Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | The 6 to 7 Figure Transition

Do you want to know how to transition from multiple six to seven figures in your coaching business? I recently taught a class on my process for doing exactly this. The feedback from this class was truly amazing, so I’m sharing the replay on this week’s show so you can see what the transition from six to seven figures looks like for yourself.

Transitioning into becoming a seven-figure coach is what we do in the Two Million Dollar Group. I’m mapping out exactly what this transition looks like on your calendar, the individual actions that you need to do along the way, and the step-by-step of how to transition your thoughts in your business as you move toward seven figures.

Tune in this week to discover everything you need to know for transitioning from six to seven figures in your coaching business. I’m sharing the exact strategy you need to grow your business, as well as five beliefs you can adopt to help you reach seven figures even faster. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this episode.


I’m making some big changes in my Two Million Dollar Group! For all the details and to get on the waitlist, click here.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How I combine the highest level of belief work with the best business practices.
  • Why transitioning to seven figures doesn’t mean hustling 24/7, 365 in your business.
  • How your brain will try to grapple with making the transition from six to seven figures.
  • The simple offers that launched my business in the early days.
  • What you need to know about funnels, emails, and ads as you grow your coaching business.
  • Why you will be working less at seven figures than you are right now at six figures.
  • How to start making the decisions and taking the actions that will take you to seven figures.


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 240. I recently taught a class on how to transition from multiple six to seven figures. This class was so popular, we keep getting requests for the replay. And so I wanted to offer it here for you this week. But before we dive in, I also wanted to give you a little update.

I am changing my Two Million Dollar Group. I recorded the process earlier this year, and I am so proud of what I created. It is truly such a clear, simple, doable way to get to seven figures without a lot of the thought errors we have about making millions. But what was really interesting is once I recorded it, I remembered why I started this room in the first place and who it was for.

And it created in me a deep nudge to change things. I really love helping coaches at millions. But what I really want to do is take my students from 300 and 400k to a million. I want to help my life coaches make millions for the first time. I want to be helping more than the exclusive few, which is really what that room has been until now.

I took my first group of students through the process, they made millions, and then the room kind of became about helping them at millions instead of getting more through that door and through that process. So instead of helping coaches at millions, I want to help coaches get to millions. That is what I want the entire room to be about.

And when I have enough coaches to get to the two and three million mark, I’ll open a 10 million dollar room. So for now, I have restructured and redefined the program to make it more accessible and aligned with that mission, getting my students who are listening to me on the podcast, following me along on my email list, or in my 200K Mastermind to get them through the multiple six figures, past 200K and then on their way to two million dollars. I really wanted to decrease the gap between 200K Mastermind and Two Million Dollar Group for my students.

And the biggest thing is in order to make that happen and make that doable for my students, realistically, I’ve lowered the price. I want this room to be accessible to coaches who need this process now to start their scale and maintainable so that I can support them through their entire scale.

You can find out all of the information you need to know to determine if you are a good fit by joining the waitlist. You’ll get all the information immediately emailed to you. You can join at If you are wondering if this is the right room for you, all you need to decide is, do you want to make a million dollars in the next 12 to 36 months?

If that is on your three year plan, if you follow the three year plan with me, and that is on your three year plan, you want to get in the room as soon as possible. Do not delay even six months. All right, let’s dive in to what you’re going to learn in Two Million Dollar Group in transitioning from multiple six figures, so 300 to 400K, to seven figures. Let’s go!

So if you are here, we are going to be talking about transitioning from six to seven figures, exactly what that looks like on your calendar. What are the things that you’re actually doing at six figures? What will you be doing at seven? And I’m going to tell you step by step how to transition your activities so that you walk into making seven figures because you are doing things differently at seven figures and you are also thinking differently at seven figures.

And I’m also going to share with you five beliefs that will help you make seven figures very quickly. It will help you get on board with doing the things you need to do in order to make seven figures. So that’s super fun. So you’re going to look out for five beliefs as we cover the materials today. If you are not highly familiar with me, I am Stacey Boehman. I am a Master Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School. And I teach entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, everything business to life coaches.

And what’s unique about that is that I actually have a sales background and because I’ve been studying and helping coaches make money and working coaching as a business coach for the last many years, that I really see myself as more of a business and entrepreneurship coach. But I have that coaching background and I have that mastery, skill set and belief work. So I take belief work, I combine that with what I know to be true about the best business models, the best business practices.

The things that work when it comes to selling and marketing, always thinking about the buyer and the client’s perspective. My sales background, I used to sell mops in Walmart all across the country. So I know how to sell literally to anyone. I know how to communicate to people. And I know the psychology of how they think when they’re in a sales process, what motivates them to buy, what doesn’t motivate them to buy. And so I combine all of that, the belief work, the strategy.

And then I teach my students why. If I tell you something, and I ever give you a strategy, I’m always going to tell you from my experience, from thinking about the client, I’m going to break down the thought process and the experience that went into that mentorship, into that advice into that coaching. And when you combine belief work strategy and the why you would do something, it really makes it simple, clear and doable to just do and then to get results from, which is something else I highly believe in is teaching in a way that’s simple, clear and doable.

I like to think of myself as the layman’s coach. I can literally break down anything that you might think is complicated and tell you how to do it in a super layman way. And I think that that is one of my secret ninja tricks and strategies. And then something that makes me unique in the industry, actually two things is I have a really big focus on getting clients results. I think that’s the only reason they pay us.

So our company actually has a north star metric where we want to help every single client that pays us, make their money back from the investment that they give us in order to work with us in the first 30 days. And we want to make sure everyone gets what they came for when they get to that finish line, when the container that they work with us in when that ends. So that is the number one focus that me and my company spend our time doing and we’re going to talk about that work at seven figures.

But we put most of our energy into thinking about how to get our clients results and because of that, we’re really known in the industry. I have a very small audience but I make so much money. We did $12 million in sales just last year because the word of mouth about me is if you work with Stacey Boehman and you join 2K for 2K or my 200K Mastermind or my Two Million Dollar Group, that you are going to make 2K, make 200K, make two million, that that is what actually happens. And so I think that is really important. It builds trust with your audience very quickly.

And then the other thing that I have been really strong and passionate about is I work three days a week and I take a minimum of eight weeks off every single year to be with my family to go on vacation, to travel, things like that, to actually love my life. And the last two years I did nine million and 12 million in sales the last two years and both of those years I took over 20 weeks off because I was pregnant and very sick. And then I just had a baby and went on maternity leave.

So I’ve really created a business and an ability to teach other people how to not hustle to seven figures and really be bound by your company and be restricted by it. You actually can work less at seven figures. We’re going to talk about that. So you’re in the right place if you are at $300,000 to $400,000 in revenue, if you are planning to make $1 million plus, so a million five or ten in the next 12 to 18 months, maybe even 24 months and you already have a scalable offer.

So what a scalable offer means is an offer that you could put an unlimited amount of participants in and you could still keep that running. So you could make $1 million off that offer or five million or 10 million, having at least one of those. So those are groups, masterminds, programs, courses, memberships, basically everything that isn’t one-on-one coaching. If you have at least one of those that you’re already selling, you’re in the right place.

