Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Wisdom from the Black Coach Panel

In mid-2021, I offered a value exchange for a few of the most successful Black Coaches in my community. I offered to mentor them for a year, privately, in a small group, and at the end of our time, I asked if they would be open to spending a day helping me create a course inside of 2K for 2K to help my Black Students and Coaches of Color coming into the program.

The idea for this was to help bridge the gap between the 2K process, my teachings on selling, making money, and entrepreneurship, and then their lived experiences in a world where racism is a factual and daily part of their lives, learning how to make money in a predominantly white industry. I asked them to share their successful thoughts and approaches, and I’m sharing these insights in the form of a panel discussion on today’s episode.

Tune in this week to discover some amazing wisdom from the Black Coach panel. These coaches are truly remarkable, they’re full of gems. I’m honored to have been their coach as they go through their journeys, and the way they’ve poured into my students and community has blown my mind.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • These coaches’ opinions on hustling and the difference between hustling versus what is required.
  • Why hustle happens in the mind and it’s not an action you take.
  • How to see the specific strengths you’re bringing to the coaching community, instead of dwelling on all the things you’re “supposed” to be doing.
  • Some insights around how to balance coaching with your profession, and how to leave your job on your own terms when the time is right for you.
  • These coaches’ most important lessons around faith and business.
  • Why this is just the beginning of the amazing things Black Coaches can achieve in this industry.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 218. In mid-2021 I offered a value exchange for a few of my most successful Black coaches in my community. I offered to mentor them for a year privately in a small group in exchange but not exclusive to saying yes to this. I asked them if at the end of our time they would be open to spending a day helping me create a course inside 2K for 2K for my Black students and coaches of color coming in to help bridge the gap between the 2K process and my teachings on selling, making money and entrepreneurship.

And then their lived experiences in a world where racism is a factual and daily part of their lives and learning to make money in a predominantly white industry and how these factors affect how they approach the work. I asked them to share their successful thoughts and approaches. We all brainstormed the most effective way to get this information to the community and we decided on a panel discussion that has ended up being one of my most favorite things I’ve ever done.

These women are so remarkable. They are brilliant. I am honored to have been their coach and be on part of their journey. And even more honored that they would pour into my students in this way. We’ve really had the most fun for an entire eight hour day. And I’m so grateful for their patience. We filmed this while I was I think four months postpartum. And we had to take a lot of breaks for me to pump and I wanted to include that because I just want to keep being an example for moms out there on how you can do really incredible work and create immense value while also nurturing human life. So amazing.

So for today’s episode I wanted to share some of that wisdom with you all. We will start with introducing our panel instructors and then sharing wisdom from a few different topics we covered that day. We covered many topics, we chose just a few and then within that a few of our favorite pieces of wisdom.

So if you’re a 2K for 2K student this course is live today starting February 28th, 2023. So if you are in the course as of today you have live access. And if you are joining us after this moment you will also get to have on demand access to this. So you can go into our member portal and access the entire discussion there. So without further ado let’s dive into the wisdom from the Black coach panel.


Dielle Charon: Hi. My name is Dielle Charon. I’m a sales coach for women of color coaches. And this is my first million dollar year in 12 months. And you can find me @diellecharon on Instagram, my website Dielle Charon or my podcast, Black, Banked and Booked Out.

Keina Newell: My name’s Keina Newell and I work with single women and solopreneurs who want to change their relationship with money. I have made over $450,000 in my business in the last four years. And you can find me @wealthovernow on Instagram or at

Brig Johnson: Hi, I’m Brig Johnson and I am a life and mindset coach for professional Black women, $700,000 in the last four years, year to date. Last year I made $323,000 which was more than my anesthesia career. So you can find me at or you can follow me on Instagram @johnsonbrig. Oh, podcast, Breakthrough with Brig on Apple or wherever.

