Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | $13M of wisdom from the 200K MastermindToday, I’m bringing you $13,318,000 worth of wisdom. We just finished the August 200K Live Event. At the end of the event, we give awards to our returning students who have made or maintained $200,000 in annual revenue using our process, and I’m bringing it to the podcast because every coach who came up onto the stage had some inspirational wisdom to share.

For me, this award ceremony hit different, and I heard the same from so many coaches who were there that day. I’ve never been prouder of the work we do here in 200K and the examples our coaches are setting in the industry are profound. So, if you want to hear how they got there, listen closely this week.

Tune in this week to discover the specific thoughts that have helped my clients create truly mind-blowing results in their businesses. You’ll hear from so many coaches who’ve achieved something really special, and I’m encouraging you to think of how you can adopt their thoughts in your own business.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why I cried more than I usually do during this award ceremony.
  • The representation and possibility that was personified in this round of 200K.
  • How to see the thoughts that have brought my clients a high level of success and adopt their models.
  • The incredibly powerful thoughts my clients have used to take the 200K process create amazing results.
  • Some of the thoughts that have helped me reach $10 million in my business.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 194. Today I’m bringing you $13,318,000 worth of wisdom. We just finished the August 200K live event and at the end of the event we give awards to our returning students who have made $200,000 or have maintained $200,000 in a 12 month period using our process. Now, I don’t always turn these episodes into podcast recordings. But I felt it was important to do it with this one.

This one personally for me as a coach hit very different for me but it’s also the feedback that we received from a lot of our students that they’ve been a part of a lot of the award ceremonies and this one felt different. I have never been more proud of the work that we do in 200K and the Two Million Dollar Group. We have never had a more diverse group of women and men accepting this award. The examples our coaches are setting in the industry is profound.

I really struggled with coming back from maternity leave and leaving my son, and just getting back into the groove after three months. And during this award ceremony in combination with all of my hormones, I cried more than I ever have because of this repeated thought in my brain that just got anchored every single time someone came up on stage and told their story, and shared their before and after, and shared the thoughts and the work that got them there. I just kept thinking this is why I do it.

It really felt to me like the example of what’s possible in our industry and was so inspiring for me. I wanted to play this awards for you so that you can see representation and possibility for you on that stage and also so that you can adopt their models, their thoughts that have brought them a high level of success from $200,000 all the way up to over a million dollars. So, this episode is truly $13 million worth of thoughts. Listen to them over and over, and over.

We’ve edited out the time that it took students to walk to the stage, to get to the microphone, to come take photos with me, to leave the stage, so you really are just getting the meat, those thoughts to listen to over and over again. Now, you can also watch this award ceremony live on our Instagram @staceyboehman. We have posted it in two parts. So, you can actually see the people accepting the awards and really feel like you’re in the room if you would like.

But I wanted you to have this episode so that you could also just listen to it on a walk or while you’re getting ready in the morning, and you could really play this one on repeat. And when you’re ready please join us in the room where it happens. Join us in the 200K Mastermind and the Two Million Dollar Group and let this be your time to get on stage and be there as a 200K earner as well. You can go and find out when our next enrollment is at Alright, here we go.


Are we ready? Alright, let’s do it. Listen, this award ceremony, if this is your first round being here is to honor the students who have used the 2K process to make 200K or more, or the Two Million Dollar Group process to make a million dollars or more. I know it’s the Two Million Dollar Group, if you make a million dollars you’re getting a fucking award. So, if you’re receiving the award to fully feel that experience and really give yourself that level of pride, and just love all over yourself.

And if you’re not, I want you to borrow the thoughts they’re going to share, you’re going to come up and you’re going to share your thought, your number one thought that got you to 200K, or a million, or two, whatever you’re receiving it for. And borrow their thoughts, write them down, and I also want you to really practice imagining yourself being here. You have the opportunity to be on this stage in Cabo, or the next round. I’m always telling people not to give up on that goal.

It doesn’t matter if it takes you – I was talking to Paige, an extra round to do it than you thought, who cares? When you get up on the stage you are not going to, I promise. It’s going to have been worth the work. Alright, let’s do it. Are we ready? Can we go? There we go. Jill Allison Bryan, $200,000.

