Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | From $18K to $80K with Nicole OrenI’m back this week with another one of my top-improved 200K Mastermind pre-enrollment students who used this container to make a ton of money. These are my clients who have had the highest percentage of growth in income since applying in January, and this is your opportunity to adopt some incredible thoughts to up-level your business too.

In this episode, I’m sitting down with Nicole Oren, a life and business coach for female entrepreneurs wanting to pave their own path to success. She applied for pre-enrollment at $18K in her business, even though the criteria was $25K, and has since defeated the odds. Only seven months later, she has made $80K in her business, and she joins me to share how she did it this week.

Tune in to hear Nicole’s story and how she took total responsibility for her results, from deciding to apply for pre-enrollment to every step along the way to $80K. You’ll hear the biggest shifts she experienced in her ability to sell and deliver value, and the core thoughts that made her success inevitable. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Where Nicole was at in terms of income when she applied for pre-enrollment in January, and where she’s at now.
  • The biggest shift Nicole has experienced going from $18K in her business to $80K.
  • How she used the PSPR method to sell and deliver value, even during some of the most challenging times of her life. 
  • Why being dependent on your energy is the most exhausting way to sell. 
  • The difference between trying to sell from a deeply negative emotional state versus a more neutral state.
  • Nicole’s mastermind experience, and how she spun it in her favor. 
  • The power of being willing to put out the first iteration of your work. 
  • What happened when Nicole shifted out of hustle energy and into certainty.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, I’m really excited to bring you a special series on the podcast over the next several months where I will be featuring students from our first ever pre-enrollment for the 200K Mastermind. We ran a contest to see who could have the highest percentage of growth from each of our income categories, 25K, 50K, 100K and 200K plus. We had students increasing their revenue 10K a month for seven months straight. We have 180% growth increases, 442% growth increases. The results were seriously more than we ever remotely anticipated.

So, I’ve asked them to come on the podcast and share with you how they did it. Their mindset that they approached the materials with and how they leveraged the 200K process to make a lot of money in their business before they even stepped foot into the room for our mastermind. They had this growth just with access to our member portal and our library of past events calls, our 200K process and all of our bonus courses over six months between January and July of this year.

These conversations were so intriguing to me and inspiring for what can be possible when we get the 200K process in the hands of more coaches quicker. There are so many mindset nuggets that await for you inside so let’s dive in.


Hey coaches, welcome to this special episode we have for you today with one of our top improved pre-enrollment students who have had the highest percentage of growth in their income bracket. It’s a mouthful. They already have an intro, so they know what it’s about but welcome, Nicole. So do you want to introduce yourself, tell everyone who you are, what you do.

And then if you wouldn’t mind sharing when you applied in January for our pre-enrollment, what income you applied at and then where you’re at now, we’re about seven months later, seven/eight months later, yeah, and where you’re at now. So, kind of just tell them all of those things.

Nicole: Yeah. So, hi everybody, I’m Nicole Oren. I’m a life and business coach for female entrepreneurs wanting to pave their own path to success. I work with clients of all different businesses, different shapes and sizes, clients starting out, clients running even six and seven figure businesses. And my way is really about helping them find their way. So, when I applied back in January, late January, I didn’t meet the criteria.

Stacey: Really?

Nicole: Yeah, I didn’t. I’m going to tell you the story, can I?

Stacey: I love it, yeah, tell everyone, yes, let’s do it.

Nicole: Yes. So, I had only made $18,000 in my business, something like that, maybe a couple of hundred dollars more. And I was as sick as a dog. I had COVID when you came out with pre-enrollment. I didn’t even see any of the videos. I was just not in it. I wasn’t really on, even in my business, I wasn’t even that present. And I remember being in bed, we were all sick, my whole family. And then I came across one of your videos. It was a replay. This was Thursday, I think it was the last day to apply.

And then you came out with this thing called pre-enrollment. And I looked over at my husband and I was like, “I’m going to go put on clothes. And I’m going to just apply for something, it’s $25,000 but don’t worry, if I get in I’ll make it work.” I think I had five or six hours left to apply from deciding to actually executing. Did the video, did the application form, it took me a couple of hours, all that together, submitted. I pressed submit and then it said, “Come back when you’ve made 25K.”

And I was like, “Oh damn, what happened here?” I’m going to apply, I don’t remember when the next time to apply was, I’m going to apply in April or March, whenever it was. And then I got an email the next day that I was accepted.

Stacey: What?

Nicole: Yeah. So, I applied at $18,000 and now seven months later I’m actually at $80,500 in my business.

Stacey: Stop. I love this. What I love the most about this is I think that might have just been a fluke.

Nicole: Seriously?

Stacey: I mean I don’t know. I don’t remember this. I’ve also had a baby since then so it’s possible that I’ve just forgotten about it. But in my mind it’s funnier if it is a fluke. I don’t know. We don’t have any processes for accepting people under 25K. So how crazy is that? I don’t know. Maybe someone just loved your video, or changed. I don’t know but that’s so great.

