Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Mission MillionaireHave you ever wondered why you should even want to make millions? What will your business look like at this level? And what skills would you need to develop along the way?

Last week, I revealed the unbundling of my 200k Mastermind. One of my biggest reasons for this unbundling is so I can help create more millionaires. By making the 200k Mastermind more accessible and getting students to the 200k mark sooner, helping them believe they can be millionaires along the way, I hope to help 100 coaches become millionaires over the next five years.

Whether you’re currently at 10k, 100k, or already making a million dollars in your business, listen in this week. You’ll hear the ways I believe you can have a million-dollar business in my containers, a list of why I believe you should want to be a millionaire, what your business will look like at the million-dollar mark, and the skills you must develop along the way.

The 200K Mastermind is open for enrollment from May 13th to May 15th, 2024. Make sure to mark your calendars for these dates if you want to join.

I’m making some big changes in my Two Million Dollar Group! For all the details and to get on the waitlist, click here.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What my Mission Millionaire entails.
  • How 100k earners typically think about making millions.
  • A list of reasons why you want to make millions.
  • What you might not expect when you start making millions.
  • The emotional capacity that is required at the million-dollar level.
  • Why I always want to grow and reach new income levels.
  • What your business will look like when you’re a millionaire.
  • The skills you must develop along the way. 


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches, welcome to episode 278. I’ve got a pretty good one for you all today. Are you ready? It’s called Mission Millionaire. Are you ready? It’s like we’re going to the moon, except we’re going to millions. That’s what’s happening. I have been thinking of this concept or this idea for weeks, really for months.

I don’t know if you all remember this, I talked about this on the podcast. But ever since I recorded my Two Million Dollar Group content and I got all of my intellectual property, my entire process for making millions out of my brain. And organized into a beautifully recorded step by step process and into our brand new custom member portal for our Two Million Dollar Group students.

I realized that I had recorded the content especially, there is one section where I talk about the six to seven figure transition and the different ways that you think in order to build a million dollar business. That’s very different than building a six figure business or a multiple six figure business, a 200K business. Ever since I did that, I realized I recorded that for really students around the $200,000 to $300,000 level. I started my scale to millions at 325,000. That felt appropriate.

And I’m glad I did, so after I crossed the 100K mark, I knew I wanted to go to millions, my next goal was 500. And increasing my goal to 500 is what helped me get to 325. I shot bigger, I made less, but I still made a lot more than I did the year before by more than double. And then I set a goal at 325 to hit a million. I hit 860,000, but again more than double because of shooting higher and thinking bigger.

And then the next year I decided I’m going to do the same year I did the year before, but I just want to do it better and easier. And I ended up doing 2.5 million. And then we went from 2.5 to 6.4 to 9 to 11. Then last year we did 7. So I’ve been at the seven figure, eight figure level for a minute now, which is so crazy. And I have been thinking a lot, I’m in my biggest group that I have had for the Two Million Dollar Group and they are all so amazing. It’s so incredible to be in a room full of women making hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.

We have a guy in there as well. We will accept men. People have asked me if I’ll ever just do all women, no men. And I don’t know. I don’t think so. I love having women containers, but I also have a son. And I want him to be able to be in containers too. I don’t know. As long as we have men that are down with a woman crying and can handle that in a container, that can have the emotional capacity for that and be present for that and we feel comfortable and it’s a good 95/5 percentage. I feel great about that. So that’s where I’m at with that.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about how it feels to be in those rooms and the conversations we’re having, the contributions that are being made, the shares, the strategies, the mindset, just all of it. It’s been so amazing.

And last week I unveiled that we are unbundling 200K Mastermind. And part of my biggest decision to do that is to create more millionaires. This is my mission millionaire. That’s my idea, my process to help us create more millionaires is to make 200K more accessible and get more students to that 200K mark sooner, get them started sooner. Getting them all the way across the finish line and really deciding that they could potentially be a millionaire.

