Are you committed to making 200k?

When you want a roaring fire, pour gasoline on it. That’s exactly what we do in 200k Mastermind.

Whether it’s 200k in a year, six months, a quarter, or a MONTH, it’s the exact same process.

Pouring gasoline doesn’t mean pouring more WORK into your work week, it doesn’t mean complicating your business with a million new offers, and it doesn’t mean you need an advanced funnel to attract clients.

In 200K we keep things SIMPLE.


Less offers. Less outside influence of what “other coaches are doing”. Less content creating. Less payment options. Less everything.

But that will be the MOST challenging part.

It will require maturing up. It will require constraint, discipline, and taking responsibility for when and how you create money.

In 200k you will set money goals, and trade indulging in confusion with making decisions and implementing.

You will trade negotiating with yourself for commitment and honoring your word.

And you will not get lost in drama; everyone moves forward together. The entire mastermind.

There are a LOT of people on the internet telling you how hard it is to make money.

Selling you on the idea that only the top 1% make money in this industry and you HAVE to get their secret or you will end up living in a box.

That just isn’t true. And I don’t want you to join THIS mastermind out of fear.

The coaching and online education industry is the most lucrative industry in the world right now. More clients are showing up every day. Ready to be coached. Ready to pay you money. Ready for a massive transformation.

I think the opportunity for money is as available to us as drinking water, air, and going to the ocean.

Once you have made your first 25k, making 200k…is right within your reach.

In 200k you will learn how simple it can be to make huge leaps of growth in small amounts of time without a lot of fuss.

Candy came in having made $28,000 from January to August. She made $45,000 in just SIXTY days after joining…all new cash in her business. After 90 days, she has a yearly revenue of $85,000 and is on her way to her first six figure year.

And her biggest fear coming in to the mastermind? That she would have to sacrifice her physical and mental health to make more money.

Here is what she reported after her $40k pay bump.

“I did it. My head is whirling it the most amazing way. I feel so grateful and humbled and proud. I feel no exhaustion-that’s one of my biggest break-throughs. My practice is full at 20 clients and I have 1 on a waiting list who paid a deposit. My head is whirling in amazement. Not exhaustion. I am a different person because of it and I love this version of me. It all works.”

Instead of running the money race, you will go after your goal in a way that feels controlled and not graspy and hustley.

After all, making money should ENHANCE your life….not run it into the ground.

Here is what you get when you join 200k Mastermind.

LIVE 3 Day In Person Event:

The 200K LIVE event marks the start of the mastermind. We spend three days together intentionally laying the foundation for everything you need to know to make 200k, coaching, and get you mentally ready for six months of immersive application.

We make ALL the big decisions TOGETHER face to face.

We don’t spend six months making your money back, or learning how to make 200k. You make your money back in the first 30 days, and spend six months applying what you learn at the LIVE EVENT and making money.

Weekly group coaching for six months:

You left the LIVE event, you have an exact plan for the next six months, now it’s time to implement. Every week we mastermind together with structured calls that mix core teachings to support your growth and coaching to move you towards your goal. You get feedback from myself and your peers. You get weekly focuses and monthly challenges that keep it interesting and engaging.

FB Community to get Coaching and Mastermind:

Between calls, there will be coaching needed. And you’ve got it. From your colleagues. From me. This is the BEST room you could ever put yourself. I only select a small group of coaches each round, and I choose wisely. I look for the most COMMITTED to improvement, with a track record to prove it. My goal for my businesses is always to be the best student and be the most improved in the end. That is what I look for in this mastermind. There is a science for growth and part of that equation is surrounding yourself with excellence.

Access to ALL past LIVE event footage:

All LIVE events are filmed, and you get access to all of them. You get to virtually learn and grow with each group of coaches who have ever gone through the program.

Past LIVE events include, “Setting up your 200k Business” and “How Money is Created”.

Personal Guidance and Mentorship:

Have a question about when to start a funnel? If you should raise your prices? How to transition from 1-1 coaching to group?

