Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Fully Booked AND Six Figures

I speak to coaches all the time who tell me they’re fully booked, which sounds amazing… until I ask them how much they’re making. Making your first 100K is no small feat, but my greatest desire is to help you become fully booked AND make six figures or more. And on this episode, I’m sharing my reasons with you.

If you currently believe it’s impossible for you to be fully booked and make six figures because of your specific life circumstances or the energy you would have to expend to make it happen, you’re not alone. The great news is that becoming fully booked as a six-figure coach isn’t about the how. It’s all about the mindset you cultivate along the way, and I’m helping you create the belief that it’s possible for you.

Join me this week to learn why I encourage you to become fully booked and make six figures or more, and a simple equation you need to plug into your business to make it your reality. You’ll hear questions you must answer if you’re currently unwilling to put in the reps that will make you a master at coaching, and why this work is all about the person you’re becoming rather than an exact roadmap.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why I encourage my clients to get fully booked and be making six figures.
  • A simple equation to become fully booked and make six figures.
  • My definition of what it means to be fully booked.
  • How you’re getting stuck in being fully booked without making six figures.
  • Why getting fully booked and making six figures is all about your mindset.
  • What creates coaching mastery.
  • Questions to ask yourself if you currently believe it’s impossible for you to be fully booked and make six figures.
  • Why I believe it’s easier to reach six figures coaching one-on-one rather than in a group early on.
  • What is getting in the way of coaches’ ability to get their reps in.


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches, welcome to episode 284. Today, we’re going to talk about being fully booked and making 100K. So, I have coached on this so much over the last several years. I mean since I started 2K for 2K and 200K Mastermind, one of the things that is kind of a crossover that I really work with my students is they come into 2K and they make their first dollars. And then we really just want to keep making money, keep signing clients.

And then when they come into 200K, we really want to help you book your whole practice out and make 100K or more, even 200K. And especially I see this and have coached on this a lot in 2K for 2K and I’ve seen it popping up more and more recently. I remember I coached on this maybe four or five months ago and I thought I should do a podcast on that. But I say that all the time because so many things are always happening and we’re always having these conversations in the Facebook community.

And so, I’m always having ideas and it just takes a long time to act on all of the ideas when we produce one episode a week, which is not changing. But I was coaching in 2K for 2K this week and I had a podcast planned but you know when it happens, when it just aligns and you’re like, “We’ve got to talk about this, it’s happening a lot.” So, here’s what’s happening is so many coaches are coming to me and they’re telling me they’re fully booked. And in my mind, I’m like, oh, my gosh, that’s amazing. They’re making 100K or 200K, from my experience of just what I’ve seen over the years.

And then they’re like, “No, I’ve made 40K. I’ve made 20K. I have made 60K.” And then I always start asking questions and digging around. And one of two things happens when I don’t see a coach who is fully booked and making at least six figures. In 200K we shoot for 200K, but listen, 100K is a huge milestone. I remember when I made my first 100K. So, I just really love the idea of fully booked and making six figures because I think that means your client roster is full, so I know you’re coaching a lot and also you’re being well compensated.

So, I am always interested in what’s happening in these situations. And so, the way I want you to think about it today and I do teach this in one module inside 2K for 2K. So, I talk about what you have to do to sell free coaching or free offers to participate in coaching that lead to, for example, consults, that would lead then to offering paid coaching. And then we do talk about paid coaching as well.

And I give everyone a breakdown of someone’s coming in brand new to the industry and they’re like, “I don’t know what to charge. Stacey, tell me what to do.” Listen, I’m one of those people, I’m like, “I would rather not think about it, just tell me what to do.” So, for the people who are like that, I’m happy to do that. And so, I’ll tell them what to do with their pricing and give them all my reasonings. I’m going to give you some of those today here on the episode.

