Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | The Three-Year Plan

A lot of you in 2K have seen the success of my 200K students, so I wanted to address what I believe is one of the most important reasons behind this success: the three-year plan. And while it sounds straightforward on the surface, there are a lot of mindset principles behind it that really require a lot of work.

Making a plan is fairly simple. But sticking to it is a whole different ballgame, especially when we’re making money and seeing some success. What’s worse is we tend to overestimate what we can achieve in the short-term and underestimate what the long-term has in store, so we end up hustling hard early on and burning out before our plan is even in full swing. And that’s not what I want for you.

Tune in this week to discover what the three-year plan is and how it’s going to help you make more money and grow exponentially without hustling. I’m sharing my own experience of shooting too high with my plan the first time around, and how having a plan like this will make every area of your life better.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the three-year plan is.
  • Why the three-year plan is an integral part of my 200K program.
  • What hustling now to make a short-term goal is doing to your business in the long-term.
  • Why I don’t teach advanced selling principles in 2K.
  • How the three-year plan allows you to make more money while hustling less.
  • Why the three-year plan will make every other aspect of your life easier.
  • What it looks like when you have mastered the art of the three-year plan.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches. Welcome to episode 93. Before we dive into today’s episode, I have to tell you all the funniest story. It’s so ridiculous. So, I have a dog named Bear that I have had for six and a half years. I rescued him when he was a year and a half, two years. It was just the worst case of abuse they had ever seen. And I rescued him. I got him therapy and trained, like every crazy dog mom does. And he’s been the greatest dog ever.

So, now he’s a little bit older. He’s eight and a half. And he’s a big dog. So, we’ve been worried about his life expectancy and how much more time we might possibly have with him. So, my loving fiancé decided that we should get a dog DNA test to find out what Bear is and to find out his health and what we can expect, how much longer we can expect to have him.

So, we sat on this test forever because you have to do all this stuff. You have to quarantine the dog for an hour and they can’t have any water or any contact with other dogs and you have to swab their mouth and then you have to send it in. It was this whole thing.

So, we finally do it. Let me just preface with the vet, our dog professional’s veterinarian, who do this for a living, have said that he is a Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix. And that’s exactly what he looks like. He has a triple coat of all pure white fur. Not the same as our English Cream, who has cream fur. She looks white, until you put her next to Bear and then she looks cream because he’s stark, stark, stark white all over.

He’s got the crazy bushy fur, the triple coat. He’s got a big Lion’s mane and then he has one big brown patch over his eye, like Border Collies do. And then he has the little dots on his ears like Border Collies have. And then he has the dew claw that Pyrenees have and he has a lot of the personality traits of both of them.

So, there’s nothing that should ever contradict this, but we were curious. We were like, “Okay, it could be, like, slightly wrong. Let’s find out.” SO, we get this DNA test back and the results say – I’m still laughing about this – that he is 75% Golden Retriever, 20%-35% Alaskan Malamute, and 15%-20% Weimaraner.

So, we had a good laugh at the expense of ourselves and burning $100, literally just lighting up in flames. The best part is that my fiancé emails them back and says, “I need to know how you came to this conclusion. Please release a detailed explanation of your findings.” It’s not just me who’s a little bit obsessive. My fiancé is as well.

So, we tell our family that we did this and we send them the photo of Bear and then we send them the photo of all three of the mixes they say he is and we’re like, “Yeah, he’s definitely Golden Weimaraner, for sure, definitely all white, big and fluffy, that’s what he his.”

So, they’re all making fun of us now on a family text, as I am getting ready to record this podcast. We can take it though. So, now we’re calling Bear our little Weimaraner. It’s absolutely ridiculous. So, don’t do the dog DNA. It doesn’t work. It’s a scam.

Alright, let’s dive into today’s podcast. I thought you all would love that little story. Okay, let’s talk about the three-year plan. So, I wanted to do this episode and share with you the mindset principles of the three-year plan because a lot of you have been asking about this.

