Success Expectancy

Having a sense of belief in your potential success is a vital part of any business. However, when you see people in a community like 2K for 2K who are making more money than you and signing clients faster, it’s so easy to get caught up in what I call Success Expectancy. It sounds harmless, but getting caught in this spiral can seriously set you back.

The number one thing that takes new coaches out of the game of making money is thinking that things should be happening faster, bigger, and better, and believing that something has gone wrong if they’re not seeing the results they expected. I did this myself in the early months of my business. And let me tell you, the sooner you can ditch these thoughts, the sooner you will start making money.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover how success expectancy harms your business before you’ve even really got going. I’m sharing how to spot whether you’re stuck in success expectancy, and my five strategies for getting out of it so you can start to move your business forward.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why success expectancy harms your business more than you might think.
  • How the belief that what you’re doing in your business isn’t working becomes a spiral of negativity.
  • The ways that we misdiagnose what is and isn’t working when growing our business.
  • What you need to hear right now if you’re stuck in the energy of believing that nothing is working.
  • How to question yourself so you can get clear and realign your beliefs about what success really looks like in your business.
  • Why you will never be able to generate the results you want in your business if you’re focused on what should be.
  • 5 strategies for getting out of success expectancy so you can start to really move your business forward.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches. Welcome to episode 79. Before we dive into today’s topic, I want to shoutout some of my students in my 200K Mastermind. I don’t do this a whole lot. I talk a lot about my 2K students because y’all need the belief bump, the celebration.

But my 200K students are doing some crazy stuff and I think y’all need to know about it. So, I’m going to shoutout some students. We do, every month, a check in for how much money they’ve made for the year, so year-to-date, and then how much money they’ve made mastermind-to-date.

This current one started in February, so the numbers are pretty much close to the same. So, I’m going to share with you their year-to-date numbers. And I do I want to say that a lot of these students, another reason I want to shout them out, is because this is not their first round in this mastermind. And I’ve watched them come in and work round after round, no matter what’s happening in their lives.

A lot of them have experienced challenges, husbands losing jobs, kids being at home during the pandemic, long, long rough spots in their business of being in the river of misery. And they just come through year after year, round after round, and make more and more money. And some of these students will be moving into my Two Million Dollar Mastermind next year because they’re going to be ready to scale their businesses, which is so much fun.

This is not an entirety, like a list in entirety of the students killing it in the mastermind by any means. Not all of them have even commented their numbers. But from the ones who have commented their numbers so far on this thread, I had to shout them out and let you know what is possible when you stick with growing your business and you continuously up-level your growth and go after it, six months at a time. That’s what we do in the mastermind.

So, we’ve got to shoutout Samantha Siffring. Year-to-date $354,000. What on earth? Actually, it’s technically $354,100. Seriously killing it. Lindsay Dotzlaf is at almost $200,000 for the year. Elizabeth Salazar is at almost $250,000 for the year. Simone – Simone, what are you doing? $410,000. What?

Y’all heard her podcast. She was recently on, Simone Seol. And she is a killer when it comes to marketing. $410,000… actually, it’s $410,804. I’m rounding some of these up. Not by much, but just giving you the rough numbers. It’ so good.

Ellie Zagel, $72,000. Last year was her first $100,000 year, so this year, she’s going to do more than that. It’s just so exciting to watch them do almost what they did in an entire year in the first six months of this year.

Catherine, $126,000, we’re halfway through the year. What? And she says that she made zero dollars in January. So, that’s pretty amazing, from February to June, to where we are now. I’m recording this on June 24th. That’s pretty freaking amazing.

Who else have we got? Vicky. Vicky was our underdog for this round. She hadn’t even made $25,000 when she applied and I told her she had to make $25,000 by the time we started. She’s made $71,000 this year. What?

Lindsey Mango. She’s made $200,000 this year and we took all of her offers away. She had a lot of them. And she was selling, like, really high-end coaching and making a fuck ton of money doing it. And we took all of it away and she created one simple offer for $2000. And she’s made $200,000 this year so far.

