Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Growth vs ScalingI love sharing the concepts that are coming out of the 200K Mastermind with all of you here on the podcast. And with the final 200K enrollment of 2021 coming up, I’m taking the next few episodes to go over the deep work and ideas we’ve been discussing in there. And today, we’re going into growing versus scaling your business.

It’s so important to be clear on the difference between growth and scaling. A lot of people throw the term scaling around and use it incorrectly, and it’s such an important distinction. So, I’m bringing you all of the lessons I’ve learned in the process of scaling and growing my business, so you can make the best decision for where your focus needs to be.

Tune in this week to discover whether you need to be focusing on growth in your business, or whether it’s time to start scaling. I’m sharing how I define scaling, how I’ve helped clients with this work, how I’ve scaled my own business, and I’m even sharing my tangible and intangible tips for how to get started.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • My definition of scaling and why it’s so different from growth.
  • Why knowing the difference between growth and scaling is hugely important when building a sustainable business.
  • How scaling allows you to help way more people than growth ever could.
  • The ways we’ve been scaling in my own business over the past few years.
  • What a scalable offer is and how you can work on creating one.
  • How to know if you should be focusing on scaling and whether your business is ready for it.
  • My tangible and intangible steps for starting to scale your business.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 147. Today we’re going to talk about growth versus scaling and how to scale and when to know that it’s the right time for you. So, today’s going to be an immensely valuable podcast. You’re going to want to take notes. I would listen through first, if you’re driving, if you’re walking, if you’re running, whatever you’re doing, I would listen first just once through, let yourself hear the message and then I would go back and take notes.

You can also grab show notes and the transcript at You can find this episode and all of the goodies that go along with it.

Also, I just have to tell you all before we dive in. I am so excited. I in the last couple of weeks have gotten all of my wedding photos back and our wedding video. So, I knew before I knew anything else that I was going to hire The Film Poets. I saw them online; their wedding videos have millions of views. They are, I think the best in the entire industry. Their usage of drones, of the way that they make films, they literally make films out of your wedding video. It looks like an actual film production. You just have to go watch ours.

I am so incredibly grateful with the pandemic and with rescheduling that we were able to still have them. They were just so incredible to work with. The video is stunning. I have watched it a million times, cried every single time, just love it so much. So, we have it on Instagram. So, if you want to watch our wedding video and see our day come to life you can do so @staceyboehman on Instagram, go watch it. It’s so sweet. Okay, I just had to tell you all that. Just in the gushing and reveling in the wedding magic.

Okay, also really exciting, the 200K Mastermind is coming up or opening enrolment for the final time for this year for January’s class. We only open twice a year and we’re doing it big. Are you coming? We have some really fun stuff planned for the launch, but even more stuff planned for the January class. So, make sure that you get your application in on November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. You can get all the information at You can get all of the information there.

Okay, so in honor of the 200K Mastermind coming up, every time we do an enrolment, I always share interviews from some of our most successful students. And I also love to share brand new concepts that are coming out of our mastermind, and new things I’m teaching. Every round I get more and more clear, I get better at explaining it.

The more people I teach, and we’re going to talk about this today on the episode, but the more people I teach the more that the information, the message changes for the better because as you run different people with different thought processes, different backgrounds, you run more and more people, more different types of coaches through the program. In the beginning you give a basic message and then as more people go through it you start to find your holes. And then you start to improve those holes. So, as we do, I love to share the new concepts and the new ideas that come out of the podcast.

So, over the next three episodes I’m going to be teaching you some of the newest things that I’ve been teaching them. I haven’t actually even – I’ve been teaching my 2 million dollar group what I’m going to teach you today. I have also been setting 200K up for this, but this is really going to be an episode where even my students are going to love this podcast. And then the next two episodes we’re really going to dive into some of the brand new things I taught on stage in Cabo this past August that my students really loved and got really jazzed up for.

So, let’s dive in. So, I want to talk about how to scale today. But first it was really important for me to teach you all the difference between growth and scaling and what scaling actually is because I think a lot of people throw this term around and use it incorrectly. And it’s not a problem if you call going from 25K to 200K, scaling. That’s not my definition. I’m going to share with you my definition.

It’s not a problem but when you actually get to the point where you’re prepping your business to scale, knowing the correct definition is really important so that you know how to do it right. So that you can set your business up and you know the measurements you’re looking for to let you know if what the decisions you’re making are actually setting you up to scale in mass in the future years. So having the definition, when I share it with you it will make a lot of sense. But having the proper definition of what that is, is hugely important to creating that result.

You have to know where you’re starting and where you’re heading. And no one ever taught me this definition of scaling and what it really is. I have never seen anyone talk about this in the industry. So, if my definition is a little bit different than maybe anything you’ve heard, I am giving you my definition from everything I learned scaling my business, everything my mentor, Brooke Castillo taught me. And putting it kind of all together in a simple clear format for my own brain to understand. That’s what I’m going to offer you today.

