Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | How to Blow Up Your Results After a Big Investment with Serena HicksI’m bringing you some more wisdom from my top earners from 200K, and I know my guest this week is going to seriously inspire you. The growth that she’s seen over such a short period of time is mind-blowing, and when she shares where she was when she started this journey and how she’s made it happen after investing in 200K, you’ll see that the same is possible for you too!

Serena Hicks is a coach who uses truth-telling, freedom, and self-love to help her clients make BIG Happy Money. She works with people who identify as helpers, who only give their time and talents to “worthy” causes, and helps her clients use their talents to show up and do their work for their own benefit too.

Tune in this week to discover how to blow up your results after a big investment. Serena is sharing the thoughts she had about investing in her business that have changed her life forever, and what this whole process looked like for her, from deciding she wanted to join up until now as one of our highest earners over the past year.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Serena spent the first money she made as a life coach.
  • The struggle story that Serena used to indulge in around her money.
  • Why your beliefs about possibility and your ability to make money as a life coach matter more than anything. 
  • Serena’s initial thoughts about paying $25,000 to join 200K, and why she did it anyway.
  • The inspirational story of how Serena found the money to pay for 200K.
  • What is possible when well-resourced fiscally fit women decide to lift each other up.
  • The growth and transformation that is available to you when you decide to invest in your business.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, over the next three weeks I am interviewing the three highest earners from the January 2021 class of the 200K Mastermind. They blew my mind for what’s possible in such a short amount of time. And I wanted to share their wisdom with you and their experience with you. These students earned $350,000 to $500,000 in just one round, from enrollment to finishing their first or, for some of them, second rounds.

And I often talk about slow and steady growth. But for just a few episodes I wanted to share the stories that get your blood pumping and create a little possibility that this could be you. These episodes are full of thoughts you’re going to want to borrow. I was riveted throughout these interviews and I know you will be too.

But before we dive in, if you haven’t joined the waitlist for the next 200K Mastermind, make sure you do at, so that’s no www, just and we will link that up in the show notes as well. You will get the next enrolment dates that are coming up soon for our January class, live event information and dates. And every week I’m sending wisdom and coaching from directly inside this current 200K mastermind class. Okay let’s dive in.

Stacey: Hey coaches, so today I have Serena Hicks here on the podcast today. She is one of our top earners from the last 200K class. And I have her on here today to share her experience about fast growth because it is possible. I’ve talked a lot recently about slow and steady growth. And I just want to hold space for both are so equally available. And our three top earners this round made so much money, three, four, almost $500,000. And so that is also so possible.

And Serena’s story is so fun. So, I can’t wait to dive in. Actually, let’s just do that right now. So why don’t you tell everyone, introduce yourself, tell everyone who you are, what you do and then I have all the questions.

Serena: Okay. Hello, listeners. I am grinning like an idiot because I’m so excited to be on this podcast. Because as Stacey was just doing the intro I literally flashed to exactly two years ago, where I was, where I lived, how I obsessively, obsessively consumed the podcast. I didn’t have money enough yet to buy 2K. And so, we’re clear there was no cash, there was no available credit, there was shit to sell, nothing. So, nothing, can’t sell two spoons for 2K, Stacey.

Stacey: Oh my God, that’s fantastic.

Serena: So, I was totally consuming all of your free content, Melanie Childers turned me onto it. And so, I just want to start with, so I obsessively consumed the 2K podcast. I relistened to certain things. That was my school. And then I in October of 2019, which we’re not even there yet, I sold my very first 5K pay in full package thanks to the stuff I’d pieced together from the podcast. And I remember, she texted and was like, “I want to do the 5K pay in full.” And I made the invoice that instant, it was 2:00pm.

And I remember three things happened immediately. First I bought 2kfor2k, that was the very first thing I did, I was like, I now have money. Then I paid rent. It was late.

Stacey: So good.

Serena: And third I then messaged my boyfriend, live in boyfriend at the time and was like, “I just made money, meet me for lunch.”

Stacey: Oh, that’s so fun.

Serena: It was so fun. So that was the beginning. And so, if you guys are like, “Was she broke when she started this journey?” The answer is yes. I spent mostly the first 40 years of my life with a really fun struggle story financially. I always had enough, I was never actually homeless. But I created this big, glorious struggle story. It was always just enough in credit. And in 2008 I filed a bankruptcy and I had all the shame in the universe. However, much shame you think I had about my money story, multiply it by infinity.

It was endless shame about I am too smart for this, or I should know better, and I had come from a former privileged, I shouldn’t be here but I kept doing it. So, I got so much juice out of your story, Stacey, when I would listen to the podcast. And I was like, “Okay, if she can do it, I can too.” And so, I want to interrupt myself to point out to all listeners, when we talk about intentional thoughts and belief plans, that was one of the most powerful things that I took the second I found you was okay, she started with so called nothing, same, same with me.

There’s privilege in my life but the point is, didn’t start with a partner who was paying all the bills or even like, okay, I’ve got $30,000 to figure this out. It was go time from the second it was go time. And I was like, “Okay, if she can do it, I can too.” So, I always took that information in from an, even if it doesn’t make sense to me right now, it’s gonna, point of view. And gonna is a really technical word. So [inaudible], it’s gonna, it’s gonna. So, I was taking it all in. So, then I got my first client, I joined 2K immediately. I devoured your trainings that October, November.

And I remember in November of 2019, hearing about 200K and it blew my mind that people paid 25K cash. At the time it felt like you were like bring me a yacht. It was just so off the wall, 25K US dollars.

Stacey: That is great. Yeah, I get it.

Serena: And it was the first gift, it stretched my brain at capacity for what do people do? What money is in this world? How does money? It just wasn’t available to me but I had a moment, I wanted to join the 200K. My friend, Melanie was in and she raved about it, Melanie Childers, raved.

Stacey: Who was also killing it, going to make half a million dollars this year, what.

Serena: Phenomenal queen. So, I knew I wanted in from there. But then I started really paying attention when you did the first launch and all the people. And I remember listening, I should have pulled up the number podcast where you had your people who made 30K in one month. And one of them, I think it was Samantha Siffring said that it was the last two or three days of the month.

Stacey: It was her, yes.

Serena: Yes, that she did it. And that again just sparked so much possibility.

Stacey: Was it the 25K in 30 days?

Serena: Yes, that’s what it was.

Stacey: My God, people have so much drama about the 25K in 30 days. And then they miss the miraculous-ness of the goal itself, just the way you’re explaining it, just introducing that as possibility.

Serena: Yeah, I didn’t miss it. I was like, “Oh my God, people can do that?” And listening to her, I remember where I was in that apartment at that time where she was like, “It came in at the end and I’m a working mom.” And I was like, okay, if she can do this, I can figure this out, I only have cats.” Do you know what I mean? I don’t have little humans. I have a boyfriend, I have cats, I can do this.

Stacey: That’s so great.

Serena: So, I totally watched that launch with awe, again was just obsessively taking in all of the 2K videos. I would listen to stuff again and again, every time I would listen to a 2K video I would learn more. I also want to make clear, I wasn’t doing it perfectly right. I have definitely not consumed exactly everything. So, it’s not that I was your perfect student who went in order and listened to every, that didn’t happen.

