Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Making 400K Helping Moms of Children with Autism with Michelle Rogers

What’s your compelling reason for being in business? Does thinking about your clients and being able to help them bring you to tears? Is there a blueprint for success, and how do you show up for your people when it feels like you’ve got a mountain of challenges to overcome?

Michelle Rogers is an Autism mom and life coach who mentors parents of special needs children on all things Autism. She’s had a 100% success rate in helping her clients build the foundational life skills that increase the chances of their children living independent lives. Michelle is the perfect example of why we all became coaches in the first place, and she’s here to share her journey with us.

Join us on this episode to hear how Michelle has made over $400K this year helping moms of children with Autism. She’s sharing her reason for pursuing this niche even though she’s an eight-figure earner in her full-time job, the thoughts that keep her passionate about showing up for her clients, and her advice for anyone struggling in the beginning stages of their business.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Michelle’s coaching and Autism parenting journey.
  • What drew Michelle to helping other moms of children with Autism.
  • The thoughts that bolstered Michelle in creating a coaching container for parents of and children with Autism.
  • How Michelle has made over 400K in her business while working full time and raising a child with Autism.
  • The 3 foundational skills that Michelle helps children with Autism build. 
  • Michelle’s advice for anyone in the beginning stages of their business.


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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches, welcome to episode 259. Today I have the most incredible episode planned for you. I am interviewing my student. Michelle Rogers who has done all of my programs, 2K, 25K, 200K and she just enrolled in Two Million Dollar Group. We cry so much on this episode you’re probably going to need a box of tissues. Michelle is amazing. Her work is incredible, the value she is creating in the world really just hits home for me as a mom. I am so honored to have her as a student. Her energy is infectious.

You’re going to be obsessed with her as everyone in my community is. I cannot wait for you to hear this incredible episode, let’s dive right into my interview with Michelle Rogers.


Stacey: Today I have the electrifying and powerful Michelle Rogers. What’s going on? How are you?

Michelle: I’m good. Thank you for having me. I’m very excited to be here.

Stacey: People are going to love this episode because people love you. In every one of my communities they’re like, “Michelle Rogers, she’s so great.” So will you introduce yourself and tell everyone who you are and what you do, how much money you’ve made. And we’ll kind of go from there.

Michelle: Awesome. Yeah. So my name is Michelle Rogers. I’m an Autism mom and life coach. And I coach parents of children with Autism. I coach them really on all things Autism. But what’s come out of coaching in this industry for the last three years is that there’s three skills that parents are desperate to teach their children. And the first one’s potty training. The second one is to teach them to communicate. And the third one is to help them reduce their problem behaviors.

So my masterclass, which is a group coaching program for parents of children with Autism is based on solving all problems with Autism, but these, I believe, are the foundational skills. So if a child on the spectrum has these three skills, no matter how severe their Autism symptoms present, their chances of living an independent life increase greatly. And I have 100% success rate for all of the people who come through my masterclass to create these life skills for their babies.

Stacey: This is so amazing. So you had messaged me on Instagram that we are both just going to cry on this episode. So everyone listening, just so you know, every time I coach Michelle, I cry, every time. And I just have to say, it’s the deepest, profound work that you are doing. When I say that my mission is I want to help thousands, hundreds of thousands of coaches learn to sell coaching so that they can go out and help millions of people in the world get coached.

This to me, just it doesn’t get better than this. You are the person, every time I think of you, it doesn’t get better than this. This is why I feel so deeply and passionately about the life coaching industry. It’s why I work so hard to do what I do. And it really does on the hardest days of my business, really I’m thinking about people like you that do this work. This work wouldn’t have even been something I would have considered when I started teaching life coaches how to make money.

And I don’t want to discredit anyone else’s niche. No one needs to have drama, I’m not doing what Michelle’s doing. But the fact that there are so many problems in the world and so many people that are popping up with solutions and some of these are problems that people have not felt like there is a solution for ever before. And it’s just such important work. So I just have to tell you that, that you know I’m such a big fan of yours and I love the work that you do so deeply.

I’m curious if you would share a little bit of background of how you got into this work, how you decided to become a coach, how you were able to do this with your own, you have children with Autism, correct?

Michelle: I have a daughter with Autism, yeah.

Stacey: Yes. Why don’t you just tell the story.

Michelle: Yes. My first born Juliana, she was diagnosed with Autism a month after her second birthday, I also have a neurotypical son, Cody. And she’s 11 now. When she was diagnosed she was developing typically up until about I think I started to see changes in her at 13 months where she had language. Her first word was “map” because she was obsessed with Dora the Explorer. She was talking. She was starting to say words. And then around 13 months she started to go backwards.

I tell a story 100 times and you think you wouldn’t get upset but you still get up. And it was the most painful thing to watch because it was hopeless, she slipped away. All I knew about Autism back then was Rain Man, which is a shitty, not shitty, it was a really great movie in the 80s with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. But he was an institutionalized grownup that needed to have forever care and that’s what I thought her life was going to be. So I thought her life was over and I thought mine was too.

And I was worried about my son because if you have one child with Autism, the likelihood of having another increases. So it was definitely a very difficult time because I had this newborn. And then I had this child diagnosed with Autism. And then I remember having this thought one night when I put them to bed, that I’m going to die one day and who’s going to care for her when I’m gone? And something about that thought, I had to reverse engineer my whole experience because I didn’t have life coaching back then.

I didn’t understand that all of the life adversities that I had overcome even before Autism became in my world, created the identity of the mother that would take care of this baby and help her. And I remember thinking that night, I’m like, you know what? I believe in God, but I always imagined when you go to heaven, He’s playing the reel of your life back. And I want her to be happy with what she would show me. I’d be too upset, anyway. And I said, “I’m not going to put my head in the couch cushions with this anymore. I really have to grab the bull by the horns.”

