Ep #28: 3 Stages of Belief – Part 2: Possibility

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This week, we’re diving right into stage two of belief: Possibility. I’m sharing why being in disbelief (stage one) is actually crucial to getting you to stage two, and what to expect when you start moving into the next phase.

While being in disbelief doesn’t really seem like it’s part of the process to making money as a life coach, it’s really key to acknowledge how it’s going to help you along the way. Your experience is going to change, and I’m exploring how that transition happens, and what you can do to get yourself there. I’m discussing how to shift your thinking to actually move you through the process, as well as stumbling blocks to avoid.

Join me for part two in my three stages of belief series this week! If you notice your thinking changing and feel even the slightest inkling of possibility, this episode is going to propel you forward and I’m so excited for you!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the stage of disbelief will help you transition into possibility.
  • The biggest difference between stage one and two of belief.
  • How to go from stage one to stage two of belief.
  • The thought that led me from disbelief into possibility and making $150,000 in six months.
  • How I’ve strategically planned my business to run when I take time off.
  • The only way to shift massive thinking to change your results.
  • A trick to talking yourself into possibility.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Welcome to episode 28. Hey loves. How are you doing this week? Are you having an amazing week? I’m about to go on a four-week road trip across the country and I am so excited. We are leaving this morning. I’m recording this podcast for you and then we’re out. It’s the most fun, exciting thing ever.

We’re taking the pup, my puppy Bear. My dog. People think it’s crazy that I call him a puppy but to me he will always be a puppy. Taking my puppy and my fiancé and we’re going to drive across the country to Colorado, all through California, Tahoe. We’re going to end in Dallas where I’m going to meet up with my million-dollar mastermind. Life is good.

Alright, I’m so excited. We are going to talk today about stage two of the three stages of belief. This is where you start to believe you could make money as a life coach. This is all about possibility. But first, I just want to give a quick shout-out to my client Danielle.

She just posted in 2K a few weeks ago, “I just signed my first client since joining the 2K program less than three weeks ago and made my 2K plus back. I learned so much from reading the consultation code and tailoring the script to make it my own. Prior to this, I was winging my consult calls. The call was organic and natural and the vision was painted. I overcame her objection that she needed to talk to her husband first by asking curious questions that allowed her to realize it was not necessary to do so.”

And then she says, “Thanks Stacey for the valuable tools and modules. I love the new stuff too.” Listen Danielle, I am so excited for you. I see you showing up in the group, getting what you came for, and of course you’re getting the results to show for it. That is so fun.

And Danielle’s right. We have new stuff in the 2K for 2K. I introduced and entire new step to my process and did an entire set of modules on clean selling. People have been going crazy. If you’re not in 2K, you better get going.

Alright, so let’s talk about possibility. Last week we talked about impossibility, not believing you can make money as a life coach, and all the signs that you’re in the first stage of belief, impossibility. Not believing. And I think it’s important to think about disbelief being a stage of belief. Let me say that again. It’s important to think about disbelief being a stage of belief because it is.

The first time something enters your awareness, your brain’s go-to is to not believe, but that is the beginning of belief. Bringing it into awareness and bringing up all the things that keep you from believing is part of the process of believing. Now, some of you use the stage of disbelief, impossibility, not believing as something to freak out about, but what if you didn’t?

What if you recognized it as part of belief? It might change everything about the way that you deal with it and I think for sure, it’s going to change everything about transitioning into possibility and towards belief. Because if it never comes into your awareness, you never have the opportunity to try and believe it and to try and achieve it.

Before I knew that there was such thing as a life coach, I definitely didn’t have any doubt that I would be able to make money as one, so I experienced none of the things we talked about last episode. No justifying not going after it, no avoiding, no discrediting it, nothing because I didn’t even have the opportunity to not believe it was possible for me.

You feel me? Not believing something is possible for you is actually the first part of making it possible for you. Think about not believing something as an opportunity for you. Be grateful for the opportunity to not believe something because at least it’s in your awareness, and then you can do something about it.

