Thought Distancing (Selling in a Crisis Part 3)As social distancing has become a recommendation that everyone is practicing during the pandemic, today, I want to introduce you to a concept I call thought distancing. This tool can be applied to any personal crises you experience, as well as past, current, and future global crises. This is not to be confused with thought avoidance, and I’ll be explaining the difference, but practicing this tool is going to help you serve and come out of this pandemic with more value and money than you started with.

When I went through master coach training, we were challenged to not be on social media. I limited the things I consumed and created a 2.5 million dollar business. Our brains only have so much capacity to focus on the results we want, so intentionally disengaging with conversations that don’t serve you can be so powerful. Just like social distancing, you have the power to distance yourself from thoughts that have nothing to do with your goals, and instead, choose to believe something new.

This can be a time where you create so much value, sell coaching, serve your people, and come out of quarantine as if it had never existed, on the right trajectory towards your goals. Your clients need you to be calm and grounded, to bring leadership energy to guide them during this time, and implementing this concept of thought distancing can accelerate not only your own self-coaching, but your clients’ ability to sell and market too.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What thought distancing is and how it can help you during this time.
  • The difference between thought distancing and thought avoidance.
  • Why being consumed with the crisis makes it harder for you to coach and sell to your clients.
  • How the circumstances you focus on and the thoughts you choose to think can make such a big difference in your ability to sell.
  • Some ways to deliberately stop yourself from being consumed with information that doesn’t serve you.
  • Why limiting what you coach yourself on can be a way to save time and energy.
  • Questions you can ask yourself as you practice thought distancing, to identify which thoughts serve you and which don’t.
  • Thoughts I think on purpose that give me a feeling of sufficiency and help me stay out of scarcity.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach Podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, alright today we’re going to be talking about selling in a crisis… thought distancing. It’s a concept I created. We talked about, on the last episode, on how selling in a crisis allows us to be a part of the solution. It allows us to solve the fear problem and contribute to solving the economic problem. It also lets us contribute to the physical problem, if you coach doctors and nurses. The idea is, “How can I help? How can I solve problems? How can I contribute?” Sell on, sister!

And we’ve also talked about how people want to buy things right now. I know that the opposite thought wants to scare you all of the time, but it is really true that people want to buy things right now. Things that help them get through the pandemic, but also things that allow them to continue life normally. Some people aren’t even thinking about the pandemic at all. We don’t know. Our job is to just show up and sell.

Today, I want to help you do that because there is selling in a crisis and then there is being in a crisis yourself and selling. And if you’re listening to this podcast for the first time, five years from now your crisis might be on a personal level. You might be going through a divorce. This applies for a world crisis and it applies for personal crisis.

Because I started my business in personal crisis. That’s why I’m such a good coach, is I had to manage my mind, my own crisis, in order to serve others; making it so easy for me to coach people who were going through their own crisis.

So, when you coach yourself through your own brain crisis or life crisis, even if it’s a circumstance – like an economic circumstance – whatever you coach yourself through, it makes you so much more powerful to help other people.

Right now, we are being asked to social distance. And I was thinking about that with our brains, with our minds. And how consumed many of us have been with the virus. Thinking about it and talking about it. It has made its way into the homes and brains of the world. So, I came up with this idea that we have to thought-distance, as well.

Not to be confused with thought-avoiding. Thought-distancing is something that you can do, but it’s something that you can do to manage your crisis, whatever it is in your brain. Manage the crisis in your brain, so that you can be strong to sell in a crisis.

So, for master coach training, I did a master coach training in last October 2019. Is that right? Gosh, it feels like the time is just slipping away. I’m like, “Was it 2019? Was it 2018? I’m pretty sure it was last year. No, that can’t be right. It has to be the year before that.” I’m losing my mind. We won’t spend time on it now.

At some point, some October ago, I did master coach training and one of the things that we were asked to was to stay off social media. To stop watching the news. To carefully select the input into our brains. To give ourselves space to think and to create and to most importantly to use our time better than we ever had before. And here’s what happened. I followed that. Here’s what happened.

