Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | MVP: 10 Lessons to Make $200K with Maggie ReyesWelcome to the Most Valuable Podcast (MVP) episode featuring the remarkable life coach, writer, and marriage mentor, Maggie Reyes. As a successful student and an invaluable member of our community, Maggie has honed her skills and expertise to help Type-A women build better marriages without compromising their busy schedules.

In this episode, Maggie shares her top 10 lessons for achieving a $200K income and how the 200K Mastermind program has facilitated her creative thinking in growing her business. Her unwavering dedication to learning has been the driving force behind her impressive results, which she discusses in detail during the show.

Tune in this week and gain insights from Maggie’s favorite resources that have elevated her business, and her top money-making lessons that will help you become a successful salesperson and coach. Learn from Maggie’s experiences and take your business to the next level.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Maggie’s thoughts on making money as someone who isn’t a business coach.
  • The best time to raise your prices. 
  • Why comparison is unhelpful in a container like 200K Mastermind. 
  • Maggie’s advice for anyone who is currently struggling with networking.
  • Why your thinking has to be independent of the circumstances and results you have.
  • The power of getting creative as you find ways to connect with people.
  • Maggie’s top 10 money-making lessons from the 200K Mastermind.
  • The questions to ask yourself that will make you a master at selling and coaching.


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 226. Today I have a most valuable podcast episode for you. And this one’s a really good one. So I wanted to do this episode because it never actually made it onto our true episode list and it doesn’t have its own episode number. I don’t know how to say that. The podcast terminology, no idea what that is. But the way I used to do some episodes to get in my people as they were making a lot of money and I wanted to get interviews in but I was also full of content, I wanted to burst it out.

But sometimes I would do added bonus episodes, so I would release two in one week. And so this was an interview I did with one of my best students, Maggie Reyes. And she came on to give her top 10 lessons for how to make 200K. And so if you haven’t listened to this episode, it now has its own episode number. It’s going to be episode 226 from here on out. But it was a previous bonus episode that you can find in the podcast feed. But I just thought it was so good, it can’t be missed. I want to make sure everyone has listened to it.

Maggie is one of our best students. She is a 2K for 2K and a 200K Mastermind library of content. I think she knows the content better than I do. If you would ask one of us where to find something, “Hey, I want to learn about this. Hey, I want to study this.” She would have the answer more than me. She is a very astute student. She is always going back to the process to find answers.

And I really am so grateful to have students like her and students like her in our communities because they add so much value, always, always, always bringing it back to the process. Things she’s learned from me, specifically coaching her and then the things she’s learned from me coaching other people that she takes on as if I said it directly to her. So this is a great treat. I am going to listen right along with you and we’re all going to learn a lot this week from Maggie Reyes. Alright, let’s dive in.


Stacey: Alright, hey coaches, we have Maggie Reyes here today. Maggie, say hello.

Maggie: Hey everyone. I am so excited to be with queen Stacey today.

Stacey: I feel like I’m so excited to be with queen Maggie today. So much fun. Okay, so before we started this interview, earlier we were talking on the 200K page and you told me something that I didn’t know that I’m freaking so excited about that we have to talk about right away, which is – so actually, let me back up.

When you came to me, tell me if I’m getting this right. When you came to me, you had made $46,000 in your business the previous year. Then you came into the mastermind and the first round you did what? $60,000?

Maggie: Yes, $60,000 in six months.

Stacey: You made more in six months than you made all of the year before. It was like, what? An insane increase. Then last year you did two rounds. So last year you made how much money?

Maggie: In total – I have the exact number. It’s $136,397 in 2019. That was two rounds of the mastermind.

Stacey: So you went from $46,000 to $136,000 in 12 months.

Maggie: Yes, ma’am.

Stacey: Insane. We just want to sit here and laugh about it a little bit. I love it. So then what you just told me on the page that I did not know is we’re in the first quarter of this year and the first – we start in February, so we’re in the first couple of months of this one and you’ve made how much money this year?

Maggie: Okay, I’ve made $66,000 in the first quarter of this year.

Stacey: That is so fun. So you did $66,000 in six months.

Maggie: In six months, yes.

Stacey: Two rounds later, you’ve done it in three months.

Maggie: Correct.

Stacey: You know what I think is so fun is that a lot of people are doing that. I’m interviewing Simone after you, and Simone did that too. She did 200K last year and she’s done 200K the first three months of this year. I think it’s a thing. We just do insane amounts of money. What is happening? So congratulations. I think that’s amazing.

Maggie: Thank you.

Stacey: And I want to have a conversation a little bit today here because a lot of coaches think that they can only make money if they sell business coaching.

Maggie: Yes, they do.

Stacey: Tell me your thoughts about that.

Maggie: So here is the deal. I help type A women who are struggling in their relationships who need help, they’re usually very successful in other areas of their life. And they’re struggling in their marriages, and they absolutely pay for coaching and they renew. Shock.

Stacey: They renew. And how much do you charge? Do you mind sharing that on the podcast?

Maggie: No, I don’t mind sharing. So last year I charged 5K for the whole year. And then this year I charge 10K, which has been a process also that we’ve gone through in the mastermind of how you think about your pricing and you do it from a really intelligent, strategic way, and all of those things.

