Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Making a ContributionNext week, I’m announcing a huge contribution that my business will make to the life coaching industry. I believe it will leave an impact far beyond just my business and act as a catalyst for other coaches to do similar work in the future. It got me thinking about what’s required of us to make big contributions to our profession, and I’m sharing my thoughts with you this week. 

I’ve made extraordinary contributions to the coaching world in the nine years I’ve been a coach, but I haven’t had a track record of excelling in my life. I could never have imagined the life and business I have now, and this week, I want you to believe that making a huge contribution is possible for you, regardless of how you see yourself right now.

Join me on this episode to discover the eight most crucial things that are required of you to make a contribution as a life coach. You’ll learn why the fear of visibility is normal, the importance of offering value relentlessly, what it means to stay in your own lane, and why, even though it might not seem like it right now, your contributions deeply matter. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • 8 things that are required of you to make big contributions.
  • My biggest contributions to the coaching industry.
  • What it means to be focused on the long game.
  • The value of mining your own brain rather than other people’s.
  • How to get your ideas out into the world as quickly as possible.
  • Why you don’t have to be extraordinary to make a contribution.


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches. Welcome to episode 275. How are you? How is your year going? Mine is a combination, as it always is, of fireworks. Literally fireworks in my business. Behind the scenes I have new work, new ideas, new contributions exploding out of me. It feels like it can’t be contained. Like it’s just building new life and taking off without me, and the universe is trying its best to contain it. 

What I really think is when we are ready for our next level, when we desire it, the universe gives us every obstacle that has been keeping us from it or every opportunity to rise above it, to work through it. And working through it is what actually carves and crafts the new version of you. So, I have this newness, this freshness, this next level coming out of me, and I keep getting sick. 

I’ve been sick so much this year. And I have heard from so many of my friends and so many of you messaging me – thank you so much for the kind messages – who knows what it’s like when your kids, or your kid, start mingling with other kids and suddenly everything comes home to you. 

I was talking to a friend about this and she told me of course her husband, who is the one that’s actually home with her kids as the primary caregiver, never gets sick. Man, I feel this. I get it all. The most Neil has had this entire year is a stuffy nose for three days. So I’m in that phase where it’s like every other week there’s a new virus coming into our house from the toddler gym and just sanitizing the crap out of my hands and begging those little germ hosts to not sneeze on me in class. 

I joke, but I will say it has been hard to create at the level of the ideas that I’m having, like I have these ideas and then to create at that same level and get them out into the world and be constantly getting sick. And I also recently took over all of my business operations and all of the management of my employees. All of it. And when I am sick, I am finding my brain wanting to give up, to tell me it’s not possible with all of the obstacles right now, with my energy, with having a toddler. 

And I just want to tell you today, and I have an episode that’s going to be coming out about this, but I’ve been coaching people on this in my communities in various different ways. But I really believe, for me, what I’m seeing is it’s a calling to a new level of capability and a new level of directing my mind. Like that is how I’m working through it. I go to increasing my capability and directing my mind very succinctly with where I want it to go. 

So I know I sound stuffed, and I know I’ve sounded stuffed on a lot of episodes recently. But we must persist because I want to talk to you all today about contribution, about making a contribution. I want to make huge contributions to my clients and this industry. 

I have an episode coming out next week, something I’m announcing that my business has done that I believe will be a huge contribution to this industry. It is an accomplishment for my business, but I really believe it will have an impact far beyond my business in a lot of different ways, some that I don’t even know that I can articulate. I just, when you know in your gut something is really important. 

I do believe immediately it will be a catalyst for other coaches to do similar things in the future and it will benefit their businesses and their people so immensely. I think it will light a fire for my current and my future students to learn how I practice the concept of 100% results and how I have turned that into kind of a daily practice in my business, and how delivering has been one of the most important values in my business. 

Immediately, I think my announcement in the next episode will do that. It’s going to anchor the importance of the things I teach to my students and also, it’s really going to impact, I think, a lot of coaches wanting to do the same in their business. And it’s going to be so amazing that you guys are going to hear about it, especially if you’re earlier on in your business, because you can store this in your mind and use it when it’s applicable for whatever stage you’re in your business. 

I’m being a little bit cryptic because you won’t know what it’s about until next week, but I do think it’s going to also impact people who buy coaching from my coaches. I’ve been thinking about this specific contribution that I’m going to give to the industry will impact those of you who are struggling to believe coaching can even work for you. 

