Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Money with Brig JohnsonOver the month of February, you’ll be hearing from my first four Black students who have made over $100,000 in revenue in their businesses. These women are not business coaches, they’ve come to the coaching world from all different industries, and yet, they are here setting a new standard for what is possible for all of you to achieve, and I can’t wait for you to listen in as they share their secrets each week.

For the second episode of this series, I’ve asked Brig Johnson to come on and take over the podcast. Brig is a life and mindset coach for high-achieving Black women, and she helps them uncover, manage, and do epic shit. She’s here today to talk about money, and more specifically, how to make more of it, because who doesn’t want that?

Listen in this week as Brig shows us what making more money really boils down to, and shares a visualization to help you identify what you need to go out in the world and make it happen. Some of you may have beliefs that are holding you back about what it means to be rich, and Brig is talking us through the drama to show you why having more money not only benefits you but your community too.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What money really is and how to make more of it.
  • Why money and mind management go hand in hand.
  • The benefits of you making more money.
  • What is preventing you from doing the things that will make you more money.
  • A visualization to help you identify how you can create a container of sufficiency to go out and make more money.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches. In honor of Black History Month, I have invited my first four Black students who have crossed $100,000 in revenue to guest host each episode this month. They are history-makers right now. They have used the 2K and the 200K process to create incredible results. They have come from the medical field, corporate America, they have doctorates, kids at home, and kids in college.

What I love is that none of these coaches are business coaches. So their success is not that of a unicorn or because they sell coaching that offers a financial return. They did the work to start and grow a business. They did the work of creating value learning how to sell and becoming influential with the people they meet and within their communities and the entire coaching industry.

They are leading the way. Not just for Black coaches in our industry, but for all BIPOCs who feel underrepresented in the coaching industry and all coaches wanting to make 100K as a life coach. I am so honored to have their knowledge and experience to share with you today. Let’s dive in.

Hi guys. It’s Brig Johnson. And I’m delighted to be your guest podcast host today. I’m a life and mindset coach for high-achieving Black women. I help them uncover, manage, and do epic shit.

So today, I want to talk about money. Isn’t that fun? I want all of us to make a fuck ton of money. Yes, there’s going to be some cursing on this podcast. So put your earbuds on, buckle up, let’s go. Now, I’m going to be talking to my queens and my kings, but that’s okay, you guys can eavesdrop and glean from this conversation.

And listen, kings and queens, I know we have this unwritten rule that we don’t share our shit in mixed company. I’m willing to break that rule. Why? Because I think it’s time that we have the difficult conversations and we discuss things so that we can move and continue the progress that we’re making and also, we’re life coaches. So we know we don’t cause other people’s thoughts and feelings about us any way, right? So we’re taking that back.

And secondly, because that’s what Stacey asked me to do. Word of caution, these are my thoughts. Not Stacey’s thoughts. So if you have any grumblings with what I have to say, don’t blame Stacey. You can come find me.

I want to talk about money in a different way through because listen, if you are part of 2K for 2K, and hint hint, I think you should be, there’s a money module in there. There’s people who talk about money, the mindset of money all over. I want to talk about it in my kind of way, which is going to be different because I’m not a money coach.

So I’m not even going to try to tackle it that way. I’m going to tackle it my way, which means I’m going to give you some visualizations, we’re going to talk about it, I may get off track, I may come back in, but hey, that’s kind of how I roll.

First of all, let me say this; you make money with a managed mind. Because it’s the managed mind, when we go into our prefrontal cortex, that gives us access to our problem-solving, creativity, delayed-risk benefit response. And that increases our value.

Because what is money? Money is a measure of exchange for value. So we make money when we give value. More value you give, the more money you make. The more you’re able to manage your mind, the more money you make because you have access to that part of your brain that increase your value.

So we’re going to kind of talk about money and mind management all kind of in the same way in the container of sufficiency. I know, just stay with me. Money though, before I say anything else because I know culturally, we have some issues with money. Money for a lot of us, not all of us, we are not a monolithic group of people. We don’t all think the same. I know that.

