Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Personal Growth Years vs Revenue Growth Years

When you look back at 2023, what do you see? The most successful businesses are built on countless failures. 2023 may have been challenging for you, and when you look back, you might think you’ve worked super hard without anything to show for it. But sometimes, you have a personal growth year, not a revenue growth year.

You can have a personal growth year, or you can have a revenue growth year. The thing is, you don’t always get to choose what kind of year it will be for you. But to know which one you’re in could potentially save you a ton of stress and emotional pain, so it’s time to discuss how to navigate personal growth years versus revenue growth years.

Tune in this week to bring some clarity to your current experience in your business. I’m discussing my experience of discovering I was in a personal growth year when I thought I was in a revenue growth year, and you’ll learn how to navigate low-value cycles in your business so you can glean some goodness from even the most challenging year of your life.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you can’t always plan whether this year will be a personal growth year or a revenue growth year.
  • How identifying whether you’re in a personal growth year or a revenue growth year changes your future.
  • What you can do to spot when you’re stuck in a low-value cycle.
  • How coming up with big goals always makes us focus on the potential obstacles and failures.
  • Why it isn’t the obstacles we anticipate that take us out.
  • My goal for 2024 and what my job is in making that goal a reality.
  • The choice you need to make when you feel like you’re drowning in your business.


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches, welcome to episode 263 and Happy New Year 2024. I just got off my weekly call with my 200K Mastermind. And I got on the call and I said, “Listen, I’m going to try really hard not to smack you in the face with all of my new year energy”, but I feel like I have a lot of it and I want to tell you why. And I want to walk you through a couple of new concepts and ideas for you to think about that I think will be really useful for those of you thinking about last year and thinking about this year and all of your years to come.

I was telling them that 2023 was one of the hardest years other than having my baby who is a freaking king. Other than the pure amazing joy that is my child, 2023 was so wretched and horrible. I was like, “If it was a fire, I would not call the fire department, I would let that shit burn down.” That’s how it felt but something happened. It’s not that the clock turned midnight and all of a sudden I had a new mindset. I had a shift that started happening at the end of the year that has carried with me all through the beginning of this year. There is some newness. There’s just some newness and some energy with that.

But I’ve had some major realizations that I wanted to share with you all today that I think will be so incredibly helpful. If anything, all of my, I really do believe my business has been built on just hundreds of failures. Many of them that I have talked about, many of them that I haven’t talked about. But the people that you see that are making lots of money and hugely successful, they’re not doing it because they never failed. They’re doing it because they failed so many times and they learned from these failures.

So I have just brief notes so I’m going to try to just talk you all through what’s coming up for me and make it valuable for you, very unscripted like. Okay, so here’s how this happened. At the end of every year I write what I call the value list. At the end of every year, I go through and I celebrate myself for all of the value I created in the year. Typically it might look like I created this training. I filmed this content. I made this resource. I sold and made this many offers. I served this many clients.

It would just be a very long list of the work I created in the world, the tangible things that I did. So in the beginning of my business I wrote a workbook and then put together a four hour workshop that I did in a hotel and sold 11 people to come. And so that would have gone on my list.

Or I created a virtual training that was six weeks long and I made a 30 minute coaching video every day of those six weeks. So I would post it in the group every single day, my coaching I was going to give them. And then there would be a coaching call or a conference call once a week and I think I charged $100 for. It was the craziest thing ever. But things like that would go on my list. And so I was doing my list for this past year, there wasn’t very much on it. I was very confused by this because I worked very hard. In fact, I worked five days a week most weeks this past year.

I only took three total weeks of vacation, two of which I was in Italy. So one other vacation other than that. I worked all the way up until Christmas Eve. I even worked on my break. I worked my butt off, yet there wasn’t a huge value list. There wasn’t a huge list of things I created in the world. And I felt really disappointed and a little bit dejected by that. And then I had the thought, gosh, did I actually work hard or was a lot of it happening in my brain? Did I work hard in my thoughts? Did I work hard in my emotions, in processing emotions? Did I work hard internally but not externally?

