Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | UnbundlingFor five years and 11 rounds, the 200k Mastermind has been a simple bundled offer where I packaged all of my intellectual property and live events into one offer. However, the 200k Mastermind is unbundling, and I’m here this week to tell you why and what this means for you.

Changes are coming to the 200k Mastermind, but this was far from a simple decision. I’ve spent two years considering all the factors that played into making this shift, but after close to $25 million in revenue and hundreds of students just from this one offer, this is the perfect time to make a change and I want to deeply explain my thought process and personal reasons behind it. 

Join me this week as I walk you through my motives behind unbundling the 200k Mastermind and why this is the best news for you. You’ll learn what to expect from the 200k Mastermind moving forward, the difference between a simple bundled offer and an unbundled offer, and the skills required of you to unbundle your offer. 

The 200K Mastermind is open for enrollment from May 13th 2024 to May 15th 2024. Make sure to mark your calendars for these dates if you want to join.

I’m making some big changes in my Two Million Dollar Group! For all the details and to get on the waitlist, click here.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What a simple bundled offer is.
  • Why the 200k Mastermind is unbundling.
  • What unbundling the 200k Mastermind means and what it doesn’t mean.
  • The difference between a simple bundled offer and an unbundled offer.
  • My thought process behind unbundling the 200k Mastermind.
  • What unbundling the 200k Mastermind means for you.
  • How I’m able to drive down the price of the main 200k Mastermind offer.


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hello coaches, welcome to episode 277. Today I have a huge special announcement. There’s a series of announcements on the podcast, this is the second one. And so I’m so excited to talk to you all today. Firstly, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of you who have reached out and shared kind words and shared to me how the data study has impacted you and your belief in this industry, in yourself. How proud you are to have been in our containers and worked with us.

All of you that have shared out the podcast and the news, I just feel grateful. I feel like we spent a week crying together. I received so many messages that people were listening to the podcast on planes and on walks and on the treadmill and having to stop because tears were streaming down their faces. And so many messages again, that we cried along with each other, and it was a really special week.

I don’t know about you, but I just think it really deeply connected all of us back to our purpose and what we’re here for. This has always felt like a celebration for my business specifically, but so much bigger than that. And I really recognize, I think the impact it will make in the coaching industry. And I’m just glad that you all recognized that and it was met with the intention I had.

And you all really did feel that connection and that purpose and excitement to do what we are here to do and the drive to go out and help more people because you know this now. So it was a really special week. Thank you all so much. I just feel very excited for what’s to come. So I’m just going to dive right in. Are you ready?

200K Mastermind is unbundling. I’m going to tell you what that means. I’m going to tell you why I’m unbundling. I’m going to tell you the difference between a simple bundled offer and an unbundled offer. And I’m going to tell you what an unbundled offer requires. And at the end, I’m going to tell you why you probably shouldn’t do this. But I’m going to give you a really good argument for a very well thought out explanation of the skills that it requires and that I’m just now venturing into after $37 million of sales and I think close to 25 million just with this one offer.

So I’m going to give you a very good argument. I never want to seem hypocritical or for people to misunderstand my reasoning. And so I really want to give you all a very clear lens into my brain around this decision and help you understand everything that went into it. It doesn’t feel like it was just a simple decision after one conversation or it was a decision that we made with one result in mind. It’s really been an 18 month to two year decision that has sort of unfolded.

It’s almost like there were so many different moving parts and all roads ended up leading to this decision organically. And also with me really coaching my brain and myself and being really deeply in my business, in the customer facing side, in the business facing side, so operationally. And so, so many factors have played into this.

And I think it’s important for me as your business coach and as your mentor in business that I don’t just roll things out, but that I also deeply explain all of the thoughts and reasonings behind. Not just the personal strategy, but the personal mindset as well. And all the factors that come into play so that you can deeply understand my decision-making, how it plays into what I teach, the coaching I might offer you if you were asking me about it. I want to give you all of it in this episode.

Okay, so what is the 200K Mastermind unbundling? So let me first just tell you what a simple bundled offer is and what it has been and then what it will be. So I’ve always taught the simple offer. If you’ve ever heard anyone that is in my containers or my podcast on the simple offer. I teach the idea of, as you grow, whether it’s to sign your first 2K, make your first 200K or your first two million, you want to have one thing you sell. As you make more money, you might have two things you sell, especially if you’re at 200K and you’re going into two million.

I’ve had people scale with one offer to millions. But you might have two at that point, but let’s just assume it’s one. And then everything someone would get from you, all the value they would receive from you is bundled into that one offer. So if you offer Voxer coaching and one-on-one coaching and then they also get a group call with all of your one-on-one clients together and there’s a group coaching come on.

Whatever it is, it’s just one simple offer offering a simple result. That you will feel better, that you will have less stress, that you will lose weight, that you will make money in your business, that you will repair your marriage, that you will repair your relationship with your children. There’s some simple result that they get from your simple offer. And then the process to get the results is also simple. And the word simple is in front of all of it to just keep reinforcing this idea that the more simple things are, the more money you will make.

And the reasoning behind it, there’s so many things to it. I’ll dive into it in just a second, for why you should do it. But it really just makes your business simpler. It makes your self-coaching more simple. It makes it easier to focus, everything that you want to achieve and funnel it through this one offer. It makes all your content easier, your marketing because you’re always thinking about this one thing.

So for me, the simple offer for 200K was, I teach you how to make $200,000 using advanced selling principles. And the way I deliver it and the other part of the simple offer is that you can explain it simply. So I’m about to do that, but just for you to hear in your brain. So I help you make $200,000 using advanced selling principles.

The 200K Mastermind is $25,000 and what you get is a guided curriculum inside of our learning system or our member portal that has the entire 200K process. Every live event we’ve ever done, every past mastermind call we’ve ever done, and our bonus courses, launches, webinars, creating big things. You also get six months of live group coaching and masterminding with a curated group of peers at your income level. You get a three day live event where we teach advanced selling concepts on stage and you get to interact with your peers and get coaching live.

Then we go together for six months and coach. And you also get one-on-one coaching to support you personally and individually as you go through the process and as you go out to implement in the world. You also get that coaching in the group container, but weekly personalized coaching. Allows you to take all of the things you might not take to the group into a one-on-one call that feels deeply personal or needs extra attention and love. And all of that is $25,000. You get all of those value components together. That is a simple bundled offer. So all the value components are together.

