Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Metrics That Matter and Making Use of Your Time with Rachael BodieOver the next three weeks, I’m interviewing the three highest earners from the January 2021 class of the 200K Mastermind. What they each achieved in such a short amount of time blew my mind, and you guys need to hear what’s possible over such a short period. They earned 350K to 500K in just ONE ROUND!

I’m all about slow and steady growth, but what my guest this week Rachael Bodie has achieved will get your blood pumping. Rachael is a business coach who helps network marketers and social sellers scale to their first six figures and beyond. Her transformation since joining 200K has been epic, and the incredible thing is: the same is possible for you too.

Tune in this week to be seriously inspired. Rachael is sharing how she has built an incredible business by focusing on the metrics that matter and making the most of her time. We’re sharing why you don’t need what Rachael describes as “vanity metrics” – thousands of likes and a bunch of flashy reels – to be successful, and where you need to focus your energy instead.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What Rachael’s business looked like before joining 200K.
  • How to get over the initial discomfort of learning your craft as a life coach and an entrepreneur.
  • The thoughts that have served Rachael in showing up in her business and growing every single day.
  • What Rachael has managed to achieve in just the first 18 months of her business.
  • How Rachael’s self-concept has grown alongside her business’s growth.
  • Why you don’t need “vanity metrics” to build a successful business, and what the most important metrics and actions are when it comes to making money.
  • How 200K helped Rachael just calm down, stop hustling, and make even more money.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, over the next three weeks I am interviewing the three highest earners from the January 2021 class of the 200K Mastermind. They blew my mind for what’s possible in such a short amount of time. And I wanted to share their wisdom with you and their experience with you. These students earned $350,000 to $500,000 in just one round. From enrollment to finishing their first, or for some of them, second rounds. And I often talk about slow and steady growth.

But for just a few episodes I wanted to share the stories that get your blood pumping and create a little possibility that this could be you. These episodes are full of thoughts you’re going to want to borrow. I was riveted throughout these interviews, and I know you will be too.

But before we dive in, if you haven’t joined the waitlist for the next 200K Mastermind, make sure you do at, so that’s no www, just and we will link that up in the show notes as well. You will get the next enrollment dates that are coming up soon for our January class, live event information and dates, and every week I’m sending wisdom and coaching from directly inside the mastermind. Okay, let’s dive in.

Stacey: Alright, coaches, today we have Miss Rachael Bodie here today. Rachael, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself and then I have so many questions and we’ll just dive in.

Rachael: Yeah. I’m so happy to be here. So, I’m Rachael Bodie and I am a business coach. I help network marketers and social sellers scale to their first six figures and beyond.

Stacey: I love that. So, tell me, why don’t we start from the beginning of where you were in your business when you came into 200K. How much money had you made? How were you coaching? Were you doing one-on-one? Kind of just tell everybody where you were when you first applied.

Rachael: Yeah. So, it’s kind of a crazy story because my business grew really quickly. But I had a network marketing business and I was doing that.

Stacey: You were really successful in network marketing, right?

Rachael: Yeah, I had a lot of success. I scaled my network marketing business to six figures in two years and built it really quickly. And it was so fun and it gave me flexibility to be with my babies. I had them back-to-back. And so that was really cool. But what I missed was really talking about business all the time. Because my background was, I worked for John Maxwell for 14 years as a leadership consultant. And I got to work with some incredible leaders and just coach high performers and give leadership development.

And you don’t know what you’re missing until you don’t have it anymore. And so, I just, I really missed that. And so, I got turned on to The Life Coach School. I was like, “This is awesome. I want to get certified just for fun mind you.” I’m just like, “I’m just going to do this for personal growth.”

Stacey: Can we just talk about that because I feel like so many coaches have so much drama. We see this in 2K all the time where they’re like, “I want to use the model but I’m not certified.” And I’m like, “Get certified.” I love that of all the people who truly genuinely need it in their business and are fighting themselves about the investment. You’re like, “I did it just for fun.” Why not?

Rachael: The ROI was incredible, Brooke, man, I mean I don’t have to tell you, is such a profound thought leader. And I’d had a lot of exposure to a lot of thought leaders. So, I got certified. And I shared on social media. See, I’ve a social selling business and someone’s like, “Will you coach me?” I was like, “Yeah, sure.” So, I took on this client. I was coaching her and she told her friend. And her friend’s like, “Will you coach me?” So, I started coaching her.

Stacey: Oh my God, this is so much fun. Okay, wait, hold on, we have to just stop there for a second. Because I do think for some people it feels so hard. And I’m like, “But it may not be for everyone.” You just shared on social and someone said, “Will you coach me?” And then someone else said, “Will you coach me?” I want everyone to hear, in the world most people’s thoughts when they hear that you are a coach is will you coach me.

Rachael: Yeah, that’s so good. Yeah, unknowingly, this is before 2K, but I was just telling people I was a coach. I mean so that was really fun. So, I did that. And as I took on these clients and I was like, I told my husband, I’m like, “I absolutely love this.” This is my favorite parts about network marketing is mentoring business development, leadership development. And I was in a health and wellness social selling company. And to be really honest, when it became a job, it made fitness not fun anymore.

Stacey: So, that’s going to be interesting to find out how your thoughts have changed to allow you to have fun still with coaching now that coaching is your job now.

