Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Crediting Other Coaches’ Work This week, I’m offering my take on a question that I get asked all the time. Students are always reaching out, asking if they should or need to credit other coaches’ work, whether it’s their processes, teachings, quotes, or concepts. So I’m inviting you to lean in with curiosity as I address it all today.

Whatever your stance might be on this topic, I’m digging into the heart of why you might or might not want to credit other coaches’ work. There’s often so much fear and confusion that comes up around this, especially if you’re a newer coach, so I’m sharing my personal standpoint to give you deeper insight and a new sense of clarity around your own thoughts that might be bubbling under the surface.

Tune in this week to discover 5 reasons you might be fearful about crediting other coaches’ work, the balance that has to be struck between consuming other coaches’ work and innovating your own, and what stops you from becoming a thought leader in this industry. And if you’re feeling a sense of resistance or defensiveness about what I’ve got to share today, I’m offering some questions that I invite you to sit with and answer for yourself.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The first question I ask anyone who asks me if they need to credit other coaches’ work.
  • My take and personal opinion on whether we should credit other coaches’ work.
  • What I invite you to consider about your stance on this topic.
  • The thoughts I think about other coaches that excite me about being in this industry.
  • Why you might be feeling blocked from coming up with new ideas of your own.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hi coaches, welcome to episode 131. So today I am sitting in my office, I just have to tell you, I’m so in awe. We just finished the 200K Mastermind open enrolment. We do that twice a year. And this year, this round’s applicants were so incredible. I’m really blown away. And I have no words and that almost never happens. The caliber of people who applied, the creativity they put into, we asked them to do three minute videos, that they submit along with their application so we can get to know them. And we can make sure everyone’s a really good fit for the group.

And some of them were so creative that it blew my mind. I have to give a shout out to Namisha Patel Owen, girlfriend you rocked it. If you listen to the podcast, I am just – I watched her video and literally screamed and then showed Neil. And then I watched it probably 10 times and laughed, and squealed, and all of the things. You all, she created a rap about 200K and rapped it to the tune of ice, ice baby. And it was good. I was like, “What is happening right now?” It was the most creative thing I’ve ever seen and it was perfect.

I wasn’t sure what to think at first. And then I’m like, “Wait a minute, this is really good.” Perfectly describes 200K, brilliant. We will definitely be showing that at some point if we get permission to do so. It was truly brilliant. And then we had some really incredible heartfelt messages that made me cry and just really touched me in what I want to have happen in the world. And what I want my work to do in the world. We had coaches apply from countries where their income as a coach is 10, 20, 100x what is the average income for people in that country and that really struck me.

We had coaches apply who I thought I would hire them. Their niches were so intriguing and useful. And I couldn’t wait to help them make money in this industry. So, I’m just really blown away. And so, we’re moving into the next phase where we actually plan the live event and we are doing for the first time in what, a year now, a live event. We’re doing a hybrid because some countries we still – we have people from all over the world in this mastermind which also blows my mind.

We had a husband and wife apply, a team, they applied together, and both got accepted. And are both, they’re not doing, like one person does the mastermind and tells the other person what’s happening. They’re doing it together, both highly invested, that also struck me and blew my mind. But anyways, we have people from all over the world who have applied. And so, some of the travel restrictions haven’t been lifted. So, we’re doing a hybrid event. We may always do a hybrid event.

It feels like after coronavirus I have no idea, I don’t know what we’re doing moving forward in 200K. It’s a world of possibilities and having no idea how the world’s going to be in the next six months to a year. But we’re doing a hybrid event. And I wanted it to be something really, really special because so many of my students, and hopeful students have emailed in and said how much they want to come together in person and they want to travel. So, I wanted to make it really special.

So, I am taking my students to Cabo, San Lucas. And I have to just say the reason I chose the place I chose, we vacationed there in February. And we’ve traveled a lot in the pandemic, Neil and I and we’ve had some pretty just awful customer service which we don’t necessarily feel entitled to during a pandemic. But it was striking as a business owner to watch people make excuses in the pandemic and not really try and let their customer service be the first thing to go and not really be grateful for service and making money during the pandemic.