Jill: My thought. This is my fifth round. Don’t give up. I’m not even crying because I’m still in kind of shock.

Stacey: Yeah, also I love that you’re like – I mean I wish that you would have been able to celebrate yourself. But also, clearly you’re not caught up on that and you’re just in the process.

Jill: No, I mean because it’s happening, I have definitely created 200,000. I didn’t think it was within 12 rolling months but I could be wrong.

Stacey: I think you’re wrong. Dana says you’re wrong, I trust her. It’s a good wrong to be a wrong. Janae Young, $200,000. And you look so stunning. Okay, tell everyone the thought that got you to 200K.

Janae Young: I have three mini ones. High value cycle trio, the first is I can do that too which grounds me in possibility, even if I’m younger, I have different circumstances. My second is I know how to make money in my business which grounds me in certainty. And my third is it’s not about me which grounds me in service of the students I serve, and the educational movement we’re leading, and to be an example of what’s possible. And really just it grounds me in my purpose.

Stacey: So good. And you just have to tell everyone in case they don’t know who you are, which I don’t know how that would be possible. How old are you?

Janae Young: I am 21 years old. And I am a multiple six figure CEO.

Stacey: Yeah, you are. It’s so amazing. Alright, who’s next? Melissa Parsons, $200,000.

Melissa: So, the thought that helps me and has helped me this year is no one benefits from me staying small.

Stacey: Alright, who’s next? Emily VinZant, $203,000.  Hi, Emily. I love that you already have it.

Emily: I do. So, I actually borrowed this one from someone either the last round or the round before. And it has just stuck so strongly with me. So, if you guys are looking for a thought, really listen to these tonight. She said my clients need me, I just have to start getting out of my own way to serve them. And for me I was living in such a box of my rules that I was like, just get out of your own way and start being here to serve them and provide value and it changed everything for me.

Stacey: That’s so good. I love that. Priyanka Venugopal, $204,000.

Priyanka Venugopal: So, this is my first, Stacey. And it’s my fourth round and I will say that I have two thoughts. One is that, one thought was, this matters. And the other thought for me was it takes compassion and courage to see and challenge old paradigms. And for me this has been my biggest work. I think for me as a working mom on paper it looks beautiful, but challenging old paradigms has taken compassion for me and courage. And I can see how our clients also need that from us as coaches.

And being here with Stacey and with every coach and mentor in this room that I’ve ever talked with, I am so grateful to you for helping me challenge Maggie yesterday, my old paradigms. I appreciate you and I love you all so much. Thank you.

Stacey: Who’s next? Christina Langdon, $207,000.

Christina: I have lots of thoughts but I guess the one thought that I carried with me was that I am the most important influencer in my life. And when I started to believe that it was a gamechanger. And so, you’re just one thought away from success.

Stacey: So good. Kellyann Schaefer, $213,000.

Kellyann: Alright. So, the thought I used all last year that helped keep me in momentum was everything is working. But you have a brain like mine, as soon as you say your thought, your thought is then going to tell you, no, it’s not. So, then I remind it, I’m like, “No, it really is, everything is working. It’s just working back here, we haven’t seen it yet.”

Stacey: That’s good.

Kellyann: So, remember when you feel stuck and you don’t see the C’s, everything is working.

Stacey: Alright, Jessica Uyeno, $214,000. As a new mom.

Jessica Uyeno: Oh man, you can hear my little one in the background probably. She’s in a fussy phase. It’s almost bedtime. But I had a couple of thoughts that I definitely got from watching you and from watching the other moms not have to give up on making money while having a family. And I can’t tell you what a role model you are for us that are going through it right now. Without you I would not have taken a real maternity leave. I did it with my son and I got the last eight weeks’ time with a newborn that you can never get back. So, I just wanted to say thank you for that.

My two thoughts are everyone wants more time and money which is what I help my clients do. And then the one that really helped me land it this year was, you get to do both. This is the year that I am going to make a human with my body and a quarter of a million dollars with my brain.

Stacey: Alright, Leona Baker, $216,000.

Leona Baker: My name’s, I did it.

Stacey: You did it.

Leona Baker: Round one, thank you so much, Stacey.

Stacey: You’re so welcome.