And then it gave me the aha that there really are two different types of work. You’re doing internal work or you’re doing external work. And typically, sometimes they happen at the same time but many times you do the internal work and the internal work is what creates the external work. And I don’t think we always know ahead of time which it’s going to be for us, whether it’s for an entire year or a quarter or a work week or a work day. We don’t always know.

We have an idea of the external work that we want to create and the revenue and the value we want to create and the goals we want to hit. And we might even have an idea of the work it’s going to take to get there. But I think we dramatically underestimate what it actually takes, the work that it takes to change a belief system and who you are completely to evolve and launch into a totally new life as a totally new person. I was actually thinking about this.

And when I think back to my year, what I think happened was that. I was evolving and launching into a completely new person, a new business owner, a new business, a new coach, a new mom. I was literally changing my entire identity. I spent a lot of time exploring who I was and my philosophy and how I’ve coached and how I’ve created my programs and the way I’ve taught my clients, so many things.

I spent so much time going back and forth in my brain, just being a new mom and then trying to fit running a business into that. And some days I was super successful and some days I just wanted to quit and I just couldn’t handle it. And there were so many times that I would just do coaching calls where I was just processing emotions. There were so many days where it took the entire day to process through all of my thoughts and my emotions and get coaching before I made a decision.

There were entire months like that where I was thinking about decisions that are big for my business and my future. And there were so many angles to look through and so many things to uncover. And I started thinking about, I really did work very, very, very hard, but it was all internal work. And I said this on my 200K call, I don’t want to offend anybody because this could potentially offend people, but this is my experience.

So I breastfed/pumped for eight months almost a year before my son was like, this is not a thing, we’re done. And I really feel the amount of energy and internal work that I did this year to evolve and become someone new and create this next new version of my business that I will unfold in 2024. And I seriously have examples of things I thought in 2022 that I can’t understand at this point where I am now how I thought those things, can’t understand them.

If I had to explain to you and justify, I was thinking this, I wouldn’t be able to because I’ve made such big leaps in where my brain is now that I’m like, “I can’t believe I thought that. It makes no sense. What was happening?” That much work. So it felt like the energy it took to breastfeed, to change who I am as a person, to do the internal coaching work required to become someone different over a year period. That felt to me like the same energy, the same exhaustion, the same emotional output as breastfeeding my son.

So for those of you that are women that have done that, you might understand and it might click for you like, it is a lot of work. And I remember when I was breastfeeding, my doula told me and so I have no idea if this is factually true, but I think she sent me an article and so I read it somewhere. But I had heard that breastfeeding for the first year is the equivalent of energetic output as hiking Mount Everest. Ladies, you all know what I mean. If you have done this journey, you know what I mean.

I didn’t have to clean any of the equipment. My blessed husband washed all the pumping materials and I did hand and electric pump. I had a really hard time with the pumps in general. And so we were just constantly cleaning pumps, constantly cleaning bottles, all of the stuff that goes with it, sanitizing. At one point, we have a photo, we sanitized a Pringles lid. That’s how tired we were, we sanitized a Pringle lid. I have the photo. We were like, “What is this pump part? Do you know where it goes? Do you know how it attaches? What is this?”

And then one day I held it up and I go, “I think this is a Pringles lid.” Oh my God, funniest moment ever. We still tell that story and we still send that photo to each other sometimes but that’s what it felt like. So this is what I was telling my students. So if you think about my teachings on a low value cycle, if you come into my 200K Mastermind, that’s something that we work through a lot.

Because when you start to really grow yourself in business and set bigger goals and accomplish bigger things, you are going to fail a lot. And that failure sends you sometimes into a low value cycle or the idea of the potential failure. What’s at risk? What’s on the line? The level of change that you have to make. The level of obstacles you have to overcome will send you in your brain into a low value cycle of resistance and defeat and disbelief and fear and all of those things.

And when you’re working through that. So there’s, here’s who I want to be, here’s who I am now, which is not that person, bridging that gap in the coaching industry. I’ve heard it several ways, but The Life Coach School always call it the river of misery. You’re swimming in the river of misery. That in between, when you’re in between who you are and who you want to be, you’re in a river of misery because you’re literally swimming up current against all of your own belief systems.