So I’m going to say something that might be a little taboo, but because I coach y’all, thousands of you on a daily basis, what I know, even if you would never say it out loud to anyone else, and it’s okay for me to say it to you here because it’s a safe space, you and I here talking together. I know so many of you ride a very fine line of believing in this work and also fearing that maybe you’ve bought into something that doesn’t actually work. 

I know you guys struggle with this. I see it in your self-coaching and the coaching you ask for in 2K for 2K. We even see it all the way up into the 200K Mastermind room and so many of you that reach out to me. I coach so many of you, just you haven’t quite built the concrete tangible results yet, yet is the emphasis, from coaching yourself or your clients, but you will. 

So I’m very excited to make this announcement. And in thinking about this announcement and what I believe is this huge contribution that it’s going to make to the industry, I started thinking about the other contributions I’ve made. And I want to share a couple of them with you, but then I want to really give you an idea of what I think is required to make big contributions, because I really want you to make them as well. 

Before I created 2K for 2K, when I was coming into the industry wanting to make money as a life coach, I was looking up all the business coaches or coaches who were coaching coaches to help me. I wanted to figure out how to build my business. And most of them, I mean, I used to follow like, I don’t know, 20, 30 people. I mean, I was following everybody. I was signing up everybody’s funnels. 

And most of them were marketing some version of, join this program, join this training and get your first 10 clients or your next 10 clients, or it was all about the 100K. But the emphasis was on achieving these big results. And there wasn’t an emphasis on simple, small, tangible results. 

And in the last five years, since 2K for 2K, I’ve seen literally thousands of coaches really succeed and tell me that they’ve tried everything and that they’re finally succeeding, focusing on those simple, small, tangible things. The first 2K, the hardest part, the 2K at a time. And so I do think that’s been a big contribution to the industry. 

Marketing my offers, 2K for 2K, 200K Mastermind, $2 million group as specific tangible results was also not really happening before I did that. People weren’t putting numbers on things because they didn’t want to be responsible for getting that result, which is also something that I think will ultimately be one of my contributions in the industry, is really teaching coaches that I do think that’s why people hire us, is to get results. 

And so we do want to take some responsibility on, and in fact, as much responsibility on as we possibly can. I teach my clients this idea of putting in the result that they want to create in the result line of the model, 100% results for all of my clients. And using that as a self-coaching tool for what would I need to think and how would I need to feel and what would I go and do if I were working towards this result and I believed it were possible. 

And I believe working towards it gets us somewhere that we could never go if we were telling ourselves, well, I can’t be responsible for someone’s results, or I can’t be responsible for promising a specific result, right? Even just saying you make 2K or I give you your 2K back, right? Or a Mastermind that has 200K in it. 

You’re coming into this Mastermind to make 200K, maybe not in one round, but that is the goal of the Mastermind. So we want you to do it as fast as you can. We want you to stay with us until you do, whether it’s one round or three rounds, the goal is that everyone makes 200K. That’s the mark we’re all moving towards, and the same with the $2 million group. 

I’m seeing this now with weight loss people. I’m seeing this now with married people. I’m seeing marketing for a specific tangible result. I’m seeing that everywhere. I don’t know that I started that in any way, but I do think I’ve really championed it. And I think people have seen me do it and seen me succeed, and it’s created safety for other people to follow and to be able to promise results or make that promise and be willing to just come out with that. 

And when I also started the industry, one of the things that I remember, and this was eight years ago, was that 100K was really the standard of having made it. It was the mark that people pushed for. And what’s so funny now is I will see other coaches, not even in my community, marketing making 200K as like the new standard. Not like in their business model. They’re not calling it the 200K group or whatever. But I’m seeing them talk about it as if it’s the standard now. 

And I’ve always thought, is that because we have hundreds of coaches who have come through the room and they’re all talking about making 200K and suddenly 200K has become kind of the new 100K? I love it. I love it. It was very arbitrary. I mean, not 100% arbitrary. I chose 200K because I went from 20K to 200K in one year between Masterminds, like from LCS Mastermind to LCS Mastermind. 

I went from 20K to 200K between my first and my second Mastermind. So I fell in love with the idea of making 200K. That felt like my first really made it moment. So I am here for it. And I will say, I think my biggest contributions to the industry are obviously, or maybe not, to me, obviously the way I teach clean selling and how I help people feel so good about selling and then getting their clients results after they sell. 