Leona Baker: And what have I been thinking? I can do this. That’s what I’ve been thinking about. It’s simple but I can do this.

Stacey: I love it, alright. Alright, Neha Vasti, $219,000.

Neha Vasti: So, I just wanted to say, Stacey, for such a long time, growing up in India, I think the one question that I have grown up with, where is my number one trophy in the class? So academically I was always second or third, I was never number one. And I think that was the question that I grew up most with. And I now realize because that wasn’t the trophy I was born for. This was the trophy that I was born for.

You have not only taught me how to make money but like I said on the podcast, I believe I make money with meaning. And I teach other people how to do it but you are the one who’s actually showing me how to do it. So, thank you. You’re a money coach, you’re a business coach, you show me how to make money but the most profound advice that you gave me was, “No, you’re not what you sell, go and travel with your dad.” And I think that is a true example of making money with meaning. So, my thought is, I make money with meaning and I help others to do the same.

Stacey: Alright, Caroline Flanagan, $219,000.

Caroline: My thought, I’ve had a lot of thoughts. The one I keep coming back to is it’s working, that’s the thought, it was Emily’s thought I think, but it’s working for me too. Thank you, Stacey, you changed my life.

Stacey: Ruhi Choudhary, $220,000.

Ruhi Choudhary: I wasn’t expecting to cry even before I got here but last time I had COVID so I couldn’t come and actually receive my award. So, I’m feeling so proud that I can come today and Stacey, you’ve changed my entire life. I’m so grateful to you. Okay, I’m going to try and compose myself.

Stacey: Can I just tell everyone, you said, “I had COVID and I couldn’t come.” But you all don’t know, she flew from where?

Ruhi Choudhary: The UK.

Stacey: The UK to Kentucky and got it after she arrived and had to do the event from the hotel room.

Ruhi Choudhary: Yeah. And I’m here to get this award.

Stacey: Yeah, you are. Yes, you are.

Ruhi Choudhary: I am. So, I have a couple of thoughts but the main one for me is that it’s safe to be seen because as a South Asian woman, I’ve always been told – well, not overtly but the messaging was, you put everyone else first, you stay last. And to be able to be seen and to be making money which is a huge taboo in our culture is huge. So that was one of them. Another one was it’s not about me, it’s about them.

And the one that really kind of gets me going is weight loss is just the beginning for them. And that excites the hell out of me, it just keeps me going.

Stacey: Kiana Newell, $226,000.

Kiana Newell: So, I’m going to cheat and give you a thought from my mom. I talked to her while I was here and she’s like, “Kiana, you’ve got this.” And I was thinking about it earlier because I told her I was quitting my job back in December of 2020. And she was like, “So you’re going to get another job while you build your business?” So, it was just showing me this belief that I’ve seeded, because I’m pretty sure I told her, “Mom, I’ve got this.” And it’s also the belief that I give my clients and I would offer that for anyone in this room that you’ve got this.

Stacey: It’s Dr. Kimberly Reynolds, right? $246,000.

Kimberly: Oh my gosh, okay. In Louisville I saw Brig accept her award. And when I joined 2K I was very resistant until I heard the podcast with Brig and Chavonne. And then I realized I could do it too. So, I just want to say to any other Black women in the audience are watching, or anyone who sees this in the future that this is available to you as well. But that’s what got me here. There is a Bible verse that talks about doing it with your heart as unto God and not unto men. And the thought was, do it with love and heart.

And what’s what you do, Stacey, you do everything, this whole event all I see is love and heart. And that’s what I want to do for my clients. And then the next thought is, when Black women make a lot of money this entire world will change.

Stacey: Dex Randall, $320,000. I love it, okay, alright, the one from last round, this is your second award or third?

Dex: Third.

Stacey: I love it. Okay, tell them the thoughts that created three of these awards.

Dex: Well, the first two were just emitting possibility. But now it’s become, I don’t know, it’s just a done deal now. I just I’m loving, I love my business so much, I can’t even tell you. It’s just become like a game now.

Stacey: So good. Those are really good thoughts.

Dex: I love it so much, I love everything about it.

Stacey: I love it. Well, congratulations. Alright, Desi Creswell, $283,000.

