Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Making Money, Launching, and PregnancySince finding out about my pregnancy, I’ve realized that there simply aren’t enough resources for women going through debilitating pregnancy pain and discomfort, specifically morning sickness. This has been my reality, but whether it’s an illness, grief, or other obstacles that might be coming up for you, I want to offer that, if you want to, you can make huge amounts of money through any hardship.

I’ve had all the negative thoughts in the flavor of being too dramatic, crazy, or weak because I was quietly suffering in crippling physical and mental discomfort. But we still had our most successful launch yet through it all, so today, I’m showing you how to navigate any major life change or adversity while going after your goals.

Listen in this week as I let you in on how I’ve coached myself through my morning sickness to operate at the highest level possible during our launch, and the discoveries I’ve made about what I really want to put on my plate, so you too can powerfully choose how to spend your precious time and energy moving forward.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • 2 things that have helped me operate at a high level through my pregnancy.
  • How, despite my discomfort, we had the most successful launch we’ve ever done.
  • The negative thoughts I’ve been having about being a pregnant business owner.
  • Why women think they have to make less money through pregnancy. 
  • How to plan for what you can truly handle on your plate. 
  • The importance of discerning between your wants and have-to’s. 

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 152. Today we’re going to talk about making money, launching and pregnancy, so fun. Before we dive in though I have to tell you we did our gender reveal on my birthday. That’s what I wanted for my birthday was just to know what my baby is going to be, and I have been right this entire time, I’ve known since the very beginning. We are having a baby boy. We are so excited. Now, listen, I want both really bad, so I didn’t care at all.

But I just knew right away, I was like, “It’s a boy. It’s for sure a boy.” Just I don’t even know why. But I was very solid, I never once thought it was a girl, so I guess mom’s intuition, who knows, so strange. But we’re so excited. We had the most fun reveal ever. It was just one of the best days of my entire life. And now we are outrageously shopping and having so much fun buying all the clothes, and stuffed animals and things, and looking up all the strollers, and car seats, and just all of the things.

And then we get the clothes in, and I hold them up and Neil and I both squeal. And just like, we’re like, “Look at this little boo, this little outfit.” So we’re so excited. It’s baby mania at the Boehman house.

Okay so last week I shared with you our 13 Million Dollar launch model. And this week I will share with you how I personally got so much high quality, excellent work done during a time of what I can only describe to you is massive morning sickness. And so I titled this episode, Making Money, Launching in Pregnancy for a really important reason. And I want to explain that first.

I was going to say something like making money and launching when you’re ill, or with illness, or even some broader words, something that applied to everyone because you can take the wisdom from this episode and apply it to anything that’s like a hardship while you’re in the middle of making money and selling really. So whether it’s morning sickness or grief, we have had a lot of students who have lost loved ones over the last couple of years in my Mastermind and my 2K. So we’ve coached a lot through that.

If you’re a mom, you might have a major life event at home or issues with the kids. We’ve had people get COVID during launches or right before launches. So it could be anything, but I just feel there aren’t enough resources and podcasts for women going through specifically morning sickness.

I have five pregnant friends and all of us have been talking about how women quietly suffer, at least the ones around us. And it just feels a little bit like we’re kind of forced to carry on as if nothing is wrong and perform all of our duties and despite debilitating nausea. Because it’s just kind of the way society is or in my experience, it’s so interesting.

I’ll go out to eat and I’ll watch men’s eyes glaze over and get very uncomfortable when I try to explain to them that I have food aversions. And ask them if they can present my food certain ways, or leave certain things off, or if they can make me something off the menu because nothing sounds good and I’m out to eat with other people. Whatever it is it’s so interesting to watch them be so uncomfortable and I’m like, I see why people, it can feel kind of like this burden that you don’t want to put on other people, or it can feel uncomfortable, or it’s not receptive.

So I think this just leads to so much isolation and so much of going through massive changes in your body without really knowing a lot about it. And to me, I’m going to talk about my thoughts in a bit but really to me because I hadn’t heard a lot about business owners going through something like morning sickness. It had me really thinking I’m wrong, I’m defective, I’m crazy or I’m being dramatic. And I do think women, that is something we are socialized to think about ourselves is we’re being dramatic all the time when we have an emotion or an experience.