You see my 200K students rave about the effects that it’s having on their business and their income. If you haven’t seen them doing that, you’re about to because, during the launch, we’re going to release a lot of before and after videos from the students and they’re all talking about the three-year plan. So, we’ve got a lot of people picking up on that and asking us, so I know you all are dying to know.

So, here’s what I want to say. The three-year plan is an actual exercise we do in the 200K mastermind in the very beginning. I walk you through 10 pages of questions and an exercise and planning and thought work. And you learn the mindset, while you’re doing that, and throughout the six months together. And we coach on it.

But the magic is really in the application of the three-year plan. Like, actually committing and following through with your three-year plan and truly getting to mastery of the thinking in the three-year plan in order to compound your revenue results. And to do this without feeling rundown and exhausted and hustling.

It’s a non-hustle approach to making a lot of money. And 200K, it’s become a three-year mentorship. And it is that way because I want to mentor you through an entire three-year plan and coach you through its execution. Some years, some quarters, or months even are much harder than others. It isn’t all just massive growth month after month after month for three solid years.

You hit life stuff. You hit purgatories. You have all kinds of Cs that happen along with your own drama that often last much longer than you expect. So, this is something that we work on round after round after round. We hone. We mature. We make better decisions. You make more money regardless of what happens as a human in your life.

The life things get to come and go. We have so many women, I feel like, in 200K who are pregnant, who are trying to get pregnant, who have just decided to get pregnant based on the possibility that’s been presented to them in the 200K mastermind and the ability to have babies and family and still make more money. There have been so many, unfortunately, so many deaths in our mastermind this round. It’s been a rough 2020 and we are experiencing all of that. All of our students are not immune to that experience. They’re all going through that experience and having to flee their houses in Manhattan to get away from the Coronavirus. They’ve gone through so much.

And so, part of the three-year plan and the work that we do towards the three-year plan is being able to create that mindset and execute that regardless of what’s happening in the world, regardless of what’s happening at home, regardless of how politics happen, the year happens, medical things that happen. Regardless of all of it, can you become the person who commits to a plan and a strategy and creating a legacy over three years and then diligently execute that no matter what happens?

So, that’s really the purpose of the three-year plan and then why we really teach 200K as a three-year mentorship and that’s why you enroll round after round, is to be able to work through this when those real-life things happen.

So, having prefaced that, the three-year plan, here’s what it is. It’s a master plan for a result that you want to create in your business three years from now that you create ahead of time in order to measure all of your decisions and put all of your focus and dedicate all of your thought work towards achieving.

So, for those of you who study the model, it’s a dedicated practice towards an R-line, a result line that’s three years from now, and you align all of your thinking and decision-making towards that result above all else. Meaning the three-year plan’s result is more important and carries more weight than the result for this current year you’re in.

Okay, so we do this for three reasons. Number one, because we always overestimate what we can achieve in the short-term, which is what creates hustle for us. And we underestimate what we can achieve in the long-term. And when we don’t underestimate what we can achieve, when we properly estimate that, that’s what creates discipline. That’s what creates our follow through on the hard things now when we’re extremely committed to what those will create in the future and we can get through the hard stuff and we can get to work even when we don’t want to, when we’re living in the result from three years from now.

And the other thing is, when we overestimate, we are hustling to achieve what we have overestimated that we can achieve. And so, we run ourselves into the ground and often shame ourselves thinking that we should be further along and we should be achieving this thing that we’ve overestimated that we can achieve.

So, we either work very long hours or we work ourselves into the ground in our minds. So, even if it’s like we’re still working our five days a week, 40 hours or whatever you work, that experience can be – the exhaustion happens in your mind. It doesn’t even happen necessarily in the long hours. But I’ve seen both. I’ve seen my students work 18 hours per day. I’ve done that where I was working 18 hours a day to just hustle, hustle, hustle to that next income level.

And then, what happens is you end up hating the business that you so lovingly created. And we become miserable with lack and compare and despair, thinking we should be further along when we’re in that success expectancy. You get very stuck in finite thinking.