But there are some intro modules and then we also really work the mindset and the strategy to get fully booked to six figures in 200K Mastermind. So just to give you an idea, and I’m going to give you an overview here. And then I also just want to say I don’t typically use the term ‘fully booked’ in my marketing. Sometimes I do in my sales emails, but it’s just not something, I’m not suddenly promoting becoming fully booked. I know there are coaches out there who do that.

I am using this language simply because it’s the language you all use whenever you’re talking about your practice. So, I think it’s an important discussion to have. So, here’s what happens. When I teach this, I teach that it’s a simple equation. It’s the number of clients times the amount you charge. And you want to figure out, how do you make that equation make 100K or 200K, the amount of money you want to make. And that’s really just the math.

For example, in 2K for 2K, if you were just saying, “What should I do?” I might suggest, I give a couple of different ones but I sold year-long coaching packages, 12 months for $5,000, which came out roughly to $100 a session because that’s what I paid my coach. I’m always like, “What do you pay your coach? What have you paid for coaching?” If you’ve joined 2K or 2K, maybe you feel comfortable charging $2,000 because you’ve paid $2,000 and then you have to figure out that equation of how many clients that would be and how long you’re coaching them.

And everyone has a different thing. I feel six months has become more popular lately, but maybe that’s just my frame of reference from what I’m seeing come through, people that are in 2K or 2K or 200K. Whatever it is, there’s the math of just how you’re going to do it, what you’re going to do, how many clients you would need, and what you would need to charge. And then there’s the drama. And that’s just what I call it really, what it is, because I know some people use that term sometimes against themselves, they’re a drama filled person. That’s not what I mean.

There’s the math and then there’s the thoughts about the math. And the thoughts about the math, typically, I’m going to break down both points of the math, the number of clients and the amount you charge for your coaching. But typically, I just want to offer for every person I’ve ever talked to about this, when I am asking them for their equation that got them to fully booked. And we’re going to also talk about what fully booked means in just a second, because that is also what I’ve realized, everyone has a different idea of what that is.

But typically, before we dive into that, what people tell me, the way that they frame their explanation of their math equation, if they’re just breaking down their math, the way they frame it is it’s the only possibility available for them. Because there are immovable things, impossible things, circumstances and I don’t remember anyone ever saying, “It’s because of my thoughts.” It typically doesn’t happen. It’s, no, there’s this very serious important circumstance and my view of it and my view of this equation is true, factual, measurable, and the only way to look at it.

And then that’s how you get stuck in this equation of being, ‘fully booked’ and not having six figures. So, I want to say that because I don’t want to get into the reasons. When I break down the equations and my thoughts about the equation, I don’t want to ever be in a situation where you feel I am against you and your desires, or that I am telling you, you have to do something that isn’t possible for you.

I am always just suggesting, based on the thousands of people that I have coached and that I have seen become very successful in this industry and been along for their journeys. And known everything they have going on in their brain, every identity that they came with into the coaching industry, every part of their identity and personality. All of their circumstances, their life circumstances, their family circumstances, I have seen it all.

I always kind of laugh with one of my clients who makes 500K a year in her business, and she does sales calls still herself, all of her people buy through sales calls and she has a full-time job, in a really high up position and two small children. I’m actually not sure how she does it. That’s why I don’t even want to get into the how of the specific circumstances. I’ve said this before on the podcast and I read this once. It helped change my life, so I will offer it for you because I was the queen of here’s all the reasons why it won’t work for me.

But I read it in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles book. I was listening to it on audio in a Sam’s Club in Louisville selling slicers, walking down the Sam’s Club in between shows, listening to Jack Canfield, this was years ago. And something he said was, “For every reason you can’t do something, there’s someone else who has that exact same circumstance who’s doing it.” And that hit me like a ton of bricks, blew my mind wide open. And I think about that all of the time.

