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I’ve experienced too many clients come to me with their limiting money beliefs, thinking that this is some deep-rooted issue they have to unravel to start making money in their business. No. Let’s just stop doing that right now.

This concept of limiting money beliefs can be harmful to your journey as a life coach as well as in your own self-coaching and mindset work. I’m diving into why believing you have problems around money is such a setback and how to start approaching it in a more helpful way. You know by now that it’s probably not making you feel great and therefore, the results aren’t exactly what you want either, so let’s just stop it altogether.

Join me this week as I show you a new way to think about your beliefs, and highlight why taking this route instead of trying to tackle your whole entire belief system is going to be so beneficial to you in the long run. Try this and you might just release yourself into a new level of growth and success by doing so.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you should approach your thought work one thought at a time, instead of tackling your whole belief system.
  • How working on one thought at a time is beneficial.
  • Why how you think about your thought work matters.
  • How you are ‘handicapping’ yourself with limiting money beliefs.
  • The only reason you’re holding on to your limiting beliefs.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey y’all, what’s happening with my lovies? How are you? I am tired. I just got back from The Life Coach School mastermind that we do every year. And I traveled before that and I’m traveling after that, so I just feel sort of tired in my bones. Do you guys know what I mean? That’s where I’m at.

So I’m going to do something different today. I’m going to mix it up. Y’all like mixing it up? I do. So I actually want to give a shout-out to one of my 200K students. I’m not forgetting about y’all. My client Ellie just posted in our 200K mastermind that – well, I’ll just read it for you guys.

So she says, “Okay, I’m really excited about this. I’m taking a moment to celebrate with you all. I just surpassed $50,000 year to date and most of you know I was at $2700 for the year in mid-April. Since I have a hard time recognizing and celebrating my success, I’m sharing with you all now. I love you all.”

Okay, I had to read this for you. It’s brief, but listen. It is September. In April, Ellie had made $2700 for the entire year. So six months. In six months, she went from $2700 to $50,000. Y’all, it’s possible and I am so stoked. Stuff like that is why I do what I do.

Okay, so now let’s dive in. Today we’re going to talk about limiting money beliefs, but not in the way you think. You see, this concept, this idea of limiting money beliefs, I believe very strongly is plaguing the coaching industry and keeping so many coaches from making money.

Not because the idea itself is false or negative, but because of the way that you think about the idea, the concept of limiting money beliefs, and then how it makes you feel and how you show up and what you do and the results you create when you believe you have them.

When most of my clients talk about limiting money beliefs, they talk about them as if it’s this giant group of beliefs, like just that, it sounds scary, right? Limiting money beliefs. It sounds like you have been diagnosed with a disease that will impact you greatly in your business and life and will require much treatment to recover from.

Sounds awful. And I hear it all the time. I’m really working on my money beliefs. You know, I just have a lot of work to do around money. I really need better money beliefs. It really makes it this very big thing. Instead, what I want to offer you today is an alternative.

Never talk about limiting money beliefs again. There you go. Cured. You don’t need to take any courses on all your limiting money beliefs. You don’t need to spend years of coaching, coaching on your limiting money beliefs. Just stop. Have you guys ever seen that video?

God, what is the guy’s name? It was from some late-night comedy show. I want to say George Carlin. Is that his name? Now I got to look it up. Okay, Bob Newhart. That is who it is. I don’t know why. I don’t even who – if George Carlin is an actual person. Just made that up. Isn’t that funny how our brains do that?

Bob Newhart. There is a video, maybe Pavel will be so nice to link it up for you. But this is what I feel like I’m saying to you right now is just stop it. Stop it right now or I’ll bury you in a box. You have to watch the skit it’s very funny.

But really, what if you just never thought that again? And instead of talking about your money beliefs because we’ve decided from this moment on that you’re never going to say that again, what if instead, you only speak about one belief at a time and refer to that one belief at a time as a thought?

A thought is a sentence you have in your brain. That’s it. It scrolls across your brain, it flashes before your awareness, and you get to decide whether you want to believe it or not. A thought, one simple thought is so much easier to work on. Imagine you up against an entire belief system or you noticing and working through a thought.

It feels completely different, right? Now, why does this matter? Because how you think about your thought work determines how you approach it, which I know is a little meta, but that’s where we’re going today. So think about how it feels in your body to be up against an entire belief system.