So, it becomes all about this month’s revenue, this launch, this year’s goal, this current purgatory of failure that we’re stuck in that has lasted six months, this river of misery that we want to desperately get out of in the current moment. It’s all about what’s happening now.

And what happens is we fail to think infinitely of what getting through the purgatory now is going to create three years from now, even 10 years from now. We miss the bigger picture of what a year of failing can create long-term. We miss the fact that we were never supposed to get where we were thinking we were going in the small timeframe we created for ourselves.

For example, I was never supposed to make a million dollars the first year I tried to scale. I should have probably aimed for 600K. And had I done that, I would have been a lot happier and I would have had one hell of a better year than having that finite expectancy of how fast I was supposed to make a million dollars. I had no idea how much growth was required in my brain to make a million dollars and how much work my business needed in the background to actually support a million-dollar business.

So, this is the magic of the three-year plan. I have my students think three years from now what their businesses will need and everything their brain comes up with the first time they do that three-year plan with our current limited finite thinking is what actually they need to be working on right now.

So, you make that three-year plan, you have limited thinking, which is not a problem. So many of my students get very stuck in, like, the first time they did the three-year plan, they overestimated and then they get into that first year and they realize they have to adjust their three-year plan. And they make that mean something has gone wrong.

What really happens is we’re just locked into this finite thinking and when we do the three-year plan, we start unlocking that and we start opening up the window to what we’re actually able to achieve and we start getting so much closer, so of course we reevaluate along the way because we have so much better information to guide us, having even just done that process the first time around with our messy limited finite thinking.

So, what you think you’re going to accomplish in three years, that’s what you have to be working on right now. So, the three-year plan reveals the actual path to get there.

So, that’s number two, really, in the reasons we do the three-year plan. We work with the three-year plan to find the actual growth required, the math and the mindset, to achieve the result at the end of the three years. And the sooner you start moving towards that, the sooner the actual steps reveal themselves that are needed to create the three-year plan. And these steps can only be revealed through keeping with the limited perspective you have now.

We don’t just sit around coaching ourselves forever to try to get a bigger perspective before we take action. The larger perspective and the more strategic steps reveal themselves as you go. So, if you wait to start on these steps, you actually might make a little more money now, like I did. I made an extra $260,000 the first year I tried to scale. I Should probably have stuck with 600K. I really pushed myself hard to 860K, jut hustling harder and working more hours and doing more.

But what happens when you do that, when you push really, really, really hard and you produce a little bit more income, you get further from the result where you make more money with less time and you prolong the inevitable steps that you will have to take and you prolong the misery and the massive results than can be had.

So, an extra $260,000 this year might seem like everything to you, depending on where you’re at income-wise in your business. So, maybe for you, you might scale it back 10 times and say an extra $26,000, because I see this happen with my students where they’re so desperate to get to 100K and they make horrible decisions towards the end of the year, they’re at like 76K, 80K, like so close. And they start trying to hustle really hard to get to 100K this year. But they make decisions that hurt their next year and start them off exhausted and with little energetic resources to go off of for the next year. So, that’s what I mean.

Scale it back for yourself when you’re listening to this. $260,000 might be like, what? But try it at $26,000. If you would be willing to sacrifice $26,000 for the long-term growth of your business and the health of you. So, if I had waited and been a little bit more strategic and waited on that extra 260K, I would have gotten to my results that I’m in now so much faster.

And even think about $860,000, $260,000 didn’t change my life much. I know that can be hard to believe, but again, you’re at $86,000, $26,000 isn’t going to change your life that much. And it’s at the sacrifice of that bigger goal, getting there faster and having those compounded results so much sooner.

So, when you start thinking infinitely like this, you are so much more willing to go through the purgatories. In my mastermind, we call it picking up pennies. But you’re so much more willing to leave the pennies and you’re so much more willing to go through the purgatories to get there when you’re living in that three-year result versus this year’s result.