And I did actually look online, there isn’t a ton of stuff online, but I am going to show you what I did find to also give you what standard businesses consider growth versus revenue. So, let’s start with growth.

So, growth, the way that I want you to think about it is just increasing revenue. Most often in order to increase the revenue early on you will also increase your time and your work. So, if you go from 10 to 20 clients, that’s growth. If you increase your prices, that’s growth. If you hire an assistant, that’s growth. If you decide to start a podcast, that’s growth. Now, if you bear with me, I’m going to tell you why if you increase your prices, it’s still considered growth, it has to do with the definition that I use.

But for the most part, most often when you are growing you will also increase the time you are working, the energy you’re putting out or the amount of things you’re doing, for example, when you add that podcast, that’s now something you have to do every week. And then you also have to hire someone potentially as well to produce that podcast for you. So now that’s two parts of growth.

So many of you who join the 200K Mastermind will be focusing on growth. You will be growing your revenue. You’ll be growing your time and your experience, coaching and you’ll be growing your sales experience. And it’s really important to know that you can’t get to scaling without growth. Growth happens first. You grow your business to 200K. You don’t scale your business to 200K. 25K to 200K or 2K to 200K, zero to 200K, whatever numbers, I always say 25K because that’s where we started. 200K you have to be making at least that amount to get into 200K.

So that’s the reason I use that number, but 25K to 200K, that’s growth. And you may be growing up till 400K especially if you’re one of my students. I am always going to have you grow your revenue as far as you possibly can before you start your scale. For many, many reasons, off the top of my head, a couple of them, it helps you stack your cash flow that you’re going to need to scale. You’re going to need lots of cash on hand. It helps you gain more experience selling and coaching, which you will have to have an increased skill in selling and coaching to scale.

It also allows your self-concept to develop slower. A lot of you want to develop your self-concept and especially my students in the 200K Mastermind. They want to get to the 2 million dollar group as fast as they possibly can. And that sometimes works against them. It’s not always the best thing to get somewhere as fast as you possibly can. I think you want to get into the 200K room as fast as you can, being ready and prepared for that room.

But then the 2 million dollar group, that is a room where you really want to be prepared and take slower than maybe you even think you need to. You want to be able to marinate in that self-concept of being a 200K, a 400K, even a 500K earner. And be in the success of that, because when you go to scale, you’re going to go through a lot of river of misery, a lot of pain, a lot of discomfort. And the more sturdy and solidified your self-concept is and how safe you feel making money and how confident and in control of making money you feel will determine how fast and how well you scale.

So, if you’re a student of mine you’re going to be making higher numbers before you start that scale. Okay, so now let’s talk about scaling.

So, I looked up the definition of scaling online. And I found a few that were really interesting. So, I kind of combined several of them into two that I think will be the most useful for you all. So, the first one I’m going to offer you is from online just the business world is scaling is increasing revenue without increasing resources or incurring significant cost. So, for example, I’ll give you one for us.

We are scaling our business and we are scaling specifically right now our ad spend, our Facebook Ads. What we’re trying to do is spend a lot more money on ads to bring in a lot more clients. However, what we’re doing is really focusing on each part of our funnel to make sure our cost per – we call it the cost per acquisition, but our cost per client has to stay in a certain range. We don’t go over $1,000. So, we’ll spend $1,000 to get to a $2,000 client. And we try not to go over that amount.

So, if we start to increase above that amount we know that we’ve reached the top of our abilities to scale. And we have to fix the funnel, change the funnel in some way, some parts of the funnel or change our audiences. Or we have to change something in order to let us scale further. And we can usually only do about 20% ad spend at a time increase as long as it stays within that number. So that would be increasing your revenue, so we’re increasing the company revenue without incurring more costs.

We’re not raising the cost of per client. We’re keeping that the same. It requires very pristine processes, copy, selling, everything has to be on point.

So, the second definition is processes that can be done in mass with no extra effort. So, if we were to have 3500 people in 2K, which is what we have now, or 5,000 people in 2K, our effort and our processes would be relatively the same because we’ve created a scalable offer which I will talk to you about later. We can add people to 2K without adding staff, without spending more money on the program’s backend.

We spent a lot of time last year, I spent six months in growth, preparing our member portal, the backend, and the way it operates in the backend and the way it presents to the client. We spent six months working on that and the content of the program so that it has space to add thousands of more people without changing anything. So that’s another great definition is you’re creating offers that have space to add hundreds or thousands of people without changing anything, requires thinking really far ahead.

So that’s another important part of scaling is space for more, so increasing revenue without increasing resources or incurring cost, without your processes being changed and not having to produce extra effort and with there being space to add a lot more without changing anything. Now, if we were to add 10,000 people into 2K we may have to change our processes a bit or we might hire a few more people to help in the program. So that would be growing to prepare for more scaling.

