Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Scaling Your Selling with the PSPR MethodFor the next few weeks, I’m introducing you to two major components of scaling that I started engaging with when I launched 2K for 2K and began selling a group program for the first time. The switch from selling high-end one-on-one coaching to learning how to sell a group program for the masses was a long road, and this is when I developed the PSPR Method. 

If you’re in 2K for 2K and have been following along with the students in the 200K Mastermind, you may have heard the term PSPR Method thrown around, and I’m officially introducing you to it today. This is an advanced concept that you might not be able to use in your business right now, but I promise you’re going to gain a lot out of this episode. 

If you’re finding yourself needing to dig deep for motivation, inspiration, energy, and creativity to sell, the PSPR Method is going to be your best friend. I’m showing you how to develop your PSPR Method, how using it effectively is going to scale your selling, and why this is the gatekeeper for everything in your business coming together.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the PSPR Method is and how to develop and master yours.
  • 3 reasons why most coaches don’t use the PSPR method until they hit around $25,000 in revenue. 
  • The first skill you have to develop to truly scale your business. 
  • Why effectively using the PSPR Method will scale your selling.
  • The difference between selling one-on-one coaching to group programs. 
  • How using the PSPR Method requires so much less time, energy, and self-coaching.
  • The symptoms of using your energy and personal attention to sell. 
  • Why the PSPR Method is the backbone of the road to 200K. 

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches. Welcome to episode 148. So last week we talked about how to scale and what a true scale is. So as a reminder, a true scale happens around the multiple six figure level to $300/400K. It’s when you grow your client base. You’re working with more clients, making more money, and you’re getting those clients better faster results with less of your time and energy. Okay? So that’s the definition we’re working with.

For the next few weeks, what I wanted to introduce you to is two major components of my scaling that I really started engaging with when I launched 2k for 2k and started selling a program for the first time. I went on this very long road of learning how to go from selling high end one on one coaching at like $30,000 and then going to sell a $2,000 program to the masses. Which is the first skill that you really have to develop to truly scale.

You have to learn to sell a program, a course, or for many of you your first step here will be group. You’ll go from one-on-one to group. That’s always the transition that I recommend. You can go back and listen to the coaching business models podcast to find out more about why. We won’t talk about that today, but that will be most of your first steps unless you’ve already developed a program or membership that is selling really well and making you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So here’s what I will say. Learning to launch and learning to launch selling a group and a program, that is a skill set that you have to develop that we can save and talk about another day. Like the skill set of launching. First, I wanted to introduce you to a method of selling I developed called the PSPR method.

If you’ve been following along with the students in the 200K Mastermind, especially if you’re in 2k, you might have already started hearing this concept and been like, “Oh my god. What is PSPR? What are they talking about?” So I’m going to tell you today.

Just know that when you join the mastermind, when you join 200K, whether you’re still selling one-on-one and you’re working on your first 100K or 200K or you’re really wanted to start scaling your business from 200K to 500K to a million, you will learn how to sell using PSPR. Everybody learns that when you join 200K.

You can use it now no matter where you are in revenue. I just find that before $25,000 revenue, 80% of coaches don’t have enough experience to create a PSPR for your clients because you don’t know number one, who your clients are. Number two, what your PSPR for them is. Number three, which I think is really important, is 80% of coaches will find this out through coaching a bunch of people whether you’re in a niche or in general life coaching. The PSPR gets developed from mastery after coaching hundreds of hours. Then we have to pull it out of your brain, okay.

So PSPR is not something that you guess at, that you create, that you decide. It’s not something you pull from what you think your client is experiencing, right. If you have never coached anyone and you’re like, “Well, I think this is my client’s problem. I think this is the solution, right.” This is not what PSPR is.

The most valuable PSPR comes from your client’s actual mouths. Now not from people who you do market research with who say, “Well, I would buy this if it solved that.” But actual people who have bought from you to solve a problem. Lots of people love to give business advice on things that they’re like, “Oh that would sell. Or that wouldn’t sell.” You want to get this from people who are actually buying from you. You want to hear what’s going on with them, the people who were actually willing to invest in their problem.

So the development of PSPR and then getting it on paper are two separate things. On this episode, I’m going to talk to the coach who has locked some serious hours coaching, who has a solid idea of who they help and what they help with. Then, again, when you join 200K, we spend the entire mastermind mastering this because it’s sort of the gatekeeper for all things in your business coming together.