You’re so much more willing to sacrifice the pocket change now for the stacks of money later. And literally, that’s what I’m experiencing now is we’re just stacking up money in the most ridiculous way and I’m so glad I got out of that finite thinking when I did.

I’ll give you an example of this, of really being committed to your three-year plan. So, part of my three-year plan was to – I really mastered last year selling to my warm list, my warm audience, so people who were already familiar with me. And this year, I really wanted to master selling to a cold audience; people who were not familiar with me. And I wanted to do that through Facebook ads so that we could be making our monthly revenue without me having to take action to do it.

We could just pay money instead of spending time to bring on clients into 2K for 2K and to find this podcast. And I really had, so far, only used Facebook ads to help sell more to my warm audience. And the first three months of the year, I really focused on that and getting my processes and my systems with my team and in my business set up to also allow me to not be spending time doing those things and to have our busines kind of running like a well-oiled machine.

And so, the first three months of the year, we were making under what our business was costing to run and we were pulling out of our business reserve in order to pay our bills. And I was failing – you’ve listened to the podcast by now, but we were literally getting every single ad rejected time after time after time and we were having to go back to the beginning and create the most basic value post to bring engagement and start creating positive engagement.

It was three long months of very hard work and lots of failure and lots of months where the revenue was not where we wanted it to be. But the entire time, I was so committed to my three-year plan and so focused on the result that doing this work and going through this failure was going to create for our business when we’re looking at a $10 million goals and a $20 million goal. And for me, specifically for my own situation, wanting to create a $10 and $20 million business while also getting married and starting a family and not wanting to have to miss out on any of those beautiful moments.

So, I was really willing to go through that experience. When I think back, I’m glad it’s over. But I was willing to that because I was so committed to the three-year plan.

Okay, so the third major thing that the three-year plan does is it requires you to get out of that current moment and stop hustling and think ahead and then, what happens is in order to do those three things, you have to meet your dissonance head on.| You have to meet your drama head on.

So, I’m going to give you an example of this. I have a client in 200K that I recently coached who has a three-year plan and she also has her goal for this year. And it’s September. She does launches and groups. So, she doesn’t do selling one on one anymore. And those launches and groups are planned out.

And she had a goal for this year. This was the first year she was selling her groups. So, we already adjusted her goal to account for her selling something new. And she’s not quite where she wanted to be by the end of the year, if she didn’t sell another group, which she hadn’t planned to do, she won’t hit this year’s goal.

And so, she came to 200K and was asking for coaching about whether or not she should try to throw up another launch this year towards the end of the year to bring the revenue in for this year to hit her goal this year because of all of these thoughts that she had made that revenue mean for her.

She was making it mean that if she hit that revenue, she could be in the $2 million group that I’m starting. She was making it mean that this year’s goal would prove that she could make next year’s goal, that she’d be even further behind with her three-year plan if she doesn’t hit her goal for this year. She had so many desperate graspy thoughts that really weren’t supportive of the business she’s creating in the long run.

So, although she wants to commit to her three-year plan, although she’s thinking in the bigger picture and she really wants to create that business that is healthy and doesn’t require her to work herself into the ground and allows for her to have family emergencies and her own personal emergencies – so, she has all these things that she wants and these desires that she’s committed to in the long-term of creating this healthy business with substantial revenue, but she’s up against the drama of what it will mean if she doesn’t hit her goal this year.

So, one of the things I coached her on is recommitting to that three-year plan, maybe even redoing it again. And we looked at what her goal was for next year and if that even made sense for what she’s creating now. And she was telling me. But I’ve already had to change my three-year plan once and so I don’t want to have to redo it again and what does this mean about me having to redo it again…

And I said, you just overestimated what you could get done and you underestimated the amount of mind drama and dissonance you were going to have in creating this new offer and offering it to the world and becoming a thought leader in your niche and you just underestimated how much drama you were going to come up against and how much work you were going to have to do.