No matter where she falls, I’m going to know I left this Earth giving her the best shot as possible. And literally when I had that moment, everything changed. And we ended up teaching her sign language. She learned how to potty train with a sign. She started to speak again. She started speaking more in conversations. She went from the most restrictive Autism classroom, a 612, our special needs moms who are listening will understand what that is.

She went from there to where she is today. She’s a thriving happy fifth grader, very chatty. She’s in a general education class with minimal supports. And mindset is, I believe 95% of the game for pretty much everything in life and especially for a parent of a child with Autism or a child with special needs. When I changed my thinking that day, that was the catalyst to start these other thoughts going. And one of the thoughts was that what if I could cure her Autism. And I didn’t know if that was true. I didn’t know if it was. Now. I know it’s not.

But at that time, it didn’t matter because that thought served me well. I did not stop. There were more things I tried with her that didn’t work. But if I looked at all of those things as fails, I would have never found the things that did work. And up until about kindergarten, I had that belief, we were going to win the Rose Bowl parade and we were going to say goodbye to Autism forever. And I think that we had a moment at a party where I realized, I don’t think this is going anywhere. This is here to stay, but it didn’t deter me.

I felt the little sadness, and I said, the new thought my brain came up with is, what if she could have Autism and live an amazing life? And that’s what she has now. She’s in a general education fifth grade class. She speaks beautifully. She’s going to live an independent life. She’s not going to be a burden to her brother. She isn’t going to be a burden to anybody. She’s going to bring light and beauty and education, she already does to the families that needs to feel like, every family, no matter what you’re told about your child has to swing for the fences.

Even if there’s a chance you’ll miss, even if everyone says that you’re wrong, that you’re crazy because your kid deserves that shot. And I think that’s just what kind of brought me to this in a nutshell. So I’d always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I always wanted to be my own boss. I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do. And I remember many years ago, I don’t know how many years ago Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins created this knowledge business blueprint.

And they were talking about selling your knowledge like a coach. I didn’t even know anything about it, never had a life coach, never did anything. And I was like, “I’m just going to teach women how to do business.” Because I’d been a very successful, eight figure saleslady in my day job. And I remember thinking, but then something was calling me to this.

And I could have taken her experience and kind of like, okay, glad, we got out of it and just kind of kept it to myself and just coached on something I knew I’d do real well with and probably make a lot more money faster than even what I’m making now. And I’m making great money now with this. Maybe this journey was sent to us on purpose so I could heal her and I could help other mothers heal their babies too. And that’s kind of what I think today.

And it would have been so easy to teach women business, to teach women sales. The pull was to this. And my husband didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want people to look at Juliana and think she was less or fly her flag like that. And I really had this conflict, I’m like, “God, this was such a gift that we were able to heal her. I have to help others do the same for their children.” That’s my teary story in a nutshell of how I got to doing this today.

Stacey: Thank you so much for sharing that. It was just the whole time I was listening, I just, I feel like everyone listening is going to feel what I felt. Which is this deep igniting passion that sometimes I think when we’re building our businesses and we’re stuck in figuring out the funnel and figuring out the sales and figuring out the launch. We forget the thing that’s on our heart, that got us into this in the first place.

And something I have noticed when you coach in all of the programs now for me, when you are just being coached, when you’re being a student in the room. Your presence, just you’re so connected to it all the time, and then it connects everybody around you. We all feel it. We feel the connection to your work. We feel the connection to our work. It really is just, I feel like being around you is very humbling and empowering all at the same time. And we just love to cry about what you do. It’s just so beautiful and it’s so powerful.

And I’m so, so grateful that you went this path, even though it was scary. Just think of all of the women and families and children that you have helped because you were willing to do it and it’s a big ask. And I’m curious what your thoughts were. But I think so many people could have been afraid to even, well, what if I fail other people? Or what if I fail the children? Or what if I teach them something and it’s wrong? And I’m curious what your thoughts were that helped you move forward or if you even had those thoughts to help so many children.

Michelle: So here’s what I was thinking. I always thought at the very least if a parent worked with me, by the end of our time together, they would be much better off than where they were when they started. It wasn’t like I started in the beginning, yeah, I guarantee potty training and I guarantee 100% success rate. I didn’t know if I could do that. In the beginning when I started making that a part of my messaging, in the beginning, it was like, if you work with me, I guarantee you and your child will be in a better position than you are now. And I was solid on that.

So I think when I started my business, everyone thinks that, you hear me the way I am talking about it today, it’s much different than the way it was when I started selling the masterclass. That’s my group coaching program, three years ago. Back then I was like, “I can solve any problem with Autism, you bring it, I’ll solve it.” It felt easier for me to say that versus getting really granular on the real pain points that I know now or what everyone comes to me for.

And I think in the beginning what got me started just putting one foot in front of the other is I know, no matter who I help who I help I am going to make them feel better. I know I’m going to be able to help their child be in a better spot than they were before. And I’m willing to give them their money back if I don’t. I’ve always been like that, even to this day, I’m still like that.

Stacey: Yeah, I love that so much. I think that when people hear you and I or other people similar to us who are years into it. In the beginning you start your business and you don’t always know what you’re going to be coaching on or who you’re going to help, and so you might become a general life coach. And once you do figure out who you’re going to help, you’re like, “Okay, this is my avenue, this is my work.”

Then you actually have to go do that work over and over and over and over until you work with enough people that you do figure out, these are the top three problems and I’m going to go solve them. And I think people will watch us and think that’s supposed to happen in the beginning. And something has gone wrong if it doesn’t or that they’re less valuable because they don’t have that and so why even begin?

And it’s so important to hear you say that in the beginning you were just promising the needle will be moved forward by working with me and that that was enough to make a lot of money. How much money are you making now and how much money were you making back then?

Michelle: My first year, [inaudible] because I’m working full-time, still working full-time while I’m growing this. And the first year I said, “Listen, I’ve got to just prove this out first in my head.” And I always had an immediate desire to group because if I wanted to grow this business while I was trying to leave my day job, I needed to be able to grow it. I’m always thinking big, exponential. So I said, “Let me get my first two private clients, see if I can prove out my belief that I think I can help people and then go right straight to group.” And that’s exactly what happened.