And I was thinking about, I wanted to kind of do an episode about this. And I think there would be a lot more women wanting to make millions if you had a better idea of what it would be like, honestly, just if you had a clearer picture. I think so many coaches come to me and they’re not interested in making millions, but only because they have a thought error about what it will be like. And so I didn’t spend a ton of time preparing for this episode.

And I think that’s important to say because I have been coaching in this millionaire container for a while now. I just spent eight hours with my Two Million Dollar Group this past Friday and just coaching their faces off and immersed in thinking about my millionaires. And I wanted to do an episode where it’s just the thoughts that come just immediately from the top of my brain, that require no thinking, just like if you were having a conversation with me and you were like, “Why should I want to make millions? What will my business look like? And what skills should I develop along the way?”

It’s off the top of my head, first things that come to mind. And sometimes I think those are really good episodes to listen to are really good thoughts to take. This is actually how I build a lot of my content is the first time around when I’m kind of organizing it all, I will just say, “Okay, what just comes to mind, what’s the easiest?” And then it really just brings so many ideas to the table and really develops this belief that you know what you’re doing, which is really great.

I just think sometimes when you try to organize it up or professional it up, you miss things. But it’s the simple, everyday things that may not seem extraordinary, but are. Those are the things I think you’re going to get on this episode. So I have some notes. I’ll follow along with my notes, but mostly this is just fresh off the top of my head. But before I dive in I just want to say. If you’re listening to this episode and you’re at 10K in revenue, I want you to listen to this episode, store it away in your brain. It will help develop your belief.

If you’re at 100K, you for sure want to listen to this episode. And even if you’re already making a million, there are lots of variations of $1 million businesses. There are lots of ways to have a $1 million business. The things I’m going to offer on this episode are the ways I believe you could have a $1 million business if you are in my container. These are the things I will teach. These are the results I’m seeing for my students.

I can’t guarantee that at all $1 million levels. But I feel very committed and very strongly in saying that it would be highly likely if you were in my containers because this is what people are displaying. And now we’re tracking our data so we’ll be able to one day also release the measurable proof of that.

Okay, so here’s what you need to know. Number one, if you’re at 100K, you want to think about, I was just interviewing one of my students who will be on an episode, I believe after this airs. She’ll be qualifying to go into the Two Million Dollar Group room from the 200K room hopefully for this July class that we’re going to run during our May enrollment.

And we were talking about how at 100K she thought, okay, now maybe I’ll just take a break and be here for a while. And that typically tends to be what 100K earners, what I’ve seen that they do. I talked about this on the data study too. I think it is an intentional thing that 100K earners choose, that should be very unintentional.

Even if you’re like, “I’m going to take some time off to bathe in my success, celebrate myself. I’m going to enjoy my success, track it, feel really proud of it.” That’s all great and don’t stay there. The only reason you would want to stay there is because you think that going where you’re going will be harder. And I want to offer that anything up to 100K and at 100K is probably the hardest money you’ll ever make. So why wouldn’t you want to go for easier money?

Everything gets easier after 100K. Now, it doesn’t mean you won’t experience drama, but if you really were honest and looked back, the drama that you will have at 100K is much easier drama than the drama at 25K. So I’ll give you an example of this.

I’m coaching a student right now in 200K because she has such insane demand that it’s very stressful for her and she feels a little suffocated by it. And so we’re really working on building her capacity to handle 50 consults on her books and her belief that she could stop doing consults and start selling her program directly through email. So those are the big steps we’re working on. So that feels really big and emotionally charged.

However, that doesn’t feel the same as when you have no consults and you are trying to figure out how to get consults on the books. So it doesn’t mean that it won’t be hard. It doesn’t mean that it won’t come with challenges. But if you are really looking back, you’ll see that there are such better problems to solve and you are better equipped to handle them than ever before and it is actually easier.

So I really want to challenge you to grow your belief that as soon as you hit 100K you want to be getting to 200K and then you want to be non-stop, we’re on the express train to millions. And that is what I am on. I am on the express train, the mission to millions for all of my students. I wrote this sentence down that feels really barfi and scary to me and it’s scary to say out loud. And I’m not even at the place when I say it out loud, where I’m holding myself to it in any way.