I think that just in general, those two things I have helped really change the standard for what people believe making money can feel like. And I’m telling you this – Well, I’ll tell you in a second that this was very hard for me to tell you and why. But I tell you all this because I don’t think that I’m extraordinary. I think I am a pretty average person and I started out even less than average. 

There was nothing about my early life or even my life at 30 that I would have said was anything extraordinary. I’m not extraordinarily educated. I don’t know a lot of big words. I’m always the person in the room saying, “What does that mean?” I do not have an encyclopedia of knowledge inside of me, other than making money as a life coach and life coaching and sales and travel. You could always ask me anything about travel. I am very well traveled. 

I do not have a track record of excelling in my life, nor do I come from a family who does. And I really, really want you to believe that making a huge impact on this profession or on your clients, or both, is possible for you, regardless of the way you see yourself or the type of person that you think you are, or just what skills you have, or what proficiencies you think you have. 

Because the person who I have become, and especially with the contributions that I’m going to be making in the future, the one we’re going to talk about next week, but the ones I will continue to make, the innovations that are happening right now in this very moment in my business, none of these things are things I ever saw coming. 

So I want to break down my definitive-ish list of making a contribution as a life coach. And the first thing that I think it requires, so I said this was very uncomfortable for me to tell you what I think my contributions are. One of the things that it requires is being willing to sit with the discomfort of talking about yourself, of self-promotion, to let the world know about your gifts.

It is deeply uncomfortable. You can’t see me right now, but I’m literally rubbing my chest, and it feels like it’s turning red. And I’ve noticed as I step into this next level, it’s made me more uncomfortable than it’s ever made me before. And it does feel like the highest level of what I will create in this industry. It’s the next level of me standing out and being very different and leading and, again, innovating. And I feel deeply uncomfortable. 

And I’ve done a lot of coaching, I’ve been sitting on this for a while because I’ve done a lot of coaching on being comfortable to let myself be seen in this. And so letting yourself, even your own self see your value and your greatness may be deeply uncomfortable. 

I coach just as many people, half the people are like, I want the world to see me in my greatness. And why aren’t they seeing me in my greatness? And it feels great to be seen in my greatness. And half of the people I coach are like, this is deeply uncomfortable. 

And I don’t think that this has to do with ego at all. And I don’t think being willing to be in self-promotion, to self-promote, to talk about yourself, to believe that you are making a contribution, I don’t think this is a sales-y feeling either. I think it’s just a deeply vulnerable, deeply exposed feeling. 

I remember when I first started, how hard it was for me to even say, “I can help you.” Like at a networking event or if someone DM’d me or in a coffee chat and the moment was there in front of me, it was so uncomfortable for me to say those four words because there was this other voice inside saying, who do you think you are? 

And then there were even other people saying that. So my brain was saying that and other people’s brains were saying that out loud to me. So that’s number two, you have to be willing for other people to say, “Who does she think she is?” You have to be willing to let other people try and tear you down. 

I remember when I first started working with a life coach, maybe I’d been working with a coach for a year-ish. But I was in that brand-new phase where I was just changing my life. And one of the most pivotal moments I’ll always remember is my first coach and I were in a yoga class and we were on our way out and I was just being a negative Nancy. That was typically how I was in my life, just a victim. Everything was everybody else’s fault and everything was so terrible and my life was so horrible. 

And I remember her making me stop and go on a rampage of gratitude. And I remember gratitude being the hardest thing for me to grab onto and to feel and to generate and to express. And it was my biggest transformation. I had to work so hard on it. But it then became a thing that I was always talking about and living through. 

And I remember my coworkers one day making fun of me on Facebook, like on public Facebook. So they would post stuff like, “I’m just so grateful that I’m so grateful for all the gratitude” with a big eye roll emoji. And they would laugh at me behind closed doors and gossip. And people would ask me about my little business. And it was all very demeaning and diminishing. 

So I want to offer to you that whatever you have inside of you, it will take a lot of vulnerability for you to get it out. And when you are still building your confidence, there will be people who want to tear that down because it makes them uncomfortable. It’s like crabs in a pot. 

I don’t know anyone who has made a huge contribution who hasn’t had that snarky family member or that friend that crushed them with some version of “Who do you think you are” or some diminishment of the value that you offer. 

