Ep #53: Selling with Appreciation

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This week, I’m teaching you a tool that is going to be your number one secret sales weapon. Learning this is going to up your business value as well as your own human experience like nothing else, and it’s what kept me going when growing my business was tough at the beginning.

As life coaches, gratitude or appreciation is something that we all know and practice; we even teach it to our clients. When things get hard though, when you’re not seeing the exact results you want, it can be easy to forget this practice. Because it is so crucial to showing up in your business in a way that is going to guarantee success, this week, I’m giving you some exercises you can start implementing to really harness that feeling state of appreciation.

It’s Christmastime, so what better time to practice feeling appreciative of your life than right now? Feeling like you don’t have enough – whether that’s money, clients, or time – really shows in your energy, and being in this space is only going to repel your potential clients. Let’s change that today!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How feeling appreciation can raise your business value and the quality of your experience like nothing else.
  • What you have to look at if you’re struggling to sell and not experiencing engagement or having consults.
  • How resisting negative emotions clouds your ability to coach.
  • Why my business was able to thrive even when my circumstances suggested it couldn’t happen.
  • 2 exercises to practice to hone in the feeling of appreciation.
  • Why writing down what you’re grateful for is such a powerful practice.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches. Welcome to episode 53, and Merry Christmas. If you’re listening to this today on Christmas Day, I just love you so much. Most of you will probably listen to this after Christmas Day. Part of me hopes that you’ll listen to this after Christmas Day. But if you’re listening on Christmas Day, maybe you’re driving on your way to relatives, I’m excited to spend Christmas with you.

If you’re listening after, I hope you had an incredible Christmas. I already know that we’re going to have an amazing Christmas. It’s December 11th, I’m recording this a little early. Neil and I are getting ready to leave for a romantic trip to Aspen where we’re going to ski and do the one-horse sleigh through the mountains and snow bunny at the St. Regis and just drink wine and look out at the snow hopefully, and have a good time.

And then we’re going to come back and we’re going to celebrate Christmas with our families and we could not be more excited. We did a photo shoot, I think I told you about it on the last podcast, but we did a photo shoot with the puppies. Our puppy Bella and the puppy that we gave his parents, Blaze, and then my dog Bear, although he did not want to participate.

But we did a photo shoot for Christmas and so we shopped early, we got gifts wrapped early. The joy of the Christmas spirit running all through the Boehman household. That’s how I feel. So I’m excited the day before I leave for Aspen to sit here and talk to you about selling with appreciation, which I think is the best sales tool that you could use all year long, always and forever. It could be the go-to thing that will always attract clients to you, that will always have you creating a lot of money.

It will literally sell more coaching than any sales email. Any livestream, anything that you do, who you are being and the vibration that you’re feeling will always be the number one foundational thing that you want to focus on.

So if you’re listening on Christmas Day, it really couldn’t be more perfect. Appreciation, let’s talk about that, is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something, and in this case, we’re going to refer to it as the recognition and enjoyment of the qualities of your life and your business.

Appreciation, if you remember me talking about the difference between your self-value and your self-worth, versus your business value, the value and the capital that you build in your brain and you deliver to clients, the business value. So appreciation will raise your business value more than anything ever and it’s going to increase the quality of your human experience more than anything ever.

And I think gratitude gets thrown around a lot. It’s kind of become a buzz word in the coaching industry. And it’s sort of lost its effect, but it really is the attitude of gratitude, and it’s a little bit deeper than that but that is the simplest explanation. So I want you to think about when you are in this place, when you are feeling appreciation, when you are feeling gratitude, I want you to think about how different you are.

And we’re going to compare that to how different you are when your entire feeling state, your entire body, your vibration, your vibe, whatever you want to call it, when you’re in the attitude of entitlement or any variation of that. Frustration, all the things. All the negative emotion that we sometimes get into that doesn’t serve us.

And an exercise that you can do today, just whenever you listen to this is I really do recommend that you find both of these vibrations in your body and you really do spend time questioning how you show up in the world when you have those vibrations happening in your body, when each of those feelings are present.