Desi: So, a couple of things. One of the ones that has really helped me is never be the one to say no to yourself. And I have really used that to create some really great opportunities for myself in the past year that I think have really contributed to the goals that I’ve reached. And the other one that I’ve really been working on and I’m seeing come to fruition is slowing down is not the problem, it’s the solution. And that’s been a huge area of growth for me and will probably continue to be for a while.

And then as I was hearing you prompt people to sit in the moment of getting the award they were surprised to get, I realized and I’m almost ashamed to admit this but my award from last time is just sitting in the box still. My LCS award is sitting in the box still. And I think I have not allowed myself to be proud or celebrate. And so, I’m going to add a little thought that I need to work on now is it’s safe to soak it up. And soak it up feels so appropriate, like just let it be and really appreciate it. And so, I’ll be working on that in the next six months.

Stacey: Debbie Sassen, $285,000.

Debbie: Okay, I’m going to take a deep breath.

Stacey: Do it.

Debbie: Probably cry also. Thank you.

Stacey: Oh my gosh, when you guys say thank you, I’m like, what? No, thank you.

Debbie: I just want to thank you for not having this on a Friday night because I get to be here in person. Because I’m an orthodox Jew and I keep sabbath. And the last time I was Zoomed in rather being here in person. So, this is a very emotional moment and my Hebrew is coming in. It’s like [inaudible] and I know that Nicole is listening so at least she understands me. So, the thoughts that I think is that this is what I was made for. I’m just getting started. And it’s safe for women to claim and compound our half of God’s abundance.

Stacey: Alright, Sam Laura Brown, $286,000, very, very high contributor for the 200K room. I just have to acknowledge that.

Sam: Can you hear me?

Stacey: Yes.

Sam: Awesome. Thank you. So, the two thoughts I would say are first of all, I know what I’m doing, which just has me making decisions, executing them, contributing to the room, just that thought in general. And then it’s safe to take off as much time as I want. I have a one year old daughter. And I had six months off of actively selling [inaudible], so I was still delivering to clients in my program when I was away, not by me being there but through other coaches and things.

And then I signed up for 200K for my first round in the November enrollment. And I’ve used that to just turn the faucet back on. It never really went but to turn it on more. And then I’ve just been able to work three days a week so that’s been a big one for me.

Stacey: Alright, next we have Denise Vernieri at $290,000.

Denise Vernieri: My parents are from Puerto Rico so I’m first generation born here. And I’ve done a lot of firsts in my life. I was the first to go to college, first to get a master’s degree, first to buy a home. But this by far is the first in my family and I’m the most proud of. Being an entrepreneur has literally changed my life. It’s changing my family. It’s changing my children. And the clients that I get to work with, I am so proud of the work that I get to do in the industry that I get to support them in. And it was a dream that I had for so long.

I taught in New York City as a high school teacher for 17 years and I had this dream to support the wellness industry for a very long time and I just didn’t have the belief there. And it wasn’t until I found 2K that I really started to believe. And I resigned from my teaching career which was amazing. And I’m doing this work full-time and I just know that the impact that I’m having is so far beyond what I can even see and I’m just so proud of myself. And I’m letting that really sink in.

And some of the thoughts that helped me get here are, I’ll figure it out. I always figure it out. It’s such a deep self-concept that I have. And the other thoughts that I work on quite a bit is that it’s safe to be seen and it’s safe to receive. Just because I didn’t see the example of what I wanted to create, I just decided to become that. So, I just want to say thank you so much, Stacey for selling mops in Walmart because I know that so much of my ability to stand here is because of that, so thank you.

Stacey: Alright, Laura Dixon, $300,000.

Laura: Okay, I was thinking about this. The thought I have had that has just given me so much freedom is I can feel any emotion. I did have a baby last year and the thought that allowed me to still grow in my business was that having this baby and taking time off with my family creates more value and more money, not less.

Stacey: Alright, Olivia Vizachero, $304,000.

Olivia: I picked my thought right after I left stage last time. And it just came to me and my thought is, making money is easy.

Stacey: Miss Brig Johnson, $321,000.

