Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Thoughts to Get You through Tough Times

Over the last 12 months, it feels like the people I’m interacting with on a daily basis have been going through really tough times. They’ve dealt with business issues, sickness, losses in their family, and a whole range of problems that run the gamut of being an entrepreneur. And they’re making more money than ever and living extraordinary lives.

Every year, my $200K and Two Million Dollar earners cross the stage at our 200K Mastermind award ceremony, having made $200K and beyond, and we ask them to share the thoughts that supported them in accomplishing or maintaining that goal year after year. What was unexpected was how tough of a time many of them have been experiencing, and I encourage you to borrow these thoughts for yourself.

Listen in this week to hear the fierce truths my students have to share about the tough times they’ve been going through and the incredible thoughts that have supported them in making a ton of money and being true examples of what is possible despite their personal struggles. 


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • One thought that got me through a really tough year.
  • The thoughts that supported my $200K and Two Million Dollar earners in accomplishing their goals.
  • How these coaches are a true example of what’s possible. 


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches, welcome to episode 246. Today I want to give you a chance to listen to our 200K Mastermind awards ceremony for all of our $200K plus earners all the way up to our Two Million Dollar Group.

I titled this Thoughts to Get You Through Tough Times because one of the striking things that I’ve seen a lot from friends, from other people in the industry and then from my students in this room. Is it feels like over the last 12 months, 50% of the people that I am interacting with on a daily basis are making more money than they’ve ever made, living better lives than they’ve ever lived and having extraordinary years. And 50% of the people have had really tough times. They have dealt with sickness. They have dealt with loss in their family. They have dealt with business issues.

They have really had problems across the gamut of being an entrepreneur and a human and they’ve had hard years. I was really struck by how many students crossed the stage to accept awards and also say that it had been a really hard year for them. And they shared their thoughts of perseverance. They shared their thoughts that got them through tough times, that made them stronger, that helped them make money they were extraordinarily proud of while also having a really hard time.

And one of the things that I also wanted to share is that I have also had a really tough year. I have been very open about my postpartum anxiety. And it’s really been the first time in a long time where I had felt like I had really no control over the thoughts entering my brain and the havoc that they created over my body. I felt exhausted. I got sick so often. I felt so heavy, struggled to sleep and worried frantically a lot of the time over the last year over the health of my baby and my family and really just struggled over fear of losing my son.

And so it’s been a really tough personal year and a tough place in my mind and body. And so I wanted to share the thought that also got me through because over the last 12 months and last year I made more money than I’d ever made in my entire business. And this year we will at least maintain that. And to know what I’ve gone through on the inside of my body in this journey to becoming a mother. That feels really extraordinary to me.

And so I thought it might be helpful, I could probably record an entire podcast about this. But I wanted to just share the one thought that’s gotten me through and has really gotten me through a lot of tough times in general, a lot of fails in my business over the last eight years and got me through accomplishing big things that felt impossible.

And I really got this thought from my coach, Bev Aaron. And so I just want to thank her and honor her for giving me this thought, which was at one point maybe way before this moment, way before I had my baby, at some point coaching on something.

She said, “Stacey, you’re one of the most resilient people I know. And you always figure it out. And I’m always so shocked and so impressed. We will have a conversation where you are in the depths of despair and you are so lost and in one week’s time when I talk to you again, you’ve pulled yourself back up. You’ve dusted yourself off and you’ve come up with a plan to move forward.” She said, “You are really, truly one of the most resilient, creative people I know.”

And since that moment that she’s told me that I’ve thought back to all of the moments of my childhood, all of the hard things that I’ve gone through and all of the loneliness I’ve felt. And what I pulled myself through, the way I used to take my brain to imaginative places to escape pain, the way that I hustled my way to making more money and building my own business. And then the way that I have picked myself up from every business failure, every mistake. And then the way I have fought to reclaim my brain and my body after postpartum anxiety.