Now, I just want you guys to keep in mind, these are minor details, and they don’t matter as much to you right this second unless you’re actually going in that realm of your scaling. So, you don’t need to be able to classify each thing you do and whether it’s technically growth or scaling. I’m just kind of talking you through. But here is what I do want you to know which is my definition of scaling so that you know the end point that you’re working towards, and you know where you’re starting so that you can actually get there.

You have to have your model, the thought, and the feeling, thought and the feeling, they’re driving the action to produce the result. When you have that for where you are right now it’s much easier to move forward and create something intentionally. So having this definition in my opinion helps you create scaling intentionally. Okay, so here is my definition.

Scaling is more money from more clients, getting better and fast results without you doing more work. So, I’m going to say it again because there’s four components. More money, more clients getting better and fast results without you doing more work. This definition encompasses the 200K philosophy of getting your clients 100% results. We’ve talked about that on the podcast before that as you scale, as you grow, as you start working with more people, what we think is more people equals less and slower results and it actually means better and faster.

So, you’re only doing it correctly and how you will know you’re doing it correctly is the money will go up, your clients will go up, but their results will also happen faster at a bigger magnitude. And while you’re doing less work than you were before or just not more work than you were already doing. Now, here’s what I often see coaches sell scaling that I think this is why the definition is so important because then it has you spending time on doing the wrong things. It has your mind focused in the wrong places.

So, I see a lot of business coaches sell scaling just because it sounds fancy, and really cool, and really big, and impossible, and amazing. So, they sell scaling as basically everything, just making more money. But then also the way that they will teach you to scale is by helping you charge higher prices. So, you just raise your prices, and it scales your income. Or what will happen is many coaches will come to me and they want to ‘scale’ their one-on-one. they don’t want to give up one-on-one. So, they want to take on 10 clients one-on-one at 100K each.

And you can make a million dollars doing that for sure. If you have the skill, the reputation, and the demand of clients willing to pay that, 100% you can make a million dollars doing that but it’s not scaling. It meets some of the criteria, you make more money with the same amount of time. So really it meets two of the criteria, but it actually doesn’t create better faster results for your clients.

And the biggest part and the purpose of scaling is to get your message to scale to more people, to get it out into the world, to scale your ability to help people, to scale results that are created in the world, to scale your work and your message in the world. So mainly why this isn’t scaling is because it doesn’t have your business interacting with more people. In fact, it would have you interacting with less people and it’s not scalable in the future. You can only take so many one-on-one clients at a 100K.

If you really had the demand for that which I find would be extremely difficult to find a base of clients paying 100K. But let’s just say you did, and you worked 20 hours a week, you can make 2 million dollars a year, maybe even 4 million dollars a year. But eventually you would cap out at how much time you had available to work.

And while you’re on the phone spending all that time working one-on-one with your clients, or on Zoom or whatever, what you’re not doing is growing the capacity to reach those more, and more, and more people who would be willing to pay you that amount. So, I don’t even know if you could do it that far. But if you could, it still wouldn’t be scaling because you can only work as many hours as you’re able to work. So that particular business model is not scalable. And here’s the biggest thing, it just requires no change in your overall mindset to raise your prices.

The mindset that got you let’s say to 400K in one-on-one coaching could take you to a million with that model. You wouldn’t have to rewire anything. But to create a scalable offer that could say take you to 5 million or 10 million. That could continue to scale indefinitely to 20 million and further and offering that to hundreds and then later thousands of people, that will require rewiring your entire brain. You have to think completely the opposite of the way that you thought going in from zero dollars going up to the 400K or the 250K or whatever it is.

Completely the opposite which is why I say I have my students who are in 200K make as much money as possible for as long as possible and stay in that growth to develop that self-concept so that they’re prepared to rewire their entire brain and think completely – it’s like literally burning everything down and building it back up from the ground. You’ve got to be ready for it.

So, some of my students, I’m telling you this because some of my students have wanted to join my 2 million dollar group and this actually happened several times, where they want to scale their offer by offering high end one-on-one coaching. And I don’t let them in the group because it’s not actually scaling. And the 2 million dollar room is a container for learning how to rewire the way you operate in business to scale indefinitely.

So, I can’t have one student who’s really just growing revenue while everyone else is dropping one-on-one to scale revenue and to scale their businesses. To create scalable business models, scalable businesses. They are literally worlds apart in mindset and strategy. And especially as that group is newer and smaller, I’m really making sure that everything is succinct and cohesive. So that’s a little piece on that.

And finally raising your one-on-one prices is also not scaling. I mentioned this a little bit earlier but we’re going to take it in depth, is that you don’t get your clients better faster results. Now, you might think that you would because they are more invested and they’re a higher caliber client. And that might be true. But the growth available really is capped with one-on-one coaching. Your client can only grow based on the one-on-one conversations you have and then what they go out and do with those conversations.

One conversation here and then growth that comes from it there. So, for example in 200K Mastermind, my students aren’t just growing from the calls that we have every week. They’re not dependent on me coaching them individually and then them going out and utilizing that coaching. They get that but they’re also growing from a library of past calls that are aimed at the very specific process we teach. They are growing from the modules that outline the 200K process and the philosophy.