I went from being completely preoccupied with politics to completely neutral, in kind of what felt like overnight. Although there was definitely some time, but that is how I feel now, and it feels overnight. But also, mostly because I can’t decide if I went through master coaching training last year or the year before. All the days just run together.

But what I did when I got very neutral about world events, doesn’t matter what they are, I used that extra space in my brain to create a 2.5-million-dollar business and a brand that will create hundreds of millions of dollars over my lifetime. Okay, so it must have been 2018, as I say that because then I went on to create a 2.5-million-dollars. So, for me, it was a fair exchange to let go of Donald Trump’s tweets and Keeping Up with the Kardashians for complete financial freedom.

I was thinking about this Corona Virus situation and again, if you are listening to this well beyond this time in history, it’s still highly relevant. This would have been highly relevant for the last election and it will be highly relevant again for the next election. It’s highly relevant during this pandemic and any other points in history where we reach peak input of other people’s thoughts and opinions. Could just be Wednesday on Facebook. Or the day after Super Bowl.

Like seriously, I took a step back from social media during master coach training. I took my business revenue, how I generated revenue in my business off of social media completely. It’s when I learned to do really amazing copy and write to my email list and Facebook ads.

But, here’s what I will say, it actually took watching people argue on Facebook about the vulgarity or liberation of J-Lo and Shakira during the Super Bowl Half Time Show to decide that I had to immediately thought distance myself from the conversations that happen on Facebook and I deleted it and messenger from my phone. It was like the final straw.

I’m like, “I cannot believe that every time I get one Facebook this is what I’m seeing.” Our brains are so much more capable of thinking about better things that serve us more in the world. By the way, I have never been more free and more forced to deal with my feelings instead of buffering over them with Facebook.

I was sitting here watching people argue for a week about the Super Bowl performance. And I was sitting here thinking, “Seriously, what other things could we be discussing? With ourselves, with each other. There has be to a better conversation that yields better results and serves us more.”

I’m also, then, watching it happen with the virus. It’s almost at the same time because the Super Bowl is in February and then the virus was already in China at that point. We want the news in my house. My fiancé watches it. It’s on in the background, always. Sometimes I watch it. So I’m familiar. I know what’s happening. I started following it from the beginning.

Then, I watched the conversation really explode when the NBA canceled their season, and then the NCAA tournament, followed by every other sports franchise, and then the rest of the world. And pretty soon every news channel, even Sirius XM; we listen to the Howard Stern Show. They’re talking about it. Everything that isn’t prerecorded, everyone’s talking about it. I’m not saying that that’s wrong, because times like these, people need life coaching more than ever. So, you have to address the elephant in the room, as I am now.

But, started thinking back with even myself, to what my brain had been filled with before the world went into chaos. What was I thinking about? I had plans. I was thinking about my 200k program.

I recently went to Dallas. That event actually got canceled. That’s was right after the NBA canceled their season and right when everyone was forced to social quarantine. I don’t even want to say forced to social quarantine because we want to social quarantine. But it was right when everything went down.

Before that, I’m on the way to Dallas, I wrote on the plane all of my emails for my 200k launch. And they are so good. I was on the plane and I didn’t have anything to do. And I was like, “You know, I going to sit here and spend time writing my 200k coaching philosophy.” I teach in 200k, I teach my students to write their coaching philosophy. If they have multiple programs, they want to break that down and do their philosophies.

I’m like, I’m going to take from this new perspective of just having launched this next round and having just done our live event, which by the way, I feel so lucky about because we did our event in February before Corona Virus hit America. And my next even isn’t until August where we’re going to hope that we’ve moved through it. At least, the biggest part of it. So, if I feel very great in that aspect. All though, if we could not meet live anymore, we would also come up with a solution for that. Just a side not, I feel very grateful. I feel like Universe’s has my back.

So, I’m sitting on my plane and I’m thinking about my 200k coaching philosophy and out with it comes all of exactly what I want to say for our next open. I was so jazzed up and when I arrived at Dallas, I was at the peak of my excitement about everything happening in my business. That’s where my brain was.