And then to watch other people be extraordinarily humble, and grateful, and appreciative of the money coming in. And so, when I thought about where I wanted to put my money in my business I really wanted to put it somewhere where I felt like the money was appreciated. And I really felt that when we went to Mexico. I felt the people’s just unbelievable gratitude for us to be there and their desire to be working. And it was just – it was a humbling experience for me.

And I wanted to help them so deeply, I wanted to be able to bring my money to their country and to bring money to their specific resort that treated us so well and so kindly. And really made sure we had such an amazing time even in a pandemic. And so, I remember, we actually were there and I was thinking we should bring our people here. And we went and checked it out, they have a huge – what do you call them? But like a big – my God, what’s the word? A convention center. I couldn’t think of the word.

They have a huge convention center. And we went and looked at it. They recently hosted before the pandemic; Coke had a big event there for their employees. And they do really, like the resort is incredible, all open air concept. And they just do really great hospitality there. And I was just struck. I felt like I have never felt cared for in the way that they did. And so, I wanted to bring my business to them. I love supporting companies who take customer service to heart.

So that’s what we’re doing. We’re going to a place where I feel like our money is well served. And we’re going to a place where the views are breathtaking and it lifts your – I felt like it just lifted our – I hate using the word ‘vibe’. But it lifted our vibes and it allowed us to reconnect into the thoughts that we had pre pandemic and the way that we saw the world. And so, I really just think it’s going to be a breath of fresh air for my students who are able to come. And we’re going to set up an incredible virtual experience for those who can’t.

And everyone is going to be a part of it and it’s going to be really incredible so we’re really excited. And we’re in deep with the planning of that event. And it’s going to be the best one we’ve ever put on. So, I’m just riding high of 200K.

So today we’re going to talk about crediting other coaches’ work. Are you ready? Some of you are going to have lots of extreme reactions to this podcast. I know it’s going to trigger some of you and that’s okay. So, here’s what I want to say before we dive into this. I want this to be an offer only. You can take it or you can leave it. There is no judgment about your thoughts. And if they’re different from my thoughts and if you don’t want to adopt my thoughts, totally fine. I don’t want you to consider this as a personal attack, or a judgment, or telling you you’re wrong.

I just want to offer it. I’ve had so many students write in to Ask a Coach in 2K. So many students post in 2K about a 100 different ways around this topic, about do they need to credit other coaches’ work. And I often will comment if I see the post come up because I do think I have some really great thoughts that are really – that I don’t see being offered in the world.

And so, I just want to offer them to you if you would like to take them. And here’s what I want to offer is if you’re open to this topic and you’re open to hearing my thoughts about it. I want to just offer for you to lean in with curiosity rather than defense and argument. And to just sit with what I have to say even if you’re completely opposed and you’re like, “She’s wrong. And I’ve really investigated this for myself and this is my view.”

I just really want you to sit with it and be curious about the questions I pose and to see if there’s something there that you might be available to see differently because I’ve had many years to explore this topic. And I’ve had lots of coaches that have different thoughts about this topic, not lots of coaches, but several coaches on opposite ends of the spectrum. So, I just feel like I might have something to really offer here. And I do think that this topic has the potential to bring up so many thoughts for you that are open to questioning that could really give you a huge breakthrough.

So, the question that a lot of coaches often ask us in 2K and Ask a Coach is, “Do I need to credit other coaches’ processes, teachings, quotes, concept,” basically all of the things. And so, the very first thing that I often offer coaches who ask any type of this question is, “Why wouldn’t you want to?” I just want to sit for a second with that question. Why wouldn’t you want to? I really want to encourage you, if you decided to listen to this today to sit with this question. Here are my thoughts around this question and the answer.

I want to credit work I am inspired by and inspired to share, just that’s my policy. I just want to credit work I am inspired by and I’m inspired to share. I want to regardless of where the person got their idea, quote, or concept from. This one’s really interesting, here’s why. Because I am so thankful for the gift of receiving it and having a shift, having a transformation from it. I’m grateful for the experience I have interacting with the person who shared an idea.

So, someone offering coaching to me or a concept to me is the greatest gift anyone could ever give me. It’s literally an opportunity to change my life. And I want to give them credit, to honor them, to acknowledge them from a place of deep appreciation. If I feel called to share their work I want to invite others to learn about their work too. I want to pass that gift on. This comes from a very abundant place. Now, like I said, I’ve had several teachers with different opinions on this.