Nicole: Oh my God, even if it was a fluke, it was the best fluke, divine.

Stacey: Right.

Nicole: Yeah.

Stacey: Yeah. I have no idea. I do vaguely remember though a story and I wonder if you’ve told it, or my team told it to me. I do vaguely remember a story about someone applying who had COVID. I don’t know. So maybe, who knows, I’ve had a baby since then. I don’t know but that’s fantastic. That’s so great. Okay, so tell everyone what do you think was the biggest shift between 18K and 80K?

Nicole: Biggest shift, I mean there were a lot, but it comes down to I am not dependent on my energy and my emotions to sell.

Stacey: Yes.

Nicole: Yeah. And I really believe in energy and emotions, and they have so much power. But these past six months have been a lot for me personally, no connection to business. And I through PSPR and through the things I’ve learned in the process, I have not been dependent on my emotions, I’ve been dependent on my value. My value has remained constant while my emotions are allowed to fluctuate and that’s okay.

Stacey: Oh my gosh, yes. But that statement right there I just feel is the greatest testimony of the 200K Mastermind and what I teach because when I first started my business I was very dependent. That’s how I was taught. I was just very dependent on you’re a life coach. So, if you want to attract lots of clients, you just have to have this really high insane energy. If you want to do a launch, be traveling, be doing something amazing, kind of spending lots of money, just really being this insane example of what’s possible and blowing people’s minds for how you live your life.

But it exhausted me. I made $300,000 that way and I was exhausted. And it didn’t feel right to me. Let me be clear, I don’t know that I was taught this specifically as much as it’s how I interpreted what I was seeing in the industry in the world with my coach, things like that. Okay, so I just want to be clear about that. I think that what it required me to do if I believed that that’s the way to sell, I had to shove down all my negative emotion and make it wrong. And there was lots of shame for how much negative emotion I was experiencing, for not being more positive.

And I’ve done so much work since then. I haven’t talked about my life story, but I’ve had to overcome a lot of trauma. And I’ve been talking to my husband a lot about it because it shows up in our parenting styles. I grew up believing I wasn’t safe and bad things happen in the world, and I wasn’t loved, which is not what my parents told me. But when you go through a very ugly divorce, it’s very messy and lots of things. You feel like the ground has come out from underneath you and as a kid you blame yourself.

My brain just naturally interprets the world as a dangerous place and sees danger everywhere. I like to talk about that because I think there’s a lot of coaches that do that or have that experience. And my experience of coaching is overcoming that every single day. It doesn’t always get easier, it’s every single day, every single circumstance I have to show my brain this isn’t a dangerous situation. Where my husband is like, “Every situation works out in my favor, it’s always amazing.”

So that was a really big pain point for me is how do I not make myself wrong or my ability to coach people wrong because of this thing that happens with my brain based on trauma? And so, learning how to sell this way to me is one of my greatest contributions to the industry. And so, when I have clients that learn how to do this, it’s the greatest testimony for me. I think it’s so freeing. What is your experience before versus after?

Nicole: Yeah. First of all, I think this is what brings most people to coaching. We want to get a grip on our emotions and we’re probably more likely to be more highly sensitive, more sensitive than others, more emotional. And then we use this emotion thing against us and that’s definitely how I was. When I was feeling good I would close sales, I would do well, I would feel great, I would be in belief. And when I was feeling bad I would just not show up at all.

And getting into the mastermind and shifting that mindset into PSPR and really doing that work helped me just not have to reinvent the wheel every morning, not have to get myself into the right energy because I know what to say. I know my client’s problem. I know how to explain it. Even on a consult call. So, for example, about a month and a half before the live event, my husband got meningitis and he almost died. He was in the hospital for [crosstalk.]

Stacey: Oh my God.

Nicole: Yeah. And I have a daughter, a three year old daughter. So, I was a long time with my husband, all night and then during the day with my daughter. And doing clients somewhere in between. And that week I sold three clients. And I did three consults. And I didn’t need to be so high vibe on the consults, sell someone a dream. All I had to do was bridge the gap using PSPR. Using what I know. Delivering that value and that was always constant even through some of the most shaky experiences of my life.

Stacey: Yeah. And then think about the value of that for the rest of your career because that’s I think the things we don’t think about is things like that, hopefully not meningitis for most people but yeah, things like that happen in the world and we experience those over a lifetime of being human. We’re going to experience lots of circumstances like that.

And if you want to have a long business that has longevity you have to have a sales process that has longevity. And I don’t think it does when it’s attached to you feeling super positive.

Nicole: Yeah, not at all. Also, it’s really freeing because it’s exhausting every morning to wake up and be like, “How can I add value today? How do I get myself into the spirit of selling?” And that was very exhausting. And just shifting into I have something, I know what to say. My energy doesn’t determine if I sell or if I provide value in the industry or not is so freeing.