So the first mom I coached, she had a seven year old that was non-verbal. I don’t to say that, pre-verbal and in diapers. And within the first two weeks of coaching we got him out of the diapers. And by the end of the first month, he was saying mama for the first time. And I’m like, “Okay, let’s go.” But just in case this is a fluke, let me get the second one. And it was a very similar situation and here was the byproduct of it because back then I didn’t understand mindset, I didn’t understand that.

And when I’m talking to them, telling them what to do and then they’re kind of saying shitty things, I’m like, “What are you talking about? Why are you saying that? Why are you putting that in the universe?” I didn’t even have any experience about how the thoughts create the actions, I was living that, I just didn’t understand it. I have to reverse my engine because I’m not LCS certified either. So I had to really try and figure out where the real problem is. In fact, believe it or not, tactical is what they all come to me for.

And I give you what you want. I sell you what you want, but I give you what you need. Because once you’re in, it’s not about fact, it’s about the belief. If you think that Autism means that they can’t learn these things. And then that’s kind of what I saw with these two. And both of these children thrived and the parents were happy. So I’m like, “Alright, great, let’s go to group.”

Stacey: It sounds great.

Michelle: I didn’t know what I was doing, I was flying by the seat of my pants. I’d say I’d still fly that way. So the first year I did $30,000, that was from June of 2020 to the end of the year. 2021, I did $149,000. 2022 I did about $294,000. And I just celebrated in the 200K group because I did a launch this month, it was so painful, but I did it and now we are now at $408,000 and I still have a month to go.

Stacey: Oh my God, it’s so exciting.

Michelle: So exciting. I’m officially, I don’t know, I think I’m the only one who’s been in 2K, 25K, 200K and I’ll be in Two Million Dollar Group next.

Stacey: You might actually be the first and the fastest.

Michelle: I’ll take it.

Stacey: And this is the interesting thing is you’re still working full-time. There’s so many questions I could ask you, I feel like this episode could be hours and hours long. We’ll probably just have to have you back on, but this is the direction I want to go for a second is how much money you’ve made while working full-time, having a child with Autism and having children.

Michelle: Children, being married and running my house and all the things.

Stacey: All the things. So how do you do it? What are the thoughts that fuel you? How do you manage the time? Do you have a really strong system? What could you offer people who are listening, who are like, “What?”

Michelle: I think I’ve always been a really hard worker. I’ve been a real, we talk about hustle. I’m a hustler. I’m proud of it but I don’t want to do it anymore. But I’m proud of my ability to really…

Stacey: Me too. There’s no shame for me when it comes to hustle, yeah, I have no shame in it.

Michelle: And it’s why it’s funny because this launch this month required me, I called it the biggest trust fall of my life to really trust in a process versus doing the daily grind of [crosstalk] for dollars. But no, I mean, I kind of feel like this whole journey has just been based on a life that had a lot of pain in it. So I think I always tell my parents, I’m like, “I think the reason why I hit Autism like a freight train was because I had spent most of my life slammed against major problems and overcame them.”

Things that I mean, I think would scare anybody or scare anybody back into the cave for the rest of their lives. I mean there was a time where we were dirt poor when I grew up. I never finished college. I moved out when I was 18. I remember driving around cars with no car insurance, writing checks I knew would bounce to becoming this eight figure earner. So I mean, even this was before Juliana was born and I had come through all of this adversity. even when she was born, we were still living paycheck to paycheck at that point.

And then Autism came and I had the same grief experience that I think all parents have when a diagnosis like that comes. Meaning that the child’s alive, but what’s died is the neurotypical childhood experience we felt we were going to have with them. And I think a lot of parents get stuck in the pain of that. And then mixed in with the social views of what Autism is, I thought it was Rain Man. That meant that that’s what she was going to be no matter what I did.

And between that and that I knew I couldn’t stay there because I had spent so many times in my life practiced as a master problem solver. So even though I never solved for this problem, I knew I was going to be able to solve for it. So I guess when it came to creating the business, it’s the same philosophy. So if I’m this master problem solver and I have it in my head that I make a very good living, I’m really good at what I do. And I want to create this other business.

I just take that same mindset that I’ve done my whole life to overcome major adversities to help my daughter with her Autism to solve for this problem too. And that’s kind of how I’ve done it, delegated. We have an au pair, she’s been with us, I love her. I’m obsessed with her. My kids love her. I have a support system in place. I have a house cleaner. I never liked cleaning my house, I’d be working two jobs, but I won’t clean my own house.

I’ve done lots of things over the years to help to make sure I can take care of my family and grow this. And I’m hoping I’m near the end of, this is another thing to be coached on, to get out of the day job. But I’m at a point now, I mean, this feels really good and then I created this from nothing. You know what I mean? And it’s just, it’s amazing. Coaching is the best.

Stacey: Yes, it’s so wild. What I hear from you and what I observe from you is something that I think is so profound. And I do think that’s another byproduct of having you in our communities and just being around you is when you hear your story, you’re like, “Oh.” There are just so many things in life that are available to reset our own scale of what we think are problems and what we think are challenges and what we think is hard.

And I never want to diminish anyone’s experience because we love to do that too, to people. And we only know what we know and our experience is our experience. But it is sometimes helpful to hear your story and be like, “Oh.” You did it, because the massive problems that you solved before that, that this problem now, the problem of working full-time and running a business. That isn’t the hardest problem you’ve ever solved.

Michelle: [Crosstalk].

Stacey: Where some people, that is the hardest problem that they have solved. So I think for everyone listening, I don’t think you have to have these massive circumstances come and overcome them in order to be able to overcome other ones. But you do have to have the ability to shrink the size of the problem in your mind. And believe in your own higher capacity to solve it, which is something that you went through when you were even on your journey to help your daughter is I have the capacity to do this.