I currently am in my own work on running my company at the revenue it was before I had a baby and trying to mesh those two things together. So, I do understand how hard it is. And I will tell you, the thing that has gotten me through so much has been someone else has been here and they’ve done it. And it doesn’t mean I have to do it exactly like they did it, but it does mean it was solvable. It does mean there was a solution out there and I bet there was probably thousands of people who have been in the same situation and done it, and I bet they did it 1,000 different ways.

So, this really isn’t about the how. It’s about the mindset as we dive into this. So, let’s dive into what fully booked even means. Let’s kind of rewind just a second and talk about what fully booked means. You get to decide, truly, I don’t know that there is any definition out in the coaching industry that this is the standard. What I was told when I entered the industry and from everyone I knew, it was 20 clients. I’m not even sure where I got that from. It just felt like the truth of the universe. That’s what everyone I was coaching with or that’s what we were working on.

I think maybe my coaching school recommended 20 people. Maybe that’s where it came from. But I recommend 20 clients to this day and I’m going to tell you why but first, and I consider 20 clients and above fully booked. I’ve had clients that have done 28 people, 30 people. I’ve had some clients who are go-getters and all of these I have to just keep saying it, all of these people are doing it.

I had one client who had 30 clients, 25 clients. I don’t remember. It was something ridiculous. And she was the PTA president of her kids’ school and had young children and was ahead of all these extra things in her household. It was wild. I mean I love it. So again, I know that just because I’ve coached on this so many times, when I say 20 people is typically what most people consider fully booked in the industry. I know people are going to have thoughts about this. Hang with me.

Let me just sell you on the reason why and offer you some thoughts to just think about. And then of course you get to do what you want because you’re an entrepreneur and it’s your business. So here is why I do think, I’m pretty sure it was my coach in school that recommended this. I just don’t want to say that publicly because I don’t know if I remember. But here is why I believe it was recommended to me and why I recommend it to my clients.

20 people typically, hour call, so 20 hours of coaching a week. And if you take that times a year or times two years, it’s going to give you lots of reps. Reps are everything. We’re going to talk about you thinking about your self-concept as a coach and the type of coach you want to be. But the more reps you have, the better your coaching gets. The better it gets, the faster it gets, the more results it will help people produce. This is true for most coaches who are making, I mean, I assume every coach.

I’m always thinking about what you guys are going to push back on and someone’s thinking about a coach right now that they were like, “That person’s not a good coach and they make a lot of money.” I don’t know. I’ve only had good coaching experiences for the most part so I don’t know about that. But all of the very successful coaches that I personally know, their reps, if you asked them how many reps they got of coaching in their first few years, they’re going to tell you a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot.

For the Life Coach school, I can’t remember, again, it’s been a long time, it was 2015. But I do believe that we had to do 60 or 100, it was 60 or 100 hours of coaching just for our certification. You had to clock that many hours throughout the certification and then take on 20 clients a week. That was the suggestion, in order to continue to clock those reps. And I can’t overemphasize enough how important this is, when you start coaching so much that you are on the phone all the time, client after client, after client.

And in the beginning this is one of the number one things that makes people afraid of this, and we’re going to talk about this in depth. But I’m going to do a little rant here is people are afraid I won’t have the energy for that. And if coaching drains you, it’s just because you don’t have enough reps. If you are tired at the end of the day, you don’t have enough reps. When you get enough reps, what will happen is you will do a coaching call and then you’ll get off and you’ll want to do 1,000 push-ups. It will give you energy. It will make you reach a different level of capacity inside of yourself.

And the reason, if I think about why that is, is because every time you’re coaching someone, you’re also coaching yourself. What? So, you’re cleaning out their brains. You’re cleaning out your brain. So, imagine if you are spending eight hours a day or five hours a day, four days a week, whatever it is, cleaning your brain out while you’re also cleaning someone else’s brain, getting those reps under. Hearing all of the different things people come to you with.