Now, I would love right now for you guys to go out and post in the Q&A how much money you guys are making and what you’re selling. So post that in the Q&A box. No one else is going to see it. It’s a private chat, but I just want to see, kind of gauge where you guys are so I can kind of tailor things as we go on to where you guys are. I’m going to take a drink break while you guys do that. 300K, one million, wanting to make two, 400K. Great. 300K, 300 to 400K. Okay, a lot of you guys are at 400K, 357,000, that’s a great time.

I started scaling at 325,000. If you guys have questions about, am I ready to scale? I don’t want to spend time here. So I will stay on after. If you guys are like, “Is this the right time? Should I start scaling in six months? Should I start scaling now? Should I wait a year?” If you guys have specific questions about that, stay on. I do not mind to clear that up. This is just a general kind of rule. At this scale, when you get to businesses that are this big, it’s a little bit different for everyone. So it’s not a hard and fast rule. This is just kind of in general, you’re probably ready if one of these things is happening for you.

I see a couple of people that are at 25K, 40K, great be on here, watch. But literally this is not, I just want to be clear, not the path and the process to making your first 200K. So if you’re under 200K, this is just so important you know this. None of this applies to you. None of this would be the recommendation for you to go to this level. But if you just love watching me teach and you’re like, “Hey, I want to know what’s coming up”, great. Welcome to the party.

But what you do to 200K is very, very different than once you are at 300K and 400K. So I’m seeing a lot of people that are at 300K and 400K. I see someone’s like, “I just love to watch you teach.” That’s perfect. Welcome. It’ll give you a little bit of energy to go through the rest of your day. And we can talk about that again later.

I also want to cover really quickly when I talk about scaling, there was a reason I didn’t use the term scaling in the title of this class. And I just said it was the six to seven figure transition. A lot of people use scaling as a really wide term to encompass a lot of things that actually aren’t scaling. So scaling has to do with you being able to input more people and moving to a one to many model, meaning you and then you upping the amount of people you work with without increasing time and effort on you or your team. That is actually the definition of scaling.

Anything other than that, when you add more clients, you work more and your team works more. That’s growth. It’s a really big difference. So when I say scaling, I’m never talking about anything before 200K. I am only referring to the transition from six to seven or from seven to eight. That is when scaling actually happens. And the definition that I’ve created for myself and my life coach clients is that it also includes your clients getting better, faster results, because we’re going to talk about this.

So many of you have a big fear that your clients will get less because you’re getting more. And what I can tell you 100%, the method that I’m going to outline for you, your clients will have a better experience. They’re going to get better, faster results. And for me, that’s the only way it’s a win is if I’m making money while my students are also doing better because I’m growing. And that’s true whether you’re a business coach or a weight coach or any type of coach whatsoever, nutrition coach.

As you grow, that’s the deal, you make more money working with more clients in a one to many model, so maybe one to you to 5,000 people. And they get better, faster results and you actually work less, not more. That’s the scaling equation. So when you hear me talk about scaling or use that word, ever, ever, ever, it is always referring to six and seven figures and referring to adding more clients without adding more of your time and effort as a CEO or your team’s time and effort.

So when I mentioned scaling, when we talk about growing from six to seven figures or seven to eight. What reactions typically happen for people is when you’re at that stage where you’re thinking about making the jump, your brain either wants to speed up or slow down, pull back, avoid or over-prepare, which is fancy for avoiding. So tell me for you, when you think about taking your business from 300K or 400K to a million, does your brain instruct you to speed up what you’re doing or slow down and prepare more? I want to hear from you guys.

I feel like I’ve done both. Yeah. And that could be, if you feel like you’ve sped up and you’ve slowed down, it’s your brain trying to grapple with the transition. It’s literally just reacting and trying to figure out what it is. And the reason why is because our brains associate going from six to seven figures, that transition, that what will be required is speed and intensity. So it tells us to speed up because it thinks that’s what’s required. It needs speed and intensity. So it’s telling you to do that.

If it’s telling you to slow down, it’s because it’s afraid of speed and intensity, but only because you’re imagining that what is required to make the transition from six to seven figures is a big jump in sales and a big jump in skill sets. Specifically, your brain is thinking that you’re going to have to double or triple your sales, which could be true circumstantially if you’re going from 300K to a million, that is triple the sales, but your brain is imagining tripling sales performance.

Meaning, if I did three launches last year, then I’m going to have to do nine this year in order to make more money. It’s imagining the how much effort you’re putting out in order to sell what you’re selling now. The amount of effort it took you to sell 300, that you’re going to need three times that in order to make a million. So it’s imagining tripling performance. This is really important. That’s not what you’re going to be doing.

Sometimes it also tells you you’re going to have to hire a bunch of people, and most of us have probably not had that experience. So we’re like, “I’m going to have to hire a ton of people. I’m going to have to pay them, and I have no clue how to hire or manage them.” And then you might also be thinking it’s going to involve a lot of really complicated funnel stacks and I’m going to talk about what those are and running a bunch of ads and spending money and not knowing if you’re going to get that money back.

I want to offer, have you guys ever seen someone’s offer for $7 and you click on it and then it takes you to a $47 offer or a $97 offer, and then you click on that and you pay for that and then it sends you to another offer? And you’re screenshotting the funnel to try to capture what’s happening and this is what I need to do to make seven figures. So I need to figure it out what they’re doing. And by the time you’re 30 screenshots in, you’re so overwhelmed, you’re like, “There’s no way I can do this. This is so much work.”

This used to happen to me all the time when I was thinking about going to seven figures and trying to go to seven figures. I thought that that was the way that I was going to do it. And I want to offer to all of you. You can take a big deep breath. Number one, all of these things truly are what we are looking at as a company now. My company at 12 million going to 30 and 100 million, those are our next two big jumps. These are the things we’re looking at, at that level and we feel prepared for it, we’re ready for it and our energy.

We have space and capacity for it, but it’s not what I did to get to seven or even eight figures. I have absolutely no complicated funnels running right now. I’m going to talk about the funnel I have but it’s one, it’s a five day training that I recorded in 2019. I just got on and ranted for five days straight, basically teaching three steps to my 2K for 2K program. We ran it with a simple email series and offered people a book bonus if they joined within 72 hours and it’s made me millions of dollars.

And there is, just that’s it, join the five day training, buy the program, get this book if you do it in 72 hours, made millions of dollars off of it. So you’re not going to have to do those complicated funnel stacks at all at this level for sure. Alright, I just want to check in with you guys. Yeah, hustle and overwhelm. Feels like driving a car with my foot on the brake. Yeah, avoid, both depending on the week, alright.

Okay, here’s what happens if you try to solve for this. So if you’ve already attempted one of those things, to hire a bunch of people, run a complicated ad or double your performance and just try to slip in more launches. You either exhaust yourself and burn out. You have too big of a team and then you run out of profit and money to spend in areas that you really need in your business. Or it’s so complicated that you can’t conceptualize how to even get started, which is what I did with the ads. I just couldn’t even conceptualize how to start.