An unbundled offer is when you flesh out the value components of your offer and you sell those value components separately. Allowing your students or your clients to purchase at their desired participation level, and they’re allowed to opt-in to the things that feel the most useful for them, but they don’t have to opt-in to everything.

So how I have sold 200K Mastermind for the last 11 rounds or five years has been the only option to work with me is to buy the simple bundled offer at 25K and you get everything. It’s the only way I’ve ever sold it. It’s the only way I have ever delivered it. It has been extraordinarily valuable. If you look at the data study results. It has been something I have loved delivering for so long. I had to do a lot of almost grieving and mourning to even change the offer even remotely because I’ve loved it so deeply.

But prior to this, let’s say you couldn’t come to the live event. Let’s say you had a conflict, you were going to be at a family reunion and you couldn’t come to the live event even though you could still participate. We used to have rules against that. It used to be early on, you had to come live and you had to be able to attend or you couldn’t join the mastermind. Demand was really, really high and I only wanted to work with the people and choose the people that could just come and do all of it all at the same time.

And then COVID hit and nobody could come in person. So we had to start offering virtual. And then once we started offering virtual, we just never went back. And we never needed to go back. It never felt like we needed to get back to this. It never felt like we were a well-oiled machine and we were working. And we were like, “Let’s just open it up and allow people to participate if they wanted to participate virtually.”

However, what I heard so many times is, either returning students or new students would comment. They would say, “I have this family reunion. It’s the dates of the live event. So I’m going to sit out a round. Because even though I could still participate, I don’t want to pay for something and then be missing it.” And I always used to try to coach people on that and then just the demand was so high I had to let that kind of go.

But it really did stick with me in the back of my mind of someone is not getting help for six months out of a year of their business which is an extraordinary amount of time in the business world. Because they just can’t attend this three day thing. And I did understand from the consumer standpoint why they might feel that way and make their decision that way. So that’s just the example of a simple bundled offer.

I’ll talk about more how the unbundled offer is going to impact that. But at the time when it was the simple bundled offer, that was what was happening is I can’t participate in one of these components. That makes me sad. I feel like I’m missing out, so I’m just not going to do it. Or at one point it was, if you couldn’t do all of the components then you just couldn’t join. So it really does add a filter. I think in the beginning of your business it’s a great filter.

For me it had me in the beginning when I was creating all of my intellectual property and all of the value that lives inside the mastermind now and the entire process. It had me creating the process around the people who were using all of the value components. And it had me create the process around the most bought in students, the most all in students who were using it at the highest level. And I would always coach you all to do that.

I was just in a Two Million Dollar Group coaching session and I was coaching a client on a group that she had run. And then there were a couple of people out of the entire group who kind of ghosted and weren’t participating. And she started making all of her decisions about her mastermind off of these few people who had kind of ghosted. And she didn’t even know if they weren’t getting results or not. She just didn’t think they were very active.

So first I gave her coaching to check-in, find out if they are actually just not high engagers. That’s a thing. I’m not always a really big active engager. But I’m a watcher and I might be just out implementing like crazy instead of participating like crazy, but it doesn’t mean I’m not getting value. So I was coaching her on that.

But I was telling her, “You’ve got to create all of your content. All of the thinking has to be aimed at those people who are really actively engaged and are participating and are giving you feedback and are coming. They’re implementing and then they’re coming back for coaching. Those are the people.”

So I do feel like for a long time in the last 11 rounds, the last five years, this 200K Mastermind being bundled together. And having these filters and these things in place that had me only working with the people who could participate in all of the things and were all in and were highly committed. It really did help me create my intellectual property and aim my program at the people who are the best fits, who are going to get the highest returns.

And again, I just think you can see that in the results of the dataset, the average student performing so high, 48% return in their first round going, I think it was 166 on the third round, 124% I think was the second round. And then 316% on the sixth round. So we see that even the average student, how well they were performing in that environment. But now my intellectual property is set.

Now I have had hundreds of people go through it and test it and I’ve been able to update the teachings and the trainings over the years. And I really know that after five years and 650 students, that this program is ready to open up. It’s ready to restructure. It’s ready for, really to bring in a whole new group of people. I think this will bring in an entirely new set of customers and clientele.

I think that there have been people who have wanted to be in this room but would never consider being in this room for a couple of reasons, maybe the time commitment and the travel commitment. So many people have told me, “One day when I’m available to travel, I’ll join 200K.” So I’ve seen that as an obstacle. Or they might say, it could be the financial commitment. There could be many reasons that I think might have excluded people in the past.

This unbundling is really going to open it up too. And that makes me really excited because if there’s anything that’s opening it up to these new people, if there’s anything that changes, everybody values from it. If we learn anything about new people coming in that wouldn’t have opted in before, new value becomes created. I always tell my students, “The more people that come in, the more tested your process becomes. And then the more you then take what you’ve learned and apply it, then the more doable, accessible and repeatable your process becomes.”

So I’m really excited about this. So here’s what the unbundling will be. 200K Mastermind will now individually sell all of the value components separately. What this will look like, the main offer will be the mastermind itself. I believe that is the most important. That is the main component of it. The most important thing is having leadership, coaching, mentorship, peer, strategy and help. Having all of that over a six month period is vital in your business.

I think everyone should have it always, whether it’s with me or someone else. I would never not be in a business container that is challenging my brain and not only my strategy, but my belief systems. I would never not be doing that on a regular basis for my business. It is so huge in compounding returns. So I do believe that is the main offer. That will be the main offer is joining the mastermind. You’ll get guided curriculum by me, guided through how to use the member portal from the moment you sign up until we meet live.

So that’s the first component of the main offer is the guided curriculum. I will guide you on video through each part of the 200K process. So that way you have consumed all of the process, you have integrated the language we use, you understand the concepts you’ve already started implementing in your business. That way when we come together live and we start coaching as a group and really mentoring on the process, you’ll be really up to speed and ready to go with the new people and the returning students.

And then we will live coach for six months together. And there is also peer coaching within the mastermind as well. So you can set up peer calls with each other and coach. So that will be the main offer. Then you will be able to separately decide if you want to add on a la carte, one-on-one coaching as well.