Allowing yourself to hear so many different experiences that you get stuck and you’re not really sure how to coach them. And then you have to get off the call and think about it and come up with something by the next call and maybe get coaching on it and ask your peers or your coach for advice. And, “Hey, how would you have coached this? I want to think this through and I want to investigate this.” All of that is what really creates coaching mastery.

And for all of you, that is my desire for you is that you have coaching mastery and your own brain mastery. Doing that will be better, in my opinion, will be better than any time spent in coaching certification programs like the endless ones. Listen, I’m a big proponent. I loved my coach certification. I loved my master coach certification, but some of you all are doing endless certifications or endless programs, all the marketing, the selling.

Listen, I sell that and I do believe you have to know how to market and sell. But some of you all are going to extraordinary lengths to not have to get your reps in. I love you. I say this with so much love. I just have been having these conversations for years. And there’s a lot of things that we try to do and time we try to spend to not get the reps in. I swear it’s just from the thought of it’s going to be so exhausting and it will be in the beginning. It will be tiring.

I remember doing my first 90 minute call, I think it was even a consult and I got off and was like, “I need a nap.” But now I can just coach for 12 hours straight and let’s go out to dinner. What are we doing afterwards? Do you all want to have some wine? Let’s go have a good time. It’s just life giving. So, I can’t stress enough why my definition of fully booked is 20 clients. It’s to set you up to get enough reps going to 100K that on your way to 100K, your clients are getting better, faster results and you are getting better and faster at coaching.

There was a point in time where I was coaching so much and I had clients that were signing on for 12 months and 18 months at a time. That towards the end of their packages, it was an easy and natural sell to say, “Well, now the calls are only 30 minutes, I’ve raised my prices a little bit.” And it was so easy for my clients to say yes, not because I was just like, “Yeah, I’m giving you less.” But because by the end of the calls they were good and we were chit chatting at the end of them because they were like, “Yeah, I feel really great. I don’t really have anything else to talk about.”

And we would like, “You want future focused goals.” There was just so much extra time at the end of calls and so they were like, “Yeah, I don’t think I need an hour anymore. I think 30 minutes is great.” And what we’re going to do in 30 minutes is going to be totally worth this new price. I believe this makes sense. This isn’t a surprise. It’s not shocking. It just felt natural.

So, you want to get to the point, I was just talking to a friend and I was just talking about, “Can I get someone to a resolution and really send them on their way fully equipped with what they need to move forward in their business in 20 minutes or less?” And my answer is yes, because I just coach business so much. I’ve been coaching business as the only thing I coach on since 2019, however many years that is, five years actually, since before that. I was coaching network marketers for a year and a half, I think before that ish.

So, I’ve been coaching strictly business and having my mind focused on business for six years plus, five years, just all coaches. I coach all different income levels. And I’m coaching thousands of people, not just on the hours that I’m on calls, but when I’m in the Facebook groups as well responding to people. And when I’m putting together trainings and content and modules, it’s just so laser focused. If you want to become a master, you want to get your reps. I know that that was a rant. I’m going to move on.

So typically, what comes up are the reasons why this will not work. And again, I don’t want to get into the how or create a situation where you think I’m discrediting or arguing what you have going on in your life or your values, or what’s important to you. I want to talk more about thoughts that might open you up to different solutions, new possibilities, greater capacity, greater desire to put more into your business. That’s what I’m more interested in offering to you.

So, examples I typically get are, I’m working full-time. I’ve got littles or kids at home. I’m taking care of the house and family. My husband or spouse also runs a business or has a job. So again, there’s just lots of things going on at home. And a couple of questions that I would offer for you to think about is, am I really going for this? What’s the answer and why? How many reps can I get in if I’m willing to challenge my capacity?

How many do I think I could get on if I could really challenge my capacity, if I believed that were possible to grow it and to have more capacity for more reps, how many more do I think I could do? Am I willing to turn away clients and growth to keep my reason? That one’s really interesting. And then this one’s my favorite. What do I need to believe about myself to make this happen, to get to six figures, to even entertain anywhere close to 20 clients?