Like, who you are, how you approach things, and you could even get specific with specific circumstances, specific things in your business, specific things in your life when you’re in that space. Like how you interact with your kids, how you interact with your husband, how you interact with a problem that’s presented in your business, with learning something new, with being on a consult, with showing up on social media or emailing your list consistently.

You can take all those little examples and figure out very specifically what’s different about you when you’re radiating frustration and entitlement and things should be different. You’re not as far along as you want and feeling just really crappy about where you’re at versus when you are genuinely from your head to your toes feeling in love with your life and in love with your business, or grateful for it or appreciative of it.

It’s literally like you’re two different people. No one is exempt. Not even me. It happens all the time. So I think that we know, especially as coaches, we know that gratitude is so important. We know that appreciation is the way to getting more. I think logically, most of us teach our clients to some degree, some concept of this.

Whatever it is that you teach, I guarantee you have something that’s along these lines. And so I think that we know this logically and we teach our clients this all day long, but when we as coaches, when we try to change something massive in our life, we tend to forget. Because the normal human brain reaction is to focus on the program rather than the solution.

So, so many of my clients are out there trying to figure out how to make money or how to make more money, and focusing so hard on the problem all day, and the lack of results and the lack of consults, the lack of engagement, the lack of knowing how to do something, the lack of money. Think about how often this happens to you.

Your vibe slips and you don’t even realize it. Then you go out and you try to sell life coaching, which in my opinion, for the broad public, is the promise of happiness and a better life. Now, we all knows there’s lots of subtleties. We’re not going down that rabbit hole of what it really is and it’s different for everybody and every niche, but at the end of the day, what most people perceive life coaches to be is the promise of happiness and a better life.

We just had someone in 2K post that they had a friend that messaged them something kind of snarky about life coaches, and I just had her look at where is that showing up for her and being reflected back. Because I think a lot of times, our family and friends kind of poke fun at us being life coaches when our life isn’t reflective of the promise of life coaching, which is happiness and a better life.

When they see you not being an example of that work on a daily basis, and sometimes that’s just because you haven’t been that way longer than you were the person before you found coaching, the person that you were before you found coaching, oftentimes it’s just that your results haven’t caught up. They haven’t really – you’re not 100% living that after version of you all of the time.

They still see the before of you. So that happens for a lot of reasons. But I do think that that is what the perception of life coaching is, is that you’re promising happiness and a better life. So if this is what you’re selling and you’re having this promise of a happier life, and you try to sell that optimization, change, whatever it is, massive transformation, and you try to sell that from a place of being in the problem, in the not having this better life that you want, of course you sell nothing.

This is where it feels like you’re invisible to the world and no one’s watching and no one’s engaging and no one’s paying attention. If this is happening for you, my guess is your overall state of being, which is really just – a state of being is you have a thought that produces a feeling in your body, which produces actions that you take, results that you get, and then it keeps cycling itself.

So then you have thoughts about your results and then those produce feelings. And what happens is you start feeling like you’re thinking and thinking like you’re feeling and it just becomes your overall vibe, state of being, who you’re showing up in the world as.

And when that is of selling nothing and you’re experiencing this lack of engagement in the world, the world is not paying attention, just know that it’s telling you something, to look inward. To look at what is the predominant energy you’re carrying to everything you’re doing on a daily basis.

Now, if this is you, if you’re the person that’s not getting a ton of engagement, you’re not getting a ton of consults, you’re not signing, maybe you’re getting a ton of consults and you’re not signing clients, if you’re not getting the result that you want, this is the best news because there is a solution available and I’m going to tell you what it is.

You just have to pay attention to this one thing for just a little bit. But I think where you start is you have to do the exercise of bringing each of these emotions up in your body and seeing who you are and how you act and show up when you are in that emotion. I think it is the most eye-opening thing you can ever do.