I don’t want you to be scared about it, I have other podcasts coming out about fears around visibility. I just want to offer that it’s par for the course. Your brain is going to want to offer, “Who do you think you are?” And if you’re thinking it, of course, they’re thinking it, right? You’re thinking it too. 

And I was hurt by the colleagues, but I also remember thinking like, yeah, I used to think gratitude was bullshit too. And so you just have to know, like I know so many people that come in and they’re so hurt by comments that their friends and their family make. But just know if you want to make a contribution, no one’s making it out there without having those comments. And you must persist. 

I’m watching a new series on Apple TV called The New Look. And it’s about some of the French couture designers during German-occupied France and then after. I’m going to explain it poorly, but how French fashion kind of brought life back to Paris after the Allies came in and the Nazis were kicked out of Paris. 

And it really centers around Balenciaga, Balmain and Dior. And y’all know that Dior is my favorite designer, and Chanel. Anyways, there’s a scene, there’s no spoilers really, I don’t think here. But there is a scene where Dior is home with his family and his family are giving him the hardest time and making him feel like complete garbage for wanting to own his own business. 

And there’s literally one of his brothers, I think actually says, “Who do you think you are? You think you’re just so much better than all of us.” And it just hit home with me. It was such a real raw scene of what it must feel like to be so vulnerable with your dreams and your desires and to have that. 

So I think it requires vulnerability. And then I think it requires willingness for other people to say, who do you think you are? To try to pull you down. To diminish you. To make you uncomfortable. And they’re not making you do those things, but to have that experience it requires that. 

I also think that you have to believe at the very core, I am valuable. I have value. That’s where you start, whatever little seedling of value that might be. I remember walking into networking events and I would tell myself, I have value. And I would think about having been certified with the model. 

And I would say, I have the model. Like if I don’t have anything else, I have the model and I can help people with the model. And I would say that I can help people with the experiences that I’ve been through. I can help people with the transformations I’ve had. And I would just say that over and over. I have value. I am valuable. 

And then you have to give that value relentlessly. And then you have to develop the discipline of evaluation and improvement. And you have to focus on the long game, the contributions that I’m going to be making in the coming months and in the coming years really are the result of me focusing on the long game, what I call the infinite game. 

I mean, I don’t actually call it that. I didn’t get that term, I didn’t create that term. Is it Simon Sinek has a book called The Infinite Game? And I read that years ago and it deeply impacted me. So I’m always thinking three years from now, five years from now, 10 years from now, what is the impact I want to have made? And then what do I want to have created? And what do I need to create now to make that happen? 

It’s where my three-year plan, the idea and concept of the three-year plan was created. It’s based on my mission and what I want to see happen at the end of three years, five years, 10 years. And then I focus on that and I take dedicated action every day towards that. 

You also must see yourself as unique, as original, as a thought leader, as someone whose contribution does move the needle. And then you have to use your discipline of evaluating and improving to actually move the needle. Every day you get better and better and better. 

So, for example, my 200K Mastermind, every round, I’m getting my finger on the pulse of the room and improving and engaging actively. I’m pushing the students, I’m coaching them. I’m in there just like in it with them and their results. 

And then the next round, I spend time thinking about them. And then I would come up with brand new content and do the next round. And you can really see the evolution of the content and how good that program has gotten from how many hours, how much time I put into that. 

And one of the things I was thinking as I was coming up with this podcast and this idea of what I could teach you about making a contribution, is some of the things that I think are contributions, maybe other people don’t think that. I don’t know. They don’t tell me. But what I do know is I believe that it does move the needle. 

And then because I believe that, I take action. Like it’s so important that then other people receive it that way and then they go out and take action on it as well. So that I see it moves the needle in my clients, which is all I care about. 

And then you have to stay in your lane and stay in your brain. Repeat that to yourself. Stay in your lane, stay in your brain. Stay in my lane, stay in my brain. So what I mean by that is your thoughts are more interesting than other people’s. Repeat that to yourself. My thoughts are more interesting than other people’s. 

I read and listen to things less than ever before. I have a few podcasts, a few email lists I’m on, but I really watch what comes into my world and into my brain. It was a conscious decision I made when I was in master coach training and I was developing the thought, “I am a thought leader.” And I just decided a thought leader spends more time mining for what’s inside their brain than other people’s. And so I spend time mining for what’s in my brain and then organizing it for my clients. 