I always repeat to myself over and over, “Stacey, you are resilient.” So I wanted to offer that thought to you if you are having a hard year too. And then I wanted to offer you all of the thoughts from my heroic, resilient, tough as nails students who have shown up time and time again to cross the stage to make 200K, 500K, 800K, a million, two million. It’s really so impressive and to see how many of them are women. Women who are moms, women who are carrying the financial status of their entire family.

These are women that I am so proud and impressed to share space with. And every time we do this award ceremony, I’m crying my eyes out, I’m going through boxes of tissues because I’m just truly so moved and so honored to be in space with these humans. So congratulations to our latest $200K earners and I hope you enjoy.

Stacey: Are you all ready? So the goal of this room is to make 200K. And every round we honor the students who have accomplished that and then some for the first time, or they’ve maintained it round after round after round. And we ask for them to tell us their thoughts that supported them in getting there so that we can borrow them as well.

So this is always my favorite part. I love to be in the energy of money makers and possibility and powerful, especially, I know we have some in the audience, but I have to say it, powerful women making money in business. Without further a do we are going to get started.

[inaudible] $207,000.

Speaker: My thought the last six months has been, what if it could go better than I imagined? And by that, that my failures could build me better than I ever imagined, that my mistakes could teach me better than I ever imagined, that my group could turn out better than I ever imagined. And it’s been filtering into every area of my life and it’s getting better than I ever imagined and it’s fun. It’s so fun to watch it work magic.

Julie Squires, $210,000.

Julie Squires: Hello. My thought is consistency will get me there, I just have to keep showing up. I just need to keep doing it and doing it and doing it even though I don’t want to, I just keep doing it.

Melissa Lawrence, 226,000.

Melissa Lawrence: So I’ve thought a little bit about this or a lot about it and I think what it came down to the last year really was when I give up on my goals, I give up on my clients. And I didn’t start this business to wallow, I started it to solve problems. And that always gets me out of whatever I’m going through and focus back on the problem that needs to be solved. So I just thank everyone in this room that has helped me come to that thought because I didn’t have it before.

Sarah Fisk, $234,000.

Sarah Fisk: My thought is this is just who I am now. This is what I do round after round and year after year. And if I could just share a quick story because what I want Stacey to understand is that my children have seen me change. My husband has seen me change. My community has seen me change. My peers have seen me change. And all of those little, tiny changes, all of the little beliefs round after round, week after week, day after day, sometimes hour after hour, produce such an incredibly powerful way of being in the world.

There was a point in time when I thought my husband and I might be divorcing. And my first thought was always fear for how I would financially support myself. And the way that I am able to show up and choose him now without any fear for needing him for any reason, that I can fully support myself in a powerful way that makes a difference in the world is everything. Thank you.

Neha Winova, $251,000.

Speaker: Thank you to Stacey and to the room and to everybody that has said something to me on this trip. I value it so deeply. So I want to share the thought that I picked up in Cabo the first time I ever got here and it was, I am a world class leadership coach. And now I have added, I’m here to change the face of leadership forever. And the whole world thrives when companies and communities are led by CEOs and executive teams that look like me.

Sandy Connery, $258,000.

Sandy Connery: Hi everyone, I’m sandy. Stacey, Sandy, I’ve never talked.

Stacey: Nice to meet you.

Sandy Connery: I know, I have never talked to her. I’m just going to be honest and you might be on the mic going, “Edit this one out, Matt, edit. What I want to say is in the last three years I have actually made $1.4 million coaching.

Stacey: Amazing.

Sandy Connery: I know, but I’m actually at 270/280, whatever, is the smallest amount I have ever made. But when I was making 1.4 I was miserable. Claire can testify to that. I was unhappy, I was awful, I hated my life. So this six months in this mastermind for me was the great unlearning, the uncoupling of money with time and effort. So this 270 is the easiest money I’ve ever made and the most fun. And I’m fun, I’m really fun.

And so my thought was, I can make money with very little time, very little effort. And I whispered to myself for six months, it’s okay to be bored. It’s okay to go slow. It’s okay to be bored. It’s okay to go slow. So for all of you new, you don’t have to fill every minute of your time to make some money.

