not getting it. So I urge you to take the time to listen to this episode closely, do the work I’ve outlined, and actually start working on getting what you want instead of focusing on why you don’t have it.

I’m launching my Make Money with the Model five-week intensive course on the 6th of August 2019. We’ll be doing live group calls every week covering every single component of the model and how it applies to your business and making money as a life coach. You can go from zero clients to being a paid life coach and get over all your business drama. If you’re already in the 2K group, you’ll get access to this course for free, so get in there now if you aren’t already!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why refining your business is a crucial action to take if you want to scale.
  • The cycle of not having what you want and how entitlement plays into it.
  • Why we start feeling entitled to have certain things.
  • How entitlement takes away your ability to feel accomplished.
  • What can make you more money in your business than ever.
  • 2 powerful coaching exercises to practice if you find yourself feeling entitled.
  • What you are missing when you’re indulging in entitlement.
  • A list of all the things you’re not entitled to as a coach.
  • How entitlement might be showing up for you.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey lovies. Welcome to episode 31. How y’all doing? I’m so excited to be back in my groove. We have a really awesome podcast to talk about today. I’m going to talk about entitlement.

But first, two things. Are you following my on Instagram? Let’s hang out on Instagram and be friends. You can find me @staceyboehman. I’m having so much fun over there. Come say hey. Say what’s up. Tell me what you love about the podcast.

Okay, so I also, number two, want to shout-out my client Julie. Okay, so I chose this – I always read you guys a testimonial that’s not really a fake testimonial or a forced one. I just pull celebrations from our 2K page and I do this because I really want to inspire you to keep going, to know that you can do it, that no matter where you’re at, you can make money as a coach, or you can blow your own mind with the amount of money you can make if you’re already making money as a coach.

But I love sharing real, from the babe’s mouth. This one feels so real to me. When I read it I’m like yes, this is really what we talk about. So Julie says, “#celebration. I signed a client last night and her credit card did not go through. I totally prevented my mind drama from making that mean anything. This morning I woke up to her text that she had called the bank and it would be going through, and it did.

Two clients in July is $8000 for me. I also feel like I’m finally crushing it at my calls. My sales is downright perfect. If someone does not sign up, it is simply because they are legit broke.” That part made me laugh so much. “I’m attracting better fits for my program every day. I’m getting more qualified people and clients that I love. Thank you Stacey for being exactly what I needed to refine my business. I have invested tens of thousands into programs. Yours was by far my favorite and most useful.”

Julie, I’m so excited for you, and that is just from the babe’s mouth, that is it. I just felt like that is in total – that is what we talk about. And I just want to say, refining your business is the best way to say what I think 2K does for a lot of coaches.

So I always say that you can’t scale your business and scale the amount of money you’re making if you don’t have a scalable sales process, which means if you don’t know what you’re doing one-on-one on the phone with someone and you don’t have a consistent, repeatable process that constantly is proven by results, as in clients signing up, your conversion rates are very high, here’s what happens.

Whatever your conversion rate is on one-on-one calls, when you go to group sell like on Facebook Lives, on emails, on group sales calls, on webinars, on five-day trainings, if you’re selling there, your conversion rate will be like a tenth or even less of what it is one-on-one. Sometimes a lot less.

So if your one-on-one selling has got some kinks and not so hot and like, not dependable and you’re never quite sure if they’re going to buy or not, you never – a lot of coaches come to me and they tell me they’re winging it. You cannot wing webinar sales and email selling. You can’t wing that stuff. You can, but not if you want really great results from it.

You have to really be on your game to sell when it comes to group selling and selling online. So you really want to make sure that you’re converting your one-on-one sales at an insane rate. Like 90%. You want to sell your coaching practice out with one-on-one clients, selling to them individually before you ever start selling without doing a consult on webinars or emails, and it takes that refining.

It really does take the process you’re doing now. You’ve got to burn that down and learn a repeatable process and I do think that the 2K program is specifically what I teach in consults and the way, the scientific way that I teach even overcoming objections and that whole part of the process is a refining process of getting your sales and making sure you understand sales psychology so deeply, so then you can go in online and in email and start doing launches and have your conversion rates maintain and be high, and you don’t lose money because you’re not knowing how to sell to large groups of people.