Stacey: When you’re saying this, what I’m thinking, I’m imagining what people might be thinking. And I think a lot of people use law of attraction or law attraction type teachings against themselves where it’s like your energy, your vibe attracts your tribe, your energy, what you put out is what you get back. But I want to just offer from what I’m hearing from you is there is a big difference between being in really negative un-useful emotion and trying to sell. So, for example if you’re resistant, you’re just in this place of just un-useful negative emotion.

I’m trying to think of other ones, resistant, maybe defiant, do you know what I’m talking about? Versus courage, this feels bad but it’s not a bad negative emotion. So, there is a difference, if you look at the emotional scale between being at the very bottom and then being more of in a neutral place, maybe one or two places above neutral. And I think that that’s what happens to us when we go to our brain to find the value in focusing on PSPR, focusing on what we know about our client, how we know we can serve people,

What our experience has told us, this inherent knowledge that we have in our brain versus this example of what’s possible from our emotions. I think that’s the difference, we’re not saying that you don’t have to have some grip on your emotions to some degree. We’re all life coaches. But I think there’s a huge difference. If emotions were a scale of zero to 10. You don’t have to be a 10, you could probably make a lot of money as a five or a six.

Nicole: Yeah, I agree with you. I think emotional literacy is super important. And I’m also Life Coach School certified. And I see the importance of that. But where it trips people up is that whenever you do the PSPR work I think it grounds, it grounded me at least in certainty. And that certainty was constant. So, if I was feeling sad, or depressed, or just not in the mood, that certainty was higher on the spectrum than the other emotions. And that’s really what it helped me do.

Stacey: That’s so great. It’s so good. Okay, I have to ask you another question because you said this so calm and just normal. And I know that other people did not hear it that way which is I just know. I’ve talked to so many coaches, you just told your husband, “I’m going to invest in this $25,000 thing, don’t worry, it’s going to be okay.”

Nicole: Yeah, okay. So, I was actually thinking about this, this morning. And I’ve invested before. It’s not like it was easy for us to do that at all. I live in Israel. I live in a country where everything is three times the price. It wasn’t an easy thing to do but my past investments were very like, “What do you think? Tell me what you think.” I’m kind of relying on his work and his income to pay for that. Even if it doesn’t work it’s fine because he’ll make it work. And this was different in the sense I was like, “I am just going to go and get the result.”

I didn’t know the how. I think it was like what you say, who, before, how, in that moment I felt a shift of I’m just going to go and take responsibility of this investment. I’m going to make it happen and I did.

Stacey: Yeah. And what I love about that is so much of that money, because we just started 200K. So, so much of that money you made before any coaching ever began.

Nicole: Yeah, this is your thought and I definitely adopted it. But your clients get results when you’re just on maternity leave or not even there because I was so excited about the pre-enrollment. I remember telling a friend, I feel like I won the lottery. I have a whole extra six months to get myself ready for the room. And that’s really what it felt like. And I think it came from your thought that created that for us.

Stacey: Yeah. I mean, and listen, I want to tell everyone because when this plays, I don’t know if it will be before or after the November open enrollment. But I just want to offer for everyone listening because this is just what I do when we’re having conversations is think about what other people might be thinking. And don’t use that against yourself, if you’re like, “Wait, but I didn’t get that, so I’ll just wait until January’s pre-enrollment and do August’s class.”

I can see people having that thought. And I just want to say, this is something I feel like I learned from Brooke. But I just spin whatever story in my brain serves me the most for that particular circumstance versus using it against myself. I’m like, “How would this be totally amazing?” When I was thinking about being able to offer a payment plan for example, and I’ve offered it before. I’m asking myself, “How will this be amazing?” And my thought was, well, if I give them enough time to pay it off before the event and if I give them the member portal, they’ll have extra time to do the work.

So, it was just me always presenting something as a win for myself. And then presenting it for a win to other people. I think what people think is I have to get the best circumstance. So, in order to do that I have to figure out which one is the best circumstance versus whatever circumstance I’m in, I’m going to tell myself it’s the most amazing. So, if I’m enrolling in an open enrollment I’m going to tell myself I’m getting in earlier versus waiting another class.

If I’m getting in, in pre-enrollment, I’m going to tell myself I get an extra six months. I’m just going to tell myself whatever feels amazing and powerful for me because then I’m going to go out and operate in the world that way. So, I love that you had that thought.

Nicole: Yeah, I really did. And I think that resonates also with my mastermind experience because I attended virtually. I knew that I was going to attend virtually already knowing that it was that week of August. And I said, “Maybe.” I did have the thought, maybe I’ll wait till the next one and I’ll be able to be there in person. And then I spun that in my favor, and I said, “I’m going to attend virtually and it’s going to be the most expansive amazing experience.”