They are growing from peer coaching with each other from small group sessions, and podcasts, and bonus courses, and workbooks all organized. And this is the most important part, all organized and distilled down into the most simple clear version. The resources available to them are greater than the resources that were available to me when I was selling one-on-one coaching. Now, you might be thinking, but I could fill one-on-one and make modules and workbooks, and you could. But here is the biggest reason that your clients get better faster results when you scale.

Better faster results come from the experience of having worked with a lot of people on just one problem for an extensive period of time. And then leveraging that experience in your client’s favor to teach and coach them in the most simple clear doable way. And then turning that teaching and coaching into assets to serve your clients around the clock, but that’s after the fact. It comes from the experience of having ran so many different people through your process.

When I coached 100 people in 2K, my first 100 people on how to make their first 2K, most of those 100 people were very similar to me. I was selling to my warm audience, people who knew me, who had a relationship with me. So, they had similar backgrounds, similar age groups, similar life experiences for the most part. So, my teachings were more narrow. They had the lens of the experience that I had with a small group of people. I didn’t have many international students back then.

My program didn’t have as much diversity as it does now. Mine has always had diversity but not what we have now. Even if I learned how to teach making 2K in a way that all of those 100 people understood it, when you compare 100 people with the world, it’s a very narrow understanding of my teachings. But when you add thousands of people from hundreds of coaching schools, methods and belief systems, hundreds of different countries, different religions, races, socioeconomic statuses, career backgrounds, age groups, all of the different peoples.

And I learned to teach all of them how to make 2K, now my process is really encompassing. It’s really wide, inclusionary, it’s more equipped to create better faster results for more and more people. My teachings are better and faster. And listen you all, what’s crazy is I feel I am just getting started, just right now revving up. It’s the more you know, the more you know that you don’t know.

The more people that come into my program the more differences that we see in people, and the more different learning styles, and the more different types of people, and backgrounds, and countries, the more clear I have to be, the more specific I have to be, the more ways I have to have to explain things. So, when I think of having 10,000 people or 20,000 people in my program, I just know that the level will be so much different at that point because I will have had the experience of working with such a diverse group of people.

So, all of that to say you can’t get to interacting with more people and getting them better faster results with simply raising your prices. You have to change your business completely. This is the main difference between growth and scaling for coaches. That is the main difference between growth and scaling for coaches.

And the main reason, I have to tell you a little sidenote that you should not value one-on-one coaching over large group format like a program, or a group coaching, or a mastermind. They both have their advantages. But I think that most of us have this belief that more attention and less people equals more seen, more heard, more cared for. And that could even be true.

But if you’re thinking in results, you want the process that has been the most honed with the most people having gone through it so that you can get the best teachings distilled down to their easiest simplest form to take action on. Whether you don’t have a ton of attention, or feel seen, or heard, or cared for, you could do that for yourself. And then choose the process that’s been honed the most if you’re focused on results, not how you want to feel. Because you can be in charge of that.

So, this is why whether it’s 2K or 200K, the bigger we grow the faster better results my clients get. And I will tell you, I’m spending a lot of time on this because this is one of my 2 million dollar group student’s biggest challenges is wrapping their mind around this. And listen, this was me too. You guys have heard me say, my coach, Brooke, had to peel my one-on-one clients out of my hands. I did not want to let them go. I remember six months into our coaching she was like, “Listen, I don’t ever want to talk about this again. I don’t want to hear about it. Take care of it.”

Because I was in a room to scale, and I didn’t want to let go. So, I get it, me too, I’ve had these thoughts before. I remember thinking I couldn’t get a group of 100 the same results as when I was teaching 30 students in 200K. And now I laugh. I look back at my teachings and my first 200K Mastermind because in our member portal we have every mastermind call, every live event that was ever done in there, even the very first one. I recorded the very first one.

And so, we have that, and we have those calls, and it doesn’t mean there isn’t genius in there. There absolutely is. But when I look back at where my teachings were versus where they are now, it just makes me chuckle. I look back at that first class at how many people didn’t make their money back, how many people only made a little money, how many people I let in that hadn’t made a dollar in their business. And we’re still working full-time, and we weren’t really sure if they were really going to make it a business. And then I look at our last class, over 66 figure earners.

Students investing 25K and making 400K. What? No one made that amount of money in my first class because my experience wasn’t there yet. So please just hear me, if you’re in a position where you might be getting ready to scale or if you think of the future and you’re at 50K, but you think of the future, and you think of scaling, or you think of million dollar coaches and you have the belief of I’ll never, this was literally my thought, I’ll never be one of those coaches who sells out. I’ll always do one-on-one and give my students plenty of attention.

Hear me say this, having done that painful transition what I know from the other side is staying small will keep them small too. Do you hear me? You staying small will keep your clients and their results small too. That is the truth. Better faster results come from running more and more people through the process and honing that process, honing your teachings every single time. And I can just also just tell you, we have so much more fun. My students have more fun now than they did back when it started. They have more life. They have more energy.