I have the capacity and the belief that I can do it to go after things over and over and over, even when they’re failing. I have been even coaching myself on that recently, is I have the capacity. I’m growing my belief and my capacity to take on way more than what I have been. So I think that’s a piece of it. It’s shrinking the problem, knowing there are way bigger problems that are out there. Figuring out that, how am I going to get that support?

And then I just think there’s something that you haven’t said that I just always see you, which is you’re just so tapped into your why. You’re so tapped into your work. That’s why you cry every time you talk about it, it’s why I cry every time you talk about it or when I get super emotional about coaching and what it means. When you kind of wear that on your sleeve, it’s actually a benefit because it’s fueling you to not get sucked into the small stuff and stay really big picture focused, which does give you more energy.

Michelle: Yeah. I didn’t even think of it that way too. And I think about, when you always say that it’s really just me being, and I give this advice to anybody. The way I’m talking to Stacy is the way I coach. It’s the way that I get coached. It’s everything, being authentic, really putting your heart on your sleeve is the only way to show up in your life, period. As far as we know we only have one life here. How do you want your legacy to be? Now it’s to consider my babies, they’re my masterpieces in training. They’re my legacy.

How do I want to leave that masterpiece on the Earth? Nobody’s going to champion for your child more than their parents. And if you think that there’s no future, then who’s going to? So yeah, I am, I go balls to the wall. And it was funny, one of the things I mentioned is that I had a very monumental month this month. It was the biggest month I’ve ever had revenue wise.

And last night I had a call and it was make or break to get this little milestone in my head. And I was shaking like a rookie on the call. And I was laughing at myself inside but I am fighting for her, not for the sale. Fighting for the life of her child. I love children, so this comes straight from the heart. They’re our most vulnerable population and our special needs children even more so and somebody has to fight for them.

And sometimes our parents are so sad and they’re so in their own pain that they don’t have it. And when I get on consults with them, I always say on a consult whether you work with me or not, “You’re going to leave with the ultimate gift of awareness, because now you know that if you are the gatekeeper to what you desperately want. Now you can show up very differently to create different results for you and your family.”

Stacey: Speaking straight to my heart. Oh my God, do you know that I’m obsessed, have you heard of Ms. Rachel? I’m obsessed with her.

Michelle: Yeah.

Stacey: I really struggle to talk about her without crying. So I won’t be able to probably do it here either. It’s a very similar story just on a smaller scale, but her son had a speech delay and he didn’t say his first word until he was two and it was mama. And it just gets me so much, I know now how important it is to hear that word. And I know what it would be like to not hear that word. I could imagine. I can feel the pain of what it would be like, and that’s why she does what she does. The exact same mindset you had. I have heard her talk about it so many times but she just went on, how do I fix this?

And learned all the things from the speech therapists and all of the things and then started teaching live classes to help other people. And then COVID hit and her husband is a producer on Broadway and was like, “Let’s do a YouTube channel and let’s help all of the kids.” And it’s insane what she has been able to do. And I notice even Jackson, we don’t let him watch a lot of TV, but he only wants to watch her. And we can see him developing faster because he watches her.

And I just think obviously anything with the babies just makes me super emotional to begin with but you all are doing God’s work for sure. I know we joke about that saying but for real, that’s like God’s work right there. It’s beautiful.

Michelle: Yeah. And I sent you a video, it was probably right before we started so you didn’t see it. But I said, “I just want you to see what you’re helping me create.” And it was, I think he’s seven years old in my program. And he said mama off for the first time last night and she videotaped it and she showed it to the group. And she said the thought that the program is giving her, my program is that he will speak or mama is coming and it started with ma and now she got mama and she’s videoed it. And I sent it to you so you could see this is what you are creating.

And especially for these moms who have waited so long to hear them. It is sweeter than anything because we know how hard our baby fought to get to that point. This is really God’s work. That’s why I said that it’s so easy to teach women how to do sales. It’s so easy to teach business. But the pull, I really had a soul pull. I remember going to bed that night and I’m like, Carrie, just to my husband, I’m like, “I can’t, it feels not right to not share this with as many people as I can help.”

And even to this day, if you guys could literally watch my whole journey from when I started in 2K, getting coached to the second day of on demand. Where my whole evolution of just working with Stacey has helped me to figure out how to connect with my base so I can help that grand broadcast of people to help their families.

So I mean, I’m really grateful for this program. I’m really grateful for you and all of the opportunities you’ve given me and all the opportunities for me to see what I needed to do so I could get that message out and get out of my own way. Sometimes we get in our own way as business owners.

Stacey: All the time.

Michelle: All the time yeah.

Stacey: As humans, just as humans.

Michelle: Yeah. This blueprint of, I call blueprint for my moms, it’s the blueprint for me, that’s really helped me to get clear on how to get out there, get the right message out there to help as many people as I can. And it’s been amazing. And I said, there’s another Autism coach in the program, the Autism Mom Coach, I love her. And she’s got a completely different angle. And it’s so wonderful to even be exposed to even people that are in your niche because she solves for different problems than I do

But it’s amazing because you know what? I think we’re down to one in 44, might even be one in 35 at this point. There are going to be more families than either of us are ever going to be able to help. So the better we build our businesses, the better we get our message out there, the more people we’re going to get out of pain.

Stacey: I love your brain on that. I just want everybody to just absorb that. That thought, there’s more people with this problem than either of us are ever going to be able to help. That was something that I was also just going to say on this episode is how I’ve seen you take Lisa kind of under your wing in a way, offer her so much help and support. Because you do what you do, because you do the same thing and because you are further along. And I just think there is literally no limits to your heart.