I want you to think back to where your brain was before a couple of weeks ago. Think about what you were excited about. I was thinking about “I’m going to sell a live event for my 2k students.” I’m still thinking about that now. Thankfully, being sick helped me realign. But for two weeks, I was like, “We’re not even doing the live event. It’s just not going to be fun to sell it during a quarantine. It’s off the table”.

But I was so excited about it. I was creating the content for it. I was thinking about “Selling Expensive Things”, my event coming up with my coach Brooke and what I’m going to teach there. I’m planning out what I am going to teach. I was thinking about new modules I want to create for 2k. Thinking about podcasts I want to write.

And then, so now I want you to be thinking about what you we thinking about before the world into chaos. Think about where you were. And then, think about what happened after. So then, what was happening in my brain was I was thinking about my wedding being canceled. And all of my friends and family who asked for time off work and reschedule their plane tickets and re-ask off work. And the stress that it was going to create for them. The fear of having to wait for my fiancé. The fear of us having to wait longer to start our family. And the fear of “what if we have to reschedule our honeymoon”. All of the feelings and the disappointment that was coming up. We were having to cancel my bachelorette party and we had to cancel my trip to New York to get do my dress fitting or postpone it.

So, all of a sudden, all of my fears are just consuming me. In response, truly, to what I was putting into my brain. Then, I started thinking about my clients. And wondering what their thoughts had been, what their goals were, and their daily projects were. And wondering, “Are they still pursing them? Or are they too busy consuming to be pursuing?”

That’s what I want you think about now. To be able to sell in a crisis, you have to be pursuing. Not consuming and being consumed. That’s going to put you in crisis. Then you’re going to be in crisis trying to sell. It will come off urgent and rushed. Which is the opposite of what clients need from you in order to buy. Especially during this time, they need calm and groundedness. They need careful consideration. They need strong energy, leadership energy. And none of that happens when we’re consuming and being consumed with a crisis.

I want to give you a visual of this. This is what I’ve been thinking about. I want you to imagine that you’re having a party in your brain. You invite me, your coach and your colleagues and your clients and your audience and your goals and your projects and the money you want to make.  You invite the life you want to life and how you want to live and your health goals. Everyone’s at the party. Imagine the conversation you have. The thoughts you think. The way you feel. The things you get done. What you create. Imagine the energy at that party. Can you imagine it? So good.

That’s the party I was having in my brain when I arrived at Dallas. Before all the things happened. That was the party happening. It was such a fun party. It was a productive party. I was getting a ton done.

Now, I want you to imagine, you turn the tv on. You search news articles. When you start having conversations with your mom and your neighbor and your best friend. I want you to imagine that you invite CNN or Fox News. You invite doctors, bloggers or doomsday prepper people. You have to really think about this? Are you inviting those people, those conversation in? I’m going to teach you how to not do that, by the way.

But for now, I want you to imagine you’ve invited in CNN and Fox News and doctors and bloggers and people who think the world is ending. And you’ve invited a few people who have the Corona Virus over to your party. And then, maybe a few goals and your few clients and your audience, and maybe your coach is still at the party. But now, all of those people are at the party as well.

Imagine how hard it will be to have a conversation with your goals, and your coach. Or with your audience about their goals. Or your clients about their problems, and imagine you trying to think of a solution. You’re having a conversation with your client, but also you hear the conversation out of the side of your ear. They’re talking to the President about the Corona Virus. And this whole Corona Virus conversation is happening. You’re trying to focus on your client. And you’re trying to focus on selling. You’re trying to focus on being a solution.

You see, on the other side of the room, this person you’ve been dying to connect with. You’re trying to walk over there and, all of a sudden, you’re met with a doctor in the Wall Street Journal. They want to grab your attention real quick and just talk to you for a second. Imagine the thoughts then that are swirling through your mind. Imagine how you feel. Imagine how you behave. What you create.

There is only so much room in your brain. Who’s dominating the conversation? What circumstance are you focusing on? What thoughts are you choosing to think? What thoughts are dominating the room?

Imagine if you could only think 100 thoughts a day. Write them all down on paper. Literally, if you do it right now, you stop this podcast or after this podcast is over, you write down every thought that you can get out of your brain until you get to 100. Those are the thoughts that are at your thought party. You can only have so many of them? Which ones do you want to have? Are they serving you and giving you life and energy? Are they helping you sell more and serve more?