Brig: Last time I was fine until I saw her cry and then I started crying. So, this time I have my thoughts written down. My thoughts are, I’m living my dream because you all know, sometimes we forget that where we are right now is where we wanted to be. And sometimes I pull that one out and I’m like, “No, this is your dream.” And when my brain is like, this is hard, I just answer back, “Of course it is hard and I choose to be soft with myself. This work is important.”

And the last one I’ve been really working on is my identity as a creator and I get to tell life what I’m fucking going to do rather than asking for permission.

Stacey: Every time you’re in this room, it’s profound to watch the impact that you have on every single person and I really, really hope that you have – it’s embedded in your self-concept that you have changed the industry.

Brig: Her role in this is, I kept saying, “Stacey, we need to do something.” And she literally told me, “Why should I do what you should do?” And that’s what I did.

Stacey: I said, “I can’t do it.”

Brig: Yeah.

Stacey: I can contribute to it but I can’t do it. You’re the person.

Brig: Yeah. And so, but had I not been in that first round of 200K I wouldn’t have had the self-concept to even do their work. It was being in a year of 200K, getting a one-on-one coach, Miss Lindsey, and it was a year and a half before I even started making money but it was so necessary to raise my self-concept. So, when that opportunity came I was ready, so yeah, thank you.

Stacey: Karen Leitner, I think she is not with us as well but let’s give her a round of applause. Alright, the one and only, Maggie Reyes, $364,000.

Maggie: I’ve been thinking a lot about the first round, the last time I was virtual, in the first round in Louisville Kentucky, you said to me, “No more easy breezy.”

Stacey: I do remember that. She was easy breezy selling.

Maggie: I had made $47,000 and I went home a new person. And this year in peer coaching, with Alexander James, I hope he gets to see this. He said to me, “It’s safe to sell hard.” And I had my biggest launch ever. And one of my favorite thoughts is, my inner Stacey is strong.

Stacey: So good.

Maggie: When you were giving your speech I counted how many things I said in our breakout room today, that you said on the stage, I lost count at 12. I’m so proud and thank you.

Stacey: But I do want to just acknowledge you as well because I also think that you are someone who has emerged to uplift this industry. Everything I ever hear anyone say about you is the most positive ever. And I think that I want aspire to be that. I think everyone in this room wants to inspire that every single thing that’s said about you is positive, and amazing, and uplifting. And you are always there to help other people and you are for sure my best. And I’m just so grateful to have a student to be that representation in the world. Alright, Sara Fisk, $370,000.

Sara: This has been a hard round for me. I have watched myself be petty, judgy, critical, hide, and my thought is I’m endlessly willing to witness and love myself no matter what. And my second thought is, what’s the other option, quitting? I mean that’s just not an option and that thought comes from how seriously I take my work of helping women stop people pleasing and that bullshit stops with me. When I think about my life before this work and after, I’m completely different.

And the freedom that I feel from being able to just love and witness myself with kindness, and generosity, and grace, no matter how much I hate being myself in that moment, has made all the difference. And I have seen you model it in every single time I have needed to be understood and helped, someone in this room has done that for me and will do it for all of you. I was an underdog. I was an underdog five round ago after one email and joined, when anything is possible, thank you.

Stacey: Alright, Lindsey Mango, $381,000.

Lindsey: I’m not going to drop it this time I hope.

Stacey: They took them out of the boxes because…

Lindsey: Like how do we problem solve for that next time. I think the biggest thought was I can put anything in the result line. And this time it was taking three and a half months off and having my beautiful baby girl and having my business still do amazing things and run without me. And I would have never done that if you didn’t set that example for me, even though you had Jackson after me. But I knew you was going to do it so I was like, “I can do that too.”

Stacey: I feel like I have to give you the acceptance speech for helping me through maternity leave.

Lindsey: I’ll take it.

Stacey: Julia Lakaemper, $400,000. What?

Julia: When I received your workbook I said to myself, “This woman is going to make me rich.” And here I am. So, my thought is, I have three. Making money is a skill, everybody can learn it, you can learn it. Another thought is, it’s working. And my third thought is, my people want me to succeed.

Stacey:  Marjena Moll, $402,000.