When I wrote this sentence, I thought, this will require me to think differently and become someone bigger and do something bigger and stretch myself and really come up against my own beliefs. But it feels very important for me. It’s one of those things where you write a sentence down of a goal that you have and you’re like, “This will change me as a human. This will make me better whether I achieve it or not. This will be a worthy goal with my time. This is what I want to do with myself in this one lifetime.”

And so this is my sentence. I will help 100 life coaches in the next five years become millionaires. You will see them come across our live event stage once a year, you will see them come across. You will hear me talk about them. There will be podcast interviews. I will help 100 coaches over the next five years become millionaires. That is my mission millionaire. So here is my brief list, kind of long, I don’t know. This is my brief list of why you want to make millions. Let’s sell you on wanting to make millions.

You want to make millions because you will never be more supported than when you’re at millions. You will never feel more supported. I actually remember, this is a full circle moment. I remember going on a walk where I currently live. We are in a new construction neighborhood and just hundreds and hundreds of acres of it were undeveloped when we moved in. We can still take this path, but I used to take this walk and most of it would be a street but with woods on each side, so it was very beautiful.

And I remember the exact spot I was in when I asked myself, what do I need to feel in order to get to a million? That was the year I was at 860,000. We had just moved in here. And the feeling I needed to have, I think this was right before the beginning of 2019. So it must have been the end of 2018. I said I need to feel supported. And I was just recently sick. My son and I got this horrible cold that was just brutal. Holy smokes. I still have a cough and it’s l almost 30 days later, something crazy. And I still have a cough, actual phlegm in my chest still. It lingers. It doesn’t want to go away, even though I feel mostly better.

And I scheduled to do a 2K for 2K coaching call and I lost my voice. I coughed so hard in the night that I woke up and I literally didn’t have a voice. It was the week I was actually supposed to record the data study podcast. That ended up getting pushed back to the very last minute. I recorded it the day before it released because I had no voice. And my CTO had had a baby, it was the craziest time. Looking back, I’m like, “Whoa.” But I lost my voice so I literally could not speak without pain.

And so I messaged one of my best students, teachers for my 2K for 2K, super reliable Maggie Reyes. And I happen to have her personal phone number and I text her. I said, “Hey, are you available? Could you do the 2K for 2K call today? I don’t have a voice.” I’m not sure if I actually told her I didn’t have a voice, but I didn’t have a voice. And she said yes and then she messaged me after the call was over and she was like, “It’s done, handled, went amazing.” And said something like, “You were supported.”

And I really felt that. What an extraordinary thing that I have the ability to care for myself and be supported. And then at the same time my very small but mighty team was just killing it behind the scenes. Organizing things within our software systems that we use, putting together emails for these announcements that we’ve been making. Just really working hard and getting things done. We have an HR company that works fractionally with us and I was working on projects with them.

And I just was doing so many things and I just genuinely felt so supported. Even though my CTO just had a baby, he’s also managing software developers to help build our custom member portal. And so all of this is happening while I’m sick. What? So you will never be more supported than when you make millions. What will start to happen at that first million and then I believe will increase over time, especially if you’re in my containers is, you will outsource things that don’t increase your value, housework, shopping.

I mean, I use Instacart now literally for everything. My husband and I do not make an errand trip, just we don’t, very rarely. My husband still goes shopping for us because he’s really, really anal about the type of fruit that gets picked out and the meats that get picked out. But he does that once or twice a week, but everything else, my Instacart and my DoorDash is probably out of control at this point.

But if it doesn’t increase my value to the ability that matches our profit level, we outsource all of it because I’m always measuring against this cost versus the value of my time. And as you make millions, that value of your time starts to skyrocket. You can literally divide the amount of hours you work with the amount of profit that you bring into your business. And it will tell you your hourly worth and then you can decide from there, do I want to outsource this or do I want to do this task?