Rachael: Yeah, right, because everywhere you go there you are. So, I had some unintentional thoughts I think looking back. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. So, in hindsight I’m like, “Okay, I could use my thoughts.” But I really, I just loved talking about business, helping people with their business. And so, I…

Stacey: Sorry, hold on, sorry, I don’t mean to cut you off. So do you think it’s – this is really interesting to me because I think there are some kind of elements of you can choose your thoughts to make you feel however you want to feel about doing anything. And I have to do that a lot at the level that I’m at in my business, there are a lot of things I absolutely do not want to spend any time on. And those things are about 90% of my schedule right now. They won’t always be but right now they are.

And so, I’ve just spent a lot of time coaching myself, but I never have to spend time ever coaching myself about coaching. So, I’m curious because I assumed that maybe you would have had to have done that is coach yourself once this became a job. But is it more it feels like this is your in your soul calling?

Rachael: Yes.

Stacey: And you haven’t had that experience of having to coach yourself? Because that’s really interesting.

Rachael: Yeah. I love that you asked me this because this morning I was doing some intentional thought creation. And the thought that I landed on, so crazy you’re asking me this. I said to myself, “This is what God created me to do.” And I have never felt more alive when I’m living on purpose. So, I do feel like – and what’s really interesting is way back in my early 20s, I always felt like I would do something like this. I was going to school to get my doctorate actually when I got hired at John Maxwell for psychology.

So, I always knew I wanted to help people but what I didn’t like about psychology was it was very past focused and maladapted behavior and all the negative. And I loved forward thinking. And yeah, it happened to you but how are you going to think about it? But I wasn’t even aware that coaching was really a thing back then because I think it was just being birthed. So anyway, yeah.

Stacey: That’s so interesting. So, I want to say for the people listening that might be starting your business, one of the things is going to be super helpful for everyone that I think is a thought that’s going to come up, coaches are going to listen to this. And they’re going to be like, “Well, I don’t have that feeling in my business so maybe I’m not meant to be a coach.” And I want to say that you have to separate out how it feels to coach someone and how it feels to run a business. They’re two different things.

Because in the beginning, meeting people and telling them you’re a life coach and making offers, and doing consults, and learning how to do a consult right. And learning how to overcome objections. And all of that stuff, the entrepreneur stuff, the selling stuff, that may not be what feels like your soul calling. You may never want to teach people how to do that. It feels like my soul calling for sure, coaching and selling coming together is my soul calling for sure. I love talking about both all day long.

But I do think make sure if you’re listening and you’re like I haven’t had that experience that Rachael and Stacey have. Make sure that you’re thinking about there is the experience of building the business that may not be fun. I’m in that stage of the 90% where I’m having to coach myself and choose my thoughts very wisely about my time.

And then there’s the thought, there’s the actual feeling you have when you’re being coached, when you’re learning about coaching, when you’re listening to self-development books, when you’re talking to someone about coaching. When you’re on the phone actively helping someone, when you’re coaching your peers. When that feels really good, and even within that I feel you have to separate out. It’s never that you feel like you’re in your soul calling when you’re first learning. I remember my first call was so terrible and awful. And I was like oh my God.

That was not like I’m in my soul calling. But I think once you get past that learning curve, I think that’s how you know if you’re meant to help people if those things light you up. That’s such a good indicator that you’re in the right space, so I love that.

Rachael: 100%, and I think, I mean to your point, I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows all the time and my calling and every day I wake-up and it’s just this…

Stacey: Of course not, yeah.

Rachael: Yeah, there’s discomfort.

Stacey: Yeah, but I love that you have that experience of you were really good at something in your past that made you a lot of money. And then there was still this other part of you that hadn’t yet come alive and now you’re making even more money doing that in something that feels really good all the time.

Rachael: Yes, yes, 100%. And so just to backtrack, so you were asking…

Stacey: Yeah, so you had signed your first couple of clients, yeah.

Rachael: Yeah. So, I signed my first couple of clients and that was in March. And that’s when I started Life Coach School and I officially started my business I guess, because that’s when I started certification. I’m like okay. So, my girl friend told me about you, one of my friends in my class, my CCP class and The Life Coach School class. And so, I started listening to your podcast. I did the 30 steps to making money. I went through kind of that formula. I was like, “This is so good.” And so, I just immediately I signed up. I was in my bed.

I had to get up out of bed and get my credit card and signed up. And I’m like, “This is awesome.” I’m going to binge listen to the content. And amazing. So, then I started kind of being turned on to 200K, just being in the 2K community. And I think what happened was there was someone who ended up not being in the August class. So, you had said, “There’s a slot open.” It was a last minute slot. Yeah.

Stacey: Yeah. Okay, so how many rounds have you done? Is this your second or your third?

Rachael: My third because I did my first round in August 2020.

Stacey: So fun. So, you got in by the skin of your teeth, random opening.

Rachael: Well, and my girl friend said to me, she’s like, “You’ve got to apply.” And I’m like, “I just started my business.” And I had some drama a little bit. And when I told my husband, he’s like, “Do it, my gosh, yes.” He’s like so good, which that’s awesome and amazing to have someone who believes in you like that. And so, I did. And I made six figures in my first six months which was fun.

Stacey: That’s so crazy. Do you remember how much money you had made when you applied?

Rachael: Not very much.

Stacey: It was so long ago.

Rachael: I think about 45, 40, 45.

Stacey: Okay, so everyone listening if you’ve made $45,000 in your business it is possible for you to make 100K in your first round. What? That’s so crazy.

Rachael: Yes. Well, and I think too, it’s possible, there’s so many tools. The other thought that I came up with this morning as I was doing my thought creation was wow, I have access to every tool I need. Stacey has created this multimillion dollar business and she literally has written the book on it and I have the book. And that’s just so fun to think that you can access to all the tools, all the coaching, all the strategies.