Stacey: We’ve had to raise your pricing because you have so much demand, which is the best time to raise your pricing is when you have to. Not because you’re trying to validate yourself and your worthiness as a coach, but you’re like, oh no, I just have too many people. It’s the only way to filter is I have to raise my prices.

Maggie: And it’s a whole process. So at the end of this mastermind, we can do a whole episode on all the drama that I had on this topic but yes, it’s been an amazing, amazing adventure and it’s been satisfying to my soul. Not just my business.

Stacey: How so?

Maggie: I have to say first of all, you as our leader, just demonstrate such clarity and such depth of thinking. I have this thought all the time. I’ve never told you this but I think it’s kind of fun. Sometimes I’m doing whatever the homework is for the mastermind, which is always moving my business forward. It’s always business work, right? And I think if Tony Robbins knocked on my door right now and said I will personally coach you Maggie, I’d be like, nope, I’m working with the best coach, thank you, Tony.

Stacey: I feel that way too about Brooke. I love that feeling. It’s the best feeling of like, there’s no one else that I would ever want to coach with.

Maggie: Yes. So I definitely have that feeling. And I was thinking about this. I was thinking about telling a story about the ladies in the mastermind, and I thought, oh, the ladies, the mastermind sisters, and I was like, no, the CEOs in our group. We’re all CEOs in our group and I just thought, we need to speak of each other with that deference and that respect. Not that ladies isn’t a beautiful term, but wait, we run businesses here.

Stacey: Yeah, I was actually just thinking about that because 200K, the group that we’re in now and our little Facebook page, something crazy is happening. I don’t know what’s going on, it’s just like, all the results of all of our hard work. But everybody is creating the most insane stuff.

Like, everybody. The numbers are insane. Sales pages are being created that blow my mind, that I just want to show the whole world and be like, this is how you position coaching and this is how you sell it. Programs are being created that I’m like, wait, there’s no way you can charge that much, you have to charge way more, it’s so amazing. You’re totally undercharging.

What we’re creating is insane and I was thinking about all of you and just how seriously proud and honored I am. I can’t believe that this is the business I have, these are the clients I have, and this is the work that we’re all doing together. It kind of just feels like, what is happening in the world, I can’t put words to it, but I’m so proud and I’m so impressed with the growth because so many of you continue on over and over and over, I get to see the growth really explode. And for those of you that have been – this is your third or fourth round, you guys are in that crazy explosion right now, all at the same time.

Maggie: It’s amazing.

Stacey: It’s amazing.

Maggie: It’s amazing to witness. It’s deeply inspiring. And what I learned in the first round was to stay in my lane. That was such an important and valuable lesson to me because you see your colleagues doing launches and doing things that you’re not at that stage in your business at that moment, and letting that be okay and be inspired by it instead of intimidated by it, and noticing, oh, this is how – oh, you still have mind drama, even when you’re in a different stage of your business. I have found that so useful about being in the mastermind and having people at a bunch of different stages.

Stacey: I agree. I actually think that was the hardest thing for me too in my mastermind. I find there’s the people who shut themselves down and are like, I don’t belong in this room, I can’t be here, I don’t have any value, there’s nothing that I have to offer. And then there’s the people – and I tend to be this side, where I’m like, I have to hustle to keep up, I have to show my worth, I have to be the top earner, I have to be competing.

And I had a realization a couple of meetings ago with my mentor group. I will exhaust myself. It’s not just competing with one person because we’re all growing and doing different things and having our moment in the sun. So I can’t just compete with Corinne because then there’s also Kara over here creating a fucking feminist movement with hundreds of thousands of women and then there’s like, Jody that’s taking over the Mormon religion and coaching.

And Katrina’s writing a book and I’m like, you can’t just compete all day long. You have to be okay with – this year Corinne might be going for 20 million and I want to say just be going for two million, but where I’m at, this is my goal, this is my reasons for my goal. You can’t just keep hustling, and you also can’t shut down. Otherwise, it’s just not useful.

Maggie: And I think that’s such a great example and so important for everyone listening. They’ll hear Simone’s interview, they’ll hear my interview, and I love and adore Simone and I want all her success to continue and multiply, and I’m not where she is right now, but I don’t make that wrong. That’s not a problem.

Stacey: Yeah. And there might be a time where – because the way that we teach in the mastermind, you don’t always just increase your goal like crazy. You have to account for the growth and the balancing of that growth. So sometimes you’ll have a huge growth year and then you don’t. You maintain, you don’t try to increase your goal and you clean up all the backend stuff of your business to make sure your client deliverables are still really amazing, that you’re not overworking, and that everything is really running smoothly.

So there will be times where Simone will have a blow-up year and then you might have the next blow-up year. And last year, Lindsay, everyone was watching Lindsay have a blow-up year, and this year she’s like, I’m working on my program, I’m taking it easy, I’m not hustling this year, I’m not doing 30 freaking hours of coaching every week.

So everybody is in a different place, and I think that that’s something that up until I was in million-dollar mentoring, I was never really exposed to. I was only exposed to hustle, hustle, hustle. Double next year, double the year after, double the year after that, keep making money, you’ve got to keep growing. It really comes from this scarcity of it might run out some time.