Or are they shutting you down and making you want to hide and tell yourself you don’t what to do and how to help. You don’t know what’s going on. Are they making yourself forget about the goals and the plans and the things you were going to launch? The promotions you were going to do before Corona happened.

In this time, it is so important. I really want to bring the voice that brings you back to your goals, brings you back to your plan. Back serving. Back to making money. And challenge any thoughts you have that tell you it isn’t appropriate to do them. I want you to challenge them. I’m going to challenge them.

You want to question all of them because when the pandemic ends, and it will, at some point. You will have either created a lot of value for your value bank, created the goals you said you would, even when there’s a pandemic. You will have sold coaching and served people in a crisis and then you can exit the quarantine as if there had never been one, with more assets, more value, more money than when you entered it.

Or you can be consumed by this, and life can stop and you can pick up your goals when it’s all back to normal, but you will feel as if the world stopped because it will have in your brain. I want to offer that it doesn’t have to.

Thought distancing is intentionally putting distance or a buffer between everyone else’s thoughts and your own and your own thoughts and what you decide to believe. Thought avoiding is pretending that they aren’t even there. So, that is not what I am saying here. You don’t want to shove them down and avoid them.

You’ve got to bring them up and then you have to decide intentionally not to believe in them and engage with them. You have to know they’re there. And if they’re already there and you’re already emotionally experiencing them, you have to feel them. But you can feel scared and serve. Nurses are doing that. Doctors are doing that every day right now. They’re feeling terrified and anxious and scared, and putting themselves in front of danger in front of the virus. And they’re serving.

You can do that too. You just have to make sure there is room in your brain to do so. So, there are specific ways that you can thought-distance in order to be intentional about who you want to invite to your party. And the thoughts to invite to stay in your brain that come to you.

Here’s one way you can deliberately not invite them. That might look like turning off the tv. Not searching the articles. Not asking your best friends what they think. Not having all of your conversation being about Corona, or the Half Time Show or the election. You can disengage in conversations that are about the things that have nothing to do with your goals and what you want to create.

That is why we made 2k a Corona free zone. Really an everything zone, except for talking about making money and selling and serving. I want the party I have to be invite only.

Again, this isn’t burying your head in the sand. It is simply giving yourself, at the minimum, equal input that fuels you and honors what you want most. I like to give way more input that equal, but equal is a good place to start.

I was telling my sister that the other day. She’s someone who likes to look to the articles and read and gather as much information as she can to help manage her anxiety. And I’m like, “That’s great, but if you are going to go read an article, I want you to also go listen to this podcast, one episode. If you are going to have a conversation about Corona, also call someone and have a conversation that isn’t about Corona.”

She called me recently. We Facetimed. We spent 30 straight minutes, me and my five-year-old niece, making up knock-knock jokes. They were really bad. But it was such a good thing, spending 30 minutes telling back knock-knock jokes. Instead of talking about, “How are you dealing at home? How’s everything going? Are the kids going crazy?” The conversation you choose to have is so important.

Just like social distancing, where you deliberately decide not to physically engage with humans, thought distancing is where you deliberating decide not to engage with your thoughts. You decide not to have a friend over for coffee. You decide not to think about the virus while you’re having your coffee home alone.

When I had social media, I also did this with anyone who triggered me. If I had an emotional reaction every time I saw their post. Whether it was judgement I placed on them or myself, general disliking or anything that didn’t feel like, “I love this”, I unfollowed. You don’t have to coach yourself to like everyone and everything. You can also just put distance between things that don’t serve you and feel amazing and lift you up.

I think you want to limit the things you have to coach yourself on in your life. Not in a way to control things, but to prioritize what you spend time coaching yourself on. I don’t find it’s a great use of my time to coach myself on not liking someone’s overall energy on Facebook. I’m just going to unfollow.

Just like I wouldn’t keep hanging out with someone who is a challenge for me to like. I’ll just spend time with the people I do like. So, you can simply unfollow and unsubscribe from the news the triggers stressful thoughts for you. You can choose not to read articles. You can choose not to read everyone’s post on social media, anytime and always.