And then another one that came up for me a lot was I’m weak. And listen, you all, I have come a complete 180 on that thought in just a few short months. I am fucking strong. I have an iron mind. I coached myself through the hardest emotions daily. I have dealt with severe back pain my whole life and really cured it with my mind. I have managed my mind through and around some serious pain like shingles where you get unbearable nerve pain. And I used to be sort of overly dramatic about things in a way that didn’t serve me. But it’s not who I am anymore.

I’m letting that story go, I am a strong woman who holds thousands of women’s success on my shoulders. So I have worked hard through some thoughts to get to this place where I’m letting go of what I thought pregnancy was supposed to look like, or would look like and feel like, and how a woman is supposed to handle it. And what is my reality and how I would want to handle it. And so I wanted to do a podcast specifically about pregnancy, and the morning sickness, and operating within that. I wanted to talk about it through that lens.

You’ll be able to apply it to everything, but it felt really important to me, having it been such a surprise to me. Now, many of you are already moms and you’re like, “I think this is amusing.” But for those that aren’t, I have a lot of women in my masterminds who are getting pregnant for the first time and they’re feeling very similar. We’re having these same conversations. So it felt really important to me to make this podcast from the lens of talking about pregnancy and illness so that women have a resource to come to.

Even if you’re not a life coach, I want this episode to be a little bit of some wisdom and some advice that you can pass on to any new moms who are business owners, who don’t know how to handle both or don’t know how to deal with it. It just feels to me it’s important to dedicate it to all the women out there making humans from scratch inside your body and making money in your business or even your job.

Again you can apply this wisdom to anything that takes you out of your normal rhythm especially in a time when you’re counting on your normal rhythm as a business owner to get shit done. But I’m just not going to water it down for this episode. I feel like us pregnant ladies now or in the future, we need this episode. So we’re going to do it from that lens and if you’re not in that situation you just apply it to a situation that you’ve been in, in the past, or you think about listening to it from the lens of this may come up in the future and I want to be prepared.

Now I also really want to stress that this isn’t necessarily the right way for every time for everything. But I just want to give you insight into how I coached through this with myself and my coach. And the thinking that allowed me to do two main things when you do have something kind of out of whack and you’re out of your rhythm is to rest and to create excellent work.

So the number one thing that was really huge for me when I moved into the 200K launch and was in that phase of literally planning the launch and finding out I’m pregnant at the exact same time. And a lot of money was on the line. We make almost half of our entire income for the year in one of these launches. So it’s November and we had a tax appointment actually with our tax guy. And I was like, “We’ve got to reschedule this because we’re about to double our income two months before the end of the year.”

I don’t think any tax planning that you do, and tax estimations are going to be appropriate, we’re about to just dump a ton of income into the account. And so for me this was a really big time of year for our company. So here was the number one thing moving into this that really changed the game as far as my mindset, approaching this work. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode from last week, make sure you go do the 13 Million Dollar launch model.

But the number one thing was not layering judgment on top of my thoughts about my discomfort, and pain, and illness, and the time that I chose to take off and care for myself. So I’m going to say that again. The number one thing I did that led to us making so much money in this current launch and having the most successful launch we’ve ever done. We did around close to 3.5 million between our two programs because we launched 200K and 200 Million Dollar group at the same time.

And the number one thing was not layering judgment on top of my, what I will say were negative thoughts about my discomfort, and my pain, and my illness, and the time that I chose to take off and care for myself. So I coached really hard on not needing to be positive while I’m puking so hard vomit is coming out of my nose. Number one thing, TMI, sorry for the graphic image, so important because we often use coaching against ourselves in this way.

My coach, Brooke, has an amazing podcast about this called Unproductive Thought Work on The Life Coach School podcast, it’s episode 394. We will link it in the show notes. But what we do and it’s excellent, you have to go listen to it, but what we do is we try and make negative thoughts that we have, or what you would consider negative thoughts, even negative thoughts is a thought about your thought. But let’s say a thought that makes you feel negative, we try to make those wrong because we make negative emotion wrong.

And then if we are struggling to try to feel positive, we make the struggle wrong. I shouldn’t be struggling to feel positive. I should just be positive. We make depression wrong. We make anger wrong. You’re doing it wrong. And it isn’t, it’s part of life. Life is 50/50. I could do a whole episode just on that. Maybe I will in the future, for now go listen to Brooke’s, it’s incredible.