Maggie: It’s one of my favorite things that you teach us. It’s absolutely one of my favorite things, which is this idea that your business can grow and that you don’t have to hustle and that you want to be intentional about each year and why you’re doing the things that you’re doing and how they make sense for you and your business.

It’s one of my favorite – I mean, I have a lot of favorite things, but that is definitely one of my favorites. And just to go back to something that you mentioned earlier, that idea of decide to belong. You said that in the very first meeting of the very first mastermind and I took that and I just ran with it. And I just needed one sentence. That’s the power of coaching.

To just have a moment for the power of coaching that one sentence can just change your whole experience of something. You said decide to belong and I said okay, here I am.

Stacey: Yeah. It’s like, these are the most powerful and simple things. Decide to belong, decide that your coach is on your side. We want you to succeed. I don’t know, what are the other simple things that are really – they seem so obvious but they’re not?

Maggie: Well, I want to stay with decide your coach is on your side. So Stacey is one of the most brilliant coaches on Earth, and that means sometimes when you’re coached by her, it feels intense. There’s an emotional intensity that kind of comes from time to time.

Stacey: From time to time. Only every once in a while.

Maggie: And here’s something that I did that I’ve also never told you so everybody gets to hear. I don’t know, you were coaching me on something and I had Stacey as a circumstance.

Stacey: That’s fantastic.

Maggie: And then you posted a picture of you with your dogs and you were so – you were sitting on the floor with your dogs, just being so beautifully human, and I literally saved that picture to my phone. I’m like, Stacey is human.

Stacey: Stacey is human.

Maggie: And believe it or not, that was so powerful for me in that moment when I was really connecting with – she’s on my side, this is the reason that I work with her is for me to grow and think outside of my current paradigm. I need this and I need to just ignore the fact that it feels massively uncomfortable and focus on receiving it.

Stacey: Yes. Oh my god, that’s so good. I love that. Yeah, your coach is human. I was just texting Lindsay Dotzlaf today. I was voice messaging her thoughts about the quarantine and people’s reactions to coronavirus. I mean, it’s like, it’s fine, whatever their reaction is. I don’t have any thoughts about it.

And then I took a shower and I messaged her again. I was like, “Okay, so I was in the shower and I realized I have some thoughts about it. I’m going to go coach myself now.” And she wrote back and she’s like, “I was listening to your message and I was like, she definitely has some thoughts about it.”

Maggie: Yes. Thank you for being human.

Stacey: Yeah. And definitely always – I had to do so much coaching with my thoughts about Brooke when I started million-dollar mentoring. I had all the thoughts like she hates me, I’m stupid, why am I even here? And I always had to be like, she chose me to be in here. She clearly doesn’t think I’m stupid or dumb or hates me in any way, and I had to really coach myself on that a lot.

But I coach with Bev and she gave me that I’m on your side, they’re on your side concept. She actually gave it to me – you will love this – for my relationship with Neil.

Maggie: I love it. I do love it. Yes.

Stacey: She was like, you know, he’s on your side. And I’m like, wait, what? What are you talking about?

Maggie: The way I teach it is you’re on the same team. You’re both on the same team, remember?

Stacey: That is the number one thing that helps you be coachable is to think about we’re on the same team, we’re on the same side. We want the same things for each other.

Maggie: Yes. Can I just say, somebody asked me – we were doing peer coaching a week ago with one of the CEOs in the mastermind. They had seen me on the first live event and then I don’t know if you remember the details of this, but I came back home a new person from that first live event. And they saw it happen. Everyone in the mastermind group saw me just up-level my thinking, how I was approaching my business, all the things.

And she asked me, how did that happen, that in one event you changed so dramatically. And I said I went to that event 100% coachable. I went to that event knowing whatever she was going to teach me, whatever she was going to ask me, I was going to take it in and I was going to follow the guidance or ask the questions. And if you ask me the number one most important thing that was such a game-changing thing, it was just going to the event coachable in the first place.

Stacey: Yeah. And I remember. I coached you – I don’t remember exactly what it was but it was something about your selling process that you didn’t even see as a thing that was happening or a problem or – I don’t remember exactly what it was, but you were like, I think I’m doing, and we coached really hard on it and it was this place that was a total blind spot for you. You were not expecting to have that conversation at all, but I think it changed everything from that moment on.

Maggie: I took it all in and absolutely was my selling process. And I’m so glad you mentioned that because I made notes for today and I wanted to mention how important this one thing is, which was that. So for anyone who’s in 2K now or considering 2K, the overcoming objections module is life giving. Everyone pay attention.

I wrote this down so I could tell you the exact numbers. Learning to overcome objections is really, really, really important and that’s one thing – sort of the theme of what you were coaching me on. I came home and I want to say this for everyone who’s had a low-income month too. I joined the mastermind in December, we had our meeting right at the end of January or something, and I thought, oh my gosh, I’m learning anything that you were coaching me on.

I learned everything from Stacey, I’m doing it perfectly now. But I wasn’t selling, what was happening? And you coached me up and I came back home and then I sold five clients in one month. Something I had never done before. But I overcame one objection of one client following textbook 2K for 2K process.