You’re swimming up against all of the obstacles. You’re swimming up against all of the failures and all of the things, just everything. The worst thing is just swimming up all against them. And so I was telling my students that when you’re in a low value cycle, and especially when you’re in an extended one, maybe you’re in a consult purgatory. When you’re in an extended period of time where you are feeling low energy, when you are having cognitive dissonance in your brain, when you’re arguing in your brain back and forth, when you’re trying to believe but you can’t believe.

When it’s so hard you literally feel like you are drowning, you are submerged below the surface of water. That’s what it feels like and there’s no air. And what I told them is, “I want you to imagine that what’s really happening is you’re the iceberg forming under the water.” I know this analogy has been used so many times, but I really think this is the best analogy for this.

And I said, “So you’re completely underwater, you are submerged. You are technically ’drowning’ in your experience, until you grow enough, until you go high enough that the ice peaks out above the water.” And that’s what I think happened to me after what feels like 18 months of drowning, underwater, I poked my head above. And what’s so interesting, one of the things that I was telling them is I looked back over my year and I’ve talked about this a lot with my husband.

I looked back over my challenging hard year, personally, professionally, so many challenges, so many obstacles. So many belief systems and things that I have taught that I’ve had to reevaluate and look at, so criticisms I have received online. I have looked through all of them. I looked at all of it. Some things I wanted to improve, some things I doubled down on, I really do believe this. I’ve investigated it deeply. I stand by this. But all of that work, all of it, despite how difficult it was.

I cannot tell you how many times throughout the year I told my husband, “I’m so grateful this happened now. I am so grateful this happened before we got to 30 million, before we had more money, before we had more clients, before we had more visibility, before, before.” So many different scenarios that I won’t get into the nitty gritty of but just so many times I’ve said that.

So I was telling my Mastermind and this may have happened to you is, I started out the year bright eyed and bushy tailed as I am now. And I set the goal of 30 million and I felt really good about that goal. That goal to me felt like an acknowledgement of my capability because the three years previous, I really wasn’t focused on growth. We were growing but I wasn’t focused on growth.

I was focused on creating my body of work, delivering to my clients, proving my process worked, taking my business from a multiple six figure business in the operations to a $1 million business, getting up my funnels, learning webinars. Setting the foundation for an eight figure business and been intentionally kind of slowing myself down. And then I took three months off when I was super sick and pregnant one year, and then three months off for maternity leave.

And so I would look at my revenue, we did 9 million one year and 12 million one year with me only working nine months. And I was pregnant for most of one of the years. So there were so many factors. When I thought about it, I was like, “I should at least be able to do double what I’m doing if I just had a whole year of putting my full self into it, to reach just my capability.” That’s really what it felt like is just an acknowledgement with a little bit of stretch.

And it was the first time ever, not ever but the first time in four years, gosh, time is going. So I had a 2.5 million year, 6.49 and 11.7 something, was almost 12. So those four years, none of those years did I have a revenue growth goal. We grew, but I did not have a revenue growth goal. I was focused on other things and because I did those things well, we grew. But I wasn’t, every year I’d be like, okay, so I did 2.5 million the year that I said I did 860 before that and that year was so miserable that I was, okay, I’m going to try to do a million. Which is only 140,000 of growth.

I’m going to try to do a million, but I’m going to do it way differently and easier and better and be much calmer. And then we ended up doing 2.5 million because I calmed the eff down. And then I was like, “Okay, so I’m going to do 2.5 million again, but I’m going to get even calmer, even better, I’m going to give myself even more time off. I’m going to do all these amazing things.” And then we did 6.4 and then I was like, “This works. So let’s not try to grow at all. Let’s do 6.4 again, and let’s just do it great and do it better.”

And there’s always things that as you grow that you’re going to want to do better. So that was kind of the strategy. And then I was like, “You know what? I want to try a growth year. I want to try to stretch myself.” And so I set the goal and I felt really great about it, but what I didn’t anticipate is when you set a huge stretch goal, the moment you get into it, you’re going to find all the obstacles, all the thoughts, all the emotional capacities that you are missing or that you have to overcome to create it and it was a lot. It was more than I even knew or was aware of.