But I had a lot of thoughts of I’m being unreliable. That’s one of the ones that kept coming up for me, and I’m letting people down. Because I pride myself on my extraordinary execution, the way I show up. And always on time, always looking fabulous, always present, always coached up, always ready to go. Just laser focused, my calendar, honoring it, what I say I’ve put down, finishing my projects on time, turning them into my team on time. We teach our team that they live by the calendar, everything goes on there.

So for me that’s something I’ve now built into my self-concept and then my body couldn’t really keep up with that self-concept. So the thought kept coming in, I’m unreliable, I’m letting people down.

And another big one for me was I’m doing pregnancy wrong. Again I was comparing it to women who were telling me when I would say, “I’ve been really sick.” They would come back with, “I was working 12 hour shifts.” I remember when I got my ultrasound, she was like, “Yeah, I was working 12 hour shifts and I would just puke in the trashcan and move on with my day.” But I just couldn’t do that. All I could do was lay in bed all day, all day.

I would starve to tears because I couldn’t eat anything. And then my stomach would be screaming at me in pain and hunger. And it would only be at the just absolute height of the suffering, and it would be six hours. And it would finally relax so that I could eat something. And then sometimes I would just vomit that right up on the bad days. And on the good days I would just feel like my chest was going to explode from indigestion. So those were the good days.

The bad days were puking, that was a solid straight month of my life, maybe longer, I would say more like seven or eight weeks. So I had a lot of thoughts that I should be able to work through it, that I should be going to work. I should keep working. And just in general that I should just be able to function and do things while this is happening because that’s what I was thinking other women do. And that clearly I also had a thought that all women experience it the same way. One size fits all morning sickness.

So before I could address I can’t do it, that’s my reality, for me, I can’t do it. Or before I could address I can actually do it when I absolutely need or want to do it. Before I could get to either of those decisions or either of places I had to release judgment about it. You can’t do any rational intentional problem solving with your brain wrapped in a judgment bubble, when emotions are high, intelligence is low. Judgment makes emotions high. Problem solving, intentionality and intelligence become low.

And judgment really is just resistance. And I had a lot of resistance to feeling bad and then having negative emotions that came with it and thoughts that felt negative. So I had to do a lot of work on allowing illness, allowing it in my body. When I’m on the floor of the bathroom sinking in to allowing the pain that was creating the feeling of my esophagus is going to explode. Or allowing the vomit to come up, allowing the nausea in my body.

And that is eventually what allowed me to get through calls, and podcast interviews, and create, write, and record podcasts was really allowance of the physical sensation of nausea. After letting go of any mental resistance from judgment of my experience and my capacity to get things done and my energy level, and my negative thoughts, and emotions. I were thinking I feel terrible, allowing that thought instead of saying, “Well, how does that thought make you feel? Let’s change it right away, sister.”

There was a time where I told some friends and my coach I was feeling really depressed. I had been in bed for six weeks straight. And I was scared of that. I was scared of that feeling. I was really losing any desire. It was such a beautiful day outside, just warm, beautiful October day and I just had no – just didn’t care at all. Didn’t care about playing with my dogs. Didn’t care about being out in fresh air, just depressed. And that really scared me. And so I had to work on allowing the feeling of depression.

Not spending any energy trying to change that experience which was so mind blowing for me to just be like, okay. Why do I need to get out of depression? Why is that a bad thing? Now, this is not a – I want to be really clear, a medical or psychiatric advice on if you have diagnosed depression. What I’m talking about is the feeling of depression, feeling depressed. For me this was really important. It’s not something I typically experience. I do experience a lot of anxiety, but depression is not something I typically experience.

And so for me it was really important to just not try to change that experience and just be in it. And this was not my finest execution by any means. I want to be clear that this wasn’t like – again, don’t use my explanation of my journey against yourself. I didn’t do this perfectly. I’m still a working progress but I have really gotten better at not judging the times even where I don’t do it well. It’s like if I had a period where I did try to change my thoughts, and I did try to make myself positive, and I did make myself wrong for feeling negative, it’s not judging that either.