She’s going to make a million dollars in the next 12 months for sure. And it’s so exciting to watch her scale her business in a way that’s so simple, that’s allowed her to move and have so much time for herself and really enjoy her life, which is what she teaches her clients. So, it’s so fun. So, I’ve got to shout Miss Mango out. Miss Goodman… I married them. I should know this. It’s Lindsey Goodman. But I think she goes by Lindsey Mango on social media.

Anyways, Amy Latta, almost $130,000 for the year. You guys, these aren’t even all the numbers. Half the people haven’t even commented theirs. I’m so excited to see where everybody else is. But I had to shout them out because I think it’s pretty incredible that this is what is able to be possible selling life coaching.

I also thought it would be the perfect intro for today’s episode. Are you all ready? It’s called Success Expectancy. That’s the concept that we’re going to talk about. And it’s not what you think. You’re going to hear those numbers and be like, “What? Where’s my success? Where’s it at?”

Listen, the number one thing that takes new coaches out of the game of making money is thinking that things should be happening faster than they are, they should have results bigger than they are, and something has gone wrong. It’s taking too much time, and ultimately, it’s really that belief of, “I should just be somewhere else than I am right now.”

So, the way that I think about success expectancy is it’s the expectation of success that actually harms you rather than helps you. It has you looking at everything in your business as if it isn’t working. And once you’re in a spiral of, “It’s not working,” you just create more of, “It’s not working.” And I really suggest looking at how you specifically do that to yourself when you are believing it isn’t working.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you have your head in the sand and tell yourself that your business is working and your results are fantastic when you’re sitting on the couch eating cookies or you’ve done 49 consults in a row and they’ve all been no, or you’ve been in massive action, like posting every single day, emailing your list, going like crazy for two years and you still haven’t made any money.

There are times to tell yourself, like, “Listen, something I’m doing isn’t working. What am I missing?” But what I have found is that the situations are more often misdiagnosed. Results are more often misdiagnosed. More often, it is actually working according to just what is normal about how long it takes to grow a business. And then you think it isn’t.

And then you create this entire reality of, “It’s not working,” and you create for yourself more not working by how you start spiraling and walking around and doing everything, marketing your business, interacting with clients, doing the consults from the mindset and energy of, “It’s not working.”

That intangibly puts a wall up between you and you clients. Which is the most frustrating thing because it’s an intangible thing. You can’t see it. You sometimes can’t even feel it. It’s not in your own awareness. I always say it’s like you have negative energy odor but you can’t smell it, right?

So, it’s like this invisible thing that’s blocking you from clients. And you’re the one creating it, but then you can’t see it. And it’s so frustrating because it makes it really hard to fix it. And you all hear me say this a lot, this works with literally everything. We talk about it in 2K all the time, that no one wants to hire a life or a business coach whose predominant thought all day long is, “It’s not working.”

Whether this thought is in your life or your business, it’s like, no one wants to hire the life coach who thinks their life isn’t working. No one wants to hire the business coach who think their business isn’t working.

I remember a time where I was making really good money where I went through a solid six or seven-month time where I was trying to scale my business to a million and it really felt like nothing was working. And I had clients now who are my clients in 200K now – Maggie Reyes is one of them – who unsubscribed from my list. She was like, “This messaging just is not resonating with me.”

And when I finally flipped the switch, which we’re going to talk about how to do today, she actually had someone else tell her, “you’ve got to get back on Stacey’s list. This shit is good.” And it was just the energetic switch. My messaging hadn’t changed that much. But my vibe and my energy and the way that I was coming through in my emails did.

So, many of you walk around with this energy just because you have the success expectancy working against you. So, let me give you an example. This actually, I recently coaches in 2K on this. And this kind of like paraphrasing. But I was coaching a client who was suffering a lot on her business, thinking that the process, her business, even the program 2K wasn’t working.

And again, I’m paraphrasing here, just for you to kind of get the idea. But essentially what had happened is she had signed a few clients, she made her money back, and then several months when by and no more clients came. And so, she started telling herself it wasn’t working.