Business strategy is NOT one size fits all. You need someone on your side that can help you develop a custom strategy rather than give you a fill in the blank business model and plan. That’s where causal coaching comes in. Advanced mindset + actual business mastery from a coach who has created a multiple seven figure business and dozens of six figure businesses for her clients.

This mentorship is led by YOU and your choices for your business from your three year plan, that you will create in the mastermind.

A Money Back Guarantee:

You either make your money back or I give it back to you.


Get our next open enrollment dates, mark your calendars for our 3 day event, and get all the information you need to join 200k Mastermind.

Now, you might be freaked out over a 25k investment. And you should be. This is a BIG decision. A $200,000 one.

But don’t make it, if investing the money will freak you out beyond recovery. If you won’t be able to focus on making money in a non-graspy way, then now isn’t your best time.

Yes, it is an advanced investment. For the right person, this investment will continue to pay you back for the rest of your career.

You pay $25k, and you make $200k. That may take you 6 months, a year, or two.

But once you make $200k, you know how to make it for life.

And $200k, sets you up for $500k, a million, and MILLIONS beyond that.

Only apply, if you really GET this mindset and are committed to making your investment back in THIRTY days.

You will get everything you need, no matter where your business currently is, to do just that, in the first 3 days of our mastermind.

Having the right mentor on your side is like having a fairy god mother. Except your carriage doesn’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Instead your business thrives forward year after year.

Right now, you might be weary of trying to make A LOT more money than you are now, for fear of what you will have to give up at 200k, 500k, and 2 million.

Time with your family.
Close personal connection to your clients.

Or what you will sacrifice or have effected….

Your creativity and free flowing schedule.
Your relationship with their spouse.
Your parenting values.

The alternative is to think of what you will gain. BECOMING the person who sets and achieves your goals on a regular basis will BENEFIT all of the things that matter most to you in your life.

I love my client Lindsay’s Story…she is such an example of what is possible…when becoming someone NEW, is BETTER for everyone in your life, and most importantly YOU. This is a just ONE really awesome by-product of showing up for yourself every day and achieving all of your wildest dreams.

Here are what the 200k students have to say-

I made $40,000 as a life coach last year. I made $47,000 this QUARTER.

I was the queen of inconsistency and overthinking in my coaching business. My revenue was sporadic. $2500 here. $5000 there. Some months nothing at all. I was trying all the things and always felt like something was missing – but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

After I joined 2K in September, I made money every month for the rest of the year. No more zero-dollar months. Since starting 200K in January, I’m not only making money but making more money than I ever have. $40,000 is the most I made in a year from my coaching business before the mastermind. I made $30,000 last month.

I always had faith in my business. After working with Stacey, I have faith, a plan, and certainty. The three-day event alone changed how I see my business and how I see myself. I know what to do, how to do it, and I know that it works. And on top of that, I have a coach and a group of phenomenal people who encourage, inspire, and expand what I believe is possible for me and every other coach in the world.

No more searching for courses, workshops, or coaches. This container has everything I need to hit my $200k goal and beyond.

3 record-breaking months in a row since 200k live and my YTD earnings are up 423% over last year.

I couldn’t get into 200k last year, so I decided to earn 100k myself and get in this year. I coach professional men from burnout to heart-centered leadership. Doing this work is why I get up in the morning. OK, that and the beach. When I see my clients spring back to life, start loving on their jobs and their families again, I’m even more determined to take the work to a massive audience.

200k Mastermind is what powers my dreams. It’s precision coaching and elite teamwork. No fluff. I have worked hard and fast to apply the lessons and I’m emitting new possibilities all over the place. Like magic, I lift my game. It’s hard. My brain resists, but I am absolutely doing what I need and want to do. 

I have acquired decision clarity, focus, speed, and intent. I’m letting go of what’s not working. I’m having fun. Oh, and in the first month, I changed my program, offer, price, consults, and brand.

I reckoned doubling my business in a year would be a good target, but my new goal this year is 260k and I’m on track, working 3 days a week. No sweat. Big plans. Thanks, Stacey!

270k cash collected… in the last 5 months.

When I first joined 2k back in Oct. of 2019, I was thrilled. When I heard of 200k and that some people made 25k a month, my mind was blown. I swore I’d get in the Nov. 2020 enrollment. 