Stacey: Yeah, because think about it. If you ever – this is again me spinning it. This is how I would spin it for myself is if you ever create a client experience, and you have clients who are from all over the world and aren’t going to come to Israel or wherever you have it. Then you have that experience of it doesn’t even matter, virtual is just as amazing. And I just think in general when you have the mindset, what I’m hearing from everything you’ve said.

Because I want to just be clear, when we do these pre-enrollment episodes, we talk about what helped, yes, the process helped. Yes, there are many thoughts that you borrow. But ultimately it’s your brain. Your brain is what created the results. And I want to get you guys on here so that people can hear your thoughts and adopt them for themselves as well. But what I keep hearing you say is just taking total responsibility for literally everything, responsibility for how you present it to your husband, for telling him versus asking.

For I’m going to get what I came for. This is going to be, I’m going to pay myself back for this. I’m going to apply with COVID, feeling terrible, I’m just going to put clothes on and make my video. Taking responsibility, I mean just literally every single step that you’ve talked about is you taking ownership even for the selling. I teach PSPR but you can still think, you can have thoughts about it. That I am so confused that I can’t even approach PSPR versus you were telling yourself, I know exactly. I mean I’d be curious what your thoughts were about it.

But you were telling yourself to some capacity, you’ve said it a couple of times on this episode that you know exactly how to help them to bridge the gap, you have that experience. So, every step of the way you’ve just owned your experience which is I just think representative of how much money you’ve made in such a short amount of time.

Nicole: Yeah, totally. I also think that this all happened in stages. This is 20 minutes into the call and I’m summing up six months of work. And when I first opened that portal I was like, “Oh my God.” I was filled with overwhelm, filled with imposter syndrome. I was like, “What did I get myself into?” And what I actually did is I didn’t even look at PSPR. I started in the areas where I felt already skilled. So, I’m an organizational consultant. I worked with leaders in companies for years.

So, one of the places I was really good at is creating intellectual property. And probably that wouldn’t be the first place you would tell someone at my stage to start. But that’s where I felt skilled, so I created a podcast. I created a quiz, a business personality quiz that is super amazing. I created a workbook for my clients and a portal for them for my one-on-one clients. And I just went to the area where I already felt skilled. And from that place built my belief into the PSPR, into intentional thought creation which in the beginning it was too far off for me.

Stacey: This is so great. So, I just did for the past pre-enrollment, at this point I’m like, wait, which one was it? I think it was for August, the August pre-enrollment for January’s class. I offered early access calls. So once a month I meet, I was very clear with them that the calls were not to create this, get everything at once. We’re not trying to solve all the problems at once. It’s just to help them approach the content and get their mind right, to make the most use of the six months.

I just did the first call and the opening that I told them, I said, “I want you to not go through the process this first time around, for the next five or six months, however much time we have.” I said, “I don’t want you to go look for the things that you think will, like PSPR, that you think are, I’ve got to learn this and it’s very complicated. And so, I’ve got to spend six months figuring it out.” I told them to go through and just choose what I call the low hanging fruit. Whatever is the easiest for your brain to adopt, whatever sounds like a great idea, super simple, easy.

I think the whole process is simple but depending on where your strengths are, PSPR might be easy for some person and intellectual property can be so complicated for another person. So, choose whatever gives you the easiest wins for six month straight. And I told them exactly what you just said. I said, “What will happen is you will build your self-concept and the trust in yourself working with this material that you know what you’re doing and that you do belong here and that you can do this. And you’ll get monetary wins that back that up.”

And that’s more important than going in and just nailing PSPR your first time around. I didn’t even used to teach that. People were making $200,000 plus and I didn’t even teach that. So that doesn’t have to be the first thing that you nail your first time around. So, I love that you have had experience and that that’s how you approached the work because that’s how I’m now telling everyone to do it is just go in.

I remember Brenda Lomeli told me at LCS Mastermind. She was like, “Stacey, I made a million dollars, I crossed that million dollar hump just by implementing one thing from your launching course.” And I was like, “Oh my God, tell me what it is. I have to know so I can tell everyone.” It was so on edge. And she said, “I wrote my sales emails ahead of time.” And I was like, “What is happening?”

She’s like, “It just never occurred to me that I could do that. It never even occurred to me what value it would be to have all that open space to think and to troubleshoot during the launch and come up with solutions because I’m not spending my time writing sales emails.” And she’s like, “That was the difference of that extra 100K and getting to that million in a 12 month period.” And so that’s what really keyed me off of something that simple could be the difference, something that I just save, it’s obvious to me, in the process could be the difference.

So, I love that you approached it that way. I could go on and on about it, but I won’t, but yes, kudos.