It’s really such a joy to be a part of and to be around and to witness. And it’s a testament, the one thing that I think people don’t know about my higher level mastermind rooms, 200K, Two Million Dollar Group is that I think that you almost can’t really get it until you’re in the room is just how many people in the room are just like that, where they will pull you aside. And I think about Siobhan and Maggie. They’re both marriage coaches and they both just decided, we’re never going to be in competition with each other and we’re only going to help each other out.

And it was so interesting, I was recently, there’s two stores that I love in Louisville right now. They’re on this little, cute little street, one’s a home store, ones a children’s store. The home store has a tiny little section of Jellycats. I’m sure you know what those are and the little stuffies. Then the other one, the children’s store, she doesn’t carry jellycats. And I always go to both stores. And almost everyone that shops there, you see them with the bags from each store.

And I was talking to the store owner of the kids store and I was like, “I’m surprised that you don’t carry Jellycats.” And she was like, “I can’t. I can’t carry them.” And I was like, “Well, what do you mean you can’t?” And she’s like, “The person next door does.” And I was like, “There’s a rule that you guys can’t sell the same things in the lease?” And she’s like, “No, that would be rude, I don’t want to take business from her.” And I said, “That’s really interesting because there’s 200 Jellycats on the website and she has eight of the Jelly cats in her store.

And I was actually looking for ones that she didn’t have. And if you had had them”, I was like, “I think that if people knew that both of you carried them they would come to both of your stores and you guys would sell other things. And I actually think you guys might make more money.” And she looked at me, I had to just be like, “Okay, we’re done.” She looked at me like I was a ridiculous person, what is happening right now. I could tell nothing registered for her.

But I do love that energy that we create in that room with people like you who are willing to believe and say out loud and then go support other people that are selling similar things or in the same exact niche to say, “There’s plenty of business for all of us. There’s plenty of people to help. And I believe that so deeply that I’m willing to help you get more of those people while I’m also working to get more of those people.” That is a beautiful thing to be around.

Michelle: Yeah. And I never even talked to Lisa about this, but she deals with really a lot of emotional processing, a lot of grief recovery. And I deal with a lot of tactical with a side of mindset. You know what I mean? But I could totally, if I came across somebody who was in that kind of pain, they need to kind of get out of that pain. I would send them to her in a second. And I know without a doubt and we never even talked about it, if she had a kid who needed to be potty trained or communicating and they were struggling, she’d send them to me too.

And yeah, it’s such a better abundant thought versus to think I’m in competition with somebody. But as I said, there’s more people out there than either of us will ever be able to help. And I think the room has so much value, but it was just fun to, we were both here. We were both in 25K too and we were both in 200K. So it’s just been fun to be on this journey together. And even the peer coaching that you get in 200K. That surprised me. I didn’t think it was like this and it’s been amazing.

And I have been coaching with Tanner since I met him, and Tanner’s in Two Million Dollar Group, since I met him at the live event and he’s been amazing too. I mean, it’s just been the relationships and the connections and the support. The peer coaching I got this month alone just because this launch was such an amazing feat for me. I mean, it was just I couldn’t have done it without it.

Stacey: I also think though that that is our thoughts create our results. Whatever you’re thinking ends up in your result line. So the fact that you were so abundant to reach out and help Lisa, so many other people in 200K. Of course, someone in Two Million Dollar Group reached out and is pulling you under their wing. Of course that happened. It’s just a direct reflection of your own thinking, just ending up in your result line.

Michelle: Yeah. I offer to peer coach all the time because when you give you receive, that’s how it [crosstalk] about everything. We always can learn. There’s always somebody you can learn from. There’s always things that you can glean off of other people. I mean just this community is really nice, it’s just very supportive, we’re all supportive of each other, everybody wants to see everybody win.

Stacey: That also blows my mind. You work full-time. You’re running this $500,000 business by the end of the year. You have children, you have a family. You have all of this going on, you’re peer coaching. And then you offer all the time to coach for me and I’m always going to say yes because it’s such a good deal for me to have you. And you’re such a straight shooter and you say things off the cuff that are so blunt and hysterical and perfect. You just get people. It’s shocking, so people get out of their own, whatever is happening. It’s so great.

And so I’m always like, “Yes, we need more Michelles in the world and obviously.” So you give back to all of my communities. It really is just your thought about, you’re just tapped into a really, really high level of service and giving. And anyone that’s listening that if you are suffering in your business, you have got to get on the Michelle train. You have got to get anchored into your why. You have got to get this emotional about the people that you help and the work that you do.

You have to tap into that giving heart and giving mindset, the abundance that there is enough for everyone. Just your being is such an example of what is possible, what creates success and also it feels good. It’s not success that’s tearing you down or golden handcuffs. It’s such a rewarding success.

Michelle: Especially when you’re going through the pains of trying to grow this and do new things. One of the things I thought was that, I just finished a launch and there is a bunch of people that enrolled that I never had a consult with. So I always worried, if they come in, are they going to be the right people? And here I am in the middle of launch, I have a weekly coaching call and I can’t wait for this because I just feel like it’s my escape, you know what I mean, to be able to serve. And it just reminds me of why I’m here.

And I met some of the new moms for the first time, and I couldn’t believe how wonderful they were. And I was like, “I didn’t even have to have a consult to bring in a wonderful person. This wonderful person joined.” And she started crying, “I’m so glad I found this.” And I’m like, “This makes it’s so easy to push through the shit when they are exhaling for the first time in years.” And she has an eight year old that has to potty train. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s just being a boy king around her house. And we’re going get him potty trained.

And she’s just like, “There’s hope, where there no hope anywhere.” And when I feel like I want to quit or I’m giving up, I even wrote in that message. I’m like, “What am I doing this for?” I was going through all the growing pains in November. And this is why, every time, they bring me right back. And then when I checked my group this morning, and that mom posted the video of her son saying mama for the first time and he’s seven years old.

That’ll never not bring you back to [inaudible]. That’s why whatever you coach on, it’s got to grab you hard. When you want to quit, that’ll keep you going and that’ll always keep me going.