I can sell on stage, I can sell on Facebook Lives, I can sell on webinars and five-day trainings, in emails, in anything. I can even sell through Facebook ads but because I understand the basic foundational principles, and I think that’s what you learn in 2K. So I wanted to take some time on that. Five minutes to be exact because I think refining is like, when I read that, I thought that is it. Yes, that is the action you want to be taking.

When you look at your model, the action you want to be taking is refining. And it’s tedious and it requires discipline and it’s not the most fun to be in the 2K group, they post their consult evaluations and get feedback from their peers and it’s not always the most fun to do that. And I’ll go in there sometimes and say hey, on your what you’re going to do differently, but what specifically would you have done differently? How would you have overcome this objection? What are five different ways you would have done this?

I make them really think and it requires a lot of determination to get to the other side, but what happens on the other side is you can make millions of dollars. For me, my email list is like, 7000 people and I’m going to make two million dollars this year. That’s insane. Nobody does that. I was talking to my CFO the other day and he was like, your copy is so good and it’s just because I understand the five-step selling process that I teach in 2K, I’m just doing that in email form.

It’s just a repeatable thing, which means repeatable is scalable and dependable, and you want to get to a place where you feel like the money is coming to you is in control 100%. So if you’re not in 2K, get in it. Alright, now we’re going to dive into entitlement. And today is going to be a little bit of a smack down day. Are you ready? We’re going to have so much fun, or not.

Listen, some of you tell me that I trigger you with my podcasts and you listen and you get really mad and like, you’re going to take a break and that’s totally okay. What if it really were like, okay if you get really triggered and angry when you get coached or when you listen to my podcast? Because I want to coach you on my podcast. This is not fluff that we’re doing here.

I used to get so mad at my first coach. Mad. You guys, I would scream on the phone and hang up on her. I don’t know how she did not fire me. But basically, I had never managed my mind and she would trigger my deepest buttons, like my deepest triggers, and anger was my first respond. I’m a fiery Scorpio and every time she triggered, really it was like my victim mentality is always what would cause the anger, I would get really defensive.

And then I would always – she was so patient with me, but I would always take time and then I would have a breakthrough on the other side of calming down and letting what she said sink in. And my coach now, Brooke, she does not play around. She comes in hot and gets straight to the point. And I need that. I don’t have time to pussyfoot around what I need to grow, or what I need to do to grow.

I need to get to growth fast. I’m on a huge mission in life to help other life coaches make money and we don’t have time for it. So in the beginning, that can feel really bad but I think it’s important to know it’s okay. It’s like, what they call a rude awakening. It’s an awakening but it feels pretty rude. It’s aggressive.

Okay, so that’s what we’re going to do here today. We’re going to talk about entitlement and I think the first thing that you aren’t entitled to is feeling good while you grow. So let’s dive in, shall we? Let’s do this. Entitlement I think is one of those insidious – is that the word? Insidious. I think you guys know what I mean but I’m not sure if that’s actually how you pronounce the word.

And just as a side note, I’ve been coaching a client in 2K on this idea that she thinks that smart is better and you have to be smart to be successful, and if you’re not smart it’s bad, and she’s not smart and so it’s bad and all this stuff. Can I just say, it’s like, moments like these where I think about it like, I do not have that belief that you have to be smart.

And I don’t think I’m not not smart, but here’s what I will tell y’all. For all of you that have a little bit of drama about messing up and not knowing the words and all the things, listen. This is what clients who have been working with me for a long time know about me. I mispronounce things all of the time. I use the wrong words frequently. I mix up sayings a lot so they don’t make sense, and if you read my emails, there are lots of typos.

And that’s usually after I’ve proofread it a couple of times. It’s kind of bad. But listen, I just don’t let it mean anything about me and hold me back. I just keep it rolling, and I like to think of myself as like, I’m just the coach for the commoners. Like, I’m not Harvard educated. Actually – and this is also really funny, we’ll go really far down the rabbit hole now.

One of my colleagues, Kara Loewentheil is Harvard educated and when we got trained to be coaches together, we were in the same certification class and she was so nice and shared a video of me selling free coaching. We have to do for The Life Coach School, you have to do 10 clients for free for six weeks, or at least that’s what we were doing when I got certified.