There’s just no judgement, there is what reaction is happening in my brain and me rolling with it, just total allowance. So that was really my work through the entire month of September. My launch was one month away. So in August we had the team come down for three straight days right after the event to work on the narrative, and the timeline, and plan everything with the event and the launch.

Again, I talked about that in the previous episode. During those three days I did a lot of work in real time, thank God. My team would put tasks on my calendar and while they continued through the narrative, some of the things I started working on, I started writing emails, and working on things for onboarding and the waitlist, and making decisions for how we’re delivering this round. And because we made firm decisions right then and there, I didn’t waste a lot of time thinking and considering things.

I have found it just requires being willing to feel the emotion of deciding, to just decide in the moment and move on. Whatever emotion comes up for you to make a decision, what emotion would be required to make a decision. We usually resist that feeling because it’s what is usually there is a fear of that feeling, a fear of choosing wrong, of failing, of not liking your decision later. That’s why we stay in indecisiveness as we’re hoping for time to create a better outcome and for there to be less chance of making the wrong decision.

And so all that deciding requires is commitment to just have your own back. When you can start deciding in the moment it requires extra effort in the moment, but it saves you so much time in the long run. So if I could just say, this doesn’t feel as much related to the pregnancy illness and dealing with that during the launch as one of my mental strategies. It feels though like a strategy worth mentioning because it’s something I do regularly that contributed to this. I hope that makes sense.

But I do really feel like making decisions about the launch, the mastermind, making those in the planning stage quickly was super helpful to this launch success. So I think I should mention it. But that’s kind of what I do all the time, so just another little nugget. So making decisions is very important. And then the next thing that I do think is super relevant, the next two things that are kind of very similar together that I think really helped me in my mindset was the first one, is I was willing to cancel things on my calendar.

So in the, and I’ll tell you what the second one is in just a second, but in the planning and putting things on my calendar for this launch, we had me scheduled to turn in all of my deliverables to my team by the end of September. To give them a month to load everything into Ontraport, which is our email server, our customer service, I don’t know what you call it, mechanism. So that we can test everything three times for edits and revisions.

And I was then going to move on to my business certification that I’m creating and a webinar we had planned. But I could barely get out of bed in September. I did my very best to allow the feeling of sickness to do my podcast that I had to turn in, and the calls that I needed to do or really wanted to do. And that was it, bare minimum. I think we’re talking less than three hours of work a week in the month of September.

So in order to accommodate for having enough time now to do the remaining things that needed to be done for the launch I had to cancel things. I had to let go of the business certification. And I had to let go of the webinar we had planned. So as part of that, I said these are two things together, so the first thing I had to do was cancel those two projects. And then I think this is a separate thing, is let go of my timeline of my goal and the money they comes with it, my timeline of my financial goal and the financial goal. How much money I was going to make, and when I was going to make it.

So, many of you have heard me talk about this before or even coach you on it before. But I really strongly feel that women should not be paying what I consider an unnecessary pregnancy tax, like punishments the way that I receive it, is punishments for creating life. I don’t think that you should expect to take less money just because you are pregnant, and you’re sick and pregnant, or you’re going on maternity leave. And I will do a whole episode on maternity leave options for coaches. It’s coming, I promise.

I have coached a lot of clients through this. And they have all approached it in vastly different ways. So there isn’t a right or wrong. But if there was a wrong, it’s coming to maternity leave, and your goals, and the money you want to make with the expectation that you just have to take a pay cut, that you have to be taxed. You just make less money, that’s just what you do. But what I’m not saying when I say that is that you should be making money and setting higher goals through pregnancy and maternity leave. I’m also not saying that.

So for us, we’re keeping our goal 10 million for next year as well. We’re not having a growth year or a scaling year. We’re going to do the same year over again but easier on me and my team. So for me the thing I wanted to do for myself is cancel the two projects I had planned, which would have brought in close to 500K each, and come in one million dollars below my goal. Because one million dollars for me was not worth it to make myself work through the illness and suffer more.

Now, for you it might be. If you’ve never made a million before and that’s on the table, totally up to you. But I find the pregnant women I have coached, or when I have coached clients through grief, a lot of their decisions to go back to work or to work through things have been coming from attachment to money and lack around money or success. Sometimes it’s not as much about the money but who you thought you would be when you achieved a goal that you had set your eyes on.