We’re going to talk about intellectual property next week, but your IP, your content, your deliverables will all be built off of your PSPR. So it’s so important. Your marketing, your selling, and your delivering are all guided by your client’s journey or their PSPR. So this is an advanced concept, but I think it’s worth everyone listening. You will get a lot out of this episode.

Okay. So you can think of PSPR as your internal guide to your marketing or your customer’s journey, but either way it’s your guide to explaining your customer’s journey. So PSPR stands for problem, solution, process, result. In 200K, we also have another letter of that acronym that we use, which is V which stands for value.

So the extended version is PSPRV. Problem, solution, process, result, value. The value is what I call extended simply because most of the time in your selling and marketing, the V is about your mindset and your deep belief and understanding in the value. You won’t necessarily be telling your clients over and over about the value. You just need to know it in the depths of your soul. Okay? So for this episode, we will touch more on PSPR.

Before we dive in, I’m going to rewind just a little bit. So hang tight. So in the beginning, your job is to meet people, tell them you are a life coach, offer to help them, and then keep providing value and keep offering help until they take you up on it. The way, the manner, that you do this is by building relationships, donating your time, giving yourself.

Your job is to talk to as many people as possible so that you can say what a coach is and why coaching is valuable and how coaches can help people like a thousand different ways. You need this experience.

You’re also going to be having one-on-one sales conversations, and you’re going to be spending a lot of time nurturing these business coaching relationships. You will message with people back and forth and will answer all their questions. You will do maybe even more than one consult at times because you’re still learning how to do them.

You will be engaging on social media and making new friends and jumping in and offering to help someone if they ask for it in Facebook groups. You’re it. It’s you. You’re the marketing tool.

As you scale, as you make more money, you need a more effective way to build trust and safety and relationship with potential clients as you move into group selling and out of one-on-one sales calls. You need a different way to sell.

One-on-one sales calls allow you to talk to the individual and talk them individually through their objection. Your skill as a coach and your natural abilities to sell and be influential will often play a huge part in the sale. As you start selling through copy and through email and through posts, as you start selling on webinars and you start launching, you will need a different skillset to make this successful.

On one-on-one sales calls, the biggest difference is people can feel your energy and be influenced by your energy, by your one-on-one attention. This is the easiest way to sell and requires the least amount of work from your brain.

Selling to the masses, it doesn’t always translate. Often, I see coaches at $75,000, $100,000, $200,000 revenue. I’ve even seen coaches at millions doing this where they really have to hustle, meaning overspend their energy selling with organic marketing constantly doing live streams. Showing up all over IG, having to be very present all the time, in people’s faces, sliding into their DMs because they have not taken the time to learn how to sell using the customer’s PSPR.

If I nail my customer’s problem, meaning if I explain it better than they understand it themselves, if I explain it to a T as if I were in their brain. Then I offer them a new, different, simple, doable, clear solution and then a process that will make that solution inevitable for them for example where they are right now and show them clearly what results will occur and the measurable results that will prove to them it’s working, including ones they may never expect, I don’t need to spend any time with them one-on-one. I’ve now scaled my selling. So effectively communicating your customer’s PSPR will scale your selling.

Now a few things just to make sure you heard them. New and different. At 200K, you can sell plain, generic, general life coaching. You can sell a coaching tool that you’ve been certified in or a method that you’ve been certified with. You can use other people’s methods. You really don’t have to be new and different when you’re coaching one-on-one as much.

But when you go to scale at $100K, $200K, especially up into the multiple hundreds of thousands and then into the millions, you will not get to the millions. 100%, you will never get to seven figures if your solution is not something that hasn’t been seen before. It has to be something that hasn’t been seen before.

Meet people, tell them you’re a life coach, offer to help them. No one was saying that in the industry, right. That very simple thing. It needs to be simple. It needs to be unique and new and never been done before. This is what differentiates you from all the other people offering something similar which gets more and more important as you make more and more money, right?

Whether it’s weight loss or over drinking or overeating or business coaching, it can’t be you offering what someone else is offering or what the marketplace has already offered up. Again, it can be for the first couple hundred K with current ideas. But if you want to go to millions, it’s got to be new and unique. Said in your way, explained in your way, broken down in your way. So that’s one thing that I wanted to make sure you heard.

The other thing is the process that makes it inevitable. This is where a lot of my clients have to spend a lot of their time. We like to overcomplicate things because we think it’s complicated subconsciously ourselves or because we want it to sound fancy so people will buy. Or subconsciously because we want it to sound difficult because we think people will buy from us to get the difficult help that they don’t believe they can do on their own. We think if we make it too simple, they won’t spend money on the help.