Nicole: Yeah. And also, for everyone listening, what I take from that is it’s the simplest things we say that can create real shifts in people’s lives. So, we don’t have to over-perfect and over get into that PSPR and try to perfect it. Just say it. Put out the first iteration, the second, the third and one of those people will get shifts even from the most simple things they hear.

Stacey: Yeah. I just was telling my students and they were telling me, they all just could not stop talking about the interrupt training in 2K for 2K. And they’re like, “The one where Stacey’s in front of her Christmas tree and a sweater with no makeup and her wet hair in a bun.” And I was like, “Oh no.” But everyone still talks about that training, and I still have it in because it was so transformational for people, but it was one of my first iterations of work.

Nicole: Yeah. So be willing to do that. Be willing to do the first iteration. Especially today I think so many of us don’t want to do that work because we see other people’s end results, or we see these perfectly looking Instagram grids or whatever that may be. And it’s just about connecting back to. It’s the simple things. It’s what we say. It’s how we say it that actually creates transformation in people’s lives.

Stacey: And it’s saying it with certainty, not this high vibe positivity. I mean if that’s how you naturally are, great. But just I want everyone to just keep taking certainty. It’s such a grounding feeling emotion, I imagine when I feel certainty it’s like my feet are in the grass, on the ground, in the grass, that level of grounded-ness. And that is not what I would say super high vibrationally on the emotional scale. So just everybody remember that. And I think that’s true for creating too.

I think one of the reasons, I was listening to Brooke’s podcast this morning where she talked about success secrets. And one of them was that she always does what’s on her calendar even if it’s not the best timing or she doesn’t really want to. And I was thinking about that for content creation, one of the most powerful things you could ever do is be willing to just do it feeling bad whether it’s personal or even professional. If you’re in a place where you just bombed a launch or you’re not even close to hitting your goal.

Being able to implement again the higher brain thinking and accessing that certainty in that moment. You might not be certain about your goals. You might not be certain about your money. You might not be certain about your marriage. But if you can be certain about what you’re teaching your students and the results you’re going to get, or your clients, whatever you call them and the results they’re going to get, that’s all you need to create content, to sell, to deliver, to be coaching on a call, all of those things.

Nicole: Yeah, I totally agree. I also think that certainty comes from not hustling. I was thinking about how you talk a lot about hustling and not needing to hustle. And I never identified with that because I always saw myself as lazy. And I was like, “I’m lazy, I don’t really do the work.” And I realized I was always hustling but I was hustling in my thought line. I was like, “I should be further along. This should be happening faster. I need to be there, not here.” That was in the T line.

And then when I shifted into that certainty in my T and F line, what happened was I was able to produce a lot, a lot more. And the amount I’ve produced in the last six months is probably more than I’ve produced in the last two years that I’ve been in business for three years.

Stacey: That’s so great. So, I’ve never heard it that way before, just the way you said it is hitting me, I’ve never heard it before. So, do you think that, I’m just going to say ‘laziness’ but do you think that that’s the not getting things done that would make you think you were lazy? Do you think that comes from the result of the hustly thoughts where when you think you should be further ahead, or you should be doing this? Any hustling in your mind I think can go one of two ways. It can either go to where you’re overworking and you’re just getting all the things done.

Or it can stall you and make you freeze. And I don’t know what to do and so I’m just not going to take any action. It can produce overaction or inaction. I’m wondering, do you think that that was the experience?

Nicole: Yeah, I think what happens is it’s a nervous system response. Because when we hustle in the T line and then we feel something like inadequate or graspy, or even hustle on the F line, what happens is I went into freeze. I didn’t show up for weeks on end because I was so busy beating myself up that I should be further along that I couldn’t create anything from that place. And where other people, where maybe and that other people that hustle is like they were over-actioning. They were taking so much action and not seeing the results.

Or seeing the results, or needing the results to help them feel good about themselves. So, I think it’s a nervous system response.

Stacey: Yeah. And I think that even if your initial response is freeze, it can turn into overworking because for me I just know, especially my first year of trying to scale my business. It would be thoughts that would feel so bad. And I used to talk about sitting on the couch eating cookies, not really but really. Some form of just total freeze, I have to just avoid everything and not get it done. And then time would just go by, and by, and by, and then I would be rubbed up against a deadline. And so, then I’d be working 18 hours a day, having to make up for that freeze time.

So, I think it can also, I mean I’m sure it can show up a lot of ways. But I think that’s another way that it can show up is a little bit of both.

Nicole: Totally, and I think that’s what it is. It’s hustle happens in the T and F line, and the A line is your product of that.

Stacey: Yeah, so good. You guys are so brilliant. Who said at the live event that, they also said, overselling happens in your thought line, not in your action line?

Nicole: I think it was Olivia.

Stacey: What? I teach this, I came up with it. And I’m like, “Wait a minute, what? That’s so good.” That’s what I love about the mastermind, it’s just like all of you guys interact with the work, you make it your own. You experience it in your own way. And then I have you guys on the podcast or in the room and you speak. And then everyone gets value from that including myself which I love more than anything.

