Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Offer Week

There is only one thing that will make the revenue you want to make in 2022 inevitable, and that’s your offer. Offers are the biggest point of drama that comes up for all coaches at all levels, but feeling ambiguous and indecisive about what you’re selling will always stand in between you and the money you want and are truly capable of making. 

There are so many misconceptions and flat-out miscalculations about what makes an offer an easy hell yes for your potential clients, so we’re clearing it all up in a once-in-a-lifetime training called Offer Week. And today, I’m showing you how, after just one hour a day during this training, you’ll be making more money than you can imagine for the rest of 2022. 

Tune in to discover the thought errors that are keeping you from the money you want, and how to be so sold on your own offer that your clients feel compelled to work with you. Offer Week is your chance to become an expert at selling your offers, so join me there.

If you never want to spin in drama about your offers again and have clients throwing money at you so they can coach with you, join me for Offer Week. This is where you’ll get my brain, presence, and experience for a whole week, and it’s going to change your relationship to selling forever.  

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why most of you aren’t making the money you want. 
  • How to get an easy yes from your potential clients. 
  • Where many of you are getting tripped up on your offers. 
  • Why you have to be 100% sold on your offer. 
  • The most common thought errors that I see about offers.
  • How I can help you feel clear, certain, and confident about your offer. 

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches, welcome to episode 157. Today I want to talk to you about offers, not making offers, offers as in what you are selling. Your offer to your clients. I am hosting for the first time ever a week of coaching with me on your offers. I have never done this before. I have never offered a container which is actually hard for me to believe. But I have never offered a container where you can come coach with me, get coached by me for a week straight.

And I recognize that offers, okay, the noun, what you are selling, not what you’re doing, what you’re selling as the main point of drama for you and really lack of clarity for your clients. And when it comes to your clients having lack of clarity around what you’re offering, there is a saying that a confused mind always says no. I think I have mentioned this on the podcast before.

So any confusion or indecisiveness around what you’re offering that you have lingering around in your mind, subconsciously or consciously is translating to your clients unintentionally whether you are aware of it or not, whether it’s in your conscious or not. And I know you all have this drama because when you join 2K for 2K it’s usually the first question you ask. And when we do every single round of 200K from the start of the live event, actually from before you even enroll on your applications or the questions you send into the team you are asking questions about your offer or your offers.

So most of you aren’t making the money you want to make simply because you aren’t sold on your offers. Your offer or your offers aren’t clear, they aren’t compelling, they aren’t simple. They don’t feel like the most valuable thing on the planet to you. They don’t feel like the guaranteed container for your clients’ results. So it isn’t an easy yes for your clients.

How do you get an easy yes? How do you get easy yeses? With hell, yes, offers that are very clear to you, that are a hell yes to you, that are very simple to explain, very simple for you to sell, very simple for you to think about. And very simple for other people to say yes to. But when it comes to your offer, many of you struggle to communicate how exactly you will get your clients’ results. And most of you definitely do not believe that you can guarantee those results.

Now, I want you to just think about this, if you can’t guarantee them, in your mind if you don’t feel they could be guaranteed, whether you offer a guarantee or not, if you don’t think that you could guarantee someone a result, how can you explain how your client will get results simply and clearly? Because the idea, there’s not a guarantee, there can’t be a guarantee, that means ambiguity. Every ounce of I can’t guarantee this means ambiguity. And ambiguity is a confused mind saying no. That’s what it equals.

And so many of you aren’t sure if you can really help someone because of these reasons. You’re either new to coaching and you just haven’t coached anyone before or you’re offering something new that you have never offered before.

So for example, I have a client who coaches network marketers on how to increase their ranks. But her predominant thought about her offer is I don’t know if my process works. I haven’t helped someone do it yet. And I told her the story about 2K, when I created the 2K for 2K process I had never helped anyone using that process in that container make 2K until I offered it. And then the first person did it. Until then I had no proof of whether my offer would actually work.

I had to believe first, believe deep enough to make the offer and sell my client on the offer, which is a direct result of my belief in my offer. And then believe the entire time I was coaching them until they got the result. And not just one person, but until many people got it. I had to believe anyone could get it. The more I believed that anyone and everyone could get a result no matter where they’re starting at with my process, the more people bought it. But you can’t even get to the results for your clients when you get stuck at I don’t even know if my offer actually works.

And that keeps people from buying it because of your energy when you’re selling it. Because a lot of you let not having proof of your offer stop you from overcoming objections on your offer, powerfully, authoritatively at every level. This happens even at the million-dollar level, my millionaire clients go through this when they start their first program. When they’ve never done a program before they start a membership.

And many of you think because of these thoughts of your process isn’t proven you don’t know if people can get results. What ends up happening is you look at established coaches who do have processes that do work that have been proven over and over. And you think their offers are superior to yours, it actually occupies space in your brain where you start questioning why anyone would want your offer if they could go buy someone else’s similar offer with a higher-level proof of concept. This happens a lot.