Stacey: I love that, yeah.

Serena: Yeah. If I got a consult, which they were sporadic at the time but then I would dive into the consult module, objections and again, and again.  And so that was really fun. And I then made 5,000, 4,500 if we’re going to be specific that November, so on my second long term coaching package. But it was like a re-up, and she’d been eight weeks at a time. And I was like, “Listen, lady, new rules.”

Stacey: So good.

Serena: And then that December, fueled by obsessively listening to the podcast and now 2K, I sold five 5K packages over the courses of three days in a row back-to-back. So, I literally made 25K cash. I woke-up on that Friday and was like, “What is even happening right now?”

Stacey: That’s so fun.

Serena: Isn’t it bananas? But at the time that felt like $10 billion, now I’m like, “No big deal.”

Stacey: That’s so great. I love that. Okay, wait, was that before or after you applied for 200K?

Serena: No, that was brand new. Melanie said, “Pay attention to 2K and Stacey”, in September of 2019. In October I was able to join because I’d used your podcast.

Stacey: Right. And so, in December you made the 25K in 30 days?

Serena: Yes, 25K, I about fell over. It was so fun.

Stacey: Just from the possibility of believing that that could be for you, just from the podcast and then doing the 2K work. So, I want to point that out because so many people, I feel like the number one when enrollment starts rolling around, everybody starts talking about it on the 2K page. And the number one, the most vocal people that talk about it, the people who know they’re going to join, they don’t often talk about it as much on the page.

But the people that are the most vocal tend to be the ones who really want in but they cannot believe that 25K is in 30 days, or in 60 days, or in 90 days. They talk about, “Okay, November’s coming.” They can’t believe that that’s possible for them. And what I was thinking about the other day is I’m like, I have made a 25K offer before just to a client. I thought about an offer and I was like, “I know this is exactly what would get them there.” It was a year long coaching package.

I think it was two or three VIP events where I would come and spend three days with the client and just coach them endlessly and help them create stuff in their life. And it was this ultimate insane package. I just made the offer, “Here is this offer I created for you that I think will get you where you want to go, that will guarantee it. That will make it a lot of fun. And will ensure that we”, I mean we did everything, deep dive into relationships, and past trauma, and all kinds of things.

Anyway, so I just made that offer and so I was thinking about that the other day. And sometimes people feel like it’s so far away. But what if it just one offer away, you just have to have the audacity to do it, to find. You have to find someone who needs it and then offer them something that is a slam dunk that gives them everything they need, why would they say no?

Serena: Okay, I just want to point out you said find someone who needs it, as in, I think people sometimes forget our job as the coach, the person who’s selling coaching, is to find the person it’s the right fit for.

Stacey: Yes. We try to make it a fit for whoever is around, yes.

Serena: Yeah. We’re like, “Hey friend”, who’s never paid even 5K in coaching before, “Would you like a 20K package?” And then we’re disappointed when that friend is like, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” Instead of finding that person just like you said, who’s like, “Okay, 25K, let’s talk about that.”

Stacey: Okay, anyways, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but you listened to the podcast, you made 25K, so it was five 5K offers and then what?

Serena: The consults ended up back-to-back, they all said, yes. So that Friday I was like, “Holy guacamole, I just made 25K in three weeks.” And so, I lost my mind and just modeled out success and tolerance, that podcast episode perfectly in that I stopped selling, it genuinely, I couldn’t actually believe that part was great. I couldn’t actually believe that I could continue selling. It felt like 25K is spectacular. And I also think it’s funny in hindsight. I put 10K in savings just in case I didn’t sell for a few more months, i.e., planning.

Stacey: I wonder if your thought, do you think your thought at the time, because I see this with a lot of people, is that amount of money feels like I just scooped up everything available to me?

Serena: Correct, that it was it felt like. This is great and I’m awesome. But we’ve hit the – that was it, we’re done now, yeah, so that’s exactly.

Stacey: And a lot of people I think the version is this was all that was – I’ve gotten my warm people and now I have to go, it took me this many months to get that. So now I need a couple more months to warm people up again. That’s the way that our brains work. It’s just a thought error. That’s not actually true.

Serena: So true. One of my favorite thoughts that I got out of that moment that I still very actively enjoy is it happens fast. It doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s just a thought. It’s just one that supports and serves me, so I’m keeping it for now. So, so fun, best year was I’m so on track, I’m joining 200K, the next, the 2020 November round it’s mine moving on. So then had fun, didn’t sell in December, sold one package in January, so on and so forth. So fast forward to November 2020, the rounds that I did join, so your audition videos were actually due on my big brother’s death day.

And for people who don’t know my story, the shortest version is I began the rest of my life, if you will, he passed away, I was 40, I was overdrinking, I was overeating, I was single, I was perpetually broke. It was my personal reckoning, we are here for a limited time. This is not a dress rehearsal. How do I want to take charge of my life, to be honest for the first time earnestly, less struggles for you, Serena. And that was when I really was like, “Hey, we only get one life probably. So, what do I want to do with it?”

Stacey: Probably.

Serena: Probably, I don’t actually know. But let’s just assume, let’s assume.

Stacey: Probably, I love that, okay.

Serena: Let’s assume. We don’t know what’s next. So, I’m like, pull myself together. So, I recorded my 200K audition video on – I call it his death day, yeah. So, it just was meaningful for me. And it was such a full circle moment to be applying. The only problem was I absolutely did not have 25K cash, or credit, or anything to sell. So, the big, exciting story that I think I want to share with you here and all of it’s open. But we talked about on 200K, I had this thought all week, even going into the week. But I’m a CEO, CEOs figure shit out.

Stacey: Okay, so hold on, let’s stop there because that, everyone needs to take a second. I talk about this all the time. I actually did this whole segment at this current 200K where I was talking about the three year commitment. And I talked about all the things that keep people from doing that three year commitment. And I said, one of the things I said was, “You guys have things that come up, an unexpected expense, or whatever it is, a client quits, they ask for a refund. Money comes out unexpectedly or money is needed unexpectedly.”

And their brains don’t go to I am a CEO, the only option is to just figure this out, like an unexpected tax bill. The only option is I just, I’m a CEO, I figure it out. I just put that in my result line and I solve for it. What they go to is now I’m out, now I’m done, now I have to – there’s no solving it, I just have to wait. And it’s so interesting because I think that my thought has always been, I just have to get creative and figure it out, and not six months from now, right now, I have a problem and I have to solve for it right now because we’re CEOs and that’s what we do. So I just love that you said that, it’s so brilliant. Okay, keep going.

Serena: It’s one of the greatest gifts of me joining 200K. It was sort of a thought that was in my orbit but it was in that week, where it’s Monday and I think I filmed my video on Tuesday, whatever. And I remember thinking, okay, but I’ve only got literally 10K, which is a 15K gap. And in case you guys missed it, I wasn’t kidding about my previous credit. So, there wasn’t a 10K loan available to me. I don’t own a car or a home. There was a very like, 15K is a significant amount of money to fill.