Candice Toone, $263,000.

Candice Toone: So as you all heard for three hours today, I’ve had some challenges in my relationships in the last year. And so the thought I chose to get me through that, but also got me to this is that noise is noise no matter where it comes from. If it comes from once trusted colleagues or friends or if it comes from myself, noise is noise and I can turn it up or down because I’m in charge now.

Amberly Deavours $268,000.

Janae Young, $295,000.

Jenae Young: I always get emotional when I come to this mic, I never think I’m going to. For me, I think my first and foremost thought always is, I am in demand. And that allows me not only to create the results that I want in my business but my life too. And for me, as I was graduating this past six months, that was essential to be able to take time off and be present knowing that I’m in demand and so it’s okay for me to step away from my business and really enjoy my life.

But I think the one that moves me the most is that I’m living my dream and I think sometimes on our entrepreneurship journey it’s so easy for our expectations to shift and to go in and forget how much work we put in to get to this place. And for me, when I walked across the stage when I graduated from Stanford, I know so many of my peers are preparing for jobs that they don’t want to go to. And I get to go home and work for myself and my purpose. And that type of freedom is something I’m so grateful for.

And I remember a year ago at the August event, Stacey asked, “What does 200K mean to you?” And that was such an emotional moment. And over the last three rounds, the last 18 months I’ve made half a million dollars and that is amazing. But more than anything, when I think of what 200K means to me, I think of all the other results that I created that I could never imagine like my partner saying at dinner, “I feel like you’re not controlled by your business anymore.” Or my parents being able to retire early.

Or me being able to donate funds to my church at the drop of a hat. Or me knowing that I can always provide for myself and I don’t have to rely on any man, any job that I feel doesn’t honor who I am. And I’m so thankful for that and so thankful for the life that I’ve created. And I wouldn’t be where I am if it was not for this room. And this room has helped me so dearly throughout my journey and I can’t express enough how thankful I am.

Marie McDonald at $302,000.

Marie McDonald: 300. My husband just texted me and said, “Is this the badass of the year award?” I said, “Yes.” This six months every time something didn’t go as planned or every time I failed, I used the thought, I really leaned into the thought where I am right now is the perfect place to try again. I used it all the time. And I also wanted to say that I had this belief, a big, hairy belief that as my business grew, it would take me farther away from being the mama that my kids need me to be.

And I know there’s a lot of mamas to be that I’ve seen this weekend and mamas out there. And I really adopted the belief and it made a huge difference this past round that when I come here, every time I come here, every time I get closer to my goal I become more of the person that I want them to learn how to be a person from. And so I changed that thought to, I can’t wait for my kids to meet their $1 million mama and that one feels good.

Melissa Parsons, $302,000.

Melissa Parsons: Okay, I’m a crier, I know you guys all know this. As a pediatrician, I had no trouble believing that I was one of the best in the business. And my coach, Maggie, you may know her, when I was trying to build my belief in myself as a coach, said, “Well, just take all the thoughts that you had about yourself as a pediatrician and just cross out pediatrician and write life coach.” And just for context, $302,000, well, $302,500 is more than double what I made as a pediatrician after practicing for over 20 years.

So the thought that Maggie has been offering me and that I was like, “What the fuck are you talking about, Maggie”, is you are one of the best in the business. And so I was trying to think what thought has fueled me, because I told you guys all that I pick my thought and then I use it the next six months. And I was like, “That thought really has fueled me.” And having been a breakout instructor, I just thank Stacey for trusting me with you guys, definitely helped me fuel that thought and believe it over and over and over again.

So thank you to you guys for helping me too. So I love you all. Thank you all. I see you clapping. Thank you guys.

Rachel Lee, $335,000.

Rachel Lee: Wow, those were amazing speeches. I think Janae should go last all the time just because, how do you follow up with that? That was amazing. I call last year, the last year first, everything was a first for me. The first time I created a program. The first time I delivered a program. The first time I ran a group. The first time I launched. It was the first of everything. And so many thoughts, mainly what am I doing? When you’re in the first, you’re like, “What am I doing? I have no idea.”