If you would like to have a coach who I have personally trained, who has gone through all of the content of the member portal, the live events, the past calls, the process. They have immersed themselves in the 200K process. They have come on training calls with me and we have taken scenarios. I have taught them how I coach and how I mentor. And then they’re also utilizing their own skills of holding space and pointing out limiting thought processes or places where you’re at a sticking point in moving forward.

They’re able to bring their own gifts of processing emotions and being able to feel emotions and use them to make better decisions in your business. They’re able to take all of their unique certified skills from The Life Coach School and use those to personally coach you if you would like that extra layer of support. You’ll be able to add that on, a la carte.

And I’m going to have our one-on-one coaches on the podcast to really talk about the value that they bring and what it’s like to have that one-on-one support. But I will tell you, all of my students absolutely love this feature. It has them doing work they would normally avoid in business containers because when you’re coming to the group coaching. We do a lot of emotional processing and deep coaching on the group calls, but a lot of people want that strategy and they’re very business focused.

And so it’s so great to be able to say, “Okay, I wouldn’t normally spend 30 minutes processing this change I’m making in my business or this success that I’ve recently accumulated or this disappointment I’ve experienced. But because I have someone who is immersed in the work I’m doing and in the container and then also here to hold space for me to do that. And on a regular scheduled call, I’m going to partake now.”

So it just has coaches doing a lot of the work they might not normally do or they’re having to go out and hire because they just love one-on-one coaching as I do for a much, much higher price. So you’ll now be able to add that a la carte. And then you’ll also be able to add the live event a la carte, which is really incredible.

So that if you were like, “I can’t come this time and I can’t make these dates. I’m going to be at that family reunion or I’m having surgery or I’m having a baby”, and you can’t come. Then you just don’t opt into that part of it and you can still come mastermind. And you will be in a container of other people who are just doing the mastermind. And it’s not this thing where you’ve now missed out on something or you are behind in something.

The other big difference that is changing is, I’m now also going to do that live event just once a year. Since it will no longer be attached to the mastermind and a requirement to join, what I thought could be really fun is to have an event that you can just opt into. And we’re going to come on stage and teach advanced selling concepts, advanced delivering concepts, advanced marketing concepts.

And really what I do at every live event is I just take the hundreds of people that have come through my 200K room, my Two Million Dollar Group room, all of my advanced rooms. And I think about what are the things we’re coaching on the most? What are the new things that are popping up? What am I coaching on in my mastermind containers? What are the conversations I’m having in the industry that feel the most relevant for right now? And I package all of that together into a live event. And then it’s also so great to just be in person and in community.

I know not everyone values that at the same level, but for me to be in person, in community with other life coaches at least once a year is hugely important for my mental health, my emotional health, connecting me to my purpose in this industry. It just feels really important to me to have that, to come together and remind myself what an amazing thing I’m here doing and how much I love coaching. And some of my best content always comes out of being live with my clients or being at live events that I attend. And so I want to keep offering that.

And I want to keep awarding students who make 200K and who make a million and who make two million. We want to keep honoring our students as well and giving them awards and celebrating them. And so I feel once a year is a really great time, especially for my international students to come over and make that investment. I think it’s a lot more sustainable and I think it will have a huge impact. I actually think it’s going to have a bigger impact because it’s only once a year.

And I want to offer that I announced this to my students on stage this past round, my 200K and Two Million Dollar Group students. in the room because I wanted them to soak up. I was like, “You all showed up and signed up for the very last container that will ever be just as it is. And you’re here live with me or virtual with me and you’re in this container.” And I wanted them to just soak up every ounce of it. And just take every possible second out of it that they could and really just celebrate them and reward them for being there at that last one that will be exactly like that.

And I think a lot of people expected me, when I made that announcement, they expected this offer to mean that the main component of the mastermind would then be 25K. And then the one-on-one coaching and the live event would then be an extra cost on top of that. And I want to just walk you all through my decision here. So I have decided not to do that. I have decided to take the 25K price point and really divide that up between the value components. And that overall investment will actually now be a little less because there’s only one live event.

If you were to join 200K and do an entire year with us in the main coaching mastermind. If you were to add one-on-one coaching and come to the live event once a year the investment will actually be less than it has before. I received coaching and a lot of typically what you will see in the industry and what I might even coach you to do would be if you were to say, “I’m no longer going to offer a live event, but I’ve been offering the live event.”

I would typically coach my clients not to reduce their prices and to keep that price the same and then just do the live event if they choose for different reasons. And I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty here. But there are people who are growing their authority in the industry. You’re growing your revenue, especially if you have new demand and you’re wanting to kind of filter to best clients. There’s a lot of reasons that I might give.

And I have been in rooms where people who are even smarter than me, we’ve run the scenarios. And I was receiving some coaching and advice from a business person who I look up to and is very smart. And one of the things he said is, “Really think about this because $25 million and this many clients and these results, it shows that there is demand at this price point and that you will continue to sell at this price point.”

And I had another good friend and peer say ,”Listen, people will keep paying you 25K all day long for this room and it is worth that with the results that they’re getting.” However, we coached and this is what’s so powerful about coaching is the reasoning behind it. What’s the reason to divide out that investment in between the components versus just decide this is the main offer, the price point is staying the same. And then these will now become additional expenses.

And at the end of the day, the reasoning that you feel deep in your gut has to be the one you go with. And here’s my deepest reasoning, but I’m going to tell you other reasonings that factor into this. After I dropped the price point of Two Million Dollar Group from 50K to 25K. And opened up the room to students who were making either 200K and it was all in a group offer or 300K with a group offer mixed with one-on-one. We opened up that room. The people that have come in it have been incredible.

We’re all having so much fun. The conversation is so markedly different than the 200K conversation. And it’s really showing me how possible it is for so many people to make millions. My desire to help create as many millionaires as I’ve created 200K earners and 100K earners, to me, that is so important. It’s become a new version of my why and what I think about. My main goal is to help people qualify into the Two Million Dollar Group.

The more people I can help qualify from the 200K room, the bigger we can grow the Two Million Dollar Group room, the more millionaires that we can create. So that is a bigger part of my vision now is getting more 200K earners, create more 300K earners, create who are ready for that millionaire stage. And then let’s really show people what’s possible here and let’s create more millionaires than any other room has ever created.