Serena Hicks: I am Serena Hicks, I love money and money loves me back. And I want you to know that money loves you too. I’m a money coach and you can find me at I went from bankruptcy to, I’m almost at my three year 2K anniversary and I’m at 1.5 million cash collected. And I started at 40, so you are not too old, it is not too late. Find me at

Nicole Smith: Hi, I’m Nicole Smith, I am the CEO at Smith and I am a life coach for executive women. I help them stop trying to balance life and work and just create a life that works. Last year in my business I made $118,000 and you can find me at and it’s iamsmitn on all social as well.

Sonia Wright: Hello, I’m Dr. Sonia Wright, I am a midlife sex coach for women. I help women create the sex lives of their dreams. I also have a podcast called The Midlife Sex Coach for Women. Reach me at And in the last four years I have made over $600,000.

Chavonne Perotte: Hi, I’m Dr. Chavonne Perotte, I’m a life and marriage coach for couples. I help you love your marriage again. You can find me, the Love Marriage Again podcast on all platforms, on Instagram @chavonneperotte or online at And since connecting with Stacey in 2018 I’ve made over $500,000 in my business.

Sade Curry: Hi, I’m Sade Curry. I am a dating coach for divorced women. I made my first 2K in 2019. And since then I have made $335,000 in my business. You can find me on my website or on my podcast, the Dating After Divorce podcast.

Jennifer Dent Brown: Hi, I’m Jennifer Dent Brown. I’m a life and weight loss coach and I help women learn to stop dieting forever. I have a podcast called Stop Dieting Forever. And in the past three years as a life and weight loss coach I have made $290,000 following the 2K process and the 200K process. You can find me at


Jennifer: I definitely think that hustle mentality is expected because before I found Stacey I worked with a Black coach and it was hustle, hustle, hustle, create all the funnels. Do all of the A line stuff. Spending hours upon hours upon hours creating this and not creating enough money.

Nicole: I think culturally speaking there’s a lot of glorification of struggle, whether a struggle love, struggle whatever.

Brig: The struggle is real.

Nicole: The struggle is real, and rightfully so. It comes from people whose ancestors worked really hard and had to struggle to survive, that was a thing. We shall overcome the whole story. But I think the thing is, is that effort is required but exhaustion is optional.

Serena: I want to add just because I feel triggered in the best way, there is also I think, and hustle is one of those words. It means different things to different people so we’re just assuming some of you guys are listening and connecting with us and just get it. But I’m also noticing sometimes in people, it’s like they have a hustle allergy. And especially in some new coaches there’s, I need to be peaceful and Zen the whole time.

Stacey: That is not how the first 100K lays out.

Serena: I’m like, “Good fucking luck.” I want to normalize the discomfort. We are not team hustle, we don’t glorify that but don’t confuse discomfort, leaving your comfort zone with that is hustle and it must be easy and therefore I’m going to do nothing for a week and then be confused.

Chavonne: Yeah, hustle doesn’t happen on the A line, hustle happens in our thoughts, it’s in our mindset. It’s not what we do because everyone here, I know Dr. Sonia, you and I both worked a full-time job. I would work a 24 hour shift, stay up all night and then coach all day. For me that wasn’t hustling, that was what was required. It was the thoughts that I had about it that creates it as hustle. Hustle happens in the mind, it’s not on the A line. So when we’re all like, “You cannot see hustle on an A line, you see hustle on your thoughts. Why am I doing this, is this from scarcity?”

For me my thought was always on building my dream and I knew that I wanted to work a full-time job and keep that income while I build this, so that was a choice. And I kept reminding myself, this isn’t what I have to do. This is what I’m choosing to do. I could have chosen to do it a different way but that’s the way I chose to do it.

Sade: Something that I’ve done in cycles over my coaching career has been to go back to my specific strengths. So just like we said, hustle is different from a reference for each person, that value that we’re bringing, what we focus on is going to be different for each person. So when I came to coaching I had 3500 people on my Facebook page. So when I did start posting stories, that worked. Someone else might have a community, you go to church and you have friends and you have a large family, what are your specific strengths that you are bringing to the coaching community?