Then she started not showing up to get coaching in 2K and not getting help in the program. And I’m sure that that energy was affecting her business and her productivity and just how she was interacting with people every single day.

Here’s what I told her. So, I want you to just, like, really hear this. She was just living in the illusion that everything was going wrong because of what she thought success was supposed to look like. As in, she thought it was supposed to go like this. She makes her 2K back and then she just keeps making money. And I told her, it was just like a thought error.

That’s the way she thought it was going to go. That’s the way she thought it was supposed to go, that that’s the way it goes for everyone is you make your 2K back and then you just keep making money.

And then, I blew her mind with this little truth. I too signed two clients almost right away in my business and made a few thousand dollars. And then, I signed none for four months. The only difference between her situation and my situation, in this example, is I didn’t tell myself it wasn’t working. That was the big glaring difference.

We both signed clients right away. We both made money right away. And then, we both went several months without signing clients. She told herself it wasn’t working. I told myself it was working. And because I told myself it was working, I kept working.

I worked to meet people, tell them I’m a life coach, make offers to help them. And then, four months later, I signed four clients back to back in the same week. Three paid in full, and so I had like $15,000 sitting in my account. And then two months later after that, I signed 16 more clients.

So, my ability to weather the storm and not have the expectation for what it should look like had me showing up working toward success, not expecting it, and beating myself up and spinning out about it not going well and not working. You cannot underestimate the momentum and the compound effect of staying in massive action, failing, and improving, and telling yourself and believing it is working for 12 months straight.

Think about this. I started my business in July of 2015 and I signed one client. And then, in August, I signed the next client. It was like August or September, or maybe even October. Actually, I think it was October. It was Lindsey Mango. I think it was October, so it might have been a couple of months back. It’s been almost five years now, so I need to go back and figure it all out and write it down.

So, I signed her sometime between August and September. So, I had two clients. But I started my business in July. So, between July and October, two clients. I had also two other clients that started somewhere between July and December and then quit at some point. So, they didn’t coach for very long.

And then nothing until April. So, if you look at October to April, or July to April – I wrote this down in my notes and now I don’t remember when I did the math. I just have in all caps, “10.MONTHS.LATER.” So, whatever, 10 months later. I don’t know if I was counting from July or October.

But 10 months went by without a substantial amount of success. And then, I hit six figures two months after that. I signed 16 clients over eight weeks. You really have to notice what you think success is supposed to look like. How do you think it’s supposed to go? What do you think isn’t supposed to be happening?

I want you to really ask yourselves these questions. Stop the podcast. Jot it down in the notes of your cellphone or write it down, unless you’re driving and listening to this. Don’t do that. Or go back and listen. And you can get the show notes too. But ask yourself these questions. You have to ask yourself, sit down and explore these questions.

What do you think success is supposed to look like? How do you think it’s supposed to go? Really answer that. What do you think isn’t supposed to be happening that’s happening right now in our business? What are you telling yourself is happening for other people and not for you? Such a good question.

Because sometimes, we’re comparing and despairing and we don’t even realize we’re doing it. So, ask yourself that question, what are you telling yourself is happening for other people and not for you? Our 2K community and our 200K community are some of the most inspiring coaching communities I have genuinely ever seen or been a part of.

On any given day, you can go in there and see the reality of money being made in this industry all day long, like celebration after celebration. There are tons each day. It’s not an exaggeration. But some of you all use tis incredible gift of community and being shown what is possible all the time by other people celebrating, you use that against yourselves.

I didn’t have anyone. I didn’t have a community to learn from and definitely not a space where I was seeing proof that money was and could be made every single day in our profession. Like, I wasn’t seeing notification after notification, “Signed another client. Signed another client.”