We might come in this year at nine million or a little under, a little over, but right around nine million. But I’m still a 10 million dollar coach. I actually think I am more valuable because I have the maturity around money to walk away from a million dollars for my health and my wellbeing. And more desire for that than money, it doesn’t take away from my self-concept at all, especially the stage I am in.

So a lot of coaches, they couldn’t walk away from an extra million. They would push all the way through the end of the year for that extra million out of that scarcity and that need to develop the self-concept through achievement. But I did still have human brain thoughts come up. So I started to do a little coaching around it. And mostly for me the flavor was disappointment of, it wasn’t really about the money but being so excited for my business certification.

And I really feel it’s going to change the quality of business coaches in The Life Coach School community and in the entire industry. And I really want to do it. It doesn’t even feel about the money with that, it feels like my calling, a part of leaving my legacy and my mark on the industry. So I had so much disappointment to sit with there.

And if you remember, number one, not to judge myself about being disappointed. Don’t layer that on top. I just have to feel the disappointed. And for me there was it could have been so easy to judge myself about being disappointed to saying no to business things, because I kept telling, myself in my mind I kept thinking, you’ve wanted a baby more than anything for so long. You shouldn’t be disappointed to give up anything in business.

Are you being ungrateful now that you have it, are you being ungrateful? That’s what my brain would say. And I had to get to the place where it’s okay to be disappointed and to be so happy to be pregnant. You can do both. Both can be true. You can be so in love with your business and so excited about something you have going on and so much in grief for someone you just lost. And you don’t have to judge yourself for either of those experiences. Both can be true.

So before anything else with the launch the thing I had to do was get really honest and intimate with where I was, and what I was really capable of doing in my current condition, and what I wanted to truly put on my plate knowing how I was feeling. And I have coached a lot of pregnant women through this recently in my masterminds. And that is such a big one, is really understanding your current condition. Knowing truly what you want to put on your plate with regards to how you’re feeling.

And again, I just can’t stress this enough, many of you struggle with this because you’re so focused on making money that it causes you to argue with the physical reality you’re going through, argue with your truth. You can’t even get to the truth to what you really want to choose because you’re so focused on the money, the money, the money. I’ve got to have the money. And we tell ourselves very serious things like, “Yeah, but for real, we have to make money. I know I’m sick. But that’s not an option. I have to do it.”

You just want to examine all of that, that’s something worth spending time with. And really being willing to consider. I coached someone on this, I’m like, “Just live in the land for a day where you don’t make money for three months straight. Just live there, see what that would really be like. Can you get to allowance of that? Can you be there where you just push the launch, or you cancel it indefinitely for a while and you just sit with I’m not going to make money for the next three months. Could you be there and see what that’s like before you make the decision?

Can you get to allowance of that be in a place of sufficiency with that before you make your decision?” That was huge for me. And then once I made that decision I prepared my team for my work to be later than expected. And I have to just tell you guys that because I remember when my coach Bev told me, this was I mean probably two years ago, some time last year, I don’t know, at some point.

Where she said, “You could just tell them.” I think this had to do with video editing. I was making videos and I have a production manager. And I was really stressed that it was taking me so long. And I hadn’t gotten it done and I was really far behind. And she said, “You know you could just tell him, I’m going to be late on these videos.” And I’m like, “But he said he had to have them by this date.”

And she goes, “So tell him he’s not going to have them by this date. And ask him to hire more help because it’s going to need to be rushed.” You can just give your team that expectation, like, “Hey, this work is going to be rushed, you might need to bring on extra people to help.” Especially if you’re contracting, can you bring on other people because I’m going to need it rushed, it’s going to be last minute.

And what was so profound for me is when I told him, “Hey, it’s going to be last minute. This is the deal.” Instead I had just been avoiding him. And so when I told him, he was like, “Absolutely.” And he was able to find someone, and he brought one or two extra people on to help him so that they could get it turned around in time. But in my mind, I never even knew that was an option, that that was a thing that you could just tell people, “The work is going to be late, and I need you to figure out how to make this happen.”

Which is very different than making your late work someone else’s problem. That’s not what I’m saying, but just communicating, “Listen, this is what’s going on with me. It’s going to be late. What can we do about this? What are my options?” Just letting them know, bringing them in. So that’s what I did, I prepared my team.