There was so much to work on when we thought about operationally getting there, energetically getting there. And then there were so many identity pieces, leadership, growth of the team, so much. And then there were tons of obstacles in the way, tons of obstacles to our current business. And so then I spent the entire year going up against those and feeling like I was drowning in them, drowning up against them.

And there was so much time trying to recover and survive that there wasn’t time to create a ton of value out externally into the world. But again, what I was doing was I was hiking my Mount Everest. I was building the foundation. My ice was growing beneath the surface. And if you keep going, this is what I told my mastermind, if you keep going and you don’t quit, and there were seriously so many times. I was telling them, there was one major thing that my husband and I are just like, “We have a new goal that never would have happened if we didn’t have this year.”

And this goal is to create enough money that comes from interest on the money that we have to live our lifestyle abundantly the way we want it. And the only reason we have that goal now is because I was like, “I’m ready to throw in the towel. I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s so hard, it’s not feeling like it’s worth it anymore. It’s taking me away from my son. I don’t know if I have it in me. We really need to think about this. What would it take? Let’s just explore it.”

In my darkest moments in this past year, and there have been some dark ones, I was like, “I’m done.” Or I explored just having one offer, what that would be like. We’re not going to do it. Don’t worry. I don’t know. It’s so interesting when you’re in a different place when you feel so good and you’re back in your belief and you’ve found your power again and you’re back in a high value cycle. But if I had not been that low, I would have never thought about it. I would have never started looking at it.

And we would have never taken it seriously as a goal, just in general, how amazing would that be to never have to work again at the lifestyle that you want to live? That was never even on my radar and now it is. And it’s a way better goal than some of the other goals I had, like flying private. We don’t fly private anymore at all. I think it’s the most ridiculous thing I ever did in my whole life. I see the need for some of it. When I was really pregnant and I was traveling a lot for business and COVID and all of the things.

There’s been a couple flights where my husband was like, “No, you’re not regretting those.” But a lot of them I do. I just think it’s the most dumbest thing ever. I don’t even know an amount of money that I would make, that I would go back. It would have to be an obscene amount and it would have to be just effing money. I don’t even know. That’s an example where I’m like, “What?” But because I’ve matured so much in myself, in my ownership of my money, in my ownership of my future goals and what I think matters most. I don’t know. I love it for myself.

I love that for myself, but I would have never had that if I hadn’t had that deeply painful personal growth year. So I want to offer that you can have a personal growth year or you can have a revenue growth year or you may have both. But to know which one you are in could potentially save you. To know that if you’re in a low value cycle and you’re deeply struggling, take it back to, remember when Stacey said that changing my belief and becoming someone new is literally like breastfeeding a kid, that amount of energy or climbing Mount Everest.

We have one student in 200K who had a harder first round than I think he anticipated, but he’s a math numbers guy. And he did his numbers and from November he actually did hike, I don’t know if it was Mount Everest, but some huge mountain. I don’t know what it was, but he’d took a month off during the mastermind to hike this mountain. So he didn’t grow as much as he thought. And then in November, he started growing again. We do revenue reporting once a month, the 1st of every month for the previous month.

And he reported that between November and this revenue reporting, he had grown 238% in revenue. November, it started clicking. And so I told him, I said, “I want you to think about the amount of brain power and energy it must have taken to grow 238% in four weeks.” Who does that? We’re so crazy as life coaches and entrepreneurs. He said the most income increase he ever had working in a professional environment was 5% and that was when he left one job to go to another, a better paying job. But he had to leave his job and go to another job.

And the most he ever had an increase was 5% and he did 238%. So imagine what was happening internally in his brain during that time to make that happen, and probably the entire time he was in the mastermind. He didn’t see the results on the surface right away. It felt like probably, I mean, I would be speaking for him, but it probably felt like drowning a little bit in a low value cycle.