Just like you can thought-distance from other people’s thoughts, you can also thought-distance for your own thoughts. Did you know that thoughts are just sentences in your brain that you can watch and chose not to engage with?

This is a skill you can develop. We’ve never had a better opportunity to develop this skill of watching your brain. Writing your thoughts down, which is not journaling, where you’re narrating events. It’s where you write down everything that is in your brain and you see what’s in there. Like seeing what’s in your closet.

You write them all down and then you create space for you to see them without being them. Sometimes thoughts come across my brain and I’m like, “Woah! Hang on there. That’s a little bit intense. Calm down, Brain!” Start with those, the ones that feel really ridiculous as soon as you think them. You’re like, “Woah!” The thoughts that when you were to write them down on paper, you would feel silly to say them out loud. Probably need some thought distancing.

You don’t just have to believe and live all the thoughts that enter your brain. You’re not your thoughts. And I highly recommend paying attention to them very carefully during this time. As often as you check social media, you should check your thoughts, seriously. If you’re someone who’s been checking it every hour, well then you should be checking your thoughts every hour. If you’re someone who’s been checking it every ten minutes, you should be checking your thoughts every ten minutes.

You should check your thoughts at least as often as you eat your meals. Three times a day, check in. How’s it going in that brain of yours? What are you thinking?

At the beginning of your business, when you’re in the height and hustling and failing and hustling and failing. I think this is the most important. Before and after consults, on consults. You can be on consultant and literally see your brain think, “They aren’t going to buy.” And choose not to engage with that thought.

You can commit to the moment you’re in. Recommit to the moment you’re in after you see that thought in your brain, “They’re not going to buy” and say either, “I’m going serve this person, either way, no matter if they buy or not.” Or you can tell yourself, “Actually, I have no idea what they will do.” Or “We shall see. That’s really up to me and how I show up.” You can interrupt that thought by answering yourself. You can question yourself. You can take charge of yourself. Just that moment where you choose to disengage.

I used to have my clients do that this when I worked with them one-on-one, is to find that moment. To actually find that moment where they have the opportunity to disengage with a thought. Where they see it and they feel it in their body, wanting to react to it and they don’t.

Such a powerful thing to get that. It’s like a one split second that you have the option to distance yourself and take charge. To answer yourself and say, “You know what, actually I don’t know if they’re going to buy.” We are going to question that and be like, “You know what, maybe I don’t know what they’re going to do at all. Who knows? No one knows. Let’s just see how it goes.” Or to say, “You know what, It’s fine. I’m good with worst case scenario and what’s my purpose? I’m going to serve.” You can do that.

The other thing you can do is filter. In coaching, we call this holding the space or being neutral, where you listen and you filter out circumstances. The facts from the thoughts, the feelings and the actions in a conversation or a story.

I was having a conversation with someone at my hair salon about my wedding. And she said, “It’s looking like be September before the virus wears off. September is how long we will be quarantining.” I made sure to have on my filter. That is a thought. I can choose to take that person’s thought or not. And since I have no facts that back that up because we don’t have any idea. No one knows until we know. Because I don’t want to think that, I won’t. I get to choose. I choose what serves me.

So, if I watch the news or read articles, I make sure to search for facts, so that I can decide how I want to think about those facts, once I know what they are. Charts are not facts. I know they seem like they are, but they are predictions. They are not facts. Even if you make them factual. It’s totally fine if you want to, if you feel good about that.

If you believe that they are, when you see them you still get to decide what you make them mean. Some of my clients are making charts and graphs and predictions mean, “I’m going make a lot of money. I’m going to grow through this.” And some of them are making them mean, “I’m going to get sick.”

Just know that every thought that you have as a reaction to a C that you don’t filter or you don’t intentionally decide to thought distance, you’re inviting that thought to your party. Filtering circumstances and thoughts slows you down enough to notice the difference in what serves you and don’t. And then, decide what thoughts you want to invite to your brain party. Filters let you see that you have an option.