And it wasn’t that you shouldn’t have had to do that. You overestimated it. And now we have to look at where we are now and the work required to get here and readjust that three-year plan and decide. And I asked her, how much money do you want to make at the end of the three years if you could get there, if you were there and you were going to get there no matter what?

So, this is a great way to think about this, is in three years, if you were guaranteed to make the amount of money you wanted to make total, total over three years, if you were guaranteed to do that, would it matter if you make an extra $60,000 this year or if you make it next year? Or if you don’t make the extra 60K for this year and next year but you make three times that in the extra amount for the following year?

So, I gave her the example of me. I wanted to make a million dollars. I did $325,000 my second full year and I wanted to go straight to a million. And we didn’t get there. we got to $860,000 and I hustled. So, the next year, I did 2.5 million. When I originally did my three-year plan, I imagined myself being at five million in those three years. But then, at the end of my $2.5 million year, I was still exhausted and I was still not prepared and I still didn’t have the business that could really sustain $5 million.

I couldn’t even, in my brain, imagine making $5 million at the beginning of this year, 2020, which is so crazy. I remember being like, “I think maybe I should – doubling would be $5 million, but I also feel like I could just repeat $2.5 million again. Last year was difficult.”

And I wanted it to be even easier. I thought I was getting married this year. So, I actually decided to change my $5 million goal that I had at the beginning of January this year and do $2.5 million, again, believing that I’m going to still make all the money I was ever going to make in the long run. It will happen. And it was the best thing for my business when I thought about making $10 million, repeating my $2.5 million year, taking that first three months to get out of Facebook purgatory and to do everything Facebook needed us to do in order to get positive engagement happening again on our account, in order to get to cold audiences, in order to expand our reach, in order to bring more students in for the long-term of our business and to create all of those systems and processes.

I couldn’t do that if I was also trying to hustle my way to $5 million, which is what I would have had to have done with my current brain at $2.5 million. That’s the only way my brain thought $5 million could happen is I’d have to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. I didn’t let myself sell for the whole first three months of the year.

Now, here’s what happened. This is the magic of the three-year plan. I made decisions for $10 million instead of $5 million. I let myself keep my goal at $2.5 million. I actually gave myself some more years to make $5 million and $10 million.

I remember talking to Brooke at the beginning in the Caymans and we said, what if you repeat $2.5 million again, slow yourself down, just do $5 million the year after that. So, we’re going to repeat $2.5 million twice. Then we’re going to do $5 million, and then we’re going to do $10 million. And we just going to give ourselves lots of time to grow and to get everything done and to be calm and not hustle at all and get our business organized in a way that’s very healthy.

I got myself onboard with that, coached myself for several weeks, got myself onboard. And what’s so great about the three-year plan is remember, we overestimate what we can do in a short amount of time, but we underestimate what we can do in a long period of time.

So, I was trying to overestimate at the beginning of the year how much money I can make throughout the year. But once I stopped doing that and I just got to work on the three-year plan on my three-year plan, what happened is I actually underestimated what I could do with this entire year. And after getting out of the purgatory, I actually just posted in my own million-dollar mentoring, that my ads are now bringing in close to $300,000 a month without me having to go in and sell really hard and do a bunch of webinars. It’s just happening. We’re making like 10K a day without me doing anything. It’s kind of ridiculous.

And now, some of my colleagues are like, “Wait, I want that.” It’s insane. We did $400,000 in the month of September. I did one webinar and all of the rest of that was ads. Just cold traffic coming in.

I thought it was going to take, I don’t know, a month of focus to get my ads working. It’s so funny how our brain works. Instead, it took from January to September. But I was willing for it to take that amount of time. I stayed committed to it and now we’re reaping the rewards of that and we’re sitting at $3 million cash in the bank this year and the way that our plan is for the rest of the year, the way our launches are set up, we’re going to do close to $7 million by the end of the year. So, we had planned for 2.5. What’s actually going to come in is between $6 and $7 million.