And I had made a video about it and was selling the free coaching, and she had posted it in a group of what I imagine to be all women just like her, feminist New Yorkers who all went to Harvard and are very smart and are like, lawyers and doctors and work for non-profits. So I was so grateful because I filled up my free coaching so quickly.

And I think that coaching her – what I imagine are actually her ideal clients was so transformative for me because they were all much smarter than me. And I would be on the coaching calls with them like, Googling words because I had no idea. They were speaking at such a high level that I actually didn’t know what they were saying.

But I just kept it moving. I was like, it’s fine. They’re really, really, really smart and I just have a different set of smarts, and that is coaching. I have the model, I know how to navigate someone’s mind. But I really do love it. I think that even when I talk to you guys on the podcast, I like to break down money in kind of a commoner way.

Like listen, there’s three things you got to do. Meet as many people as possible, tell them you’re a life coach, make offers to help them. It don’t need to be fancy. Okay, so I know I just went down a really long rabbit hole but it just triggered my mind to think about my client, and you know, being smart is great but it doesn’t actually mean anything. It’s neutral. And you can be like me and mispronounce things.

So I think the word is insidious. I could be wrong, but entitlement is bad basically and what’s funny is that I put notes in my brain. I’m like, yeah, that’s the word, and it feels like the perfect word but I don’t actually know if that’s the right word. But anyway, it’s a bad thing and I see it creep into the minds of the most well intended coaches.

We don’t even realize it’s happened. It happens to me. But for you all, especially new coaches I find don’t even know. They don’t even realize. They start off that way. I got an email from a coach the other day and I don’t respond to most of my emails just because I don’t have time to respond to all of the emails that come my way.

But this one, she was saying you know, I homeschool my kids and I’ve never been an entrepreneur. I don’t know anything about this entrepreneurship thing but I don’t want to work 40 hours a week. But basically, the gist of the email was I hope I can be a really successful coach in 15 hours a week. And I just thought like, this is it. This is unintentional entitlement.

That’s like, really what it is. You’re not entitled to a successful coaching business if all you’re willing to put in is 15 hours a week. It’s like your side gig. If you treat it like one, that’s the result you’re going to get from one. You know, I think most of the time we just don’t even realize that this is what’s happening.

And this is where I’m so grateful for my parents because they were blue-collar workers. They still are. My dad has worked in maintenance at a factory, the same one since he was 19 years old. He’s like, 56 now so I don’t know how many years that is but it’s insane. He’s never had another job. And he works 12-hour shifts, anywhere from three to six days a week and overtime, and he’s actually raising twins that aren’t even his.

He’s actually – they just recently adopted them. And one of them has a rare genetic birth defect called Edwardian syndrome. And so my dad growing up was the hardest worker I’ve ever met and he raised hardworking children. He raised kids that understood at least – and I would say this about my siblings as well. They’re also very hard workers, but I think one thing that all three of us of his kids have in common is that we understand the value of money, of time, but also of working hard.

The value of working hard. That should be a whole ‘nother podcast. There is actual value in that. You get something from that. And even now, when I think, when I get entitled and I think life should be easier, I see him raising a four-year-old, and he’s been raising them since they were born, that has to be fed with feeding tubes every four hours round the clock and then also giving total love and devotion to his twin sister who’s growing up normally, and still working those 60 hours plus a week.

Like, I think I don’t want to have a free ride. Even if there was one, I want to feel the work I put into something. That inspires me. I want to feel the pride and achievement that comes from the effort, and I’m always telling my dad that. Like dad, look what you’re doing. I think his purpose in life, he’s just always, his whole life, raised other people’s kids. That’s been his thing.

Like if someone doesn’t have an amazing role model in their life to love and care and support them, that is my dad. He just swoops in, doesn’t matter who you are, and that is his destiny. His purpose in life is to help people in their most formidable years. I genuinely believe that. And I’m always telling him like dad, that’s such an amazing thing to be proud of. That’s such a legacy to leave and no, maybe it’s not impacting millions of people at a time but it is so purposeful and meaningful.

So I just think that value that you get from that is so huge, but in the age of manifesting and the secrets and millennials basically and the way that millennials now think and the human mind of wanting instant gratification and not – it’s just natural human behavior, or human thinking to not want to work hard and to want to get the most out of the least amount of work. And so where I see this happening so much is with coaching and coaches feeling entitled to successful businesses.