Stacey: But it’s so fun that you chose that thought, that I have every tool I need. I have the book. Because I was watching actually in 2K just yesterday, I was scrolling through the page and it was really fascinating. There was a conversation about people, they were asking, and maybe I misunderstood the question. But from what I understood, they were asking about one of the steps in our five step selling process, bridging the gap. And they were talking about what’s your process for this step? I don’t feel like I have a process. I’m very confused by this.

And I thought it was so fascinating because I’m like, wait, this is the step, this is the process. You have the process. You circumstantially have the process and you’re telling yourself, I don’t have a process for this. And I found that so fascinating. So, I just want to offer that you make it sound so easy and 200K just has everything you need and it’s all right there. But really you chose the thought, I have everything I need.

Rachael: Yeah, and that is actually the thought.

Stacey: And then you found it.

Rachael: 100%, that’s the thought when we did the awards at the 200K event. That was my thought that I shared, I have everything I need because I do. And it just feels so true to me and so that’s why I show up. And I’m going to continue to show up that way. And so, I finished 2020 at 161 and then I’ve done 475 in the last 12 months.

Stacey: That’s so insane. What? Okay, so how much time is that? I can’t even process that amount of time in my head.

Rachael: So, it’s been I think about a year and a half.

Stacey: A year and a half, 400, how much, 400 and how much?

Rachael: Well, actually since I started my business I have made, I think 540. But I mean the trailing 12 months, yeah.

Stacey: Okay. So that’s just all of the numbers, they’re all insane. But over $500,000 in your first 18 months?

Rachael: Yeah, my gosh, so crazy.

Stacey: That’s so good.

Rachael: Yeah, it’s so [crosstalk].

Stacey: Beautiful. I can’t process that. I definitely didn’t have that fast of growth. But I will say, well, I can’t even say that because we’ve had people that have come in who did not have businesses before who have also had that fast of growth. But I want to say, for people listening, you also did have a successful business ahead of time. So, there are certain things that I do think that you had. I even say that about my journey. Because we’ve talked about the slow and steady growth.

And if you’re not someone like Rachael that’s just coming in and killing it, if you’re not someone like me who came in and killed it, I also came with all of the tools of being a master at sales from the get go. I think it’s like, I want to just offer two things with this podcast which is how possible it really is. How many people in the world are there just where you were, that is available for them to have that experience? They should believe that that is possible for them.

And then if it isn’t for you it doesn’t also mean something has gone wrong. But there are a lot of people in this world who have a lot of things to bring already to the industry that can come in and just kill it.

Rachael: Oh my gosh, yes, I love that you said that. I think every single one of us has this unique body of work inside of us. And it’s like we all have a different flavor. Even if we’re all business coaches, or even if we’re all – even if we niche down, or weight loss coaches, or social selling coaches. We all have a unique body of work. We all have a unique experience. It’s like Dolly Parton comparing herself to Beyonce. Or you know what I’m saying? It’s just not – it’s just that everybody has their own flavor.

And I do want to say this to really encourage everyone because I remember when I started my network marketing business, I had a lot of thoughts, a lot of mind drama. And I would compare myself to the best of the best of course, the number one and number two. And I would tell my husband, “I don’t understand. I don’t understand why it’s not going faster.” And I would look at and compare myself to these women and looking back, one in particular, she had this whole life experience outside of her network marketing business.

She was an entrepreneur five to ten years before. And so, I think it’s just important to not compare apples with oranges. And when you don’t weaponize your story against you, I had a business on social platforms showing up consistently for five years, putting value out for five years, doing lives. Embarrassing myself doing things that I just was so uncomfortable with. Because I knew that’s what I needed to do to build my business. So, it was all that groundwork and also all that value that I put out there, that I think allowed me, created the environment for me to have maybe quicker success.

Stacey: Well, and you worked for John C. Maxwell for so long, so you had all of that experience.

Rachael: Yeah, that was helpful. That was incredible, I mean just the way he took me in, incredible.

Stacey: But I do have to say also, on the other side of that we can’t diminish what you did because there are so many people who have – it’s so available to them. I’m like, “Why are you not making more money than you’re making?” It’s like, what’s happening here? They’re so underearning, they might have a very similar background to you or very similar experiences. And they’re completely underearning and it’s totally because of the thoughts that you’ve chosen when you started this business and how you’ve interacted in the mastermind.

And I do think that one of the best examples of that that I would say when I look at and watch you being in the mastermind is you do not spend any time getting wrapped up in what other people are doing. You just come in, you do your thing, you get to work and you’re out. It’s a very stay in your lane experience which I think is so beneficial. I am very similar. I had to coach myself a lot early on in my own mastermind because I was the lowest earner and I had just a lot of drama of not belonging.

But once I cleaned all of that up I don’t spend any time comparing myself to what Corinne’s doing, or what Cara’s doing, or what Jody’s doing. And they’re all doing such amazing things. They’re writing books. They’re going on news stations. They’re speaking at these insane conferences. And I’m not in any way feeling I should do that too. I’m just doing my own thing, which is such a valuable, I don’t think we can underestimate and not get across the importance of that to everyone listening. Just being in your own lane will make you so much money.