Seriously, you all, it’s so crazy to me. In the beginning when I entered this industry, it feels like that was just the standard. And now I don’t know if this is post COVID era because I think so much culturally has shifted. But now I feel like every time I say that, it’s like I am saying something taboo. And I don’t know what to do because also, all of the successful people I know also got their reps in too. They may not have taken that exact path, but they got their reps in.

So, I’m like, “I’m going to say this taboo thing. I’m going to say this thing that seems somehow no longer politically correct.” I don’t know what the word would be, but I’m like, “I’m going to say it anyways because I don’t know what else to say.” But the reaction I get is very interesting from so many people that are like, “I am unwilling to do that.” So, if you feel unwilling to do it, I would just investigate that like crazy. What if mastery, better, faster coaching for you, more energy, better, faster results for your clients we’re available on the other side?

I also forgot to mention this. This is another reason I recommend this is, I think when you are coaching better and faster and getting your clients quicker results and they are getting better, faster results. When all of that is just working as an engine, it just makes it really easy for you to raise your prices and keep selling and never miss a beat.

Typically, what happens when people go into consult purgatories is they raise their prices without having the demand, not having the belief, not having the reps to really justify their own belief in the value of that new price point. And so, they get a bunch of no’s in a row, versus when you’ve got your reps you know your clients are getting amazing results.

You know you’re coaching better and faster than you ever have, for you, you’ll get to a point where you’re like, “This is my new price. I just wouldn’t coach someone for less. I’ve got to find people who see this value on the consult because this is the value I feel, the level that I’m at, that I know I’m at and I have no doubts.” When you have doubts, other people see it. They experience it, then it magnifies their doubts and then they don’t sign up.

So now I want to talk about group because group does also help you get reps. So, you absolutely could sign 10 clients and say, “I’m fully booked and I’m going to group.” Here is why I typically don’t recommend it, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it if it’s the only option. Some of you, you do all this work and you really challenge your thoughts and what you feel you’re capable of, and your creativity and your willingness and your desire and all of that. And you’re like, “No, there’s just no way.”

Then you could totally go to group and I have seen people do it. But my experience is in the beginning you may not have the audience or skills to sell and fill those groups. Again, I feel sometimes like a total buzzkill because I know there’s so many people out there selling get rich quick ideas unintentionally. But their marketing is very, sell a course and make lots and lots and lots of money with no experience and no list and no audience. And it just doesn’t really work that way. You can, but it could take you years to build up that audience to get to 100K or 200K if you don’t have that.

So, I’m always coming from thinking very strategically about where my client is and the skill sets and the audience size and all of the resources at their disposal and their knowledge of marketing, their knowledge of selling. All of that, how confident they feel to coach in front of other people, how confident they feel in their own concepts and ideas and having things to teach on the calls. I’m just factoring all of those things in.

So typically for the majority of my students that come in early on in their business before 100K, they don’t typically have the audience or skills to sell and fill groups. So, this is the only reason that I’m not like, “Well, yeah, just launch a group, no big deal.” I could tell you that and I could coach you on your thoughts. What would you need to think to sell out a group? I can do that all day long. And for my own integrity, I would feel a little bit like I wasn’t telling you the truth.

And so, I always want to give you all my best version of the truth, even if it is a little bit of a buzzkill. I know you all appreciate that, most of you. I feel like I’m a very rare breed. I am a business realist. And I’m always going to break down my reasonings and my experience and what I’ve seen over the years. Never ever to hold you back and never ever to make your life harder and never ever to crush dreams only because I want to save you time.

I was coaching someone in 2K a couple of weeks ago and she said, “I know that you said to do one-on-one first, but I really wanted to do group and I went out and I filled out my first group.” I don’t remember how big it was, maybe, I don’t know, I think it was 10 or less. And then for a very long period after, she could never really get anything else off the ground.

