Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | 200, 200K EarnersIt’s the 200th episode y’all, this is a big deal! And this is just the beginning. 200 hours have gone into creating value for you and we have been working like crazy lately, so this week, I’m pulling back the layers and giving you the behind-the-scenes on our mission to create 200 200K earners.

I am on a mission to permanently change the standard and help more life coaches earn more money. I want to create 200 200K earners and I want them all to be in the same room at the same time, so this episode is basically a celebration of my team, our students, and all of the hard work that has gone into creating the examples of what’s possible for making a lot of money in this industry.

Join me this week to hear more about some of the exciting things coming up in the business and discover how I’m leading the way to help people get better, faster results, and more money. I’m sharing some of our recent accomplishments, four intentions that I’m selling myself on every single day, and why this goal is going to be revolutionary for me, you, and our entire industry.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How much I invest into my business and my brain each year.
  • The reason I am so driven to teach my 200K process to others.
  • Why making more money doesn’t need to be at the expense of your clients or results.
  • How my mission will automatically bring me the result of $200 million.
  • How we have never offered as much value and ways to support you in making a ton of money as what we are offering right now.
  • Two systems we have to help us on our mission to 200 200K earners.
  • How many students have made 200K+ using our process.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 200. We’re going to talk about 200 200K earners but first, how are you? What are you doing today? To give value and to make money we have been working crazy behind the scenes here at Stacey Boehman Coaching. And I’m going to share a little of that work with you today because this is the 200th episode, 200 episodes. This is a big deal at least to me. You all know how I feel about twos if you have been following me for any amount of time.

And I do have to say, my two thing really is not a love of twos since I was a kid. It’s not my lucky number. But it was what I knew was doable. I’m always talking about simple and doable processes for your clients. It was what I knew was doable in 30 days for any coach ever just starting out that they can make 2K. And it’s what I know in my bones is possible in three years for every single coach is to make 200K. And then within three to five years of that, every single coach can, will, could make $2 million. Everyone else is shooting for a 100K but for me it’s 200 and I’m going to tell you why.

I feel like a 100K, you guys can kind of explain away as a fluke and it’s not, but you do. But 200K to me is like I’m making money, it’s here to stay. I have a $200,000 business, multiple six figures, the money has staying power, I have staying power. That’s what that feels like to me when I imagine you all hitting that marker. And also, I want you all to invest everything you can up to a 100% of money, of your money when you’re making it into your business and your brain up to that first 100K. So, you make a 100K, you invest a 100K.

You try your best for a breakeven year. Now, some of you have to live off of your businesses. I worked full-time until then but that’s not everybody’s journey and it doesn’t have to be. So, either that or invest a 100K into your brain and your business and allow that to take as long as it takes, but do that. I think if you’re willing to invest that first 100K in your business with the right investments you will create a $1 million brain. So, if you are investing that much, let’s say a 100K in a year in your business, a 200K business can pay that and you.

And that’s when it all starts compounding. Every dollar after is yours. And I still invest a 100K plus every year in my business and my brain mostly just in coaching. And now it’s 1% of my revenue which is so crazy. Okay, so 200 episodes, it’s a milestone. So that’s my story of twos. This episode is super special. And let me say just one last thing about the special 200 number.

I was thinking about this as I put this episode together is it also represents how many hours have gone into creating value for you all, my people, 200 hours have gone into helping coaches just like you make money for free. And has been such an amazing support for my clients who are in my programs as a lot of these episodes are created with you in mind as well. So, 200 hours of value put out into the world that will be here forever, even 20 years into the future. You see what I did there, 20 years. So that’s an accomplishment I want to celebrate.

So, in keeping with my special twos, I thought today’s episode could be about my mission and what I’m doing to make that happen. And I thought I could just kind of pull back the layers in this episode and give you a behind the scenes to my mission and my result line that I’m working on and how I’m working on it. And just allow you to hear that wisdom and hear how I process things. So, I’ve been saying to myself, and my team, and my 200K students now for quite a while that my mission is to create 200 200K earners.