And so I really leaned into the thought that has gotten me through life in general when I struggled to figure things out and that was pretty simple. It was, Rachel, you always figure it out. Now go effing figure it out. And that’s what I did and that’s what got me here without ever having done this before. So it was amazing. Thank you.

Maggie Reyes, $384,000.

Maggie Reyes: Hello. So I had to send them the thought ahead of time. And last year it was this is who I am now, for anyone who remembers that. And this year it was, this is just what I do. And I just realized who before how, that’s how it works. So this is just what I do is the thought that kept me going through difficult launches, through trying new things, through so many ups and downs that we have as entrepreneurs. And I want to just take a moment to say that in this room I have become this person you see today. And if you go back to round one you’ll see the evidence.

But I offer to all of you that in this room there is so much generosity and so much kindness. I had a difficult launch this year. I raised my hand for coaching. I raised my hand for peer coaching. I reached out to so many colleagues and people just dropped what they were doing and said, “Can you talk tomorrow? I’m here. How about Thursday? Let’s do it.” And I felt so held and I have never received being held like that before.

So I’m here to grow my business and I’m here to make money. But the human aspect of being in a room with people who value humans, who know that every dollar means a life changed. That’s the room I want to be in. I want to say that this year there’s been a lot of things said about this room. And I asked myself, I’m a teacher in this program, what is my responsibility?

I deeply questioned myself in that process and I said, “I have made money with integrity and love with every sale I’ve made. I have practiced clean selling in every consultation. And not only do I have no regrets for being in this room and I am proud to be in this room. And of course I want all of you to know that, but I really want you to know that so thank you everyone.

Christina Langdon, $386,000.

Chritina Langdon: Hi there, I was kind of hoping for the panel so I didn’t have to think about what I was going to say.  So I will hopefully make this short. Just a few years ago, I was the Chief Revenue Officer at Fast Company, a media brand. And that was after having worked for Martha Stewart for 20 years. If you had looked at my LinkedIn profile, my resumé, my CV, I had all of these success titles and I was publisher and all of these things. And I looked perfect on paper and I was really perfectly miserable.

And I knew I needed to find my way. I had the whispers and the nudges, saying something just didn’t feel right. And I sort of gave myself permission to break out of the cycle I was in, following everybody’s perceived expectations of what I would do. And I was exiled from Fast Company, but that’s for another conversation. And I said, “Hey, maybe I’ll become a coach because I really kind of think on any given lunch hour working for Martha Stewart, there was so much crises.”

You could find me at the Barnes and Noble in the self-help aisle. So I had always loved leadership and personal development. So I gave my first workshop and it was how to build your extraordinary life as I was trying to build mine. And I wasn’t feeling well. And I had finally arrived. I knew standing up there in front of the room, I had finally arrived, but I wasn’t feeling well.

So about 24 hours later I was diagnosed with AML leukemia. And I go into the emergency room and I was like, “This can’t be happening, I finally figured out what I wanted to do.” And I felt robbed. So I went through this year of treatment and it was like post traumatic growth. It was my first year in business. I made $57,000 and I was so proud that I was able to do that a lot from my hospital bed. And I feel like I have gone through in the last year another post traumatic growth.

From the process and the learnings in this room and the people that I’ve met. I am working every day as a lot of the ladies in the room know. I’m building my belief. I didn’t believe I could do that. I don’t even know what that number was up there. I am looking forward to building the belief in myself. I know that I’m the biggest influencer in my life and I know that if I really believe it, that I can help support the next generation of CEOs to not have to go through what I went through.

Shannon Mattern, $403,000.

Leah [inaudible], $427,000.

Leah: So those last six months were not very nice but I made a ton of money. And my thought is I show up for my business and my business shows up for me. Because I felt so held, not only by this room and by all of you and being able to be honest and vulnerable here but I also felt very held by my business. And it was really nice to go through personal struggles and death in my family and to know I don’t have to worry about my finances.