I would even look at how do you coach when you’re feeling like you should have more results than you have or that things aren’t working for you in your life or your business, versus when you think everything is working and you are loving your results. I also want to be clear that I don’t mean that you should be this way all of the time. I’m a big believer in life is 50/50.

50% of the time things are going to suck a little bit. I am not that coach that’s going to tell you to just seek this higher vibe all the time and like, avoid anything negative and all of that. I think when you’re in the arena getting trampled on by the bulls and you’re like, really getting muddy and bloody and doing the hard work, there’s no way to just keep your vibe high in the sky.

That’s not what I’m saying here. I do want you to find the vibration, the feeling of being 100% in the feeling of appreciation, finding even exactly how that feels in your body, like it is radiating through your body, head to toe, and see how different your brain thinks.

The ideas you have access to, the motivation you have, the inspiration that comes to you. I find even for me, I hold the space for my clients more, which is just a fancy way of saying like, I coach harder. I create a space where I can tell them exactly, I can think clearly about their problem, I can tell them, I can laser in very quickly on exactly what it is and I don’t take anything personally, and it’s just this incredible space where I am coaching at the highest level that I can coach.

When I am stuck in my drama and my fears, I struggle to say the hard thing. I have to think about how to say it and I will sometimes fear pointing something out or challenging a client on something, especially when they come back and they’re not really open to coaching. And I miss things. I don’t have access to answers because my brain is clouded with emotion that feels bad that I’m often resisting. It makes it harder to think.

This is a little side rant. I just want to also say it’s like I’m walking a very fine line. Negative emotion isn’t bad and you can think clearly and do some pretty badass shit when you’re feeling bad, when you’re in negative emotion, but not when you’re resisting it.

But another layer of that is when you have the power of appreciation, you’re genuinely loving your life and genuinely loving your business and actively looking for all the ways to appreciate exactly where you are and exactly what you have, it’s like a league of its own. There is nothing that compares to that energy and that vibration and what you can accomplish in that energy.

Again, I don’t think you have to ride it all the time. I think you have to capitalize on it when you find it. So many people will ask me how I did it, how I built a business being broke and heartbroken and practically homeless, no furniture and living out of my car and two-star hotels way more than living at my apartment to work at the sales career and pitch some mops.

And people always ask, how did you do that when your life was the absolute hardest, when your bank account was negative, how did you go out there and sell coaching? And the truth of the answer is I found appreciation. I found a way to love my life as it was without it changing.

I found a way to fall in love with the stage of where I was in my business in that moment in a way where I could absolutely be obsessed with the thing I was doing and the thing I was working to achieve without feeling like I had to get to that place to enjoy it. I mean, especially – I just feel like especially where I was, the stack of circumstances I had happening for me, I just felt like if I could love my life here, if I can appreciate my life and my business exactly how everything is, I could do this with anything.

And if you can do that, nothing will be able to stop you. I remember having a moment where I was looking at my account, it was negative, and I was like, I could be happy living in a box. I literally don’t need there to be money in my account to feel joy in my body right now, and that’s exactly what I went out and did. I went to work, I radiated joy, I sold some slicers, and then I came home and sent emails out and wrote posts and signed some clients all at the same time.

Appreciation not only changes who you’re being in the moment and how you’re handling those situations that present themselves, but it does also increase your problem solving skills and it gives you access to higher levels of ideas and thinking and it makes you so in integrity with what you’re selling.

So I think that is why my business was able to be so hot even though maybe on the outside, if you were judging my circumstances, you might say this girl has no reason to teach other people about life and has nothing to offer other people. But I had so much to offer. None of my clients had to get results when I first started coaching in order to be happy. Well, really ever.

But like, I wasn’t selling them on results really. I was selling them on I can make a difference in your life now without anything changing. I can teach you how to have everything you want and nothing in your life has to change. It’s so powerful.

You become the example of what is possible through the work you’re selling. And then it makes it so easy to sell it. It makes it so easy to stand for somebody else who’s fearing taking the leap into it. Objections become easier to pinpoint and understand and coach through when you’re really doing this work and living in appreciation.