So, I was telling my client this story to tell her, like, I told her, I just wanted to the $250,000, wherever she’s at. I’m like, just do that and be committed to do 500K next year and we’re going to definitely get you to a million by the end of three years.

And what might actually happen, if she follows her three-year plan is she might do $250,000 this year, but she might do $600,000 and she might do $1.5 million the next year.

And then at the end of 1.5 million, she’s not going to care about the extra $40,000 she didn’t make this year, or the extra $60,000, whatever it is. I can’t remember the exact numbers. But she won’t care about it. Just like at seven million dollars, I’m not looking back upset that I didn’t make the extra $260,000 or $240,000 to hit a million the first time I tried it.

And if I had only done 600K, looking back at seven million, I also don’t care. It’s like, that amount of money, it just becomes not even significant. There’s a point where now we’re at that $260,000, we wouldn’t do anything. Anything that was hustly to try to come up with that money.

We just have so much money sitting in our account, we would never hustle to get that. We were originally going to try to do 500K in this month in September. I just thought it would be a really fun goal, but I wasn’t willing to hustle towards it. So it was like, we’re going to spend more money in ads, and either it comes in or it doesn’t.

And I had started doing this other thing that I was going to put together. I had started working on this project, and I’m like, you know what, that’s hustly. It’s just not worth it. It would produce the money, the extra 100K, but it’s just not worth it.

So at some point, you will get in your three-year plan to a place where you will be so calm and you’ll be so out of the hustle that the money you’re attached to like, oh my god, I have to make that extra $26,000 this year or that extra $260,000 this year, you’ll get to a point where you look at that and you’re like, it’s not even worth it to step out of who I want to be and the way I want to feel in my business. It’s just not worth it.

And we got pretty close for shooting for 500K with our ads. We’re going to end at like, 440K or something like that, but the extra 60K, we’re like, whatever, it was a fun goal to begin with. So your three-year plan really allows you to think far enough ahead, to discipline yourself to go through the growth and to calm down and get out of hustle, find out what thoughts are creating that hustle and meet those head on, meet that attachment to this year’s goal, that attachment to what that $26,000 or $260,000 means, and then find the actual growth required, the math and the mindset to achieve the result you want.

That’s the magic of the three-year plan. And here’s also – I just want to say this one last thing. I will say in the process of actually creating that drama, that dissonance for yourself, and dissonance, when I say that, it’s just having two contradictory desires and thoughts competing with each other.

So I want to have a healthy business and I’m committed to my goal, the bigger picture three years from now, and I have to hit my goal for this year. That’s dissonance. So in that process, what happens in exploring the calm, centered, committed, disciplined side of you who is thinking infinitely and making strategic math decisions based on the long-term growth, you will also find the thoughts and mindset to create your three-year result.

You become a completely different person with a completely different mindset and philosophy on growth and business. And people have said that of me. They’ve literally watched me transform. They can’t believe how different I am now than I was three years ago.

And one of the thoughts when we did the three-year plan this past mastermind in August, I found myself – because I always do it when the students do it. I just do it with them. I found for myself and I knew it was true because it came from my brain and it wasn’t forced. It was just revealed through me going through the three-year plan with my students is that 10 million dollars will be much easier to make than 2.5 million.

And my brain exploded when I found that thought, with how deeply I knew it to be true. And that’s what I’ve done this entire year. It’s been all about making money easier. I’ve stepped back from so much doing everything in my business by myself and created so many processes with my assistant that have allowed me to coach my students at such a higher level and create content at such a higher level and deliver that, even for free.

If you follow us on our Instagram, we’re posting every day now. Just giving lots of content to help people who aren’t even paying us make money. And I’ve been managing my business as a CEO at such a higher level, that again, we’re going to do around seven million dollars and it’s going to be my easiest year. Even with all the circumstances 2020 has had to offer us.