Many of you business coaches compare your business coaching to my offers and my program in a way that doesn’t serve you powerfully. And in fact has you selling less versus being inspired by me and selling more. And my students will tell me when they’re on consults how much they negotiate in their mind with their offers because they aren’t sold on their offers.

So when they have someone on the phone who can’t afford it, who needs payments when they don’t offer them, who would totally sign up if it was less expensive. A client who wants to buy just one session from you or they want to negotiate your package, I’ll do half of the package. They want to pay in multiple installments or they want to start and pay you when money comes in later from some other place, or in just a few weeks, or when they get results.

Those behaviors from clients, those desires from clients which are totally normal and happen all the time to everyone. But they cause you to negotiate in your mind with your offer when you’re not completely sold on it. When you’re not so sold that you can’t walk people through those conversations, through those thoughts they’re having. And many of you, most of you, especially when you’re new but I have even done this on really high-level offers.

So I see coaches on all ends of the spectrum whether you’re making nothing or millions. Many of you spend a lot of your brain power, a lot of your energy, a lot of your time, are aware or unaware going back and forth on how long of a package to offer, how much to charge, on raising your prices, on taking payments in full, on taking payment plans. And many of you do this because you feel like the client is in charge of what you can offer. You are thinking about what they would be willing to buy, your perception of what they would be willing to buy. So you people please.

You offer what you think they will buy not what they need to guarantee results. And you think, you have a lot of thought errors about offers. I have seen hundreds of them in my program throughout the years. You think clients will be more apt to buy coaching that is packaged in shorter packages or one-off sessions. You think that clients will be more apt to buy cheaper prices. You think that people will be more apt to buy coaching with lots of bells and whistles included, like Voxer coaching, and worksheets, and modules, and VIP days, and group calls.

And you think that increasing the value of your offer means offering more things. You think memberships, and courses, and programs, like my program 2K for 2K, you think that those will be easier to sell. Or offers that are just $17 or $49 a month. I have seen so many of my $2 Million group students try this. They’re like, “For sure the problem with my program is that it’s $5,000 so I’m going to offer an offer that’s $500 or $50. And I’m just going to sell a bunch of people that offer.” And then they’re so confused when only seven people buy.

They’re like, “I don’t understand, the offer’s only $17 and only seven people bought.” Because you think that that cheaper price will mean everyone will just buy because it’s a cheap price. It’s like when you think I’m going to do something for free and everyone will join because it’s free. It’s a misunderstanding about selling offers and what to offer. And many of you, I’ve seen this a lot in the coaching industry, especially when you come to me.

I always clean it up when you come to me in 2K or 200K. But you set your prices to attempt to charge your worth, that that’s the mindset behind it. And this one is huge, there are a lot of coaches confusing personal value with business value. And telling you that you’re worth so much more and that your prices should reflect that. And they’re really telling you that very irresponsibly and to the detriment of your success. Again, I coach in 2K on this all of the time.

But when I think about offers and what to offer, this is the number one thing I see people make this decision from the wrong place. And then there are so many of you in the bucket where you’re ready to transition from going from one-on-one to group. But you still believe that one-on-one is more effective, that clients want it more and they value it more. You value it more. You value one-on-one attention more. You try and sell them group but when they say no you sell your one-on-one because your thought is of course you want my ‘better offer’.

You think that group is for people who can’t afford one-on-one. And when you go out to sell it like that, when your offer is I’m creating an offer for people who can’t afford my main better offer. That result is never going to be in large amounts of money. And many of you are still signing one-on-one clients and your groups are enrolling in small dribbles of clients. And you’re pricing your groups much cheaper, sometimes by half of what your one-on-one price is. And you’re really struggling to understand and sell why groups are so beneficial. I coach my 200K students on this all the time.

And many of you are also selling too many offers at too many price points. We have to reject so many 200K applications for this reason. Your business gives me a headache just looking at it. And I know that it will be extraordinarily difficult to unwind in your mind and to pull it from your hands. And if you think of, if you were really honest it gives you a headache too. Deep down if you were honest, having a lot offers at a lot of price points is stressful for you too. And listen, I get it, I used to have 60 offers. I wanted to please everyone. I wanted to scoop up all the money.

And many of you are making your offers from that place trying to scoop up all the money so you scoop up none of the monies. Many, many, many of you are trying to people please with your offers and your pricing. And for that reason, you’re also afraid to niche down. So you have multiple niches, you’re straddling a niche in general life coaching. You’re life and business coaching. All of this is in the way of selling your coaching and making a lot of money. So I’m going to help you. We’re going to clear this up.