So disbelief, impossibility is great. It’s where we start. And I love to tell all of my clients this is just the beginning. Okay, so let’s dive into possibility because if you can take on this concept that maybe disbelief is an amazing thing because it brings into your awareness, and all of a sudden now you’re recognizing all of the stages of disbelief. So you’re like, oh, here we are, I’m in the first stage of belief.

And then you’re in that stage where you want to move into possibility, you’re not in resistance, you’re in allowance, and so you’re like okay, let’s try on some possibility today with this thing that I don’t yet believe. I want to give you some markers for how to know or how to get into the state of possibility.

So rather than confusion, when you’re in the stage of possibility, here you experience curiosity. It’s the biggest difference between impossibility and possibility because impossibility is a lot of justification and a lot of excuses and objections and defensiveness, whereas possibility is just fueled with curiosity.

So in this stage, your thoughts shift from I’ll never make money as a life coach to I could actually make money as a life coach. This is where you think about the possibility of making money. Just like it’s possible. I tell my clients to ask themselves if it were possible though, if it were possible to make 2K today, like right now, the day you’re listening to this podcast, if it were possible that you could actually make money as a coach, what would that be like?

What would you be like? What would change about the way that you’re going into your day? For me, I like to get super curious about that. I think about that for all the things I don’t think are possible, I’m like, what if it were? Interesting. Let’s just go there in our brain.

I’ll give you an example of when I was building my business, I never thought it would be possible for people to pay in full. I always took payments. I never thought people would just have that amount of money laying on hand because I didn’t have that kind of money laying on hand. So in my brain, it was impossible. But then I started thinking about the possibility of what if every client wanted to pay in full?

That was a thought I came up with from curiosity. What if every client just wanted to pay in full? What if that was normal to pay in full? And thinking about that led me to this idea of wait a minute, I could offer a discount if they did to encourage them to do it. So I started offering 10% off of an entire coaching package.

So I was offering $5000 coaching packages, so 10% off was $500 and people were like, sign me up. I want to save $500. And I started getting pay in fulls left and right. Completely changed everything about where I was in my business, like, everything. I remember actually this idea, moving from the stage of impossibility to possibility of people paying in full is what made it possible for me to go to my first life coach mastermind.

Because it was all the way in San Diego and the hotel was very expensive. I was going to drive across the country to go and I was going to take my very first road trip – oh, that’s so funny. I wasn’t planning on telling this story on this podcast but I was going to go on my very first road trip by myself and then meet some friends out in California.

I’d just gone through a terrible breakup and I had no money and I was broke, and I was actually supposed to go to a wedding in Tampa first. And I called my friend crying my eyes out and I was like, I just can’t go, I don’t have the money. Really, the thought truly, the impossible thought for me was I can’t go on this road trip, I can’t go to mastermind, I’m not going to be able to go to this wedding, I’m never going to make enough money to make ends meet. I’m never going to make it as a coach.

I was in that stage. And then once I told my friend, I think it just lifted this huge thing, honoring my truth of that I just can’t afford it, lifted this huge thing off my shoulders. But then I started getting really curious about it. I was like, but what if I could afford it and what if I could figure this out and what if I could create the money right now?

And it was only a couple of weeks before I was supposed to leave. And then I had this idea of well, I could sign a few clients and they paid me in full. That was the idea, the thought, but it was almost presented as like yeah right, that would never happen. The thought, that’s never going to happen.

And then I started playing with well, what if it did? What if they did pay in full? Could that be possible? What if it were possible that all people paid in full? I started just taking my mind to possibility. It showed up in a million different ways. I was just spending time thinking about it, and then they did.

I had three or four back to back within a week or two, which was crazy because I’d never signed that many clients at once anyway. But they paid in full so I had an influx of $30,000, $40,000 in my business. So not just a little money. Like, not just because to go on the road trip. Enough money to go on the road trip, stay at amazing places, pay off $12,000 of credit card debt while sitting at the pool and completely up-level myself.

I went shopping on this road trip, I really up-leveled myself. Got new furniture. It was incredible because I had been living in an apartment with no furniture for like, six months. And then I just started signing more and more clients just from that little inkling of possibility. This incredible chain reaction. This road trip, just the ability to be on that road trip for me just shifted so much inside of me.