So first of all – and I say first of all but we’re like, I’m deep in this podcast at this point. Here is the definition of entitlement. Believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. Now, I want you to think about this for a second. What if we were both inherently deserving of everything as humans, A.K.A worthy, but also inherently deserving of nothing?

Because as humans, we do have everything already. I know some of you struggle with sufficiency. Many of you message me or post in the 2K group or send me Instagram messages and you tell me that you struggle with feeling sufficient. But truly as humans, we do have everything. We are worthy just by breathing. We have beautiful minds and bodies that are designed in the most spectacular way. We have free will. Many of us. Some don’t, which is another mind-blowing thing to think about.

But what I think happens is we lose sight of already having everything we could ever need and we lose sight of enoughness, and in order to get enoughness that we feel we are owed but have lost sight that we actually already have, we go after our brain’s version – that’s really it. It’s just like even a misinterpretation coming from our brain of what we should have to be complete, whole, and happy, and we think we need more than we have and should have more than we have now, and so we start feeling entitled.

Like we don’t have something that we should have. We should have it easier. And one of the things that will create the most pain and suffering is this entitlement. A colleague of mine, Jody Moore said a few months ago in one of our million dollar meetings that we had is that our thoughts always end up in our results.

And so if we are feeling entitled because of our thought that we should have more money, more success, more clients, an easier way, the answer, we should have a clear explanation of something, you fill in the blank, we will end up with – we should have the continuous cycle of wanting what we don’t have. The result will be we should still have it because we don’t get it, and the reason we don’t get it is because we don’t create it for ourselves because we’re just too busy thinking that we should have it and feeling sorry and sad and not doing what it takes to get it.

So then that cycle just continues of us not having. And not having purely just because we think we should have it, hear me. I-should-have always ends up creating I-don’t-have. I’m going to say that one more time for those of you in the back. We’re in a giant stadium. Listen up. I-should-have ends up creating I-don’t-have.

So I-should-have, whatever comes after that, every time your brain says that ends up creating more of I-don’t-have. And I see this come out so much with my clients building their businesses. It’s like being in quicksand. You just keep sinking in when you have this thought, I-should-have. And I want to give you some examples of how this shows up and how it might be affecting you, but I also want you to take time with this podcast and make a list, and be super honest with all the things you should have.

This is what I see from my clients. I shouldn’t have to work so much. I shouldn’t have to coach for so many hours. I should have people taking care of me. I should have clients right now. I should have signed clients right away. I should sign clients after I’ve done 10 to 12 consults. Many of you, especially if you’re in 2K, I see this a lot where you’re like, I did 12 consults and still didn’t sign any clients. Something has gone wrong.

I’m like no, listen, I had 10 years of selling fucking mops on your ass and still had 12 no’s in the beginning. You’re not entitled to people saying yes right away. I know a coach who did 35 consults and got no’s and still kept going. It’s really insane what our brains think we should and shouldn’t have to do, or should or shouldn’t have, or should or shouldn’t get.

They shouldn’t have said no. I should have more money. I should have a nicer house or a nicer car. Some of you guys think that as truth of the universe, like of course I need to buy this house right now. I should have this house. I should move. I need to move. No, you should not. You should replace everything after you say I should, you should turn it into should not. That would be a great coaching exercise for you. All your I-should’s, turn them into I-shouldn’ts, and all your I-shouldn’ts, turn them into I-should’s.

I should have to work so much. I should have to coach so many hours. I shouldn’t have people taking care of me. I shouldn’t have more money. And then ask yourself why, which will be really fascinating because there’s always a lesson there. I shouldn’t be failing so much. How is that not true? Why should you be failing so much? Think about that really deeply. Think about it.

She should let me in. I launched my 200K mastermind a few months ago and this came up a lot because I had a 10K minimum at the time. I think it’s going to go up for the next one. You had to make a certain amount of money, and people got mad. And like, I want you to think about this. If a coach tells you you’re not ready for this next level, I want you to think about it.

Instead of saying she should have let me in, I deserve to be in, why don’t you? Because the answer to that is going to make you so much better than believing I should be there and I’m not. There’s no growth there. None. He should give me more compliments. Women, listen. It’s one of mine. I think all the time that my fiancé should give me more compliments, and you know what, the more I think that, the less I get them.