Really the opposite is true. If we make it difficult, people will not buy. If it’s difficult in our brains, people will not buy. So it has to be simple in our brains, okay hear me on this, for it to come out simple on paper. I’m going to say that again. So it has to be simple in our brains for it to come out simple on paper. Simple is what creates the feeling of inevitability for your clients.

So when I write, when I give content, when I sell and I stay within my PSPR, I constrain down to my PSPR in everything that I say and everything that I teach, I make it simple and easy for many people to buy from me without getting one-on-one attention from me. So I scale my selling, okay.

Now in 200K, we break this down. So you learn it and you try it on your own. You come to work on it at our three day event. We cover it in a large group together. Then you’re also assigned to a small group of 10 peers who are in your income bracket and a 200K facilitator, and you hash it out. You get it out of your brain, onto paper, other people hear it, other people give feedback for you.

Once you have solidified it, your first version of it. As you do round after round in 200K, as you study this over and over, it will get even clearer, even more simple, even more doable. It will get better and better. You’ll sell more and more as you master the process at deeper and deeper levels.

You’re going to get your first version out right away immediately. We don’t spend six months trying to figure it out. You get it out right away. Then you spend six months letting it guide all of your copy. Your webinars, your selling sequences, any content, podcasts, everything from here on out. You never again sit and wonder what to talk about.

You don’t struggle because you don’t feel inspired. Like I have to work today, but I don’t feel inspired. You don’t have to rely on feeling emotionally positive to sell. You don’t have to rely on your mind being managed in the current moment to sell. You don’t have to believe any longer that your vibe attracts your tribe. I hate that. Or that your expertise on your client and their journey, their PSPR, that’s what starts to sell your clients period. Requires so much less energy from you.

We talk a lot about selling with emotions and energy versus selling with PSPR in 200K because that’s my number one I want to get my students out of doing. Selling with their emotions and their energy. Selling with your energy requires you to be on and in the flow in order to make a sale. It’s really unreliable because our emotions all over the place.

Life’s 50/50. We’re like hot messes, all of us, even the coaches. So relying on you feeling good to work and to sell and to make money is just really the most unreliable form of making you money. It will have you running yourself into the ground, especially at those higher incomes. I know million dollar coaches who are still doing this.

You can’t have a human day or sales go down. Or if you have something really big happen in your life and you can’t really focus, you don’t have the energetic focus that you normally have, sales go down. Which also increases the instance for coaches who are making a lot more money for buffering with food and spending and travel and branding and doing lots of what I will call spiritually bypassing or toxic positivity.

Where you always have to be feeling good because that’s the only way your business grows. You always have to be doing amazing things. You have to be always looking like your life is amazing. Everything has to be brilliant because you’re selling you and your life and how amazing you are versus selling your client on their journey. What? That’s right. I get so fired up about this.

The worst part is that it has you spending so much time on your marketing using your effort that you can’t focus on creating assets and deliverables and delivering 100% results to your clients. We’re going to talk about that next week with intellectual property.

How you know this is you simply is if you know it requires you personally in front of people in order to make sales. If you can’t operate on a bad day, if you’re selling and your launches fill dependent on a good mood and inspiration and lots of energy, and if your copywriting requires lots of energy and creativity and inspiration. These are all symptoms of using your energy and your personal energy to sell rather than PSPR.

I will just tell you a little side note. I just met with me 2 Million Dollar Group. I was telling them that I wrote all of the emails for the 200K launch that are coming up in one day. It was like 26 emails in one day. They were like what? Like they literally couldn’t believe it. It did sound a little crazy when I said it.

But I told them it really didn’t take that much of my energy. I write so fast now and even my editing happens so quickly. Everything to do with writing copy just does not require the same level of energy that it requires for them just because my client’s journey and their PSPR is now wrote in my mind. It’s just second hand. It’s like a language I’m now completely fluent in.

So like if you ever learned another language and the first couple of years that you speak it—I always joke that it sounds like a five year old is speaking, right, when I try to speak Spanish now. I don’t get enough practice. So it’s not as put together, the language. It’s not as fluent. It’s not as conversational. As you’re fluent in a language, it’s conversational. It just pours out of you. That’s how writing my copy feels. So it’s not as taxing anymore. So selling with PSPR is the least energetically taxing on you, but here’s the most important thing. It’s also the most valuable to your client.