While you’re filtering, you can also gather Cs. When you are doing the action of filtering. So, maybe, you’re listening to someone talk and you’re filtering through. You’re paying attention. It’s just like coaching. You’re listening to them talk. And you’re like, “Okay, that’s a C. That’s a circumstance. That’s a thought. That’s a feeling. That’s an action they’re taking.” That’s what we are doing when we are coaching is we are listening for circumstances and thoughts and feelings and actions and results. You can be gathering Cs, gathering circumstances.

I do this in business a lot. Especially when my brain is sending out default invitations of thoughts to think. So when my brain invites me to think, “This isn’t going well. This isn’t effective. I’m not doing this right. We haven’t made any money. People aren’t engaging with this. I’m never going to figure this out. This is horrible.”

When my brain is inviting me to let those thoughts into the party, I start gathering the Cs. I start looking at the specific number of people I sent an email to. How many people opened that email? How many people clicked that email? How many sales are there actually? How many sales are there total? In what exact time frame, with how many offers? I gather as many Cs as possible. What are the facts here? Facts ground us. So our brain can’t fly away with fear.

When I teach my students to do this in 2k, if they are going through the process and their brain start offering them, “It’s not working.” I ask them to gather the facts. How many offers have they made? How many people have they met, exactly? How much time have they spent on their business, not worrying or feeling negative, but actually going to work? How many consults do they have? How many ways have they tried to give value? How many ideas have they came up with?

I was coaching a student other day and she was like, “I have two ideas. A website and coaching at a library. Like offering a library event.” That was it. She was certain. Those were the only two ideas available. If they didn’t work, she was going to quit. It was over. There was no other option. When you see the circumstance, when you gather the circumstance, the facts, you’re like, “Oh, so you have two ideas and with those two ideas, you’re deciding you’re going to quit if they don’t work.”

How many consults have they done? How many ways have they tried to give value? I want my clients to give as much specific factual information as they can. Facts also give us back our responsibility for our thinking and feeling and how we move forward. When see the facts, we can then see our thoughts about the facts. And then, we can decide if that serves us for what we want in our life. Does this represent who I want to be?

When I gather all the circumstances and all the facts, are these thoughts the one that I want at my party, regardless of what the facts are? Do they create the way that I truly want to feel? Does this give me the power to make a decision to move forward, to take the action that I want to take? Does it contribute to the result I was to create in a powerful way?

The more facts you gather, the more distance you will create between your thoughts and other people’s thoughts. And the only thing that can ever be proven true is circumstance. And the more power you will have over your life. No matter what is happening outside of you.

This was so powerful for me when I had a negative bank account. I would see the facts; negative-$238 and then I would look at my thoughts. I would see how those made me feel, and how I was likely to move forward in my day in that moment believing those thoughts, and what that would create for me. Then, I decided what I wanted to think and feel about that fact, about that negative-238.

That is how I learned sufficiency. I would look at the fact and my thoughts about that fact and get some distance. Just by writing them down. Seeing them as sentences in my mind. Seeing the result that they would create for me and offering up an alternative thought to the fact. That might be give me power to move forward and create what I wanted to create. I would tell myself, “Actually, I have everything I need right now in this moment.”

So many of us, with the Corona Virus need to come back to that thought. When we are hoarding toilet paper. Or I was telling my sister this, side note, people are hoarding dog bones. That is the level of hoarding we are doing right now in this country. We went to try to get dog bones. We give our dogs bones every time I’m going to be on a call, if my fiancé won’t be here or will be doing something else, so that they don’t bark. And there were no bones. PetSmart was sold out of all of the bones. He was like, “Honey, they are hoarding bones. What is happening?”

So, we need to go back to, “I have everything I need right now in this moment.” We all do, truly. That thought gave me so much sufficiency that I could get on a consult and not let my fear and my scarcity and my facts get in the way of serving my client. I can make sure I wasn’t pushing my client to say yes, from me feeling insufficient from believing I have to make money, from that negative-238 number. So many of us think that that’s true. That if you’re account’s negative-238, it’s true that you have to make money.

But that thought is not a good thought to have at your party. Imagine if your party is a bunch of potential clients and a predominant thought you are having is, “I have to make money. I have to make money. I have to make money. I have to make money.” It doesn’t matter how many clients you’ll be in front of physically, if that’s the thought that’s clouding your brain, it’s not going to create the result you want.