And people are drawn to you because of the energy you put off. It’s rarely what you say. It’s almost always how you say it, and how you say it changes dramatically when you’re in appreciation.

Another example that you can try, another exercise with appreciation is you can get yourself into this full appreciation for your life and your business. You might have to list off a million things like law of attraction calls it a rampage of gratitude. But you just get yourself to the state where you list off thing after thing after thing.

Imagine a video of that little girl that stands in front of the mirror. She’s got blonde ringlets and she’s like, I love my life, I love my parents, I love my house, I love my hair. She’s listing off all these things. So imagine you’re really genuinely in that place.

The work is really genuinely getting to the place. That’s the hardest part. But one you’re there and you feel it in your body as if it’s true, write something to your people, to your audience. An email, a post, whatever it is. Write something.

Now, don’t be writing and bawling your eyes out. You feel so much inspiration. You’ve got to be able to control that emotion a little bit. You want to be able to access your logical thinking. So don’t write fluff because that doesn’t resonate with your people either.

Don’t go to the other side of extreme, but get to this place where you genuinely feel this calmness in your body, full of appreciation and love and excitement for where you are exactly in this moment, and then write something. And then go compare it to something you wrote when you were really struggling.

You might have to look back, but you know, when you were kind of off and you were writing stuff to your audience. Go find something. And then can you feel the difference when you read it? Can you see the difference in the vibe, in the tone of the way that you’re talking?

We all have energy that people can feel. It’s like a scent. Only you can’t smell it, you can’t see it, you can’t hear it. But I always give this example to my people, it’s like, when you smell someone at the mall who smells amazing and they smell so good that you feel compelled to tell them, unless I’m the only weirdo who does that, or maybe they have on a purse or an outfit that visually is so compelling, you have to say something.

You can’t stop looking at them. You’re like, oh my god, I’m just obsessed with that. That is what appreciation does for you. It makes people not be able to stop looking at you. They feel compelled to reach out to you, to tell you, to ask you what it is you do and how you do it, they have to read everything you write. They follow you very closely.

Now, imagine that you pass someone in the mall who is very stinky, and it kind of takes your breath away. You have to instantly get away. Like, you have to get to fresh air fast. You are literally repelled and you think, oh my god, how does this person stink so bad?

First of all, can I just tell you guys, I feel like this happens to me all the time. You guys are going to die laughing but Neil will tell you, I genuinely have this experience. It happens all the time to me. One of two things. I either walk by very stinky people when I’m out in public, or I often walk through other people’s farts. It happens all the time.

You guys are going to die. It’s just the weirdest thing, but it always happens to me. It doesn’t matter where I’m at. Crate and Barrel, walking through someone’s fart. Everywhere I go, I’m like, how does this always happen to me? I don’t know what that’s about but I feel like I always have that experience.

Or if I’m at the grocery, at Whole Foods, it doesn’t matter where I’m at. I can be anywhere and I’m always like, Neil, oh my god, do you smell that? It may be because I’m very sensitive to smell, but anyway, now I’ve cracked myself up. Okay, back on track.

I swear it’s the weirdest thing to know about me. If that happens to you, I’m in it. Listen, it’s the worst. I’m going to hear so many messages about that comment. Alright, anyway, back on track. So entitlement, the feeling of entitlement, the feeling of frustration, the feeling of disbelief and negativity, that kind of – I’m not talking about negative emotion that serves you like courage.

I don’t know, I’m trying to think of another negative emotion. Discipline, that serves you. I’m talking about the negative emotion that doesn’t serve you, it’s kind of like the poo-poo attitude. That is when people are literally – when you’re feeling that way, people are literally repelled. They might not even know why. They just are.

I had a period in my business when I was trying to scale to a million, I was trying to sell a brand-new product. I was going into selling lower in coaching where I only had the experience of selling high in coaching, which people think it will be easier to sell cheaper products, it’s not. It was very difficult for me.

Anyway, so I was really struggling and still not even quite understanding the vision of where my program was going and my email open rates, which is just the rate at which people open your emails, and my social media engagement were the lowest they had ever been.