Rachael: Yeah, right on. And I think it can be – it’s definitely I think a discipline especially if you are marketing on social media. Because it can be very easy to go into compare mode when you see what other people are doing or how they’re marketing, or that reel they did or this. And it’s like got to be very intentional. I sometimes will coach my clients and they feel like they’re ‘working’ doing market research. You’re going down the watching reels for two hours is not working in your business. So, I think intentionally consuming content, that is not part of my business hours.

Like I may sit on the couch or scroll or watching, but that’s not – I try really not to do that because it can influence too, your voice and what you want to share.

Stacey: Yes. Oh my God, that’s so good because I also do not do that. I do not do any amount of market research. I do not consider any amount of time working being on social media, looking at other people’s stuff, none of that, no time spent doing any of that. That’s so good.

Rachael: Well, and someone, I can’t remember who said this, I’m not sure who I can credit this to but someone, maybe it’s Marie Forleo who talks about creating before you consume. So, you really are able to [inaudible] for it to be that, your authentic voice, and that really [crosstalk].

Stacey: Yeah, and I think that is really important. I think that when we talk about thought leadership in 200K, I think especially if you’re in a launch, or you’re creating a program or a webinar. I mean anything that you’re going to be putting out as your work, it’s so important to actually tune social media, turn it off, tune it out, get off other people’s podcasts. When I’m in deep content creation mode I don’t listen to anyone’s podcast.

I just go in and focus on – I even had to spend a lot of time working on – I would listen to Brooke’s and then I would catch my brain wanting to go in her – that was a really good idea, I should share it with my people. And I had to catch myself and be like, “No, that was a really great idea for her people. Now let’s get back to my brain and think about what’s a good idea for my people.” No spin on what she just said, what’s something that my people need to hear?

And I do think that that is one of the most valuable ways to make your voice so authentic is to just not be paying attention to the rest of the industry. And just staying out of all of the noise so that you can see what’s in your brain.

Rachael: Yes, agreed. Agreed. And it’s just the discipline, and I still love, I mean don’t get me wrong, I listen, I love listening to podcasts and [crosstalk].

Stacey: Yeah. I catch up on all of them once I’m done. I’m like, okay, binge listening, got to get them all in.

Rachael: Yes, totally, so it’s still on my podcasts, including yours of course.

Stacey: That’s so good. Okay, so then you did the second round. You’re in the third round now but the second round you did, do you remember how much you made in that six months? You did 100K in your first one.

Rachael: Yeah, I did 100K in my first. And then I’m going to do up all the numbers.

Stacey: I want to say it was something over 300K.

Rachael: For sure.

Stacey: It’s insane.

Rachael: It feels like it’s been going really fast and it’s hard to keep track of how much I’m earning and what…

Stacey: I’m pretty sure it was – I don’t know, it was over 380 something I felt like.

Rachael: Yes, I think that’s correct. That sounds right. There’s so many different numbers I’m tracking too.

Stacey: Yeah, it’s so crazy.

Rachael: So [crosstalk] this number, that number. It was a lot.

Stacey: Because we do every round, I have the mastermind choose three essentials, three things, because there’s so much. Like you said, you come into 200K and you learn, literally the book is there. You learn everything you need to know to make really your first couple of million. The reason we funnel people into $2 Million group from 200K is because it’s literally the foundation to millions of dollars. So, it can be easy to be like, “I have to learn everything all at once. I’ve got to get it all down.”

So, I tell them, choose three things to really focus on for six months, really master those and then choose another three. And if you master them early you can choose more as you go. But I’m curious what your – you were over 100K, you were at 160, coming into that second round what were those three essentials?

Rachael: Okay. So, the number one was defining my niche because…

Stacey: Because for a while you were just one-on-one coaching, right?

Rachael: I was just business coaching which that’s kind of funny too because when I came in, I’m like, “I guess I’m just a life coach.” But then I realized, I’m coaching everyone in business literally, I’m a business coach. So, I was coaching entrepreneurs. I was coaching coaches. I was coaching of course a lot of network marketers because that was the field that I was in. And it was the second round that I decided, no, I really want to coach network marketers. What you were saying, there were so many that are underearning because of how they’re thinking, I wish.

But this is such valuable information. So, my niche was a major one. The second one was the way that I termed it was expansiveness and non-hustle. So, three important for me to practice what I preach and help people to build in a way that’s balanced, and sustainable, and not hustly. And the only way to teach that I think is to live that. And that’s actually been the best thing. Aside from just earning this awesome income and helping so many of my clients really just have massive shifts. They’re making money. I am calmer than I’ve ever been and they are too.

That’s the cool thing, it’s such a compliment of course when you help someone earn income, it’s wonderful. And a lot of them have said, “I just feel I’m enjoying my life now. I’m enjoying my business now.” That’s the best, probably one of the greatest gifts. And being an example of that and an authentic example, not like sometimes things on social media aren’t what they appear to be. Some people may put this image out there of how they have all this time. And meanwhile that’s not the truth.

Stacey: I think that we even do that to ourselves. I know so many of my clients who are for sure hustling. I know they are. I can see it, it’s everywhere. It’s written in the unsaid things. The sub context of every conversation we have, but even they have sold themselves on that they’re not hustling. And so, I think it’s to really get to the point where you are genuinely calm and you know it. And you’re making a lot of money, I think that, because I’ve done that too.

I have sold myself and tried to sell Brooke on how I wasn’t hustling when I was. And I know what that feels like. And I know what it feels like to truly be calm and to truly be making a lot of money and be completely unattached to it. And to have your mind somewhere else entirely and to have such a robust life outside of your business. That to me, it’s when you can get to that place where you’re not faking it with other people or yourself unintentionally, I don’t think we do it intentionally.