Stacey: Yes. I really believe you can believe that and feel the way that you feel about the work you do with literally any type of coaching. I get this emotional I think about when I was general life coaching and I think about what coaching did for me and how much it changed my life. One of the girls in 200K messaged me the other day and she said, “I just hope that you are feeling proud of yourself. I hope that you let yourself feel proud of the work that you’ve done, of who you were before you found life coaching.”

Not before I got certified, not before I started my business but before I found life coaching and then where you are now. I just was bawling. Just tears just burst out of my eyes. And I was like, “I forget that sometimes because I’m so deep in it.” But I really do, I feel so passionately about any personal development, any type of coaching, whether you call it life coaching or whatever. I feel so deeply, deeply passionate about it. Business coaching the same thing, I know it could be so easy to be not turned on by business coaching and the people like you.

Michelle: People like me would not be able to help as many people as we do. And you’ve been through a lot. I’ve seen everything that you’ve gone through and there’s plenty of times where other people might bow out. And so grateful that you didn’t because I didn’t know you at that time, I know you now. My business wouldn’t be where it is if you didn’t do what you did. So yeah, I mean, I know we’re all kind of in the weeds. But you helping an Autism mom help hundreds, thousands of other Autism parents to save their kids, I hope that’s just enough to never close the doors.

Stacey: It’s literally some of the things that have kept me going in my hardest times. I don’t remember, were you in the 200K room yet in August of 2022? You weren’t yet, right? So in August of 2022, I had come back from maternity leave. And I had spent my entire maternity leave having my best clients just hammer me all over the internet that I was so crushed and so heartbroken, and I felt so much shame and just embarrassment.

And it’s just such a weird thing when you feel so loved by your community and your people and then your reality is rocked. And I was so exhausted and breastfeeding like crazy. At that event for whatever reason, Jackson’s milk intake went up. So we had planned everything perfectly so that my nursing schedule would work with being on stage. Then his nursing schedule went up and I started producing way more milk.

And so I’m bursting through on stage having multiple pads in and then having to run off stage and pump. So I had so much going on in my brain and so many things that I just wanted to quit. And then Halla got up during the awards and said that she had found me during all of that. Then she told a story.

I don’t know if it was during that award ceremony or a different time, but she’s told a story about her having her baby and taking six weeks of maternity leave and getting passed up on a promotion while she was on maternity leave. And her boss saying, “Well, I didn’t think you would want it. Don’t you want to be a good mom?” And giving it to someone her junior. And she had also been through bad publicity herself and she has a huge community, she’s very, very famous.

And she was like, “I just also believe that what I’m going to learn from someone going through it and coming out of it is going to be profound.” And I broke down. I have never broke down like that in front of my clients ever. I literally hunched over crying. It was so unexpected. And I do think whatever it is, trying to figure out how to sell on a webinar. I remember a whole year of that bullshit and it sucked so bad or if it’s something even deeper than that or whatever it is.

It’s the hard things in your business, every time I think about my clients, every time I think about the work that you all are doing and how you are helping people. And all the unique individual niches that everyone’s doing and how it matters in the world and it does. I just hired a coach for my mom and the fact that she would be open to it, feels so profound. And I think the whole world will heal when we get more people coaching, more people on all of the things.

Michelle: I love it. I don’t even know what to say. I’m so speechless because I feel forever grateful for this opportunity to be here. And I’ve said this to you before, there’s something about the way that you, when I get coached and you’re giving me direction, I just hear it at such a deep level. I can just, oh, okay. And I go run off and I implement it. And had all that shit makes you not want to do this anymore, I don’t even know where I’d be today, straight up.

Stacey: I’m going to just remember that. I’ve received a few messages that are on the similar lines, Maggie sent me one a few months ago. And I seriously print that shit out. Sometimes you’ve got to, for everyone, maybe it will be really helpful. But I’ve done this a couple of times in my career, but I create binders of things that my clients send me. It’s a book so I can look through it when times are really, really hard. And especially when you make a ton of money, there does get to be a point where it isn’t necessary to survive anymore. We still have goals.

We still have things we want to hit, my husband and I. And by all means I’m not at the place where we could live our lifestyle and never work again. I think about that a lot as a goal is I would love to get to the point where it was just optional. We’re not there yet but it’s not enough to be motivating through some of the hard stuff that I’ve been through. And that’s where thinking about the people, and if you don’t have that book yet, if you don’t have the testimonials, if you don’t have people.

If you don’t have videos like Michelle has, for those of you listening, you can think about the people though that are like you, who are waiting to be helped, you can imagine their future success. I do that with my Two Million Dollar Group all the time. The people who are at that cusp just like you when you go into the room. I know you’re going to hit $1 million. I have a client in mind that I think about what it will be like when she makes so much money that she can pay off all student loan debt. And they can really, just the lifestyle upgrades, the opportunities that come.

I really spend time thinking about that, it’s just so much more motivating than the money. The money is motivating, but the people, it makes it so much more motivating.

Michelle: No, I know it’s just crazy. And now, I don’t really have much to say other than it’s just been such an amazing experience and having this community, having you as my coach has been a rock, it really has. I’m excited to see where I go.

Stacey: But the feeling is mutual. Having you in the room is just such a fun time and I just love to cry every time I go to.

Michelle: And that was the other thing too, I wanted to say too. In the beginning, get clients on the phone and they said, “I’ve been watching you for a while.” What? I didn’t even know that they were there. At the beginning you put your message out and you don’t even know that you’re impacting people. They’re creeper crawlers watching your stuff, taking in your video. One of the things she said yesterday, it always blows my mind, “I’ve been watching your videos.” And that’s like they’re peeking into your bedroom window. What do you mean?

“I’ve been watching what you’ve been saying.” And I’m like, “She hasn’t commented on anything, she hasn’t liked on anything. I never noticed her name before. I don’t even know if she’s a follower.” But that’s what I want you to think, if you’re at the beginning stages of your business, that there is somebody out there who hears you. And that may have just brought them one step closer to actually reaching out to you. [Crosstalk] put yourself out there.

