Are you ready to make 200k?

You’ve signed your first clients. It’s starting to click.  

You might be thinking, “I’m making 3-4K a month…I can do this.”

You’re going to feel like you have it all figured out. 

But what you don’t know is that the decisions you made that got you here aren’t going to take you to the next level.

I see this all the time. Coaches who start getting traction in their business….and then make terrible decisions that can cost them everything. 

They invest in the wrong parts of their business.

They make poor spending decisions with their new cash.

They don’t plan their income flow appropriately and end up cash-poor right when they need the money to take their business to the next level. And that’s a huge problem because that’s how you get stuck. 

I know. Because I’ve made these mistakes too. 

And now I help women entrepreneurs avoid them. 

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did before I knew better. You can make multiple six figures without all of the struggle that slowed me down before I learned how to create a strategy for consistent growth.

You can’t hustle your way to six figures. 

 If you want to be profitable and energized, you have to start thinking like a completely different entrepreneur. That’s what this mastermind teaches you how to do. Skip the trial and error, and learn exactly what you need to do to run a multiple six figure business that runs itself.

But I can’t teach in to you in a PDF or a Facebook Live. You need intensive support and individualized help. That’s why this mastermind offers:

Here’s how we work together:

Live three day event: 

We will create your 3 year, 200k business plan, and business model so you know exactly what you need to be doing the entire YEAR over a three day, four night event. 

We will cover money mindset for six figures and I will show you EXACTLY how I make decisions at the million dollar level. 

Group Coaching Calls:

We will have six months of weekly group coaching because your mindset and strategy moving forward will be VITAL for hitting your 3 year goal. You will be working closely with me and other women who are making money and growing quickly. 

During the six months: 

You will learn how to balance your current clients with the future business you want.

You will figure out the balance of working ON your business and IN your business.

You will know exactly how to make the right investments in your business and plan for major growth years.

You will leave with a business model and client positioning that WORKS for YOU the next several years. 

Are you ready to make 200k?

These ladies were….

I went from $6k to $100k in ten months!

I found Stacey at the end of 2017: the year my business grossed $6,000. 10 months later, after immersing myself in Stacey’s work, applying all of her methods, learning how to sell and position myself, I made $100,000 CASH. This works. In the past I was searching for strategy and focusing a lot on ACTIONS to take, the was my wheelhouse. The way Stacey taught me to think IN my business and about my business was like putting gasoline on the fire. I will end this year at $150,000 and I’m joining her next mastermind for the THIRD time to take it to $250 +. I seriously hope you join us. It will be the best investment you ever make. 

I joined Stacey’s mastermind and went from $18k to $100k in 12 months.

I hired Stacey for confidence. She was exuding in her business the feeling I wanted to have. I was doing ALL the tech stuff. Running my own funnels and podcast, weekly LIVE streaming, I had an OK list size. They weren’t really engaging. Over the course of a year…Everything about ME shifted. What I was doing in my business stayed mostly the same. But even my HUSBAND noticed the change in ME. I was becoming more confident, less people pleasing, and more vulnerable and authentically ME. My email list that I thought was basically dead, came back to life. I went from 18k to 100k and realized the work I was truly meant to do. I am now a confidence coach. I teach women the exact transformation I went through after two rounds of Stacey’s mastermind. I now have the foundation to light my CALLING on fire to way beyond six figures. 


“I made $5ook in 21/2 years.

I started a brand new life coaching business working with Stacey in 2016 and mentoring with her over the last two and a half years has not only helped me create a $500k business but also my dream LIFE. She taught me how to BE in the world to have a successful business and really LIVE my life. She helped me navigate crucial client conversations, she helped me really plan for where I wanted to be at 500k and she saved me from making critical mistakes with my growing business. My profit is high, my time is totally in my control to enjoy my life, and I have really learned how to solve any problem in my business. Mentoring with Stacey will change everything in your business and life.”


“I can’t even tell you in words how unreal this all feels.

GAME CHANGER. Seriously. I can’t even tell you in words how unreal this all feels. I joined her 2k program thinking what I really needed was a very expensive 1-1 coach. I generated $71,000 in three months. I’m a heart break coach and I had no idea this kind of money was available to me this quickly. I really thought I would have to build YEARS of experience and influence. Turns out I was just missing a few key things that Stacey taught me to implement right away. It’s shocking how a few things can really change your entire trajectory.”

“I am on track for my first $100,000 year

Can you make your yearly income in 6 months instead? That’s what I did when I joined Stacey’s Mastermind.
In 2018 I made $46,472.00 from coaching. I was still doing Recruitment Consulting so I had additional income that wasn’t directly from coaching clients.
In 2019, I made almost the same amount in a 6 month period.
I am on track for my first $100,000 year and I have grown so much as a business woman and a coach over the last 6 months. I got so deeply coached at the Live Event for the Mastermind that I GOT MY MONEY’S WORTH FOR THE WHOLE INVESTMENT DURING THE FIRST MONTH OF THE MASTERMIND.
Stacey helped me upgrade my positioning, think about my content differently and helped me see where my thinking was holding me back from fully owning my power as a coach.
I love Stacey’s coaching – she is no nonsense, will coach you hard and lovingly at the same time and will challenge you to think bigger and deeper about your business and the life you are creating with every decision and every thought.
The sisterhood in the Mastermind was a total bonus. These women will be part of my life forever. We are each other’s cheerleaders and sounding boards and thought partners and there is genuine, enthusiastic support where we all want to see each other succeed.”


“This is the best investment I’ve EVER made in my business.

I joined the 200k mastermind at the end of December. I doubled my investment a month later. I tripled it less than 3 months later. And I made more using Stacey’s process in 3 months than I had made in the ENTIRE year before. And the year before that. And the year before that. It was soooo simple. I just followed Stacey’s process. That’s it. I unfollowed everyone else…no more worrying about list building or funnel building or any other bullshit. I’m on track to 4x my income this year (yaaaasss!!) but that’s not even the biggest transformation I’ve gotten from working with Stacey. It’s that I can confidently step into the energy of the coach I’m becoming. The one who’s making a huge impact, helping women love their lives AND making some excellent money along. Because why not? It’s so fun! Hands down this is the best investment I’ve EVER made in my business.

I made $25k in 2018 and have made $35k so far in 2019.”


“I’m about to join my second mastermind and I’m pumped for what’s coming next!

6 months ago thoughts about quitting my successful network marketing business to be a life coach had me literally shaking in fear. I felt shy about joining the 200K without having earned a single dollar as a coach but Stacey’s belief in me fueled my own and I went for it. HOLY MAN, am I ever thrilled that I did.

I signed my first client 3 weeks after joining and in under 4 months I’ve generated 22K!

The way I’m showing up as a coach has shifted from doubt to certainty and I love knowing that this is just the beginning. The most impactful thing that Stacey coached me to do was to quit all my “busy work” and to focus on my belief. This one thing has been a game changer as it’s what drives me forward in inspired action.

I’m about to join my second mastermind and I’m pumped for what’s coming next!”