So for example, this is something I don’t even outsource, I used to outsource this to my assistant and now I think my assistants’ time are too valuable. I don’t know, Panera Bread is the worst about giving you the bad avocado and stuff where you would be like, “I can’t eat this salad now, you need to refund me.” We wouldn’t even do that anymore. I’m like, “It’s not worth it.” We both are worth more than $14 an hour. Neither of us are doing that. So you do less things that you don’t like to do anyways. You outsource the things that don’t increase your value as you make more and more money.

The other thing to think about is if you have just $1 million business with proper business budgeting and without overinvesting, you should still after taxes, be bringing home close to $300,000, if not, maybe even more, depending on what you’re investing in and what your expenses are. That’s a very loose number, so no one freak out about it. But I do think it’s worth thinking about what would it be like if I were bringing in 300K of revenue. I have 300K to spend on my business, this is again, it’s very rough.

But maybe you’re spending, it’s a third, a third, and a third. A third on expenses, a third in taxes, you take home a third. Again it could be you take home a fourth depending on certain things but think about that. What would it be like to have that kind of money coming into your family? What would change about your lifestyle? There’s definitely a lifestyle upgrade that happens, I felt it at 826,000. I really felt it at 2.5 million. At 860,000, that year, the next March, my husband left his job.

We started thinking about the value of his time as well and the value of him being able to travel with me and our overall happiness and wanting to have a family and we brought his butt home. I also think this is something that people don’t think about. A lot of you are scared to become more visible and you associate millions with greater visibility. You’re actually not that visible at a million, in between one and five you’re not as visible as you think you are. And the more visibility you do have, makes it easier to sell. You just have more people with more eyeballs. It is actually easier.

The other thing that I think you maybe don’t know is you feel more at home with yourself. I’ve helped eight people, I think now, cross the $1 million mark and into multiple millions. And every time what I’ve witnessed is them being more at home with themselves, feeling more confident in themselves and feeling like they’re hitting their stride. You can see it in their photoshoots they do, in their intellectual property they create, in their confidence that they come with coaching. They’re just a lot happier and from that having a lot more confidence. I actually think that comes much earlier.

I see it happen anywhere from 500K to 700K, there’s a big shift. You will also have helped more people and it will feel amazing to have helped those people. In fact, you will start to have helped so many people that those people will be in your mind every time you think about going out and selling your offer. And instead of the thought, no one wants my offer or I don’t have any people in my audience, you will be backed with all of those people in your mind and I’ve got to go get more of these people.

Your baseline money, the money that you are skilled at making, the baseline of that will be higher. So let me give you an example. There’s a number at any given moment, once you start making money that you’re like, “No matter what, if everything was taken away from me, I could make this amount of money.”

At a million, I bet that amount is somewhere around the 100K where you’re like, “If my podcast was taken away and my email list and my social platform, I was shadow banned. I still believe I can make x amount of money. If all of my work was deleted tomorrow, I could go out and create this much money.” At a million I bet that number is around 100K. I remember when my CFO asked me this. He was like, “How much do you think you could make if everything disappeared this month, in the next 30 days?” And I said 40K.

So my baseline was around $500,000 a year. I think I might have been making 2.5 or 6.4 at the time, but it increases. Now I’m like, “I could make $1 million without even trying.” That’s my baseline, probably two or three actually, without trying very hard. That’s a great feeling. It’s a great feeling to have an increased baseline of how much money you think you could make with everything being gone and just your personal skills that you possess inside of you.

I also think this is an opportunity when you start making millions, you start building money reserves that you may not have been able to build up until then. I think this is an important conversation to have because no one was having it with me. And I had a lot of shame around how much money I had invested in my business and how much my profit actually was for my first 150K and even 325K. I am an aggressive investor. I don’t think this means you have to do that. But for certain I want to always invest in the highest possible thing. So I invested aggressively.

I was single, I had a really low standard of living. I literally lived in an apartment that was very run down and $600 a month in rent beyond $300,000 a year. We didn’t move into my home until the year I made 860,000 because I wanted to be able to just keep investing money in my business and so I didn’t have a ton of reserves.