And what I think happens when we’re in this is we tell ourselves we’re wrong. We’re never going to make it. This is a sign that we aren’t meant to do it. Others are more capable than us. There’s something wrong with us. We’re not doing it right. We’re just finding out our inherent wrongness, all of the things, all of the terrible things that we tell ourselves when we’re experiencing this, that we can’t handle it, all of these terrible things. And what’s really happening is we’re just pushing ourselves internally to do something extraordinary that no one else is doing.

And I think if you could know that, if you could really identify the energetic output required to become someone new or double your revenue from year after year, to do these big things that we ask of ourselves in the world to become an entrepreneur. If you’re listening and you haven’t signed your first client yet, think about, I want to be a coach and I am a paid coach. The difference in those belief systems, what you’re going to come up against in your brain. And I’m not saying this to talk you out of it, what I really want to do is help you through it.

And I will tell you, I feel like the only way I made it through this year is how many other years I’ve done that have been just like this. I remember my first year in business. So I got certified in open shop in July and so from July until the next July was misery. It was so hard.

I spent so much time in my apartment, just trying to coach myself into figuring out how to create a website and create my one sentence, my elevator pitch, figure out who I helped, tried on multiple niches, sitting in the thought, I don’t know how to find clients. I don’t know where clients are. No one’s ever going to hire me. No one’s ever going to pay me for this. I’m not good at this. I’ll never be good at this. I’ll never make it. All of that, that’s the mental obstacles, the mental gymnastics that I did in that first year, July to July.

That was a personal growth year, me becoming and embodying I am a life coach and I’m making it. I’m a successful life coach. I’m a six figure life coach. That’s who I was becoming in that year even though it was so incredibly miserable. So again, I started in July, that was in 2015. So if you look at the whole 2016 as a year, the full year, sometime in the summer around that first full year mark, sometime in that summer I signed 16 clients back-to-back and went from making $2,000 a month to $150,000 a year.

And that first full year, once I got those clients, it was the momentum, I couldn’t be stopped. I created three workshops, sponsored a networking event. Created my own networking event. I did three VIP weekends. I did, I think, a half day workshop with some of my clients called Lift your Light Live. I did a retreat. I did my first group coaching. I had a full client list. The value list of what I created that year in my revenue growth year was insane.

And then the same thing in my $860,000 year. The year I went from 325 to 860, I was trying to become a millionaire. I was in a mastermind to help me become a $1 million earner. And the entire year my brain tried to solve that equation and that problem by doing more. I have to sell more. I have to do more webinars, write more emails, work more hours. Everything was speed up, speed up, speed up, speed up, hustling like crazy. Not from a place of I’m obsessed with money, but because my brain didn’t understand there was a different way to make money.

We’ve all been taught, you trade hours for dollars. That’s just the way our brains are wired. Or some of you have been wired, you trade education for dollars. Those of you that get stuck in, I’ve got to have this certification and then this one and then this one and then this one and go back to school here. Maybe my doctors and my lawyers who have done a lot of schooling, your brain might have said, “I could do education for dollars.” But for most of us, our brains have been wired that way.

So I spent a whole year learning that that didn’t work and it was freaking miserable. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, anxious, my brain trying to figure it out in the middle of the night. Did you all know that, when you have a goal your brain is sleeping and trying to figure it out while you’re resting in your subconscious? But it used to make it up to my conscious and wake me up and then I’d be spinning in the middle of the night about it. And then I kept going. I learned the lessons. I created the beliefs.

And the next year I did $2.5 million. I created the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast. I created the Three Simple Steps to Building a Life Coaching Business, five day training that many of you have gone through. I created the concept of meet people, tell them you’re a life coach, offer to help them. I did my first 200K live event and mastermind ever January of 2019. I won the Best Content Award the next year at my school for my Make Money as a Life Coach podcast.

In 200K we have a couple of books of all of my copy. You just get all of the copy I’ve ever written to see how it transforms. And I think it’s so transformational to see how many emails I wrote to make $1 million. It was a lot. The book is so thick we stopped printing it. It’s just a PDF in the member portal. But I did all of that. It was a huge content value creation year. And then of course it was a revenue growth year. So I just want you all to think about that as you think about and process this last year and then you plan for this current year.