I had one who said, “Everything you learn from me should be credited to me.” And it felt like it was coming from lack. It felt like a job. And it made me feel like oh my God, what do I share, what do I not share? I’d better just credit everything. The way I received it; it was very controlling. And then I’ve also been told, “You don’t need to credit me ever.” And I felt like it was coming from abundance. And I’ve also been told, “Use my work and please just credit it.” And that felt like abundance to me.

So, I don’t think a coach asking for credit or not comes automatically from lack or abundance. It just matters what reasons are fueling it and how it feels to the coach to request it. And the same is true for coaches giving credit. I think some coaches feel really abundant and not asking for credit for themselves or giving credit to others. I don’t even think abundance or lack is the reason to have the conversation. The way I think about it is if both could be abundant, if both could be right, what would I want to choose and why?

So let me say that again. If both could be abundant, if both could be right, what would I want to choose and why? And for me I always want to give credit because it feels good. That’s my thought. It feels good to give credit. I get the transformation from receiving the idea, or the concept, or the coaching, and then I get the secondary gift of sharing that with the world. So, notice, that’s another one of my thoughts is it’s a gift from me, a secondary gift to share that work with the world, to share that with someone else especially when it’s my clients.

Really, truly if it’s my coach or my clients I just feel like it’s such a gift to share their work, but really with my clients, I really feel that very deeply. It’s my gift to share their work with the world. And personally, it feels bad to me to share an idea and not give credit. It doesn’t even make sense in my mind. Why would I do that?

Now, I do want to say that this is an evolved thought. In the beginning of my business, I was in a lot of lack, a lot. I’m in a place now where I can really talk about that and own that and tell other people about it. I was in a lot of scarcity, and victim mentality, and the world is out to get me.

And when you’re in a lot of victim mentality, this was my experience anyways, when you’re like it’s everybody else’s fault that I don’t have what I want. And it’s not fair that I don’t have it and I should have it. When you’re in that place you feel very justified to take and not give back because you feel owed. So, I felt very owed. So, I’ve been in a place where I thought that I paid – I remember this thought especially with the coach who was very controlling of like, “You have to credit me on every single thing.”

I remember having the thought that I paid for this coaching so now it’s mine. That’s what I paid for. And then followed up with the other justification of it’s all universal truth anyways. So, I paid for this coaching. I paid for your thoughts. I paid for the skill you taught me. I paid for anything you teach me so I can go teach it to other people and it’s all universal truth anyway so you don’t own it either, feel very owed. That’s the emotion that it was coming from.

But in reality when I really sat with that, after I – I had to spend, I mean six months, a year, I don’t even know, a long time working through a lot of lack. But when I finally got to that one it never felt, when I really checked in, expansive or good to me ever, it felt constricting in my chest. It felt argumentative. It felt defiant. And what I really noticed was I looked at my model for this, if you study the model, the action line I was doing was laying claim. That was the action I was doing, laying claim to those concepts or those ideas, paid for them and they’re the universe’s anyway, so now I have them.

Or I used to say, “Well, once I’ve learned it I can’t unlearn it so it’s mine.” Because now I can’t not let it influence me. But that didn’t feel good either. I didn’t like those thoughts. They really truly, when I sat with them and got really honest with them they didn’t feel good. So, I want to offer for you to just consider, especially as you grow your business and your business gets bigger, and bigger, how your stance truly feels for you, and to answer the question, why wouldn’t you want to? It’s such an important question. Why wouldn’t you just desire to?

So, some of the reasons, so Neil always says this for many things, he’ll always be like, “If you could hook someone up to a lie detector these would be their answers”, for various things he always says that. So, I want thinking about that and I’m like, if I could hook my students up to a lie detector, some of the reasons that I think would be the why wouldn’t you want to?

Is the belief number one, that the information that someone is sharing with you doesn’t belong to them either. They took that from somewhere else therefore it never belonged to them and they don’t deserve it, need it, or shouldn’t have the credit. So, I’ve heard this line of thinking is, well, I also heard this from someone else first or somewhere else first and they’ve been around a lot longer. And to me this thought is, even if I agreed with you, even if we said you were accurate and it was true, that something has been around first or somewhere else first and it’s been around longer.