When it was time I didn’t have the 25k fee or the cash. I had to borrow money from 2 different people to pay it. I did have about 8 clients, a pile of debt, and the promise I made to myself. I told myself “I’m CEO of my Biz, I’ll figure this out” and “just the next right step…” and applied, and got accepted and got to work making calls. And I signed new clients from this new energy.

Just applying for and sorting the logistics to get into 200k changed me and my Biz forever. I’ve created 280k SO FAR since I expanded into the version of me who figured that out. AND IT IS ONLY JUST THE BEGINNING. I am looking to cross the 1M mark this calendar year. THIS. ISH. WORKS. Y’ALL.

I believed that 200k would be the perfect container. What I didn’t know is that I would go on to create $300k my first year in business!

I joined the 200k Mastermind in August of 2020. I had just started my business coaching practice that March, and knew immediately that coaching was what I was created to do. I wanted to invest in higher-level coaching to scale to 6-figures quickly. And after experiencing 2k for 2k for a few months, I believed that 200k would be the perfect container.  What I didn’t know is that I would go on to create $300k my first year in business! We are tracking for $500k this year and retired my husband.

Aside from the financial results, I have created a calm and confidence in my business that has impacted my entire life. I’ve also formed deep connections and friendships with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The best part? I’m just getting started. I am so grateful for Stacey, and the impact she has had on my life, and the resonating impact she has had on the people I serve.

Only 5 months into the mastermind, and I am now pulling 50k and 60k months and working far, far less each week.

If I’m being honest, I came into 200k feeling pretty good about the numbers I was pulling in each month. When I signed up for 200k, I was averaging 15k months, or more. I wanted these numbers to grow, of course, but my main pitfall was structure. 6 months ago, I had no idea what I wanted my business future to look like, the words ‘unorganized’ and ‘unstructured’ would be an understatement. I was all over the place, scattered and frantic, with my offers and pricing. Everyday I changed my mission, my goals, and my approach.

I was exhausted, overworked, and had no way of scaling past where I was. I had hit a financial and physical ceiling. I joked that my real career was throwing spaghetti against the wall. My recipe for success was hustle mixed with a little survival. 

Then, just in the three day event, Stacey wrangled me in like a wild boar. No one, before Stacey, taught me the execution of true business structure and processes. I already embodied grit, courage, and networking skills. Stacey just finally showed me how to actually use these tools to scale and create on a much bigger picture. 

Only 5 months into the mastermind, and I am now pulling 50k and 60k months and working far, far less each week. I will undoubtedly be a self made female millionaire coach in the next calendar year. I have decided to be a forever student of Stacey, because she always, always overdelivers on her promises and execution of her programs, and 200k was no different. 

I wake up each day with an actual plan of execution, and my priorities are mapped out for the week and the quarter. If you’re looking to up-level, invest in 200k. This is not a drill, folks.

In my first round of 200k, I crossed the $200k mark, all without even focusing on selling.

I signed up for 2k for 2k on April 1st, 2020. Though I loved my business, I was living hand to mouth so when our toilet broke, I used the money that was meant to go on getting a new one installed on 2k for 2k and I’m so glad I did because just 5 weeks later, I had created $25k and was accepted into the 200k mastermind! 

In my first round of 200k, I crossed the $200k mark, all without even focusing on selling. This year, I’m on track to make over $300k with ease and I know that my first million is around the corner. I am embodying my roles as a coach, CEO, and thought leader, I’m creating an impact everywhere I go and my clients are racking up their results. This is the room to be in if you’re ready to stretch yourself and see what’s really possible, and why the hell wouldn’t you want that – you’re a coach!

In the first 3 months of this mastermind, I’ve already made $43K. 

That’s half of what I made last year. Because of Stacey, I make money twice as fast and 5-figure months are the new normal. 

In 2K for 2K, I made my first six-figures. Now, the $200K Mastermind is teaching me how to multiply that without multiplying “the hustle.” Stacey helped me commit to serving artists as my clients while teaching me how to overdeliver for them the way she overdelivers for me. She supports me thinking like a million dollar coach NOW so I can serve everyone better TODAY. And the great news is million dollar coaches take naps and still make money. As a result, I am the coach, artist, wife, and whole human being I’ve always wanted to be. And for extra credit, she also provides an amazing brain trust of fellow coaches so we can all rise together. Thanks Stacey for holding the space for our collective success!