And I would like for those earners to be in one room at the same time. So, 200 200K students all making $200,000 at the same time. And I want to do this for many reasons. Number one, I can feel what that room will feel like. I want to be a part of that room. I would have done anything for that room when I was at 200K. That was a pivotal moment for me in my business. I actually met my first CEO, Mark, he told me I needed him. It’s when I made tons of unnecessary mistakes from hustle and gained a bunch of buffering weight.

And it’s why I’m so driven to teach my 200K process, so other coaches don’t have to go through that in order to accomplish 200K and beyond. So, the 200K room is already the highest level room I’ve ever seen or bought into myself, the highest level thinking, the highest level action taking. We call that high value cycles, when you are taking massive action fueled by really high value thoughts. It’s the opposite of hustle, that’s hard work. So, thinking of 200 coaches having accomplished what the mastermind set out to accomplish at the same time.

And imagining that round and what we all produce at that level together, having this many 200K earners all together in one space masterminding. I feel that in my soul every day. I am holding that intention so close to me, just and value that will come out of that room. Okay, so that’s one of the reasons.

And number two, is I also want to prove my scaling statement true for the world, for the industry that making more money is not at the expense of your clients and their results. And that scaling and making more money with my process will in fact create better, faster results for everyone. So, I’m going to lead the way. As the 200K room grows you’re going to see the money grow, the 200K earners grow, the 200K plus earners grow, the $2 million earners, even the 2K earners. Everyone’s money is going to grow because I scaled the 200K Mastermind.

And you’re either going to see it happen or be part of it happening, either way it’s going to change you for what’s possible with you and for your clients. I do think this mastermind is revolutionizing the industry. I have never seen a mastermind scale with this price tag, $25,000 and this amount of people, let alone 200 students actually getting results. That was not around when I was making 200K. I was being sold masterminds that were 10K and they’d get 10 people, maybe 20, there were no qualifications.

If you were at the multiple six figure level wanting to work with that coach, but you might be in a room with other people would had never made a dime. And many of them weren’t even seriously working towards any money. It was more of I pay to be in the club and be friends with the coach, in a lot of situations. So, the idea of qualifications, of growing this type of room, of the standards being set high and maintaining them as we grow, if you’ve noticed, I’ve never let one of my requirements drop as the room has grown in order to hit my goals. That’s been so important to me.

So, the idea of even maintaining the room being worth well over 25K, no matter how big it grows for the clients truly having that experience and believing that is revolutionary. And I’m seeing that coaches who don’t believe the statement that making more money means better, faster results for your students, when they see 200K Mastermind, they think it’s negative that we have become such an industry giant and that we’re so big. And that turns them off.

But this will also be what holds them back on their missions and how many people they want to help, whether it’s lose weight, or change marriages, or make money, or have better quality lives. All that of that will be slowed way down, and then inevitably they will slow their own flow of money too because whatever you believe about someone else or something else is also what you will believe about yourself and your experience.

So, if you believe she doesn’t care about her students anymore that will turn into if I make decisions to grow my programs I won’t care about my students anymore either. And they won’t get results as fast as when I’m giving them so much attention. So, I want to eradicate this belief for anyone following me by going first and being the example of what’s possible. And I will say, it’s working. We have helped more people make more money than ever before.

Every time we host a mastermind our students tell us they can’t imagine, going into the live event, they couldn’t imagine how it could get better from the previous time but then it does every time. What? So, I’m leading the way you all, better, faster results the more you grow.

And thirdly, I want to do this. I want to have 200 200K earners at the same time because I want to normalize 200K as the standard salary of a life coach. I remember looking this up when I started my business, literally Googled, what’s the standard income for a life coach? And the answer was 60K. That was not inspiring. That was what I was making selling mops in Walmart. You all hear that? The same money as me selling mops in Walmart, was the average income for life coaches when I started this industry seven years ago.