And she said, “I think that was just all of the people that were in my audience. And then realizing I don’t have an audience to consistently be launching group.” And she had really come to the realization, you’re right. She was like, “And I didn’t make very much money off of it. Again, I’m just coming to you all from so much realness and so much love.

So, here’s why I really genuinely believe that selling one-on-one to 100K with those 20 people or 200K makes it easier. You only have to have one sales conversation with one person at a time. You only have to deliver to one person at a time. You only need 20 people to say yes and make six figures. I’ll break that down for you in just a second why or how you can do that.

But the other thing that I know too is people typically are willing to pay a more premium price for private coaching, more so than group, unless that group is marketed well, sold well, has a strong deliverable and a track record for success. Obviously I charge a lot for my groups. But my groups have been proven and tested and have such track records for success and so many strong deliverables. And I know how to market well and I know how to sell well. So, I see earlier coaches having more success with one-on-one coaching.

Again, this is what I see, there are always exceptions. I’m happy for you to be one and be in my world. Let’s go. But I would check your reasoning for wanting to be one. When I started I was on a mission to get reps. These are just thoughts I want to offer for you that might sell you on 20 people and not let it be taboo, I was on a mission to get reps, to be the best coach. I would watch my coach and she used to be able to coach so quickly with the highest degree of certainty. And I always felt like she was 100 steps ahead of the conversation and I wanted that.

And I hear, my experience is that I hear a lot more people tell me why they can’t get the reps in, then tell me why they want to be excellent and their plan to get there. Again, I know it’s hard, I know. If you have kiddos, I get it. If you have a full-time job, I get it. I was pitching in Walmart all day. I can’t explain to you, the energy it puts out to do 10 shows with audiences of say anywhere from 20 to 100 people, 10 a day and be doing coaching calls in the morning, coaching calls at lunch and coaching calls at night before I went to bed and then coaching calls on the weekend. It’s such a grind.

But again, I always want to be honest. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get to 200K with five clients a week and a group. I think anything can be done. I just don’t see everyone doing it successfully in the beginning. And again, I do think there is a reason, even with all of my experience, being in entrepreneurship and being in the coaching industry for almost a decade, I still have to work at least 20-ish hours a week, 20 or more. And I clocked 40 to build this business to what it is.

This is entrepreneurship, it requires work. It requires uncomfortable work. I feel like I would be out of integrity to tell you that you could have five clients a week and make 200K from the beginning. I don’t even know any of my clients in 200K that have five clients a week and that’s all they coach. Now, I have also seen some pretty extreme things said on the internet from people that I love. And I also am not saying that you have to miss your kids’ lives and important milestones in your kids’ lives.

Trust me, if you have listened to any other episodes, you all know how obsessed I am with my child. You know that I have put family first. You know what a strong value that is so it is certainly not what I’m saying. But again, it’s also not a get rich quick scheme. It’s entrepreneurship. I used to coach multi-level marketers and they love to say, “Make all this money, $500 extra a month and a few hours a week.” But if you really knew the behind the scenes, they’re working day and night.

To get to $500 a month, you’re going to be working 40 hours. I’m not even sure why I still see that marketing. It’s just not true and it sets people up for failure. I’m trying to set you all up for success. So, I don’t want to be the person that promotes the four hour work week to make 200K. I just don’t see that being realistic. I think you’ve got to have at least 20 hours to give it and honestly no promises even there, not in the beginning. I’ve seen incredibly smart successful people do it. It’s just not something I would guarantee or promise.

And one of the things I think I work a lot in 200K on with my students is a lot of times what’s in the way of them getting more clients and getting more reps is how much time it’s taking them to market and sell. For so many of you listening and you’re like, “Okay, listen, I’m sold, I can get to 12 or I can get to 15. If I challenged my capacity, I feel like I could at least do double the clients I have now or I could add five more on.” Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be to 20.