I remember the visual you gave me on the IN demand training, where imagine you’re a storefront, your little coaching business is a storefront and it’s Black Friday because I love Black Friday. And all of the people are standing out in the cold waiting for the door to open. And the door opening is you just saying that thing, explains their pain better than they could, and that you have the solution inside the store and then they start to step in and they step in two at a time, three, the next thing you know, there’s a security guard at the door.

Stacey: Yes, that’s exactly it. That’s so good. You had written in that I had coached you on the demand training and that that had been a pivotal step for you.

Michelle: Yes. Because I was like, “The clients aren’t here yet.” That was the thought, “How does it make you feel to think that?” And I’m like, “It feels like shit.” And then we just kind of went through, what if you don’t think that? What if they are all there, they’re just waiting, they’re just waiting for that invitation?” So the invitation, when you start saying things and the only way you’re going to start saying things to get people to finally step forward is you’ve got to get practiced and you’ve got to get your reps just like [inaudible]. You’ve got to get your reps.

And the only way they know pee and poop go in there is because they have to practice. [Crosstalk] and sometimes they’re not.” That’s the same thing here. Sometimes I’ll write an email, I’ll get a floodgate of consults. And I analyze it and I look at it, sometimes this is going to be a great email. I don’t get any, but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t get any that it didn’t work either. That’s another thing that I’ve been working on as a business owner. It just means that maybe it just moved a couple of people closer.

Stacey: So good.

Michelle: And this is why I coach in 2K, the last time I was in there when you let me coach, it’s such an honor to be coaching in your programs by the way. When I was in there, I told them, I’m like, “I just had a mom and her child just got diagnosed, I could tell she was a little timid, like a little timid deer, just poking her head out of the forest.” I said, “She wasn’t ready yet.” And I said, “It’s okay, we can be a no for now.” And I sent her a call recap, just kind of closing the door just to say, “Follow my podcast, if you have any questions I’m here for you.”

And then she wrote back, “Well, can you tell me about the program again? And can you send me the link?” And then she asked a couple of questions and I said to them on the call, I’m like, “I think I’m going to get her. I don’t know when, she’s a no for now, doesn’t mean a no forever.” And I said, “Alright, you know what? I think I’m going to get her.” And literally five days after I’d mentioned, about this specific person, she paid first day of November, paid in full. I hope it’s alright, I went back into the link and I just paid.

So somebody who’s a no, sat with it. And she said to me in that email, when you wrote me this and it was during my pre-launch series of repurposing my blogs. I looked at the blog. I tightened it. Well, some of these I wrote two years ago and resent. And she said, “Something you said about the father holding the daughter back from a life that she deserved, hit me and then I just went and I joined.” That’s a great example of that.

Stacey: So good. Yeah. I think that what you said that I think is just something to kind of take note on for everyone listening is because I think people sometimes struggle with this. When I teach this idea of you have to believe that there is demand in order to create it. And they’re like, “But I don’t see evidence for that. There isn’t demand. I’m am making posts and no one’s responding.” But you have to think about when you say that, how does it feel, no one’s watching, I’m invisible, I’m making posts and no one’s responding?

It feels like shit and when you feel like shit, you are less likely to do things, you are less likely to show up. You are more likely to hide, especially when you think whatever you do is not going to be seen anyways, or that people don’t want it or they don’t like it. So it’s really like when you tap into that, it makes you more productive, more purposeful. You do more, you show up more, people then are able to watch you and lurk more because that’s what they’re doing, they’re lurking.

Or even if it means just the reps that you said, where you just haven’t gotten enough reps to where you’re saying things that make people take notice. And the only way you’ll get there is through the reps. You have to be willing to just get your message out there. This is why I give in 200K the copy books of all of the emails I’ve ever written. You can go back and read, some of them aren’t amazing. But you can see how many of them I wrote to get where I am today.

And each time we release a volume, it’s smaller and smaller, but I’ve made more and more money and it’s just from all of those reps. But you have to believe there are people out there and they’re just waiting on a really enticing invitation from me, from you. And then once they hear it, they’re coming in the door.

Michelle: Yes, and this is such a good example even in my program, because I have a mom will came in and said, “But everything you’re telling me to do, I did already. He’s just not connected and that’s the problem. If I believe my child’s not connected and I’m doing all the things.” You can take action when you feel like shit but guess what? The result’s going to look like shit. Do you know what I mean? You’re taking action and doing all the things but you already believe that your child’s not connected to you or can’t connect to you. That’s failing before you even start.

And then when you go and you half ass it and you go and you do the things just from a white knuckle space, which I understand. I’m an A-liner. I get that. And then you could say, “Well, see, I told you.” It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. The same thing with marketing, if I’m going out there with this thought that they’re not there, I don’t remember if you said this or I had that thought when you were coaching me, that one in 44, Michelle. I think you might have triggered the question.

Wouldn’t you agree that there’s thousands of families that are struggling with Autism? You know what? No, not only are there thousands, there are more people out there than I’ll ever be able to touch even if I was like a Brooke Castillo or a Tony Robbins. There’s more people that I’ll ever be able to touch. So now we know it isn’t a demand problem. And anybody who’s thinking about that, whatever niche they’re teaching on, or life coaching, there are more people in pain than any one coach could ever reach out to.

And the name of the game is just communicating and creating a safe space for them to believe that maybe you are my way out of this pain.

Stacey: It’s so good. You don’t have a demand problem. You have an effort problem, a belief problem, a rep problem, an action problem or a thought problem, but it’s not a demand problem. It’s never that. I think it would be so interesting if every person listening decided to believe as a circumstance, as factual and measurable, that there was enough demand for as much money as you wanted to make, for the people you want to help more than you can. It’s a fact and that’s true.