Y’all could use that for yourself, right? Like, “It’s possible, it’s possible, it’s possible. Someone else is doing it. Someone else is doing it. There are people out there that want coaching.” Like, every time you see a notification in 2K or 200K and someone said they just made $4800 or they just signed three clients, you could literally choose thoughts that were like, “Holy shit, this really is possible. There are so many people that want coaching. There are so many people that fid this valuable.” You could use that for yourself. But many of you use it against yourself to compare and despair. And you didn’t even realize it.

Now, I didn’t have the same awareness of possibility. But here’s what I was thinking about while I was prepping for this podcast, is with awareness of possibility, you know, life is 50-50. Once you experience true joy, be ready because you will experience true pain. You just can’t have one without the other.

So, with awareness of possibility also comes expectancy, “Well, she’s doing it. I should be able to do it. Why am I not doing it? Wy is it not happening for me?” And I didn’t have that as much. It was just like, there was no awareness of life coaches signing clients everywhere and money just being made every day. I just didn’t have that awareness.

So, when I wasn’t making money, it wasn’t as dramatic of a something has gone wrong. Now, just because the circumstance was different in my scenario, I don’t think that matters. Now that it’s in your awareness, now that I’m bringing it to your awareness, you can just notice it and take charge of your mind and manage it better and notice when you’re doing this, right?

When you’re, like, letting those notifications or letting seeing other people or imagining – sometimes, y’all just imagine my story was easier than it was. You guys imagine I made money faster than I did. You guys imagined that I was just signing clients from the beginning all the time, right?

Someone came to me the other day in 2K and was talking about, like 10 people in a row told her no. And I’m like, “Yes, my first 12 people told me no. And it was like, I saw it on her face, the shock. “What? Stacey failed?” Yes. I just didn’t have that – I just was like, yeah you don’t sign clients for months. That’s how I thought it was; you just don’t sign clients for months. That’s the way it is. You sign a client, and then a couple months go by before you sign another client.

Genuinely, that’s just how I thought it worked. So, I didn’t have the drama of, “It’s not working.” I didn’t have anyone to gage how long it should take against, right? I didn’t have the awareness that it was taking a long time or that what was happening was abnormal.

But some of you, you use the – and I feel like I’m hammering this home a little bit, but I just really want y’all to get it, is like some of you are using seeing other coaches succeeding around you and you just subtly start to expect it yourself and think that should be your journey. And then it doesn’t and you think something has gone wrong, when in fact it hasn’t.

And also, you have to remember, especially if you’re in 2K, it’s not the same people posting every day. we have 1500 people in the group. It’s different people all the time, right? It just adds to, like, everybody is making money and I’m not. And so, you just have to be really careful. It’s like the most amazing space until it isn’t when you aren’t using your mind properly and using it for you, right?

So, here’s what I really want you to think about and take from this episode. When you are busy expecting that things should be going one way or that they shouldn’t be going the way that they are, here’s what you aren’t busy doing. You aren’t busy working. You aren’t busy believing. You aren’t busy meeting people and serving them and making offers.

You are preoccupied with what should be and therefore cannot be focused on what is. I want you to hear me on that. When you’re focused on what you think should be, you can’t be focused on what is. And it doesn’t mean that you don’t try to change it. It just means that when you’re expecting, it makes it really hard to be working.

It makes it really hard to say, “This is what I’ve got now. This is what I’ve got to do. This is what I’m moving forward with.” You’re too busy resisting. So, anytime you’re not allowing what is, you’re resisting. And resisting is not the energy that will ever create clients.

Now, I also don’t want you to beat yourself up if this is what you’ve been doing. So, be very careful. I feel like, in the world right now, we have a lot of emotions. Everyone’s working really hard to process some very strong, deep emotions. And there’s a lot of shame, a lot of beating yourself up that’s happening in the world.

And so, I don’t want you to add onto that. I want you to be very tender and compassionate with yourself if this is what you’ve been doing. It’s just glorious that I have the opportunity to come here on this podcast and show you this, as a way to be aware, so that you can make a change. So, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t add on. Just become aware that when you have success expectancy, you make things take longer.