So another thing that we spend a lot of time working on in 200K is copywriting techniques. When you don’t use the PSPR method, what will be possibly in your copy is a lot of filler. Lots of adjectives. When your copy lacks value and transformative information, we try and create value and transformation by simply telling our clients how to feel about our words.

So examples of this are, “This is the most valuable class I’ve ever taught. I have the most exciting news.” I’ve said this before many times on this podcast. I’ll say it again. If you have to tell someone something is exciting, it’s not. At least you don’t think it is or they won’t think it is. When you tell someone something’s exciting, usually they’re like, “This is not going to be exciting at all.” It has the opposite effect.

If you tell them how to feel, often they will feel the opposite. If you have to tell someone how to feel about something, truly the only reason you would do that is because you haven’t taken the time to craft the words that inspire that feeling naturally within them. Or you’ve not been taught how to do that, which I think is the case for most coaches.

If you’re left without being taught specifically how to do your copy, your brain’s lazy way of talking to your people will be with lots of filler, trying to make them feel a certain way instead of creating that feeling with the PSPR. When you don’t use PSPR, your copy will also be very unspecific and it will have lots of cliches in it like, “Take your power back. Get control of your life and make decisions.”

Now another little caveat is I will say my very first free six week coaching program as a coach was called Take Your Power Back: My Six Week Program. Listen, I still signed 12 clients into that free program, and I still made money. As soon as that program was over and I was ready to sell coaching, I started signing clients. So I want to offer that.

This is why I’m speaking to the coaches who are making a lot more money. It becomes more of a problem as you’re making more money. In the beginning you can do things like say “take your power back” and “get control of your life and your decisions” and you will still sign clients, which is super fun.

As you get bigger, as you grow, expectations will grow. It will be harder and harder to sell people in that way. All of that fluff and all those adjectives and all that coach speak, you’ll just need to make sure that you understand that where that comes from is making up for not having a clear, simple process that creates the easiest most effective solution to your client’s very specific problem. When you aren’t focusing on that, that’s when the fluff will come out.

You want every single word you write to be highly relevant to your client. To be a good use of your client’s time. When they trust how you will value their time when they’re reading your words or watching your trainings, they will trust how you will value their time and money when they’re working with you. People do not want filler. They want every word, every moment to be valuable. It’s the only way to truly capture their attention.

PSPR is also what directs the only three things that you are ever doing to make $200K plus and beyond. When it comes to customer facing activities, you are either creating value before someone pays you, creating value when you’re selling to them actively in a sales sequence or a launch or training, or creating value in your delivery. That’s it.

That’s all you’re ever doing to make $200K. Creating value before someone pays you, while they’re actively thinking about paying you, and after they’ve paid you. All you ever have to do to make $200,000 and even $300,000 and $400,000. So that also means you’re marketing using your PSPR, you’re selling using your PSPR, and then you’re delivering your PSPR.

If your client gets the same messages from you over and over in your marketing and then you sell them the same thing when you get them into a funnel or a webinar, into a sales sequence, and then you delivered them exactly what you promised them when you sold them. If all of that matches us, they will have an extraordinary buying experience with you. When your delivery does not match what you sold, that’s when you’re going to get refund requests and unhappy customers.

I find most coaches have not ever gone through and really looked at what they’re teaching in their groups or in their sessions, and if it covers every single thing they’re selling. Like if it actually honors all promises. We’re actually going to do that at the 200K live event in January. So for those of you joining, we’re going to walk you through that process of making sure everything you deliver is honoring what you promise when you’re selling your clients.

That is what I think my company excels at when it comes to 2k for 2k, 200K Mastermind, 2 Million Dollar Group. How it is marketed is what you get. Every single promise. No stone left unturned. No promise left hanging. Everything is succinct. This is how we get our students 100% results.

So PSPR selling is the backbone of every sale made, and so important that I want you guys to hear this, every result delivered. So it’s not just about scaling your selling. It’s also about scaling your results that you get your clients. The clear and the more simple and doable you can make it for your clients, the faster, better results they will get.

So remember. I’m going to say this over and over just so you guys have it in your bones that scaling will always get more people better faster, and I think actually what I should say is more reliable results. So more people better, faster, more reliable results, right. This is how. When you coach a lot of people, the more people that you coach the more obvious your client’s journey becomes, right. Not coaching one person, right.