From $30k cash in 12 months to $100k cash in under 6 months.

Prior to joining the 200k MM, I had made less than $20k in a 6 month period. Since having joined, I have made $100k in under 6 months and making money is easier and easier. I went from $30k cash in one year and this year I will make $300k cash if I don’t grow at all (which doesn’t really happen in the MM). Being in this MM I understand how to make money in a new way that makes logical sense for my analytical brain AND it feels a little magical all at the same time. Doing this work with Stacey in the 200k MM compounds exponentially, in a way you have to experience for yourself. I was used to thinking pressure created my results. But with 200k, I have created more money with less pressure than ever in my life…and with two kids under 4 and pregnant with a third. Next up, $1 million while feeling relaxed.

In all of 2020 I made $58,000 in my business. In the first 3.5 months of 2021 I have created $49,500.

I joined the 200k Mastermind in November 2020 for the January 2021 class.

I love the community of amazing entrepreneurs in 200k who are focused on collaborating, doing high-quality work in the world, and serving from the heart. I have made connections in this community that will last a lifetime.

Stacey deeply embodies all that she teaches. Her business instinct is hot, and she is so much fun! I absolutely love working on my business with her.

It feels so good to have a profitable business helping others heal. Feeling secure in my ability to clearly communicate what I offer and attract the right clients that can benefit the most from the service I offer…. That is priceless!

I always think about the 200k Mastermind like the Navy Seals of Coaching

The total amount made while being a member of 200k Mastermind is $467,000. Soon I will make it in one year what took me 3 years to make. I know this for sure because that is what has happened over and over again being a member of 200k Mastermind, I make more money faster.

I came from making 46k in 2018, I want everyone to know I am not a special snowflake. I learned everything in the 2k process, put it into practice. Then everything in the 200k process, and I keep coming back to the basics over and over again until I reach a level of mastery with them; that either makes me more money or teaches me new lessons. I have gone from 1:1 coaching to launching my signature group program under Stacey’s guidance and mentorship and I am so excited to continue to grow my business with her by my side helping me succeed.

When you join 200k Mastermind, you don’t just get access to Stacey’s brain and training, you get access to an elite group of coaches that all want to change the way business is done in the coaching industry for the better.

I always think about the 200k Mastermind like the Navy Seals of Coaching – you have to WORK to get in, you have to be the BEST to stay in, but the things you do in there, change the world. #Iam200K

I created a $300,000 business in one year in the 200k Mastermind.

In November of 2018 I was on a business retreat with Stacey and some really amazing women. We were planning our next three years. Many of them had million dollar aspirations. Not me. That didn’t feel like where I would ever go. I have a family. And money was never a big motivator for me. I just couldn’t see that being what I would ever want, let alone DO. I was just having my first 100k year.

Then I joined the 200k Mastermind in January. I did two rounds. I created a 300,000 business in one year. And I realized that a million dollar business isn’t just possible for me, it’s inevitable…and I want it. It’s who I am. I am ready for my girls to watch their mom do it. And the best part for me isn’t the money. It’s who I have become. I love this version of me. She is a better wife. A better mom. A better friend. She is no longer pretending or being some other version of herself to please everyone else. My husband used not understand the whole coaching thing. And he HATED the money I spent Investing. It was a never ending battle. Now I make more than him. And we’re thinking….retirement? It’s all just so…inevitable now.

$6k to $100k in 10 months…and then $100k to $268k in 10 months! This Mastermind works!

I found Stacey at the end of 2017: the year my business grossed $6,000. 10 months later, after immersing myself in Stacey’s work, applying all of her methods, learning how to sell and position myself, I made $100,000 CASH. This works. In the past I was searching for strategy and focusing a lot on ACTIONS to take, that was my wheelhouse. The way Stacey taught me to think IN my business and about my business was like putting gasoline on the fire. I will end this year at $150,000 and I’m joining her next mastermind for the THIRD time to take it to $250 +. I seriously hope you join us. It will be the best investment you ever make.