So I’m speaking to the ones who have had culturally, like I did, the history of people with money were greedy, bad, selfish, they weren’t necessarily considered good people. So we come up against that when we want to make a fuck ton of money because then we have a concept of those people, those people.

Notice how we say it. Those people. But then when we want to become one of them, then it’s like, ooh. And so we have this tug of war. This is where the managed mind comes in. I just want to say that it is my thought that money brings more out of you of what you already are.

If you’re generous, you’re just more generous because you just got more to give. If you’re greedy, you’re just more greedy because you just have more to hold on to. It is my belief though that right now, in this time of our history, January 2021 or February 2021 when you guys hear this, the world needs us with managed minds.

Our people, kings and queens, need us as life coaches to help them manage their mind. Why? Because there’s a power shift going on. People are coming home, people can make money with laptops, with a camera. We don’t need the big corporate structures. We don’t need seats at the table anymore. We don’t even need to bring the folded chair to the table.

We get to fucking build our own tables right now. And if we have access to that, the opportunities for us, for all of us are endless. But it will take us managing our mind, managing our emotions. And that’s what we do as life coaches.

We help people take the energy of whatever it is that they’re focusing on, whether it’s I’m eating, drinking, sleeping, procrastinating, I’m in misery over divorce, breakup, job loss, whatever that is, we help them take all of that energy, we help them manage that and change the story of it in a way that serves them. We help them release that energy so now they have energy to go into their prefrontal cortex and to produce some stuff and to give more value to the world.

That’s why I say that the world needs us even more because actually, our clients make money when they work with us. I don’t care if they come for you for overdrinking. They’re going to make more money. I don’t care if they come for you for emotional eating. They’re going to make more money. Because when we make that shift, we just have more energy to give to the things that we want. And we just show up differently at our work, at home, with our spouses, in our relationships with our kids, in our relationships with our families. We have more energy. That shift is important.

So for us, in order to make more money, first of all, I think we have to give ourselves permission for the desire for wanting it and work out whatever it is that we’re like, that’s greedy, that’s wrong, maybe I shouldn’t, something’s wrong with me, I should be happy with where I’m at, and understand the benefits of you making more money.

Ask yourself, what are the benefits of me making a ton of money? Like sink into that. Who all benefits from that? Your family benefits from it, the community benefits from it. Your churches benefit from it. Your organizations you support benefit from it. The political candidates, the social structures that you, your community, all of it benefit from it when you make more money.

It is the least selfish thing actually that you can do. So I want to talk about how we as life coaches can make more money, and I want to talk about it in a way that’s a little bit different. That was a long introduction, I know. That’s okay.

I want to talk about it from the sense of sufficiency or enoughness. Because as African Americans, we have lived in a world, in a world, not just America, in a world that has somehow told us and come up with this erroneous idea that we are inherently inferior. We’re not as smart, hell, they just started letting us be quarterbacks and point guards.

I remember a time where that position was only for someone who they thought could think, and it wasn’t someone that looked like us. I told you all I was just going to speak plain. And whether we admitted it or not, that had an effect on us because we never saw people in that position, so we never thought that that was possible for us.

It was possible for them but not possible for us. Think of the four-minute mile. When one person said it’s possible, shortly after that, the next race, someone else did it. And now there are races where pretty much everybody does it. But it started with one person breaking that barrier.

That’s what I’m asking us to do. To break that barrier in coaching. To break that barrier for our clients in their industry by managing our mind, by being sufficient, by telling ourselves that we are enough. Because the world will tell us we’re not.

We’re not smart enough, we’re not pretty enough, we’re not eloquent enough, we don’t speak proper English. Our history, our past wasn’t good enough. All of the not enoughness, I want you to go here with me. I like to create a container of sufficiency. This is kind of how I coach it with my clients and so I just want to give you this visualization.

Y’all ever go to the circus and you go to the big top, right? And in the big top, there are the people who walk in the tightrope. And they do all these crazy things on it, like they do flips, they ride it on a unicycle, they do all these crazy things on this tightrope, right?