I was also telling my 200K, I don’t know that you can plan which year it’s going to be for you. Byron Katie always says, “There’s your business, there’s other people’s business and then there’s the universe’s business.” And I think a little bit of the universe’s business, when I set my $30 million goal, I could have never anticipated every way I would have to change in order to steward that type of money, that level of operations, the intensity of that level of visibility. I’ve talked to some friends about this recently.

I crossed the $10 million mark. It was so weird. And I still am unpacking this a little bit but I think it could be just a result of also what’s happening in the world, just how our world view is right now, the collective belief of humans right now in this current time. But I crossed the $10 million mark, remember I made 9 million the year before that. So I did 9 million and 11.7 or something. And I had done 6.4 the year before that. I mean. $3 million, I don’t know, that’s probably me dismissing it’s a large growth, but it’s not like I was doubling my revenue.

It’s not like I went from 6 million to 12 million to 24 million to 50 million. I wasn’t doing that. I was growing by 3 million a year. So before I crossed the $10 million mark, I still made mistakes in business. I still had judgment errors. I still had, I don’t know. I can’t even give you examples, but I’m sure we still dropped the ball on things or sent the wrong Zoom code. The wrong Zoom code has really haunted me, sending the wrong Zoom code. I literally live in fear sometimes about sending the wrong Zoom code at this point. It’s been talked about so much.

It’s something like I crossed the $10 million mark and everything I heard from that moment on is, “You should be better. You make $10 million, there’s no reason for you to send a wrong Zoom link. There’s no reason for this email to be sent with the wrong subject line”, or whatever it is. Even if it’s a mistake I have to own and it was a mistake and even if it’s something that I wouldn’t be proud of and I would want to do better on. The commentary, it was, crossed the $10 million mark and then I released the kraken. Everyone had something to say about it.

Every mistake was instead of, someone must have copied and pasted the wrong thing or someone made an error. It was, you don’t care. You only care about money. You are a problem. The little things, the big things, all of the things, and I’m not diminishing that by any means whatsoever. But it was very big and it was very apparent and it made me freeze. I haven’t been in a freeze response in that long in I don’t even know how long. And one of the things I’ve had to do this year is become the person that can handle that.

I hired recently a new coach and we’re talking about the difference between someone’s big emotions and what actually happened and what I’m going to do about it and regulating myself with the big emotions that are coming at me. And to not respond with another big emotion because that’s what I feel like me and my team did for a solid 12 months. Really big emotions coming at us, responded with really big emotions. Now, I was also pregnant and postpartum and all of the things which is not an excuse and is totally an excuse.

I look back on my reaction for a lot of things. I was telling this story to some friends the other day. Sometimes your anxiety comes up with your fear, something’s going to happen to your baby. But for me it was, if my husband, if he was portioning out formula and it wasn’t level, I would make him dump it out and restart. I can laugh about it now, but it felt very real in the moment. So big emotions reacting with big emotions.

And I told my husband and I’ve told so many people this. I feel so grateful that this happened now where I could learn the lesson of how to respond to big emotions and not engage with that with my own big emotions and not take it personally. And even my new coach is teaching me how to take every single thing that we see and really create this process where we’re able, if it’s an operational mistake or a complaint or anything customer service related. Create a process that allows us to really look through everything and deeply learn from it with measurement instead of emotions.

Just learning from processing and processing and processing emotions and all of that mental work. But there’s just so much that I had to do. I could have not seen that happening when I set my 30 million, there’s just zero chance I would have seen any of that. When I crossed the $10 million mark, I literally, my genuine thought was, I’ve now done it too. Others have done it before me. So many people are going to be so happy because they’re going to believe they can do it too. I never thought anyone would be triggered by it.

And how current clients, past clients, people that have never worked with me, the hate I’ve gotten from people that have never worked with me, the things they have said, the hurtful things. I could have never anticipated some of the mistakes I made, never could have remotely been like, “I’m going to set out to make $30 million and this is going to be the obstacle list.” That is a coaching exercise where you can imagine what you think your obstacles might be or what the fails might be. The ones that took me out this year I would have never, ever guessed them. I would have never been able to anticipate them ever.