Marjena: When my son was about seven years old and his sister was, I think maybe four. I could not afford to take them to a theme park. And the season changed, and it turned into fall, and it was getting wet and cold outside.  And I could not afford to buy them winter coats. And they were going to school without coats on. And I felt so ashamed. And I was so relieved when my sister took them out shopping and bought them coats. And here’s the thing, I’ve always known that I’m a very intelligent woman.

I’ve always known that I’m very smart and very creative, but I had this blocked idea that making money was for other people, that I was somehow just not the one. And then I listened to your podcast. There was this episode and she shared where money comes from. And my ears were perked up as much as they can. And she said, “Money is created through value.” And all of a sudden it all clicked, my intelligence, value and I understood Stacey.

As long as I can think I am in the capability of creating value, and if I share that value it will monetize. And that shadow, this whole blockage that held me back and I started making money. And I purchased your program, I purchased my certification for LCS because I had been looking from the outside in long before she started The Life Coach School, Brooke. And I was always just soaking up her free content, grasping, learning. Learning over, and over, and over, learning about the model.

And now I could afford my certification and to get to the high note, my son is now studying political science and he wanted to go to Korea to do it and I’ve sent him there. And I’ve whisked my husband off to Paris in a convertible and this winter we’ll be flying out to Seoul, to South Korea to visit my son and it’s the best feeling. I’m also waving what I’m doing in my daughter’s face all of the time, to model for her how it’s done so it doesn’t end with me.

And so now here to serve you, of course that first thought was money is created through value. And as long as I’m at liberty to think I can always create value. And when I share that value it will monetize. And the other thought which I think is beautiful because that got me out of my compulsion with food and that whole nasty problem is you cannot escape your own success, it’s inevitable if you keep showing up.

And I’d say for all of you and coming into money now a little later in life, I’m still young, but 54. I have to say, I love, love, love seeing all you young women making a fuck ton of money. And I root for you so hard. There’s no glass ceilings here, nobody who cannot vote for us or shut us out. And I’m just overjoyed with where you’re going and I have you to thank for it.

Stacey: My husband and I were at the Goofy, Micky breakfast this morning with our kid. We were talking about our families not being able or in general, families not being able to afford Disney. And how much shame that must create in the world. You think you’re a failure if you can’t go out and pay for a theme park, when it’s just the theme park, it’s so expensive. And I know that feeling of thinking about, I remember, for so long I didn’t want to have kids because I couldn’t provide for them. So, I love that entrepreneurship gives us this opportunity. Thank you for reminding me of that.

Alright, Charlotte Smith, $410,000.

Charlotte: I’m going to lighten it up because as a former rodeo princess, we run towards glittery fringe. In Kentucky, Stacey had this band come in from Nashville and the lead singer came out on stage wearing this jacket. And trust me, my thoughts about this jacket, or my clients’ thoughts about me, I saw the jacket on stage. And I was like, I want that. And I ran to my purse and I pulled out all my cash that I had in my wallet. And after she was done on stage coming out of the dressing room I said, “Would you sell me that jacket?”

And she said, “Well, I might but it would be a lot of money.” And I said, “How much?” And she said, “At least $150.” And I had $160 in my wallet and I gave it to her and she gave me that jacket so fast. And that is literally like I wake up in the morning and that’s the feeling I get. I get emails that say, “When is your program open? I’m saving my money.” And then during my launch, because I’m still getting used to making $410,000, it feels like they’re just throwing money at me and saying, “I want in.” And it’s exciting. And I don’t have doubts about it.

It’s just really fun to just have that experience of they want what I have. And I keep giving them everything I can possibly think of that will help them on their journey. And it’s a wonderful life, it’s just like this wonderful spiral of value. So, thank you for making this possible. I was so unfocused a year ago and everything I learned in here, just focus on one simple offer and it blew up just like you said it would. So, thank you.

Stacey: Andrea Nordling, $420,000.

Andrea: Alright, I’ll go fast. It’s working is my thought, it’s working. And sometimes that feels really evident and it comes naturally. And it’s like it’s working. And then sometimes I have to ITC it for a really long time.

Stacey: So good.

Andrea: But either way even in ITC, it’s working.

Stacey: Rachael Bodie, $425,000.