But I was just like, “I’m CEO, one step at a time, one step at a time. First let’s get in then we’re just going to figure it out one step at a time.” So, I auditioned. You said I could get in. Yay. I remember being on the phone with Melanie. Melanie and I used to do coaching. Again, she was the one who was like, “Get in 2K”, and all of that. And I remember she was like, “Listen, do you have all the money?” And I was like, “Well, no.” And she was like, “Okay, you call me if we need to bridge a gap.” We talked about this on her podcast. Nobody else call Melanie by the way.

This is not for you to find Melanie Childers. This was really old friends having a conversation. But she was like, “Listen, if there is a gap you call me.” And I was like, “Okay.” And so, I set out through the day as the CEO I was to be like, “How will I fill a 15K gap?” And my decision was to listen to more free podcasts, 2K stuff. And I don’t remember which episode it was but I do remember you were talking about really, in my words, but having pride and dignity in who you are and your humanity.

And you were talking about having back pain and how you used to make that mean something bad about yourself. And then you were like, “No, I take care of myself.” And so did a lot of self-coaching and called the same mother who once told me, “If you ever ask to borrow money again I will have a stroke and die and it will be your fault.” That one, I called her.

Stacey: How lovely.

Serena: I love and adore my mother. And she is just wonderfully bananas. But she meant that when she said it years ago. And I was so coached up, I was like, “I have an opportunity for you today.”

Stacey: It’s so fantastic.

Serena: Totally. It was like, “Listen, lady, I need to do this school thing and I need to borrow 10K today now.” And she was like, “This sounds fun. Okay.” Just like that.

Stacey: How crazy is that? Your thoughts about asking were just so different than before and who you had become was so different than before.

Serena: I decided before I got on the phone. I mean I did an hour and a half of self-coaching and whatnot. But I decided this is an opportunity for us to get closer. This is an opportunity for me to see that any words any of us, mother and daughter say to each other in the past, don’t need to affect the present in a healthy way, in a like, things we’ve said in anger or while we’re stressed out. We don’t need to pretend that’s still – and she could have said no, I mean [crosstalk].

Stacey: Yeah, she could.

Serena: She was like, “Great. Call me. Hold on, I’ve got to get my American Express.” So that was solved. And then I asked my partner if he would loan me the other – basically it was down to 6K, because I also decided to keep a little bit of breathing room in my account, which was a new development in my money mindset. Not every penny, what if I just keep 1500 in case of anything interesting? And he declined, which is totally his choice and he’d helped me with another program so it doesn’t matter.

And so, I remember calling my friend at 8:00pm being like, “Hey, girl, hey, can you help me with this?” And she was like, “No problem. Done.” And that my friend, I know, first of all the greatest gift. Secondly, I mean paid back in full but that level of I see you, I believe in you, and also can we take it back to well resourced women, what we do for each other.

Stacey: Oh, that just gave me chills. Yes.

Serena: Because she could, she didn’t ache and want to, she was truly fiscally fit so that she was able earlier that morning to be like, “You call me if there is a gap. I want you in this room.”

Stacey: Fiscally fit.

Serena: Fiscal fitness is real, friends.

Stacey: That is an awesome term.

Serena: Thank you. I did not coin that, [crosstalk].

Stacey: Yeah, I interviewed Rachael Bodie last week. And she also dropped a term that I was like, “Oh, oh, yes.” I love it. Okay, fiscal fitness.

Serena: So good, right?

Stacey: Yes, I love that idea. And you are not the first time that has happened. There have been other people. I can’t remember who it was. And I want to feel like it was someone in the realm of Melanie Childers in her crew. I can’t remember exactly.

Serena: I think it was but yes.

Stacey: But there was another scenario where someone gave money to someone to join because they were in. And they were fiscally fit to help their friend get in and get started. I just think that is, yes, yes, yes, 100%.

Serena: You know, my obsession now is all about money. So of course, hello, I learned from you, hello. But big happy money, it’s not just about look at the number in my account. It’s not, not about that. But it’s about moments like this because well resourced, well rounded, full hearted people, when we are resourced we can share with others. When we are barely making rent, which I did forever, we are not in a position. And then we’re often trying to ’help’ by over – not overserving but over-functioning, which is not actually helping someone else.

And this is the perfect example of what happens when someone like Melanie takes fully responsibility and goes through all of the ease and ends up in a position where they’re able to be like, “I want this for you. I’m very happy to make this loan for you.” Just like that. So, I went to bed and was like, “Holy shit, I’m in 200K.” So, I woke-up the next morning like…

Stacey: And you did this, first of all, okay, we have to talk about this for a second, just briefly. When you applied for 200K, this could change in the future but the moment that we’re talking about it now, we have three days of applications of open enrollment. We have one day. We actually start deciding the moment applications roll in. We take them as they go. But then there’s usually a backlog, we get so many so we take an entire day to go through, finish up all of the applications that have come in.

And then we are usually till late in the night making our decisions. And then we send acceptance, you’re in emails out the next morning. So, it’s always on a Friday. And you have to make your – so you pay a 1K deposit. And then you just make your remaining 24K payment by midnight. And we take that seriously. We’ve had some people that were like, “Sorry, Friday’s my day off.” And we’re like, “Okay, apply again. We’d love to have you but apply again next round.” We take it very seriously.

We’ve had people that couldn’t come up with the money. And they’re like, “Stacey, I know that you understand how much work I’ve put into this. I know you’re going to let me get in.” And we’re like, “So, sorry.” We treat everyone the same. So, you have to have that payment in. So, we’re not talking about a period of time where you had months to coach yourself on this, months to get resourceful, months to get comfortable to have these conversations. We’re talking about a day.

Serena: Yeah, it’s Christmas. And by that I mean it’s the same day every year. I know yours vary a day or bit but it’s not a surprise. You don’t do a popup, I’ve decided in a week here’s what’s going to go down.

Stacey: Right. We tell people months in advance because we do know that it’s a big ask.

Serena: And I should, actually you reminded me, remember it was November 2019, I was like, “I’m going to do this next year.” The next round that you enrolled, I wanted to, and I remember being up late so sad that I didn’t even have the 1K to apply. Because I was like, “I’ll figure something out.” And I remember it was a real Scarlett O’Hare moment of I’ve got to figure out how to make more money. I’ve got to watch more courses, make more offer, whatever it takes but I will be…

Stacey: Yes. And I told someone recently this so I just want to say this too since you said that. I think it’s such a brilliant thought to keep is that I think that sometimes if people try to come up with the money and it’s either to make – some people have the money but they don’t have the 25K in their business. They haven’t made $25,000. So that’s some of them. And then some of them have made $25,000 but they don’t have $25,000 cash, which will always – everybody has a different money story and different money situation.

But those are usually the two that are happening. And what happens is they get themselves worked up to apply for their next round, whatever round’s coming. And then if they don’t make it, what I see happen is they kind of just give up on it.

Serena: Don’t do that. I didn’t do that.

Stacey: Right, you didn’t do that which I think is so fantastic. Alright, keep going.

Serena: So, I hurt, and I cried and I did a lot of coaching. But I decided to make it make sense, that that was officially a turning point in my story, that it was like, okay, this burns and this hurts. And I’ve got a few months to pull it together for the November 2020 as originally planned which is what I did. And so yeah, I woke-up and was like, “Oh my God, I’m in 200K, this is amazing.” And you’ve talked about before which is part of what you do so powerfully and beautifully, there is a self-concept and identity about being a 200Ker that I had been holding for about a year.