Challenge your capacity little by little, but if you’re someone that’s like, “But then how, because I’m also doing all these other things?” My typical broad answer is, do those things faster. If it takes you an hour to write an email, give yourself 10 minutes. If it takes you seven hours to do a podcast, give yourself one. Figure out how you can do this thing that takes you so much time and do it in less time. That has to do with thought work. That has to do with skill sets. The better you get at marketing, the better you get at selling, the faster it goes.

If it takes you 90 minutes to sell clients on consults, get them shorter, do them in an hour. If you’re doing tons of follow-ups, stop doing those. Figure out how to get the person to decide yes or no on that call. Make the best use out of that time. If you’re doing email marketing in between, if you’re doing an hour of prep work for each call before you get on the consult, if you’re typing them up notes and sending them over. This is so much of the stuff I teach in 200K.

There’s the value of doing that for your clients if you don’t have other clients, but the value that your clients get is for the call that you do. I want you to think about, because I’ve just coached so much on this. I can only take 10 clients because of how much time outside of those one-on-one calls I give my clients, I spend prepping and note keeping or whatever it is, whatever their process is, the amount of time they give to each individual client.

And I’m like, “Okay, so there is value in you typing them up notes and sending it over and coaching them. There’s also value if you took that time and replaced all that time with more clients, you’re going to be a better coach and that’s a different type of value for them.” So, they can get notes, having prepped for an hour before you get on a call for them or they could have you fresh off of a call from someone else where you guys had a major breakthrough and you’re on a freaking roll.

I got on 2K the other day and did a call. And I had been recording earlier that morning for 200K and I got on and I was like, “You all, I’m ready to go. Who’s first?” I had so much energy, my brain was working so sharp, because I had been in a coaching situation for hours prior. I could have also just looked at the Facebook page and prepped what I think people were getting coaching on and spent an hour doing that. My brain would have been nowhere near the same level of warmed up.

So, I really want to offer to you, if you think, prepping and what’s the word afterwards? There’s probably a word for that where you type up the notes and send them over and all of that, it’s the after work and all the in between work and the thinking and all of that. If you took all of that and you just replaced it with more clients. I’m telling you, the value each client receives will be greater, the squeakier your brain will be, the faster your coaching will be. And you just have to decide that that one hour and you getting better at coaching is more valuable for them.

Now, before you say, “Stacey said I can’t do it. I can’t hit my goal in the amount of hours that I have to give to my business.” Before you say that, let’s just explore what you want to accomplish in your business and the coach you want to become outside of the reasons that makes it hard. I think if you find who you want to be, the reasons won’t feel so hard to overcome.

So again, if you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t have the bandwidth to coach that many clients or I couldn’t possibly cut out this in between coaching or the prep work, because the prep work is what makes me such a good coach.” Or if you’re like, “I couldn’t possibly go from seven hours on a podcast to one hour or 20 minutes for an email instead of an hour.” Instead of the how, who is the version of you who does? Who is the version of you who can? Who, always before how, there’s a module inside 2K for 2K, who before how. Going to the who first makes it easier every time.

And listen, for those of you that are worried and you think it’s going to exhaust you and you don’t have the bandwidth or it feels overwhelming or horrible for any reason. If you’re one of those people that when you hear 20 people is fully booked that you feel like I’m saying something controversial. I just want to reiterate my favorite time ever in my business was when I had 20 one-on-one clients for an hour at a time.

And three night, 90 minute group calls, they would start at 8:00 and go till 9:30 and then I think one started at 9:00 and went till 10:30. I don’t even remember. It was something crazy. But I would actually go to dinner with my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband and he would be like, “I’m going to pick you up at 6:00”, which was, my calls would end at 5:30. “I’m going to pick you up at 6:00. I’ll take you to dinner. I’ll make sure you’re home 15 minutes before your call.”