It’s just we don’t see a lot of the times when we’re – I think it would be so perfect and amazing in the world if we could see the times where we’re making decisions from lack and hustle. It would be so perfect if there was an alarm that went off to tell us. But I do think that that is, for me, what 200K and $2 Million group is all about is everybody just calming the fuck down so that they can make even more money.

Rachael: Yes, oh yeah. It’s right on. And what’s really so fun is I took my mom and my sister to Miraval, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard, it’s this beautiful spot in Arizona, if you’ve never been there, everyone listening. It’s one of the best trips I’ve ever been on, incredible, in Tucson and it’s just a spa and hiking, and working out in this luxurious, just no cellphones, it’s just awesome. And I went and my mom and my sister were like, “We’ve never seen you this way. This is crazy, you are so calm.” I could cry.

Stacey: It’s so fun.

Rachael: Yeah. So, it’s like it’s working, it’s working, all this work that I’ve done. And again, being able to pass this along to others, it’s just, it’s the greatest gift. So that was my second one, non-hustle.

Stacey: Yeah, so you’re onto your third one.

Rachael: My third one was around copy creation, learning how to really master creating value with my copy which I feel like I have, I mean, grown leaps and bounds. In fact, I joke that the way that I really scaled my network marketing business was through my selling ability. Because I have a lot of experience in that. I’m really good at that. But I didn’t really understand how to market. It’s like I succeeded to despite myself, I didn’t really understand how to market with value. I didn’t understand how to just write the problem and the solution.

I kind of did intuitively but I didn’t really have a structure for it. So, what I’ve learned in 200K has been so helpful to learn how to really use words to powerfully attract in my best clients.

Stacey: Yeah. And I think that’s so powerful for everyone to hear that. At least what I heard, it’s so interesting, what you say versus what I hear. What I heard it also brought me back to something you said earlier in the conversation about watching other people’s reels and their Instagram and stuff. I think it’s always so fascinating, our perception of someone’s success and what makes them money versus what actually makes them money, and how much money they’re actually making. Because a lot of times you don’t know.

So online it’s really possible to make it look like you’re making millions, and millions, and millions of dollars. And you’re not. And it’s also possible, even if you are making millions and millions of dollars, that someone can look and be like, “Their reels are so on point. That’s why they’re making so much money.” And I think a lot of times the flashiest things that we do make us the least amount of money. And copy is the least flashy thing you will ever do. It’s literally just figuring out how to be meticulous with your words. It’s not sexy. It has nothing to do with photos and visuals. It’s literally words you write that people read.

And it’s the most valuable thing that I think you can spend your time on. And it doesn’t matter how fancy your photos, and your reels, and all the other things are if your words don’t get to people’s heart. Someone was telling me the other day, they had this multimillion dollar person that they were really looking up to. And they’re like, “And their Instagram is so unsane.” They just were going on about their Instagram and how artful it is. And I remember thinking, but have you purchased from this person?

Because if you haven’t then it means that it has enrolled you that it’s the right way to do it. It’s enrolled you that that’s how you should be spending your time. But it didn’t enroll you to buy.

Rachael: Yes, I love that so much. I love it so much.

Stacey: It’s really fascinating.

Rachael: It’s like the difference between being an influencer and an entrepreneur. You can have this appearance of success or you can actually be helping other people, selling people, effective marketing and converting. And this is a big thing, particularly with network marketing, probably with coaches too, where we start to look at vanity metrics and if you have a lot of likes, if you have a lot of comments then you must be successful. It blew my mind when I came into my first round and there was all these women now who are making millions of dollars.e#]

And they have what I would consider to be a lot lower likes and comments than a lot of people, in my brain, what I thought was what it took for it to be successful, so major thought work. So, it’s this exact same thing. I thought in order to be successful you need to have thousands of likes. But the truth is that’s not true in my industry or in coaching. In fact, you need to really drill down and speak to your very best person, that actually may result in fewer, lower vanity metrics but higher metrics that matter, which is conversion.

Stacey: Oh my gosh, first of all, do you teach this or did you just create this concept on this podcast? Because I’m obsessed with the idea of vanity metrics.

Rachael: No, I do teach this, yeah.

Stacey: It’s so good.

Rachael: Yeah, because I mean that’s what it is. It just makes you feel good and we got a lot of comments. But look at the metrics that really matter. And really what I teach is if you really want to look at metrics, looking at profile business is very useful, looking at website clicks is useful. That’s in your insights because it shows that people are curious enough to click and seeing what is this all about. So, if you’re going to look at metrics those are probably better ones to look at. And the ultimate metric is your R line.

Stacey: Yes. That’s so good, the ultimate metric is your R line. Yes. And I think, everyone listening, this is such a brilliant conversation is you have to look at your A line and see is that A line, how much of that time is being spent with vanity metrics and vanity actions, producing those metrics versus substantial things that matter. Because we can do a lot of things to fill our time and feel like we’re working very, very hard.

But if what’s in your action line, that’s producing your result is spending a lot of time watching what other people are doing on social media. Spending a lot of time getting your graphics perfect. Spending a lot of time making your life look really amazing, and incredible, and influential. If you’re spending a lot of time on reels. Literally I know coaches who are spending hours on a reel. I’m like I would never in my life spend hours on a reel, never.

There’s so many more valuable things that you could do, and people tell me, “But I really enjoy it.” And I’m like, “You know what I really enjoy? Shopping, buying Chanel bags.” And I can buy a lot more of those when I don’t spend my time on reels.