And I remember when I joined Million Dollar Mentoring and we were supposed to have at least 10K for every 100K you were making in reserves. And I had no money in reserves. And I remember the first time I made an offer and I used all that money to put into my reserves and I had $60,000 in my reserves. And it felt so amazing to have that money in my business reserve. I think it’s normal if you don’t have reserves early on the first couple of 100K, but you want to start building towards them.

I was just teaching my Two Million Dollar Group some money coaching that I had for them, some different things to look for. And one of the things I told them is, if they’ve come into the room and they’re learning about reserves for the first time ever or they just haven’t had reserves. That’s what I did and what I recommend that you do is you start thinking about how much money in reserves you want. You could use that measurement if you want of mine, 10K for every 100K you’re making. And you just start building towards that monthly.

So if you should have 10K in your reserves now, but you have none, see if you can add $1,000 a month. Give yourself a full six months or a year to build up that reserve. I remember when my CFO gave me that advice. That’s not my advice, he gave that to me. And it was really helpful to give myself time. And then what ended up happening is I used my reserves, I think to buy my house, my tax money or my reserves. I don’t remember at this point. But I used it to make the down payment and so I had a deficit and I wanted to make up for that before my next mastermind meeting.

So I offered people who paid in full ahead of time that they would get a two day in person VIP day. And I had so much fun at my two day in person VIP day and I created my reserves. So you will start creating reserves and having reserves, which feels really great. It gives you a lot more options and choices in your business. I see this happen a lot where if you have no reserves, if they launch and then they don’t hit their launch goals and they’ll kind of try to punish themselves by having to launch more. And they’re like, “I’ve got to make up for a launch.”

And sometimes you have to make up for the launch. It doesn’t always have to feel like punishment. But this is what I see and I see that happen less and less when I’m talking to my Two Million Dollar Group students. When they have reserves they’re not thinking about having to make the money up as much as how can I just improve and what went wrong and how do I fix that. And then believing they’re going to fix that for the next time. That could be a whole sermon. My goodness. That could be a whole separate episode.

You will also have more time. I think people misunderstand this. They think as millionaires, you will have less time. Here’s what I will tell you, if you’ve ever done a podcast interview with me, if you’ve ever been on a live call with me. Every once in a while, I will say, “I have something after this.” It’s very rare. Most always what you will see is me saying, I just said this on 200K last week, “Hey, do you have extra time? I do.” I’m happy to still coach the people with their hands up and I stay on and I’ll coach them.

I will ask people on a podcast interview if we have tech issues getting started, I’m like, “Do you have something after the hour? I don’t.” I’m always the calmest person in the room with the most time. And that has been that way for quite a while. I do think that’s something that happens at millions. You are less busy, there’s less busyness happening with you. You’re also more coachable typically.

This has been something that I have found is people are just quicker to take the coaching. They believe in coaching. You just believe in it so much deeper that you’re not having to coach yourself into getting on board. You’re just like, “This is the thought I need to think, okay, I’ll go work on it. Or this is the strategy I need to do. It’s uncomfortable, but I’ll be able to talk myself into it.” There’s just a lot more ease and a lot less drama. It’s also a lot less hustle.

So just in general, when I’m coaching on a Two Million Dollar Group call, it’s a different environment than anything else I coach because of how much calmer people are, how much less hustle there is, how much less drama there is, how much more coachable everyone is. Even when someone’s struggling, we see it and it’s just such a different experience and everyone is jumping in to help because we know it’s typically less surface level stuff and deeper stuff.

And because we now are coaching on less surface level stuff and more deep stuff, there’s a deeper sense of safety that gets developed at the millionaire stage. There’s also a greater emotional capacity. There’s actually a whole section in the Two Million Dollar Group process called the emotional capacities, and there are eight. And we really talk about all the different types of emotional capacities that are required at the $1 million level. Holding space, the capacity to be visible, the capacity to make mistakes. There are so many different ones that you grow.

And in general, what I see in the room is people are stronger emotionally because of all of the fails they’ve had, all the resilience they’ve created and everything they’ve learned. They’re wiser and stronger emotionally and can handle more. I think for me it is always one of the reasons I want to grow and reach new income levels, regardless of any other reason. I have found I love who I am more at every single level in my business, including this one.