I can still show up for my clients. I can serve and I can take time for myself and be there for myself. And I’m very grateful for that, so thank you everyone.

Paula [inaudible], $440,000.

Paula: So in January, you taught about high value cycle and low value cycle. And although everything in my world works on ranges and nothing is ever one thing or binary thinking, it just seemed like a new thought for me. And so before I left I decided I am never going to stay in a low value cycle, that I was always going to be in a high value cycle or at the start of one because it has to start somewhere. And so that’s something that I pulled out whenever I didn’t close a sale or my launch didn’t go well.

And my worst month as far as my thoughts went, that I kept telling myself, I’m in a high value cycle, I made $96,000. I had never made that much money in a month. And Maggie so nicely said, “Your low value cycle is somebody else’s high value cycle.” And I want to say that anything is possible and it’s really just think your way through it and just make sure you reach out to people in this room. That’s one thing I’m working on.

One of my essentials is making more friends. And I’m just so honored to be part of this whole group of badass coaches making so much money and changing so many lives. So thank you, Stacey, thank you for everybody in the room that has helped me and affected my life, so thank you.

Claire Pelletreau, $465,000.

Claire Pelletreau: Hi. Okay, no one’s going to cry now, don’t worry about it. It’s all good. And I’m also, for my breakout room I’m not going to talk about cocaine now, don’t worry. So, Olivia helped me a month ago, and I was worth 25 fucking K, this one coaching call. She helped me realize that I felt my best when I felt powerful. And so a couple of thoughts that recently have had me feeling very powerful are if you haven’t done ads with me, you haven’t done ads. Stacey. Stacey.

And the second one, I’ll just give you a tiny bit of context, which is that I kind of came up in this online marketing world like nobody did thought work. And I always felt like I was on the B team, these photoshoots of people at parties together. There were all these like online marketing influencers and I was never part of that. And in this room I feel just exactly where I need to be. And the thought that I have is it doesn’t get more A list than me.

Olivia Vizachero, $503,000.

Olivia Vizachero: Alright, normally I’m quick and painless and tough up here. But it just hit me when I sat down tonight before this started, it has been a hard fucking year. And there are women in this room that I want to thank, Julia, Claire and Maggie, who are the top earners or some of the top earners who have showed that you can be vulnerable. And I like to be tough and help others, but it has been rough and there has been a lot of learning and failure.

And I’m grateful to all of you for being vulnerable and showing up and asking for coaching and just modeling that it’s okay to be both an inspiration to people in this room and a student in this room, so thank you. My thought during a very hard year has been I always make the money and I have.

Shannon Hagel, $536,000.

Shannon Hagel: First of all, thank you, Charlotte and Olivia for dressing me and coming to my rescue otherwise I would have looked like I came from the gym. I think on the running theme of hard years, when you’re starting out it can feel like your future self isn’t going to struggle like now. Or you see people who are making a lot of money and they look polished and they look like they have their shit together. And it has also been a really hard year personally, actually, it’s been really hard three years.

I started my business after finding out I had BRCA, going through a hysterectomy, a mastectomy that didn’t go great, reconstruction, all while emailing my clients in the surgery bed. I really thought after going through that, okay, I’m done, not like done, done, like it’s done. The shit is done and this year is going to be fucking amazing and easy. And instead life gave me other curveballs with my personal life. And so it’s not a pretty thought, but my thought the last six months that really I think got me through is that it can be a total shit show and I can still make a fuck ton of money.

Serena Hicks, $662,000.

Serena Hicks: I didn’t know there’d be a speech when I submitted my thought, I thought that it would just, it would be on screen. So hello, I would like to do a celebration. That’s where I tell you my thought and we celebrate it but I’m also telling on myself. So my thought that worked out just fine is I’m figuring this out. Now, you can say this in multiple tones. It can be I’m figuring this the fuck out, which is what I recommend. It can be, I’m just figuring this out which happened a lot as well.