Versus here are all the things that you’re supposed to ‘be doing’ and then the hustle comes in because you think, well, it won’t work unless I do all those. But I think each of us has the thing. We have our thing or our three things or our five things. And taking the time to identify that and saying, “Okay, this is what I’m going to focus on. This is where I’m going to pour that work.” So the energy is really targeted on things that work for you as an individual. And I think the thought that is behind that would be that I am the value.

Chavonne: I think the questioning really helps to unwind that. So it’s sort of okay, well, go out and meet people, share your message. And I think when we have been taught, anything you do you have to do 10 times better. That’s where the hustle is in the A line and the energy behind it of no, one is not good, it has to be every day or it has to be three times a day. And I think when you begin to ask yourself the question, why. Why am I doing this? I can think of times when I just challenged myself to go live every single day. And it was taking away from my life but it was I have to go hard and I have to do this. And I didn’t at the time know to question it.

Nicole: Also too, if you are hustling and that’s the way you’ve been doing things, like Chavonne said, there’s nothing wrong. And the way I frame it is you don’t need to be fixed. This is your opportunity to be free.

Keina: I just wanted to offer giving yourself permission to do something differently.


Dielle: I actually did 300K with a nine to five and that was really…

Stacey: Can I just say that blows my ever loving mind. I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that you did that.

Dielle: $300,000 and I was only making $2500 a month as a social worker. I had a $40,000 social work salary. And so it completely just blew my mind. And I think at least for a few different things. The main thing that I really did was, I let my job be a job.

Sonia: Everybody’s journey is different. I kind of think of my evolution through this whole process, I’m a doctor, pediatric radiologist. My identity was Dr. Wright, the doctor, that’s who I was. And I went through this phase where I was like, okay, my job is my biggest investor. So that helped me get to the next stage as I went through and I was like, okay, I’m becoming Dr. Sonia, the sex coach. So then I kind of went into the phase of okay, this is what I’m going to do. This is all I’m going to do.

And I quit my other job which is great because there wasn’t autonomy in it. And so I went into just being a sex coach and I love that. But I actually missed radiology and realized that was not something I wanted to give up. But when I chose to do it I did it on my own terms. And so this is something for you to realize that you get the choice to decide what you want your coaching to look like, what you want it all to look like. Because I decided I wanted to go back to radiology but I created my own business.

So the next time around I wasn’t going back to somebody else’s rules or whatever, it was my own rules. And so I was Dr. Wright, Dr. Sonia, it’s Dr. Sonia Wright. And I do my coaching and I do my own business in radiology. So I have two businesses now. So that’s also what you gain from starting with 2K and going up to 200K. You get to decide what you want your life to be like.

Brig: I think for some of you guys who really do like your job but yet you want to do something else, it’s understanding leaving comfort for us as Black women to do something else is very scary.


Chavonne: I think this idea of you can put anything in the R line. You can create any result that you want, that to me as a person of the Christian faith with a really deep belief in sort of the sovereignty of God, that was something that was so hard for me to really wrap my head around. And I think for any beliefs that you are introduced to as a process of doing this work in building your business, you get to choose the relationship you have with those beliefs. So there was a time where I really was like, “No, this must be right.” So I’ve got to force myself to believe it.

And I stopped doing that and I just found the path of least resistance. And it was a matter of just being like, “Well, what do I believe about this?” And the place where I have landed that has really been helpful for me is I’m in partnership with God.

Keina: The thought I wrote down was this is my purpose. I’ve always been, I think, very clear on what my purpose is and that’s to help people. Something that I like to play with is the fact that I’m building a business. And I don’t have any thoughts about if a corporation was paying me a certain amount of money. And so if I’m building a business why wouldn’t I be generating enough money that I could pay myself as a W2 employee? And so those are things that I like to play around with when I’m thinking about faith and money.