Nicole: Yeah. And also, you’re breeding geniuses.

Stacey: Yeah. We’re all geniuses, yes. And I think that the room really does feel that when you step into the room. For me it’s this feeling of I can’t believe these are my students. They’re the best, of the best, of the best. And I get to teach them. And then I think for you all it’s like I am surrounded by the best, of the best, of the best. And just there’s no way that we can’t all have those thoughts and produce insane thought leaders into the industry.

Nicole: Yeah. And I think if you have a desire to be in that room and you get accepted into that room, decide that you’re one of the best of the best and you also have something valuable and genius to contribute especially if it’s someone that’s listening that was like where I was, we’re an underdog.

Stacey: Getting in on a fluke.

Nicole: Getting in on a fluke, decide. And I’m also so surprised with myself. I didn’t have any emotional reaction when you said that because I’m like, “Yeah, I’m just a genius and I was meant to be in that room.”

Stacey: I can’t remember, honestly though, I wonder. And now I’m wondering, did I override them? Because sometimes I do that and then I just forget that I do that. So, it’s possible that for whatever reason, it’s why I watch the video I was like, “No, accept her.” I’m going to ask my team after we’re done recording this because I don’t recall. But it also seems like something I would do.

Nicole: It’s never a fluke, even if it’s a fluke, it’s never a fluke.

Stacey: Yeah. No, it’s the best. I remember once I wanted this, this is so stupid. But I remember I wanted this Louis Vuitton bag so bad. And I kept calling them and they didn’t have it. And then I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden I was on the phone, and she was like, “One just showed up in the system, I have no idea where it’s from. I don’t even know if it’s a real thing. You can pay for it, and I’ll see if it ships out.” And I was like, “Okay.” And it did, it shipped out. And then when it came to store, we had to pick it up in the Denver Louis Vuitton.

And they were like, “I’m so confused at how you have this bag.” And I’m like, “I don’t know. Doesn’t matter, it’s mine.” Run out of the store.

Nicole: Yeah. And that’s exactly coaching. It’s our thought, our desires, our feelings, and our actions will just create the result.

Stacey: Yeah, it’s so perfect. I love that. Okay, can I ask you one thing? I wrote this down so I wouldn’t forget. You said that you logged into the member portal, you said two things, that you had two things happening, overwhelm and imposter syndrome. The overwhelm I’m just not surprised by, it’s a very robust member portal. There are lots of things to learn, especially at the advanced level. But curious how the imposter syndrome showed up, would you mind talking about that?

Nicole: Yeah. I remember having thoughts of I don’t belong here. This must have been a fluke. This must have been a mistake. Maybe she’s made a mistake. And really just thinking, okay then, what, am I meant to be there? I’m putting the stories in my head about how all these people are making way more money than me and they’re way more further along than me. And I remember really, really working through that thought by thought, day by day and just telling myself. I wrote it down, two thoughts that really, really helped me here.

The first is, I’m willing to feel like I don’t belong in order to create that 200K business. I’m just willing to feel it.

Stacey: Yes. Oh my God, that’s so good. Because I think that is the number one thing that people either don’t apply or they apply and then spin out because they’re telling themselves they don’t belong. So, what if you were just willing to feel like you don’t belong?

Nicole: Yeah. And you’re willing to feel anything uncomfortable that comes up. You’re willing to feel nervous. You’re willing to feel inadequate. I actually had it up on my wall. I’m willing to feel like a loser in order to have my 200K business. In the beginning you kind of do feel like a little bit of a loser and a goof, and learning, implementing something new for the first time.

Stacey: I love it, yeah. I mean I feel like a goof all the time so it’s fine. I love that so much. I would like everyone to replay over, and over, and over what you just said about, I can’t remember the exact words. I just remember how I felt when you said it. But just know that the thought, you’re not far enough along, or you’re not successful enough, or whatever, whatever inadequacy comes up when you enter the room, or you think about the room. And not just for my business, for any coaching that you might invest in, maybe it’s going to The Life Coach School, whatever it is.

Just know that keeping that thought is the expense of making the money and having the business of your dreams. It’s like a tradeoff, if you are willing to experience that and keep moving forward you’re going to make a lot of money. But if you believe that thought and allow it to keep you small, that’s where you’ll stay.

Nicole: Exactly. And it’s probably how most people live their lives. And that’s why our work is so needed in this world. Because most people are like, “That’s too hard. That’s not for me so I’m just not going to do it.” And are you willing to think that thought, decide to feel inadequate, like you don’t belong and still do it? And then you will create the result that you do really desire inside.

Stacey: Yeah. And when you’re not resisting it, because you didn’t resist it you created a ton of money and now you’re on the podcast. There’s so many people that have never been on the podcast that are in the room.