She became my client, she then went on a trip with her best friend. Her best friend then became my client. Her best friend then recommended her other very, very good friend. Then someone talked to someone else who I don’t know. The original person doesn’t know either. That person referred me to a fifth person that no one has ever met in this group. That person became my client. So from overcoming one objection, I made 30K in sales.

Stacey: Stop. I literally have chills. I feel like you can only explain through stories is the importance of this. People don’t understand. They’re like, so focused on where do you get clients and they’re so focused on how many people are in front of them that could be potential clients. They don’t understand the power of other people introducing other people to you that you have no idea about and it happens in an instant like that. I have had something very similar happen to me like that.

Maggie: And I believe in my heart of hearts that that was made possible by the podcast episode on networking for business, which I highly recommend everyone go back and listen to that you did. Because you shared that story. You shared a story about how someone – five people down referred you and I was like, that is possible, that could happen.

Just the idea that it could happen, and then to watch it happen in my own life was freakishly mind-blowing in the best possible way. And the other thing I love about that episode is I was that person – I’m an introvert. I don’t look like an introvert but I am an introvert, and I always had a lot of resistance to networking.

And that episode and your thoughts about networking blew everything out of the water for me. It just made me become a human when it comes to networking. Like, the purpose of networking is to practice being who you’re becoming.

Stacey: Yes. We’re telling them the purpose of networking is to become who you’re going to become, to be someone different, and actually have a whole total who-you-are shift in identity. That’s the actual purpose for networking. How do you walk them through then when they’re like, but I have to have client? I can’t focus on becoming some new identity of me and becoming some coach. I have to get in front of clients, you don’t understand I have bills I have to pay and I have to have money coming in. I’ve invested in my business, I need the bottom-line dollar, where are the clients? That is what I feel like I’m up against all the time.

Maggie: Okay. So how I would approach it – I feel like this is a pop quiz. So how I would approach it is as a CEO, as the owner of a company, I need to look at what are the strategies that work. I need to take all the emotion out of it and say, does graspiness ever create clients? The answer is no. So I get…

Stacey: Just in case you were wondering, the answer is no.

Maggie: Right. So get super, super, super factual. Factually speaking, if I meet more people and I tell them I’m a coach and I offer to help them, that’s literally what every marketing of every company does. It’s just Coca-Cola spends money and you go to a networking event or you join a Facebook group. That’s the only difference. It’s just being in front of people.

So if that’s what is going to get me clients, then all I need to do is focus on the part that I can control, which is showing up as my best self, and sharing what I do, and talking to people. It requires you to step out of your current thinking. I have the best example for this.

Stacey: Perfect. Give it to us.

Maggie: I will tell you with a story.

Stacey: We’re dying for it.

Maggie: Yes. So January 2019, I made $950 from a payment plan someone was on. I had just joined the mastermind, I had just gone through the entire 2K process for the first time. I knew that I knew what I was doing. I was on that whole thing. And I did not look to my results for my thoughts. I kept going back to my thoughts to create my results.

Stacey: Yeah.

Maggie: So when that person comes and says, no, but I need clients, I need clients now, they’re looking at their results to decide what they’re going to think.

Stacey: Yes. Or their circumstance, which is the same. That is the gap that you – you can sign on to be a life coach and you can be like, I want to help people and I want to life coach. But the first test of whether you actually believe in life coaching that you’re going to come up against is when you build your business and you are going to have to take charge of your thinking regardless of what your circumstance is financially or whatever, at home, and what your current results are.

You have to think outside of those. Your thinking has to be greater than the results you currently have, greater than the circumstance that you currently have. It has to be independent of those two things. And I think, and I say this with so much love for everyone that’s trying to get clients, but I do think that the universe protects clients from coaches who don’t actually believe in coaching, by not sending those coaches clients when they’re not living and breathing the work.

Maggie: I agree with you 100% and I have been graspy too.

Stacey: Me too. Remember there was a point where I was marketing 2K and you were like, something happened and then I was all in.

Maggie: Oh yes, that’s the best story ever because that shows you that things happen in an instant when your mindset changes.

Stacey: And that was happening when I was making multiple six figures. So I was just in – I was trying to scale to a million. I wasn’t in need of money, but I was graspy in my goal. I was desperate to become a millionaire and to say that I made a million dollars and to make my business work and to stay in million-dollar mentoring. I kept thinking I was going to get kicked out and I was so graspy.

I remember being in a time where I would do a webinar and get off and just cry my eyes out. And I would be in a launch and writing emails as I go, but not sending emails out because I’m literally in my bed crying instead of writing copy.

Maggie: Yes. And I have to say, I love that you share those stories. That’s another thing I really love about you is you keep is so real.

Stacey: Yeah, well because I don’t anyone to feel like if it’s happening to – they’re crying in bed during a launch that something has gone wrong.

Maggie: We all have those moments. So I literally was on your list, unsubscribed, during that time, then my beloved friend, Danielle Savory said you should really pay attention to this woman Stacey, listen to what she’s talking about. I’m like, okay, well if Danielle said so then let me pay attention, which for everyone listening, that’s what happens.