And then staying in your own lane, you have to be so busy with your own improvement and your own contribution that you don’t have time to worry about what anyone else is doing in comparison to you because you’re just so busy in your lane making your contribution. It takes up all of your time, like all of it. 

The next thing is you have to tap into the demand waiting for your contribution. This is the only thing that will propel you forward quickly, is believing other people are depending on you, waiting on you, going to execute on what you offer them right away. It just moves the needle forward when you believe there are so many people that are waiting to receive it. 

Then you’ve got to get your best ideas into the world as fast as possible. Don’t wait to perfect them, you’ll do that over time. Just get them out of you so that – What I tell myself is that space is then made for more to come in. The more I get out, the more space I create. 

If I keep them locked in me, then it gets cramped and nothing else can come in. So get out, get them out in the world, iterate, and then iterate again. You just continue to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work, what am I going to do differently, then go out and implement. And then do it again, and do it again, and do it again. That entire process, what worked, what didn’t work, what am I going to do differently, and then go out and implement over and over and over. 

The other thing I think you have to do is take yourself seriously. What I have to say matters. This work that I’m doing matters. This is what you say to yourself. What I have to say matters to the world, to the industry, to other people. This result I am working to help people create matters. Whatever it is, whatever you help people with. 

If you coach people on friendship, if you coach people on marriage, if you coach people on addiction, if you coach people on drinking less, on losing weight, on creating a business, on productivity, work-life balance, general life coaching, on anxiety, doesn’t matter. The result I am working to help people create matters. 

This is the biggest one that I actually think could be an entire podcast. I think I’m going to do a separate one later on this, but I do think it’s like two things working alongside each other. I want to make a contribution, I think the other side of that is in order to up-level my profession. That’s something that feels like one of my biggest values and my deepest passions, is to uplevel the entire profession of life coaching. 

One of the ways I do that is by helping people sell better and not be weird and not be sales-y and not be hustle-y and to be really clean in their minds and engage with people in a really professional way. That’s one example of it. But overall, my rule is I only add value to my profession. I never subtract. 

I’ll tell you a quick story. Right around 100K, maybe even from 100K to 300K, I became very self-righteous. I’m aware enough now and humble enough now to say that. But I saw lots of contrast to my ideas and my way in the industry. 

And I saw a lot of things that weren’t working in conversations I was having with people I was meeting. Or I saw things I didn’t like that felt icky. And I felt suddenly at odds with this profession, this beautiful profession that I was in love with. I saw myself at odds with other people in my profession and I was constantly arguing with them in my head. Like arguing with the industry at large in my head. I wanted to police it all the time. 

I cannot tell you the amount of urges to rant that I had made myself sit on, even over the years, but especially during that time period. I wanted to make a post or a podcast about everything I didn’t like. I wanted to teach everyone everything I knew that was better. And it felt awful. 

And this was the turning point for me. It did not feel good for me. So I had an a-ha one day that I wanted to love this industry so much that I never wanted to criticize it. I never wanted to be at odds with anyone in it. I never wanted to do anything that would take value from the industry. I wanted only to add to it. 

And I wanted my marketing and selling – This was especially, like I really wanted it to stand on its own without having to pit my offers against other people’s offers. I really saw other people doing this too, and I never wanted to lift myself by shoving someone else down. Even the shoving someone else down that was happening in my head felt terrible. I couldn’t imagine it coming out into the actual physical world. It just felt awful. So crummy. 

I didn’t want to pass – And really, this is the other thought I had, is I didn’t want to pass on negative thoughts about the industry to my clients. Because if I talk negatively about how something is done in the coaching world in my marketing, then I inherently pass on the notion to my audience that something in the industry is bad. 

So I’ll tell you another quick story. One of my favorite chefs, Thomas Keller, I’ve talked about him before on the podcast, is known for his contribution to the food industry. Now, he calls it the profession and he does not like the term industry. He thinks of everyone down to the bus person as a professional. 

I’ve done a podcast about thinking of yourself as a professional, but there is something to that, to seeing yourself as a professional life coach. A professional that has a career in life coaching, a professional coach. So when you go to Thomas Keller’s restaurants, you see the quality of his thoughts in physical form. 

That has been something that has struck me every time I step foot in one of his restaurants, is literally experiencing the quality of his thoughts in physical form. The quality of the food, the quality of the service, the attention to detail, the precision. 