We believe the time and attention allows us to be the most clear on our client’s problem and solution, but what actually happens is we’re too close to the problem when we’re working with someone one-on-one often. When you coach hundreds of people on the same result at the same time, the problem, the solutions, the process, and the results, they become like glaringly obvious. However you can work this PSPR method with one-on-one clients too. My students are doing that in the mastermind.

My client Elise Conroy had this brilliant idea. She shared it on our 200K Facebook community that she has 22 clients right now. She went through and she did an individual PSPR on all 22 of her clients. She said by the end—And I’m sure that took her a considerable amount of time. She said by the end it was glaringly obvious exactly who she helps, what she does, and how she helps people, which is going to make her selling…

It’s going to be like gasoline on the fire. When the thoughts fueling her copy are, “Oh, I know exactly who my people are. I know exactly what problem they have. I know exactly the solution for them. I know the process 100% that I teach them to get there, and all of the measurable results that will prove that they have arrived.” When I know all of that, all of my marketing and selling becomes so much easier, requires so much less effort.

So we want to scale. We want to work with more people so that we can get really clear and succinct with our PSPR and get more people more results faster. You want to start developing your sales skills in this way as you grow even your one-on-one practice. The more developed your PSPR is, the faster your clients will identify, “This is me,” and the faster they will feel safe to buy from you.

This is what my client Jess Aradia experienced. She posted that she just signed her first client with her new simple offer that she created at the live event. And the person that she sold was 100% sold already from her PSPR and her copy alone when she arrived at the call. That’s the most fun selling ever when you’re doing a one-on-one consult and your client comes sold just from reading your copy. Like what? And she made her money back from that client for the mastermind.

So congratulations Jesse. Selling a client just from PSPR before they even get on the phone. That is what it’s about. That’s when your selling becomes so much easier and requires so much less of you.

In 200K Mastermind, we really dissect your client’s journey. We distill down exactly what the main problems are, what the simplest solutions are, and then you create a simple, clear, doable process that would guarantee your client’s results. Then we identify all of the measurable results that will prove to your client that it’s working.

Now as you get really good at this, so that’s the first step. As you get really good at this, you will start to layer your PSPR. So for example, my 2k coaches who come to me. They have five main issues. Number one, they’re not meeting enough people. Number two, they’re not showing the world that they are a life coach and everything that they’re doing and all that they’re being.

Number three, they’re not making frequent and compelling enough offers. Number four, they don’t know how to sell someone who does take them up on their offer. Number five, they are uncomfortable and confused on how to overcome objections and help someone make a decision on the call.

If I wanted to boil that down even simpler, I do this often on webinars. They’re not getting enough people to consult. They aren’t sure how to close the consults they do get. So their calls are left open ended with no yes or no. Okay? So that’s their problem.

I could layer that even deeper with all the reasons they aren’t meeting enough people, right. So one of the reasons is they spend too much time feeling entitled to not working hard to find clients and to not being uncomfortable to find clients.

They’ll say, “But I don’t want to meet people online. I’m against it morally. I don’t want to meet people in person. I live in a remote town and there’s not possibilities of doing that.” Or they’re feeling confused. “I don’t know how to meet people online. I don’t know where to meet people in person.”

Then when they do meet people, and this is a big one. They talk about being a coach, but they don’t actually believe they’re a coach. That someone would ever actually pay them to coach them, and that they would really be able to help someone if they did pay them. They still identify mostly with their current career or status. So they don’t inspire people to be interested in them as a life coach because they’re not in full belief of them as a life coach.

All right so that’s just two examples, right. I could go on and on. As your selling becomes more advanced, you’ll be able to layer your PSPR. You will know every single problem and then every single problem within a problem. You will never run out of things to talk about or webinar ideas, podcast ideas. Your content will flow in abundance with PSPR.

For 2k, I have a five step process. Within those five steps, there are eight to ten mini lessons within those. So PSPR is about breaking and distilling down information into its simplest and most digestible form. Because the more digestible it is, the more your clients digest the work. The more they digest the work, the more compelled they are to buy, the better faster results they get when they buy.

Okay. So one final thing I want to address when it comes to selling. A problem that gets more pronounced as you scale your selling, and you start launching.

So in 2k for 2k I teach the sales triad. That is really at the beginning of your business, the most basic thing you must do is you have to have belief in yourself, what we just talked about, that you are a life coach. You have to have belief in your client, their desire to buy from you. Their resourcefulness to come up with the money, to do the work. Then in your offer itself being the thing that will help them in order to sell.