I needed a better promise, and a lot of my students need a better promise. A lot of my students are much more educated and smarter than me. And listen, I think I’m pretty effing smart so it’s not a dig at me. I don’t have low self-esteem. I just have really high self-esteem for my students. And many of them have law degrees, PhDs. They were running other businesses, working in corporate America, making way more than 60K. So that promise is not going to cut it for them either.

So, I want to permanently change the standard and help more life coaches get onboard with the life coaching train. The standard is changing. It’s 200K, I’m going to change that, 200K Mastermind is going to change that. You are going to Google some day in the future the average income, the standard income for a life coach and it’s going to say 200 mother effing thousand dollars. That’s right.

And then the fourth reason I am on this mission is because it is perfectly in alignment with my goal of a 100% of results a 100% of the time. Can we have a room that represents the highest possible outcome of that philosophy? I love who I’m becoming aiming for that goal. I think some of you struggle with really big financial goals. I am actually one of those people. My coach has a $100 million goal, and she asked her students in our mastermind to come up with one for ourselves. This was a couple of years ago.

And it took me weeks to find something that resonated with me mostly because my work is in my own self-concept is seeing myself the way other people do even as a $10 million earner. My coach is always like, “Stacey, I don’t think you realize how big of a deal you are.” And I’m like, “I don’t, not at all. I’m working on it.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot, I think coming from being so poor, actually at one point in my life making less than the poverty line, thinking about that, it’s a big stretch for me even now to see myself as a truly wealthy person making hundreds of millions of dollars.

That still feels like something for other people and sometimes not for me. And I was able with this exercise that our coach asked us to do is I was able to get to $200 million over 10 years which is $20 million a year. And in my brain I almost just said, “Just $20 million a year.” So, I will say we are headed in the right direction. But that’s as far as I gotten for what feels actually tangible. And I’ve been working on this for years. I’m not giving up. I keep working on it.

But when I do this work even with $20 million a year for 10 years, I don’t feel when I think of $200 million together, combining all that, I don’t feel that yet in my body. But I can feel 200 200K earners in my body vibrating. And I really believe that this goal, this mission will automatically bring me the result of $200 million. And I just happen to be someone who loves to just put my head down and work on creating value, and that is what always is my bridge thought to getting to the money. So, if that’s you, I’m telling you the pathway to do this.

And for me if I can just focus on this 100% results for my 200K students, what I know is I am going to create big things in the world. And my status in the industry, my authority is going to grow, and my reach is going to grow, and the amount of people I help is going to grow. And I really believe I will walk myself right into a natural $200 million without having to go through the dissonance and arguing with myself to just believe ahead of time that I can make 200K. I’m just going to do it. I’m just going to get into the work.

And I know this process is going to revolutionize the industry because right now I would say 90% of coaches don’t believe it’s possible to get – I would say even probably 99%, if you talk about all the coaches, not just in my community but all the coaches in the world, it’s probably 1% of coaches that actually believe it’s possible to get a 100% results for our clients. And I’m going to show you all how to do it, come with me. Those are the main reasons.

There are others but I’m just stating these four intentions here very powerfully. And so, you all know what I’m selling myself on every day with intentional thought creation. And so, so you know why this goal is going to be revolutionary for me but also for you and our entire industry, why this work is important every time you hear me talk about it. Now, I also have many markers along the way. So many measurable results that I’m aiming for that will tell me I’m moving in the right direction. There are four main ones that I have.

So, number one is that I want to have 200 students in the 200K Mastermind. That’s a goal I’m working on because it starts with having the students. We’ve got to have them to help them

And then number two, it starts with having helped 200 coaches make 200K even if it’s not at the same time in the same room. And I had my team actually check how many of our students have crossed the 200K mark since we implemented revenue reporting in January of 2021. And to give you an idea, we started 200K Mastermind in January of 2019.