In one week, you and me, we’re going to coach on all of these things. Your mind is going to transform around selling your offer. Your communication is going to get simpler and clearer. Your selling is going to be easier. You’re going to sell more coaching, a lot more of it. The only difference between my highest earning coaches and my underdogs are clarity, certainty and confidence in their offers, the way that they think about and feel about their offers.

Think about this, everything from your marketing to your consults, to your trainings, centers around what you offer. You can’t be unclear about it. You can’t have a bunch of limiting or unquestioned assumptions around it. So I’m going to share all of my wisdom with you. I’m going to help you understand your offer from your customers’ perspective. But I’m not going to teach at you every day. You can learn about offers but if you don’t actually believe the things you learn your brain won’t apply them. That’s why we’re going to coach on your offer.

There’s a difference between learning and coaching on something. This is where you actually find your specific limiting beliefs around your offer, your specific thought errors you have, the specific beliefs you don’t have yet to feel sold, and committed, and certain about your offer and your clients’ results from your offer. And we’re going to work through them. You’re going to develop new beliefs around your offer, beliefs that you actually believe, not mantras that you recite over and over. We’re going to find thoughts you actually believe that support you in selling your offer.

And you can do this by coaching with me personally or by watching another brave coach get coached and applying their coaching to your business and your situation. And both are extremely useful. When you watch others get coached, you’re not in the same strong emotion and nervousness that kind of tenses you and your brain up and clouds your thinking and your problem solving. You’re less emotional and you’re more logical in your approach to the solution. You can do a lot more self-reflection when you’re applying coaching someone else is getting to your own specific thoughts and beliefs.

And often coaches will present major issues that have you stuck, that you have, that you’re completely unaware. You have no idea you share that belief, that you have that same behavior, that you make that same mistake. You find hidden pieces of yourself. And then when you’re actually in the hot seat getting coached your emotions are so high but we are covering your specific issue on your offer and you’re getting to experience what it’s like to be coached firsthand. So there are pros and cons to actually getting coached and applying someone else’s coaching.

And you’ll have the opportunity for both. You can choose the engagement that works best for you. And you can apply both no matter what. No matter what level of participation you choose, everyone is transforming their offers. I am coaching on offers for an entire week straight. I’m giving you my brain, my experience and my presence on your businesses and on offers, on making really incredible offers that will sell to clients. I’m giving you my best thoughts around offers. I’m giving you my most useful questions and self-coaching to take my offer and my clients offers and sell the shit out of them.

And I’m coaching you into an offer that is a hell yes for you and that your clients will feel compelled to say, “Hell yes”, to the offers, where people throw money at you and you get paid. This is really an opportunity for you to never have drama around your offer ever again. I just go sell it for an entire 2022 to work out all of the drama at the beginning of the year and not carry it with you month after month, quarter after quarter.

To not get halfway through the year and not be close to your 100K goal, or your 500K goal, or your $1 million goal and start to give up. If that happens it is because of your offer. If you are a new coach starting out, that’s where I see most of your time wasted. That isn’t high quality time spent doing things that bring clients in and make money is you trying to decide your offer. I will literally give you my recommendations of what to offer and why.

So if you’re in a lot of drama and confusion and you don’t want to make the decision and you would rather just trust me and get moving, I’ll tell you exactly what to offer as a new coach and why. What to charge, for how long and how to offer it to people so that it does feel like a winning lottery experience. It is a hell yes for them, they are throwing money at you. And we will also cover when to raise your prices and when to transition to group and how to do it effectively.

The mindset that allowed me to change niches, to change offers so seamlessly and never drop in income. And we’re going to cover such a wide range of offer issues and cover so much ground in just one week, it’s going to make you an expert at creating offers, and thinking about offers, and selling offers. So this week is really open to coaches at every stage in business. I rarely do trainings that apply to everyone or containers that apply to everyone.

But for my new coaches wanting to make their first 2K to my $2 Million group students and those of you who are at the multiple six figure level, everyone should join offer week and do this work with me. Everyone will benefit immensely and immediately from this work. Everyone will see a huge difference in your revenue after this week.

Now, I always get people who ask me, “When are you going to do this again?” Because the dates conflict with their schedule, whether it’s vacation, or work, or whatever it is. And the absolute truth is I have yet, if you’ve followed me for a long time since the how to make money as a life coach in three simple steps, that was my first trainings for my newly branded business. If you’ve followed me from the beginning, you know this about me. I have yet to do these types of events twice. I have yet to do any training course event more than once.

I just have too many ideas, too many ways to teach that I just don’t often or ever revisit the same opportunity. It doesn’t mean we won’t a 100%. But it does mean I would strongly advise you to take it right now, like it’s the first, last and only time I will ever offer it. Now, we will be offering these classes end of this week in replay. So you can sign up and have access for life to this training. So if you want to be a part of it don’t wait for the next time I offer it. I may never offer it again live, this is it. I’m going to do it once, knock it out of the park and we’re all going to make a lot more money.