To me that argument if I agree with you is like stealing $100 from someone and thinking it’s okay because you think they stole it from someone else or they didn’t earn it, or they didn’t put the work in that you think they should have and they don’t deserve it. So, you’re like, “Well, they didn’t deserve that $100, so I’m going to take that $100 and claim it for myself because I deserve it.” And if it were true that something someone taught you was taught by someone else earlier, okay, then why not give credit to the first origin that you know of?

I think this is just fancy justification for not giving credit. And I just want to ask why. I want you to ask it five times, not just the first why, but then ask why again and then answer it, and then ask why again. And do that five times and then ask it again until you get to the bottom and heart of it all. For me I’m going to give credit to the person I heard it from because – and this is my line of thinking that I want to offer for you, especially because I’m in sales and marketing is they did the job of finding me to hear it, which I think is the hardest part.

They did all of that work to find me, to teach it to me, and to say it in a way that resonates with me. And again, I just love them for letting me know something that could change my life. I want others to know about them too. I don’t even care if they did get it from somewhere else and they didn’t credit where they got it. Two wrongs don’t make a right and I don’t spend any time policing. It all goes back to how I feel and I love giving credit, and what I want to spend my time on, and policing is not one of them. I’ve learned that also doesn’t work.

And listen, I also agree with the next thought that I think people have that keeps them from wanting to give credit, which is it’s all universal truth, it’s the same truth just being recycled. So, if that’s true again, why not give credit to who found me to give me that truth, who said it in a way that finally resonated with me, with who packaged it in a way that made sense to my crazy brain?

If I had cancer and a doctor cured it, I wouldn’t not give so much thanks to my doctor who helped me just because all doctors have the same science. I would be like, “This doctor was magic. This doctor of all the doctors is the one who helped me.” And there is a similar line of thinking that I actually in the same breath don’t agree with which is there is no new thoughts. There’s no new work, it’s all already been done. First, I think this thought limits our own thought leadership. I don’t like that thought for just that reason. I think it limits our own thought leadership.

When we believe there are no new contributions to be made, our result becomes no new contributions made. What? Let me say it again. Are you ready? I love how Jody Moore said once, “Our thought line always ends up in our result line.” I’ve probably said that on this podcast before. But she said it One Million Dollar Mentoring Meeting and it just struck me and stuck with me forever permanently of yeah, always. My thought will always end up in my result line somehow.

So, when we believe there’s no new contributions to be made, our results, no new contributions made. What? Yes, please hear me on that one. And I want to make lots of new contributions to this industry, that is what excites me now more than the money. That’s what gets me up and going every day is thought innovation, process innovation, result innovation. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, we are all tapping into the same universal truth. But the way we share it and explain it is completely new and innovative. There are new thoughts being thought every single day.

There are new results being created every day faster and more efficiently. There are new processes being honed every single day. This is exciting. I love being part of new and cutting edge brain theory and innovations. What? I’m obsessed. And because I believe this is true I also respect so deeply other coaches’ innovating thoughts, concepts, theories, and processes. I deeply admire them for being courageous and for donating their precious time on this planet to use their brain to think at the highest level. They are a gift.

Each one of you is a gift. I always want to honor that. These thoughts all feel so good to me. I don’t feel in competition with anyone. I don’t feel at war with anyone. I don’t feel like I need to police anyone’s behavior and where they are getting their information, just love and respect. Okay, so those are some lie detector reasons that maybe you have possibly, again, no judgment, I had them too, for not wanting to give credit that are about the other coach.

But now let’s explore some lie detector reasons that you might have that keep you from giving credit that are about you, that keep you from wanting to give credit, they’re about you. I find sometimes, many times using other coaches’ material and ideas without credit and claiming them as your own or trying to manipulate them and adopt them to make them your own and make them a little different to be yours so that you could claim that you created them comes from fear. And here are the top five fears that I have found are influencing this.

Number one, that other people will go hire that person, instead of you. If you share their work let’s say on your podcast, you introduce a concept and it was created by someone else and you heard that concept and it really resonated with you. And then you wanted to share it with your audience, but you don’t say that this concept you learned from someone else. You don’t want to say that, you don’t desire to say that.