An unknown but large amount of beliefs, right? Because we call them belief systems. We don’t know how many beliefs it is, we don’t know where they came from, the origin is very mysterious. We’ve got to get back to the root of our childhood. We’ve got to uncover all the stuff. It’s this whole big thing.

So an unknown but large amount of beliefs all in the way of you making money and having money. How does that feel in your body? To me, it feels daunting. That’s actually my thought. It’s daunting. Feels exhausting. It seems as if this unending battle that you can never win, to which you will need in fact years of coaching to finally tackle.

Or think about how it feels in your body to have one thought between you and signing a client. One thought that you can tackle in one coaching session. Again, it’s all about how you think about it. When you think about – I’ve been thinking this thought for the last 30 years, you’re not going to believe that you can just tackle that in one coaching session when in reality, you can.

One session, gone forever. It took you 30 years of believing it and one second to not believe it. It’s totally fine. That is the way it works. Now, imagine even if you had – let’s just number it. Let’s say 100 thoughts around money that you needed coaching on. I bet if you actually made a list right now, you could probably fill a page up.

Maybe two pages, maybe three pages of thoughts that you’re currently aware of that you just let yourself write all your thoughts about money and making money. You’ll be able to come up with a couple of pages of thoughts that don’t serve you when it comes to making money.

But you approach those one thought at a time. One of those thoughts at a time is doable. It’s manageable. If you work one thought a day for a year, for example, you will have changed 52 thoughts in a year. You’ll have maybe made it through your entire list.

When you think you have entire faulty belief systems, that will seem like not enough. And just the tiniest tip of the iceberg and that there is no way it will matter towards your goals when you work one thought at a time. It will be like, there’s just no way, this is impossible, I’m not going to get anywhere doing this.

You’re going to try to work like a lot of beliefs all at once, which is only going to spin you out, freak you out, probably depress you, create more thinking of it’s not possible. But when you realize that you make money one thought at a time, 52 new thoughts about making money, about money itself is a completely different life that’s waiting for you. Or 52 thoughts having been worked, like the ones that didn’t serve you, working 52 of those.

Even if you create no new ones, just working the ones that aren’t serving you is a completely different life waiting for you. It makes a big difference in your perception of your growth and what’s possible and how much work there is actually to do and 100% difference in your morale.

Now, referring to your work where you need to grow in your mind as one thought at a time, not only allows it to be less overwhelming but it also allows you to be more specific. So let me give you an example. A client comes to me, she tells me she gets people on the phone but they don’t buy.

She tells me she is really having issues with her money beliefs. Where does she even go to begin working on them? It’s so vague. It feels like this huge problem and I don’t even know how to coach her because I don’t know what the real problem is. So instead of coaching her on the problem, I have to figure out what the problem is and that’s the coaching I have to give her, which is really just like the first layer of coaching.

But now imagine if she comes to me and says I get people on the phone and then when I tell them the price and they say it’s too expensive, my brain wants to agree with them. I’m realizing deep down coaching is expensive and frivolous and not everyone can afford that.

When she gets specific and narrows it down, now she knows where her work is. And I know how to help her and I can coach her on that very specific thought instead of coaching her on just figuring out what that specific thought is and going and working on it on her own.

So now she can go and spend time asking herself and thinking about why it isn’t too expensive and it isn’t frivolous. Or why it’s expensive and it’s okay, or both. You know people do buy expensive things. She can spend time journaling on the value of this expensive thing called coaching, or just the value of coaching I general.

She can think back to that specific call and really break it down for herself why she thinks it would have been worth it for this client to have invested. She could explore what expensive means to her and what expensive things she’s willing to buy and not willing to buy. And maybe again, that it is okay that it’s expensive.

She can see it as one thought. One sentence in her mind triggered by one moment in time that didn’t serve her and let it go. But when she thinks it’s her money beliefs, it’s like it could be any one of the thousands she has. It’s very big, it’s very daunting and not specific and manageable at all. There’s no direction there. No clarity and no action is taken.

Lastly, dealing with one thought at a time when it comes to money and making money will also change your self-identity. Now, I have an analogy I want to use and I want to give a caveat that I know I’m walking a fine line of offending someone. So I’m going to ask you to just manage your mind with this because it’s really the best way I can think of now to explain what’s happening.

So when you constantly reinforce your brain that you have these limiting money beliefs, you see yourself as having a bit of a handicap. A handicap in your brain with this set of beliefs that doesn’t serve you. Now, to be clear, this is where I say it’s a caveat is I’m not really saying a real person with a real disability thinks this way.