That’s when I was on the road trip when I came up with my thought, clients are coming, like the realization that that was going to happen for me, and the belief, which I also think clients are coming is a great thought that leads you into possibility as well. When you’re like, I’m never going to sign a client to clients are coming, to I have lots of clients, right? So that’s the shift.

So on that road trip, I just kept stepping into more possibility and clients are coming and then 16 clients came in an eight-week period and I made $150,000 that year. From June to December. It’s pretty crazy. So if it were possible, the thing that you think is impossible, here’s the amazing thing. If it were possible, you just might do something about it.

Again, if you’re not doing stuff about it, if you’re not doing something about it and not getting results from doing something about it, you’re in impossibility. But if it were possible, that’s when your brain is like oh, I could probably do something to make it more possible.

Okay, so how do you get into this stage? How do you go from your brain being like, what the fuck, that’s never going to happen, to it’s totally possible it could happen? My answer is practicing possibility. Just like you would practice anything else. So what does that look like? That looks like exploring in your mind with no pressure. None.

So it’s not like trying to figure out the impossible as if it’s a Rubik’s cube. I wasn’t like oh my god, how do I get people to pay in full? How do I get them to pay in full? I’ve got to come up with this money. How do I come up with this money? It wasn’t like that and I want you to notice if you have that type of energy. That’s not the energy we’re talking about here.

It’s just no pressure. Some of y’all try to get into possibility through force and fear, fight or flight, and it’s just never going to work. You have to actually know that that will create more impossibility. So you can get into I could make money as a life coach the more that you open yourself up to it, the more it will start to be true for you. You have to really see, I think this is the number one thing. This is the most important thing, the only way to do this.

The only way to shift massive thinking at a deep level that actually changes your results, the only way to do this, you can’t dabble. You can’t be interested. You can’t be curious about whether your thoughts create your results or not. You can’t just be like, tiptoeing in the water. You have to really see that believing it is impossible is what is creating it. Not the impossible.

So believing making money as a life coach is impossible, just you having that belief is what’s creating it not being possible for you, versus if you believed that it were possible, you would be taking way more action on it. You’d be showing up way more because you believed it was possible. You have to really see that.

Sometimes you forget that your thoughts create your results and you think something else is creating that result like you haven’t made money because you have lack of consults for example. But the lack of consults aren’t creating you not having the money. I always say when people are like how do I get consults? I’m like, well, think about what if consults were constantly coming to you. How would you think? How would you feel? What would you do?

That’s the model. It’s always working whether you think it is or not. And listen, I know we’re all life coaches but it’s not the human condition to immediately ask yourself what you are and aren’t believing that is creating the result. It’s not the human condition to say why didn’t I have any consults the last two weeks? What was I thinking that created that?

I never hear that in my 2K. But making that association will make you more money than anything else ever, and the faster you can get there to knowing your thought is what’s creating or causing you to have that result, maybe you had the thought that there was no way you were going to get consults this week because you don’t even know anyone who’s following you, let alone interested, that is a thought I used to have is there’s no way I could make money this week. I don’t even have anyone in the pipeline. I don’t even have anyone in my client funnel.

So it felt impossible. But the faster you know that your thought, just that thought there there’s no one in the pipeline creates no consults, the faster you’re going to empower yourself to change it to change what you’re thinking and then create what you want and the better coach you’re going to be. And remember, coaching is selling and selling is coaching, so the better coach you become, the better salesperson you’ll become.

And in the beginning it takes time and you’re going to practice this literally forever. So you get curious, you allow yourself to go to the good kind of fairytale land, whatever you think is impossible is in fact possible. And you just start thinking about it from that place over and over. So you think if it’s possible to get consults this week, it is possible to get consults this week.

What if it really was possible? You just keep bringing it up. And I really want you to think about how possibility feels. It feels open. It feels curious. It feels hopeful. It feels imaginative. To me, it feels energizing. It feels awakening. This year, one of the things I tried on for me was it’s possible to make a million dollars in a year and take three months off.