Nicole: In my video I said that I’m going to be the underdog that everybody remembers. And I believed myself in that moment. And I just got to work on creating it, yeah, and I’m here. Anyone listening, if you have the desire and thought I want to be on Stacey’s podcast, I’m going to be a story that people remember, you will and you can be.

Stacey: Yeah, a 100%. I love this because I was also just telling some clients this, and I’ve told this story many times, it’s very short. But just that when I applied for The Life Coach School and it’s really funny because this was when she was still teaching at the Holiday Inn Express in El Dorado Hills. To be clear it is probably one of the swankier Holiday Inn Expresses, that area is a very, very nice area.

But I remember walking in and seeing all of these beautiful, very put together, very educated rich women. They all had their Louis Vuitton bags. And I had just come off of a Walmart store run selling slicers. I was just dressed head to toe in Express and thinking that was my highest version of myself. And I just remember walking in and scanning the room and my first thought was, oh my God, I don’t belong here. I’m not like any of these women here, they just all looked so put together and I’m such a hot mess.

And I remember having the thought that helped me show up in the room and be heard, and speak, and get what I came for which is I made the same amount of money as they did. I paid the same thing. So even if they smell better, look better, have more money, all of the things, I still gave the same amount of money that they did to be in this room so I’m going to show up that way. I’m going to show up as an equal just because my money spends the same.

Nicole: Yeah, that’s so powerful. And it’s great that you didn’t jump to I belong here, I’m going to run the show one day. It was just you went to a place of like, no, I just paid the same amount, so I deserve the same thing.

Stacey: Yeah, I deserve to speak up as many times, ask as many questions. I can have conversations with these women and they’re not ‘better’ than me. There was some piece where my brain wanted to say that, but I just thought, but the investment is what levels us out. And that for whatever reason was super helpful to me and I got what I came for. And then I remember, and this was, I guess something that I think we could talk about. I remember showing up the next year at their mastermind and it was at the Omni in Carlsbad in San Diego.

Yeah, that was the place where they had the strawberry water in the lobby. And I was like, “I’ve arrived.” I’d never stayed at a hotel where there was strawberry water in the lobby. And I just remember thanking myself for putting myself in the room with those women. Believing there was something inside of me that did believe that that was worthy or that I was worthy that I could do it. And so, I just want everyone listening, and I’m curious, I don’t know if you had specific thoughts about this.

But if you’re listening, just think, what piece inside of you, if you’re still listening to this and you’ve considered any room, even if it’s not 200K, but what part of you does believe that you are worthy and that you can be in that room, and you do belong? Even if it’s a niggling, just the tiniest little piece, find that and grow that, expand that, just question, ask yourself, what’s the part where you do because there’s no way you take action to join a room like 200K if there’s not some part of you that does believe that.

And for me, I look back and feel like me being able to tap into that was almost a miracle. The fact that I did that for myself, I just feel so proud of that person that I was to have circumstantially no reason to believe I belonged in that room. And I still did.

Nicole: Yeah, and you did, and I think to boil it down to a thought, it’s like if you have a desire for something that means you believe it’s possible.

Stacey: Yeah, 100%. I just in my heart and soul I have something for the underdogs because I feel like that’s what I was. So, I just really, I love that. I love when we believe even when we don’t have any ‘reason’ to, even when there’s all the circumstances are stacked up against us and maybe even society has told us that we shouldn’t believe. That is the best time. That’s the best time to believe ever.

Nicole: Yeah.

Stacey: I love that. Okay, anything else that you feel like any part of your journey that you think we haven’t talked about that other people could benefit from in this 18K to 80K insane job in such a short amount of time?

Nicole: Yeah. I think if you’re listening to this and maybe you live across the world like I do and you’re like, “But I can’t fly and virtually isn’t the same experience.” Something that was really pivotal in my experience was I created what I call an and experience. So, I didn’t do the mastermind from Israel, I flew to Dubai with my family. We went to this gorgeous hotel, and I was in this exquisite business lounge and waited on. And I felt like I really got dressed as my million dollar self, put on those heels, went to work during the hours of the mastermind which were till 3:00 or 4:00am my time.

And when I wasn’t on the mastermind, I was with my family, and I was with my daughter, and I was making memories. And I remember really telling myself, this is it. I can have an expansive mastermind experience where I connect with people, where I get everything that I came for and more. And I can be with my daughter on her one week off. I can be with my husband who’s recovering. I can just have both. And you also did that in the room. You brought Jackson with you on that stage. And I get chills just talking about it because that was when I really realized, yeah, we can do both.

Stacey: You’re going to make me teary eyed.

Nicole: It was for me, I remember crying, watching you just stand there with him and we’re all behind you. And it was like, that’s possible for me too. And it doesn’t have to look one way. It doesn’t have to look like me flying across the world and leaving my daughter. It doesn’t have to look like that. It can look my way and it can be this and that.