The reason is that you think they’re just going to go hire them, especially if you learned it from a book. And you’re like, “I don’t want to share this idea that came from a book. They’ll go buy the book instead of hiring me.” So that’s number one. Number two is that you think that people won’t take you seriously because it’s not your original idea.

Number three is that you won’t be seen as a thought leader which is kind of similar to number two but they’re a little different. Some of you are just afraid at the beginning that people won’t take you seriously if you’re using other people’s ideas. They won’t want to hire you. They won’t see you as a professional. And the third one is more like they won’t see you as original.

And then number four is that you won’t be as valuable or you aren’t as valuable if you’re sharing or using someone else’s tool or idea. Now, what’s really fascinating about that one is your thought is people won’t see me as – and what’s funny about that one is that you don’t credit someone because you believe that that will make you look less valuable or not as valuable as the person’s idea that you’re sharing but you’re still sharing their work whether you give them credit or not, you’re still doing the thing that makes you think you’re less valuable.

Whether you give them credit or not that thought will still be there. And it doesn’t even mean it’s true, I’m just saying, the thought’s still there. It doesn’t make you more valuable to not credit. It doesn’t make you sharing someone else’s work, the credit or the not giving the credit doesn’t change the value at all.

Alright number five is that you have no ideas to share of your own. But what if that wasn’t true? I think that all five of them are untrue, let’s tackle the first four first. Number one, the person who the client finds first and connects to first will be that person almost always that the client makes the deepest connection with.

And if you, number two, they won’t take you seriously. If you help someone have a shift in thought or a transformation in their life even if you’re sharing someone else’s work they will always take you seriously. Why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t they? You helped them change their life. And we are all messengers getting the message out and the message itself is valuable. And then we are the deliverer of the value. And the deliverer of the value is valuable. Hear me say that again. I know that’s kind of a tongue twister. The deliverer of the value is valuable.

And there are many thought leaders, many, many, many who mostly only share other people’s ideas. A podcast I still listen to that I’ve listened to for years and they only do interviews where they interview and get information from other people, I still consider them a thought leader in this industry. What? And they credit every single person.

And this person that I’m thinking of is a multimillionaire in the industry. And they have made millions off of – and the foundation of their audience being all they do on their podcast is push their audience to buy other people’s things. And, of course, they have now built courses, and content, and live events and things as well. But their entire podcast for many, many years is just sharing other people’s ideas and encouraging their audience to buy that person’s thing. What? You guys, it’s such an abundant world.

Now here’s the thing I also want you to consider. This is for number five. I also think when you spend too much time with other people’s ideas because you believe their ideas are better than yours, or there are no new ones to be had, and you just use other people’s ideas over and over with that thought in mind, with that belief in mind. That is what causes you not to create your own ideas, not to innovate and not to become a thought leader.

That thought that there are no new ideas to share or that thought that you have no ideas to share of your own, it ends up again, once again in your result line of not creating your own ideas, not innovating, and not becoming a thought leader because you’re too busy. Your main action becomes mining the ideas of others, listening to other people getting their ideas, turning their ideas into somehow your idea that you can then take credit for. It’s all like you going to other people’s brains to deliver value in stead of you going to your brain to deliver value.

I intentionally spend more time with my brain than other coaches’ brains so that I can use my brain to solve my clients problems, not my coach’s brain. Think about if you factor in the model, there’s just a circumstance out there and then our thought drives our feeling, or creates our feeling, our feeling drives our action, our action creates our result. Think about what thought line of the model creates these A lines, the action line, the action of using my coach’s brain to solve my clients’ problem or using my brain to solve my clients’ problems.

What do you have to believe about yourself to spend time with your brain? It will require an elevated self-concept for sure. You may not be able to get to I am a thought leader but you might be able to get to, I could be one day if I use my brain to solve my problems. If I spend more time with my brain, if I’m willing to believe that there are new thoughts to be created and I could have some of them. One of the thoughts that we had in our 200K Mastermind that really served a lot of my students when we studied thought leadership was that maybe the best ideas haven’t even been created yet.

The best most serving thoughts that will create the most change in the world maybe haven’t been thought yet and that maybe they could be the ones to think them. What? It’s so exciting. Doesn’t it just make you get excited, excited about the new thoughts? That’s another thing I feel like, I spend a lot of time being forward thinking, future focused in thoughts and in the thoughts I will think and the processes, I will create the things, I will do the ideas I will put into the world instead of past thinking, which is what has already been created, what other people have already done.