So, once I had CEO’d at the level that I literally create 15K over about eight hours, including a rejection, a no, and asking my mom. And she really was excited. I really self-coached that it was fun for her to give me the credit card.

Stacey: That’s so fun.

Serena: So fun. And so, I changed, just applying changed me, getting in changed me all over again. And then I just remember being like, “Well, let’s rock n roll because we were starting in eight weeks or whatever. And I think at the time I had six or seven clients. And I was like, “I’m going in fully booked.” That’s it. So, in December I ultimately sold 11 coaching packages at 10K each, which was not my original goal. I didn’t on December 1 say, “This is what I’m going to do.” I just remember saying, “Just going to get fully booked before we do our three day live event.”

Stacey: What a fun goal. I’m going in fully booked.

Serena: Yeah, I think everyone should because why not?

Stacey: And I have to say, so right now we’re doing – this is the first round in this coming November. The first round that we’re doing, I haven’t even told anyone this. But we created a member portal, so it has all of the prices. Because, so great the virtual situation, because of the virtual event, when I delivered that I didn’t want it to be me talking virtually at people for three days straight. We prerecorded some really amazing, interesting content with all the beautiful graphics and all the things.

And then I would teach in between those segments. And so, then we had the process all there. So, we created a member portal, put all the past live events, all the past mastermind calls. And then last round we decided to give everybody that material a couple of months in advance. And then, it was two months in advance. I think you guys enrolled four months in advance. And then this round we have decided to give everybody as soon as they make their payment, they get access to the entire process. So, I had to tell this story because you didn’t have that.

Serena: No. And you know what’s so funny about you telling me that story? I totally forgot, nobody tell my mother, okay? I totally thought, I had misread but I thought that’s what was going to happen when I enrolled. So, I remember telling her, “You’ll totally have your money back in 30 days. Don’t even think about it.” And it was so funny because then I was like, “Oh, wait a minute.” I had a plan. I was like, “I’m going to watch stuff all weekend.” I was like, “I’m going to do this like I watched 2K. I’m going to watch one”, whatever it was. I was just going to dive into everything.

And so, it was so funny because I remember emailing Michelle and she was like, “No, you get access to everything right before the three day event in January.” And I was like, “Well, shit.”

Stacey: But you still decided, I’m going to come fully booked, I’m just doing it.

Serena: Totally. And I had my 2K resources and everything was fine. By the way, my mother was totally paid back in full before 30 days, no problem. But it was a true accident on my end but it was a sort of not funny moment when I was like, “Oh crap.” I totally thought I would be watching the previous thing on Saturday.e#]

Stacey: Well, now you will be, for everyone listening.

Serena: You all know, good stuff.

Stacey: Yeah. We have a big deal, because we used to teach, what we used to is deliver everything at the live event, that’s where you got the content. And then we worked on it. And then I started thinking, but they have the content so why don’t we just see how they interact with it. And we’ve never had a class show up and be more prepared, more ready. So, then we spent the three days diving deeper, taking the concepts even further. And then from then on we’re like, “Okay, this is how we have to do it.”

But anyway, so I love that you just decided. You picked yourself back up. You’re like, “Okay, I’m just going to do this anyways. I’m going to go back through the 2K stuff and I’m going to do it anyways.”

Serena: Full disclosure in case anybody’s like, “But how did that go?” I spent two weeks spinning out first, 14 days completely spinning out and wasting time, and waking up in the middle of the night. And waking up worried. And then I literally woke-up and was like, “Okay, well, that didn’t create any money or clients.”

Stacey: Yes. That wasn’t useful.

Serena: It’s fine, it was a very good test again. Turns out when we’re stressed out and in lack energy, it creates more lack.

Stacey: You’re the best storyteller, I’m so enrolled in this entire story. And also, I just have to say, I love – I’m literally – they can’t see me but I’m leaning forward and I’m so excited because I know that the end result is you become the top earner of that class. So, all of the stress, and the turmoil and the, I’ve got to pay mom back and all the things. And I’m like, “But you’re about to become the top earner.”

Serena: Totally. And oh my God, you reminded me again. Listeners, Matt and I lived together. He was my long term, we lived together boyfriend. He was not delighted with my choices. Let’s get really clear there as well, the investment. And that was the actual growth opportunity, not just for both of us, most importantly for me, he was like, “Why are you spending money to join Facebook groups?” And it was a real differentiating, and in that season I think ultimately brought us much closer. Dude, this is how I grow my business. You have every option in the world to believe in me or not.

But we have separate money and these are my choices and watch what happens. And so that was a part of my freak out for the first two weeks of like, “Oh my God, what if Matt was right?” It was my work to work on, not his. And then of course, oh shit, I’ve got to make sure I pay mom back on time. So, 14 days of spinout followed by your girl went to work. And just decided to do a selling spree and then noticed.

And so, I also want the 2K and 200K and 2 Million, I want everyone listening to also notice I remember, and I learned this from one of the very first 2K modules. I am an example of what’s possible. I am in charge of making money in my business, no one outside of me, not the economy, all the other stuff.

Stacey: And not the 200K process, because some people come in and think 200K is responsible for them making money because we have a money back guarantee. And the people who believe that always do the worst. And it’s not very many. We have such an insane high success rate, it doesn’t even make sense. But those couple of people every round that they never get past 200K, you’re supposed to do the work for me. That is the work. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

We all do that where we buy something and forget that we’re supposed to be responsible for our results still when we hire a coach. We have all done that. I remember my whole first year of Million Dollar Mentoring I was for sure that Brooke was supposed to answer all my questions on the Facebook page or in the Slack channel. And give me all the coaching I needed and help me make money and all the things. We’ve all been there. But it’s that recovery and finding that again.

I just think if you do end up finding yourself in that lesson no matter what situation, whether it’s 200K or hiring a one-on-one coach or whatever, where you think someone’s going to deliver the money for you, it’s the best lesson you can learn to crawl out of that hole and remember that you’re the one that does it. There’s no greater lesson in the world.

Serena: That’s probably when I’m like, “Well, how do I make all this money?” It’s like, “Well, I am in charge of making money in my business.” And so, then I use the resources. So, as you said, moving forward, 200K gets access immediately. But at that time, I had 2K to work with and I had another group I was active with. And Melanie and I talked every week for a couple of years now. And so, I was like, “I have everything I need already to make more money in my business.” And so that’s what I did.

Stacey: Okay, so that was a thought, everyone hear that, I have everything I need already to make more money in my business. That 100% is true, factually, circumstantially. And how we know that is the measurable result of how many people, the hundreds of people that have come through 200K previous to this next upcoming class who did not have access, who made their money back before they arrived at the event, hundreds.

So measurably that is true that right now whether you’re in 2K or you’re not in 2K, whatever the situation is. You have enough money or you have enough resourcefulness to go out and create 25K, you have that available to you right now.

Serena: That’s it. That’s, I think, the part that I love about this whole story is like I said, I literally didn’t even have the 25K but I moved one foot in front of the other during that week because it was just, I am a CEO, all I’ve got to do is figure it out, just the next step. And so, I got in, got paid. Next step, got to make all this money back, let’s go. It’s just the next step instead of the 20 year plan.