I’m saying you do when you talk about these limiting beliefs you have. So when you think you have an entire belief system going against the life you want to create, the results you want to create, almost self-identify as having this condition or deficiency, these limiting beliefs that restricts your ability to function and go out and just make money.

So I was recently at my coach’s yearly mastermind this past couple of days and someone had the limiting belief that they can’t succeed because they don’t have a ton of access to my coach and that the millionaires in her mastermind are millionaires because they have so much access to her.

This is a limiting belief around money. That money can only be created with access to someone who has money. That then creates this handicapped mentality within the coach. It’s really just sneaky victim mentality that if unchecked will create powerlessness and an inability to problem solve.

But I almost felt like victim mentality wasn’t quite the way to explain it here because it really is almost like you identify with having this almost permanent problem that holds you back. So when you start taking it one belief at a time, all of a sudden, you are a person just working on a goal with a belief in the way.

You have no permanent issues or long-term problems, you just have a thought that you are working on. I am working on believing clients will pay me in full. So much different than I can’t get clients to pay me in full. I’ve got to go work on my money beliefs.

Now, you might also be saying, Stacey, I actually do have pages and pages of money beliefs that hold me back. I’m holding on to them very tightly. And I’ve had them for many, many, many years. That’s fine. Work on them one at a time. And think about them one at a time. Very specifically.

Like I’m working with this specific belief. The only reason you’ve had them for the many years that you’ve had them is just because you’ve never worked on them and questioned them. 30 years ago, if you’d worked on and questioned it, you would have never had it again.

So it’s just reinforce. That’s all it is. And the only reason you hold on to them so tightly is because they feel like your deep truth because you’ve never questioned them and again, in a meta way, because of the way you think about them.

I’ve just started never thinking that I have some deep-rooted belief. I don’t really believe that. I just think I have unquestioned beliefs that can be questioned and called up to be questioned at any given moment. It’s this willingness to just kind of let those beliefs go and not make them feel like they’re these heavy, daunting beliefs that are deeply tied to your childhood and all of that.

I just learned so early on from my coach that they’re only a problem now because of the way that you think about them now. It’s just helped me let them go so much more quickly and not make them be this big deep thing that has to have lots of investigation. It’s like no, you can just look at one belief and today, you could let that belief go.

You could have 365 new beliefs if you wanted or 365 un-beliefs if you wanted by the end of next year. You really could. It’s just one belief at a time. So you go to work on that one belief that you can’t make money without working a lot, or whichever one it is for you, and you only think about that one.

And when you’re ready and you have coached yourself, you move on to the next one. Life is a series of limiting beliefs. It’s part of being human. But instead of saying you have limiting beliefs or even limiting money beliefs, just say I’m a human.

When you’re not believing you can make 2K, just think, you’re being human. You have a human mind that likes to say I can’t and your job is to just find those little I can’ts one at a time. And that’s all it is. That page, I genuinely hope that you take the time to sit down and just write down all your money beliefs and your making money beliefs that hold you back.

Just fill up the page. Maybe pages, and then look at them as just I can’ts. That’s all it is. And work on one I can’t at a time. It’s the rule. One. Even I see in my 2K page, I see so many of the 2K-ers, they’ll post 30 beliefs that they uncovered and I can tell how they feel about them by the way they talk about them and usually it’s in overwhelm.

I don’t even know where to start. Hey, where you start is always one thought at a time. That’s it. One thought at a time. And if you want to work on one thought at a time with me in regards to making money, join 2K for 2K. And right now we just finished the live Making Money with the Model event and we now have it on demand, which is also a fun way to learn the material.

It’s on demand in the member portal under bonuses. So right under bonuses, you’ll see Making Money with the Model. You’ll see all five group coaching calls. All five live Q&A calls where people could ask me anything about the week’s subject, and the PDF of the workbook that you can print out. So you have the entire five-week course now at your fingertips on demand when you join 2K.

And what you suggest is you find yourself being a person that constantly talks about having limiting money beliefs or limiting beliefs for you to make money, same thing, I really suggest you do this program and you can do it right alongside the 2K process. But in the workbook, I give you 35 days of belief and there’s so many prompts to figure out those beliefs that you may not even know you have them. You may not even make the paper.

I give you little prompts and triggers and so if you want to do this work with me, join 2K for 2K and you can access that on demand under the bonus section. You’ll see Making Money with the Model. Okay, I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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