That is what I want for my business and my future, and I’m willing to invest in that now. I’m willing to give up revenue now. I’m willing to give up profit now. I’m really willing to do a lot of things to make that happen. Because I’m playing the infinite game, I understand the long play of this. And where my life and business could be five years from now and what my legacy could be and what I could be celebrating then. I want that more than the results I wanted from the past.

I could have my past results and I could keep recreating those or I could go for a much bigger vision that I have five years from now and that’s what I want to do. I also want my brand to be the one stop shop for coaches. You earn as you learn, which is very unheard of and very rare. I can make an investment for 2K. I can make my money back in 2K for 2K. I can compound that return to 25K. Then I can get into the 200K Mastermind.

I can make my money back in that room and then keep compounding my ROI, create a 200K business. Then I can invest in the Two Million Dollar Group room, make my money back there, keep compounding my results, create a Two Million Dollar Group business and be profiting the whole time. And so I wanted my brand to be the one stop shop for coaches. And I wanted my pricing to reflect that path and to be more accessible, to take that path.

So the way that I’m going to offer it is the main coaching, the main mastermind itself, the guided curriculum, and the six months of life coaching and the peer coaching and masterminding, the community. Access to our member portal, our revenue tracker, access to everything we’ve ever created for the 200K room will now be $10,000. Then if you want to add on the one-on-one coaching, you can purchase that a la carte for $5,000, which again is still cheaper than almost any one-on-one coaching that you could get at this level of coaching. So I wanted it to be incredibly accessible.

And then when I do the live events, we’ve already done the one for 2024. So when I do my live event for 2025, we will separately price that. We haven’t decided on that pricing. But what I do know is the pricing together will be less than if we were offering it twice a year and you were paying for all those value components bundled. It will be less because our costs will be less.

So that’s one of the things that allows me to drive down the price of the main offer of the mastermind down is that I’ve done that by making our expenses less and the ones we do have, be add-ons. So I’ve kind of de-risked the expenses of my business. And then that results in also then driving down your investment as well. So it feels like both of us are now able to kind of control that a little bit and it be in both of our best benefits.

And here’s the other thing. Not keeping the main mastermind 25K and then a la carting the add-ons on top of that expense, I really also thought about this. Not only is it the right decision for my future and where I’m headed, but I also think it’s the right decision for my clients who really want to be with me and stay with me through their business journey. I have so many people tell me, “Stacey, you are my mentor. You are my person. You are my only person. You will always be my person.”

I was just talking to my 200K Mastermind and one of my students was like, “You can’t get rid of me. I’m here for life.” And for those students, if their journey with us to get to 200K is two rounds or four rounds or six. I want them to be able to do it until they achieve their results. And the compounding growth of the data results shows that that is a good decision for them. It shows that that could be a good decision for them.

And maybe, let’s say they just don’t even want a millionaire business, they just want to have a 200K business or a 400K business. I want them to be able to do that and stay with me until they achieve their results. Even if, and I’ve seen this happen over the 11 rounds that I’ve done of 200K, even if they are in a non-growth round because they’ve had some hyper growth and they’re cleaning up their business. Or they have something personal come up in their life, they have a diagnosis or they lose a loved one or their child needs their attention and so they’re not growing their business.

They’re not intending to hyper grow, even those students who want to be in my containers and aren’t intending to hyper grow every time, which would be really required to, I think, depending on your income level, really keep up with the 25K investment. I want them to still be able to keep up with the investment and still be able to keep up in the room and still be profiting in their business.

So when I think about my students, who I want to be able to stay with me as long as they can and as long as they want up until making that $200,000/$300,000 in the 200K room. I really want them to be able to do that, to take advantage of those compounding results. So that and my dream and mission for more millionaires, those two things feel like the strongest reasons to divide out that investment. And not just kind of position this as a raising of my prices and I’m able to do that.

I just want to be so clear. I’m able to do that because I’ve taken the biggest expenses of the mastermind. And I will then charge separately for those. And the biggest expense of this entire program is the live event. So only doing it one time a year allows me to do that. We’ve played with the numbers a lot. It’s still going to be risking my revenue and my profit. But I really just genuinely believe it’s the right thing to do and makes me really, really excited about where we’re headed.

I wanted to take just a second to talk about more of my reasoning behind taking the live event down to once a year because I know so many of you love this. And I was telling someone in 2K, I genuinely believe that there’s no one that’s going to hear this and be sad even if they’re sad about the live event not being twice a year. I believe that genuinely this is a win for everyone and everyone is going to be so excited and everyone benefits from this.

But if you are someone who deeply loves the live event and/or if you’re just curious about my decision-making, I did want to talk you through why I decided to go once a year. I do think it makes it easier for everybody who’s traveling internationally or traveling and having to find childcare and pause calls for a week and make all those travel arrangements. Travel then becomes an added expense. So I do think it just makes it easier on my students to do it once a year.

But I want to walk you through some other personal reasons that came about with this, because I love my live event and I love doing live events. So this has nothing to do with me not loving them and wanting to do them or wanting to keep doing them, but I had a couple things happen.

Number one, I got off stage two rounds ago, so this would have been July, Nashville 2023. I got off stage. It was the best live event I ever did. It was the most at home I felt in my body ever. And the best teaching and coaching that I think I ever did. I mean, I always think that, but I really up-leveled on that round. And I got off stage and I just felt this completeness wash over me. I’m so happy, so proud and so complete. And that’s never happened to me before.

It was a very weird feeling, but I really felt it so much so that my Two Million Dollar Group, I met them two days later and I talked to them about it. I was like, “You all, I might be done with live events. I don’t know. I just feel really complete in a way that I never have before.” And one of my students was like, this was one of the first instances where this hit me in my brain that this could be a benefit to my students.

She was like, “Listen, I love your live events and it’s a lot of travel for me. I have to take a lot of time out of my own business and I would use that time to work. I will be sad, but I will also use that time to work.” And so I started thinking about it, but mentally I wasn’t quite there yet. I still felt I’ve got things to say that are important right now about changes in the industry. I was creating a new concept with advanced marketing. I am teaching new things on marketing that I’ve never taught.