So yeah, I just finished my first round of Two Million Dollar Group. I’m so excited to be going again, looking forward to more. So I’m excited to share new thoughts with you in six months, but I’m figuring this out. It has been both supportive and I’m also going to be working on a new thought.

Charlotte Smith, $699,000.

Charlotte Smith: This is my fourth time on stage and never gets old, you guys. Oh my God. So I don’t have a thought, it is a feeling and it’s driven. And I came out of the womb driven and like the rest of the world, doesn’t know how to handle it until I found this room. And this room can handle my drive and I wake up driven in the morning to go out and let every farmer know they need to be in my program because it will save their lives, change their lives.

And two years ago I landed in this room and Lindsay Dotzlaf was my breakout instructor and I was like, “Oh my God. I want to do what she does. Who do I have to become to be a breakout instructor?” And it took the full two years to become the woman who could be that in this room too. And I mean that’s why that number, almost 700,000, a million by the end of the year, it all just works together.

So I’m just going to take this drive and that number’s going to be a million and two and five. I know it’s crazy. So, thank you Stacey for creating this container that can hold all of us with these bigger than life personalities that the rest of the world can’t handle.

Lindsay Dotzlaf, $785,000.

Lindsay Dotzlaf: This is weird, I’m usually really nervous. I actually feel way more calm right now than I usually do.

Stacey: No, you’re not shaking or anything.

Lindsay Dotzlaf: I know, I’m not even shaking, this is really weird. The wine maybe.

Stacey: Good call.

Lindsay Dotzlaf: It’s interesting I come up here with a thought that I’m still going to say, but I think Stacey just gave me a new one, which is, turns out I know how to make money. It has been a hard year and I thought I was going to be the first one to get up here and say that, which is interesting. So much of my work this year has been being a fierce truth teller and just standing in my realness all the time. And so instead of telling you, some lovely thought like this is just the beginning or whatever else we say.

Stacey: Listen, I say that.

Lindsay Dotzlaf: Yeah, no, it’s great. really. It’s an amazing thought, when I’m in it I’m like, “Yes, that’s true, this is just the beginning.” But what feels more true for me today is, this shit’s really hard. And I can do hard things and you all can do hard things, all of you, every one of you. I feel so inspired by literally each of you. I’ve cried 10 times already. And I’m just so grateful to be in this room. There’s no other room that I would rather be in.

[inaudible] MacMillan at $1,800,000.

Speaker: Two thoughts, a lot of people talked about hard. This has been a hard year for me as well. Just keep going has been my thought, keep going. And I love that beautiful story that we shared earlier today, that video, I was literally bawling, especially for us women of color. Just keep going. Just keep going, yes. So that’s number one, that was thought number one. Thought number two, Stacey gave me and I’m trying it on like a hat, which is I’m going to be the next $10 million earner.

Edie Wadsworth, $2.5 million.

Edie Wadsworth: Hi, everybody. I am so sad I’m not with you but I’m so happy to be here with my second grandbaby who was born this week. I have been snuggling babies and playing games and dancing and having so much fun with my grandbabies. And my thought is that you can put the most important things first and still make $2.5 million. So I love you, Stacey. I love this room.

Stacey: I just want to say to close, a big, just huge warm thank you to all of the award winners because every single time you come across the stage, you help other people believe they can do it too. Every single one of you is so different. You all have different niches, different personalities, different everything about you. And so someone can see themselves in you and you and you and you and everyone.

And you help people who are investing so much money in this room, sometimes more money than they have, sometimes more money than they thought they could come up with, take bigger risks than they knew possible, fly to five different countries to get here. And you show them that it’s possible every time you show up. And then in your own rounds, in your own investments, you give up some of your time to give back to them, that to me, blows my mind.

And it’s never, I guess I can do it. It’s always when do I get to do it? Can I do it this round? Can I be an instructor? How do I get to be an instructor? That blows my mind. So thank you so much for being a true example of what’s possible for every single person in this room. For the rest of you, you’re next. Be thinking about what your thought is going to be when you cross the stage and use it every day until you get here.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first 2,000 the hardest part and then 200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk free, you either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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