Just if you try it on, the idea that it’s true, that the demand is there. If that’s true as a circumstance, then the only thing left to fix is you. You become the thing, you have to figure out why you haven’t tapped into it yet.

Michelle: Yeah, it was crazy. As soon as you said that, I hit the ground running. I was like, “Oh, everybody’s there. I’m being an idiot now. Everybody’s there and they’re just waiting. They haven’t heard the message and the thing.” And I went really working on my copy, getting my reps. Every time I’d put something out, I’d see all of a sudden I get one call, two calls. Now every time I write a blog it would guarantee to get calls. They were like, “Oh my God, this is so exciting.” And it seems to be just the way that it works for me.

I always want to think that there’s some sort of shortcut, just like my mom says, “Michelle’s going to pull back the curtain. She’s going to show me all the goody things to do to make this happen.” Then they realize when they come in I’m like, “It’s because I don’t think it’s possible. That’s really causing this not to happen.” No. How you do one thing is how you do everything and what you coach on is how you have to show up and how you show up in your business, how you show up in your life and then it’s just all connected so yeah.

Stacey: Yes, 100%. Okay, so I know we’re at time. I always ask this question and I know you had so many things you wanted to talk about. So we’ll just have to have you on again. I’m sure everyone’s going to want to hear from you more than once.

Michelle: [Crosstalk] and this launch has just rocked my world in a good way.

Stacey: Yes, this is the first time you didn’t sell without sales calls, right?

Michelle:  Long story short, I did $51,000 from this launch. I usually do about 35,000 a month, grinding sales calls all month long. So I did all of that and I only did three calls.

Stacey: Oh my God. So good. This is so good. This is going to free up your life in such a different way that it’s just going to go blow your mind.

Michelle: And when you go through this, I showed that video of the model, dragging the crying kid down the runway. That’s how I felt with the model. That was, had the stone face, it was so serious, and was just walking the kid down. The kid’s like, the model’s the universe and this is just me, crying all the way down. That was totally me. I just can’t stop looking at it.

I’m like, “That’s me, that’s what this was.” But now it’s a part of my DNA now. Now I have the belief now, you’re not just selling on consults, now you can sell anything, anywhere, anyhow.

Stacey: Yes, that’s the best belief to have. That gives you so much power, you never have to be afraid of your offer or your pricing or your audience or anything or the algorithm changing or whatever it is. If you believe that, you have so much power in your business, you have so much power to make money forever. I am so excited for you to be in Two Million Dollar Group and really up-level that knowledge. It’s going to be so good. So is there anything though that you’re like, we can’t leave without me saying this, I really wanted to share this that we haven’t shared yet?

Michelle: The only thing that we haven’t shared yet that I wanted to share. I think one of my journeys on this is that I’m a hard worker, I’m a hustler, and that’s how I’ve always created everything. And 200K is now opening the door for me to believe that I can create money without busting my ass. And I think it’s one of the best examples is this whole launch. I did this launch and it required me to resist the urge to take easily consults that I could close to test out something new.

I’m considering this my biggest trust fall. this whole launch experience. It was to test out the idea of selling over emails, that they don’t need a consult, they can buy into my program just from an email. They can buy into my program from launching a webinar. They can buy into my program just having a dialog on a DM.

And one of the biggest things that I think has come out of this is not only just a really quick story is that on Black Friday I did my launch and then I reopened it quickly for Black Friday. And I was so exhausted by that point mentally, emotionally, just exhausted, just letting this process play out without me intervening and getting fickle.

Stacey: I love it. You just letting it play out was what was exhausting.

Michelle: Exhausting. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. And I remember the kids wanted to go see Trolls on Sunday after Thanksgiving. I was like, “Fine, great. I’m so happy just to go in there and eat popcorn, be in a recliner, it’s heated and fall asleep.” And I went, I was so delighted, I ate popcorn. They’re watching the movie, I’ve got my coat over me, I’m asleep half the movie when finally the movie’s done, and something pinged me and somebody bought my program while I was asleep in the movie theater.

Stacey: Oh, my gosh.

Michelle: I’ll never forget that. Something in that created a seed of belief that I can do this now. I can sell in more than one way. And so I’ll never forget the Trolls movie, I’ll never forget it, [crosstalk] asleep, exhausted from fighting the urge to cancel, I got a sale.

Stacey: What’s really amazing about that is you can only take so many consults.

Michelle: Yes, I was hitting a ceiling. I knew it. I was hitting a ceiling. I’m at a 70% conversion rate. Even if I hit 90, there’s only so many consults in a month you can take. I had to do this even though it was painful. I did it, and it was so worth it. And now let’s fucking go now. Well, sorry for my potty mouth, but let’s go.

Stacey: What’s amazing about that is that ping is the first of thousands of pings, of thousands of people you’re going to be able to help while you are actually enjoying the time with your child that you have so deeply earned. That is more exciting to me than anything you’ve said so far.

Michelle: It’s exciting for me.

Stacey: I really just thank you for giving me that little nugget to just hold on to as I think about our next six months together. And the next class is coming up in January. And just thinking of that possibility for all of my students, it’s the best. It really is the best. Alright, thank you so much for coming on. How can people reach out to you? How can people find you if they want to follow along and just kind of be immersed in your energy, how can they do it?

Michelle: Sure. They can go on Instagram at Michelle with two L’s, M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E, B as in boy, Rogers R-O-G-E-R-S on Instagram. You can also go to And I have a podcast, The Autism Mom’s Potty Talk Podcast.

Stacey: Potty Talk Podcast. It’s so good.

Michelle: And you can catch me there as well. Awesome.

Stacey: You are a miracle.

Michelle: [Crosstalk].

Stacey: Yes, you’re so welcome. Thank you for coming on. Alright, I will see you next time. We’ll have you on again for sure.

Michelle: Thank you. I’ll talk to you soon.

Stacey: Okay, bye.

Michelle: Bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first 2,000 the hardest part and then 200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk free, you either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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