EDIT: 10 months in to this year…and I am at $343,600 cash… $500k here I come.

$350k cash for 2020, and a celebrity brand…what is this life?

GAME CHANGER. Seriously. I can’t even tell you in words how unreal this all feels. I joined her 2k program thinking what I really needed was a very expensive 1-1 coach. I generated $71,000 in three months. I’m a heart break coach and I had no idea this kind of money was available to me this quickly. I really thought I would have to build YEARS of experience and influence. Turns out I was just missing a few key things that Stacey taught me to implement right away. It’s shocking how a few things can really change your entire trajectory.

I am now a recurring contributor for Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle site, Poosh, and have been featured on celebrity podcasts as the go-to Heartbreak Coach.

Working with Stacey is the best professional and personal life decision I’ve ever made.

In 7 1/2 months I made $50,000. Then I started the mastermind and in just 3 months made $45,000.

Essentially I learned how to make the same amount of money in 1/2 the time.

Before starting the mastermind I had made some money in my business but was struggling with how to create a consistent income. My family depended on me contributing to the family budget but we never knew what to expect. $1000 one month and $3000 the next. This up and down roller coaster wasn’t just stressful on our financial life but was also taking its toll on me personally. I feared failing. I feared going back to my 9 to 5 job. I feared living paycheck to paycheck. I needed a business plan. Something (or someone) that would help me create a consistent monthly income while at the same time getting me to think longer term for my business. Stacey’s mastermind has delivered on these things and so much more. In the first 3 months of this mastermind I created over $45,000…that is three 5-figure months! For the first time, I believe my business is working and that I am in complete control of how much money I make. And now, with Stacey’s help, I am building a belief plan to create a multi six figure business. I seriously never thought that was possible….and now, it’s inevitable.

EDIT: Since I started working with Stacey in August 2019, success has felt inevitable. THAT FEELS AMAZING TO SAY. I believe that whatever money I want to make, I can and will….it isn’t a question of if but when. Stacey has taught me to be in control of my success. To create a plan, execute on it and then evaluate without all the drama. I have failed forward and made a lot of money doing it. In 2019 I had my first $100k year and in 2020 it will be $150k. Growth feels inevitable, brain drama is at an all time low and I am primed to make 2021 my $200k year.

I made over $40K in the first 2.5 months while committing to a new niche and taking my business online for the first time.

I knew this mastermind was going to be incredible, and it’s totally exceeded my expectations! I used to be the slowest decision-maker ever and avoided making any big changes in my business — even when they felt right. Not anymore! I’m now someone who courageously leaps forward into the unknown before I have any evidence of something working. No more playing small, no more watering down my message, no more wavering on which clients I really want to support. I am finally owning the exact type of deep-dive life coaching that I feel most called to do.

As a result, I’m creating more momentum in my business than ever before. Between Stacey’s coaching and the support and friendship of the other powerhouse women in the community, this mastermind is PRICELESS! I’m honored to be a part of it and I can’t wait to see what else is possible from here. As Stacey always says: this is just the beginning!

I went from a $12k month to a $30k month – I’m already on track for next year’s goal – and my long term goals feel inevitable now…

I joined the $200k Mastermind after making $100k my first year in the 2k program. I KNEW that the Mastermind was going to be the thing to take me past $10k months… what I didn’t know is what Stacey had in store for me. I massively simplified my business, started showing up like a professional going to work in my business each day, and tightened up my marketing and sales copy.

The second full month in the Mastermind was my first $30k month! Beyond the money, I have rock solid confidence in my business, a group of business besties I couldn’t find anywhere else, and my clients are getting better and faster results because I’ve become a way better coach! Working with Stacey has changed my business and life – and I will be forever grateful!

EDIT: I’m now in my third round of 200k, and in the past 12 months, I’ve made over $770k, retired my husband, had my first $100k launch then $200k launch, developed and been recognized for my intellectual property, and launched a program that will impact thousands of women. When I joined 200k the first time, a million dollars felt impossible to me. Now, I see a clear (and short!) path to it.