My soul was telling me, I was complete. My brain was like, “No, we’re complete yet.” So I did another live event and it was amazing and I loved it. And I taught on stage the entire time and it was so, so great. But we had been doing a deep dive into our operations and the backend of our business and our offers and how much time we spend on all offers. And this was just to get baseline analytics for our business.

So we weren’t really trying to do anything with it other than just like, “Hey, what are our costs per program? How much time do we put in them? How many employees are required with each program?” We were just doing all of that to get a baseline with my work with my CTO. And that’s actually how the data study came about.

And one of the things that I had been thinking about, especially as I started thinking about wanting to have another baby. I want to have two. I think we’ll be done after two I think but I would like to have another one. And in thinking about that, I started just going over what I would do differently for pregnancy, maternity leave, being a nursing mama, if I’m able to, having another toddler running around the house, what my priorities were with being a mom.

And one of the things about the live event that I don’t think people realize and it isn’t a requirement but for me it is, is that it takes a long time, a lot of time and energy to put on the live events. I spent an entire six months thinking about the content but then two months to actually put the content together. If I were to ignore it all and just put it all together in a contained amount of time. I still think it would take two weeks of solid doing nothing else but creating the content. I think it would take a solid two weeks. I put a lot of time and energy into it.

I’m very precise. I like to teach very simply and really organize my thoughts, have them flow together very beautifully. I like there to be plenty of time to coach. I like there to be time to workshop. So everything is timed down to the minute. And then I also like to get on stage and just take as much time as I want. So we always end up going over to some degree because I don’t like to be rushed and I don’t like the students to be rushed.

So we always figure it out, but it’s a lot of energy on my time it takes, on my team, it takes them months to plan as well. It’s an extraordinary execution on all of our parts. The only way that I can describe it is, imagine an A list actor promoting two blockbuster movies a year for five years straight. Unless you’re Will Smith or Tom Cruise, it’s not sustainable forever. And it doesn’t feel like it supports my life as a mom and wanting to have another baby.

I was so proud and I am still so proud and would 100% in hindsight, do everything I did all over again. I would totally do a live event pregnant. I would totally do a live event nursing. I would do all of those things again. And I love being an example for my students of what’s possible as a mom. I loved doing that, but it was very, very, very difficult. The live event I did pregnant mostly went seamlessly well, except I think it was one morning on the second or the third day I woke up throwing up and so sick.

And it was one of those things where no mind over matter could have gotten me to the live event on time. Now, we thought very quickly and we were so grateful, that with so many amazing Two Million Dollar Group students who were willing to go on stage. And we did this incredible panel for an hour where all the 200K students got to ask the Two Million Dollar Group students any questions they wanted. And hear their experience and hear their suggestions and how they interacted with the process and the thoughts that got them there.

And so it was really incredibly valuable and it was enough time to get me settled down and on stage and ready to go, but that was hard. And then I ended up having to teach a little over to make sure I didn’t lose any of the things I wanted to teach. And then when I was nursing, it felt, for me, honestly, I needed that for that particular time.

I felt if I were looking at the silver linings and the highlights coming on stage three months after having a baby before my body had even fully recovered, my stomach, everything was still a little swollen. It was crazy. But I needed to be with my people at that time. I needed to remember who I was. It was the first time, when you’re becoming a mom, felt like I lost my identity. And so being in person with my students felt so good. Teaching at the highest level that I’d ever taught. That specific one, I taught how to troubleshoot your launches.

You will have access to this content when you join 200K, but it was the best thing I’ve ever taught. How to actually go through and what you should be doing with your time in a launch, whether it’s going well or not well, and exactly how to figure it out. That teaching was so good. So I really needed that but I needed to show myself that I could do it, I can manage. I was capable of handling it all. And it felt like just being thrown right in the fire of three months into being a new mom, learning you are fully freaking capable and you can do this shit.

We had a canopy set up behind the stage with curtains and I would run off stage. We had all of my breast feeding, my pumping times scheduled based on the way it had been going up until then. And I would just go back behind the stage, throw my dress off, pump, throw my dress back on, run back on stage. It was a powerful thing to be capable of that level of madness. Just being able to do that and show up and rise to the occasion and think so clearly and be so focused on my clients while that was happening, it was a life changing transformation.

People are always asking me, “How do you stay so focused?” And it’s because I’ve been willing to do things like that, because I’ve tested myself. Because I have done things that people think aren’t possible and been able to stay focused and clear through the entire time. And right before that live event my milk supply increased because J’s demand increased. I’d end up having to pump double what I normally thought I was going to have to. And I had 700 minutes of teaching planned.

Plus I always want luxurious amounts of time to coach someone all the way through something and to deep dive into certain things that students are bringing. And so I never want anyone to feel rushed at the live event. And so we ended up going an hour and a half over on that second night. I think my people were probably so hungry, but also so grateful because that’s when I taught the launch troubleshooting. I was like, “Listen, guys, we’re going to be over, but I have something amazing to teach and I want to teach it here on stage with you all.”

So to be able to go through all of that, I would never trade that. I would never go back and not have done that. I can’t explain that to you all more deeply. I would not go back and do that again. And I have that transformation now. It doesn’t feel like the transformation that’s next for me. We all are on our personal growth journeys and we have to be leaning into what’s the transformation. And for me the transformation is reinventing my business to support me in my next go around.

And I think I get to be an example of what’s possible there because so many of my students are so afraid that one day they’ll get to a certain income level and their business will run away, run off from them and they won’t have control over it. They’ll be making so much money that they won’t be able to say no to their clients or their money, or they won’t be able to change things without it deeply harming them. And I’m going to be the example of that not being true and you all just watch me.

Watch me make a multimillion dollar business and CEO running operations and management of that multimillion dollar business. Watch me do that and create it in a way that supports motherhood. Watch me do it. I will be your example, I promise. One of the greatest lessons I learned was, I signed up for a mastermind called Reinvention with my coach Brooke. And she’s told this story on her podcast. So I don’t think she’ll mind that I tell the story, but we got in and we had two months of the most incredible coaching, and it was so mind-blowing.