I was just telling my husband how at home I feel in my body, how proud I am of myself. I was just talking to my photographer. And I’m going to do a whole separate podcast on this, but just how present I am as a mom and the things I think to do for my son. And the childhood that I am very intentionally curating for him all feels like a result of me having the emotional capacity to be a CEO and not need to check out at home. Not being so mentally and emotionally exhausted that as soon as I’m out of work, I have to check out. I’m very present with my family as well.

And I’m very tapped in and aware of all of my priorities and making decisions from that place. I also know that you start feeling in your body, what it feels like to make a bigger impact. Every single day your body starts being fueled with your work and you’re compelled, you’re full of purpose. And you have more energy because you’re seeing that impact more tangibly by more and more people every day.

You in general are in rooms with higher level conversations and higher level thinking all the time. It’s so exciting. If you’ve read a book and the book blew your mind, books don’t blow my mind anymore. There’s no personal development book I can read that truly blows my mind. There are some that I really like. Typically now it tends to be memoirs from really successful CEOs. But there’s not a lot of personal development ones that blow my mind.

But the conversations I’m having, do, the conversations and the things I’m learning with the people I’m speaking with. That is really blowing my mind and engages me so deeply. When you get to millions you’ll also finally have the circumstances with enough people in your business and the energy and the space to really flesh out your own business values. We talk about that a lot in Two Million Dollar Group and it’s not something I would typically advertise as something I’m going to teach you. But it really is something I’m always going in and fostering as I’ll teach them, this is how I think about it.

But I want you to consider, what are your business values? In the beginning you might be borrowing them from things you’ve heard me say or things you’ve heard other coaches say. But you’ll really start to be at a level where you start thinking of that for yourself. For me, what’s my decision and why? What matters the most to me? What are my values? And you will always have this to some degree throughout your business.

But I have just seen people, the need to hone them becomes more and more clear as you start dealing with employees and more and more clients and visibility. And your concepts going out into the world and people interacting with them. Again, this is a part of visibility that people don’t think about. It’s harder to develop your values and have them tested and to make sure they are your values and you want to live by them if you aren’t having them out there tested.

You can have theories all day long, but it’s different to say, “I live by this every day. And this is how I filter all of my decisions is through this set of CEO values.” I also think your money gets to start making a difference. That’s really fun. It could be a small difference, helping a family member out, buying them something special.

My husband and I love to book a car service every time his parents go to Vegas. They would never spend that kind of money. And they always go right around their anniversary time. So we’ve done different things each time. We’ve booked car services for them almost every time, but we’ve sent them to stay at a strip view at the Bellagio. They love the Bellagio, a strip view at the Bellagio. Treated them to massages at the Wynn. We’ve done some really cool things.

I bought my mom her first Louis Vuitton purse. My husband and I surprised her one year. She was in a car wreck and totaled her car and she was so stressed about buying a new car. And the day she went in to make her downpayment I was able to call ahead of time and wire money. And I paid for her entire downpayment for her car. And they caught it on camera. It was so fun, but they were able to say, “Your money is not good here. Your daughter has already taken care of it.” She was paying, I think half down so that she had a less monthly payment. So to be able to do that for her was really amazing.

And so I think you can do little things at every level. We have a bunch of different organizations that we donate money to that I feel really strongly about. And we donate money every single month and we don’t even think about it anymore and we’re just supporting those people. I have made big, large donations to companies that I really want to help and that’s fun. So at every level after the millions, you just get more and more profit.

And whatever way you want to make a difference, whether it’s in your spouse’s life, whether it’s in your children’s life, whether it’s in your extended family’s life, your community’s life, your overall values in the world and you want to contribute to those. All kinds of things, your money can start making a difference outside of your coaching business, which is super fun.

You can also start making life changing purchases. In the beginning you’re investing so much of your money, it’s not as much fun money left over. But after the millions you really start running into this opportunity to have fun life changing money purchases, some of those have been trips for my family.