If I listen to a podcast that changes my life and I think it’s amazing I’m like, “Oh my God, that was so great. But this idea has already been created.” So let me go create a new one so we can keep repurposing what’s in the past or we can create new things in the future. And both have a great place. I often share things that I’ve read or heard from other people, or something that really transformed me. I often do that.

It’s not like I’m never going to go to the past, I’m never going to talk about something somebody else taught me. But I’m going to put more emphasis on what I’m going to teach my people. Just something to consider, it’s a small shift. The balance of time spent with my different coaches’ brains, and different podcasts, and different books, and a time spent with my brain is heavily on the side of spending time with my brain.

And I think the more that I do that the more I see the work that goes into innovating, and the more respect I have for my teachers, and the higher desire I have to credit their work if I do share it. And I do want to say, I was talking to my friend and client, Lindsay Dotzlaf about this. And we were talking about how in the beginning your job is to just get good at coaching, coaching yourself, and being coachable, and coaching your clients. And you won’t really have a ton of new concepts or tools.

I don’t even suggest creating a program or a podcast where you would be creating content like that. You just want to gain experience coaching. So, for sure lean on other people’s work. I think because I’m such a spokesperson for The Life Coach School and because I teach the model in 2K we always get people asking whether they need to get certified to use the model with their clients.

And similar to my response of why wouldn’t you want to give credit, my answer is always why wouldn’t you want to get certified if you love the model? If you love it and you want to use it with your clients, you have that desire to share it with them, there is a reason, why wouldn’t you want to become an expert at it? If you learn it from me for the first time and apply it in your life and business and it changes you completely, why wouldn’t you want to have the experience of learning it at the highest level and going through the certification process?

The only answer I could ever come up with is fear about the money, how much it costs. And to that I say, yeah, it is scary, that’s okay. Go sell some coaching and make the money to sign up. If you love it, why not? Either way I could get on a tangent about that. But either way, no matter what tools you learned to coach or whose method, lean on that. Credit that. People will still want to hire you.

And then after you’ve gotten substantial results in your own life and coached tons of people, hundreds of people and you give attention to your brain, your ideas, they will start coming, they will I promise. And you may even find after you create your body of work of new thoughts that came directly from you, that you desire getting credit for your work. And that doesn’t mean you’re lackful either, not at all. I 100% want credit always. I’m not going to police people and get upset. And spend any time on making sure I get it but I will always let my clients know where I stand.

And I believe all of my students are capable of creating work as amazing or better than my own. So, I don’t believe I’m hindering them or holding them back by requesting it. And in fact, I have a pretty firm stance on my students not teaching my process at all. My consultation process, my 200K process, it is not condoned to coach someone one-on-one through my process. I don’t certify coaches in my process. My firm stance is you get my process from me and my instructors who are trained and paid to coach in my programs.

My process isn’t built on anyone else’s. It’s completely proprietary. And this is so important. Here’s what I know. It doesn’t serve my students who are business coaches to teach my process. If they want to become 7-figure business coaches the way to do that is by coming up with their own process that is different, and unique, and proprietary. That’s how you make the big bucks. You have to create your own.

I think Russell Brunson calls it the blue ocean. You can go to the red ocean where all the sharks are just biting all the fishes and there’s blood everywhere. You’ll have to read his book. Which is where all the fishes are, where all the sharks are, so like a congested niche like business coaching. So, you have to create a blue ocean. The way you do that is you teach doing something with business that’s different, and unique, and proprietary to anything else available on the market and it separates you from the pack.

That’s what 2K for 2K did for me. That’s how you make millions. So, I want them to get started on creating their own process and exercising their own brain as soon as possible. Not because I don’t want them to have success or I always want to be more successful. Because I know that when I created my own unique body of work that is when I went from 6-figures to a million. So, wanting credit for what people do use like concepts or ideas shared here on the podcast or having a firm stance for not teaching my process isn’t coming from lack.