Or if you do start, this is the problem, sometimes some of you are really tech savvy, so you can actually get a win here and you can create complicated funnel stacks. But because you don’t have the experience with growing them in an uncomplicated way, it makes it harder for you to troubleshoot them and to know when they’re working, why they’re working, and then when they’re not working, why they’re not working. So you really need to start basic and simple if you’re moving into funnels and ads, don’t shoot for the moon, really bad idea.

And then for those of you that are thinking that the transition is going to be increasing speed and intensity and you’re imagining that’s going to be triple your performance, triple the amount of work you’ve put in to get the clients you currently have. I also want to give you a win. I’m going to give you the first belief and you’re going to type in the chat box, so hang tight. But here’s what I’m going to tell you first, and if this is your only takeaway, this is the time. Are you ready? Here’s what you need to know.

You will never, ever work harder in your business than where you are right now. If you are at high six figures, six figures or even below that you will never work harder than at six figures. So if this is the belief that you’ve got to believe to make seven figures. You’re going to type it in the chat box and you’re going to say it out loud to yourself. I am going to work less at seven figures. What if that were true?

Yeah, someone said, so no need for an up sell or a down sell? No. Says screenshots of the funnel, that’s me. Yeah, right. Yes, I am so ready to work less at seven figures. Yes, you’re never going to work less or more than at six figures. You’re going to work less at seven figures. I did not start working three days a week until seven figures. What? I know, it doesn’t make sense, but I’m going to show you how.

So let’s dive into what a six figure business might look like. If you have a high six figure business, if you’re at that $300,000 or $400,000 range, this is what your business might look like. You might be coaching and everyone’s going to be a little bit different, but you might be coaching 20 plus hours a week. You might still have some one-on-one clients hanging on. You might be doing a couple of groups at a time. This could be you. You’re meeting people, but you’re not meeting enough of them with your efforts.

So you might be still going out and meeting people in person, or you might be doing webinars but to 20 people or 100 people. You’re spending lots of time on content and emails. And there’s a lot of one off things that are happening at multiple six figures. So you’re trying to kind of figure out your marketing and your selling. So sometimes it’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall where you’re trying a bunch of different things and it doesn’t feel like you have your system yet, your client funnel.

So just answer that in the chat box as well for me. Do you feel like you have a very strong grasp on a client funnel, where you get your clients and you have a process that follows them through and all you have to do is turn it up and more clients come and it feels that simple and easy? Or does it still kind of feel like I don’t really know where they’re coming from? Still figuring it out. Yes. Still in one off land. Okay, that’s totally fine. Still not clear. Okay, I have one funnel that does well every time I turn it up. Yes. It’s not streamlined at all.

Okay, so that could be happening too. And then here’s the biggest thing, but you guys may not even realize. It’s the number one thing I coach people on in my higher level masterminds. This is actually the thing that takes most of your time away for most of you is you’re having lots of one-on-one exchanges with clients and future clients. That could be email coaching, Voxer coaching, responding to people in your DMs on Facebook and IG.

It could be as simple as going five minutes over on your call, 15 minutes over on your call, taking extra calls, texting in between, texting your clients in between. Those little things don’t feel like they’re taking up a lot of time, but they actually do eat up a lot of your time. And then you also might be doing a lot of your tech operations yourself if you’re at that level.

And then overall at six figures, because you haven’t sold to enough people, especially cold traffic, people who have never heard of you before. You don’t have as much experience doing that so you’re less skilled in selling and you’re less skilled in delivering because you haven’t delivered to enough people yet to hone that skill. So it’s harder to get cold people, people who have never heard of you to engage with you, and then it’s harder to get them results.

And then you’re also not as fast at problem solving and you’re also not as fast at recovering from failure. So those things add up on your time. Imagine if you just actually calendared the time that you spend recovering from failure, spending things like that, that takes up a lot of your time. It’s a lot of your energy and effort in your business. So you’re not going to work harder at seven figures.

Belief number two is that you are going to work smarter at seven figures, So write down in the chat box and say it out loud to yourself. I’m going to say it too. I am going to work smarter at seven figures. I’m going to be more skilled. I’m going to know how to sell better, deliver better, recover from failure better, problem solve better. Everything is going to be easier because I’m working smarter at seven figures.

So I want to offer you that between six and seven figures, the transition itself, which I’m going to cover in a second of what you’re actually going to be doing to transition over to seven figures. That transition will likely be the same amount of work that you’re working at 300,000 and 400,000. So at 300,000 and 400,000, the same amount of effort just to go from six to seven figures, you won’t be working more. You might be working the same, but then you’re going to set your business up to be working so much less. And your business will be so much smarter.

I want you to imagine it’s like a smart TV or things that are highly tech compatible. They’re easier, their software is designed for a better user experience. You’re going to create a business that is designed for a better user experience for yourself and your clients. So you’re going to work smarter. Love this, a smart business. Yes, please, I’m going to work smarter at seven figures. Now, listen, you can’t bypass.

Some of you all are like, “Okay, well, then I want to go from 100K to a million because I want to. get to seven figures where I’m working less.” But it really doesn’t work that way. In my experience your brain is not capable, even in the tech industry they consider hyper growth 40% growth. So if you’re trying to go from 100 to a million, I don’t even know what percent that is, but it’s much, much, much bigger than you really understand or anticipate.

When you put your brain into hyper growth, you also put it into hyper drama and then it becomes hard to conceptualize the things that you need to do to get started. So it’s not impossible, but it’s very rare that the human brain is prepared for that level of hyper growth. So you can’t bypass multiple high six figures but once you’re there, just know that you’re on your way to working smarter town.

So then let’s talk about what your calendar will look like as a seven figure business. So the seven figure calendar, you’ll be coaching a few hours a week. It depends on how many offers you have potentially. I had two that I scaled my first several years, so I basically had two offers almost to eight figures. Then I created a third, now I have four offers. So I work up to coaching four hours a week. That’s how much I’m actually on coaching.

And then the bulk of my time is spent well planning and highly executing my sales launches and they’re repeatable, meaning. So for example, my 200K Mastermind, we have four launches a year and they are pretty much, two of them are set up the same way. And then the other two are set up the same way. And then we just add little tweaks here and there to make them perform better each time. But we’re not reinventing the wheel. We’re not trying new strategies out.

We have a strategy that works for launching that program. We do it over and over and over again and we have done it that way since the conception since the very beginning. So it didn’t take years and years to figure that out. We did it once. We kept it that way, and then we just kept increasing its performance and tweaking it as we went, but the bones itself stayed the same. Those decisions actually happened very quickly.

And then I also spent my time watching and working my ads and my funnels. So I might need to tweak ad copy. We might need to look at my sales page and say, “Okay, people are falling off here. So let’s rewrite some sales content here.” I have people that help me with this. So all I have to use is my coach brain and my sales brain, that’s it. So we don’t have to get complicated with it, but I do spend my time here.

Again, we have my 2K for 2K funnel. It’s made millions of dollars, but it requires some tweaking here and there. As we get out to more and more people, the audience gets colder and my messaging has to change because they’re just less familiar with me. So we spend time on that instead of me interacting with people in my DMs of my IG or me spending 15 extra minutes going over on a call or texting my clients back and forth.