But I remember one of the first big ones that I made, I was getting married and my stylist got me an appointment with this earring company that does real earrings. I don’t even know what the actual term is, but they’re real diamonds and you can rent them. The company’s called Verstolo. And we were there and I loved this pair of earrings and they were like, “We could also custom make them for you.” And I asked how much they were and they were $25,000.

And she was selling me on, you could also wear these every year on your anniversary and then one day you could pass them down to a daughter or a daughter-in-law or someone in your family. And I got so emotional because my family didn’t come from money. We never had money. My family multi generations ago were very, very poor, below the poverty line poor. The generation that is my siblings, we are the first ones really to go to college and to create upper middle class living. I mean now I’m way beyond even that but the first generation was me and my siblings.

So there are no heirlooms, there are no things that are passed down other than maybe hand woven blankets. There isn’t anything worth extraordinary amounts of money or that you would be like, “Oh my gosh, these earrings were passed down.” And so I bought these earrings so that one day if Jackson gets married or I have a little girl, I will be able to pass them down. And it will be the first family real heirloom in all the generations, the very first one. So that’s really exciting.

And also the thing that I think that you all don’t know is money compounds and it can become generational very, very quickly. We are at the point now where we are starting to see generational money. Meaning every generation after us will be changed because of the life they will be introduced to because of the money we created in this lifetime. And that money has also allowed us to pay off things quickly, like our home. We’re debt free, and that feels really, really amazing.

I remember one time, this was actually way before I made a million, but it was the year I made 325,000. I made such a substantial amount of money all at once and I was able to pay off all my credit card debt with one click and that was so mind blowing. So those are some things that maybe you aren’t considering that I hope will help anchor in this desire to become a millionaire.

The other thing I think that could be worth noting is what your business will really look like. So you won’t be selling on consults anymore. Again, this is if you come into my containers, these are what I feel strongly I can control. You won’t be selling on consults anymore. I will teach you how to sell through other avenues. You can and will have payments coming in for your program as you eat, sleep, and play.

Now, this can be at different levels of millions because I have students who have made millions without even having to create a funnel which feels like a big step for them so they’re making millions without it. But you will be able to have money coming in that isn’t just, I have to get on a consult to sell it. And the first time you do have that evergreen funnel payment come in for a program where the onboarding is set up and everything’s set up and you just see a payment notification. That’s going to be an amazing day for you.

You will also likely have an operations person or an integrator or an OBM, whatever you want to call them, just helping you do the techy stuff. Again, less stuff that you don’t want to do, being done by you. You will also know who you are in this industry. So you’ll be delivering your own IP different than anybody else is delivering, your own tools, your own ideas. At this point you will have challenged yourself enough. You will have become a thought leader.

You will have worked with enough people that you’re in your niche, in your offer that your own intellectual property will emerge which is so fun. That’s when it gets the most fun. You will also be able to take breaks from your business. I remember getting coaching on being able to take a month off my business to go on a road trip with my husband and my dog and I did it. All I wanted was to be able to do that and make a million and I did that and made 2.5. What?

Your clients will be getting better, faster results in your business. This is something I actually break down how to get them better, faster results in the Two Million Dollar Group process. But for me that’s the only way, it’s a win. I really, deeply believe we never want to create a situation where our clients are getting less of us as in, they’re not on one-on-one calls with us anymore. But we never want it to be that they’re actually getting less results.

So in order for a coach to make millions and feel good about it, their clients have to be getting better, faster results as they make more money. I believe that’s true for almost every coach I’ve ever met. I don’t know people who don’t care about their client results. So I spend a lot of time teaching that at the millionaire level.

I also think it’s a really exciting moment when your work starts to take hold within your community and other communities, when word of mouth starts spreading about your brand. I remember one coaching event I went to at my coaching school and it was like 2K for 2K was being whispered through the room. And my coach had asked on stage, “What’s an example of a thought leader?” And someone yelled my name. And then someone was like, “What’s an example of a business you really look up to?” And then somebody yelled my name.