Someone that you trust says oh, maybe you should pay attention to this woman. So I said okay, let me resubscribe. And then you had your mindset shift and I said this is the woman for me. This is my person. It was like love.

Stacey: Yeah, so that’s why it’s like, you have to go to the networking events to become someone different. And you know, for everyone listening now, they can’t go to networking events and we have to just move past that.

Maggie: Yes, and also you can network online.

Stacey: There is actual virtual networking that you can do. When we say networking, it’s interacting with other people that you don’t currently know. Because everybody that you currently know has a story about you that you have projected to them over years and years and years. You’ve told them who you are. They’ve agreed because you’ve told them so strongly over and over and consistently who you are, that when you decide to tell them that you’re someone different, they’re like, wait, what?

When I told my family I was going to be a life coach, I’d been selling mops in Walmart for seven years as a nomad. They were like, you’re going to do what? You’re going to tell people how to live their life? Are you sure?

So I had to go find people who didn’t know me and my background. They didn’t know that I was a nomad, they didn’t know that I lived in a 600 square foot apartment. I had to find people who I could introduce myself to, my new me, the person I was becoming, and say, hey, I’m Stacey, I’m a life coach, I help people create the lives they want, whatever it is. You have to go do that so that you can – it’s like the people become a blank slate for which you can see yourself.

Maggie: And what happens when you do that enough is then the people who already know you also change their story about you, and some of them come back and either hire you or refer you.

Stacey: Yes, but they’re always the last people for the most part. When people post in 2K and they’re like, oh my gosh, I signed my best friend or my mom and they said they wanted to pay me, I’m like, that never happens. That is a lucky, lucky, lucky case. I don’t say that it can’t happen. I just don’t want people relying on…

Maggie: Agreed. Yes.

Stacey: I didn’t even get my free coaching clients from people I knew. They were all people I didn’t know because I just knew it would be too – I had one person, one friend that I tried to coach for free and it was a disaster. She got so mad at me, then she didn’t want to do any more calls, and then she still aren’t really good friends to this day. It was like it ruined our friendship.

We weren’t that close, but it did not sit well. So I just think it’s so powerful to go out there, meet those people that you don’t know. Who you’ve been in the past, that’s just the result. And it’s that independent thinking, separate from the result you have now, you get to just decide, I’m going to be this person.

And in order to be this person, all I have to do is choose thoughts that allow me to be this person, that this person would think, go out and think then, and then while I’m thinking them, meet new people and tell those new people who I am and these thoughts and express these thoughts. And the more I do that, the more I come home as that person.

Maggie: Yes, 100%.

Stacey: And then the more you live that experience and you understand that possibility, the more you start mastering human change, actual deep change, then the universe is like, listen, you know what you’re doing here. I’m going to send you some people to help. And it doesn’t matter how they come. It doesn’t matter that – Lindsay Dotzlaf was my first client, now my best friend.

She was my sister’s best friend’s best friend who did my free six-week coaching, and I just happened to be talking over Starbucks. My sister’s best friend didn’t even give her my information. She went and looked me up herself and messaged me. I met Lindsey Mango at a networking event.

People just – and then I had that one string of five people just like you did that were like, I literally signed three people I think in the same week. One friend, and then she told her friend, who then told her friend. And then everybody did consults back to back and they all signed. I mean, crazy stuff. You don’t know where they’re going to come from. It’s like, our job is to just become the person who’s ready for them.

Maggie: 100%. And you can do that all online.

Stacey: Yeah.

Maggie: I used to be a recruiter before I was a life coach. Listen up everyone. Facebook, LinkedIn, both of these places have groups of every profession. Any profession you can imagine on it because I used to recruit these people. And I wasn’t them. It’s the same as a coach. I wasn’t a chef, but I had to find, where do the executive chefs hang out? Let me see.

So every profession, every interest that you can imagine, imagine a hobby that you love, go find a group where they talk about quilting. Someone in quilting will want to lose weight or they’ll want to have a better marriage, or they’ll want to pursue their dream or relieve their anxiety. You can do it all online.

Stacey: Yeah. You could even get creative. I was listening to – this is so funny, but only because when you’re in a marriage or a relationship, you adopt and do things that the other person likes as well. Anyway, I now listen to Howard Stern on the regular.

Maggie: That’s kind of funny. Yes, that is kind of funny.

Stacey: Actually, he’s a lot different than he used to be. He’s gotten softer and older and very liberal in his days. But Neil listens to him on the radio and so he had Rosie O’Donnell on the other day and she was talking about how her and a bunch of other celebrities – I mean, there was a whole list of them, they’re all getting on Zoom every night at 9pm and having a glass of wine and talking about how was your day.

Literally almost like, a group therapy type situation to just check in and make sure they’re all staying sane and they’re all okay. And when she was talking about that, I was like, you can do that with your group of friends. And Rosie said like, everybody invited their friends. There were a lot of people on the call that she didn’t know and she’s gotten to know as they’ve gotten together.

And maybe it’s not every night. Maybe it’s once a week or I think it was pretty regular, but she was talking about how many new people she’s met because of that. And I was just thinking like, yeah, that’s another idea. You could say I’m going to invite my five closest friends, you invite your five closest friends, and let’s get together.