Rachael: Yeah. Well, I think I have a lot of thoughts about reels. Personally, they’re not my favorite thing to do. I do, do some of them because it’s a great way to gain exposure. But however big bucks, is that you do go viral or you do get all these views, then what? Then people go to your page and then they read your copy.

Stacey: Yes. Well, what you just said is, I’m totally anti, but you don’t have to be. I love that you’re like, “Well, I still like to do them.” It’s how much of your time is doing them though? There are things that you can do that you spend time on. For example, our 200K live events. We spend so much more time on them than we probably have to, on the little things, the opening ceremony and then the closing ceremony. There are so many things we do that we don’t have to do but that’s my jam. That’s what I enjoy.

But it’s still, if you look at the percentage of the time that we’re spending, it’s so much more valuable things. So, I’m curious whether it’s a social seller, because we do have some of those listening to the podcast too, so they should for sure hire you. Or it’s a coach. What do you think are some more meaty things they can be doing that bring more meaningful metrics to their business?

Rachael: That’s such a great question.

Stacey: I mean we’ve identified copy is a big one.

Rachael: Yeah, I think copy is huge. But I think maybe even diving deeper into copy. Well, the precursor to copy is getting really clear on who is your very best person, who’s that ideal person really that you just love working with. And when you’re writing your copy, really thinking about writing directly to that person. And this is the nuance of what you teach. And something that can be very tricky. Sometimes you find yourself writing content to overcome objections from someone who’s not even a person that you really want to coach and there you’ve got it.

And I didn’t realize I’ve done that in that. So, it’s just being very intentional about not just writing copy but who you’re writing to and being very specific about thinking about them, their problems. What keeps them up at night? What are the transformations they are seeking? So that’s a piece I think that’s really important. The other thing that I would say, I mean to me this was probably the biggest thing that really helped me I think to scale, and what’s going to continue to help me to do that.

And that is the constant redirection of my brain to intentional thinking, constant, constant, all day long. I must have done, I don’t even know how many intentional thought creations. It was every day the first round, I’m serious. Because I felt like I didn’t belong in the room in a lot of ways because there was all these coaches who’d been coaching forever. And so, I had to keep telling myself and coaching my brain like wait a second, how do you belong? What do you love about being in this room? How can you benefit? How do they benefit from you being in this?

Really just being my own hypural and building myself up and redirecting my brain to all the thoughts, and emotions, and actions of a – at that time I wanted to hit 250K. So, at that time it was 250K. Now it’s trying to live in the self-concept of a million dollar earner. That to me is the skill. And I was such an A line girl. Give me the strategy, just tell me what to do. I don’t care about all this thought crap.

Stacey: I love that.

Rachael: Because again it’s almost like working in personal development and leadership for so long, it’s almost like I became immune to it thinking I don’t need that anymore. But you need it more, the more that you continue to grow and scale because it’s not a problem solved. As you grow you’re going to have different challenges. And so, I think that that is a really big one.

Stacey: That’s so good. So, I want to point a couple of things out. So, number one, what Rachael was doing and what she was not doing when she was talking about doing a lot of intentional thought creation, which we have an episode about that. If you’re in 200K or if you join 200K, you spend the entire mastermind round after round mastering this skill. But this is not the skill of her giving herself a mantra of you belong, you belong, you belong. And trying to believe something she doesn’t believe or telling herself something over and over and over.

It’s asking yourself exploratory questions to find thoughts and information that are already in your brain that you don’t have to manufacture. A lot of times I think when people are working with the model where they get stuck is they try to manufacture thoughts. They’re like, “I want to believe this thought, this is the thought I think I need to believe that I don’t believe. And every day I’m going to try to work really hard to believe it.” And sometimes you do have to like believing that you can make a million dollars or 10 million dollars.

If you don’t have that belief there is some thought, there is some thought work and working to believe that statement. But I spend less time trying to believe that statement and more time asking myself like you’ve done, what skills do I already have that are going to help me create this? How do I know that this is inevitable? Really exploring my brain for what’s already there which helps you uncover so many thoughts that you don’t have to force to believe because they’re already there. And it’s so much more useful.

Instead of saying, “Here are all the ways it won’t work. Here’s all the information I’m missing. Here’s all the reasons why I’m confused. Here are all the places I’m stuck.” That’s where our brain wants to go. And it’s the art of directing your brain to the most useful place it can go to gather information that’s already there. So, I do think that is one of the defining things that makes people grow rapidly is that right there. That ability to use your brain in that way.

And then the other thing I wanted to say which is very similar when you were talking about the best clients. Our brain’s nature, it is designed to think about the 90% of people who don’t want to work with us, who don’t agree with our work, who have so many objections that they’ll never overcome them. Who don’t really understand what we’re doing, don’t really believe in what we’re doing. And our brain just wants to go there. It wants to go to the 90% who are never going to buy. And it’s such a skill to direct it to that 10% who do want to buy, who are your people.

If you think about just in America, there’s what, 350 million people, is that right? If you think about just 10%, that’s still a lot of people. But if you think about 90% of that number, 90% of the people in the world, it’s a lot more people. And your brain is going to want to fixate on that. So, it’s really the same art, directing your brain to the beliefs and the information you have, directing your brain to the 10% of people who would get the highest value from working with you.

And then the third thing that you said is then learning how to speak to them in a way where you can nail their problem better than they understand it themselves. And then give them a solution that you have spent so much time on, that you can explain it so clearly and so do-ably, that to them and their brain they think it’s done. That’s when they buy.