The more I’m like listen, I don’t need any compliments, the more I get them. It’s really fascinating. But listen, truly, we aren’t entitled to a damn thing. Seriously. All of this chatter that your mind tells you, it’s a lie. What if that were true? Really hear me. What if everything you think you should have, what if weren’t true?

I remember thinking it should be easier for me to grow my business and that other people had it easier, specifically some of my very good friends made me very angry at them when I was being very victim-y and self-pity, and people in my masterminds. But the whole time I was thinking that, what I was doing was missing the growth. I was missing the lesson. I was missing the skills and the resiliency that I was unknowingly creating for myself really every time I kept going.

And these were the skills and the resiliency that I actually needed to have a million-dollar business. So I shouldn’t have had any of it. And if I had had a really easy time growing my business, I wouldn’t be the coach I am today, teaching you how to make money as a life coach if it were just easy for me. I’d be like, they didn’t sign after the first one? I don’t know what you should do. I’m confused.

I wouldn’t have any idea but I had to trial and error my consults so many times, it’s why I was able to create a process from scratch. One of our 2K-ers asked the other day like, we need calls, we need to listen to you doing sales calls and bridging the gap and creating vision, like the steps in my 2K process. They’re like, we need to see this actually, I need to hear this to get it.

And I’m like, no, I didn’t get any of that. How I learned it, I took no sales coaching trainings because there weren’t any when I started my business. Not that I know of. I couldn’t find any programs dedicated just to selling and consultations. And so what I did was get on the phone with people and evaluate every single time what worked, what didn’t work, what I was going to do differently over and over and over. And I started asking really good questions.

I just decided I didn’t have anything to show me the way. So what happens is it’s like this Catch-22. People go ahead of you and figure it out and they’re able to teach you, and then you’re able to do it so much faster than they were able to do it but then you start feeling entitled to doing it faster and it not being hard. The more technology we get – we lost our internet recently for five days. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

And when it went out, at first it was just slow and then it was like, barely working, and then it was like, just not working. When it was like, really slow and barely working, I felt anger boiling up and I caught myself, but it was so fascinating to be like, feeling deserving of the information at my fingertips. That’s what I noticed for me is that’s so fascinating. I think I should have this faster. I should be able.

And then I thought about us as humanity. All humans on the planet, now that we have internet, we used to not even have cellphones. We never have had faster exchanges of technology and information and access to information than ever before, and now we get so mad when we can’t find the answer to something or we can’t get access to the internet in the next 60 seconds. It’s really fascinating.

Our whole society is promoting almost the growth of entitlement and I think we really now, more than ever, have to work against it. We have to be really aware of how entitled we all really are. Even social media, with building businesses, we feel now entitled to post something and get a client. It’s ridiculous. It’s actually ridiculous. It really is.

That’s what I also love about what I teach and the method that I use because I teach my clients how to get clients without doing the whole Facebook ad, technology game because I want you to have the foundation of doing the work so that you’re never dependent on any of that. How do you actually just get a client with your brain? I take away all the things that you can kind of buffer with, or all the ways that you can kind of cheat your way to getting clients a little bit.

Now, I will also say Facebook ads, now that I do them are fucking hard, so I don’t actually think now – my new mindset is that it’s not any easier at all or it’s not the quick – I used to think it was like the quick fix or something. It’s not at all. But I want all of my clients to learn how to do it from nothing. Nothing. Just you creating beliefs that turn into money.

Learning that will make you more money in your business, especially when you do learn to do things like Facebook ads, than ever. Than anything ever and it will make you more money than coaches, than other entrepreneurs. If you really understand how to make money with your brain and your thoughts and good old-fashioned hard work, man.

But coming back to what I was saying, in the beginning of it being very, very hard and failing over and over and over and feeling like it should have been faster and easier, at the time when I look back, I spent six months of just kind of doing that, thinking I should have been further along, and what I should have been doing instead is buckling down and getting to work.

And I think some of you need to do the same. You’re wasting time feeling entitled. One of my clients was telling me the other day that she suggested to a client that maybe she should get a job to support herself while her business grows, and her client got really mad. And I asked my client, no joke, this is unfiltered, what the fuck for? Why? If this is you, ask yourself for real, why are you getting mad? Mad that you have to work? What’s that about? It ain’t nothing good, I promise you.