There’s lots of risk with it. But if you look underneath the tightrope, what’s there? A net. That net is our sufficiency. It’s our enoughness. And that’s the thing that helps us do all that shit on the tightrope because we know at the end of it, if we fall, we provide our own safe place to land.

But here’s the deal; notice I said we provide our own safe place to land. Think of that net, elongated square, rectangle. Three stakes on each side. What are the six things – three on each side – what are the six stakes that you need staked in in order for you to take the risk to walk the tightrope?

Do you need to feel secure? Do you need to feel love? Do you need to feel smart enough? Do you need to feel acceptance? What are the six things you need? Identify them and then see where actually you may be outsourcing that out to someone else.

Work with me, stay with me. I know I sound like a preacher, don’t I? Stay with me y’all, stay with me. Listen, those stakes, when you’re up on that tightrope, do you want you to be the one responsible for staking that stake in secure in that net? Or do you want – let’s say security. That stake is security. Or do you want your job, your spouse, your money and your bank, your IRA, your friends to give you that security?

Because if you want someone else to give you that security, when you’re on that tightrope, what are you doing? You’re watching that stake. Y’all got me? You watching that IRA go up and down, you got me? You’re watching that job like you’re tied to what the review was. You’re tied to how the boss looks at you because that gives you your security.

You can’t do all the tricks on the tightrope. Listen, the tricks on the tightrope, walking the tightrope is the shit that we do to make money. That’s the webinars, that’s meet people, tell them you’re a life coach, make offers to help them. It’s the master classes. It’s the emails. It’s all the things that we do outside of our comfort zone that doesn’t feel right. Podcast interviews, all those things going outside of our comfort zone, walking the tightrope.

We can’t do those things, I don’t care how many masterclasses you take, how many programs you buy, I know, you bought all the programs, all of the masterclasses, all of the things, but if you don’t have that net, you don’t do all those As, that’s what we do, all those actions, we don’t take those actions because we don’t feel secure, because we’re looking at the people or the things we have outsourced those stakes in our net to.

And so instead of performing like we want to on the tightrope, fearless, we’re looking at the tightrope and we’re looking like, you got me? I can’t take this risk because I don’t know, you have to have me. I’m not smart enough, so you’re looking for other people to prove to you that you’re smart enough. I don’t talk in a way that people can understand me, my history is wrong for this. I made so many mistakes.

That stake right there, your past, you’re looking for other people to give you approval that that stake, like you’re asking them to secure that stake. No boo, no. You secure that stake.

Now listen, I know Jennifer went through and showed you how to self-coach on these areas, so I’m not going to tell you how to do that stake. I’m just going to say when we stop outsourcing it and we take full responsibility, radical self-responsibility. I know we’re all about radical self-love right now. Radical self-love.

What about radical self-responsibility? Building and securing our own nets. In a world that tells us we’re not enough, I want you to know in your bones, all the way from your longest hair, uncurl it, I know sister, uncurl it. Pull it out. From your longest hair to the top of your big toenail.

I want you to know it in your bones like that’s the work that you do. When we are sufficient, it means needs are met. When our needs are met, then we’re able to give. We don’t need to receive. Our cups are full. We go out there on the tightrope.

Listen, you may do the webinar, and no one shows up and you fall. That’s okay. You experience the fall, it doesn’t feel good, you feel the humiliation of it. But you have your own net. You don’t fall and die. But if you don’t have your own net, you do that webinar and no one shows up, your ass in the bed for about two, three days, I can’t do this, I’m ready to quit, I don’t know how.

But if you built that stake up, I’m smart enough, I can figure this out, and you’ve done that yourself, not looking for the results of other people giving you that result but you’ve done that work yourself, go to Sonia’s thing, podcast on belief. She teaches you how to believe. Dr. Sonia.

If you’ve done that work, you produce the thoughts because listen, I’m not smart is a thought. You can easily choose I’m smart, I’m enough, I know this, I know enough for my clients. You can easily choose those thoughts.

Security is a feeling created by thoughts. Your relationship with yourself is your thoughts about yourself. I want you to start noticing how you are choosing to think and talk to yourself. Self-responsibility.