And seven figures, you’re just going to be solving problems better and faster. So something that takes you out and takes a month or two to recover from the failure and then figure it out. You’re going to be doing this with maybe a team member or a couple of team members in an hour, and then you’re going to move on.

Most of my time has been spent, and again I think this is the reason I’ve made so much money in my business is most of my time has been dedicated to teaching my students how to get results better and faster, how to be more simple, more clear. And teach things in a more doable way every single time. And I really love this. If you’re a coach at heart and this is what you want to spend your time doing, it’s so fun at seven figures. You’re breaking things down for people. You’re creating assets. So I created a book called The Consultation Code for my 2K for 2K.

I created a video series for my 200K Mastermind, a member portal that houses my 2K process and my 2K philosophy. I created a course called Webinars and Launches for them. And I spent a lot of time doing that, compiling all of my best ideas and strategies for webinars and for launches and that’s really exciting to me. And then again, building assets and then you are going to spend some time building standard operating procedures that you do once and you repeat over and over and over, instead of reinventing the wheel every time.

If that freaks you out, can I just tell you all something? I have never created a standard operating procedure in my business ever. I hired one great operations person and I told her to do it. So I want you to know if that freaks you out. You don’t even have to do it. I’ve sold $35 million of coaching. I’ve never created a process in my life. I just hired someone and I said, “You do it.” It’s so fun.

Okay, so I was thinking about the transition between what is really the difference. I know I told you what your calendar will look like at six figures, what you’ll be spending your time at seven. But what is actually that transition? I thought about this a lot for you all. And the biggest difference is you’re going from one-to-one, mostly smaller interactions with people to the one to many. So from you to 2,000 people or you to 5,000 people.

And then everything you’re solving for, whether that’s a goal that you have, an income you want to make or you’re solving a problem that comes up. The way that you solve it, right now you might be thinking, make this money now. How will I achieve this revenue now? How will I hit my end of year goal now? How do I fix this now? And at seven figures you always have to think how will this work always. So how will I solve this problem if there’s 2,000 people in my program?

How will I solve this problem if there are 10,000 people in this program? How will I solve this problem at a million and will I still be able to solve this problem this way at 10 million or two million? So I’m always thinking of if we have something that comes up in 2K. Okay, I’ll give you a great example of this.

We used to have moderators in 2K for 2K and we would have people going in and commenting like every single post that people wrote. And I thought to myself, how would we solve this problem if there were 10,000 people in here? How will we always solve this problem? And what I knew is I didn’t want to be having the expectation that we’re going to comment on every single post in the 2K Facebook group from here on out.

The how to solve it always was we create a group that has such amazing rules and we teach them how to interact so carefully that they become a self-sustaining group, which is what happens. We don’t have any moderators in 2K for 2K. We teach them what’s allowed, what’s not allowed. The students report posts that aren’t allowed, and we have a team member that every once in a while go in and look and either delete the post or approve it. But for the most part it is a completely self-sustaining group.

We very rarely have to go in there because we’ve taught them so well how to behave in that group that we don’t have to have people in there. So again we could add 5,000 more people in and it’s not going to take my effort or my team’s effort away. So that’s a thought about how do I solve this always.

There have been times where I have sacrificed one year, in December and I’m a couple, maybe. $100,000 away from a goal. If I think, how do I achieve this right now? My brain might tell me, throw out this offer. But if I’m like, how am I going to achieve this always? I’m like, “Well, we need to do this with our funnel or we need to do this in the long term.” And next year on our approach, this is what we want to be focused on to get those extra $200,000 worth of sale. You’re unwinding the immediate and you’re focusing on the future.

The other thing is you’re upping your market reach. So at high six figures, your brain wants to tell you that the best thing you could do is sell really high end coaching, get a $30,000 client and that that means you’re successful. And it’s going to be thinking about how much more you can charge versus how many more people you can reach. And that has to be the biggest transition you make in your mind is it’s more important for you to get more people in, in whatever capacity you can so that you can get your brand and your name known.

So at seven figures, a lot of my clients shy away from creating a program or a membership or a course, they’re afraid of having to record content and it living on forever. And so they want to avoid or push that away and it’s the most important thing you can do is create a low end offer that you can bring a ton of people through so that your name gets out in the world. Your work gets out in the world and you start helping more people quicker.

You’re also going to be increasing your sales skills. And the way that you do that is by selling to more people. And I spent a lot of time thinking about my clients’ journey from the moment they find me on the internet through the end result that they want. And I think about how can I assist them in that journey in my marketing, my selling and my delivering. Those are the only three things you ever have to be worried about when you’re making seven and eight figures, marketing, selling, delivering.

I said I’m really good at creating layman things or saying things a layman way. The majority of your time at seven figures and on your way to seven figures is start creating things to represent you on the internet. So what that looks like, my 2K for 2K program has a set of modules that I recorded. It took me a while to put those together, put my best thoughts forward, make them simple, clear and doable.

But now someone in Singapore can sign up while I’m sleeping, have access in 10 minutes to me coaching them and teaching them how to make 2K. And by the time I wake up with my morning coffee, they may have already made their 2K back. That’s what I mean by better, faster results, helping more people. So I spend a lot of time creating things to represent me on the internet while I sleep.

And then you’re also, this is a mindset shift, but you have to be in your brain becoming the person who is less accessible and less close to your clients. So I’ll give you an example of this. I have a 200K Mastermind. And one of my favorite things of all time is spending time with my 200K students, whether it’s we have a live event, it’s three days long. And I love to go to the welcome event and I love to go to the closing ceremony and I want to talk to them in between sessions. And I want to talk to them after the session. And I want to have dinner with them.

I want to do all the things with them, I really do, I love being around them. And yeah, I have to teach for four hours straight every single day on stage. The most important thing for them is that they can get the teaching in a simple, clear, powerful, doable way. So they need me on the top of my game and I can’t do that if I’m doing all those other things. So I feel like I go to my events, I feel like I’m missing out on the fun. So jealous. I just want to be doing what they’re doing. I can’t because I’m the asset.

It takes a shift and I don’t get to personally sit down and have coffee with them or talk to each and every single one of them or go to the club. They always have a dance party at 200K live. I don’t get to go to that anymore. So I don’t get to do all of those things anymore because I have to use my brain in a different way. But here’s what’s so important, and we’re going to break down why this is true.

But belief number three that you’re going to say out loud and you’re going to write in the chat box is, I get clients better faster results at seven figures. What? Listen, it’s totally true. I have never helped more people than right now in my life make money. So I get my clients better faster results at seven figures. They actually get bigger results and they get them quicker because I chose to transition to seven figures. Write that in the chat box. Yes, I’m going to tell you why.

Because so many of you all are afraid, you have fooled yourself that your proximity, your ability to coach your clients again, you might have a group program and you might have tapped that at 30 people because you only feel confident that you can get to and personally interact with 30 people at a time. You have to remove yourself from believing that that is valuable to them. And I’m going to tell you why it’s not.

The only reason your personal proximity and your personal engagement would be valuable to your clients is if you have not taught them what to do, how to think and why. If you have not broken your process down and created it to be simple and clear and doable, then they do need you to personally deliver to them, but if you’ve done those things, they don’t. And what’s great about that is they also don’t have to wait for you to be available to do them. No one has to wait.