I’ve wanted to go on this road trip, we have been planning this for over two years. Last year I actually had planned to do it. I was going to drive out to my friend’s wedding in Lake Tahoe and I was going to take Bear with me and I was going to go by myself, and that was – this is so funny, but my clients joke, they all know and they all laugh at me.

I wanted to take my dog on a dream vacation. And so this road trip is – he’s seven. I don’t know how much longer we’ll have him. I want to take him on the trip of his dreams, and for me, I always tell Neil, my fiancé like, it is a dream come true to get to do traveling, which is the number one thing I love to do. I live for travel, is to travel but also have my two guys with me.

Because when I travel without them, it feels a little bit sad and I’m always stressed. I’m like is Bear doing okay? I just miss them. And so I’m going to have them and have travel and it’s going to be amazing. And so I was going to do it last year and then I got an amazing opportunity to speak at my mastermind for my coaching school and I had to take it for myself and for my beliefs and my business, and it just felt like it was such an amazing opportunity, so we didn’t go.

So this road trip has been something that I’ve been dreaming about for years. So it might be something small to some people, but for me it’s been what I’ve been thinking about and dreaming about, and it’s this idea that I could go on a road trip for four to six weeks, whatever, and not work. It’s different to – some people like to talk about the laptop life and they just take their business with them.

I could totally do that, but I don’t want to do that. I want to work when I’m working and I want to be off when I’m off. So to me this felt so impossible, like how could you ever take four weeks off a million dollar business? A million dollar business is serious. That’s what my brain said. It’s serious. Like the CEO of Nike doesn’t get to take four weeks off, right? That’s impossible.

That really is what I thought. And so this year I worked on it is possible to make a million dollars in a year and take three months off. And I actually remember getting coached on this at my coach. She did a live event in the beginning of January and I stood up in a room full of my colleagues and said like, this is what I think is impossible. This is what I’m struggling to believe could be true for me.

I think it’s a huge thing, a huge area of growth for me to be able to – because I tend to hustle. So to be able to just step out completely and one of the things we coached on was possibility, of like yeah, but what if it were possible that you could totally make a million dollars in just nine or 10 months?

So I started thinking about that. Since January, since I left, I’m like, but what if it were possible that I could take this time off and make a million dollars? And all of a sudden now all the stress – because what I was doing up until I would say from October, November, December is knew I wanted to take this road trip and I was like, hustling. Like, hustling.

I was working so hard in this kind of frantic energy of I’ve got to get caught up and I’ve got to get eight weeks ahead so I could do this. So when I went there and possibility was entered into my mind, I started thinking about well, if it were possible, I wouldn’t be worried about it not happening. Wow. All of the hustle, freak out, franticness went away.

Because if it were possible, I would be totally confident that it was going to happen and I wouldn’t need to hustle to make it happen. It is going to happen. I could just trust it. And it changed everything. I stopped selling in my business for a long time. I haven’t really sold this year at all. I’ve made a ton of money but I haven’t sold at all.

People sign up from the podcast, you as a listener, or I have an evergreen funnel that runs with my five-day training. If you guys haven’t signed up for that you probably should. We’ll link in up in the show notes. People are still coming, they’re still seeking me out. I’m still making a ton of money but I haven’t been selling.

It shifted completely what I was focused on and all of a sudden I started focusing on wait, the more important thing, if I believe the money is coming and it’s possible that the million dollars is coming, the most important thing isn’t selling and getting ahead financially for the road trip. It’s being able to create resources that my clients can still get all of their transformation, even if I’m gone.

What does that look like? And I started looking at like – I have mentors that train in my group and I started looking at like, but what is something you can’t replace from me? And I came up with the consultation code. Teaching people how I strategically review consultation evaluations and how I think about consultations and the way that I would do a consultation and giving feedback and saying this is what I would say and this is what I would coach on the next time and putting that in a book format and breaking down my five-step sales process and putting that in a book format.

And literally writing out like, I took step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, and then I wrote out how exactly the words I say to transition into each step. And then all of the ways I wrote out multiple examples of bridging the gap and painting the vision, steps in my sales process, and the things people stumble on a little bit.