18 months later after I got my shit together and figured it out and got my vibe back up, like got through the river of misery, my clients would go on to tell me like, there was just this period where I really wasn’t connected to what you were saying and I didn’t really read a lot of your emails, and then there was just this switch.

Like I couldn’t even tell what happened, but it was just like I could see something was different, I could feel something different about you and I started reading all of your emails again and they really resonated with me and I just had to sign up with you. They didn’t know why. They just felt it.

Energy is such a hard thing to teach I find because it isn’t tangible and we have a hard time logically understanding it. But this is where our self-awareness grows is starting to just see how we show up differently with those two extremes, with those different energies, when you’re fully in it.

When you can start experimenting with appreciation as a vibration that kind of radiates through your whole body, because it becomes so easy to sell life coaching when you believe that your life is a miracle just as it is. That is the first switch. And you will start to see a difference, I promise. You just have to be willing to hang with me and try it, especially if you’re a coach who’s kind of in your brain a lot and very logical and very action-oriented and you’re used to coaching people’s action, this will be very weird for you.

So just bear with me, try it as an experiment. Consider it a Christmas gift. Okay, so another thing that is really powerful about appreciation is I think appreciation for where you are right now, for this moment, for exactly how much money you’re making in your business, how many clients you have, even if you have none, all the things that you’re just now learning to figure out, everything that’s happening in your life, exactly how much money you have in your bank account, exactly where you live, exactly the clothes you wear, the vacations you can take or not take, all of it.

One of the things that is the hardest thing to overcome is their fear of their client not getting results. And that is the reason clients don’t buy. Clients don’t buy because they’re afraid they won’t get results. The reason they really don’t buy is because you’re afraid they won’t get results and so you don’t sell them strong enough to get over their own belief of not getting results.

They don’t feel that energy of trust radiating from you to where they can lean into it and trust. But when you understand this idea that you can have the most amazing life ever without changing anything, that no results have to have been accomplished to be happy and to feel like your life is amazing and to truly genuinely believe that, it’s so easy to overcome the fear your client has.

When you know they can be happier and more fulfilled through coaching, even if they achieve zero results, other than shifting how they see the world, when you see not getting results as not a problem. Not like you just understand it logically but you get it in your bones. That is where the magic really happens with overcoming objections.

Your consults will be night and day. I was just coaching my 200K mastermind today and I was coaching some of them on not achieving their impossible goal, if it meant having to sacrifice their business and their goals and their simple offer and what they were trying to accomplish in the long run. You can only do that kind of stuff when you really understand that, when you really get the message deep down.

So if you want to just massively improve your consults, just your consults, not your life, not your business, just your consults, all you have to do is find out how your life is perfect exactly as it is and really believe that and work on believing that.

So I like to find things through my body first. That’s kind of how my brain has always operated is I can find a feeling usually before I can find a thought. I seem to be very in tune with that. I can notice even subtle shifts, but not everybody is like that. A lot of my clients respond better to getting in their brain about it.

So I want to talk about this two different ways so that if you are that person, it’s easier for you to get through it logically, that you can get started. So remember that appreciation is recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something of your life, of your business. It’s an everyday practice of what is basically good all around you.

So if this is you or you need to get into your brain to get into your body, make a list every single day. I know I give you guys – I’m always like, for the next 30 days or for 30 days straight or for an entire year, I always give you lots of things to like, writing prompts to do. And the reason for that is when you write it down, it becomes so much more real.

But one of the things that you can do is start writing down every day, create a practice. I did this for – I don’t even know. At least a full year in my business when I first started is I would write down every morning and every night my gratitudes. I would write down everything I’m grateful for in my life and it became this practice that then became who I just was.

First you have to kind of practice the muscle of finding the things and writing them down, and I remember the first time it was really hard and then it just got easier and easier and easier. And I did that for a long time in a written way until I could start finding that vibration just all the time and then it became the natural way that my brain tended to think.