You aren’t entitled to not getting a job. That job is going to teach you something and you won’t learn it while you’re thinking you shouldn’t have it. How we know you need it, that you should have it, that you’re entitled to it, to working is because you can’t pay your bills. Period. I told my client I was going to do an entire podcast on entitlement in that very moment.

Like no, you’re not entitled to quitting your job and having all the free time in the world to build your coaching business. Nope. Figure out, do I need money to pay my bills? Okay, I better get to work. I better figure out how to multitask. I better work on the weekends. You’re not entitled to not doing that. You’re not entitled to not working nights. There is a little bit of hustle and grind that you have to put into entrepreneurship in the beginning. You got to go to work.

I also told my client that I was going to list of all of the things that coaches aren’t entitled to. So here it is. You’re not entitled to not working. You’re not entitled to not making more money than you are. You’re not entitled to working three days a week. You’re not entitled to 15 hours a week. You’re not entitled to clients. You’re not entitled to a $100,000 business with five hours of work. You’re not entitled to charging high prices even though you have no experience. You’re not entitled to group coaching. You’re not entitled to not failing. You’re not entitled to the journey being soft and cushy.

And this is a big one for all of you. You’re not entitled to not risking anything. Many of you want the success as long as you don’t have to risk something. You don’t have to risk a relationship. You don’t have to risk your husband being mad at you. You don’t want to have to risk your cushy soft life and being able to spend money on whatever you want. You don’t want to risk investing time and money. You don’t want to risk your vulnerability. You don’t want to risk putting your dreams on the line. You don’t want to risk the relationship with your client on the other end of the phone to get them a transformation.

You’re not willing to risk, but you’re not entitled to that. And I see this a lot too is you’re not entitled to a business like mine without having put in five years of work that created it. I had a client couple months ago that was like, 2K looks really great. I’m going to create a business like that. I would love to just coach an hour a week and have a big community.

I’m like, what the actual fuck? Like, you have any idea how many hours I put into 2K? It’s not just the hour I’m coaching for sure. I put thousands of hours. I’m not joking. I actually added up the time I spent creating the content, managing the page, coaching in it, selling it, making it better, all of that I have in just 18 months, that specific program I’ve put at least 1000 hours into it.

I still put in a lot of hours into my business and my goal is to get to three days a week and I was even feeling entitled about that for a little bit. And last October I was working with my mentor and we found a lot of the things in my business – I didn’t have the proper foundation laid to scale my business. There were a lot of things that weren’t organized, a lot of things that systems and structures that hadn’t been put in place.

And I didn’t realize this at the time, let me be clear. I just thought like, I should be able to work just three days a week, and I was telling myself I’m tired and I don’t want to work five days a week. That’s how it was showing up for me is I don’t want to do this. That’s another way entitlement shows up is I don’t want to do something. I don’t want to do one-on-one coaching. I don’t want to coach 20 hours a week.

I don’t want to work 40 hours a week. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to invest money in my business. I don’t want to invest a lot of money in my business. I don’t want to pull money from my retirement. Whatever it is. Whatever your version of that is. What really had to happen is I had to have kind of a come to Jesus moment where I’m like, listen, I’m not there and how I know that is because my business isn’t there.

The result shows me that I’m not there yet, so just get over yourself and get to work. And that’s what I did. For the last almost year, I got to work. And then I worked so hard I was able to take off almost eight weeks in my business and still maintain all of my income, all my clients taken care of, all the things getting done. Actually, we’re working ahead. We’re a couple months ahead of work.

And because I created that result by going to work and by choosing to not think I deserved something that I did not, that I hadn’t worked for or created. So powerful. So here’s what I would do. I would make a list of all the things you feel – I’ve given you a couple of options for exercises in this podcast, but I would make a list of all the things you feel entitled to. Remember, they show up as should or shouldn’ts, or I don’t want to or I want to’s, and then I would title that list My Favorite Reasons for not Making Money. I got that from my coach Brooke.

It’s brilliant. I use it a lot for a lot of different things. But my favorite reasons for not making money, or my biggest excuses to not go to work, to not serve people, to not get my message out to people who are waiting and need it. Because here’s the thing; entitlement takes away from your ability to feel proud and accomplished. How can you be if you should have had it all along?