Literally the room just radiates when energy when we’re in it together, when we do calls, the Facebook page, everything has so much more life to give. Okay, so that’s the main difference between scaling and growth. When you do go to scale there are four main steps that you will focus on to start your scale. We create this foundation inside the 200K Mastermind.

We create the foundation there at that 25K investment so that you are prepared and can handle the much larger investment and you have done all the hardest work before you even step into that room. Because I really set my clients up for success and I don’t want you to fail unnecessarily or overinvest before you’re ready. So, these are the four steps. These are the tangible steps. I have broken them down into tangible and intangible. So, these are the tangible ones.

Number one, you have to create scalable offers. When you come into 200K you might be creating your growth offer first and then a couple of rounds in you might create your scalable offer after that. You’ve got to make some money first. So, you create your scalable offers.

Then number two, you have to learn to scale your selling. So, you have to learn to convert in emails, webinars and to people, this is the main thing is you have to learn how to take your message and deliver it to people who are less familiar with you, who have less established relationships with you. Maybe who are seeing you in an ad, or on Instagram for the very first time. They know nothing about you and your first sentences have to hook them. You have to increase your sales and marketing skills. Being able to scale your selling, this skill will drive your profitability.

Your selling being tighter and tighter and being able to reach and convert people who have never met you before, that is where all your profitability lies, besides your mind management. But we’re going to talk about the intangibles in just a second.

The third one is you have to scale your delivery. So, the first part of that is you have to create your body of work, your philosophy, your process. And listen, even the most woo of coaches, I work with some woo coaches too, and even they have a process and a philosophy. You just have to put your mind creating it, but everyone has one even if it’s very woo. I’m sure a Sharman could teach another Sharman how to be a Sharman. I don’t know how that works but I’m sure they could and there would be a process to that, to finding that magic, and that source, and that ability inside of them.

Okay, so you have to create your body of work, your intellectual property, that’s what I call it. That’s literally what will differentiate you in the industry and what you will be able to sell, what will become an asset in your company, that you will hold rights to, that people won’t be able to take from you.

And then the second part of that is once you’ve created that, you’re going to turn that into deliverables. And I always recommend not doing that until you have created it and delivered your intellectual property many times so that you have distilled it down to its simplest and clearest form before you take the time to create assets that will be able to deliver without you. This is so important. When you take your intellectual property and you turn it into an asset, a deliverable that can deliver without you, your clients can get results without you. What?

Some of you guys spend so much time thinking about – you feel bad to create a module because again it’s not you delivering it one-on-one, it’s impersonal. And it’s all about you thinking about you. It has nothing to do with the client. Do you know what my clients love? That they can watch a 2K process 24/7 at any point of the night no matter where they are in the world. They can turn it on, and they have access to me. They love that. All right, so that’s the third step.

And the fourth step, the fourth tangible thing that you will do is you will scale your operations, the front, and the backend. And to do that you will hire a team and train them. And you will create systems and processes for that team so that everyone does the same thing every single time. That’s really the only step we work on beyond the 200K room is hiring and training a team. You might hire a virtual assistant at 200K or an executive assistant. But you won’t hire beyond that.

So, hiring an actual team, hiring team members, training them, creating systems and processes, that will happen as your income grows exponentially. Okay, so those are the four steps. You have to create your scalable offers, scale your selling, scale your delivery, scale your operations.

Now here are the intangible things, things to do with your mind. Number one which we have talked about this a lot is you will have to wrap your mind around more people equals better faster results. I will tell you, just get prepared for it. It might seem a little salesy but it’s the truth. The best way to do this is to be in a situation like, 2Kfor2K, 200K Mastermind, where you are in a room with lots of people and you’re watching those lots of people get better faster results and you are getting better faster results.

My students in 200K I’m setting them up to be able to wrap their mind around this because they know what being in a room with 100 students, 200 students, they don’t know about that yet. But 100 students, they have experienced that, and they know that they’re getting better and faster results, they have that experience. So, it won’t be as hard to bridge that gap in their mind. But if you’ve never had an experience where you’ve believed that you could get better faster results in a big room it will be harder for you to believe that.

Okay, so that’s the first thing you have to wrap your head around. I have million dollar students right now who are working through this. And they’re even in the room. They’ve had that experience. They’re still working through it. It’s like just rewiring, I feel the way our human brains are trained to think. And within that you’ll have to let go of the things you do to hustle for your clients’ results because there will be a number that you reach of students where you can’t do that anymore.

You can’t overcompensate for lack of intellectual property, and deliverables, and assets, and simple clear doable processes with your time. That’s what a lot of coaches do, is they just overcompensate with their time because they haven’t taken the time to create systems and processes that make it clear. And if you’re used to your clients meeting you and building your self-concept around that, this will also be very painful.