We just have no idea how many people crossed that mark in those first two years because we didn’t track it and there’s no way I’m remembering that far back. But since January of 2021, 94 unique students have made 200K plus using our process. What? We are halfway to this benchmark, halfway. This one’s so huge, halfway. This is not repeat people. We have a lot of people who do round after round. And maybe they have won multiple 200K awards, maintaining that I think is as big of an accomplishment. So, we give awards every six months.

But 94 unique people having made $200,000 from this program in just two years, technically a year and a half. A year and a half because we’re still in 2022. What on Earth, this was much higher than I thought. It’s so amazing. Okay, so having helped to 200 coaches make 200K, we’re halfway there.

And number three, the third mini marker measurable result along the way is I think that maybe even having a bridge somewhere where we get all of the past and present 200K earners in a room together for a special event. We’ve talking about that. I’m just playing around with it. Not everybody continues on. So, getting everyone together from every round in the past that ever made 200K in a room feels kind of exciting to me, something we might want to do in the future.

And then number four, is it really starts with helping 2,000 and then 20,000 2K students make 25K. And even before that with a 100% of our clients making their first 2K. Now, I haven’t come up with a true way to track the 2K results yet. Right now, it’s voluntary in our member portal to claim you’ve made your 2K back. You go and click a button. You get to fill out a testimonial and make a little video. But I’m working on incentivizing that.

So even the people who don’t typically celebrate themselves or who have made the 2K but have never gone in to hit the button are enticed to. It’s coming. I have ideas for that as well. But we can track it with 200K because we do revenue reporting. So, I’m just thinking about even working backwards and starting at the foundational level to work this higher level goal. So, what I’m working on now is these tangible four markers and all the little steps to making those happen on a daily basis while maintaining the vision of what will be accomplished when we do.

Those four main reasons we would approach this goal in the first place. So, I focus on those but then I get to work with these tangible markers. And some of these tangible markers are even big too. After a year and a half, we’re halfway through one of those markers. Or we’re halfway to one of those markers. It doesn’t mean it’s going to take us another year. It could happen by the end of this year. But it just shows that there is work to focus on there while holding the bigger vision.

So, I use my reasons and my vision to fuel me and then the smaller markers to bridge the gap into tangible daily action and yearly goals to bring those to life. So here are a few recent accomplishments. This is basically an episode just celebrating me by the way. And all of me and my team, and our students and all of the hard work that has gone into creating all of the examples of what’s possible for making a lot of money in this industry. I’m here for it, hope you are too.

So, here’s a couple of our recent accomplishments. we have worked very hard, myself and my team and I am so excited about. So, I’m going to just tell you about two of them that are really big. So, first of all we hired a key team member to do a really big job for us. Her name is Kristen Moore. She was actually one of my early, early clients back in the Diva Business School days. And we hired her as our DEI strategist, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategist.

Because that is also a part of our overall company mission is to diversify the success that we see in the industry and create a safe, welcoming, inspiring environment for all of our students. And I think that this overall mission can’t be fueled without making sure all of our students are taken care of and have the experience they need to succeed. So, we hired Kristen for that. But we also hired Kristen for two key systems projects.

So, she, when I interviewed her she came over to us from a corporate job having done this exact thing, doing diversity, equity, and inclusion for her company. And she had two or three major projects that she had just done for them that were the exact projects I needed done for me. It was like divine destiny that we found her when we did. So here are the two systems that she created for us to help us on our mission to 200 200K earners.

So, the first one is called the success tracker. So, in 200K Mastermind you either make 25K or we give it back to you. And we created a protocol called the success guarantee where if you do the protocol on the success guarantee, you will be guaranteed success. And then if you aren’t, again we give you your money back. But the students who are most worried, that come into our mastermind, the most preoccupied, worried, whatever about making their money back are also the most likely not to do the success guarantee protocol.

And I wanted a way to help them do it but also a way to kind of review their coaching and their work to help them if they’re not on track. So, the protocol involves attending calls, self-coaching, using the member portal, and the modules, and the book provided. It’s very basic. But if you’re struggling even the basics can be tricky because there’s just so much shame we put ourselves through when we think – I’m putting air quotes, ’failing’. So, we tend to disappear, and pull back, and not show up.