Okay, so let’s talk about when you’re in this place of thinking it’s supposed to look a certain way and it doesn’t and thinking something has gone wrong and in taking all of your actions from that moment forward, from the place of something has gone wrong, and then creating more of something has gone wrong, right? Think about a consult, or when you’re writing a blog or an email and you think something has gone wrong. That’s a general belief about you and your business.

Think of the energy and what you create, how you show up when that’s happening. So, when that is happening, what can you do about it? So, how can you get out of success expectancy and get into work that will actually fuel your business forward?

Number one, you want to get real about the facts. So, I was coaching someone the other day in 2K and she was telling me that she had spent two years writing and delivering content with no offers in her business and hadn’t made any money.

And then, in the last 30 days, she’s actually been making offers. And what’s been happening in her brain is she’s been believing that she’s been working in her business for two years and 30 days and she’s been doing the work for two years and 30 days and not gotten the results.

And what I told her is if you don’t make any offers or tell people how to buy from you, you can’t count any of that work as time you spent in your business. You have to just, like, erase those two years. Which, you know, you have to do your work to get over that piece of, like, “But it’s not fair, that’s so frustrating.” But really, you have to let the two years go,

If you’re listening and you’re in the same boat where, or two years, you didn’t make any offers and you just delivered content, it’s like, you just can’t let that count anymore. You have to get factual about how long have you actually been making offers? 30 days. Okay, that’s the starting point of your business, when you actually start making offers.

So, a lot of times, we like to count, like, when we first hired a life coach, when we first went to certification or when we first took this course or when we first started putting our toes in the water. Like, you can’t count that stuff. You have to count, like, when did you actually start making offers and selling your business? That’s when your business started.

So, I told her she had to erase all the other two years. She had to get factual with herself about how many days she’d actually been really making offers and selling her coaching.

Another thing to ask yourself is how much work have you actually done? How many offers have you actually made? I had somebody tell me the other day that they just couldn’t make any program or personal development work for themselves and that 2K was just another one that they weren’t able to make work for themselves.

And I asked her how many offers she’d made. And I can’t remember her exact number, but I think it was like, two. And I’m like, “Okay, are you willing to make 100? Can we have this conversation again after you’ve made 100? Let’s get out there and make some offers.”

There was a time – and I’ll give you another little story – there was a time when I realized in my journey, in that year that I told you, the July to April, there was a time where I realized I was making half-assed offers. I really saw it.

I remember coaching with my coach about it and I remember she had asked me, “Yeah, but what exactly did you say when you made that offer?” And we really got to the bottom of I’d been half-assing all of my offers.

And so, I started making more bold, clear, direct offers. And my energy shifted from, like, “Don’t you want to work with me?” and, “I don’t know if anybody wants to work with me.” To, “You should definitely hire me right now.” That energy shift didn’t happen in July.

So, I could be upset in April with where my business was. But I was looking at what was really happening and what wasn’t. When I sifted in April, it was like, “Game on. Now I’m serious about myself, about my business, my profession, my offer, you as my client. Now my business starts.”

So, you have to gather the facts. Not, when do you think you launched your business? Not, when did you start putting your toe in the water? But when did you get serious? When did you start selling your business and making offers? And how many have you made? How much have you actually sold? How many times have you tried to sell yourself and your offer?

And that leads into number two. So, number two is 10X your effort. Whatever you think is the amount of effort it will take to achieve something, 10-times that. That will get you closer to what it actually will take. And I actually want to recommend Grant Cardone’s book called The 10X Rule, one of my favorites of all time.

And one of the things he talks about in this book is that how often people fail because they misunderstand the amount of effort and energy required. They miscalculate the massive action needed to achieve something and they give up before they achieve what they want, believing – are you ready for it – that it isn’t working.

And he says, like, you just calculated the effort and the action wrong. That’s it. That’s all that happened. You started believing that you can’t make it as a life coach and as a business owner, but only because you calculated the effort and the action wrong, only because you had an expectancy of what success was supposed to look like.