Stacey: And you did it in two weeks, because you spent two weeks spinning out.

Serena: No, two weeks spinning out and then in the third week is when the money was, December 1, so it actually was – I’d signed a couple but December 1 was my first one. I don’t even remember but it was a live event, sorry, a Facebook Live. I’m going to do a free training. I think I sent the email out two days before, or day before. And people showed up. And one lady emailed me afterwards and was like, “Can you talk today? I’m ready.” And hired me that night. So, December 1, 10K, let’s go. I was like, okay, mom’s paid back, let’s get a few more.

Stacey: I love that. And you did 11 more, you signed 11 more clients.

Serena: And I had so much fun, I posted in 2K, at some point it wasn’t just about me, it was I want to be an example of what is possible for everyone because that’s what I got out of the 2K group. When I joined it was like, it’s not just Melanie who’s a successful coach, it’s all of these other people and people’s stories of where they began. And coming from all different places and all different opportunities and ways to look at things.  So, it was not just for me, about halfway through December it was like, “How far can I go with this? Because it’s not actually about me.”

I now have plenty of money, it’s fine. Now it’s about can I really do it this whole month? And you and I were talking about the four minute mile. Someone breaks the four minute mile, everyone else knows it’s possible.

Stacey: Yes, yeah, 100%, that’s what Brooke did for me.

Serena: Right. And that’s what you did for me.

Stacey: So great.

Serena: And that’s what it felt like, the torch was in my hand, if you will. And I was like, “I’m going to run with this torch as fast as I can because this is my moment to be an example of what’s possible.” So then, so yeah, man, I was looking at the numbers before we got on the call. And then I want to share something that you said so casually in 200K once that recently really impacted me. Okay, I’ll start there. So, you once were sharing a story, it wasn’t a teaching, it wasn’t coaching.

And it was just like, “You know what? Once I was going through that with Brooke and I was supposed to have a certain amount of money reserved based on how much.” You were like, “I didn’t have it so I just sold it and made 50 or 60 or whatever.”

Stacey: It was 60, $60,000. So, it was Million Dollar Mentoring and I didn’t have to have it but I was in that I don’t want to be the worst student in this room. And so, she had advised us to have 10K for every 100K that we were making in a reserve. And I was making around 600K at the time. And so, I needed 60K. And she had said, “Bring your numbers.” And I thought I have two options. I can show up without the numbers and own that. And there is a lesson in that. That’s available for me to own that and get coaching on it and to present this is the situation I’m in.

Or I can make the fucking money, just get out there and make 60K. I had two days, two days. And I didn’t even make a new offer. I just want to tell everyone. What I did, this was before 200K, I had another mastermind, or it might have been right around. Anyways, one of my masterminds where people were re-upping. I said for the people that were current, I said, “I’m going to give you guys access to sign up early over a two day period, if you do, it was pay in full, if you do, you get this two day VIP event with me in Miami. Come.”

So, I knew it was going to cost me money to do it. And it did, I think the event cost us $30,000. But I ended up bringing in $120,000 in two days. And that was money that I was always going to bring in. It wasn’t a new thing that I sold, but I just donated two days of my time and 30K to come up with that money. And for me the lesson was just in that level of resourcefulness, that now is one of the defining things that I think about 200K is I teach people you can turn the money on and off.

You are 100% in control of making money and bringing money in and solving money problems in your business. That is 100% available to you.

Serena: Your words, making money on demand, and that is exactly, you said that part casually. So hey, people listening, who I haven’t told because I told Stacey before we recorded. Matt is now my ex-boyfriend. We decided to go different ways and it’s fine. But this is tender and I grieve and cry a lot. And when it was determined we were going to go separate ways and he agreed I could keep the apartment, all the furniture was his. And so, I found myself in this moment of I literally have couch, oversized TV and a bed. And I want to refurnish everything.

And it was this moment of, and I don’t want it to be interesting for an instant. I want to be able to get whatever I want and not, you know, I’m in between selling, my next mastermind doesn’t sell for a while. So, I just decided to make a few offers, 10K for 10 sessions and made 40K over the course of a few, literally a few days just by sending a couple of emails to individuals. And it was inspired by what you said.

Stacey: You just got your furniture.

Serena: That’s it. I was like, “Great, 40K covers all the taxes and whatever the hell I want.”

Stacey: Could we just talk about that? So, I have to just say because you brought it up earlier about women having resources. And I just find it interesting because I had that same situation where I lost all the furniture in a break up and had a bed and that was it. I had no couch, no anything, no TV. And I find it interesting that, I think probably I can say this with authority to say that there are probably more women who are in relationships where the men are, they’re the ones that hold the resources, whether that’s money or furniture, whatever it is, the house.

So, I think it just blows my mind and is so amazing that you were able to do that for yourself, that you’re a woman in business who said, “Okay, I lost my resources, some of my resources, and I’m going to powerfully take charge and go get them for myself. Create the money and go get them for myself.” That, we need more women having that ability in the world.

Serena: Yes. And our decision to part, something that was really helpful was it had nothing to do with money. There was no version of me that had to be like, “Well, what is that going to mean financially?” It’s going to mean nothing. I am fiscally fit. And so, do I have a broken heart? Yes. Am I in the middle of a transformation? Yes, that’s fine. But what a luxury, and privilege, and truly nourishing support that I know how to make money on demand, that is one of the things that you taught me. And even that was a casual comment.

Just what you said, “All I have to worry about is taking care of myself and my clients.” The end. I’m not worried about the bills. And as someone who used to worry about that for decades, it’s such a relief to not have that, it’s not a worry. All I have to do is take care of myself, meaning nourishing foods, phoning friends.

Stacey: Furniture.

Serena: Working with the designer on the furniture. She delivered some stuff. I’m like, This is great, it’s not going to work.” But what a luxury and a privilege that I just get to focus on self-care and what I already have and not actual horrible where am I going to live logistics and what am I going to eat?

Stacey: Yeah, it’s so amazing.

Serena: Make all the money and all, make all the money and I’m like…

Stacey: And make all the money.

Serena: He took his stuff and so yeah, it’s never just about money so that was a moment that you inspired in a casual comment in 200K that I got to execute on. Because I was like, “Whatever, I’m going to make money in exactly seven weeks.” And I was like, “I don’t have to wait.”

Stacey: So good. Okay, so you joined and then it was crazy from there.

Serena: Yes, quick, and happy, and crazy. I joined in November, 110K in December, I think January was 75 or 80K. And then I raised my prices because I had been 10K for six months. So, then I raised to 15K for six months. And then I raised to 20K for six months. And then I was like, pump the brakes, I’m going to group. And then I did my very first mastermind in June. And then I got lots of coaching because I had an event that it was wonderful. And then there were logistical issues and I was all stressed out. And you were like, “Listen, listen.” And I was like, “Okay.”

Stacey: This is a high level problem. So, I can tell the coaching that I gave you?

Serena: Yes.

Stacey: I was thinking about this because this is something that I think is so helpful when you’re making, so at the time you had made, the time that you got this coaching, in nine months you had made over $400,000, something absolutely insane.

Serena: 490.

Stacey: 490.

Serena: I’m looking at the number, four nine zero.

Stacey: Yeah, so basically $500,000, right?