So, I told Kristen I wanted it to be something that we walked through together, the program, all the coaches, all the support staff and that student, we all go together to the finish line. Something that we could monitor and support throughout the mastermind. Not, “Okay, you didn’t make your money back, turn in your work and we’ll give you a refund. Goodbye.” Of course, we’ll do that, but I want it to be at the end of the mastermind, we all fought like hell to get there and cross the finish line.

And even if you don’t cross the finish line we all feel really fucking good about our effort. That’s what I want it to be. And I do want to just make a caveat here, for those of you that use what I think to inform what you think. I just have to tell you, number one, this only ever impacts five or less students each round. Last time it was two students each round. And it’s still worth my time to create. I always think of the idea of no student left behind. Now, I also did not create this until we had the bandwidth to do it and the resources.

So, this is another reason I want to give this caveat is I always tell my students not to make rules, changes, marketing, or anything based on just a few students who aren’t succeeding. You want to create from thinking of the students who are. But this is the exception to this. We are at a place where we have exercised that muscle of a 100% results so much, so much so that only two students didn’t make their money back last round.

And now as the group grows, as part of our better, faster results, I can now see it being – doing air quotes again even though you can’t see me, ‘easier’ to hide and fall behind and not be noticed. So, this is my anticipation ahead of time and my commitment really to my guarantee. And you all, it’s a stunning accomplishment. The success tracker tracks all the calls students attend in our system. So, if they ever start falling off we can reach out. It tracks progress in the portal. It connects video trainings to the trainings in the book so it’s easy to cross reference for additional support.

Where do we talk about this in the book? Where do we talk about this in the video? And it has a place to upload all of your self-coaching and your intentional thought creations so that you can see your progress, reference your thought work, and see where your growth is happening or where you still need work. If you look back from day one you can see how far you’ve come. And we can look at those materials and help you, again, if you start falling behind we can kind of take a look at that and see some thought errors that maybe you don’t see or help guide you with your self-coaching.

And so, it makes the entire success guarantee protocol, a really collaborative process. And for my Type A students they are going to find this glorious. So that’s number one. I just watched the Loom Kristen created for our students to show them how to use the success tracker and I was really blown away.

And then number two, we, are you all ready? This one’s really good. Okay, we have started implementing a one-on-one coaching program for our mastermind students. That’s right. I have been wanting to add this to our mastermind for over a year. But it is structurally a really big project. It requires a very sophisticated process behind the scenes, and training of coaches to represent our program, and our philosophy, and our process. And I really had no idea where to even start with the tech setup of it and Kristen delivered.

So, if you are joining the January 2023 class you will get a one-on-one coaching call every single week with one of our Life Coach School certified coaches. My desire for these calls is that they are a container for working through thoughts that you might normally avoid, or procrastinate, or not even be aware of whilst you’re going through the process, and you’re making money, and you’re using advanced selling techniques. And to also have a place to process emotions and really to have consistent support one-on-one as you go through the mastermind.

I think it’s a different space than peer coaching. For me as a businessowner it’s something that I can guarantee that we can control as a business and that we can improve upon. You don’t have to go hunt people down to be a coach, even though people are still doing that, it’s still very lovely. It’s a very different thing to peer coach. But that’s just not always natural for everyone. So even the students who are not as maybe outgoing or extraverted, you could just book your sessions and have that call on your calendar and know that person is all in for you every week. You have that every week.

So, we just quietly implemented this for our August 2022 class. It was a huge surprise and value add for them. They had no idea, but I didn’t want to sell it officially until we had all the kinks out of the process, and it was working smoothly on our backend. And until we get feedback from our students, and it started producing the results that we were hoping for. It’s been part of my trying new things to $20 million. And so far it has really truly been above and beyond. Our coaches have been dying over how much they love it.