I know it’s crazy. This could be really frustrating for some of y’all that are in this space. But that really is all that’s happened. You just had expectancy of what success was supposed to happen and look like. And I think this happens a lot with belief. You try on a new belief for like half a day, and if it doesn’t work, you move on and try something else.

You miscalculate the amount of time and effort it takes to work one model, one new thought, until you are truly in alignment with it. I have seen students work their models for a year before they truly step into it.

I was just watching coaching from one of my students, Brig, from I guess it was over a year ago. So, she was in my mastermind for two rounds, for over a year last year. And I was watching two old coaching calls that we did on her current niche that she is currently working on, where we had just introduced the idea. And we were, like, coaching on complete resistance to her being the person stepping up and being a leader in the Black community, as a Black coach for Black women.

And it’s so interesting now, like a year later, she’s fucking killing it and stepping up even bigger than I think I imagined in that moment a year ago. But I was watching her grappling with that. And in the coaching, I told her, you might have to work this model for a year. And now here we are a year later and I know she’s been working on it.

And I hate using the word manifesting. And I know some of y’all love it, but it’s not my thing. But it feels like her work is now showing up in her results, right? Her work of now working on that belief and that model of she is important and her work is important and she is the person and she is valuable and she is the one to do this work.

It’s showing up in this world and now she’s being a leader in 2K. She’s being a leader at The Life Coach School and being a leader at a time in the world where it’s needed the most.

So, I just want you to think about, like, how much effort, are you willing to put in 10-times the amount that you think it will take in order to create a result, in order to truly believe something new, in order to make a niche work, in order to do your work in the world.

It took me 15 months to truly believe that I could make a million dollars and then actually do it. 15 months. It takes some people 18 months or two years even before they hit 100K. Some longer. Nothing has gone wrong. And if you think it has, most often, in most cases you have simply miscalculated.

So, you just need to recalibrate, what’s the time and effort that you think it will take? And then 10X that shit. That will get you closer. It just gives you perspective. We get such tunnel vision on our success journey. You have to get perspective.

Now, another way to do this, number three, is to check your commitment. How long are you in this for? Are you in this for life? Like, honestly, that was my truth. When I found coaching, I was moved so deeply. I remember feeling like everything I heard was a missing truth that I knew I was missing about life but could never put my finger on.

And I couldn’t imagine not having a coach and not being a coach. So, I was truly willing to spend the next five, 10, 15 years working on making my business work. I remember thinking, like, “What else am I going to do? Work for someone else the rest of my life? That’s going to be hard too. So, let’s do the hard thing that sets my soul on fire and makes my life feel purposeful.”

So, how long are you in tis for? Get real about that for yourself and your reasons and never let yourself forget it. If it takes five years to make 100K, if it takes one year to make your first 30K, if it takes four months or six months to make your first 2K when you compare that to the rest of your life, it won’t seem so bad.

And think about it. Some people work the corporate or blue-collar ladder and never get to 100K. I pitched for seven years and never had a 100K year. So, was I willing to put seven years into building my business? Even if after seven years I only made 60K, I’d still be replacing my income at my old job doing something I loved more than selling mops.

Now, does it mean it will take this long? No. But if you’re willing for it to, it takes you out of resistance and expectancy and into allowance and massive action. It allows you to settle into the present moment. And this is where we do the work, in the present moment.

Which brings me to number four, which is find joy in the process and joy for where you’re at now. A lot of you experience success expectancy because of your ambition. You want to be somewhere else so much more than where you are now.

And this happens a lot in my 200K mastermind. I feel like, right around the 60K mark, for some reason, some people will just melt down because they think they should be at 100K. And then they spin out for months and slow their progress down and start hating their business.

And my 2K students, they come in thinking that having their own business, having clients – really pay attention if this is you. If you think having clients will make your life better, that it will make working your business more fun, that it will mean you can believe that it was worth it.

Your ambition to be a successful life coach makes you want to escape the part where you aren’t yet successful. I read Bob Iger’s book, it’s called The Ride of a lifetime. His experience of 15 years as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company and his whole career leading up to it.