I said, “If you’re waiting on something for me just make sure you work ahead to something else that you would be working on last towards closer time to launch. Because likely now closer time to launch you’re going to be working on stuff that I turned in because it’s just possible it’s going to be late.”

And they were so great about it, like, “Yeah.” I had one employee who had an entire day dedicated to needing something from me that I didn’t get to her, and she’s like, “It’s fine. I just switched my days.” She’s like, “I went to my next day and did that day.” If they know it’s going to be there, it’s so much easier for them to manage and plan around.

Okay, so now I had October to get the final pieces done that remained on my task list for the launch. But I was still working less than a few hours a day. I was working three days a week, a couple of hours a day, so around six hours a week. And that was everything I could give, just all of what I had. And it was never – the specific two hours, it was whatever two hours I felt good. Sometimes that was in the morning, sometimes that was at night. I just decided whenever I feel good, I’ll try to get a couple of hours work done.

So this was what was on my task list for that month during those hours. I wanted to do new before and after’s, which are if you’ve ever been a part of one of our 200K launches. The week before we open, we always feature everyday a before of one of our clients, before they come into the live event. And then an after directly after they leave the live event. Because I love to do the live event as if it’s worth the entire $25,000 investment. I want them to feel they don’t need anything else beyond that. I want them to have the experience of having gotten their investment worth.

So those are always really fun to see their dramatic differences. And then we always follow up with what they did afterwards for however many months that we had between when they film the video and when we do the before and after. We see how much money they made and what results they created in that amount of time, whether it’s 90 days, or shorter, or longer.

So I really wanted to do new ones of those. And I wanted to write new sales emails and redo our onboarding emails. And also, I wanted to personally oversee our IG rollout because we have brought someone new on the team for that.

Now, I have done many launches where we have not written new emails. Each launch I reconsider whether I really want to spend time doing new before and after’s each time. Because they take so much time and energy from me and my team to produce them, and then to edit them, and then to choose which ones. Because we always do a whole bunch of people and then I get to choose three or four. And then we have to write the emails for them, and then we have to edit the emails, and then we have to draft them, make sure all the videos are correct.

But every time I get so inspired watching the new batch of before and after’s that I always want to go with new ones. But the sales emails, I re-use those a lot launch to launch. We have so many new people engaging with our launch each time and so much time goes by. And I always love my work with those, and it works. So I didn’t have to do either of them. We could have re-used everything. And I was so sick that this would have been the perfect time not to redo them, honestly.

However, and here’s the distinction I had to make that I think is important for you to consider is, what did I want to do and why? Sometimes we forget to ask ourselves that when we’re telling ourselves we have to, or we can’t. So what did I want to do and why? Especially when I was facing so much fatigue, and physical discomfort, and mental discomfort. I really had to look at the difference between want versus have to because they have completely different energies.

And remember what you want to do when you’re not in your normal state of energy is you don’t want to layer obstacles on top of each other. So you don’t want to layer having physical discomfort and mental discomfort with also putting have to on top of it, and then maybe judgement on top of that, or resistance on top of that. You want to get it down to just dealing with the most basic thing and just having to deal with that.

So when I would get into have to, it would feel like the world was on my shoulders. And the have to had a why behind it like it’s not fresh. We won’t get as many applications in. It won’t be as exciting for me. And that felt off. That felt to me not a good reason to get out of bed and get to work. So what did I want to do and why, and also what do I think I have to do, and why do I think I have to do that always reveals such incredible work for you to do for yourself.

And then to measure that against, is it a good enough reason for me to get out of bed and go to work or to stop grieving and stop being there with my family and get to work? And for me, the want, the why behind that want, it felt so simple when I really uncovered it.

After doing two rounds of virtual, that event in August in Cabo where we all came together was everything to me. It imprinted on my heart. I didn’t realize how much energy was missing from my life, how much I want to be in person with my clients. And I think it impacted everyone that was there in a really positive way, their emotional world for the better. And I wanted that feeling to be seen throughout our marketing materials. It felt really important to me. I wanted that energy to be transferred to the applicants.