I wrote it out for them so they could really hear it. I gave them examples for every step of all the questions they could ask. And I used different types of niches as examples. It’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever created and then I went through and I re-filmed some of the modules from where I am now. I filmed them two years ago.

Where I am now, I’m such a better teacher having gone through master coach training, so I filmed them to make it even simpler. And then I looked at my group, I spent two months just watching the group and seeing what they were struggling with and then I went in and filmed an entire new step of the process.

So now I teach them how to market themselves, I teach them how to make offers in an entire separate module, like an entire step of the process is all dedicated to making offers. And then I filmed an entire new step called clean selling. Now, here’s the amazing thing and this is why I’m telling you this story in such detail to give you such a clear example of why this is so important to go from impossibility to possibility and who you become along the way is I did my million dollars in the first five months of the year and I wasn’t even selling.

I’m going on the road trip being at the goal I wanted to be by the end of the year, having wanted to take the road trip. I’m eight weeks ahead financially in my business. I’m eight weeks ahead in working and in podcasts and in emails. Actually, way more than eight weeks ahead. Eight weeks ahead financially in like, new goals that we’ve set since we knew we were going to make two million dollars this year.

Like, incredible. Unbelievable. Doesn’t make sense but also that’s what happens when you think in possibility. And now I’m using those emotions and leaning into possibility to believe it’s possible that I could be an author one day. A best-selling author. An author in Barnes and Noble that changes selling for all people, not just life coaches.

When I was going on this road trip, I asked people for recommendations because I wanted to dive into sales books. I’ve actually never read sales books. I’ve read one. Sell or Be Sold, Grant Cardone. It’s not for everybody but I think it’s life. It’s the greatest book. I remember – I’m actually going to reread it because I listened to it so early on in my journey but I just remember at that time wherever I was, he gave me life.

I remember driving across the country, working, pitching, I had a stage in my trunk. I was pitching slicers in Walmart and I was listening to Grant Cardone Sell or Be Sold and it changed my life. And so I was like, I’m going to read this one but I want some more. And so I asked my Facebook audience and no one had really sales books to recommend.

In fact, the books they recommend were not really sales books. Maybe they talked about sales but they weren’t really sales books. And I just think that that’s such a testament to the fact that there aren’t a plethora, an abundance of amazing sales books out there and I’m like, that is going to be me. Who wrote the books that are out there? It’s just a normal human too. That human could be me, right?

So I just take walks and I think about the possibility of creating and being an author, of being a thought leader, of creating anything that I want to create, having the life I want to have. I spent absorbent amounts of time thinking about my clients getting results and what I want to help them create and painting a vision for myself of where they’re going.

I’m just sitting around, walking around, thinking about believing. I remember the first time my coach introduced me to that idea of thinking about believing, it blew my mind. I’m like, wait a minute, what? And it changed everything. It changed the process of 2K for 2K. When we decided to do 2K for 2K in my million-dollar mentorship, I had Diva Business School at the time and that was my brand.

To me, it felt like my identity and she was like yeah, we should get rid of all of that. What you have to do is teach sales. She’s like, when you talk about sales, I just want to listen to you forever and I want to hear all the things. She’s like, this Diva Business School like, definitely no. And I remember my face going white and there’s no way I can make this happen.

And then I just went home from Dallas and I spent two weeks thinking about believing, that I would be a top paid sales coach for life coaches. Thinking about believing that I could, was smart enough, and had the experience to create a process that people could follow and get results from. All of that was mind-blowing for me, but it took two weeks of just – I spent two weeks dedicated.

I dedicate actual time and energy to this every day. Now, that doesn’t mean you schedule it on your to-do list and turn it into a job. That’s going to take the energy down. You’ve got to keep it fun. Let it be something you look forward to. It’s your possibility time. That’s how I like to think about mine.

Okay, so now I want to teach you another trick. Another way to get into possibility. Did you know that the same way you talk yourself into a cookie or one more episode of your favorite show or sleeping in instead of getting up at 6am, the way that you can talk yourself into splurging on a pair of shoes that you really want, you can talk yourself into possibility.