Rachael: Yes, it’s so good. You said that very succinctly.

Stacey: But you set it all up. I was just thinking about what you said, I’m like, yes. What I love is I feel as I was saying that, I was thinking this is exactly what you learn in 200K. And what’s so amazing is that you are the one that reflected that to me because you have mastered the process that deeply. That is such a beautiful thing. And that is all on you for just getting in there and choosing thoughts that allow you to be such an example of this work and to understand it at such a deep level.

And then take it and internalize it so deeply that it comes out on the other side, I’m sure you use some of it in your business but it’s so completely different, like you say. It’s like Dolly Parton and Beyonce, I love that. Vanity metrics is my favorite thing now. I just feel like yes, yes, yes, it’s so good. Coming out and emerging as your own thought leader to lead your people in your business. I have no doubt you’re going to make millions of dollars.

Rachael: Thank you. I just appreciate just being a part of this container. It’s so empowering to see your example and it really does I think give me and other women permission that it’s possible for us too. You know the thing that – I remember the first round. And I told my clients this too. I’m like, “Why I decided to do a mastermind was the mastermind so profoundly impacted me.” And I kind of was like I don’t know if I want to do a mastermind. I like one-on-one coaching.

Stacey: I loved one-on-one coaching too. That was my jam. When people don’t like it I’m like, “What? What thoughts are you choosing about it?”

Rachael: Yeah, I love. And I still have a one-on-one life coach. But being it’s a huge advantage to be in a room with that many diverse, high performing, high achieving women. I’ve never been in a room before like that ever in my life and I have been in a lot of rooms.

Stacey: Yeah. And I think a room that is so, like everyone’s mind is so well managed. So much so that it stands out if your mind isn’t – you will stand out if your mind isn’t managed. And of course, everyone will lovingly help you manage it. But that is, I think for me I’ve never been in a room like that.

Rachael: Yeah. And it’s how you work the price of admission because you do become who you do life with. You seek out and surround yourself with women who are really going after it and who do have managed minds. And who are elevating, pursuing growth and it’s just I didn’t know it was available until now. And so, it’s been a huge…

Stacey: It’s so fun, yeah. It’s so great. Okay, when you were thinking about coming onto the podcast, was there anything that you were thinking I have to share this? I want to make sure people – I know this is a broad question and I ask everyone this every time. But is there anything that you were like I really want to share this, I really think we should talk about this, they need to know this? Anything that we haven’t covered because I feel like we’ve covered a lot of grounds?

Rachael: Yeah. So, I think probably the biggest lesson or one of the biggest lessons for me, just to encourage everyone, no matter if you’re a social seller or a coach. I remember Sir John wrote a book, John Maxwell wrote a book called Failing Forward. And I used to, of course, teach the content, I was very familiar with the content. And then I started my own business and I’m like, “This is what failing forward is.” I understood it intellectually but I didn’t really fully get this is very uncomfortable, I feel like I’m going to die uncomfortable.

And so, I think what I want to offer to everyone is that we look at other people and we see them talking, we see them on social and everything looks all shiny and beautiful. And it is. But what we don’t see is the mountains and mountains of failure. And I’m talking, and still right now there is failure happening all the time. And it’s really not running away from it but pursuing it, really pursuing it, not spinning and overthinking, and trying to get it perfect. Then doing the opposite, just taking messy action and just going after it.

Because that really, that allows you to have something to work with to then say, “Okay, I did this thing, there were some things that were not so great or some things that were. Now, how can I move forward?” And just staying in action and really just pursuing failure. That to me is the other big thing that I feel has really helped me scale this past I’d say year and a half. I was doing it early on. But the more that I actually internalized it, I’m like, “h, okay.” And just there is going to be failure and that’s okay, instead of avoiding it at all costs.

Stacey: That’s so good. I’ve been coaching on this. I have a one-on-one coach too. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot in coaching with my coach on this. As I’ve noticed for me, and you’re 100% right, I have failed, I mean just piles and piles, and mountains and mountains of failure. And I do talk a lot about it. But I don’t, now with my positioning where it is I don’t talk about it as much. I’ve started to talk about it a little bit more, especially my mental struggles through the pandemic and with my wedding and all of that.

But there’s been a lot of personal failures, that I would call mental failures, getting stuck in the river of misery, not being able to get out. And then a lot of just business failures. Trying a lot of things, some things don’t work. I haven’t always, now we have such a high rate of people making it. I don’t even know. I think we had out of 85 people last round, only three people who didn’t make their money back. And everyone who did, almost everyone, it was really large numbers, hundreds of thousands of dollars, which was so fun.

But there were times where I had masterminds where no one got results. I had a whole round, a whole six month mastermind years ago where I think – no, one person, I think one person got the result that I sold them. I said they were going to make 100K, one person made 100K. And there were 30 people in the mastermind. You’re so right when you see social media, when you see someone’s success, you don’t see all of that. And so, then when it’s happening to you, you feel something has gone wrong. You are wrong. You are never going to get there.

You don’t identify with, this happened to Stacey too. That’s happened to Rachael too. This happened to Brooke too. We don’t see those things and then we think because we don’t see them that they aren’t there and they are. So, I think that’s one thing to really internalize from this episode. But also, I’ve been working on this a lot is I’ve noticed that lately and maybe it’s been this way my whole life, but it’s gotten very pronounced now and there’s not as many things to coach on. That my brain loves to perfect things as a way to feel safe.