Rachael: I think what has happened is I’m in this new self-concept where I’m like, wow, this is real. This is my life, this is just the beginning, a million, and multimillion is done. And I’m just so grateful for really just this entire room. My background’s in consulting, so I’ve worked with a really lot of high powered men. And so, it’s just so powerful to be in a room where you see this many women who are just doing incredible things. And, Stacey, you’ve modeled that and it’s unbelievable, just the level of execution of thought leadership, of just who you are.

And that’s one of my thoughts. My thought is who I am is transformative to my clients, so thank you.

Stacey: Kathryn Morrison, $441,000.

Kathryn: This was right before an accelerator launch, it’s 520, but it’s fine.

Stacey: Yes.

Kathryn: Anyway, this was the first time reporting where literally none of the money is from one-on-one, it’s all scalable offers. And I think what allowed me to let go of the $20,000 easy peasy one-on-one packages was I can get my brain onboard with anything. And so, understanding the strategy of what’s taught here and letting go of all of it and my branding program made six figures in the first three months. And then the other thought which is different this year I feel like because Stacey develops leaders and she doesn’t develop little Staceys.

The core of the process of what I teach is around intuition. And then I started getting all kinds of crazy downloads of basically like I blew up my business in the last six months. No offer is the same, the website’s not the same, the podcast isn’t the same. But it’s because of the work that you’ve taught of getting my brain onboard with anything that I have the ability to honor my process. So, the other thought is I trust my intuition and my only job is to get my brain onboard.

Stacey: Laura Connelly, $600,000.

Laura: Hello. Yay. Okay, I brought my phone up too just in case. So, I am a conduit for my clients’ freedom, it’s my responsibility to free the fucking moms. Write that down every day. And then I also just wanted to share that this was my first thought from my first round, which was doubt means I’m doing it right. And that really helped me. Every time it signaled that feeling of doubt or disbelief in my body. I was like, this means I’m doing it right. This is just a mile marker towards 500 and something thousand dollars.

And then the last thing is similar to Sara’s which is during this round I thought I loved myself, I really thought I did love myself. But I’ve taken it to a whole another level so I’m really willing to love myself as much here up on this stage as I am when I don’t hit my goal. And really practicing and being willing to love myself unconditionally. And it’s like the spectrum’s opened up. It’s like I can really love myself unconditionally at almost 600K, and really celebrate that and be big and stand in that.

But on the other end when I don’t hit a goal and I’m not up here, I’m down and out it feels like, really I’m able to hold myself and that just feels so fucking awesome. So, thank you, Stacey, for making me constrain down, that was all you, oh my God, kicking and screaming too.

Stacey: Dielle Charon, $760,000.

Dielle: I would say my first thought is that I am a movement maker. I am leading a movement of women of color entrepreneurs, that’s my niche. And I absolutely love what I do. The second thought I have is it takes a village, Stacey, you have carried the best people, I would not be standing here today if it wasn’t for Kathryn, if it wasn’t for Brig, if it wasn’t for every Black woman in this room that has made me feel safe, and seen, and welcomed, and all of my friends who have peer coached me. So, it takes a village.

And I would also say my third thought is, entrepreneurship saves lives. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that just took the wind out of me. And originally I’m a social worker, I was a social worker and I only made $2500 a month. So, I just think so much how if I wasn’t an entrepreneur I would not be able to afford my treatment, my doctors and all of the things that my business has allowed me to afford. So, it’s literally saving my life and I’m so grateful.

Stacey: Lindsay Dotzlaf, $788,000.

Lindsay: Literally my thought walking up here was there’s enough time since Brig went for me to get up here and not cry. Here we are, I blame you. Okay, my thought that I have really been practicing every single day, a lot of you have probably heard Stacey refer to me and my business as a slow burn. And every day, literally every day I tell myself it’s safe to turn up the heat, watch me.

Stacey: Yes. Yes. And Miss Edie Wadsworth at $1.14 million.

Edie: I’ve been living in a quote this year, to love someone is to see all their magic and to remind them of it when they have forgotten. I’ve also spent a lot of time this round appreciating and loving this woman who has brought us together in this room. And I think sometimes we forget the hard work, and the love, and the sacrifice that she makes every day to make this process seem doable and simple for all of us. When I first got certified as a coach I wrote down on a little note card, I’m a seven figure coach.