And it wasn’t about Cabo. Listen, it was beautiful, but it was also fucking hot in August, and I could not breathe. Literally the water was hot. Thank God I was not pregnant and having morning sickness down there, it would have been awful. It was dreadfully hot. Now, some people were probably fine with it, and I’m usually one of those, I do not care. I will go to Florida in August. I will do all the hot things. I actually usually enjoy heat and really warm weather. I always say it’s the native American in me. We’re just like, “Give me all the sunshine and all the warmth, my skin can take it.”

But it was some days over 100 degrees. So, next Cabo or Hawaii, or any kind of event like that, it’s got to be in January. January has got to be the warm weather locations time. August, not so good. I’m actually used to only being in Cabo when it’s January through March because we go to see the whales. And I just don’t know why but I just assumed it would be 75 and sunny. No, it didn’t. So don’t feel too much FOMO.

But it wasn’t about Cabo, it wasn’t about a luxury resort and vacation. I had them specifically not use any footage that played up where we were. I had them focus on who we were and how we were engaging with each other and the feeling of being together and doing the work we were doing. A few of my students were talking about our January event. And one of my students was super nervous and in my current mastermind, that this will be their first time ever coming.

Because the first three rounds were all virtual and they were afraid of being there, and being alone, and not connecting, and not knowing what to expect. And my client, Jenny, described the event in such a beautiful way. She said, “Let me set the scene. Every hallway you turn down, every meal you have, every elevator you pop in it will be one of us saying hi and having amazing business discussions. It’s impossible not to. We’re going to start with, are you with, are you with 200K? Where are you from? What kind of coach you are?” And then it’s the best 20 minute conversation from there.

And when I thought of that feeling I felt so motivated to capture this in our emails, in our video, in our ads. This magic that we can produce anywhere, it doesn’t matter what location we have, I wanted to show that. I wanted that to be felt through the launch. And had a major content of level in the beginning of 2022 when I wrote Advance Selling, and then this round I really brought those concepts completely to the next level.

So I wanted my email content to reflect our most recent work in the mastermind as well. So I had to be thinking I am choosing this. This is what I want to do. And this is why, kind of side by side with, and I don’t have to do any of it. I don’t have to do any of it. I’m choosing to do this. This is what I want to do, and this is why.

P.S, that is also what got me working, got me through working a full-time job that I hated for a full year until I made 100K as a coach. Or replaced my income enough, it was right around that time where I could afford to invest in my coaching and live off of it as my business was growing.

So there was a full year where that thought also helped me walk in the door of Wal-Mart and sell some mops. Do you see what I’m saying? So I don’t have to do any of it. I don’t have to work this job. I’m choosing this, this is what I want to do, and this is why. And when I made that decision, it was in that energy. I remember messaging my COO and I was asking her, “What’s the latest date that I can get you these emails?” And I’m thinking I have three or four days. And she wrote back, “Well, today. We would need to have them by the end of today.”

So I wrote them, 26 in one day, and it was not exhausting or overwhelming. I just sat in bed with my computer, and I wrote. And I think I have mentioned this on the podcast, maybe, I definitely talked to my students about it. But I just have to say again, don’t use what I’m saying against yourself. I was able to do that because I am so skilled in copywriting, because I have literally written nine million emails over the last five years. So it just doesn’t take my energy to do it anymore.

My students, it might take them all day to write five emails because they’re still thinking of all the copy rules, and how to write really well, and edit. And they’re thinking about what to say. And they’re still trying to pull out their PSPR. And it used to be that way for me too. But it’s more or less now just sitting down and doing it and there’s no drama around the creation of it, or what to say, or if I’m saying it right. I don’t have any of that. So I just got them done.

And I did have a couple of them started already, or a couple, there were some that I actually had written completely, and I just forgot about them. And then some that had the bare bones and some ideas jotted down. So I had some stuff to work with. But I still had to put them all together, finish writing them and put them with the right video content, or photos, and the right testimonials. And then I edited the testimonials I used to make sure they were just the most concise information.

And I usually have my team do that. But for this launch again, going back to want, I had really specific ones in mind. And I wanted to be the person choosing them directly from conversations within our community. The absolute most useful ones that were super clear and gave you really – I always think of, when I choose testimonials, I want something that’s really meaty content. Someone could get value from the testimonial, they see something that you’ve said that was a success for them that they can apply to them. That’s what I mean, I was looking for ones like that.