Serena: A lot of money, yeah.

Stacey: And at this level this is a problem that we’re going to talk about that many, many, many entrepreneurs have. And it is so helpful to have someone to bring you back down to Earth and to talk about things like this with so that you don’t spin out forever. So that you can refocus to what really matters. So, this is what I see because I’m the same way. We have very similar personalities. So, I see on the page, you posted in 200K and you had talked about.

You did this event and this company, whatever had given you this quote. And then they charged you $10,000 more?

Serena: No, I’m going to interrupt. It’s $50,000, so when I talked to these event planners, it’s an event for, it was ultimately 11 humans, 11 amazing women but it was supposed to be 20. And they were like, “We’re for sure going to come in under 40K.” And I have a history of doing event planning actual professional work. Then they sent me a bill for 55K in the end, the final bill.

Stacey: Okay, so 15K?

Serena: Yeah.

Stacey: So 15K more?

Serena: I was hot.

Stacey: Yes. So, you have posted in the group and what I noticed was all of the all caps, the entire sentences in all caps. And I remember responding and laughing at you a little bit. And I was like, “Listen, I do this too when I’m really upset is I will write something in all caps.” It just proves that your thought is this is very dramatic for me.

Serena: This is horrible. This is horrible.

Stacey: I need you to know how dramatic it is. But I remember thinking, she just made $490,000, this is not a problem. And to your point, and I had told you that I had had a similar situation where a contractor had quoted me and then increased the bill at the end. They did extra work without actually asking for our approval.

Serena: Getting approvals.

Stacey: And then they sent us a bill for $30,000 more. And I told you, “It doesn’t mean that you don’t fight it. It doesn’t mean that you don’t respond and say, “I’m not paying that.”” But how you know where your brain is around the money is how much drama it is for you to just be able to say. I had just sent the person that this happened with me, I sent them an email. I had copied all of the emails and all the exchanges.

And I had said, “Listen, I feel this is unfortunate, but you never got approval for this. We wouldn’t have given you approval for this so you’ve done some work without being asked to do. And if you want to overdeliver and that feels great to you, great. But we will only be paying the amount that you originally quoted us. And then if that doesn’t feel good, you can also just give us the raw footage and we’ll find somebody else to handle the editing. But this won’t work, we just never approved that and that’s not in our budget.”

And it was no drama. You were having so much drama around it. And I’m curious, to you, what that – did you ever figure out at the bottom of that what that was for you?

Serena: Yes.

Stacey: And I think we talked about, you and I also have this, where it’s a little bit of the injustice.

Serena: Principality.

Stacey: Yeah, the principality of it.

Serena: I talk all the time about owning our pricing, having expansive pricing, seeing it as expansive, not expensive. And the one thing that I’m like, “Oh, I do need to speak to.” That doesn’t just mean, I went from 5K, to 10K, to 15K, to 20K in coaching. I did not day one be like, “I’m 20K in coaching.”

Stacey: Right, based on your demand, you had so many people reaching out, you had to start filtering by raising your price, yes.

Serena: Yes. So, I was in integrity. And I feel like often I’m, and you as well, we’re like, “Find the right fit pricing wise.” But what it felt like was these are people who I was acquaintances with. And what it genuinely felt like was they realized I was making 200K and they just got sloppy on their end. And to me, integrity is everything and I know to you as well. We would never do that. In one of our email exchanges, they were like, “We’re definitely rusty because it was our first event in a long time, but anyways.”

I’m like, “I do not pay at the multiple $10,000 level for somebody to be like, “Sorry, totally don’t know what I’m doing anymore, but anyways pay the bill.”” Absolutely unacceptable. But what you were saying is right and that’s what it was, it got my goat for that reason. But was also something you share in 200K is we’ve got to have front of house, sure. But back of house has to be in order, structurally sound to support scaling. And so, I was without an executive assistant at the time. And now I have a lawyer, I hired a lawyer who’s actually working on my contract for the next mastermind.

Stacey: Yeah. You’ve got to have contracts for everything, like everything.

Serena: I mean I’ve been cutting and pasting contracts but this guy is super buttoned up.

Stacey: The legit ones, yeah. Michelle goes through them and she’ll be like, “This needs to change. They need to add this. They need to change this.” We do contracts for literally everything. And I’ve realized, you have to do that for your house and stuff too, probably should do that with your designer. I didn’t get one with mine and she kind of pulled, “I’m just going to fire you and tell you I don’t have time for you and your house is 75% done and no one else will take you on because it’s only little shit that has to be done left.”

And I was like, “Yeah, you get contracts for you and these people, this is why you do this.” But anyways, yeah, it happens. And I even, I spent an entire hour of a coaching call with my one-on-one coach talking about letting go of the injustice of they had damaged our house. And she promised to pay for it. And then was like, “You have everything we owe you, we’re done, we’re parting ways.”

Serena: This is bad business.

Stacey: And I’m like, “You left a couch in my doorway, and the entire frame is ruined now. You have to fix that.” And so, I had an entire call with my coach about, I know there’s a possibility, we sent her a list of these are all the things that you are responsible for completing, or furniture that you’ve ordered. Things that you said you were delivering that you have not delivered. And I’m like, “I need coaching on if she comes back and says, “I’m not doing that.”” Well, luckily so far we had the email proof so she’s been willing to agree to move forward with that.

But I was like, “I need coaching on if she says, “I’m not going to do it.”” And it was that same thing of – and my coach was like, “Well, this is not someone you want to work with. Why would you not go hire someone and just pay for the door frame yourself, pay for the fixes yourself. It would save you so much time and energy in your head to just move on. You don’t want to work with this person anyways.” And that I think is the lesson for entrepreneurs. It’s so hard. I get you. I’m on that.

Luckily we sent her one email and she responded and the things have been taken care of within a week. But if she hadn’t, even though it would have cost me potentially thousands of dollars to fix that. It’s where do you want to put your energy? And when you’re capable of making, like you’re making a million dollars this year. It’s when you’re capable of making that level of money sometimes you have to be willing to let go of the 10,000 or 15,000 because it’s not worth the time it would take to deal with it.

And then you learn from things like that by getting a lawyer and an EA. So, that you’re not the one that has to deal with that and keeping meticulous records. But it’s sometimes there are just things that you won’t always be able to come out ahead on. Did you end up winning in that situation? Did you get your way or not so much?

Serena: You will appreciate, I didn’t take your coaching. I really tried but I didn’t. And so, I ended up working with a lawyer. So, in the end I spent exactly $2,000 less, 53,000, if you include my lawyer fees, instead of 55,000. But wait for it, wait for it, your girl’s right here. But my lawyer sorted it so that I did not, they had to do a full and final release of everything. But I will for sure be doing a course about events and things to look for.

Because the big thing that we were really disputing was it was expense reimbursement, which means if we spend 10,000, you’ll reimburse us for that on top of their hefty fee. But then they refused to show me any receipts to prove or explain the extra 15K. So, it was just like, “Guys, this is unethical but it was also a contract so it’ll never happen again.”

Stacey: Yeah. So, it was a missing piece in your contract that your lawyer should have added was like, “But you have to show receipts for that.”

Serena: And I failed to have a lawyer at that time. Exactly. Moving forward I will never sign a contract that my lawyer won’t see first. So, this was [crosstalk].