And I also do think that it solves another major problem our students have, one of the biggest obstacles I think for coaches financially is the decision of where to invest their money, especially if you’re not at 200K yet. Many of you, you know you need good business coaching, but you also want a one-on-one coaching experience. You want to have that ability to be coached one-on-one individually. So now you don’t have to choose between the two, you can have both.

So, if the next two classes go really, really well and it really is truly the massive value add that it has been so far, and it starts churning out bigger, better, faster results because it’s there, then we’re going to keep this as part of our mastermind moving forward. Right now, we’re all on an adventure together, our amazingly talented one-on-one coaches that our students are absolutely loving, our students and our entire team. We have all poured so many hours into this. It’s been so fun.

We are also putting an entire program together to help students make sure they guarantee themselves their investment back, that will go along with the success tracker. So, we haven’t announced that yet but that’s also coming up. We’re doing an entire overhaul on content and materials to make finding the areas that you need work on within the process even easier. So that as you join you can jump in wherever you need most work on, whether that’s PSPR or the 25K in 30 day challenge, or creating demand.

I’ve taught these things so many times on so many different levels and gotten better, and better, and better. And so, we’re going to create their own pages in their own spaces in the portal. Right now, they’re available within the process and the live event footage. But some of these biggest things I want them to have their own spaces in the portal for easy access. And then I have something that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet, but I will allude to it.

One of the biggest things I have been thinking about when it comes to my mission is how to get more 2Kers to that 25K qualification. Say that five times fast. That 25K qualification faster because some of you tell me that 200K Mastermind is in your three year plan. And I’m like, “What? You’re planning to take three years to make 25K, or to have 25K to make the investment? No. That should not take three years.” If you all have that thought I want you to question where it’s coming from. Why do you think it’s going to take you that long to make that money?

The faster you get in the faster you make more money. And also let me just say this. I haven’t forgotten about those of you who qualify financially but you’re still working a full-time job, or you need more than 25K rolling in through your business to have 25K cash on hand to get into the mastermind. I haven’t forgot about all of you, but as we were growing we had to focus on the first easiest best clients to get into the room, the ones that were already there.

But I’ve been working on solutions to help you all too. I want everybody to come with us. I want everyone to make 200K, everyone. I want it to be the standard. So, the more people we help at the foundation of our funnel the more people we get to the top faster, so stay tuned because we have something cooking for you. You will want to be sure that you are in 2K for 2K. If 200K Mastermind and making 2K is in your sights but you haven’t made that 25K requirement yet, or you don’t have the cash on hand to join.

Make sure you’re in 2K for 2K, but if you’re in 2K for 2K and that is your goal, don’t you worry, I have been thinking since before I had my baby on an idea to help bridge that gap faster. So, stay tuned.

Alright, so this is it, my friends. We are creating 200 200K earners at the same damn time. We have hired 10 new employees to help us get there. We are working hard to bridge the gap to create these many results. We are holding the vision tight. We are on this mission. You’re going to see more value than ever pouring out of us.

Having a baby did not stop me, for those of you wondering. It has made me require that the hours I do work produce even more value because I see it exchanging time with my kid for something and so it better be effing good. So that’s what I’m doing, creating effing good content, value, and results for my students on this mission with me. Will you be one of our 200 200K earners? If you want to be, join us in November for our final enrollment of the year for our January 2023 class. You can go to and get all the details.

But know for now that we have never offered more value and more ways to support you in making a ton of money. You get immediate access to our 200K process and the entire member portal. You get advanced selling live, January’s class will be in Cabo, San Lucas. It’s our three day event where we teach you all the advanced selling concepts and strategies to get to 200K. You get weekly group coaching calls and income based breakout sessions, weekly one-on-one coaching calls with a Life Coach School certified and 200K Mastermind trained coach.

Weekly group focused times where you can come as a group to work together on copy, and launches, and webinars. You can do peer coaching. And we have our Facebook community that is rocking it with wisdom and celebration. And I don’t even care if that sounded corny because it’s true. Okay, you all, 200 episodes. This is just the beginning, 200 more, let’s go.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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