So I think it’s a little bit of the universe’s business to decide if it’s going to be a personal growth year or a revenue growth year for us. We set the goal with the best intentions that we have and then we find out and depending on what you believe, I never want to be offensive to anyone. If I say the word universe, I know some people who are religious are deeply offended by that. So if it’s God, that’s okay. If you’re open to me using different languages, I just want to use it for everyone that’s listening.

So there might be you have a goal and God has plans for you with that goal, things that He wants you to learn or she wants you to learn, or the universe, whatever you believe. There is personal lessons for you to learn in order to become that person. That’s actually what I think the point of even setting goals are.

I’m finally stepping into which is also, I think the reason the iceberg is poking above the water and why I feel the way I feel now is I’m finally stepping into getting it. All of this was for me to become who I’m going to become, to do what I’m going to do and to truly be ready and capable of stewarding it if I even want it. It’s not even on my radar anymore. Now that I peel back the curtain of $30 I’m like, “I’m going to take what’s behind door number two for now. I’m going to keep working on all of those things.”

But I know now realistically what it’s going to take. And so I’m giving myself a lot more time to do it, a lot more time. If I did it in five years, I would be happy. This year my goal is to just do what we did last year again and to create value in the world, more of that versus I really genuinely feel like I’ve learned from so many of my lessons. I am learning from so many of my lessons. So now I’m like, “Okay, so now I want to incorporate that. I want to go out and do that this year.”

And whatever the revenue happens, happens but I want it to be a year that isn’t just in total fight or flight mode. But I would have never been able to see that. So I don’t think whether your goal is starting your coaching business or making your first 200K, making your first million, I don’t know that you can anticipate all of the things that you’re going to come up against to make it happen. You might underestimate your timeline. You might misstate it. You might think it’s a year and it might be two or three.

There has been so many times where I’ve had to extend my three-year plan for something. I thought I was going to do a million the first try and I did it the second try. I’ve had people do it the third try. So you may not know. And so then the question becomes, you set a goal, you decide how your year is going to be and then you get in it and you might find if you have awareness on this now, I’m in a personal growth year rather than a revenue growth year. You get to decide what you do with that.

One of the things that helped me throughout that may help you, that helped me throughout this entire year. And what was so fascinating is because I coach people at the $1 million level there were so many things that came up in the later part of this year that I experienced last year that I was coaching my people on and preventing them from making the same mistake. I told my 200K Mastermind, I’m so excited about this, it’s so crazy and so vulnerable and I don’t think anyone else in the industry would ever do it except me.

But I am printing out my P&L and I am going to go through all of the mistakes and all of the things to look at for my next Two Million Dollar Group class. I’m going to be like, “This is what I want you to pay attention to. This is what I want you to pay attention to.” I want them to learn from my mistakes. And it’s one of the things that did keep me going is I kept telling myself when I learn from this, when I become someone different, when I make this change I’m going to be so much more valuable for my clients. I’m going to be able to give them a perspective that they couldn’t possibly see.

I’m going to be able to help them navigate this big thing for them. If any of them ever experience the bad publicity that I received, I’m going to know exactly how to help them. I’m going to know exactly how they felt. I’m going to know exactly how to solve it. I’m going to know all of the things. If I ever go through it again I’m going to do it way better. I’m not going to meet big emotions with big emotions. So I want to offer, you may not know whether it’s going to be a personal growth year or a revenue growth year.

Your job is to set the goal and find out what has God and the universe created for you. What is your, choose your journey or something, you’re going to find out what your journey is. And then you get to decide whether you want to take it or not. If you do take it, it could be incredibly hard but also know what’s on the other side. What’s on the other side is you getting to be a totally different person and having a totally different life and totally different results, literally living a different life than you have ever lived before.

I think of it as you’re either becoming someone new or you’re being someone new. So when you’re becoming someone new, you’re going to be in that river of misery, in that fight or flight. You’re not going to be highly contributing to your value list. You’re going to be possibly in a low value cycle. And then when you get to the other side, you will be someone new and you will create a ridiculous amount of value having become that new person. And that is what my goal is for this year.