None of my clients have to wait for me any longer for any reason at every level. None of them have to wait for me in order to make more money in their businesses, at whatever stage they’re in because I have content, I have steps laid out for them. I teach them what to think, what to do and why, and they can go do that when it’s convenient for them. And making it grow so much faster, they’re never waiting on me to be working. Remember, I only work three days a week.

And here’s what you need to know as well. Some clients are not going to go with you. The ones that you have now at $300,000 and $400,000, maybe 10/20% of those will go with you. You need to know that. However, more total will go with you because you made the transition. I had 20 one-on-one clients and some of them were in my wedding. They’re my best friends to this day. I now have helped 5,000 people just in one program make money as a life coach because I made that transition.

So some of them, well, you can make 20 people happy or you can make 2,200 people, 2,000 people happy. And you have to know that seven figures is about making 2,000 people happy, 5,000 people happy, 10,000 people happy. And results are what’s important to them. They don’t care about you. They care about results.

And then I think I’ve said this already, but automation helps them get results without you. So that is so important.

Okay, I have so much to share with you guys. I have more than one. Alright, so are you ready? Now we’re going to talk about how you actually transition your calendar. Yes, you do get your clients better results at seven figures. Okay, here’s how you actually transition. So I told you, this is so important. You are not going to work more than you’re working now. There will be no increased effort. There will be no increased speed. You have to believe that. If you do increase your effort or your speed, you’re likely doing it wrong.

You’re just going to change what you’re doing. So if you are working with one-on-one clients, this is just if you’re working with one-on-one clients, and we’re going to talk about other things in just a second. But you’re going to release an ad at the same rate. So you’re going to drop say one to three clients at a time and then you’re going to use those one to three hours to do the remaining parts of this process.

For example, if you don’t [inaudible] three clients, then you’ll use those three hours to build a simple funnel. That’s it, you’re just going to transition it out. Now, if you aren’t working with one-on-one clients then you’re going to go back to those activities that you might be doing at six figures, going 15 minutes over your call, texting your clients, emailing with them back and forth, sending them homework, typing up notes from the calls, getting them worksheets, every single class. All of that extra work you do, that goes and with that time you spend it investing in one of these things.

And if you think, well, all these things are really valuable to my clients, remember you’re exchanging them for things that will be more valuable to your client. There is a transition period but you’re just exchanging what you do now to create value for your clients and you’re creating things that will create even more value for even more people. So the people who do go with you.

And then the more people that go with you both, those people will get more value because you spent time on these remaining things, which is creating a simple funnel. Which is as simple as, I recorded a five day training once in 2019. We made that into, we put that on a page, a landing page on the internet. We wrote emails, imagining people watching it from all over the world, to sell them joining 2K. And I made a workbook to have as a bonus if they bought when they watched the training. That’s a funnel. It’s super simple, it’s not complicated.

And we created one great email series. Those emails, I just wrote them once and they lived on for years and made us money. You’re also going to create one simple doable process for your clients to be able to get results. So if you join 2K, 200K, my Two Million Dollar Group, there is a simple process that you want as you go and it’s on your own time and it has recorded everything I know about making your first 2K, 200K or $2 million. And so you can just literally plug that process into your own business and start making money. So you’re going to spend your time doing that.

It took me a couple of months to film some of my content. I just filled my Two Million Dollar Group content and we spent five days straight writing out the content and recording it and making it super beautiful and super simple to navigate. And that was a five day investment to live on for years and years and years. You’re also going to spend time automating your onboarding. Again, you will not have to do that. There are other people you can either contract with or hire to do that for you.

You’re going to want to hire one great operations person, that’s number six, one great operations person. And that person should be able to do all of the tech stuff for you. So you just record the video on your computer and then you give it to them to edit. You write the sales email, you give it to them to edit, test and upload. You give it away. You don’t need to figure that out. There’s a lot of thoughts, and I think in the industry that that makes you somehow a better business person.

I think the best business people are good at leveraging what they’re good at and good at outsourcing what they’re not good at. So you don’t even have to do that stuff. I didn’t do any of that stuff. I have literally no idea how to upload an email on my business. I don’t need to know, I just know I need to know how to teach you guys how to make seven figures. And then you’re going to do these one at a time. This might be painful for your brain if you want to speed up and you’re like, “Once I get all these things done, my life will be better and I’ll be at seven figures.”

It’s not actually the way it works. You’re going to get these things done. You’re going to make money as you get them done. But as soon as you get them done then there’s going to be a round of improvements that need to be made. Then there’s going to be other things you will offer and then you need to do with another offer. And by the time you get done with both offers then you’re going to have to go back and do improvements to your one offer. So there’s never going to be a point where you’re just going to speed up and get it all done, and then everything’s going to be great.

So you have to develop the art of being willing to take one thing at a time whichever you think will pay off the most. So maybe if you’re not great at tech, the first thing you need to do is hire a great operations person so they can do that stuff for you. Maybe it’s getting that one simple funnel from me and then one great email series. Those are the first two things I did, filmed the content first. Then I wrote the sales emails.

And I did that in the time I was currently working, not extra time. So someone said, I love that you’re a step ahead of me. Someone said, “Why the stars next to four and five and eight?” So I want you guys to just know that the things I star are the things that I think I invested the most time in that have made me the most money. They’re my secret ninja things for making seven figures.

I focused on learning how to sell, to hold people and I actually created a method for that called PSPR selling. And because I know how to speak to a client now, I know how to explain their problem better than they understand it themselves, that’s the P. I know how to explain the solution simply and clearly and very quickly, that’s the S. And then I learned how to break down things into processes that are simple and clear and doable. And then I’ve learned how to show them the results that will be there on the other side and how to create measurable checkmarks for them.

Because I know how to sell in that format people respond to it better, people respond to it faster. And then I set up my process to match. So I use my PSPR sales method to actually be my delivery method as well. So when someone watches a webinar. So if you watch this webinar and you were to join Two Million Dollar Group, everything inside is going to cover everything we talk about. You’re not going to be surprised by anything and be like, “Stacey talked about [inaudible]. Stacey talked about [inaudible].”

And then it makes people, makes the journey easier for them. When they’re expecting something that you’ve sold them and they get that exact thing they’re like, “This is the right thing.” So my investment on these two things are what made me the most money. But it’s just how do I achieve this goal or make this fix now versus how I achieve this fix repeatedly always? The repeatedly always, that is the ninja mindset trick.

I’m very good at that. I’m very good at teaching my business, even my employees, how to think that way so that we don’t solve things with band-aids and we don’t create a lot of urgency and importance. We do things one time and we set them up to work always and forever, super, super important.

It’s the mindset of the hunter versus the gardener. So you might be used to, I’m hungry so I’m going to go out and kill a deer and then I’m going to eat the deer versus I’m going to take the time to plant an entire garden with lots of different vegetables, I’m going to wait for them to grow and I’m going to keep planting other things while they are growing. And then I’m going to be able to eat from that garden over and over and over till the end of time.