Okay, number two, you will need to get the work done that you say you’re going to get done. So, you’re going to have to have discipline. I see a lot of my 2 million dollar students struggle with this as well. When you scale you have to start playing business. I remember at 300K I was running errands in the middle of the day and just had more of this laptop life, taking calls when I was on vacation or traveling. It was like living that entrepreneur life. When you scale you have to become a CEO. You choose your hours, you work those hours, you take off when you’re off.

You just have to have more discipline, more structure. With 100 students in 200K I’m not taking calls while I’m at the beach. I’m not messing with spotty service and Zoom buffering. I’m not showing up with a ballcap on and I haven’t showered and don’t have any makeup on. It’s another level of service, and professionalism, and showing up that you do. However, that may look for you for whatever type of coach you are. It doesn’t have to look exactly like me. I’m just saying.

There’s just another level when your clients are paying you a lot more money and you’re working with a lot more of them, that will show up for you. When you have a bigger business things move slower. The bigger the business you have the slower things tend to move until you have a really well oiled machine with lots of people. And I will say even then, it’s just things move slower. So, you have to be better planned, more organized, and better executed.

Things have to be done well in advance. They have to be tested many, many times. They have to go through the chain of command. It just takes longer to get things done. You have more people, so it doesn’t mean that you don’t get as much, for me, I get way more done than my clients get done in my business, the way it’s organized. But we move so much further ahead than my clients too. We’re working on things two and three months before they come out, sometimes six months before they come out, not a week before they come out.

One of my students just pushed a launch back two months and gave herself two months to prepare the emails and organize the launch. And then in the launch she posted in the group, was like, “I’ve never been more calm and had so much time and been so relaxed when I’ve been selling. And had so much focus to pay attention to my clients.” And I told her, “Yes, this is how much time you actually need to prepare for a well-executed launch.” It’s like slowing your brain down. Okay, so that requires discipline.

And then that brings me to number three, it also requires calm. You have to stop hustling and moving with urgency. This is one of the hardest, most intangible things you will learn when it’s that time to scale. When you’re growing, you’re so focused on revenue and sales. And you should be, that’s okay. Revenue and sales are what set you up for being able to scale. But as you get into the millions you have to slow down. You have to think about everything that comes up like how would I want to solve this with 10 times more people?

How would I want to do this with 10 times more people? And then after you figure that out, you have to do it that way right now. You can’t just decide quickly what will work now. You have to think, would that be scalable? Will this fix? Will this process, will how I do it this time be scalable for next time? Or what won’t require my effort next time? That’s another one we ask as a team. How will we do it that won’t require effort next time? That guides a lot of our principles.

So, you cannot set your business, your selling, and your processes up to be repeatable and scalable when you’re hustling and you’re not giving yourself that actual time to fix things right the first time, that actual time to prepare. And you won’t do that if you’re not calm. And the other piece of calm is you have to be able to quiet all the noise. You can’t be in these coach Facebook groups, debating with other coaches or getting sucked into drama, and arguing with people on Facebook, and dissecting politics all day long. You have to exit normal social life and rise above it to CEO life.

You have bigger fish to fry. You can’t have all this cognitive loading ebbing you up and distracting you. You’ve got to be calm. And can’t be reactionary. So many things I see on the internet, and I want to be so reactionary. I just want to make a post. I never let myself do it. It’s almost like calm is almost what I would describe it. It’s like the art of catching yourself being reactionary and not reacting which also comes with number four which is constraint.

The constraint to not do reactionary things and also to open up time by getting rid of the least useful things that you spend your time on and focusing only on essentials. This is so challenging because we often think everything matters. And a very few things actually do.

Okay, number five, you have to have courage because you have to unbind yourself. I have spent the most time solving for this. I have an R, an R line for my model that I work daily for the last two and a half years, three years where my clients get better faster results in 200K without me being there at all. Literally the way I think about it which is kind or morbid is like if I died. How would I create this program to run without me so that it can live beyond me, so it’s not dependent on me? Because I’m one human and I want to help millions of coaches make money.

My tools work. So, it’s so important that someone is not waiting on me to make money. So, I just want to offer that to you too, that scaling is creating a business where people aren’t waiting on you to get results. What? So good. You’ve got to get out of your head and the selfish things that you think and the things that keep you from moving forward and get in their head and not in the, all your worst fears. Take yourself to the intentional thought creation. What would be amazing about this? Or how would this benefit my clients?

And them not having to wait on you, them not having to – my 200K students, if I’m sick, I was sick this time for the first time in two years. One of my clients pointed out which I thought was so sweet, she was like, “You haven’t missed a call in two years.” And I had someone else come on and they freaking loved the call. They posted about it endlessly. I chose someone, I had a well placed decision in place, someone I knew could do it right away who would do an amazing job, who knows my work maybe better than I do.

And I have those systems in place. I have many of those people. So, I could literally be sick, and my clients aren’t waiting on me to make money. Such a big one. The more you unbind yourself the less people are waiting for you to deliver them results.