You just need one hour a day, one hour to make more money. I want you to really think that thought and choose that thought. One hour a day for five days straight, one business week. I just need you to dedicate one of those weeks and give one hour a day in order to make more money for the rest of this year. So you can sign up at The cost is $97. I made this super accessible to everyone. But I do want everyone in the class bought in.

I want a serious group, everyone that is raising their hand for coaching has paid to be there. They’re signed up, they’re committed, they’re all in for that session. I want you to have skin in the game and I want you to come ready to work, ready to coach, ready to apply the work, ready to sell your offer. And if you have not started selling yet, if you’re in a coach training or thinking about becoming a coach this is 1,000% the week you want to be a part of.

You want to have an offer that you are sold on that is a hell yes for you before you start asking other people to say yes. This work is just so important. You want to really understand what you’re offering and why and be sold on it. So that you can just get out there and spend all of your energy helping other people be a yes too.

I do think this is the reason I succeeded so quickly. I didn’t have a lot of drama around my offer. I decided and I started selling. And my decision came from a really high-quality thought process that I will share with you during our time together. Because I’ve noticed that I had a lot of thoughts, natural thoughts from my own experience that helps me create my offer in integrity, that made me very sold on selling it to other people. And it made it very easy for other people to say yes.

And after coaching thousands of coaches in 2K, and 200K, and $2 Million group I have noticed that coaches don’t have the same thoughts that I have. And they didn’t use the same high quality thought process I used to start my offers. So I’m going to share what that is. Because the most important thing to consider when you are thinking of what particular issue you have with your offer right now as you’re listening, what it is for you that holds you back just a little bit. You think it’s safely hidden in your thoughts, in the privacy of your self-coaching, but it’s not.

It’s hidden in the energy of everything you do. You have heard me say that your energy either attracts or repels clients. And that is a 100% true for energy around your offer. Your clients can feel it. And if it isn’t a hell yes for you it won’t be for them. And they won’t always know why. It gets disguised in lots of common objections like money. And I have to talk to my spouse. And I don’t have a lot of time. And I’m going on a vacation. And it’ll be so much better in the future. And I need to think about it. And I need to pray on it.

Those are all very common objections that people just say when they don’t feel comfortable to buy. And they don’t always investigate them. They’re not always true. Sometimes they know they’re not true. But they just don’t feel safe to buy and so they say those words. And you can evaluate your consults to death and you can do hundreds of consults. And you can work so hard on overcoming those very specific objections.

But the truth is the objections are there because you have them in your mind. The nos are just reflecting back to you your own no’s, your own thoughts and feelings about your offer. And if you aren’t selling and you don’t think it has to do with how you think and feel about your offer, you’re going to waste a lot of time fixing the wrong things. And you will do this endlessly especially if you block this out of your awareness and you don’t do this work with me this week.

I want to tell you, we teach overcoming objections in 2K for 2K. I have an entire module and 10 classes on it. And I say in those modules, I teach you how to overcome objections. I teach you the skill because in the beginning you are not sold on your offer. You are not sold that you can guarantee people results. You are not at the level of confidence that I’m at. And until you are for every offer you make, for every offer you have you will get objections. So you do want to know how to overcome them, I teach that.

So I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever need to learn them but the only reason you need to learn them, the only reason is because of this work around your thinking, and your feeling, and how sold you are on your own offer. So I want to spend time doing that, solving the root cause of the problem. So that you don’t have to be a ninja at overcoming objections. I strongly encourage you to do this work again. No matter what you think your issue is do this work on your offer.

I don’t care if you’re making $500,000 a year and I’m coaching a brand new coach. I promise you their coaching will be relevant to you. I’m going to make it relevant to everyone, every single moment we’re coaching I’m going to be teaching you my mindset and my reasoning as well. And you will be able to apply it to wherever you are in business. The same mindset I applied to selling one-on-one coaching, I applied it to selling 2K for 2K, and 200K Mastermind, and $2 Million group. And every single offer I’ve helped my clients create in my 200K Mastermind.

There are going to be so many thoughts floating in this week for you to just grab. That will change your revenue for the rest of the year. It’s going to be the biggest thinktank on offers that I’ve ever created. So again, you can join us at You can come create your offer that you’re going to sell for the rest of the year. You’re going to be a hell yes on that offer, sold. You’re going to believe it’s a winning the lottery experience for your clients.

You’re going to believe that it’s an offer that people will throw money at you for and then you’re going to spend the year selling it with ease. And I really highly recommend that you invite all of your coach friends, have them do it with you, discuss together after the calls. Make a study group out of it. Go total immersion for one week, it will truly be the investment you can make this year.

Alright, I’ll see you inside.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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