And I just really felt it was important for me to pull them out for this particular launch. So I did that. And then the last thing, literally right before we opened the doors was our IG and overseeing that. And we had brought someone new on and they had submitted their proposal for the copy and the images, and I was so sick. I just looked at the images and was like, “Looks great.”

I hadn’t looked at the copy. And when I looked at the copy I was, “This doesn’t quite feel like us.” It’s a little more mindset focused, it’s a little more – we do focus on mindset, but I’m really proud. And I pride myself on the fact that we have such an amazing process, and we teach such an amazing strategy, really well thought out, well put together, tested, applied and results gotten strategy that works for every type of coach at every type of income level. And I’m really proud of that.

So I normally, although people always say one of their favorite things about the 200K room is it’s the highest quality thinkers and the highest quality coaching and mindset they have ever been around. But for me I think mindset gets sold so often that I really want to sell my intellectual property of my process. And then let you just be surprised and delighted with how high level the thinking is in the room as well, and how effective the coaching is.

And so I read it literally the week of, I think it was a couple days leading up to our release. And I thought I think this just has to change. And I remember it was seven o’clock at night, this was when I had gotten a little more energy. So I was working a little bit at night. But I was also had maybe an hour in me and then I knew I was going to need to go to bed. So I’m looking, okay, we have an entire IG rollout. I want once copy that reflects our process. And I only have about an hour left in me. And if I don’t get it to my team tomorrow, I’ve got to just go with what we have.

And what’s so interesting when you’re in want energy, your ability to problem solve is just so much higher. And I just had the thought, you know what? Not everyone’s going to read all the emails, and when they do, they usually skim. Why don’t I take the emails that I’ve written, my top favorite six of them. And go through and edit them again and turn them into little IG posts and see how edited I can give the same exact message.

So I would go through, and we highlight in bold what our most important thoughts are for the skimmers. We do it just for you all, for the skimmers so you can get the main idea of the email. And so I would take the bold lines and just take them out, and put them together, and make them a smaller, it’s the same exact message but more condensed and more digestible. It took me one hour and I was done. So that’s the power of just desiring to do something versus telling yourself you should, or you have to.

Okay, so those were the main pieces. That was the main, it was just a couple of things, but it was profound, and it required work every day in many, many moments. Not layering judgement, being willing to cancel things, and let go of your timeline and your financial goals for what is the health and wellbeing of your – what’s the best for you.

Make sure you coach yourself around your money. And be willing to go all the way to if I didn’t make money for three months, what would that look like? If I just took care of myself, if I let myself grieve for a whole month, what would that look like? Going to that place.

I told one of my students. I said, “No business that’s in 200K or Two Million Dollar group can’t sustain not making money for three months straight.” We just don’t have businesses like that. We think we can’t go without making money for three months straight. But I’ve done it so many times that I’m, “No, you totally can.” We do it all the time when we’re focused on other things, when we’re working on our team stuff or building out processes.

Then what do you want to do and why? What do you think you have to do and why do you think that? Such a powerful one. And then I’m choosing this. This is what I want to do, this is why, but I don’t have to do anything, especially if you choose to work. But I could have also laid in bed and said, “I’m choosing to not write new emails. This is what I want to do, and this is why.” And I could have loved that reason as well. Do you see what I’m saying? There’s no wrong way to do it. It’s just being willing to go through these things.

What happened is it just gave me back, the little energy I had I was then able to take that and apply it to the work. And because I was allowing myself to rest so much in the in-between my brain was working at the highest level it’s ever worked. It was just firing so hard because I was letting myself rest when I needed to rest. And then when I was working, I was telling myself, I want to be working.

I hope this was super helpful. I’m going to do a lot more I’m sure about pregnancy in the future. I definitely want to do one about maternity leave. And I just think it’s – I’m sure this is going to be once the baby comes, making money while you have a baby at home. I’m sure there’s going to be all of the podcasts now because it’s going to be top of mind to me.

But I hope that was super helpful. I hope you feel now you can make money if you want and have extraordinary success even when you have less of your normal energy than you expected, or less of your time you expected, or you have something major going on in your life, you find out you’re preggo. You can do all of the things. I’m here for you. I’ve got you. Alright, talk to you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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