You don’t ever have to talk about coaching. You don’t have to talk about anything. Just like, let’s have a get-together and engage with each other because that’s the way that we have the opportunity to now. And you don’t even have to talk about coaching to build those connections and for people to start being interested in you.

Maggie: Absolutely. I love that.

Stacey: That’s so good. We just have them meeting new people, even if it’s online. Doesn’t matter. Get out and do it. Get creative. And I think the more you push your brain to get creative on how to find people, the more resourceful you teach yourself to be.

Maggie: I love resourcefulness. I talk about resourcefulness in marriage all the time. Resourcefulness is so important co-signed.

Stacey: So you said before this interview that you actually wrote down a list of the top takeaways since you’ve been in the 200K mastermind that you so graciously wanted to share with the listeners, which I think is very generous and thank you ahead of time, and I can’t wait to hear the list. And everybody, listen up. I’m sure it’s going to be some gems. Alright, what do you got?

Maggie: Okay, so these are 10 money-making lessons from the 200K mastermind. Everyone get the notepads ready. First, we talked about overcoming objections as really important. We cannot possibly overstate how important that is. If you do not overcome objections to a high level of mastery already, you need to be in 2K. And if you’re in 2K, you need to review that module. Enough said.

Stacey: Over and over and over until you get it.

Maggie: Yes. Because I think that’s so important. My colleagues, the CEOs in the 200K mastermind, we review the basics all the time.

Stacey: Yeah. You guys have all – all of you that are making anywhere from 200K to 400K have done the 2K process five times.

Maggie: We are always in there and reviewing and now I see it from this other place where I’m at all the time.

Stacey: 100%. And also, let me just say with the overcoming objections, this is something I think about all the time. It’s not – people think you just have like, tell me the blanket answer of what do I say if someone says this to me. No, you have to understand, overcoming objections is about thinking about what is the person thinking.

What’s the thought in the way? What’s the thought error that they have? Like the association they’re making that’s keeping them from making a decision. What’s the association they need to make to make the decision? And that is something that you have to think about every day for your clients.

I never stop thinking about what is the association they’re making that’s keeping them from buying and what is it they need to make to buy. I am always bridging that gap, thinking about it all day every day as one of my number one jobs. And I do it not just for the people who haven’t bought, but I do it for the people who are in my programs who aren’t getting results.

I’m like, what could get them a result faster? That’s the way I think about you guys in 200K. I’m like, where are they at now? Where do they want to be? What is the association that’s keeping them from getting there? How do I teach it clearer and better? How do I get them there faster? If you spend all of your time thinking about that, you will literally be a master at selling and coaching.

Maggie: Yes. The better you sell, the better you coach, 100%. And here’s what I consider to be a hack. Tell me Stacey, what you think about this. I think it’s kind of a hack. The better you get at overcoming your own objections, the more congruent you are when you’re helping someone overcome their objections.

Stacey: Yes.

Maggie: So if I postponed a vacation or canceled it completely to join the first mastermind and somebody is telling me, oh, this, that, whatever. And I’m like, you just decide. What’s your priority? Do you want to make this your priority? And you can stand in so much congruence with that person.

Stacey: Yes. You have to clean up all of your money stuff. I don’t have any fear talking about – when someone tells me, “I don’t know if I can join your program, I have $30,000 of debt.” I’m like, who cares? So what? Debt is buying money. You bought $30,000. Do you want to buy two more thousand dollars in order to pay off all that debt? It’s not a problem because I’ve done that. I’ve coached myself through that objection.

Maggie: Because this is perfect, let me just say that in my notes, I have episodes 60 of your old podcast, Money Mindset and The Truth About Debt as one of the things in my top 10 list because it’s exactly what you just mentioned. You buy money to be able to use it for a purpose that you are prioritizing. And that episode was the episode where I printed out the transcript and used the notes to discuss with my husband when I was going to invest in the first mastermind.

Stacey: Oh my god, that’s so good. Should we put that on this podcast? Should we find that episode?

Maggie: Yes, it’s episode 60.

Stacey: For those of you that are in 2K, that is the Diva Business School podcast is the one she’s talking about and it’s in the bonuses in 2K. You get the entire 64 episodes of my first podcast, which is a lot more about personal development, developing yourself as a woman in business. But I’m going to have to go back and listen to that one. I’m like, that sounds really great.

Maggie: Is this phenomenal? You totally should.

Stacey: Okay, perfect. So overcoming objections is very important and personal congruency with overcoming your objections is kind of the hack. It’s the answer. It’s the way you do it.

Maggie: One of my personal things that makes me so happy is whenever I think similarly to you, so I’ll say something to someone like, one of my coach friends. I’ll say, listen, my thoughts are x, y, and z. And then three days later you’ll be doing a live coaching in 2K for 2K and you’ll say, listen, my thoughts are x, y, and z. And I’m like, see? Told you.

Stacey: I love it. That’s so good. I love it. Okay, what’s next?

Maggie: Next, so since we’re talking about podcast episodes, I picked several that I highly, highly recommend. Just my top three plus that extra bonus one from the previous podcast. So we talked about networking for business. Absolutely everyone should go back and listen to that one.