It helped me action on so many things that were difficult to me at the time. It changed my beliefs. I got such deep coaching sessions. It was so good. And then before the live event she ended up refunding us all and canceling it because it didn’t work with her son’s golf schedule. And she really wanted to be there for her son’s golf schedule and to be at all of his tournaments and cheering him on and coaching him and all the things. And I remember getting the email and my first thought was disappointment. My second thought was what an example of what’s possible for me. Thank you.

I get emotional thinking about this, but one of the things that I love so deeply about Brooke is that I have never, ever seen her make a decision that puts money over her happiness, her joy, how she wants to feel out of hustle. I have not personally, it’s been a really incredible mentorship to me. I remember once I was in one of her containers and she was telling a story about one of her coaches was like, “You’re at this many millions. We still have a month and a half left. You can make this many million more.”

And she was like, “Why? Why would I do that? I would have to hustle to do that. I don’t want to hustle. I feel great with where I’m at, ending the year here.” And I internalized that so deeply of, yeah, it’s not just this hustle for the next couple of million and how many millions you can squeeze in, in a year. And that was really impactful to me. And she’s always taught a non-hustle approach. She has always been such an example of not chasing money and reinventing if it doesn’t work how you want it to or if you just change your mind and you’re going somewhere different.

I so deeply am honored and grateful to have that representation. I mean, it’s just not out there. It’s just not out there. And I was telling my husband. We were talking about this because obviously this is a big change and there’s always risk with change. But I was telling him, “Honey, I know it can be scary if you’re not the one making the money and our whole future is driven by me.” But I told him, “Honey, I built this business to be with my children.”

I was single for most of the early years of my business. And then when we got married, I worked so hard. I did the 18 hour days to get the first clients. I did the driving all over to find people, going hours and hours away from my hometown to go to networking events to find people. I did the putting myself out there online. I did all the things. I put all the hours in. I delivered my butt off to clients for the last, almost decade. I cannot believe I’ve been a coach for almost a decade.

We’re in year nine now and I have worked my butt off, but I did all of it knowing it was an investment to be with my children. And this is the best way to explain it. I do not want to look back one day and realize I missed significant portions of my children’s lives because I was chasing money, because I was trying to be, when you get to a certain level, especially as a business coach, you feel this responsibility to keep exponentially growing so that you’re always an example of growth for your clients. And I want to be off that train.

I don’t want to do that anymore and be a mom. If I do exponentially grow, that’s amazing and incredible and I’ll be so grateful and obviously receive that and steward that well. And I just can’t have it be the driving factor right this second. I want to be with my babies. And I need a business model that makes sense for that. And my coach has given me such deep permission to do that, to say no to money and to choose, I’m still fucking brilliant. The data study proves it.

I’m always going to be brilliant. I’m always going to be able to help people make their first 2K, make their first 200K, make their first two million. I’m going to be able to help people do that in my sleep all day long. It’s so easy for me. It’s so easy for me. Literally I can do it sick. I can do it breastfeeding. I can do it pregnant. I can do it anytime. And I just don’t need to be that example of just hyper growing all of the time. So over the next few years I’m just not going to be doing that.

And part of that is allowing myself to only do one event a year and make that the best event possible. But I’ve got to get off the promoting two blockbuster movies a year train just for a little bit. I want to get off that train. And so that’s probably one of my deepest things that allows me to feel grounded in this decision. And it felt really important for me to tell you that because I want to give you permission to do that if you ever need to do that.

If you need to have a non-growth year or hold back a little in what you’re doing and what you’re selling, you can pull back if you need to for any reason ever. I want to be the example of not endlessly chasing money. I want to be the example of making millions and choosing my family first. I have to tell you, I have been deeply impacted by this and been a little weepy about it all weekend.

So you all know my husband loves golf, he loves all sports, but this was Masters weekend. Last year he got to go to the Masters. I have not stopped hearing about his Master experience. So again, thank you, Tara Simpkins. It’s just such an incredible gift. But this year was Masters, so we watched the Masters all weekend long. It’s just a whole family thing. It’s become a family thing.

I’ve actually been giving him a hard time because the next PJ tournament, the next major tournament is in Louisville at Valhalla. And he got tickets and is taking all of his friends. And so this is the second event where he’s had the opportunity to take me and hasn’t. So I keep giving him little jabs about, whenever they talk about Valhalla, I’m like, “It’s going to be so cool. I mean, I won’t see it, but you and your friends will.” So I’ve been giving him a hard time.

But anyways, we were watching the Masters and this is so profound to me. Scotty Scheffler is the number one golfer right now in the world. He has been winning tournaments like crazy. He made $9 million in the last month, not counting his recent Masters win. And he’s just on fire, killing it. He’s 26 years old. So he’s right in that range where it could be really easy to let money get to you. And his wife is pregnant and about to deliver their first child.

And in a press conference, he told the media, “She’s not supposed to go into labor this week, but if she does, I will leave the Masters, even if I’m in first place, it’s non-negotiable. I will immediately leave. She has a direct line of communication to me and I’m out. It doesn’t matter. I could be in first place to win the freaking Masters.” He already has lifetime access to the Masters because he’s won it before. But it’s really the biggest win you could have in the entire golf world and to have many of them is also a very big deal. And also it’s a lot of money on the table. I think he won $3.6 million.

And he was like, “Listen, family first, family first, God first. If she goes into labor, I’m out.” That just solidified my decision to do everything I’m doing now to move forward the way I’m moving. That is how I feel. I want it to be that way. I was actually at our last live event. My husband and my son had driven down and I had a Friday off, so they drove down Thursday night. I had Friday off, so we went to the zoo together and went out to dinner and then Saturday I taught Two Million Dollar Group.

Saturday, my son, and my husband, stuck in a hotel room, came down with the stomach flu. My son was throwing up everywhere. And I just remember telling the Two Million Dollar Group room, I came back from lunch. I ended up getting it too but thank God I didn’t start feeling nauseous until the end of the day. So we moved all of my stage back really far from the room and I was like, “No one hug me. No one touch me.” And I started feeling nauseous towards the end of the day but I was able to finish and then we drove home like crazy that night.