And I was hiking with my husband earlier this year to kind of celebrate my birthday, to celebrate the business hitting a milestone. And he said, “Everything you touch turns to gold and I’m just happy to be along for the ride.” He was reminding me of my magic and I thought about that for a while. And I thought, you know what? Everything I touch does turn to gold because I touch it with such love, and nurture, and intention, and care.

And that’s exactly what this room has done for me and what Stacey has done for me, and what you do for your clients. And I’m so, so grateful to be here. Thank you.

Stacey: Alright, folks. We’re not quite done. I just want to do a quick thank you because as Edie said, that there is a lot of time and attention, and however she said it, that goes into this program. And I will receive that, it is a lot. But also, I will share one of my thoughts with you that has helped me get to $10 million. And it helps me work in three days a week, and take three months off for maternity leave, or 12 unexpected weeks when I was diagnosed with hyperemesis.

And my thought, I’m so emotional, what is happening? My thought is I hire the most amazing people. I think, I really do, I deeply in my soul believe there’s something in me that attracts the hardest workers and the brightest thinkers. And the people who care so deeply about you all as much as I do, seriously, as much as I do. So, I just want to thank them. So, I want to first start with the Four Seasons and encore team. They come in and they don’t know our process at all. They just have to pick it up quickly and conversations with Matt ahead of time.

So, thank you to Matt and the whole production crew. They are so great. And every time I see Johnny or Keith I feel so safe and so taken care of. And I know that the marketing, and I just know I’m going to feel good being here and the marketing is going to be outstanding. So, thank you. And our team, we recently, we did interviews and we wanted to hire a full-time event person. And we interviewed Erica and Kiera. And I got off the interview with them and I told Michelle, “I think we have to find a way to hire both of them because they’re so incredible.”

And Kiera opened my eyes to things that we could do virtually that I’d never even considered. So, for those of you that are virtual, and if you are returning and you thought your experience was completely different, those weren’t my ideas, they were Kiera’s. So, I need to honor that. And if you are returning and you thought this live event experience was better than it’s ever been, we have to thank Erica for that. I was on maternity leave the entire time they created this event.

We have to thank Patrice and Tawana, they’re our program managers for 200K and Two Million Dollar Group. So, everything goes through them. And Patrice left a very high paying job to come do this role. And has really done an incredible job, so I just want to honor that and say how grateful I am to have you on the team. And then, God, I can’t get through without crying. And then to Tiffany, Dana and Michelle, they’re our leadership team. Tiffany models the type of employee I want to keep attracting every single day.

Dana was brave enough to tell me everything about my company that needed to change for it to be better and to say, “I’m willing to help you do it.” And I promoted her and she’s now in charge of our project management. And ever since, things have gone so much smoother. You just have to find the people who should be doing the role and who are better than you, and who will tell you what to do. And then you have to be as a leader willing to not believe that you – I’m literally snotting, what’s happening?

You have to be willing to believe that you don’t know everything and you’re not better than anyone because you’re the boss. I take ideas from my team all day long and I implement them. I think they’re just as bright as me and it’s the reason that we’re here together. And I literally could not run this company without Michelle. Michelle thinks of everything that I don’t think about, including for me to pack my panties. I would not be here without her. So, thank you to my team, thank you to you all amazing students for being here and making this room so valuable.

I know that we have made you starve to absolute death but I appreciate you being flexible. This is the first event where things have not been able to go exactly the way I wanted them. And what Laura said, I was in the bathroom thinking, that this wasn’t the execution 100% that I wanted but also it’s my body. And so, I’ve been working on loving myself through not being in full control of that while I nurse. And I’ve decided that no matter what, I’m going to nurse and not let my business keep me from that.

I appreciate the breaks, I appreciate your willingness to stay late and be hungry, and hopefully the food’s not cold. I didn’t want to cut stuff out. I wanted to get through it all. It was very unexpected. But you all have helped me honor being a mom and making a lot of fucking money, and helping people. So, if you’re a mom you can make decisions like that and your clients will still work with you. You don’t have to choose, you all are all proof. So, thank you. Go please enjoy your dinner and the most amazing band, I’m so excited about them for you. Thank you.


Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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