That right there is enough to sell on one-on-one consults. Even if you don’t bridge the gap flawlessly on your consults, you can still sell when your belief is really high. Because on one-on-one calls, that’s really what you’re selling is belief. That’s what your clients need to buy. They can borrow it from you, again, from your energy. When you’re selling through copy, when they are just reading words, those words don’t produce the same level of energy.

So what really plagues many of my students who are further along making hundreds of thousands of dollars is when they are in full belief and they’re in a launch, and people still aren’t buying. I’ve said this many times. I’m going to say it here again. No amount of belief will make up for lacking sales skills, especially when you venture out of one-on-one selling.

So the PSPR method is the sales skill at an advanced level that your belief, your self-concept, and even your reputation in the industry cannot make up for not having. You can be 100% in belief and not nail your PSPR and not sign a client.

Your client can be 100% committed to getting results and doing the work and not sign up because they didn’t fully understand their journey and your PSPR. Or it wasn’t properly communicated, or it wasn’t communicated at all. You have to have belief and PSPR to get out of selling one-on-one. Again when you’re selling one-on-one, your belief will convert a lot of your clients.

Now for those of you that are in 2k and you’re working on making your first $2,000, your first $10,000, your first $25,000, PSPR is more advanced. A way to think about it is it’s a more advanced in-depth version of bridging the gap. I teach that in 2k.

When you nail that, that’s when the sales on consults become a lot more reliable. This is nailing bridging the gap through your content, your webinars, your copy, your funnels. Then nailing that same delivery, that same promise through your group, your program, or your course.

This is when you will start selling consistently without doing consults. If you’re doing consults, this is how you get those people to a yes even before they get on the phone so that they are an easy yes who are your best clients who will get high level results with you.

So yes, you do have to have belief. I just met with the 2 Million Dollar Group. At their level, I’m always reminding them that their belief is great, but they still have to sell their clients the way they need to be sold. They have to say the things the way that they need to hear it. If the clients haven’t bought yet, then they haven’t heard what they needed to hear. Their PSPR is off. That’s always the problem, right.

For 2 Million Dollar Group level, belief is not usually their issue. They just having figured out exactly their PSPR for that program they’re selling and exactly how to communicate that to their people. I told them it takes like a year to really grasp it and become an expert in your PSPR for your offer. It took me a full year, and then it got easier and easier and more and more obvious. Then I started selling more and more.

So this issue of having belief and being in full belief but people still not buying, this can show up at $300K, $400K, $500K, even a million dollars. I have some clients who kill at selling their high end masterminds, and then they struggle with their programs. They just haven’t nailed their PSPR yet.

I’ll bring it home with this. This is why it’s so important to only have no more than two offers through your first millions. Millions. Because you have to master your PSPR for each offer and create your delivery around it to ensure your clients are getting results. It could take you up to a year to really master it for each offer.

If you don’t do this, you will have to overcompensate for lack of a complete PSPR from your marketing all the way through your delivery with your energy and your time. So selling will be harder. It will take more to achieve your goals. You’ll never quite hit them. You will have to work harder in your coaching to get your client’s results.

So much energy gets wasted in the front and back end of your business when you haven’t done the work to truly nail your PSPR and actually scale your selling, which again means more sales to more people faster getting better results in the coaching with less of your energy. You can’t forget that delivery is part of scaling and selling.

My delivery of my programs is so on point that I make wildly more money than I “should” with the audience size that I have. I’m competing in revenue with an audience size of 50,000 people with coaches with an audience size of several hundred thousand people and several million people on their email list with the revenue I’m bringing in. You can be amazing at selling, but if you drop the ball on delivery, it will hurt your future sales.

If you’re amazing at selling and you nail the delivery, you can make a lot more money for the size of audience that you have than a standard in this industry, right. The way I think about it is it’s like being a powerhouse at dunks in basketball but missing every free throw. That’s how the game is often lost. My husband is a huge basketball fan, and I always notice the free throws is where the games get lost.

So in 200K with this method, we use it to outline every area with the same amount of attention. Marketing, selling, delivering all held together with a clear simple PSPR. That is what gets the clients rolling in.

All right. That is our episode for this week. Join us in 200K Mastermind to master this process. We’re going to walk you through at the live event from your marketing, your selling, all the way through your delivery to make sure everything is succinct, every promise is delivered upon, and your clients get that message all the way through that allows them to get so much faster results. The better you get at that, the more money you’re going to make. All right. Have an amazing week. I’ll talk to you next week. Bye, bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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