We just had our stuff loaded and ready to go and drove home to get to our beds to be sick. But I remember telling the group, “This is it, this reinforced my decision of doing this twice a year and adding this travel to our family. All of this is hard on my family.” So family first, you can make that decision and I will be your example that this is possible. I will be your example of you can say no to money. You can say no to exposure. You can say no to next levels of growth. And I still make so much money. We’re so, so rich. That’s the amazing thing.

It doesn’t have to impact that at all, but you can really say, this business model if it doesn’t work for your family, you can change it. And I will also be the example that you don’t have to change it quickly without having thought it through and really put a lot of time and energy. This has been two years in the making. I wanted to make sure that this change was made very thoughtfully. I wanted to make sure that I explained it very clearly so that my students didn’t feel fear or not understand my reasoning because I know change can kind of trigger people and can signal maybe instability.

Our brains can make up a ton of things when we don’t know the reasoning behind everything. So I wanted it to be a very thoughtful explanation and for you all to understand the changes that I’m making after five years of very solid consistency. So I told you that I would break down the skills required for a simple bundled offer, or why it’s better and then the skills unbundle offer requires. So I’m just going to briefly talk you through that. And then I’m going to kind of end with what you can expect moving forward.

So in a simple bundled offer, I’ve given you a couple of reasons already as to why it’s really good for you at your first 2K, 200K, Two Million Dollar Group. I think in general while learning to sell out the offer that you have, only having one to focus on selling and getting better, just makes your whole life easier. And it really makes your selling the common denominator instead of the offers. So up until $2 million and I even coach people in the millionaire room on this.

It’s so easy to believe there is a right offer to sell your people on and that finding the right offer is how you make the money. Or some version of, there’s what your clients need and you have to figure that out and deliver that and that’s the only way to make money. Versus I choose the offer that I am going to deliver and then I do my job to sell that. And I sell only that and then I just improve my selling and my delivering to create an offer that is highly in demand.

I also believe I’ve talked about this in the data study, but one of my biggest business values is delivering and 100% results. And I think it’s really easy to create a body of work that masters getting students results when you are focused on that one thing or those one or two things. For me, I was only focused on 2K and 200K for three solid years, six rounds before I even introduced Two Million Dollar Group. And so that consistency has allowed me to create and help facilitate the results that you’re seeing in the data study.

I also think when you think about marketing, when you only have that one thing that becomes the brand defining thing that creates the brand awareness. I’m going to do a podcast on the three-year bi-cycle. But the more consistent you are with a simple offer, the more brand awareness you create, the faster you move people into buying from you. So you want to really be developed in all of those things and the simple offer helps you do that.

The unbundled offer requires these skill sets. It requires being able to sell without consults, having a strong skill set and selling through funnels and selling upsells. In order for this to work well, I think you have to have a large past client base and a huge warm email list. So a big list, I’m talking thousands of people. I think I probably have the minimum of what is required because I’m so good at selling that I don’t have to have as high of numbers because I convert more people, more of what I have.

So a pretty large client base and a pretty large warm base to sell to, is required for each of these components then, that are unbundled to really bring in revenue. I think you also have to have a high demand for each unbundled component. I do believe from what I’ve seen in the last 11 rounds, the demand for the live event will be huge. The demand for the mastermind is huge. And the demand for one-on-one coaching will also be huge. The amount of good feedback we’ve gotten from our one-on-one coaching, I believe that that will be huge as well.

You also have to have backend processes to support each of the unbundled components really be operating efficiently. And I also think you have to have a track record or a proof of concept of value for each of the components. So you have to be able to sell the value of each of those individual components. So here’s what I want to offer.

I know this is going to sound hypocritical and I just can’t help it. I highly recommend that you do not copy me. I know that you all see me do things, and often you just think, I’m going to just go do that. But you don’t have my reasonings and you’re not thinking about the stage of growth that I’m in. And I’m way beyond the 2K, 200K and Two Million Dollar Group skill sets and stages. And I’ve created the demand for all these components for five years and I have $25 million of sales as a track record and proof of concept.

I’m also not in the stage of trying to reach income goals anymore. I’m in the stage of creating income that makes me happy at this point. And I’m in that stage of being willing to sacrifice revenue to support my life and how I’ve decided I want to live at this stage.

I recently had dinner with my coach, Brooke. It was a friend dinner, but one of the things that she said to me when we were talking about my business is that she said, “Are you in a hurry?” And I really thought about that. And that question opened up so much for me. I think that what that question implied to me. I deeply believe she’s always seen where I’m going and always believed I’m going to be extraordinarily rich and extraordinarily successful and make millions and millions and millions of dollars.

And because she sees that as fact and as truth, I never need to be in a hurry to get there. If you believe in abundance, you don’t have to be in a hurry to get that abundance. It’s not conditional. And so I’ve been thinking about that question a lot and I don’t want to be in a hurry. And I believe that my demand will wait for me for the next levels. I believe that people will wait for that next live event. I think they will be really excited for that next live event when I do it.

I think that they demand the mastermind regardless of there being a live event and wanting to be in that room. I think it’s going to make it grow like crazy from the feedback I’ve got. People are really, really excited about this. But I’m not in a hurry to get to 30 million anymore. I think maybe I was to prove that I could do it or believing I should have already been there. But when I believe I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, I know it’s coming and I don’t feel in a hurry, as in it could happen in the next decade and I’ll be super excited.

I’m in a very different place than some of you might be. I don’t need to build revenue right in this moment to beyond what I’m at. And I want to offer, if I wasn’t trying to build qualified demand for Two Million Dollar Group, my decisions around this unbundling might also be different. If I wasn’t trying to help create more 200K earners and allow them to stay in my container as long as they wanted, my 200K students, the decision might be different. I might have unbundled and kept the main component, the mastermind the same price it was.

And I’m not saying I won’t do that in the future, but for now, my plan is really built on accessibility and being willing to slow down. And I really just love this pricing for the moment in time that I’m at in my journey and that we’re at in the industry, I just love it. So don’t copy me. I always tell my students this, but I want to tell you as well. I always say, “If you have a question about something I’m doing and you don’t fully understand it or you’re thinking about copying it, ask me so that I can give you the answer. Don’t just copy or don’t assume you understand the reasoning.”

So if you’re a student of mine, you can ask me on our calls, you can ask me in the Facebook groups that we have. Or if you’re not a student, email my team Send a message on Instagram @staceyboehman and ask.