And of course, I fall off. Sometimes I just get right back and I always start writing it out. So you can also do that is approach the thinking is how do you need to think about your life to appreciate it? What are all the ways that you could think about your business and right where you are in a way that makes you feel grateful or appreciation?

One of the things I used to think about is I’ll never get this moment back. I’ll never get the beginning of my business back and one day I’ll look back and I’ll feel nostalgia and I’ll never be able to return to this exact moment, so I want to love it as much as I can because I’ll never be here again. Finding thoughts that help you find that feeling.

Some of you can just find the feeling and then you’ll be able to figure out what the thoughts are. I wouldn’t get caught up in which way you do it. Just do one of them. Okay, so I’m going to give you a visual example. I’m going to give you a really good one that’s happening with me that I think will really clear it up.

And it may seem elementary, but I’m coaching with Brenda Lomeli on how to lose the last eight pounds, and I’m down almost three pounds. So woo-hoo. But in one of her modules, she has a program, and in one of her modules, I’m listening to it, she talks about essentially diet thinking versus life thinking.

And so she says when you’re on a diet, you’re kind of – diet mentality is kind of thinking very black and white, when you’re constantly obsessed with food and obsessed with dieting and obsessed with losing weight, it’s like you don’t see anything or think of anything else but food and losing weight and gaining weight, and you kind of just miss your life.

So she’s talking about when you have food cravings, and she offers a thought in the moment of, what else do I want my life to be about in this moment that isn’t about food?

So we were talking about my upcoming trip to Aspen, we’re about to leave for, and I was telling her a couple weeks ago that I just want to sit in the lobby of the St. Regis and I want to watch the snow fall and I want to feel all cozy and I want to talk to Neil about the year and I want to have a glass of wine and I want to feel all the Christmas feels.

And I just know I’m going to get there and feel guilty about drinking the wine, and I don’t want to feel guilty. And when I told her, I was kind of beating myself up and whining in my brain about the wine and whining about the wine, and whether I could have wine guilt-free or not. And she asked me to first think about all the things I was so excited to do that had nothing to do with the wine.

And I was like, what do you mean? I just said, I want to sit in the lobby and have wine. So when she repeated back all of the things that I had just said to her that were non-wine things that I was looking forward to doing, like feeling cozy, watching the snow, talking to Neil, sitting by the fire, I had missed that I had even said any of those things.

It was really fascinating. Even when I said it to you, you’re probably like, wait, what? That is what you said. But at the time, I missed that I said all those things. All I was obsessing about was I’m going to drink the wine, I’m going to feel really guilty, and I’d be really preoccupied, it’s going to ruin the trip.

And that I could only be happy if I was drinking the wine in that scenario, instead of I could not have the wine and still feel just the way that I thought I would feel by looking at the snow and focusing on that and focusing on my conversation with Neil. I was missing all of that, which means in the moment, I would have missed them too.

And this isn’t like, love your life and realize you have enough and realize you have everything and you should never need to work towards anything else and if you do that, it’s just going to attract everybody you ever wanted. That’s not what I’m saying here, but I am saying that when they see you have everything, when they see you experiencing that vibration of having everything, when they feel you having everything and think that you are the example of what they want, clients are going to come knocking. They’re going to want that.

And it will be so easy for you to give it to them because nothing in their life has to change for them to get that. They just have to focus on the snow. Not the wine. They literally just have to shift what they see is there and both are always there. The wine is always there, the snow is always there. Always.

It’s so much easier though to create more from having enough than not having enough. It’s so much easier to drink wine without regret or not drink wine, when wine isn’t even what you’re thinking about in the moment when you aren’t missing it. So what is the snow falling in your life?

What’s happening that you aren’t even seeing? What is amazing about your life? What do you love? Make a list. If you’re that logical person, even if you’re not, make a list of all the things that you have that you love. What is amazing about you right now without every changing anything? What are the things that you love about you? And what are the things that you love about this person that you’re about to get on a consult with or a coaching call with?