It’s such a good book. He’s such an example of, in the book, he sets such an example of being where you are and being the best at the stage you’re in, in that moment, and not letting your ambition make you hate the journey and the process and get in the way of you being all in for this moment.

And he said, he saw that happen with a lot of people who had the ambition to become CEO. They let their ambition turn into expectancy. And then, when they didn’t get what they expected when they expected it, they would let that turn into resentment.

You can’t grow a business or change your life, or in the example he gave, become a CEO from resentment of where you are. It makes you crash and burn at the role that you’re currently in. And then you just create more resenting. Not in a manifesting way.

Like, do a model for yourself on this. If you’re in 2K, post your findings in the group. Run a model on when you’re feeling expectant, resentful entitled, restless. Whatever the emotion is for you, how do you show up? Who are you being? What do you do specifically? You have to get really specific.

You can’t, like, be vague about this shit. You’ve got to get really specific. Exactly how do you write that email? Exactly what do you do on that consult and what result does it create? You will see exactly what gets you from feeling resentful to creating more to feel resentful about. Like, it’s not airy-fairy. It’s plain and simple. You can write it down and see it plain as day.

And I have said this until this beginning of time, you have to love the life that you have now to sell life coaching. No one wants to buy life coaching from a life coach who hates their life. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have goals and desires and ambition. But ambition from gratitude and joy is different than ambition from not enough and resentment.

And if you approach your business each day with frustration and resentment and agitation and expectancy, you will hate building your business. It will just be miserable for you. It doesn’t even matter if clients buy from you or not.

I want you to love your business. And I don’t want everything for you to feel hard. This is what I’ve truly realized. Because I’ve got to the point now where our business brings in way more money than we can spend, and here’s what I’ve learned. I’m in a place now where I work harder and I create more than I ever have created. It has nothing to do with the money.

The more I love my business, the more I want to work and create. And I’m in a place where I love everywhere I am, even when I’m not where I want to be. I want to be a better leader. I want to be a more diverse coach, a more inclusive coach. I have so much work to do But I’m still going to find joy in the growth of where I’m at now and in the journey of growing into that person.

And the more I do that, the more I just genuinely want to get up in the morning and get into my office. The more resentful I feel towards my business, which does come up for me. I don’t want you to think it doesn’t. It does come up for me. The more I feel resentful, the more I want to rebel and lash out against it.

So, your first step in making money might need to be finding one thought that allows you to feel joy or have enjoyment in whatever action you are taking in the current moment, whatever place you are in, in your business; loving what is right now in this moment.

And number five – these all kind of lead into each other – the last one to help you get out of success expectancy is track all of your progress, even your non-monetary progress. You have heard me talk about this before. It’s creating a track record of achievement.

When you get antsy about what you don’t have, you ground yourself in what you do have. What have you accomplished? Where have you grown? What is different now than two years ago, two months ago, two weeks ago, two days ago?

I want you to genuinely sit down and do journal prompts on this. Answer these questions. See how far you have come. It makes it so much easier to trust how far you will go. It’s like that quote that, if you listened to the podcast where Neil and I had a money conversation, he said, “You’ve never been more successful than you are in this moment today.” And that really was profound for me.

Even in the times where I wasn’t signing any clients, I could see how that was true. How is that true for you? How have you never been more successful than you are right now in this moment?

Someone actually posted this on Instagram. She helped even open my eyes to it. She talked about, like, how do you have more tools and experience now than you did yesterday? How have you had more growth? How do you have more perspective? What new beliefs do you have that you didn’t have six months ago? You have to pay attention to that.

Okay, so notice when you are thinking success should look different, that your journey should look different, that it should be happening faster, or easier. Notice when that expectancy turns into resentment and spinning, and then start to turn it the other way.

Okay, go back and listen to this over and over and over. And if you’re in 2K, post the prompts for some of these questions I have suggested or the models that I have offered for you and we can do this work together. And if you’re not in 2K, get in 2K, what are you doing? Alright, I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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