I would always rather you ask questions about why I’m doing what I’m doing or seek clarification or understanding versus deciding that you know the answer of why I’m doing. And then making it either a judgment on that or copying it without really knowing. I really want to be an open book for you as much as I can. What I mean by that is, as much as I can think you might be thinking about if you ask me then I’ll know, I need to clarify this as well,

Here’s what you can expect moving forward, unbundled or me making these business decisions for a more sustainable environment for my family does not mean less value. It just means less live events, that’s it. Remember that the result I’m doing this for, if I want to succeed for my result is more, I want more millionaires, which means I have to create more 200K earners, more qualified 200K and 300K earners. So our plan to meet this goal is to increase our technology. We have so many technology initiatives happening right now.

I’m spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade our 200K member portal that is being created right now and will be available for our next class. It’s going to be really, really beautiful, and really awesome, but we’ve really created a learning system where students and clients can actually engage with each other, connect with each other, search people who have a similar profile, a similar income range, a similar niche, and connect with those people.

We’re upgrading our revenue tracker. Our first round of students went through it, gave us amazing feedback and ideas to make it better. And so we’re implementing those right now. Just creating better technology, better platforms to engage. I am up-leveling my teaching. The data study taught me so much. We’re creating revenue tracks so I can really teach my earners coming in at 25K, between 25 and 100K differently than 100K to 200K and beyond 200K. So I’m really creating custom teaching for that within the five step process that I’m already teaching.

I also did go in and I’m refilming some stuff and we’re reorganizing the content to really be a simple five step process, similar to what we teach in 2K for 2K. So when you go in, you’ll see the 200K offer and coaching on how to create a 200K simple offer, advanced marketing, advanced selling, advanced delivering and a 200K self-concept. And you’ll go through those five steps of the process. And then you’ll also have access to our webinars course and our launching course.

I’m creating a new course. We’ve already created it. It’s called the emails course and it’s all about all the different types of emails I write. How I do my marketing copy and my sales copy for launches that have webinars, for launches that don’t have webinars that go straight to application. So I’m giving all of that information, the 25K in 30 day challenge, all available. And then we’re also just really lasering in on our future data as well to monitor the group and to best serve the group.

And I can do these things, I can up-level the room, I can focus on even bigger results. I can focus on helping more people make 200K, more people make two million when I’m not producing the Oscars twice a year. That’s what my CTO called it, he was like, “These events are extraordinarily valuable.” He was like, “You’re really teaching sales and entrepreneurship to life coaches. This is really high quality.” And he was like, “But also the production, it’s like you’re creating an Oscars twice a year.”

And I’ve really thought about that. What could I do with my time and energy and my money if I weren’t creating the Oscars twice a year? So me only doing a live event once a year really feels like the catalyst for most of these changes. But I also think unbundling and having these components be separate, makes it so more accessible for my students. So I think it’s a win for everyone. I’m so excited. I just think the best has yet to come. This is just the beginning. And I’m so excited for you to come along on the journey.

So if you want to join us at our new unbundled price of $10,000 for the 200K Mastermind, you can join us on May 13th, 14th and 15th. That is when we will open enrollment. If you want to join us, you will need to be on the waitlist. You’ll go to And you’ll be able to join the wait list. We also have a four part video series at the top of that page that really walks you through your path to 200K. I highly suggest you don’t miss that. Go watch that right now.

We will also link up the wait list in the show notes, but you’re going to want to be on that wait list. We’re sending a ton of value your way between now and when we open to really get you excited and prime you. You’ll get all of the information you need to apply. And you can also join the Two Million Dollar Group wait list if that is the next avenue that you’re moving into. You can do that at We will also link that up in the show notes.

And I’ve also gotten a lot of questions about this. We will also now be offering one-on-one coaching as an a la carte option for the Two Million Dollar Group students as well. And I will be sending out more details of how that will work. But you will have the option at checkout when you apply to either apply for just the mastermind or to add one-on-one coaching to your mastermind investment.

And then you will have the option to either, so you can come in if you’re not familiar with our one-on-one coaches, you can come in and do coaching calls. As you start your weekly calls, you can do them with all of the coaches. You can just book and jump around and you can do that forever. Some of our students love doing that, having people’s different perspectives on their brain. Or if you know you love a certain coach, the moment you decide, I’ve really clicked with this coach and I want this coach to be my coach for the remainder of my sessions. You’ll be able to do that as well.

So you will apply on May 13th, 14th and 15th. And as soon as you get accepted, if you are accepted, we still have the $25,000 minimum to join the mastermind. I still feel very strongly about that. So you’ll have to have made that revenue in the last 12 months in direct to consumer coaching, which means it wasn’t another coach paying you to contract for them. And it wasn’t a corporate contract that you signed, or a company paid you 25K to coach their people. It’s, you signed a direct client and you made $25,000 from multiple clients or just $25,000 in direct to consumer coaching in the last 12 months. That’s the requirement.

Once you are accepted, you will get access to the guided curriculum. You will have many weeks with that guided curriculum where I’ll be showing you what content you need to go through. And we’re going to give you the immersive version and the cliff notes version. And you’ll come when our live coaching component will start with mastermind week. It will be a whole week, five straight days of 90 minute calls each day focused on the tangible takeaways that you need to have in place from each of the components of the five steps in our mastermind.

So day one will be focused on step one, day two will be focused on step two. And if you’ve done none of the guided curriculum before you come to mastermind week, we will also send out the cliff notes version the morning of, and then I will also give a cliffs notes version live on the call, and then we will dive into workshopping and coaching. And we’ll do that for five straight days. That way, you still get the mastermind like magic, a big, energetic start but you also can maintain your calls or create launch content and emails in between the calls. And we’re going to do that for 200K and Two Million Dollar Group.

Then we will coach together for six months straight. And you can peer coach and mastermind and have access to your peers as well. So make sure you save those dates. I will see you in 200K Mastermind for the new 200K unbundled. Let me know what you all think @staceyboehman on Instagram. I want to hear your feedback. Let me know in the communities. I want to hear how excited you are, what your thoughts are and answer any questions you have about the new unbundling. Okay, talk to you next week. Bye bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first 2,000 the hardest part and then 200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk free, you either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.


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