If it doesn’t end up being that, if I find out it’s another personal growth year, I’m going to take it. I’m going to do my best with it. I’m going to humble myself and I’m going to say, “This wasn’t what I thought. Maybe it wasn’t what I wanted.” But it’s here for me and my job is to figure out why and what to do with it. And I’m going to try to be here for it because I imagine that my whole life, whether I do business or not is going to be this. I just didn’t realize it.

And because I’m an entrepreneur, because I’m into growth, because I’m a coach, I’m going to be intentionally throwing myself into that more often, and I have to honor that too, you chose this. So this is my little rant for you all today. I know it was a little all over the place but something about it hit me. I’ve heard it explained 100 different ways. But this way really, really clicked for me. When you’re in a low value cycle, when you’re struggling, when you feel like you’re drowning, just know you’ve been dealt a personal growth year, you’re becoming someone new.

That work takes extraordinary energy. Be kind to yourself. It’s normal if you’re exhausted, if your brain wants you to quit, if your body tells you to quit. If you get sick a lot, have actual physical symptoms, the body keeps score, so it knows what’s going on. And none of those things have to be a reason to pull back. None of those reasons have to be a reason to give up or to not go towards your goal. Think about this is if you go towards them, who is available on the other side? Who is the next you, the next version of you that you will get to meet because you went through it?

I am meeting myself, getting onto the other side of all of my obstacles and all of my lessons and all of my thought errors and all of my lack of belief in myself. This is another example. I’ll give you one last one. I never thought I could be the person who would read a P&L four different ways and be able to understand every number on that page, how to find it within QuickBooks, how to analyze it, to make changes to operations, never in my life. I did that today. I took my P&L so seriously it made me so fucking proud I could cry.

The way that I’ve stepped up and who I’ve become. It’s really astonishing. I’m more humble than I’ve ever been. I’m wiser than I’ve ever been. I’m more aware than I’ve ever been. I’ve reset my intentions. I’ve reset what I want my offers to be, how I want them to be, what I want my business to look like, what I want my clients to look like. We’ve reset our entire team, our customer service, just everything, everything this year, complete turnaround to the degree that I know now I am the leader for millionaires.

I know now that I can coach any millionaire who’s going through this in their business. I will have answers for them. I will know exactly how to help them. I will have the roadmap for the eight figure earner, the multiple $1 million earner, $5 million earners. I will have that roadmap because I have really been through it. I’ve learned how to be grateful for the year I had and the lessons I had and the difficulty and the pain and the suffering, even, and the sadness and all of that.

I remember last year at some point I was like, I know that people say sometimes they go through really hard things and they’re like, “I’m grateful it happened.” And some of the things that happened, I remember thinking this is never something I will ever be grateful for. You will never hear me say that. And now I’m like, “I’m definitely grateful it happened now.” And it helped me redirect into where I’m headed. I really genuinely believe I’m headed in a better direction than I was and I thought I was headed in a great direction.

But the direction I’m heading in now feels more aligned. It feels more purposeful. I feel better about it, it’s just everything about it. Did it all have to happen in the way it did? No. Will it always be like that? No. Sometimes we’re handed really hard hands. We’re handed diagnoses. We’re handed relationships ending. Some of those things are things you’re always going to regret or wish didn’t happen or not find gratitude in.

But the lessons, the who you became, what you did with it, that is so possible even if you made half of what you made in 2022 and 2023. If that was your year, that’s okay, you could learn so much from it that you would be grateful it happened now instead of later. Because the way I’m thinking about it is I’m grateful I have the lessons now versus later. Because now I get to create in the world with the lessons I have now. That’s what the failure is all about. So I’m not grateful it happened. I’m grateful for the lessons it gave me.

And I’m grateful to have them now so I have them moving forward forever. And that I wish for you too. You choose your journey. You’re becoming someone new or you’re being someone new, but also be open to the journey might be chosen for you and that’s okay.

Alright, I love you all. Have an amazing week. Happy New Year and I will see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first 2,000 the hardest part and then 200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk free, you either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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