I want you to consider that too because I do think that’s a thought that some people have that we didn’t mention earlier. I’ve heard that circling through the industry is that coaches who make you give credit for their work, or require credit, or request credit are somehow limiting you from earning money. Maybe it’s possible that we’re trying to take the limits off you making money. And when you teach someone else’s work as your number one thing, when you don’t create your own intellectual property you will be limited by money if it’s the only thing you’re doing.

If you build an entire business based on somebody else’s work it could potentially limit you in making money because it won’t be able to compete and stack up against later on. When someone’s looking at thought leadership, they’re going to want a differentiator, what makes you different from someone else. And you want to be able to clearly state that. So, on the flipside of it, it doesn’t make you not a thought leader to share someone else’s work.

But if you want to be a recognized thought leader that makes millions you’re going to at some point want to establish your own proprietary information. It’s coming full circle both sides of the coin. So, I just want you to consider that too. If someone wants you to go through their certification process to use their tools with your clients, how is that not coming from lack? I know my coach always says this and it’s so true but for her it’s about quality control for how she uses and teaches the model.

And having been through certification and master certification I can tell you that I have witnessed a drastic up-leveling of the use of the model for myself going through those courses. That allows me to get my clients the highest level of transformation.

So, here’s what I want to leave you with. What if requesting credit and not authorizing use of certain processes and tools is coming from abundance? And what if giving credit is also the highest form of abundance? And what if this required no extra use of your time or energy? Because I think that this is where some coaches brains go as well is I don’t have time to just be crediting everything. But if it’s just how you think and who you are it takes no time. I don’t think it requires any energy of me at all.

And I will say this, there was a big time thought leader a few years back who had been using quotes and ideas from other people for years without crediting, and the internet found out and lost their mind when it came to light. And this person I’m sure went through a lot of heartache, and stress, and public fallout over it. And I just want to offer it’s not worth it. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

All you would be doing for a lot of these reasons; you have to just check-in with your own of what fuels it. But a lot of these are not crediting as a way to try to change your circumstance or your result and your action never does that anyways. Your thought changes that, not crediting will never make you feel like a thought leader. Not crediting will never make you feel like people are taking you seriously. Not crediting will never make you feel more valuable. Your thought has to change first. You have to believe you’re valuable.

You have to believe you’re a thought leader, or that you’re on your way to it, or you will be one day. You have to believe that people take you seriously and that people would hire you over someone else. That they would hire you for the connection they have with you, not for the things you teach them. What?  That’s another one. It’s a good thought to have.

So, what I just want to offer is to go through those couple of questions that I have offered on the podcast and you can even go back and listen to the episode about intentional thought creation where instead of going to the things that you immediately disagree with, go into the place just as an exploration of where you do agree or you could agree and exploring it. And if you can get to the place where you could agree with everything I’ve offered here it doesn’t mean you still have to choose that belief moving forward.

So, you don’t have to adopt my thoughts just because you can agree with them. I know this is very trippy, but I do this a lot. I’m able to do this with politics. I can see both sides 100% and agree with both of them, 100%. I don’t have to feel hate for sides of politics. But it doesn’t mean I have to adopt it for how I vote and the policies I firmly take a stance on. I can agree, I can see where someone’s coming from.

So, I always do that in my coaching. I can go all the way to where I can totally agree with you. And from the place of I could totally agree with you I decide if I want to continue agreeing with you. Or if I just want to see your point and be like I get it and I also believe this really deeply, there is nothing at stake here for being willing to explore this idea. You can go all the way through, go all the way to agreement with me and then decide. But if you just stop and you’re like, “I disagree completely, she’s wrong. Here are all of my arguments.” No growth will really be had.

And I really truly, like you get to decide your stance on this but what I hope this podcast does is help you see anything that might be a thought that’s limiting you and creating a result you don’t want. If you have all the results you’ve ever wanted ever and you feel great. Great. But maybe, just maybe there’s a limiting thought that is showing up that makes you feel very entitled to not crediting. There is just something to consider.

And the other thing is that if you honor your teachers who taught you the thing that made your life different, I promise, promise you will never have a problem. You can write down and make a list of all of the things that you think will be the problem if you honor your teachers who taught you the thing that made your life different. What do you think all the possible problematic outcomes could be but I promise that none of them will happen, promise, nothing bad ever happens when you give credit.

Alright, I love you all so much. Have an amazing week. I’ll talk to you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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