So belief number four, so I told you there’s five things. We’re almost there. Belief number four is that I am going to work ahead at seven figures. Say that aloud. I’m going to work ahead at seven figures. I’m not going to be working behind. So if you guys have ever had that experience where you feel like you’re chasing after your business. That is not what it should feel like. When you’re making decisions for how would we solve this always and repeatedly I want you to think about this.

If you’re thinking about, how do I solve this problem in front of me for 2025 but I’m in 2023, that means I’m working two years ahead of myself. What? That means in 2025 you’re going to be reaping the rewards of a decision you made today. You’re going to be like, “Hell yeah, I’m so glad I thought that way.” We think about that now in our business, we look back to things that we did, the way that I set my launches up for my 200K Mastermind. We’re still reaping the rewards of that.

I am so glad I made those decisions back then, thinking about how we would do this repeatedly always versus I kinda wanna sell this out right now this one time. So write that in the chat box. I’m going to be thinking ahead at seven figures. Yes, you’ve got to be working ahead. I’m literally going to do work this year that I’m profiting from a year from now, two years from now, three years from now. [inaudible] I make the more I work ahead. Yes.

Okay, so here are the skills that you will need to develop to make this transition. I’ve touched on some of them here and there, but I just wanted to have a whole little page where we can recap and kind of go through each of those things. And because I have that timelapse, we might be a little over on time but I will stay to answer questions as well. We will figure out the sound for next time.

Okay, so the first thing you have to learn is offer constraint. So if you look back that you’re going to be doing on your calendar, you have to do these for each of your offers. So the max offers you want to have is two, one for people who are brand new to you. I call it the foundational offer, so they’ve never heard of you and they’ve never done the work before. You want to have a place where they can go to learn the very basics, the very foundations.

And then you want to have a place for your people who have gone through that and want more from you, So an advanced offer. So mine were 2K for 2K and the 200K Mastermind because you have to do all of these things for each offer. I once heard that every offer you have is a business and it was the best thing I ever heard in my whole life. So you have to practice offer constraint. At high six figures you might be used to throwing out a retreat to make an extra 100K. I did that, it’s fine.

You might be used to adding, I’m going to do this VIP event or I’m going to do this three day in person workshop that’s different than all my other offers, to try to jazz up the energy around my business. You can’t do that stuff anymore. You have to just do the tedious work of figuring out how to sell the one offer or the two offers that you have.

The other thing you want to develop is the skill of getting your clients results in the one to many format. It’s a way of thinking and a way of creating. You’re no longer going to be getting them results, but you physically talking to them all of the time depending on your containers. Some of my containers have more of me than others. But you’re not going to want to rely on yourself to walk someone individually through. Again, you have to create a process that walks them through to get the results they want.

And you want to be watching them and paying attention to them and always thinking about how do I get them results? How do I make sure it happens for them and how do I do it faster? And then the other thing you have to do is you have to scale your marketing. You have to scale the amount of people who hear about you. I recommend doing this with paid ads, with paid traffic.

Again, here’s the amazing thing. If you’re at $300,000 and $400,000 you have enough money to hire someone to manage that for you. So the only thing you’re doing is writing sales copy, which is the same as a social media post or an email and you have someone else run that for you. You do a training or a webinar or a five day challenge, but you do something to generate. Paid traffic is literally just pushing your message out to more people, it’s forcing the message out into social media with your money. But you’re only going to do it proportionately. It’s going to be you spend a little, you make more, you spend a little, you make more.

So you might put in 6,000 and you would get out 12,000. In the beginning you might put $25 and you’ll get $100. So not this huge investment where you’re putting money out and hoping it works. That’s not the way I teach my Two Million Dollar Group students. I teach them to start slowly and we only scale any amount of money that is $25 up once it’s working. And I have a lot of great strategies for doing that really simply. But you do want to start making that transition.

Here’s the good news. I do have clients who have made seven figures without doing this. And they’re just great at organic marketing. And by the time they did get to seven figures they were like, “Okay, it still feels a little [inaudible] but now I’m ready.” And the biggest reason they were able to do it without doing the [inaudible] is because they know PSPR selling. So they know how to walk someone through their problem, the solution, the process and the results they will get in a really clear, simple, doable way.

I teach that in my [inaudible] in my Two Million Dollar Group, and when you sell that way and then you create your delivery process around that, your clients are going to get better, faster results. And then the other thing you want to think about and I’ve mentioned this but I call it either the client journey or the client narrative. So there’s a marketing narrative, a selling or a delivery narrative. This is just the step by step journey that they take for finding you, to paying you, to getting results.

So they might find me on my podcast, get directed to my website, join my five day training, my three simple steps, be offered my book bonus, join 2K, do the modules and then make the money. That’s a narrative. But you want to get really good at this because this is belief number five, are you ready?

One of my biggest fears and stresses when I was growing my business to seven figures, once I started working in that one to many model, I had spent a lot of my time at high six figures making sure, knowing everything about my clients, knowing everything about the journey, handling everything myself, all the communications. So I always knew what was happening. When I went into the one to many model, I stopped knowing what was happening all the time.

And then started fearing that my clients would slip through the cracks. What about this message? What about this, do they know this? Do they have this? And when you have 5,000 people in your program, you want to make sure they all know the same thing. They have all received the same message. The only way you know that is if you do a step by step account of what their journey is and then you make sure that you account for that. And when you do it this way, if you set your business up this way then you will get to feel that relief of none of my clients ever slipped through the cracks.

And I want you to think about what the experience is, if your clients don’t slip through the cracks. If they come to an event of yours and there’s hundreds of people there but every single thing that they need to have a good time and have a great experience is thought of, accounted for and done and presented to them before they can even think about it, imagine what that will do for them.

Belief number five, is my clients have a better experience working with me when I make seven figures. My clients have a better experience at seven figures. So write that in the chat box and say it out loud to yourself. You guys say this over and over and over. When I get to seven figures I know I’ve created things in such a way that my clients actually had a better experience because I made seven figures. Their experience working with me, being with me is better because I have made the seven figure journey.

So that’s the customer narrative and I walk my students in Two Million Dollar Group step by step in how to create that. I show them what my customer narrative is and how to look for the steps they might not even be thinking about. And then how to set up backend processes in order to accommodate that.

And for example, if you join 200K Masterminded, my students, you wouldn’t, you’re not in that space, but students who join 200K Mastermind, when they join, as soon as they pay they get a welcome email that tells them about the live event, that gives them their member portal access that tells them exactly where they should get started. When they login to the member portal there’s a start here module and it tells them exactly what content to consume first, the exact things they need to know to participate and have the best mindset experience.

And then it tells them to book their hotel, every single thing that they could possibly be thinking about as soon as they make their payment. It’s there for them in their inbox and it’s ready to go. So that’s the narrative. And then you have to spend time developing the skill of unbinding yourself from tactical tasks. There are a lot of things that you might be doing in your business right now that are very tactical that you could allow someone else to do or you could just stop doing completely. Your mind might think they’re necessary, and they might be completely unnecessary.