Okay, then you also have to have trust in others and your team, which also is a way more advanced concept, I think it’s something you deal with as you really get towards that million, 2 million, 3 million dollar mark. But when you hire people, they will do what you do at 100%, at 75%, not their 75%, it’ll be their 100% but it’ll be 75% of what you do 100% and you have to be okay with that because they aren’t you. So, delegating I have found for women is especially so hard.

I have had students cry when I tell them they have to hire an EA, an executive assistant to help them with their personal life. Because women hold so tightly to doing everything and things being done perfect and right the exact way that we want them done. Maybe you guys have that too but I for sure know many, many women who have this experience. And so, you have to be able to trust those people.

And you have to be able to trust your clients that they are resourceful and amazing, and they don’t need you to hold their hands, which is what will let you unbind yourself and let you let go, holding so tightly to what they’re doing.

And then the seventh intangible thing you have to have is time, energy, and purpose to start thinking like a CEO, really big picture. It’s not about what works now, which I’ve said before, it’s about what will work years from now. This requires time which is why you can’t be hustly in your energy. You have to be calm. And you have to do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it, or this will be the first thing that goes when you run out of time, and it will hinder your scaling.

This is what we do in 200K Mastermind with the three year plan. I run them through an extensive 10 page workbook to get them thinking big picture. And I do the three year plan on myself multiple times a year, just different touch points. Always getting myself to think bigger picture. And what it does in the three year plan is we reveal things that you think you need to do years from now that you actually need to do now, that your brain would put off because they’re uncomfortable but are the exact reasons you need to get started on them now. So, we do that in 200K.

Thinking like a CEO is really about taking that time to stop and figure out repeatable scalable solutions for everything in your business.

Okay, so now let’s talk about how you know you’re ready to scale. Here are some of the results you will have that lead you to know when you have enough of these. You don’t have to have every single one because some of these you will still work on as you’re scaling. But you will have enough of these, a significant number of these results that will tell you it’s time to scale to my first million dollars. You have transitioned out of one-on-one coaching. None of your revenue is held up by high end one-on-one offers.

So, if you’ve made 250K that has not been 250K of high end one-on-one offers. You are already making multiple six figures, so 250K or more with a group, or a program, or both. So, all of that 250K revenue comes from a group, a program or both. You have no more than two simple offers. You have that frontend offer, so for example, mine is 2K and then you have the backend offer, mine is 200K and 2 million dollar group. I have two now but for many years it was only 2K and 200K.

You are not distracting yourself with one off offers made on the fly to bring in extra cash. This has a lot to do with hustle, trying to action your way to more money, more clients, and better results. But remember it also has to be without you producing more effort. And each one off thing like a retreat is effort. That’s trying to action your way to more money, so not distracting yourself with any actions as a way to try to make more money and more clients and get better results.

You don’t have different price points and a million payment options to keep track of. That’s a big one. It’s just cleaning things up, making them simple and clear. You should be able to tell someone exactly what your offer is, how long it’s for, how much it is, and it should be very clear. You know how to create demand for your offers. You have learned that lesson. I could create a new offer tomorrow and I know exactly how to create demand for that offer.

And you can convert your offers without doing one-on-one sales calls. So, you have been successful at selling say a group or a program without one-on-one sales calls. And you’re working with only your best clients in those offers. Your clients are all getting the results that they are promised. This is a big one. This is one that people don’t want to pay attention to as much in this industry.

But I think I really have lasered in on being so important that I’m just always going to hone to you guys, 100% results. That is not hustly, overdelivering, is not working yourself into the ground. But we can be responsible in a very mature, sophisticated way to get clients the results we’ve promised them especially as we scale. Because remember, it’s not scaling without better faster results as well.

Your business is profitable by at least 50%, especially if you’re in the 200K Mastermind, at that level where you’ve gone through the growth and made multiple six figures with growing your business. Your expenses should be low even if you’re investing in a higher end mastermind like 200K, you should be at least 50% profitable. And I will tell you, I wasn’t always that way in the initial scaling of my business, when I went to my first million. But our business at millions has consistently stayed above 50% since I’ve started making millions.

Even at the 10 million dollar year level, we’re still going to be above 50% profit. That’s after everything. That is after all expenses, all coaching, all Facebook ads, all employees and contractors, everything. And this is what I’ve seen with my students is they might be at the 250K level but they’re losing all of their profit to really high ad spend because they haven’t figured out how to sell yet. So, their conversions are really low. Or they’ll come in and their business expenses are too high because they have too many contractors for their income level. They’re contracting out everything.

Another result that will tell you if you’re ready to scale is that you have cash in the bank, a lot of it. I would say enough to sustain a full quarter without producing income. In the beginning for your first 200K you’re not going to necessarily have that. But that’s why again you want to take your time to be at that multiple six figure level. It’s not just the first 200K, make another 200K where you’re able to level everything out and have that profit and stack money in the bank. You’re going to want that.

