We are so excited and honored to present the 200k Mastermind Data Study.

This study was a five-year, 646-student study, across 11 mastermind rounds.

How we ran the study:

Students provided starting revenue in their applications. They provided their last 12-month revenue and their last 6-month revenue. 

They reported revenue created monthly inside the mastermind. 

The study reported the MEDIAN growth or how the median student across all students performed. 

We did NOT simply take the highest earner and divide with the lowest earner. 

The study reflects growth percentages of students based on their starting revenue with their ending revenue as reported to us.

Results of the study:

The median growth of our students after their

  • 1st 200k Mastermind Round: 48% gain 
  • 2nd 200k Mastermind Round: 124% gain
  • 3rd 200k Mastermind: 165% gain
  • 4th 200k Mastermind: 167% gain 
  • 5th Mastermind:  273% gain     
  • 6th Mastermind: 316% gain


Students coming in at $25k or less in revenue in a 12-month period had a median increase of 224% and of those students, 70% achieved the program “minimum” of $25k


Of the 30% who did not, 41% of those students still had a 50% increase in their business revenue. 


326 students reported a revenue gain of $50k or more (in one round). 


114 students reported a revenue gain of $100k or more.

What do the results mean?

The results show that the median student coming through our doors is experiencing massive or hyper-growth. 

The results show consistent growth round after round

And they are proof that coaching has a powerful impact

They are not designed to make income promises or guarantee similar results. 

However, these numbers are a measurable representation of our students’ program results in the previous 11 rounds over five years.