And I think it’s just so fun to see the thinking revealed to my students when they go through this process. That 500K could be way easier than 200K. What? And I also want to say that the reason I don’t teach this in 2K is because you aren’t ready – because I know y’all are going to be asking, wait, but I want to learn it now.

I don’t teach it in 2K because you’re not ready to think about your business at this level, when you really just need to be focusing on making money and just getting experience under your belt, no matter how messy it is. There is so much hustle required to get to 100K. But then you slow down.

So you literally have to think opposite for your first 100K and then your next hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of my underdogs want to come in and they want to get to 100K and 200K quickly and this will only help you do that, once you have that first 100K under your belt. But there is some balancing if you come in as an underdog that you have to do to get the revenue and hustle to get there, while also not sabotaging your ultimate three-year plan.

So if you’re an underdog, you just have to choose to do that. And I did that. It was great. It was supposed to be that way. I had to hustle to create revenue, and I had a lot of cleaning to do at the same time. So it was just a lot of balancing and a lot of drama that I had to go through.

But at 100K, you must join 200K mastermind and start thinking the complete opposite about your business than you did for the previous 100K. It’s literally not the same mindset. I don’t even let my 200K students spend a lot of time in 2K because the philosophies are so different.

They can of course and will of course lean on the foundational selling principles. It’s what their entire business will be based on. But I really make them commit to learning the 200K advanced selling principles and work off their three-year plan.

So that’s why I don’t teach it in 2K is that you really got to be focused on making that first 2K, then your first 25K, and then you can start learning about the three-year plan and you’ll just have the capacity to do that because you won’t be in as much scarcity and lack and it’s like – I always say at the beginning of your business before your first 25K, making money literally feels like the necessity feels like the necessity to breathe or have water.

It’s like, I must get money in my business. And so you don’t have the capacity to make decisions and sacrifice the now for later when you’re in that place. Okay, so if you want to join us and make your three-year plan, make sure you go to and see when the next enrollment is.

So for the first class of 2021 that starts in January, we are enrolling November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. But if you’re listening to this years from now, we will always have that next class up if we are currently getting ready to enroll, and so you’ll be able to plan for that.

Okay, and also, I’ve been saying, if you’re in America, no matter how the US election turns out, you can vote in the most powerful way. On yourself. So don’t let the drama overtake you. Focus on what’s best for you in your business. Of course, focus what’s best for America, but remember the power that you have for yourself in making decisions for yourself that will ripple out into everyone you know and ripple far beyond this country and into all of the countries.

I think about that with 2K and 200K. We are representing so many countries across the world. And so I really – I know some of my students are going into the election drama, and I just want to offer, do your part, vote, but vote on yourself. Don’t let yourself get rocked no matter how it turns out. Be committed to what you’re going to do for the next 10 years, regardless of what America does.

Alright, see you next week. And hey, make sure you catch the bonus series here on the podcast. I have hand-selected five of my 200K students to create a series called Get It Done, where they are going live on Facebook at every week to share inspiration and coach everyone trying to get to that 25K minimum to apply for the mastermind.

And even though we can’t take everyone, it is important to get this under your belt for this round or next. I wouldn’t spend a single second waiting to make 25K for some future moment. Get it done now. So you can join my students live and get coaching and ask questions, just go to and that has the schedule.

Again, the Lives are actually hosted on my Facebook account, But if you want to see the schedule and the times and the instructors, that’s at So I’ve mentioned the 200K website, I’ve mentioned our Facebook where you can find us on Facebook, and I’ve mentioned where you can get the details of Get It Done.

All of these will be linked in our show notes as well. And we are also going to put these bonus trainings on the podcast as a bonus episode each week, following our weekly podcast. So make sure you listen to week one that has gone live today with Vikki Louise, our most successful underdog yet.

Who’s going to take her place and carry on the torch? So listen now to that first episode right here on the podcast. It will be uploaded right alongside today’s episode and then we will release the next one each week with our Wednesday episode.

But if you want to be live and you want to ask questions and you want to be a part of the experience, to watch them live and to get the schedule. Alright, I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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