I’ve gotten very good at accepting help, delegating and not being bound to things in my business. So I can go on a week vacation. I can go on a three month maternity leave. I can be out of my business and not have to bring my laptop or even I never checked in with my team on my maternity leave. They were self-sustaining at that point. When I go on vacation, the laptop stays behind. I can actually be gone and the business keeps going because I have unbound myself. That’s a skill you want to develop at seven figures. Also, that helps you work less.

And then the final one is just a non-hustle approach. We’re always thinking how we would work smarter and less by thinking about repeatable things that will work always in the future. And then noticing when our brain wants to speed up, noticing that it’s associating the seven figure jump or the eight figure jump to doubling or tripling my performance and growing my skill sets rapidly, which you don’t actually have to do.

When you do this work, when you make this transition this is what your life will look like. We’re going to end, we’re almost done. But I want you guys to play a little make believe vision with yourselves for a second. This is what your business will look like. You are making seven figures in an offer that can keep making money for you. So you’re making $1 million but your offer has the capacity to hold $5 million of sales, $10 million of sales.

I made $1 million in my first full year of scaling. It took me about six months to ramp up. That’s why I said 18 months. If you want to scale within the next 18 months, it might take you six months to make the transition. And then a year of actually going out and creating seven figures of sales. And so after 18 months, six months of transition and a year of going out there and generating seven figures of sales I had two scale offers. I made $1 million in my 200K mastermind and over $1 million in my 2K for 2K.

And by then I had a repeatable client acquisition funnel. So I was just putting some money into ads. I might pay $500 to get a $2,000 client, but I was getting those while I was sleeping. I remember [inaudible] my Two Million Dollar Group, when my clients set these funnels up, the first time they get a sale when they’re out to dinner or when they’re on vacation and it blows their mind. That’s one of the most fun things. If that’s already happening for you, that’s really good news. Now you just have to dial it up. And if it’s not dialing up it’s likely the PSPR selling.

And then you will have a repeatable live launch format. So that when I do, do live launches, we do them the same every single time. My company is now working on a one click launch so that we could literally launch every week if we wanted to. And all that is, is creating a really tech supported repeatable format. And then you’re going to have automated onboarding and delivery, meaning people can buy from you and you don’t have any part of the onboarding them or the delivery. Everything is done with technology and automation.

Then you’re going to have an operations person that does all of that complicated tech stuff for you. You just tell them, “This is my vision. This is what I want to happen for my clients.” And then their job is to go figure out how to make that happen for you. It’s the most beautiful thing ever. And what you should be doing with your time is selling, coaching and thinking about better delivery in the future. Thinking about how to get your clients better, faster results. That should be where you’re spending your time.

You invested six months to build all these other things so that that’s what you could do and so you could work less. So that your brain is sharper because you’re working less, you’re not pushing it as hard anymore. You’re working ahead, so you’re making decisions that you’re going to benefit from over and over and over, saving yourself time, getting further and further ahead of yourself. And your clients will have better, faster results. You will be like, “What’s happening?”

I can’t believe how many of those occasions we get with people telling me they’ve just made their money back in 2K or how many people we have walk across our 200K Mastermind stage, that they made their first $200,000 or they made a second round of $200,000. It’s a very exciting thing. So in the end after you make the transition, you will be someone who works smarter, slower, less and ahead. Your clients will be more delighted with bigger, better results that they got in a faster amount of time, a quicker amount of time than what they’re getting right now. That is everything.

So I want you guys to just tell me in the chat box and tell me after this hour together, would it be worth it to invest the time and energy to transition to seven figures, no matter what your brain might have been telling you before? Yes, yes, yes. So good. And I am going to answer your questions. I’m going to scroll back up in just a second. So if you have time, stay on.

This is the one thing that I will tell you about being at seven figures, I, whether it’s a podcast interview I’m doing, whether it’s a webinar, I always have time. I’m never in a rush. I’m never like, “I’ve got to get off this webinar because I have something else right after? I can’t go over on this podcast interview.” I actually can go over now if I want because my schedule is so open. It’s a really beautiful thing to never be rushed and to have plenty of luxurious amounts of time.

So I’m going to answer your questions. Can we join Two Million Group if we just joined 200K in February during early enrollment? If you qualify, yes, you can absolutely. So if you joined in February, then I’m guessing you joined during early enrollment. So you joined for the July class? So I’m going to answer this assuming that. If you are meant to be in the July class and you signed up for 200K but you’re, “Wait, I’m at 300 or 400K, I’m in that zone”, and you get accepted. Then we could just apply your $25,000 200K payment to your Two Million Dollar Group payment. So you could upgrade.

Okay, I’m so excited for Two Million Dollar group. It’s going to be so amazing. Tanner is already in. I’m really excited about that process. When I recorded it, it’s seriously so good. I’m very proud of how I outlined the PSVR.

Michelle says, “If I have multiple funnels running and one is a clear winner, 30% of the buyers become masterclasses, and right now my monthly process is people come in from this funnel and others, I run four workshops.” Okay, so it does sound like you have a lot of moving parts. And what I would say if you were in, [inaudible] in the 200K room too. But if you’re in Two Million Dollar Group, one of the things that I think is more manageable is to have less moving parts. How can we choose the winners and then up-level those winners? How can we get more out of those winners?

However, you have to be careful because also, if you have 30% of your buyers come from one but 70% of your buyers are coming from a total of two others then it still might be worth it to be running those three. But it does, just in general, I have limited information with limited time. I do feel like you’ve got a lot going on and you could potentially really go all in. I’ll give you an example of this.

I’ve done this with some Two Million Dollar Group students where they come in with five offers. And they want to scale to a million, but they have five offers. So remember the process I showed you. They would have to go through that process with all five offers. I peel them out of their hands and I have them choose the top performing three. And in that case, if you have that, when it comes to offers specifically, you might have to prepare yourself for I’m going to take the energy that was on my calendar to go from those five offers to three offers. I’m going to do that.

I do have to be responsible for keeping my profit up while I figure out how to now get a higher percentage out of those other three things. And to know that you’re working ahead and that that is what you want to do to leverage. And it’s an investment in making more money, even if your income temporarily drops. You’re coming back to swing forward.

Why do you not do ongoing enrollment for your higher ticket offers, aren’t launched stressful? Launches are only stressful if you’re not doing them right. I know that’s a really blunt answer, but truly, launches should not be stressful. You should not need to take a break from your launches. You should not need to sleep for a week after your launches. The way that I teach in my launching course that you do get access to in 200K and Two Million Dollar group.

The way that I teach it is you set them up well in advance. You have plenty of time to go through all your emails, do all of the pieces of your content so that by the time you are in pre-enrollment and launch, you have nothing on your calendar. There should be no writing emails as you go out. And then the only things on your calendar when you’re in a launch period might be delivering to your clients. And watching the launch and troubleshooting it, if something isn’t going according to plan. Or thinking of fun things to add to keep the fuel on the fire if it’s doing really well.

I never need to take a break from my launches. And my students who do that, follow that process don’t need to either.

Okay, so I think I’m going to answer a couple more questions. Do we need to be accepted into the 200K in order to be accepted into Two Million Dollar Group? No, you just have to meet the requirements and be prepared. One thing I will tell you is because we just filmed the Two Million Dollar Group process and the actual portal, the content is done but the portal still has to be designed. It won’t be ready until after the advanced selling live event and our first Two Million Dollar Group meeting.