Stacey: But we have to say, listen, in the end, this is the message I want everyone to hear, in the end it sounds like a lot to have $15,000 go out that you shouldn’t have had to pay. We can put that as a circumstance. Shouldn’t have had to pay it, it was unfair, whatever. I will give you that. But that happens and for me the way I think about it is that just something, or you’re going to get people who want refunds. And then you completely delivered everything. It was maybe you don’t have a refund policy like I do or whatever.

There’s going to be money that you give out that you may not feel that is just in your business. But there’s so much more that’s going to come in, so much more. And then you just learn from it. I guess what I want to say is, it’s impossible not to learn these lessons in some capacity. And then it just becomes coaching yourself to handle it in the best way. And you held onto that one. But at least now you have a process and a plan moving forward of what to do.

Serena: An amazing lawyer and you will be – I think, it’s all ready, first of all I am going to turn it into an actual helpful course for people because some of the mistakes I made were laughable. But also, I had a vendor who I worked with on a project basis who came in $800 over what they had estimated and mistakes were everywhere. And I was like, don’t even care. I’m never going to hire them again. We’re not going to talk about this. It’s just to your point, this lesson is so learned, it did not eat 30 seconds of my life. I was like, “Of course, that’s cute, I’m paying it.”

And when they’re like, “Can I get a testimonial on referrals?” I was like, “No.”

Stacey: Yeah, you just move on.

Serena: That’s it.

Stacey: It really is you have to decide for all kinds of things. I’ve even done this with employees where I’m like, “I need to fire someone.” And I know I need to fire them. But then I’m like, “Oh, but then I have to do that job or someone else on my team has to do that job.” And there’s been many times where we’ve held on for the thought of it will be too much work to have to do it. And every time we learn the lesson that you should always just fire the person and part ways.

And managing someone who isn’t right for the job is so much harder than just doing the job, someone else doing the job. But it’s learning that balance of what are you really going to give your time and attention to. You just have to be willing to let go of the unjust things in order to give all of your time and attention to the just things that will make you so much more money.

Serena: Yeah. And serve the world so much better because I was playing with the numbers that are not cute. And I’m like, “Okay, so based on my last whatnot, $1,000 now.” I for sure spent 50 hours between the lawyers and the back and the forth and the anger that I just had.

Stacey: So, think about this, how much money could you have made if you were selling for 50 hours?

Serena: Exactly. That is time that I was not serving the world, not serving myself, not napping, not connecting with loved ones.

Stacey: Yeah. It’s so hard in the moment but that really is, I’ve had to do that in my mind so many times. Even our wedding venue treated us like, I mean garbage. They are the worst organization, literally our wedding planner removed herself from the preferred vendor list and was like, “I can never plan another wedding at your venue.” They were horrible and this was pre COVID, pre COVID. And I remember we almost didn’t put a deposit down because I was like, “They were just so horrible.” Created such a horrible experience for us.

And I remember having the thought, but if I do that, I’m the only one that loses because I want to have my wedding here. I want this experience. Neil and I loved the venue. And at the end of the day, our wedding was literally perfect. And it was the best experience ever. And I’m so glad that I didn’t let my unjust, this is unfair, you should treat me better, that feeling keep me from having my wedding and my incredible experience there. And it’s just a little humbling experience to say, if I pull back the only person that loses is me.

If I focus on this and I fight this the only person that loses is me, and my clients, and my future clients.

Serena: Yeah. It’s almost like you’re suggesting what we choose to focus on, and put our energy on, and think about creates our reality.

Stacey: Yeah, it does. But there’s a lot more of these things, I think as you make a lot more money that come up. There’s a lot more of redirecting your brain to what is the most important and that essentialism of what are you going to really spend your time on as the CEO. I think these are things that we don’t get to talk about as much on the podcast just because I cater more to the people who are making their first 2K.

But I love doing these 200K episodes where we can talk about stuff like this and say, these are the conversations that we have in the room when you’re in a room with other people making this amount of money. And 200K has a big wide range of people. This round we had 25 200K plus earners, some people making $400,000, $500,000, $600,000. And then we had a whole group of 20 plus people that are just at 25K, 30K, 40K. And then a giant group; in the middle of 100K earners, 150K earners.

And we’ve done this beautiful job of like we’ve put them in subgroups where they get to be in groups with the people that they’re all making the same amount of money to do breakout sessions along with the group sessions. And they’ve loved that so much. One of the things so much, the 200K earners have said or the 300K earners is, “It’s so great to be able to be in this room. And everyone’s going through stuff like this and we all get to have these powerful conversations.” And then lend our own expertise to each other and our own thought processes.

And be in that high level mastermind is, I think this is, that’s where it’s at, yeah.

Serena: It’s what makes a difference between, and I’m obviously a self-proclaimed, I move quickly but even though I didn’t fully receive that coaching at that time, I wasn’t ready yet like I said. Now I’ve got it.

Stacey: Yeah, but now you know it, you’ll never do it again.

Serena: Never again, never. And I thought something was going horribly wrong and effectively you were like, “Welcome to being in a very big coaching money making game. Sometimes people are going to disappoint you. And you decide how much time you’re going to then spend in that disappointment.” And it’s like it’s not the last time a vendor’s going to…

Stacey: Or you’re going to be running ads, this happened to us this year where they just break. And I think we just were spending so much money. We were spending 100K a month and we finally reached the coldest of the cold traffic. I could have whatever I like on my sales page and people would buy because they know me and they listen to the podcast. We were reaching such cold traffic that they were not having it with any of our sales copy. So, we had to revamp everything. It took months. I mean we have five different funnels running.

So, we had, I don’t know, at least a three month period, a solid three month period where we were doing 400K and 500K a month and it went down to 90K a month. And we don’t change our 200K launches. And at the time it was you have the option to do a bunch of webinars and try to bring in more warm traffic or focus on getting these ads and these funnels up and running again and take the hit and be okay with that. That’s where you are. And that’s uncomfortable. That’s not even someone charging you more than you think.

It was a really uncomfortable time of having to coach myself of this is what it is. And this is why we have a reserve. And this is just what we have to do. And I can focus on this. And it ended up being the best thing I could have focused on. Now our ads are killing it again and they’re so much more scalable. And so, there’s a lot of that at this level of business.

Okay, I’m going to switch topics so that we can kind of end this. But I want for you to tell everybody how much money you’ve made this year thus far now. So, the 490K was one round basically from the time you applied, until the end of the round.

Serena: That was ultimately, yeah, that was 465K was between application to end of round. But I was playing with the numbers earlier and I was like, “And I’ve made 40K since then.” And that’s also having only sold the mastermind in June, the end. And then I had my Mama wants all new furniture and lots of breathing room. So 505K since I said yes, and self-concept really shifted in November of 2020. So, in less than a year, which in case anyone’s confused, I never, never, ever in my previous life had made more than 100,000.

So just keep that in mind, this was never, it’s not like I used to make 300 in my x, y, z career. Just to receive 505K cash is shocking and mind blowing.

Stacey: And it’s September, you think you’re going to make a million dollars by the end of the year, right?