It takes away your ability to feel grateful. Grateful is understanding that even if you earned it, even if you created it, it wasn’t a given and it wasn’t entitled, and it’s such an amazing thing that you do have it. It’s recognizing the thankfulness for it. It’s appreciation. You can’t have that for the things that you feel privileged to, that you have a right to. Even breath, our health, it’s not our privilege.

I was thinking about that the other day because my fiancé works with someone who essentially got a death sentence. She has a year to live. She has non-operable cancer and she’s my age. And that has radiated to my core that every day is a day that we were not entitled to, a day to be grateful for and a day to show up and give to. Not take from. It’s a privilege. An opportunity to be grateful for.

I seriously always think about the women in the Middle East that don’t have privileges and opportunities. If you’ve never read I am Malala, you better get on it. It blew my mind. I cried so many times in that book of just thinking like, education that we take so for granted isn’t given to everyone. And I think what made me born here in this country, in the US with total freedom to education and opportunity and self-expression, I could have easily been born into oppression.

I don’t take that for granted. I could have been born into massive poverty, to a place where I don’t have access to clean water. How did I get so lucky? In the best way, in the most grateful way. We are at a time where we have more opportunity than ever before to create total financial freedom, while helping people change their lives for the better. We have the opportunity to sell something and make money from something that deeply helps humanity and makes the difference in this world.

Why are you complaining? Why are you entitled to feeling good? Why don’t you want to go to work? When people complaint to me about working hard as a coach, putting in the hours, coaching hundreds of clients, I have to question in that moment their intentions to be a coach. Do they actually love coaching? Are they actually in it to help people for the love of coaching? Or is it to make money and work 10 hours a week?

Because although that is possible, what I have found is the people it’s most possible for are the people that are most willing to put in the work for it. For the people who love to coach their clients, for the people who could sit in a boardroom all day every day and talk about coaching. For the people who don’t want a ton of time off or to make “passive income.”

Those are the people who really end up creating it. The coaches who didn’t get into it for that reason. The coaches who can’t imagine being anything other than a coach. That is the coach that experiences the most time and financial freedom. That is the result that is created from the thought, I want to be an example of what’s possible. I want to change the world. Not I don’t want to coach all day on the phone.

I really genuinely hope that this podcast was a rude awakening in the best way. I hope this podcast shook you. I really do because it’s not you in your core who feels entitle. It’s just your brain. The human brain. But you have to catch it because it is – what’s the word? Insidious? It’s very death-creating. Creates the death of your coaching business. It’s not good. It’s just bad. Let’s use the word bad.

And I want you, if you want it, to get out there and help as many people as possible. Go out there. Do whatever it takes. Work out however many hours you have to work to get out there and tell people who you are and what you have to offer and that you can help them, and make it all about them.

If you just focus on helping other people, I just created a 10-year vision and it scares the crap out of me, but I will make 200 million dollars in the next 10 years. But even bigger, in that vision when I think about it, what I will also do is help coaches make more than 200 million dollars. And so I will get my goal but the way that I think about achieving it is helping other people achieve theirs. Mine will just be the result. The 200 million that I make in 10 years will be the result of other coaches in my community making over 200 million dollars.

I love that every time I do a mastermind, whatever I make is always less than what they create. It’s fucking brilliant. I love it. And even if you’re not a business coach, this applies to you. Take however much money you want to make and go out there and help women lose that amount of pounds or inches, whatever matters to them. Help save that many marriages. If you do that and that becomes your focus is to serve others and get them what they want, you will naturally just create the result of getting what you want and it will feel amazing doing it.

This August in 2K for 2K, we are doing a five-week money study called Making Money with the Model. I’m breaking down how to coach yourself to your first 2K, your next 20K, even 200K on live coaching calls. I’m teaching the model, we’re applying it with students. That student can be you. You just have to sign up for 2K for 2K by August 6th to take part in the five-week bonus training.

You get access to the five-week training, five live coaching calls with me, you get access to the 2K for 2K process. If you’re listening to this after August 6th 2019, don’t worry. That bonus, Making Money with the Model program is inside 2K for 2K and waiting for you to start today. Alright, have an amazing, beautiful, incredible week. I was a little hard on you, but it comes from so much love and so much deep, deep desire for you to get what you want. Alright, I’ll talk to you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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