So you’ll get access to it that first week of August. And so because of that, we’re actually going to give everyone who joins Two Million Dollar Group, access to the 200K Mastermind portal content so that you can still have access to webinars and launching. And also you’re welcome to go through any of the sales content from 200K. We recently had one of our Two Million Dollar Group students come in and go through 200K, And she was like, “Holy shit, there was so much in there that was so beneficial to me.”

And so it was really helpful for her to have access to that while also preparing to be in the Two Million Dollar Group room. I love your launching course. Yeah, it’s so good.

Okay, I want to scale to seven figures. I’ve been at multiple six figures for a few years now. I think that profit is something I really need to work on optimizing. I’m wondering if this is actually better to start with 200K. Listen, if you guys have any thoughts about should I start with 200K first, start with 200K. I mean, unless you’re really at the seven figure level or you’re very close to seven figures. You’re at 500K, I wouldn’t then start with 200K. I would go into the Two Million Dollar Group.

But if you are between 250 and 400K at any given year, do a round of 200K, it can’t hurt at all. Anything that you’ve been missing. It might clear things up. However, I do want to offer one thought. If you are in Two Million Dollar Group, this is probably how I would coach you without knowing more information. You said that you scaled back ads then because it stopped being as profitable for us.

So I want to offer there’s a lot of different ways to think about ads and ads are always profitable, always if you are making even a dollar off of them. So you should never scale back and spend if you are profiting any amount of money. And this is what’s important about having a foundational offer, either a backend or an advanced offer. For example, we could spend $2,000 to get a $2,000 client because if I can help them make 2K, they’re going to want to be in 200K and then 200K is a $25,000 investment. And I don’t have to use ads to get them. They’re already in my world now.

So knowing what the lifetime value of your customer is, is so important because if someone joins 200K, likely they’re going to make so much money that they’re going to want to keep going. Because even though it’s the same process every single time, every live event I teach different stuff. Someone said last time that they’ve been to seven 200K events. They’re a multiple six figure earner. They’ve been to seven 200K events. And last round they were like, “It felt like you were teaching brand new information. I didn’t even know what was going on.”

It was brand new stuff that felt so different from everything else that I thought I was learning something entirely new in the best way because I’m always getting better and faster. I’m always watching as we have more and more people come into my program. We learn new things from new people testing and breaking things that I learn things that need to be taught now based on who’s coming in. And so it’s different every time.

So my people will keep going over and over and over. I say this to say if someone makes 200K with me, they might spend $100,000, $200,000 if they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars with me. So the lifetime value of my client is so high, so high that I can spend $4,000 to get a $2,000 client. But the way that one of the things I teach in the Two Million Group process is that you have to think about ads as this, I used to think about ads as if I spent $1,000 and I got a $2,000 client. They paid $2,000 but it cost me $1,000 to get them.

The way that I would think about it is I lost $1,000 of profit but it was never my profit. They were never my person. The only reason they found me is we paid to push me out into the internet to present myself to them. They may have never seen me without having that paid ad. So they would never have been my client. So I didn’t lose 1,000, I gained 1,000. So I have a feeling that you’re thinking about ads could be hurting you more than your profit going down on it. And that will happen as you make more and more money, your profit can go down.

But I’ve also seen a lot of millionaires, seven and eight figures people losing profit because they don’t know how to sell well. They’re not using PSPR selling so they’re selling isn’t it as tight. So they’re losing people in conversion rates. They’re losing money in that client journey from finding them to actually paying them. That will be really cleared up in 200K or Two Million Dollar Group. But notice guys, if you’re like, “Well, I’m not ready yet.”

If you actually qualify for the income, if you were at 300,000, I would do 200K if you were like, “Which one should I do? And I haven’t done either or I haven’t done 200K in a while” or whatever. If you’re at that 300K range, I would do 200K. If you’re at 400K I would really consider, is your brain telling you you’re not ready yet because again, it thinks it’s going to be a lot of work and that you’re going to have to speed up and the intensity. Tell me what you think you’re not ready for. Are you not ready for the speed? Are you not ready for the intensity?

Are you not ready for what you imagine is going to be hard work? It’s not going to be hard work. It’s just going to mean different work. And it’s going to be different work, that’s going to be an investment for the rest of your career. I made a jump at 325,000 and I’m so glad I did because it took me that first year, I didn’t actually start doing the things on the list until six months in. But I made 860,000 that year but I only gave it six months, the back half of the year. And then I made 2.5 million the next year. And I took a month straight off my business.

If you want to know the requirements for applying and being accepted, just make sure you join the waitlist. Amy says, “How do you handle people messaging you directly and expecting a reply from you directly?” They can expect it all day long. I never reply to people. That was a mindset shift. You have to allow people to sit in your inbox. And here’s what was so fascinating. Now we have customer service people who will respond to them for us, but I didn’t have a customer service person for the first several million. So I’m going to give you the story, it’s so brilliant.

So someone messaged me in my IG inbox and they were asking about 2K and they wanted to join 2K. And I never responded. A week later, they sent me another message. I never responded. A week later, they sent me another message and they were basically trying to ask me questions about 2K but that’s not how I sell people. I don’t sell people in the DM. It’s the lowest value way to sell people. It takes the most time and it’s the least effective. So I just never responded. And then the fourth message was, I just joined. You never answer my questions, I just joined.

So my thought was always they either will talk themselves into it or out of it, and either way it’s just the lowest use of my time and energy. I was focused on other things. I was focusing on that funnel. I was focusing on launching it. I was focusing on learning how to sell with PSPR in my sales emails. And those were more highly valuable. Again, you have to go back to, I can speak to this person now and get a sale now, but will I be doing that always? If the answer is no, then I’ve got to stop doing it.

I might have to sacrifice the sale, but you probably won’t anyways, because they’ll eventually just talk themselves into it. So good. The income requirement to join Two Million Dollar Group, we have it set at 400,000. That is to me, I had a lot of people come through the program and it’s not a hard and fast rule. It’s just best of my experience knowing if you only doubled, you would still be making 800K.

However, some businesses already have a lot of those things set up. You could talk me, and if you were at 350, you could probably talk me into it, so still apply and just tell me why you know you’re going to be a great fit. Would you be happy if in a year you had made between $600,000 and $800,000, would that be a win for you if the next year you were going to make millions of dollars? Because for me it was, my best effort going from 325 to a million, I ended at 860.

But I was so happy and I learned so much and then I made 2.5 million the next year. I didn’t even have a $1 million year. So [inaudible] the Two Million Dollar Group at a $2.5 million year. So you could sell me if you were at 350. But I typically like to see people around the $400,000 range. If you’re at 500, you’ve got to get in that room.

Alright, thank you guys for coming and have an amazing day and make sure you get on the waitlist to get all of the requirements, what you need, all the information you need for the application. You actually need specific income information. So you’re going to want to have looked that up ahead of time. We’re only open for three days. It’s very fast. You have to create a video. You’re going to want to know what those requirements are ahead of time. Prepare them in advance and just be submitting them in the three days that we’re open. Okay have an amazing week, you all. Bye.


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