It was like 2K for 2K and many of you, I ended up getting an opportunity to sell 2K for 2K from stage from that event. And so many of you were like, “I was in the crowd that day. I experienced and felt the wave of 2K for 2K coming through that room.” And then it was all the rooms, people were sending me screenshots of comments in other people’s Facebook groups like, “Are you in 2K for 2K?” It took hold and just spread like wildfire. I think that was my $2.5 million year as well. It might have been my 6.4 million, I can’t remember.

But I also remember the $6.4 million year. I also remember coming to a coaching event and I had lost a ton of weight and made a ton of money and just was feeling so great about myself. And my coach was like, “Stand up on stage. Everyone needs to see how hot and rich you are.” It was the best, most fun experience ever and I want you all to have that.

I want you all to get to the point where you start getting asked to speak on stage, you start getting asked to speak in other people’s communities. You start headlining virtual events, your brands, your business, your tools, your programs are passing word of mouth like crazy. And it starts to feel like marketing is taking on a life of its own.

And then on your daily day-to-day time in your business, you’ll be spending more time copywriting, content creating and live selling than anything else. This may not seem exciting to you now, but I promise when you get to the $1 million level this can be a lot of fun. It can be a time where you really start to develop your intellectual property, your thought leadership, your selling style, your branding, the values of your business. All of this, your philosophy, your process, it all comes out during this portion of the copywriting, the content creating, the live selling, that’s where it all emerges.

You’ll also be planning further ahead and working further ahead. This constant hustle to make money is a six figure thing. You have to stop doing that in order to get to seven figures, everything has to slow down. You have to think further ahead and smarter with every decision you make in order to get to millions. So once you’re there, you are slowed down. You have worked further ahead. You are not in a hurry. You have more time. You are less busy.

So the skills you want to develop on your way, if you are at 100K or approaching it and you know this is where you want to go. Here are the things I would say between 100K and 500K that you just want to be thinking about, especially in the 100K, 200K, 300K range. This is really the results you want to be working towards. You want to learn how to sell out your groups. So if you say, “I want to sign 10 people in my group.” You learn to do that every single time. You sell the 10 you say you will.

Then you get to 20 and you sell the 20 you say you will. Just selling out, learning how to set a goal and achieve that goal in launching and selling out groups. That’s a skill you want to develop. You want to develop the skill of getting off consults and selling through webinars, challenges, selling with copy. You want to get out of being on the phone one-on-one. It just sucks your time.

And you want to really start thinking about how do I deliver the same, what I’m giving one-on-one, how do I send and deliver that one-on-one message in a group setting to make sure everybody hears it at the same time. Developing original intellectual property, that’s what you’ll want to start working on around 100K, 200K. It’s so great to use other people’s stuff up until 100K, especially if you’re just working with one-on-one clients, even up to 200K or 300K if you’re working with one-on-one clients.

But once you get to groups, once you start getting out and getting more visible, you want your original work to shine. And then you want to get really good at nurturing between sales cycles. That’s the biggest one. We spend so much time in 200K and even Two Million Dollar Group coaching on is, failed launches typically happen because nurturing wasn’t in place in between sales cycles, in between launches.

You also want to work on getting out of hustle and growing your emotional capacity to experience demand. You want to be able to believe in your demand so deeply that you don’t have to hustle to scoop it up, that you can make good decisions and believe it will wait for you as you follow your plan and really coach your clients and create a business that isn’t hustly.

And then you want to learn how to troubleshoot your launches and your results and develop the belief that I know exactly what to do when things go wrong and I know exactly how to fix them. So those are the skills you want to develop on your way to a million and I’ve given you a really good argument to want to make a million. I hope you’ll join me on my mission for millionaires. Let’s go.

If you are in that place where you qualify, in order to join Two Million Dollar Group, you want to have made at least 200K in all group, all that $200,000 in the last 12 months was all group, no one-on-one, or 300K in group and a combined one-on-one. I really encourage you to apply if you’re at that place. And if you’re not, come develop these skills in the 200K Mastermind. You can join the wait list at either or And we open May 13th, 14th and 15th for both groups. I would love to see you there.

Alright, have a beautiful week. Take care.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first 2,000 the hardest part and then 200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk free, you either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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