And then my other ones were urgency to buy. Urgency to buy changed my life because all of the traditional, conventional wisdom marketing is like, give them a timer, give them scarcity, give them this. All those crazy things. And in urgency to buy, you said the urgency comes from the problem they have. Not from how many spots you have open in your schedule.

Stacey: Yes. Because if they don’t have an urgency to solve their problem, they don’t care that you have one spot left.

Maggie: Exactly. Yes.

Stacey: And I think that people try to lean on that instead of figuring out why the person doesn’t want to solve the problem or doesn’t have urgency to solve the problem. Because if they don’t have urgency to solve a problem, it’s always why. What’s the reason for that?

Maggie: What’s going on? Yes.

Stacey: They have a thought that either it’s not going to be easy, it’s not possible, or it’s not available to them. They just have something in the way that they’re believing because it’s like that concept that if you can just go buy the results on the shelf at Target, you would figure out how to come up with the money if you could just open a box and have your dream life.

Maggie: Yes. So Stacey classic episodes that really changed things for me was networking for business, urgency to buy, and then the other two were clean selling and success intolerance. Classics.

Stacey: Yes. We deal with a lot of success intolerance in 200K. Once you start making money, you start sabotaging yourself and making bad decisions.

Maggie: Yes. Those episodes I highly, highly recommend. Okay, the next thing. This is a thought that took me to 100K and allowed me to not be graspy on consultations and it was very simple. No one call is going to make me or break me.

Stacey: That’s good.

Maggie: I just knew going into every call that I was willing to talk to 100 people, 200 people, 50 people, however many number of people. It didn’t matter. And that no one call was going to make me or break me.

Stacey: That’s so good. I love it. Oh my gosh, gold. Okay, what’s next?

Maggie: Decide who you want to become and become her as soon as possible.

Stacey: Why do you think people wait? I’m always thinking about that. When people tell me, I’m hoping to join something, 2K, 200K next year, next round, whatever it is, I’m always wondering what they’re believing about themselves that has them waiting.

Maggie: Well, here’s an anecdotal one that I went through, which is I think people have unconscious and conscious negative consequences. So, I had one that was if my business is wildly successful, I’ll somehow lose my marriage. Something devastatingly bad will happen that I don’t want.

And that was in my way until I saw it, until I had awareness around it, and then I literally was crying the night I figured it out. And I remember I was traveling and I was Skyping with my husband and he’s like, “You know I want you to be as successful as you want to be. This is not a problem.” He’s like, “You can retire me if you want.”

Stacey: I love the men who are okay with us retiring them.

Maggie: No, now he’s like, I’m ready to be a kept man. That’s his joke.

Stacey: I love it. I love it. He will be soon. That’s fantastic.

Maggie: So that’s that one. Then being coachable, which we talked about earlier. Oh, this was really good. I was going to run a challenge and I wanted to give away some diaries or books or journals or something. And I remember you coached me and you said, “No, no, make it life-changing, Maggie. Just make it life-changing.”

Stacey: But the program itself, right?

Maggie: The challenge that I was doing.

Stacey: The challenge, okay, yeah.

Maggie: And then you said that to me again. One sentence that opened everything up in my mind because I literally was on fire with life when you said just make it life-changing.

Stacey: Well think about that because people want to do that is they want to add bonuses and stuff to – they’re trying to change the circumstance to add value instead of to change their thinking and the way that they approach it and how they deliver it to add value.

Maggie: It has impacted how I create and think about everything that I do, and even very simple things that I do, I understand now that you can offer a person one sentence or one question or one concept and that can be life-changing for them, and I focus on that quite a lot.

Stacey: And a good thought to have about that that I like to borrow or I think for myself is that that one thing that I’m going to offer someone that will change their life deeply is probably right on the top of my head. It’s not something I have to think hard on. It’s something that is just obvious to me and I say it. The genius is already inside me.

Maggie: I love that. I love that. That’s another thing I love that you teach. We talked about being coachable, then the belief plan and practicing thoughts on purpose. Just a concept of practicing thoughts on purpose. Of course, I’m in self-development and I’ve heard of affirmations and I’ve heard of all different kinds of things, but just the idea, I’m just going to think this on purpose today.

For some reason, the way you taught it just got to me at a deeper level, and then I started practicing thoughts on purpose, and then they started happening. I was like, okay, well, we’re keeping this.

Stacey: Wait a minute, this works.

Maggie: Yes.

Stacey: So good. And I want to say, I just want to add to that that I have recently with the 200K mastermind – I shouldn’t say recently, but like, three masterminds ago, the first time I launched it and I had never filled it with 30 people, I remember having the moment where I was like, I could believe that 30 people are joining no matter what. I could believe that now. I don’t have to wait until it happens to believe it. No one can stop me.

And it felt like all of a sudden like, wait, where are the belief police? Like I can actually just believe this and feel it in my body now? Nothing can stop me? And then why wouldn’t I? Because I just get to feel confident now. I get to feel relieved now. I get to feel like it’s done now. And that’s for me, and nobody can take that away. Okay, what’s next?