Serena: I do. So, I’m at 380 year to date, this calendar year as we record. And so, I’m selling my next round of mastermind. And so, you know how I like to bowl, I’m like, “Let’s go big. Let’s go big.” So [inaudible] and I think it’s – hold on now, I don’t know all my numbers. But 44 is one of my favorite numbers for multiple reasons.

Stacey: Okay, love it.

Serena: And so, I’m like, “That’s the goal I’ll sell.” I don’t want to say this but I’m going to say it now. I’m like, “Listen, if I don’t get all of my numbers in the first round I might do another round of, “Hey, everybody, come on in.”” Because there’s lots of moving pieces. But 44 is my number and I feel I’d say 94% that’s just done.

Stacey: What so fun though is…

Serena: All year, yeah.

Stacey: At this point it feels like it’s just fun money, right?

Serena: Yes. I will cross a million in business, maybe not year to date also, but there’s no way I don’t cross a million in business in two years.

Stacey: Yeah, so fun. That’s so fun.

Serena: That’s bananas.

Stacey: I love it. So, for everyone listening I just want you to know this is so possible for you too. This is what I think I’ve heard as well throughout this entire interview is you didn’t set this giant goal for yourself necessarily ahead of time and then lack around it the whole time. And be tight and freak out, lose your mind and oh my God, what if I don’t do it? It was you really just rode the train of the miracle of making money.

Serena: Yeah, I obsessively avoid as best one can, lack energy. It’s the reason I had lack for basically the first 40 years of my life is that’s what I focused on, how little I had and how far I had to go. So, when I flipped it and was like, “How do I obsessively show myself that I have enough for now”, even when I ‘didn’t have enough’ to apply for that round of 200K midway through that year. I just stayed rooted in sufficiency as learned in the first 2K modules where it’s like be sufficient at the end.

And yes, there is a 100% chance I will have created seven figures in my coaching business alone without ads counting from November of 2019 to this November. And so, it is possible for anyone listening. I did not have a plan. I did not have a monthly plan. The plan was tell people that I’m a coach, make offers to help them get paid, do evals, rinse and repeat. That was the plan.

Stacey: I love that so much. You and I love, I was also just thinking about this, is this episode ended up becoming about your entire journey pre starting 200K. Isn’t that fantastic? It could be easy to just wait around for it to start. And I think this is the message that you have so beautifully laid out for us is this entire episode, everything she shared with you for the most part, this entire journey was before she even started 200K.

So much growth is available just from applying, getting accepted, making your payment and deciding who you’re going to be and how you’re going to show up to that room. Deciding you’re coming, whether it’s I’m coming, having made my money back, whether it’s I’m coming fully booked, whatever it is that you would like. I would love to arrive in the room here. It’s such a brilliant place to be. And that level of transformation that can happen in those couple of months. I mean it really is mind blowing. I see this all the time.

People that come, I’ve had doctors apply and get accepted and say, “Okay, well, I can’t be full-time anymore once I join the mastermind. So, I have a two month, three month, four month period or whatever, however long I have to get serious about my business and decide to be full-time. I’m coming there as a full-time coach.” I think that was Priyanka’s story. Just such incredible transformation to go from I am an ob. gyn, that is my full identity and concept to I am a full-time coach now and I’m no longer a doctor in full identity within just a couple of months. What?

That is the insane self-concept shift that happens just from applying, getting in, paying, and getting ready for the room. And then of course you killed it in the room. Obviously you made so much money you were our highest earner. And really I will say it’s such a testament, the reason you did so well in the room is because of how much work you did on yourself to get in that room and then to be prepared to be in the room.

Serena: And also, really truly always, it was a lucky thing for me but I’m also like, everyone listen up and do this. I watched everyone who had their glow up in the 2K room, Melanie, Samantha, Claire, I’ve been watching, Lindsay. I’ve been watching and learning. And my choice always has been, see, they’re an example of what’s possible. If they can do it, I can too. That’s always how I’ve seen it.

Stacey: Yeah, I love that so much.

Serena: Including with you, it’s great, there it is, she’s done it, I’m right behind her.

Stacey: I love that. Okay, is there anything that we didn’t talk about that you’re like, I have to tell them about this? Do you feel complete? I know we’ve covered a lot of ground but I always ask this in case you were like, “Oh, I really wanted to say this.”

Serena: I want everyone listening to know that every call, desire, make money, fill their coaching practice, same, same, serve the world. It’s because it’s possible for them. So, when they have fear and doubt, allow it, feel your feelings and keep going. It’s not an illusion. It’s not a delusion. It is literally the divine inviting you to transform into that person. And everyone who’s listening to this podcast, you have everything you need to make enough money to be in 2K. Everyone in 2K, you have everything you need to make enough money to join 200K, all of these resources, use them. That’s what I did.

Stacey: It’s so good. I love that. The call is what tells you it’s possible. So good. Okay, tell them how to find you. So, you have a mastermind called Big Happy Money.

Serena: Yes, we talk about money because I was broke forever and bankrupt. And now my big money, everyone, big happy money.

Stacey: I love that.

Serena: And Maggie Reyes introduced me to the term, also a long term 200K success story who I’ve admired, and phenomenal creature. Big Happy Money, it’s a mastermind, we’re going to start next January. And if anyone’s interested, And I play on Instagram and Facebook, mostly on my personal Facebook page because I’m not yet in the Facebook Ads world because I’m terrified. And we’re just going to leave that for after a million. That’s an after million consideration.

Stacey: I love it. Well, at that time you can hire someone that’s really good at it and they’ll walk you through everything you need to do. That’s what I did. I was like, “I don’t want to push myself to figure this out. Tech is not my thing.” I’ve made peace with that. And neither is math, so I have a CFO. So, I have a Facebook Ads manager that tells me, “Hey, this is the content I need from you.” I create it, turn it in, she runs the ads. I am learning a lot more about ads right now.

I’m really getting in and meeting and understanding the metrics and stuff because I want to be able to help my students in Two Million Dollar group really venture into that. But we have people who run ads in 200K. There are people who are ahead of us in the tech savvy game. And I’m always like, “Hat off to you.” But I love that 200K is an example of you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars without ever venturing into paid marketing. And again, circumstantial proof. We have hundreds of people who have done that so it’s really incredible.

Well, thank you so much for sharing your story, your energy, your wisdom, your transformation. It was riveting for me so I know it will be for everyone else. It was just such a great – I’ve been there so I think I was just so enrolled. I’m like, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, that happened.” So, thank you for dedicating your time and congratulations on being a top earner. That’s such an insane, just monumental achievement. Not that it’s like, you know, I don’t want anyone ever to be like, “I have to be top earner.” Whatever.

Serena: No, it changes your life.

Stacey: But I do think that we have to celebrate it. We have to celebrate that from where you started and the work you put in and where you came out. I really genuinely think it’s one of the most inspiring stories we’ve had come through 200K.

Serena: I receive that and the reason it wants to make me cry is I’m like someone’s going to hear this podcast like I did just years ago. And then they’re going to be like, “I can do that.” And the answer is yes and thank you for having me. And thank you for creating the 200K room which is literally what gave me the identity of this is my choice.

Stacey: Yes, I love it. You’re so welcome. Thank you so much for coming on.

Serena: Thank you.

Stacey: Alright.

Serena: Bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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