Chavonne: I know I fell into this trap of questioning when you’re failing, when you’re doing the thing and you’re like, “Okay, God, this is the desire. These are the skills and the tools, you’ve equipped me with these things and it’s not working.” Really being careful not to then use that against yourself of either, well, God’s not for this. He doesn’t really want me to do this or this isn’t my purpose. And really knowing that yes, it can be your purpose. Yes, God can favor you to be doing this work and still there will be hurdles, times where it doesn’t work exactly the way that you thought it would, that does not mean quit at all.

Stacey: We have no idea the work we’re putting out in the world, it’s not just the money we’re making, the small decisions we make as we become rich trickles out as well and impacts. It literally feels like what you said, living in the miracle. So I’ll tell this quick story. So since I’ve become rich, one of the things that I believe is it’s not worth my time to do really small returns always or I make quick decisions to buy things and if I don’t use them I love to just find people that would have better use of them.

I don’t make a big deal, I don’t need to get my money back for the things. And so we had bought a ton of things for our new baby that once he came we found out his personality, they didn’t work and a lot of them were bottles. We had been given formula from our doctor to supplement and that I didn’t end up using it but we held on to it because I knew there was a formula shortage. And then pacifiers that we had ordered that we didn’t end up using for him, that he liked other ones better.

So my house cleaner who I hired to clean my house. She does refugee work with people who are coming to this area. This is specifically why she lives here is to do her refugee work. So we were always giving her everything extra that we have that we think could be helpful whether it’s furniture or whatever, to help new families move into the area. So we had given her these bottles and the formula and the pacifier. And so the day that we gave it to her, she put it in her trunk and she was like, “I know I will have someone who will need this.”

And her and her husband were out, they stopped at a gas station and there was a young very poor mom driving a very beat up car in the parking lot just crying her eyes out and you could hear her baby screaming in the car. And so Tara, I will get so emotional, she knocks on her window and she’s like, “Are you okay?” And she says, “No, I’m really lost and my baby is starving. I forgot her pacifier. I don’t have any food for her.” And then Tara’s like, “Oh my God, I have that in my trunk.”

And the girl’s like, “Wait, you have all of those things in your trunk?” And she told me and I’m like, “There’s no way that was not divinely orchestrated.” I wouldn’t even say that I’m a super religious person but to me I was like, “That was divinely orchestrated from me having the money to hire help to work in my house, to have the money to buy the extra things, to then donate the extra things to the person who is doing that work. But to then have that thing when someone desperately needed it, it was wild.

Serena: If you’re working with God, Jesus in particular, Fishes and Loaves, it’s about providing and I feel the desire and the heart and also just the creative, we get to be the vessel. In that story it’s the perfect example. You couldn’t have known how you got to be the vessel for that specific blessing.

Stacey: No, it was so wild to me, even to this day I’m just – I mean it happened a couple of weeks ago but I’m like, “What?”


Sade: There’s something that we say in the 2K room and the 200K room which I think is really important for this conversation which is that this is just the beginning, not just for your coaching business but really for people of color everywhere. There really is a revolution going on. It’s only going to get bigger and better. So if you can see your coaching business as being just a part of that, wherever you are, whether you’ve made your first 2K or signed your first client or you just, whatever your starting point is, this is really just the beginning.

So if you can see this isn’t the end of it or this isn’t my cap or my ceiling, this is literally where I’m starting from, where can I get to. And it’s the same thing with building a coaching business. Once you’ve made that first 2K or that first $20, oh my God, this is just the beginning, where can I get to? And then just as I experience as people of color where there are things that are getting better, there are things that we’re changing and it is also just the beginning. I think of trauma that way too.

When you start healing your trauma, how good can life get because you’re just at the beginning. So I really love that thought, this is just the beginning, I wanted to share that with you.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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