Maggie: Okay, the last one. Go to having done energy as much and as often as possible over and over and over and over and over again.

Stacey: Yes, so good. So how would you tell someone what is having done energy and how do they get there?

Maggie: Okay, so I imagine myself – so my goal for this year is to make 200K in a year.

Stacey: Nailed it. You’re going to do it, 100%. Done.

Maggie: It’s totally happening. And first of all, it’s how we talk about it. So we’re just modeling it for you even right now as we talk about it. It’s like, of course, this is my plan and I haven’t done it at this moment but I know that it’s happening and I speak as if that’s of course the result that I’m creating. So one is noticing how we talk about it. And so I’m particular with my clients about how are you talking about things, how they’re describing their life.

Stacey: 100%.

Maggie: So that’s one. The other thing for me, especially when I came back from the very first mastermind, I was like, wait, then my goal was 100K in a year, and I thought, well, how does 100K me speak? How does she talk? How does she conduct her coaching? What clothes is she wearing? How does she do her hair? What perfume does she wear? I literally imagined an actress playing a role, except it’s me, but this version of me and I got to every detail of embodiment of that person.

Stacey: Yes, so good. I love it. And I think that is the secret of our 200K group. We all talk about results in a way that it’s done. Even when someone’s kind of struggling and they don’t really believe that it’s done, we all rile around them and we’re like, no, it’s done. And we just reinforce it with each other all day long, so the conversation is just always not if it’s done but it is done and then how do we create it to be done, which is just a completely different environment to put yourself in for whatever you’re trying to create.

Maggie: I would say the intellectual capacity of our group and the emotional capacity of our group, like our ability to think more broadly and more creatively about creating different types of coaching opportunities in the world, it is just unparalleled. There’s just nothing like it.

Stacey: So good. I love that. Okay, so what final advice, thoughts do you want to share with everyone who wants to make a lot of money as a life coach? What do you got for them? Anything else? Because you’ve shared a lot of stuff and given them a lot of resources, which I think is really amazing, and I just want to acknowledge you for the fact that that just displays what an amazing student you are.

Seriously, I think you and Samantha – I mean, I think all of my students are amazing, but there’s some of you that are like – whether it’s the podcast or the Advanced Selling book or whatever it is, you guys go through it with a fine-tooth comb to the degree that I’m like, y’all could teach me something. What did I say? It’s really good.

Maggie: Yes, that’s kind of fun.

Stacey: And I love that. I love to be that student and I think that that type of fanatical dedication to learning is the reason that you have the results that you have. So I just want to acknowledge you for that.

Maggie: I received that. Okay, I got goosebumps all over. To add the last thing, I’m just going to quote you because this was very meaningful to me when I heard you say it and I think it’ll be meaningful to someone who’s listening right now. Whether you’re thinking about doing the 2K or you’re thinking about applying for the 200K, when Stacey was promoting the first round that I joined, she did this beautiful webinar.

I call it the non-webinar webinar. You just stand in your office and talked and you were talking straight to me. And at the end when you explained all the great benefits and all the wonderful achievements everyone would have if they joined, you said, “And listen, don’t join over fear of missing out. It’s not a good reason to apply for this program. Join because you have a plan for your business and this feels like the best place to execute on that plan. Join because this made sense to you and because this is the way you want to think about your business. Don’t make the decision from just fear of missing out.”

And when you said that, I remember I thought, who talks like that? Who does that? Who just calls it out and slays it out in front of you? And I was like, that is the best reason for me to say I want to be there is because I have a plan for my business. It goes beyond which mastermind I’m in. And I think all of us in the mastermind, we think this way. We think like, we have businesses to grow. This is the place where we want to grow them.

Stacey: Yeah. That’s so good. I think that’s true for everything. Don’t coach your clients on consults from a place of fear of they’re not going to sign. It’s like, that fear of missing out directs people at such a deep level and it can be there. It’s not like – we’re all human, we all have that. It can be there. It can be in the car while you’re driving, but it can’t drive. It can’t make the decisions.

You have to make it from a place – otherwise, if you join anything or do anything out of fear of missing out, you always miss out. That’s what happens. You show up in that way. You don’t get the same experience that people get who are actively deciding to be there for a different reason, deciding to be there because they have a big goal for their business, deciding to be there because they really believe that this is the place to be, that they can execute and make it happen.

And it makes you so much more self-sufficient. I think when you have fear of missing out, you rely a lot on what you’re going to get because that’s what you’re afraid of missing out on is what you’re going to get. Not I’m going to show up and get what I came for. You could never be in fear of missing out mode if you’re thinking I show up, I get what I came for, and this mastermind, this group or whatever is just the container and the way that I do it, but I would do it anywhere with anything.

Maggie: Yes.

Stacey: It’s a completely different experience.

Maggie: And I love it. And I’m so grateful that you said that, so thank you.

Stacey: Thank you for sharing it with everybody. I love it. Thank you so much for being on. I’m so grateful that you got to speak to everyone on the podcast. I know they’re going to love it and I’m just thrilled for your results. Seriously, I cannot. My heart could explode.

Maggie: Thank you so much.

Stacey: Alright. Have a good day.

Maggie: Bye.

Stacey: Bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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