I finally made $100k!!! $30k of that in just the last 21 days since joining the mastermind.

After 5 years in business it’s finally clicking. I’ve made $30k just in the last 21 days. And crossed my first $100k year. I am SO proud. I had no idea what was required when I opened my coaching practice. All I knew was that I wanted to be coaching my ideal client and serving him or her well. I thought I knew how to sell… I gave it my all, worked hard, and was not growing my practice in the way I had hoped. I made money, but it wasn’t consistent. I was discouraged.

In ONE conversation, Stacey lasered in on exactly what I was missing when talking to clients. It was subtle…but profound. Before 200k I constantly had to check in and follow up with clients. Many of them decided not to move forward. Now my clients pay in full right after our call. I am a different coach and business owner today because of my work in the 200k Mastermind. I wouldn’t trade this work for anything in the world.

I went from $8k in a year to $70,000 in 10 months and my family life has never been better.

This was not my first business…and yet it feels completely like starting over. After building an extremely profitable Chiropractic practice, I sold my business and went all-in on being a Life Coach. I wrote a book, I started helping clients. My first year, I made $8,000. This January I joined the 200k Mastermind. I made $30,000 my first round in six months, tripling my investment. The second round, I have made that in just 60 days.

I’m at $70,00 for the year and we still have two months left. I am aiming for my first $100k year. The Mastermind gave me structure for building a client base, support from the other incredible coaches in the group, and bigger goals than I might have set for myself. I’m going to make way more as a coach than a chiropractor and that feels amazing. My marriage, my relationship with my kids, and especially my relationship with myself has deepened through the work I’ve done.

And as a bonus, I reinvested the money I have made into getting certified as a coach and sharpening my coaching skills. I just can’t believe how much has changed in just 10 months since I started this work.

60 days into the mastermind I more than doubled my yearly income. I went from $34,000 to $85,000..and I’m on my way to $100k.

I got a spot in the 200k program 1.5 weeks before it started! A spot opened up… Stacey gave me 24 hours to pay. It was a no-brainer. I had been doing 2k for 2k for 5 months and had gone from making about 5k to making 24K, so I knew the mastermind would be even more awesome. And boy, it has been. SO…I paid, got my hotel & flights handled within 24 hours and my transformation began. At the live 3-day event, Stacey challenged us to make 10K in 30 days.

She coached us so hard and I left believing that I could totally make the 10k…I NEVER would have anticipated believing in myself so hard. And then I did it…in about 5 days, not even a week later, I made 10k. Then she challenged us to make 25k in 30 days. And by applying the coaching & teaching Stacey gave, I got to the point where I believed hard that I could do that too. AND THEN I DID THAT TOO. I NEVER could have anticipated that either. I made just over 27k new cash in 27 days.

Now I’m at just over $85,000 YTD and headed for my 1st 100K year. I’m a totally different person in terms of my beliefs about myself, my confidence, my capabilities and my self-trust. I absolutely love who I’m getting to become because of the 200k program. I love blowing my own mind.

As of April 14th, 2021 I am already at $75k

I joined the 200k mastermind in 2019. One month later (before the mastermind had even technically started), I had doubled my investment. By March of 2019, I had made more money than all of 2018. I probably got directly coached by Stacey twice in all of 2019 and ended the year at $100k.

It was working, so I just kept going. Even though I wasn’t in the mastermind in 2020, I kept doing exactly what Stacey had taught me, re-doing the mastermind on my own, taking all the coaching and teaching from the mastermind, and applying it. I ended 2020 at $185k.

Obviously, I joined the mastermind again in 2021 and, as expected, my mind has been blown. I’m taking the coaching I have received directly and all of the indirect coaching I receive (by taking other people’s coaching as my own) and as of April 14th, 2021 I am already at $75k (with $20k of invoices out for payment)

Stacey is the BEST coach. 200k mastermind is the BEST mastermind. It will blow your mind, change your life, and change your client’s lives. Join.

I started the mastermind at ZERO….and 60 days in to my second round, I am at $63,000!