And I would do my call and go to bed. I did three of those, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and then I had client calls throughout the week. I’ll never forget that time. It was the best grind ever. It gave me energy for my entire life. It gave me energy. This is the same time again that I met my husband, I traveled the country on a road trip. I was so fit, I would get up and do fasted cardio at 5:30 every morning, run before I ate.

I was showing up everywhere for everything in all of my friends and families lives because my energy, my capacity was greater than it had ever been in my life because my brain was more focused and more coached up than it had ever been in my life. All day long I was just focusing my brain towards solutions and things in service and better thoughts and better feelings for other people, but also myself. I would get off calls and be like, “I needed to hear that.”

Now, the very last thing I want to cover is, I spent most of the time I said there’s two parts of the equation. There’s the number of clients and that’s typically where we have lots of thoughts. And then there’s also the amount you charge. And if it’s the amount you charge, that that’s the reason you’re not able to get to six figures and be fully booked, here’s what I would suggest. I was just coaching someone on this.

You can get fully booked with the price that you believe in that feels obtainable for you. So maybe that’s $50 an hour, whatever it is, you can get there. And if that doesn’t get you to 100K, the amount of reps that you will have, creating a fully booked practice, charging the amount you believe in will get you to a new level of belief and then you can just go again another round of fully booked at a little bit of a higher price. And just work your way up, I certainly did, so many clients of mine have done that.

It was $100 an hour-ish for whatever my 12 month package was, then it went to 200, then it went to 250. And then at one point it was $30,000 for a year of coaching with me. This was right as I was ending my one-on-one and going into group but people were paying that because it was so valuable to them. So, here’s what I want to leave you with, the final, final.

Do the math, just explore it, before you say no, just do the math and explore it. What would it be for you? You could do 20 clients for 12 months at 5K, which is roughly $100 an hour if you take off a couple weeks for holidays and such. You could do 40 people at 2500. You could do 20 people at 5K for six months, that’s a little bit higher. It comes out to be close to 200 a session. So maybe if you feel you could do that and that makes sense for you. So, you can play around with it.

Again, I wanted to stay out of the how for this. I just want you to think about the reps. And I want you to think about if your equation, if you’ve created an equation where fully booked doesn’t equal 100K, whether it’s 20 clients or not, it could be 15. I want you to figure out that equation for yourself, because so many clients are telling me they’re fully booked at 12K, 20K, 30K. What if we just made the definition for our sake as a coaching practice, as an exercise, what if we decided that the definition of fully booked was 100K of coaching revenue just as a measurable result that you could work towards even if 20 clients is too taboo,

Even so, let’s try on, who would you need to be for your equation, for your fully booked to be 100K at least? And if you’re in the 200K Mastermind, what version of you would you need to be for your fully booked to be 200K? What’s the number of clients? What would you have to charge? And then let’s work on your belief, you becoming that person that can do it with capability, capacity, desire, enjoyment, energy, having deep reasons for doing it that you love. And let’s think about that coaching mastery in there as well, getting those reps in.

This is my desire for you all. My greatest desire is that your fully booked equation equals six figures or more. I would love to help you do that. I can do that in 2K for 2K. If you’re just starting out and you need to get your first sales on your way to fully booked and if you want to actually get to fully booked, that is what we coach on all day, every day, where the process directs you. Fully booked to 200K in one-on-one and/or group in the 200K Mastermind.

So, you can go to and select Work With Me and it will have all of the options to get to the 2K for 2K page or the 200K Mastermind page and sign up for the wait list. And I would love to help you do this.

Alright, have an amazing week you all. I’m headed to my anniversary trip in Palm Beach, just me and my husband, three days. I’ve cried already about leaving the baby. It’s only our second trip ever leaving the baby. But he’s going to be with all of his cousins and his uncles and his grandmother and granddad and he loves going there. So, he’s going to get his own independence and mom and dad are going to get some alone time and I will see you next week. Have an amazing week you all.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first 2,000 the hardest part and then 200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk free, you either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.


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