It might take an entire quarter for you to get your business in a way that is ready to scale without you spending time scaling. There are many times when we go entire quarters without selling anything. But we have enough income to be able to handle that. And it’s like the rubber band, pulling back to slingshot forward. You have to have the money to do that. And then your business is clean, lean, and not hustley. You don’t have a million tasks on your calendar. You have plenty of downtime and rest.

And you have time to think and create new content to solve problems for your clients at the highest level. This also grows as you scale so this skillset, this is a working result as you scale that you get better and better at, is making it clean, lean, and non-hustley. And this is the most important one. Are you ready? You don’t feel rushed to get to seven figures. You feel calm, purposeful, and well equipped to make the journey. That’s how you know you’re ready to move from growth to scaling.

And then here is finally, I want to end the podcast with how we prepare you to scale in the 200K room, so you understand why it’s so important to go through the 200K Mastermind at least once first before you start scaling. 200K is about setting up those scalable offers, mainly setting them up and learning that you can sell any offer to anyone at any price point, because the bigger you scale the more you exacerbate your problems.

So, if you are attaching people will only buy to this perfect offer, and if there’s an actual perfect offer out there, you have to find that offer and change it 100 times to get there. That will only exacerbate as you have more and more people come in with more and more opinions, and more and more ideas about how you should run your business and especially when it comes to selling.

The power of knowing, I could literally sell any offer to anyone at any price point, I can burn my business down and start again. That’s when you are able to really get to the place where you choose that offer that is really scalable and you’re able to let the successful offers you’ve had for maybe many years, you’re able to let those go because you believe you can sell the new offer.

So, I was able to let go of all my masterminds that I was selling and all my different group coachings, and my one-on-one, I was able to let that go. I was selling one-on-one at $36,000 a year when I let it go. I was able to let that go and start selling $2,000 2Kfor2K because I believed I could sell any offer to anyone at any price point. That belief led me to be able to burn my business down in that way. We start that in 200K. We also start creating your intellectual property and developing your thought leadership.

Your belief in yourself that your ideas are just as good and can compete with the big thought leaders out there in the industry, that you have something important to share. It’s really developing your self-concept of being a leader and your ideas that come with that. And then we also tighten your sales skills to handle cold audiences, people who are not familiar with you, who don’t have rapport with you, that they could see, read one email, or read an ad, or watch a training of yours, and buy from you. That is possible.

And your sales skills, remember, determine your profitability. I teach you the PSPR method. We’re going to talk about that next week. I teach you that method. That method is the way I scaled my business to 10 million dollars. Learning to manage your brain and problem solve at the highest level. That is a very subtle thing that happens in the 200K Mastermind.

One of my students, one of my 200K students recently posted in the group. And he said, “I’ve been in a lot of coaching rooms, a lot of rooms with a lot of coaches. And time and time again what always impresses me is that the 200K Mastermind has the highest quality thinking out there. I’ve never seen anything like it.” That starts in our room and it’s what sets you up to be able to scale with a not – high level thinking is what produces making more money, serving more clients, and getting them better faster results without producing more effort.

You have to produce more effort when you don’t have the high level thinking. And then the other thing that we do is we calm you down and we teach you how to turn money on and off so that you could work on the backend of your business on hiring. You could do these things and create member portals and platforms. And you could do the things that take a lot of time and not sell and then also not spin out and believe you’ll never sell again. You learn how I sell when I say I’m going to sell. If I’m not launching for three months, I know I’m going to make 200K off that next launch.

And I hold that for three months straight while I work on other things in my business. That belief system and skillset starts in the 200K room. And we start cleaning up your, what I call your backend. That can be a lot of things for a lot of different businesses. But what I will say is how you know is it’s the messy things you avoid in order to sell more so that you can just keep selling. So, things you avoid doing so that you can just keep selling and making more money, we start reversing a little bit of that.

The first three steps to scaling and over half of the intangible mindset start in 200K Mastermind. It is truly the foundation. If I can make you wildly successful in making millions it would be to teach you everything inside the 200K room first.

Okay, so that’s today’s episode you all. Next week, stay tuned. I am going to talk about scaling your selling with PSPR method. This is a new method I created and taught for the first time at the 200K Cabo event. It was an extension of what I’ve been teaching them, but I cleaned it up, cleared it up, distilled it down and made it super easy for them to digest. And they’re making so much money off of using it. So, I’m going to talk about that concept. And you will learn it to create your revenue growth for your first 200K+.

And then your ability to communicate what I call the PSPR will determine your ability to scale and the time that takes you and your profitability. So, the more you master it the more money you’ll make and the better faster results your clients will get. So that’s next week.

Okay, before you go, remember that enrolment is opening soon for 200K Mastermind, this November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. But no matter when you listen to this episode you will always be able to get the latest enrolment dates and information at If that was a mouthful you can find it in the show notes as well. Just head to the website, go to the podcast tab, this episode will be listed with all the links that I mentioned.

All right, have a beautiful week, coaches.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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