Stacey: That’s so great. I have one of my favorite photos just stay with me forever, and ever, and ever. I don’t know who took it. But Neil slipped into the back on one of the days while I was teaching and had Jackson on his lap. And he said that Jackson was just like, he could hear my voice and was just looking everywhere. And then he would see me on the big screen and his eyes would get really big. But someone took a photo of them two watching me on stage.

And oh my God, I can’t even talk about it, I’m going to start crying. But I was like, “Wow. My kid from the beginning will see me going as big as I can possibly go in this world.” And what an example that will set for him. What example it will set for your daughter that mommy was on a business mastermind, and we stayed at this fancy hotel. It’s just they’re watching, they’re watching us, and we get to decide if inadequate is a good reason to not let them see us grow.

Nicole: Yeah. And they’re watching and you said this in the mastermind. In order to grow a coaching business, you have to grow yourself and your capacity to be compassionate towards others and be there for others. And if one of your desires is to be there as a mom, which I know for you it is and for me it is as well, you can do both. And grow a coaching business to the heights that you want to because it requires that you work on yourself and both. And seeing Jackson there was a testament to you were fully present to him as a mom and me with my daughter, Ella.

I was fully present for her then during that trip, she remembers me there and that’s just so beautiful and we can have both.

Stacey: Yeah, we can, I know. I mean I feel like I don’t even know how I did all the things I did because I felt like I slept really well that trip. But I worked so hard and also created so many memories with Jackson. And we got to meet, Brenda Lomeli is one of my good friends and she’s in Two Million Dollar Group. She brought her husband and her daughter, Gianna. And Jackson and Gianna played in the pool, and we just have that memory and so many others. We had lunch at Cinderella’s Castle.

That will be like, “Jackson, when you were four months, you had lunch in Cinderella’s Castle.” And yeah, I think that that’s also a testament to when we manage our minds at the highest level to be present and to be all in on both. Just today’s episode of the podcast was all about being present at work and at home, that’s it. Can you just be all in, in the moment when you’re on stage or on a call or at bath time?

Nicole: Yeah, that really is what it looks like and it’s so possible. And you’re totally leading by example on that front.

Stacey: I love that. That is my goal. Okay, anything else? Did we cover everything?

Nicole: I think so.

Stacey: Well, I just want to acknowledge you for being such an example of what is possible. That is just, these stories make my heart just beat so fast. I love it. I love thinking about when I was at 18K I remember that very vividly. And then how fast I made money too and I think it’s just – I guess the last thing I will tell everyone. When I think about your story is and I think I said this on stage, is whatever you think is possible for you, what if it’s so much more? What if you are this story?

What if you’re Nicole’s story and you’re at 18K and you’re sitting there considering investing in your business or whatever the next big thing is. If you’re considering that and you’re thinking of you at 18K and how long it took you to make 18K and deciding it’ll take that much longer to make 18K and all of that. Or are you factoring in the possibility that you could grow that quickly?

Nicole: Yeah, and if you just think it’s possible, it is, that means you believe in that possibility. If you have a desire to do it, yeah.

Stacey: Yeah, so good. I did think of one more question. Do we have time?

Nicole: Yeah.

Stacey: I can think of one more question. Okay, could have left it there and it would have been beautiful, but I remembered a question I wanted to ask you. One of the things that I do get a lot of with people since we have people from all over the world is either the conversion rate to US dollars, especially if they’re Canadian is a lot, it’s a lot more money to pay in US dollars. Or where they live, and you had mentioned it is so much more expensive and just everything is very expensive.

And so, you kind of touched on it, but do you have anything that you would recommend to anyone who is outside of the US who might have a thought about the money in their country, whether it’s more or less, or whatever, is there anything you might want to share on that?

Nicole: All I want to say to that is, so what? Even let’s say it’s true, so what?

Stacey: Yeah, so good. So good, I love it, so what, yes. And also, you’re in Israel, so have you gotten together with Debbie yet? Do you guys live near each other at all?

Nicole: We don’t love near each other. I love Debbie, she was my coach and one of the reasons that helped me to apply to this.

Stacey: Good. Well, let’s give her a shout out, Miss Debbie Sassen.

Nicole: Debbie, we love you.

Stacey: Yeah, that’s so great. Well, I’m going to have her on the podcast. I don’t know that I’ve had her on the podcast yet. And she’s killing it too. She just accepted her 200K award.

Nicole: Yeah.

Stacey: It’s so fun. Okay, well, thank you so much for coming on the podcast and sharing your incredible story. I’m going to jump off right now and figure out, did I override them? Was it just in the stars for you? I just have to know now for my own self. Either way, thank you so much for being an example of what’s possible.

Nicole: Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Stacey: Yeah, you’re so welcome. Alright, I will see you today later on, on the call.

Nicole: Yeah, see you soon.

Stacey: Bye.

Nicole: Bye.


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