Here’s how. Talk yourself through it. Why is it possible? Answer yourself. Don’t take I don’t know for an answer. Every day, tell yourself why. Position it to yourself. Sell it to yourself. If you want to get good at selling, you’ve got to sell yourself on everything first. Start a journal. Every day, why is it possible? Why is it possible that you can make money as a life coach? That you can make $2000 this week? That you can make 2K today?

Why is that possible? And make yourself answer and start creating lists every day. Ask yourself and come up with new things. And if it did happen, how would you feel? What would you do? Carry that vibration all day throughout your day. How would you carry yourself?

And if you can’t answer something and you’re thinking about it, if you get stuck in your brain, just move on. It’s important that you spend the time in the feeling of possibility. I think figuring out the details is where it goes wrong for my clients. They start asking how and then they take their brain back from believing to not believing. Because if they knew how to say, make 2K today, they would have already done it.

You don’t know how until after you’ve done it. This podcast is not about figuring out the how. That is really what keeps you from making money, thinking that you need to know the how before you take action. This is about just staying in the feeling of possibility, and the more often and the longer you stay in it, the more possible it becomes, the more real it starts to become, the clearer it will start to get in your mind.

Eventually, maybe the first time, maybe the 10th time, you’ll be inspired to take one step towards it. You take that step, just one, again, you never let yourself get stuck, and then you find your possibility again. As soon as you take that step, you just find the possibility again, and then you take another step. And the moment you get stuck, you just find the possibility again.

Okay, so here’s how it looks so far. So when you’re in impossibility, you spend time just imagining it were possible. Every day, no pressure, just taking yourself to the impossible being done. Being totally possible for you. The more you think of possibility, the more it starts to seem possible, the more you bring it into your awareness. The more it grows into your awareness, the more possible it becomes.

And you work that all the way until you get yourself believing it’s so possible that you start taking action and you keep taking action. Now that action you’ve taken mixes with your belief of the possibility and it starts producing results here and there. Just little ones. It will start seeming even more possible once you start getting those little results.

And then you’ll be filled with all of those emotions, the excitement, the determination, the creativity, the inspirations, and those emotions will fuel you into more action. And pretty soon you’ll be in massive action and massive action will produce even more results. People start suddenly engaging with you on social media, someone that contacts you because they heard about you from a friend.

You meet your ideal client out somewhere, you get your first consult. You have to really look at these things. You have to capture the proof of possibility. You do that very intentionally, and then you start to really believe yourself because now you have evidence. And you do that cycle over and over for long enough that it becomes inevitable.

Alright my friends, I will talk to you next week. We’re going to dive into inevitability. We’re going to break it down and we’re going to talk about how to get there piece by piece. And now, remember if you do want to dive deeper into these three stages of belief and use these to propel you through the 2K process that I teach, to getting consults, to signing clients, I’m going a five-week model intensive where we really break down how your thoughts create every result you ever get in your life.

We’re going to do five classes over five weeks where it’s an intense study of mindset mixed with my 2K sales process. So if you want to be a part of that, it’s free once you join 2K for 2K. All you have to do is go to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. The information will be on that page. We’re calling it the Make Money with the Model intensive. It’s five weeks starting August 6th.

So you want to join. It’s going to be a really incredible way, if you’ve ever considered like, I’m a little bit scared I won’t make my money back, this is the opportunity for you to get the extra support, the deep dive to really understand not just how to sell and market your business and how to overcome objections and make offers and make money as a coach, but also that piece of mindset that holds everything together. Without it, everything falls apart.

You can do every part of the process and if you don’t understand awareness of your thoughts and that your thoughts create your results and how the model is working and how to self-coach yourself with the model, you could do everything right and still not make money because your actions don’t create your results. Your thoughts do.

So if you want to be a part of the Make Money with the Model intensive in the 2K for 2K, just sign up by August 6th. And if you listen to this after the fact, all of the replays of this will be in the 2K for 2K under the model modules. It’s why we’re filming them live is because I want them for future clients for years to come. So it’s already in there and as soon as you join 2K, even if it’s two years from now, you have access immediately to this training.

Alright, have a beautiful week. I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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