But when you are in a room full of your clients, physically, virtually, and you have the thought, “I have everything I need right now” and that is what is in your brain. Or the thought, “I know I can help this person.” The thought, “I’m not the amount of money in my bank account.” This is another one I had, “I could live in a box and be happy.” I really believed that was true. I had the power to think whatever I wanted. I could feel happy anywhere I was. Super 8 motel, I can feel happy. I can help people here too.

I feel so connected to who I am and what I’m meant to do, who I’m meant to be. That’s all those thoughts are going to bring me so much closer to my clients. We can choose any of those thoughts when we give ourselves distance from the automatic thoughts we have, and the thoughts of the world.

Here are mine about this pandemic: “It will all be okay. This is part of the 50/50. It’s the unexpected 50/50, but it’s part of the 50/50. I have all the time I need now to create what I’ve been excited to create. This is the perfect time for this to happen. We will be better because of this. My goals matter, now more than ever. Nothing is stopping me.” I have also been thinking, “I have no excuse not to lose those last ten pounds.” I have all the time in the world to coach myself to eat healthy and consistent and to workout consistently.

Consistency is key because now all I’m doing is staying at home. We’ve removed all other life distractions. This is an opportunity to focus on what really matters to me. I’m going to get me that Peloton. Money will continue to come to me as it always does. I love my home and I’m grateful to spend my time here. This will make me appreciate my travel even more. My wedding and my honeymoon are going to be even more special now. I can wait for anything. I know how to do that.

I was thinking about that with my wedding. I remember the first year I tried to scale to a million dollars, and we only got to 860. I had to wait another three months before I crossed the million-dollar mark in a twelve-month period. And I did it! I was capable of doing that. If I have to wait another three months to get married, I can do that. I know how. I am resilient.

Let’s get to work. That’s what I’ve been thinking about for everybody, myself, everyone. Let’s get to work.

So, when you thought distance, you distance yourself from all of the extreme thoughts on the side of panic and chaos and fear and overwhelm and I don’t know. You gather your facts. You filter out what other people are saying and what you’re saying. You deliberately invite thoughts that serve you. When you pursue, instead of being consumed and consuming, now you have the power to sell in this moment. Now you have the power to help people who are still in crisis.

And make sure, whatever you do, that you don’t feel like you have to rush to get there. This may be your work. You can still sell, while you’re working through all this. While you’re thought distancing yourself. But this may be your opportunity to learn this work at a deep level. To learn how to do it first, and then to teach other people to do it. This is your opportunity. That’s another thought that you can invite to your brain party. This is your opportunity to learn how to do this, to figure out how to manage your crisis. And then, go out and help people manage theirs.

It’s like putting on the mask. If the plane is going down, you’ve got to put yours on first before you help other put theirs on. This is where we are at. Thought distancing, that is the thing that will help you sell in a crisis more than anything else.

Alright, I’ll see you on the next installment of “Selling in a Crisis”. In the meantime, make sure to join to 2K for 2K, if you haven’t already. We are having such powerful conversations in that group. I want you to be a part of it.

I want you to get the coaching that you need thought distance, to be producing to be serving and to be selling. You get access to, right now, we are doing daily coaching if you are listening to this podcast live. We are doing daily coaching in 2K for 2K, to help everyone managing their mind. Live group coaching. You have the entire 2K process to walk you through exactly how to sell a client. Life coaching. You have to 2K process on demand. You can also do the bonus course, “Making Money with the Model” and learn how to self-coach yourself with the model.

All of that is available. You get the bonus courses, the 2K process, daily live coaching right now, during this pandemic. And you also have daily coaching always, through “Ask a coach”. So, make sure you join.

Get yourself in a powerful community of coaches focusing on making money. Sharing ideas, sharing tools, sharing things that are helpful, sharing stories of clients and consults and who’s buying, and sharing objections they’re facing and masterminding on how to overcome them. That’s all inside the Facebook community. Make sure you are inputting as much positive, serving, income-producing thoughts as you are the educational informational ones about the pandemic. Alright, I’ll see you on the next podcast.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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