And so, what I was thinking when you were talking about the failure is notice if you are trying to do things perfectly, notice that that’s your brain’s attempt to grab onto safety.

Rachael: 100%.

Stacey: And truly you have to understand that successful entrepreneurship is being willing to feel unsafe a lot of the time. The goal isn’t to feel safe. The goal is to be willing to feel unsafe and get your work out in the world. And that’s what I kept ruminating on when you were talking about that is you have to just constantly reinforce to your brain that the goal is not to feel safe. And so, we don’t need to perfect. The only reason to do that is to create safety. And the goal is not to feel safe. It’s to feel unsafe and to learn how to create safety within that.

To be in an unsafe situation where you might fail, you might launch, in 200K you see this all the time. People go to start doing their first launches. And they’re going to fail at their first launches every time. There’s no other way around it. You’re going to do a lot, several messy, messy launches potentially before you have those successful ones where you’re filling them up and people are buying and you’re getting your best clients. Because you haven’t learned how to organize a launch in your mind. So, it’s messy, it’s crazy.

And I see so many people fail to get going on launches because they’re so scared of having that uncertainty and that lack of safety. And the art of making a lot of money is being willing to put yourself in that uncertain situation, to be ‘unsafe’. And then figure out how to feel safe in that, to where you can keep going.

Rachael: Yes, I felt very unsafe in my first launch. But I will say that the launch course inside the portal was just worth the price of the entire mastermind. I watched that, took notes. Actually, my first launch was pretty successful.

Stacey: That’s so amazing.

Rachael: It was huge, it was a blueprint, essentially the strategy. And then also not even just a strategy but again, learning how to manage your mind.

Stacey: Yeah, that’s 90% of the launch is not failing ahead of time because you freak out so much that you stop launching which I have done as well. That has happened to me. So again, pile of failures. I’ve been there. I’ve gotten two weeks in and been like, “I’m out.”

Rachael: Yes. And just one other little piggyback on that. So, my first business I ever started was five and a half years ago. And I said to my husband, “I’m going to earn a million dollars in five years. It’s happening.” And everyone believed me because usually when I say something it’s like she’s doing it. And so here we are five and a half years and I’m going to finish the year probably around half a million, somewhere in that range.

Stacey: So excited for you.

Rachael: So fun. And so next year or maybe the year after, sometime in the very near future I’m going to earn a million dollars. And it doesn’t even matter, it doesn’t even matter anymore because really what I’ve decided, and this is a thought that hopefully serves those who are listening, it’s like no matter what I’m going to keep going until I figure it out. I’m going to become the person who creates a million dollar business. And I’m already becoming her.

Stacey: But that’s the calm, you have that thought from the calm because I have that thought about $20 million.

Rachael: Oh my gosh. I love it.

Stacey: I do, I mean we’re going to do nine or ten this year. We’re very, very close to 10. It just feels some magic is available there. So, we’re going to do close to 10 this year. And so, I’m like of course 20 million is inevitable. I’ve doubled every year almost that I’ve had my business. I know it’s there. But when you’re calm, I don’t feel and I think that you probably experience this too, I don’t feel the need to rush to get there because there will be better. And I’m not willing to sacrifice anything in my very abundant personal homelife and mental space in my brain to get there.

There’s no amount of exchange that I’m willing to do in order to have that. We could have pushed and done 12 or 15 million this year. But I wanted to fit all of the beginning of the year in my bachelorette, wedding dress shopping, getting married, going on my honeymoon. I want to have babies. I have all these personal things. And I was like I’m not willing to miss out on any of those in order to get that extra four or five million dollars, which is so crazy. People who are listening are like, “What?”

But really when you get to that calm place, the money is your end up place of sufficiency, if I have enough, more won’t be better. I still want to do it. I still have the goal. I’m still excited about it. I want it badly. But not enough to sacrifice my calm. My wish for everyone listening is that is where they arrive.

Rachael: Same here because it is a gamechanger. And just that wasn’t the way that I did it in the beginning. That wasn’t the way, that I was a mom, or a wife for a long time. And so now I’m soaking in the soccer practices and all the things that I just was being very hustly with. And so that is my mission now too, so thank you.

Stacey: I love that so much. That to me is more than the money, seriously. That’s so great. Thank you for coming on and sharing your experience. You dropped so many nuggets. I’m just so excited for everybody to listen to this episode. If they want to, first of all, we seriously get messages all the time about people wanting to work, they want to learn what I teach, they want to be business coached. They want to be coached with the model. They want to have a life coach. But they have a network marketing business. We get those messages all the time.

And of course, yes, you can still join 2K, however if you want to learn from someone who is in your field, who is killing it, how do they look you up? How do they find you?

Rachael: Yeah. So, Instagram is probably my favorite platform. So, it’s my name Rachael Bodie, as you can see, it’s spelled a little weird, so make sure you check the spelling in the show notes.

Stacey: Can we spell it for them just in case they don’t figure out how to get to the show notes?

Rachael: For sure. So, my website’s the same, so it’s Rachael – R-A-C-H-A-E-L, Bodie – B-O-D-I-E. So, it’s or Rachael Bodie on Instagram. And got some launching for my mastermind actually in two weeks. So now is a great time to reach out.

Stacey: I love that, that’s so fun. Thank you so much. I am really excited about this episode. It was so fun to talk to you today.

Rachael: Thank you so much, thank you. Thank you, Stacey.

Stacey: Alright, I will talk to you soon.

Rachael: Okay. Bye.

Stacey: Bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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