So many times you all judge the person that you’re on a consult with like they can’t afford it, they’re not ready to do this work, but who do you show up as when you believe that? How do you coach that person? How do you respond to their objections? And how would you respond, how would you coach them, what would be different if you truly appreciated this person, if you truly loved this person?

We were laughing at the last 200K live event. One of my clients realized that she’d been writing her copy from the place – I think I might have even told you guys this, of like, what is wrong with you? Why don’t you want to buy coaching?

And we all had a good laugh but I think a lot of you talk to your audience with that tone and with that feeling without even realizing it. Because you’re not happy with your life, they become part of the problem of contributing to you not being happy with your results because they aren’t engaging and they’re not buying.

But what if you truly felt appreciation for everyone that comes your way, even if they get on the call immediately and they’re like, I don’t have money, I can’t buy from you, I’m just here for a free call? I’ve had that happen to me before. I was like, alright, well just so you know then, I’m going to coach you harder than you’ve ever been coached over the next hour because I don’t waste my time.

I just went all in. I knew she wasn’t going to buy. It was like, I’m going to give her everything I can and I appreciated the opportunity to practice with her. So for every person that engages with you, rather than focusing on everyone who doesn’t pay you, how can you appreciate them?

Focusing on all of it. When you are connected to love for your people, for who you want to serve, when you are connected to the person on the other end of the phone, filled with appreciation and love for them, you will be a completely different person who creates completely different results.

And this isn’t fluff. It really is the way the world works. It’s how energy moves. It’s where your focus goes, your energy flows. Your vibe, your energy, your focus is your secret sales weapon.

I teach you all in 2K the skill that you need to run a sales call with a client. And I teach you the psychology of sales and I teach you clean selling and how to build long-term relationships that will grow your business in the long run. And if you do all of that, the 2K process with writing the vibration of being an example of what’s possible with this work, of appreciation and full belief of where you’re going before you even get any results to prove it, that is where all the magic happens.

You raise your business value times 1000 when you’re in that state of being. With the skill of selling, it’s like, combined, lighter fluid on fire. I’m going to leave you with this story. I have a client in 200K and this is her work, 100%. We just talked about it.

She constantly creates these huge lavish goals from the place of not appreciating where she is, not living in the miracle of the moment. She makes a steady 3K to 4K a month, and she thinks that 10K, she’ll finally be in the miracle. But every day, the energy of not enough and that is what pours out of her pores. It’s what comes out of her pores.

So imagine when that is what is seeping out of her skin, how she interacts with her clients and her audience. How she uses her time, how she shows up in her business every day. One of the biggest things she struggles with is consistency because it’s hard to be consistent with something that isn’t fun.

It’s like, all of her energy goes into escaping where she is, escaping her results. So what she does instead is escape her business. She distracts herself with other things. She gets distracted with her job, with Netflix, with Facebook, everything but having fun and working in her business towards her goal.

It’s hard to create anything from there. Escaping the emotions you’re feeling, escaping the life you have, escaping the business you have. Instead of loving where she is, seeing it as a miracle, which is truly optional, many of you listening would think 3K to 4K a month would be a miracle.

I thought it was. I thought it was a miracle when I was making 2K a month. I was like, I have a real business. I make $24,000 a year. That thought served me well. I bragged to my whole family about it, to my friends. I thought it was incredible. I rode the high of the miracle of life coaching and how anything was truly possible.

So you know what I created? More things being possible. I created more impossible things. And the only times I have hit massive bumps in the road for me is when I slipped from this. It’s when I slipped from appreciating truly exactly where I am.

This is the only time that you will ever be here. How do you want to feel about it now? How do you want to remember it? I want you to think about this. Alright, Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. I appreciate you.

I appreciate you listening and leaving reviews and me getting to read them. I appreciate you going out there and helping the world be a better place and helping humans have a better experience in this one life they get. I just appreciate you. Alright, go appreciate your life, appreciate your business, appreciate exactly where you are, appreciate your audience, appreciate your clients, appreciate your consults. Love you all. I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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