Yes, I’m ranting. But listen, we cannot walk the tightropes if we don’t provide our own nets. And how we make money is doing the things that provide value. We cannot provide value if all we’re doing is wondering what’s wrong with us, we’re not enough. I don’t speak proper English, the way I say it, people don’t get it, no one looks – it’s like the quarterbacks. No one looks like me.

Be the four-minute mile, ladies and gentlemen. Be that four-minute mile. The world doesn’t need a carbon copy of Stacey. I love me some Stacey. I mean, I really love me some Stacey. But if I had to try to get on this podcast and be a version of Stacey, a watered-down version of Stacey, no. But I can be a full blast version of me and that’s what the world needs. A full blast version of you.

And guess what you got to do? You got to shine, you got to take up space, and in a world that has told you you are not enough, we have been told to shrink, to stay in our place, and now you’re building a business and it’s telling you to shine, to make offers, to put your shit out there. And you’re afraid to make a post.

You’re afraid to say I’m a life coach because people know your past and you’re like, “My past wasn’t good enough.” Create that stake. That’s on you, boo. That’s your job. This is what we do with our clients. We teach them to meet their own needs. We are always client zero. Meet your own needs. Because I want us walking the tightrope because guess what, when you’re on the tightrope and it’s your time, the spotlight shines directly on you.

That’s not the time for you to look at the stakes going, “You got me?” Looking at the husband, you got me? Looking at the bank account, you got me? No. That’s the time to know I got myself because I already checked all the stakes, they’re good. I can get up here and do what I need to do, and I got me.

I’m willing to fall, I’m willing to fail, I’m willing to fall flat on my face in order to give my people value. That’s my thought, y’all. I’m ready to fuck this shit all the way up in order to help my people. I’m willing to look bad, I’m willing to get it wrong, I’m willing to get on this podcast and say some stuff that it may not resonate. I may fall. It ain’t going to feel good. But I have built my own net, I’ll get out the net, I’ll walk across the ground, I’ll get up on that ladder and I’ll walk the tightrope again.

I want to do one more thing. Big scary hairy goals. Y’all, some of our goals just aren’t scary enough. You don’t need the net if the tightrope is on the ground. You don’t need to build your self-sufficiency. You don’t need the net if you’re at the same level that you’re already on. You don’t need the net there.

You know when you need the net? You need the net when that shit is way up high. That’s when you need the net. The higher the goal, the more you’re like, you got me? And the more you’re like, wait a minute, you know what, I’m going to take my power back, I think I’m going to put this stake in.

When it’s low, it’s okay, the job can have it, okay. But when it gets really high, the higher that net is, the more you want to have your own back and the more you want those stakes. The higher your income goes, the more tricks you do. The unicycle, all those things, so that you can give value. The higher that is, the more stable you want your net. So set some big goals.

Lastly, if you are full, and I think I’ve touched on this before, but I really want to bring it home, I’m bringing it home y’all, I’m bringing it home. If you are full, then you just have all of your energy to give. You don’t need to receive. You can give. You can ask yourself about your clients, what do they need to see? What do they need to hear?

And you’re going to be able to say it your way. And that means that you’re going to have a lot of rejection because everybody won’t understand your way. That’s okay. You’ve built your own net. You’ve put that stake in in belonging. You’re okay with you belonging to you and you built that. You built that stake that people want to hear from you. Your way.

You’re not waiting for them to do it and then I believe it. You believe it first. Go to Sonia’s podcast. You’ve created, you’ve taken on your ownership of your ability to create. Go to Chavonne’s podcast. Listen guys, the world needs us to be exactly who and how we are.

We are enough. We get to do this work for ourselves and then teach our clients how to do that. And with a managed mind, we can go do all the tightrope work, fall, get back up, do it again, on repeat until we have mastered the craft.

We do it without hesitation and we do it with efficiency. And it takes building your own net in order to be able to do that. And that’s the path to making money. That may not have been the way you thought about it, but I hope this illustration helps. Thank you for your time, I appreciate you, bye. Build your own net, guys.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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