We spent our last anniversary at French Laundry. We actually got to meet him the day after our wedding. We had dinner with my sister and a couple of my good friends and he came out and greeted us and congratulated us on our wedding. 

Anyways, we went back last year for our third year anniversary and we were mesmerized by how fast they would change the tablecloths and iron them. 30 seconds, done. Not a wrinkle in sight. And how quiet they were when they did it. Like if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t even notice it was happening. It was so swift, so precise. The way he pays his servers, I’m sure he doesn’t call them that. I know he calls it a profession and not industry, but I don’t know what the servers are called. 

And he was a leader during Covid of setting up a fund for people who were out of work in the food and service profession. And one of the things I think is really cool is you can tour his kitchen without a moment’s notice and it is so clean. And there’s a monitor in his kitchens with a real-time live feed connecting all of his restaurants to each other. French Laundry, Bouchon, Surf Club, Per Se. 

He can see what’s happening ad hoc. He can see what’s happening in every restaurant at any given moment. Like they cook as a community. They can communicate with each other. They’ll wave to you if they see you on the monitor. 

And I share these two stories combined because I realized years ago, if you want to make a contribution, you have to take all of that energy fighting against, all of that energy of competition, of compare and despair, and you have channel it into fighting for and building with. 

The compare, the fighting against, the policing, it’s all subtracting from the overall value of our profession. And if you want to make the highest contribution to actually change the profession, you have to see it as a profession and you are a professional and be proud and honored to be a part of it. You need all of the energy flowing in the most positive direction. 

I have really come to believe that we can make change without burning it all down. And I know it’s working against our brain’s most natural tendency, like my son’s first sentence, which I think is so fascinating. It’s just proof of the way the brain is wired, “But not this, not this, not this.” 

He’ll say that to the food, not this. He’ll say it to the TV if the TV is not Toy Story, not this. Like just not this. Like the only sentence of communication he has is to tell us what he doesn’t like. 

And so you really have to focus on what do you want? And put all of your energy into creating that with positive intent, flowing from love for your clients, for the profession, for what you do, for all of it. 

And then the last one, I’ve said this before but I’ll just say it again. I think there is again, a deep vulnerability in no longer self-deprecating like most humans do. It can be very scary to confront the power within, the possibility, what you could do with your life, what you could do as a life coach, what you could do for your clients. 

It is scary to think that you could come out and say you’ll lose X amount of weight, or you’ll have this result by the end of our session, or you’ll feel this way, or I’m going to help you improve these areas, or I’m going to help you make this much money, or I’m going to get you results, right? Just that simple statement. I get my client’s results. It can be very scary to confront that possibility inside of you that you could be that person. 

It’s a lot of responsibility. It’s uncomfortable. Your brain will want to scream danger at you. And you still have to put your contribution out there. I think about this quote daily. Les Brown said, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled. The books that were never written. The songs that were never sung. The inventions that were never shared. The cures that were never discovered. All because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.” 

That is it, my friends. It’s deeply scary and deeply vulnerable, and we have to be willing to let our contributions come out of us and persist until we see them tangibly in this world. You are a thought leader. Your contribution matters. People are waiting on it.

You are not too small. You do not need to be extraordinary or have extraordinary traits. All you have to do is simply cultivate the behavior of being a contributor. And you have no clue. If I could tell you eight years down the line, nine years – Wait, are we nine years in? I started my business in 2015. Oh, my gosh. 

Okay, nine years in, almost a decade. Holy smokes. Almost a decade into this industry, what I can tell you is there’s no chance in my life that I would have told you who I was going to be in this industry and what I was going to do and the things that I’m going to create, that I am creating now. I mean, I would have told you for sure you were lying. Like made up, that’s a joke. 

It would have felt to me like if you told me I could go play professional basketball, which is for sure never happening. I’m 5’3″ and terribly uncoordinated. But that’s how foreign it would have felt to me, how un-me it would have felt. 

How you create this, all of the things I’ve shared on this episode, one day at a time, one thought at a time, one contribution at a time, one post, one email, one podcast, one thing at a time. I’m a contributor. I am original. I’m a thought leader. My contribution matters. People are waiting on it. 

I cannot wait to share with you my exciting, extraordinarily important contribution that I am coming to you with next week that I really deeply believe is going to change the industry, our profession, for the better from here on out. Stay tuned. I’m dying. I can’t wait. 

All right, have an amazing week, y’all. I love you. See you next week. 

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