6 months ago thoughts about quitting my successful network marketing business to be a life coach had me literally shaking in fear. I felt shy about joining the 200k without having earned a single dollar as a coach but Stacey’s belief in me fueled my own and I went for it. HOLY MAN, am I ever thrilled that I did. I signed my first client 3 weeks after joining and in under 4 months I’ve generated 22K! The way I’m showing up as a coach has shifted from doubt to certainty and I love knowing that this is just the beginning. The most impactful thing that Stacey coached me to do was to quit all my “busy work” and to focus on my belief. This one thing has been a game changer as it’s what drives me forward in inspired action.

EDIT: It’s 4 months later and I am now at $63,000 and the year isn’t over. Holy Moly!

I made 43k cash in 30 days after joining the mastermind.

I joined 2k for 2k and went from barely averaging 1K a month to making 83k in 4 months. Then I got into the Mastermind and made 43K in cash in 30 days, my record so far. That still blows my mind. The best part is that I know that I created this result because I have a mind that is so much more powerful than it used to be. If 2K taught me how to sell coaching, 200k is like Olympics-level training that is turning me into an elite entrepreneur who knows how to set any money goal and achieve it… without the hustle, while actually enjoying life. The Mastermind is a no-brainer for anyone who is serious about creating a 7-figure business.

2021 UPDATE: My 24-month revenue since I joined 200K has exceeded 2 million dollars!

I joined Stacey’s mastermind and went from $18k to $100k in 12 months.

I hired Stacey for confidence. She was exuding in her business the feeling I wanted to have. I was doing ALL the tech stuff. Running my own funnels and podcast, weekly LIVE streaming, I had an OK list size. They weren’t really engaging. Over the course of a year…Everything about ME shifted. What I was doing in my business stayed mostly the same. But even my HUSBAND noticed the change in ME. I was becoming more confident, less people pleasing, and more vulnerable and authentically ME. My email list that I thought was basically dead, came back to life. I went from 18k to 100k and realized the work I was truly meant to do. I am now a confidence coach. I teach women the exact transformation I went through after two rounds of Stacey’s mastermind. I now have the foundation to light my CALLING on fire to way beyond six figures.

EDIT: I am now on my 3rd round of 200k Mastermind and have gotten my Confident Coaches program off the ground. I’ve made $240k in 2020 alone – and the year isn’t over yet.

I’ve made over 1 million dollars in 4 years.

In 2017 I went full-time in my coaching business after 6 months of working with Stacey. Since then, my business has only continued to grow exponentially working with Stacey in both the 200k mastermind and now the 2 million dollar mastermind. Every time I uplevel with Stacey, my self-concept, mindset, and business only continues to grow. Stacey has not only taught me how to think like the CEO of a million-dollar company, but she has also mentored me to run my coaching business so effectively that it will only continue to help more people and make more money without adding more time.

I am a different person than I was 1 year ago, 2 years ago, and 4 years ago thanks to the work we have done together. If it wasn’t for her steadfast belief In what I am creating, her tough coaching, and the concepts she teaches that I keep coming back to applying over and over again, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My first $1,000,000 year is just in my reach and I know this is just the beginning.

I’m on track to meet my goal of 250k this year.


I used to be ecstatic when I made 10k in a month. Now I’m experiencing 50k in a month. Stacey’s genius is in pushing me out of my comfort zone while supporting me along the way. Stacey’s generosity toward her clients is unreal. She embodies over delivery in everything she does.

I’ve made 175k in the past 12 months while moving from 1:1 to group coaching. I’ve completely changed my self-concept as a coach. I trust myself more than ever and feel my expertise as a coach every single day. I believe so strongly in what I do, who I help, and how I help them. And I now see 1 million as possible for ME. (This wasn’t something I could wrap my brain around before now). And I’ve done all of this work in my business while taking exquisite care of my health — my goal for 2020 was to be healthy and make 100k. I ended the year at 142k and healthier than I was before I had a stroke in 2019.

Recovered. Healthy. Wealthy. Growing. Grateful. WOWZA. THIS is what 200k is all about.
If you do the work, your income in 200k COMPOUNDS because your GROWTH COMPOUNDS.

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