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Intentional Thought Creation

I want to talk this week about a concept that changed absolutely everything for me, and what it’s done for my 200K students is unbelievable. I first implemented this concept when I was on the way to making seven figures. And since then, I’ve used it in every aspect of my business. And that is intentional thought creation.

We talked last week about the three-year plan. And when it came to my own three-year plan to generate $7 million a year by 2020, I made that happen by thinking intentionally so consistently that my brain is now in a state of permanent intention. And the best news is, the sooner you start, the bigger the impact that it will have on your business.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover how to start implementing intentional thought creation in your business. I’m sharing how intentional thought creation cleans up your focus, some of the internal mind drama that will inevitably appear for you in the beginning, and how to make intentional thought your brain’s natural response.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What intentional thought creation is, and what it is not.
  • How intentional thought creation really helps you clean up your brain.
  • Why intentional thought creation makes you highly coachable.
  • How everything changed for my business when I started implementing intentional thought creation.
  • Why our brain creates so much internal conflict around intentional thought creation.
  • How to start the work of intentional thought creation so it becomes your brain’s automatic first response.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches. Welcome to episode 94. So, before we dive into this episode, I have to share this post from one of our 200K students Denise Vernieri. I read it and just sobbed my eyes out, so I’ll try not to cry again here on the podcast.

But I think this is such a special post because of the possibility it represents. So, I want to share it with you. She says, “#Celebrate. I’ve been quiet in here, watching, observing, learning from all of you. I’ve been blessed to be peer-coached by many of you. Thank you. My brain has been telling me for months, this isn’t working. I need a clear niche. I don’t have a consistent funnel of clients. I don’t want to count the money made from coaching and teaching through my yoga studio. I’m not sure I belong in 200K.

I’ve coached myself and I’ve gotten coaching on this a lot and I realized I’ve been in the river of misery. I’ve been in that place of half-belief, riding the wave of back and forth in my brain. But my numbers don’t lie, even when my brain does.

I’ve made, year to date, $59,326. Since I’ve joined the mastermind, I’ve made $13,743 during a pandemic as a mom of three. My business that I treated like a hobby for years looks like this. 2016, $5000. 2017, $12,000. 2018, $20,000. 2019, $29,000. 2020, $59,000 so far.

I joined 2K in April, 200K in August. I decided I wanted to treat it like a business, work accordingly, and make investments in myself and my business. Joining this mastermind has stretched me so far out of my comfort zone. It has literally blown my effing mind and I’ve allowed it. It’s challenged my identity and how I think about myself and how I talk about myself.

I’m a daughter of two immigrant parents from Puerto Rico. Entrepreneurship was not discussed. Money was also seen as a scarce thing. The best we could do was get a city job with a pension. We hit the jackpot if we could do that. I’m changing the narrative of my family and for generations to come, for my children will never be told to settle for the status quo. And I’m honoring the dreams my ancestors had when they came here. And so, that’s what I’m celebrating today. Thank you, Stacey, for rocking the foundation upon which I stood because the one I’m creating now is far superior.”

And then she says, “PS, I signed three clients just this month.” Okay, I said I wouldn’t cry, but I’m definitely crying again. This is so important, y’all. We’re changing the generational money story. Like, I feel that deeply in my bones about my own journey and the difference that my children will have in the world they’re born into and they experience and the thoughts they get to grow up with and the value they get to go create in the world and the results and the life they will create. It really blows my mind.

Now, here’s another thing that I think is so amazing that I told Denise is, “You also remember that we’ve only been in the mastermind 45 days, right?” So, 13K in 45 days is pretty freaking awesome. In fact, if you can do it in 45 days, you can do it in 30 days. And if you do it in 30 days consistently over a year, that’s $120,000 business, more than $120,000. It’s like close to $140,000 or $150,000.

So, this is the beginning of such a big experience. This is actually the middle of a 100K year for Denise and her brain was telling her all of these lies that it wasn’t working, and during a pandemic as a mom of three, right? This is insane. We do amazing things and our brain just shits all over it.

So, I had to read this for all of you that are doing amazing things and your brain is shitting all over it. Don’t let yourself do that. Do big things. Change the generational money story. This is what I’m all about, y’all. I love it.

Alright, so we’re going to talk about a huge component of my changing of my generational story and my generational money story. And we’re going to talk about the change that I’m seeing in my students to deeply. So, what created that change?

Okay, so last week, we talked about the three-year plan. In order to think ahead, slow down and create the business you want three years from now and to make decisions for the bigger picture now, when you really don’t have to, in order to stop doing something that’s working now for what you want to have work a year from now, three years from now. One of the things that is vital is that your brain is onboard with the plan and you use your brain in a way that you never have before.

Enter intentional thought creation. So, this is a concept I created when scaling my business to a million. And then, over the last three years, to execute my three-year plan to seven million dollars this year.

Now, I did not create the idea of thinking intentionally. That’s in the world I learned that from my coach and from all personal development in the world. But this is thinking intentionally, not just as a concept or an exercise, but a way of directing your brain until it becomes the normal way to which your brain processes information.

It’s an applied study we do in the 200K mastermind. It’s the reason all of the 200K students are getting results, really, that are unparalleled in this industry, from what I’ve seen, in such a short amount of time. They’re quickly making a lot of money with very constrained businesses that give them a lot of ease and calm in their business and they’re doing it in a pandemic with kids at home that they’re also managing and schooling now. And they’re retiring husbands and aside from the business success, they’re also becoming thought leaders in this industry. Like, they’re really leading.

I actually have to give another quick shoutout to another of my 200K students, Samantha Siffring. She’s actually not a certified LCS coach. She’s in my 200K mastermind. She’s had huge growth since making the leap from 2K to 200K. And we laugh because I actually told her she should join six months or, like, a year before she actually did. She told me no at the time and then ghosted me.

And since she joined, she’s made a lot of money. 500K just this year so far, roughly. And she’s going to make a million dollars next year. She’s retired her husband. She’s amazing. She helps moms build online business and make money. And I just love watching her explosive growth.

So, anyways, I have to give you the backstory. You’ve heard her on the podcast. So, I’m teaching in Self-Coaching Scholars for my coach Brooke’s program and I’m coaching this very nice lady and we’re talking about something. I can’t even remember what now. And she says, “Oh yes, I was just listening to that on Samantha’s podcast.”

And she went on to talk about what she learned from Samantha. And I just, my mind was blown in that moment and I felt so proud that Samantha is making an impact in coaching communities and to people that she has no idea she’s impacting. Like, her name is coming up on calls as someone with something important to say. That is thought leadership.

In that moment, I was like, “Damn. That is the perfect example of the power of your ideas just rippling out everywhere.” So, that is what I mean by thought leadership, like really your best marketing tool is the intellectual property you create when you learn how to use your mind with such intentionality – intentionality, is that a word? Sounds like it – that it becomes free from the clutter and you learn how to process information and decisions quickly and you get onboard fast to get implemented.

So, intentional thought creation will get you on track with your three-year plan and help you get through the mind clutter faster to have more space to create intentionally the concepts and materials that will go on and set you apart as a leader in thought in the coaching, and maybe even the business world, if that’s what you do, if you’re a business coach like Samantha.

So, let me break it down for you. Because to understand intentional thought creation, you have to understand how the brain works and see how this process changes the way that your brain processes information. So, I’m going to walk you through this with my story.

When I started my three-year plan, I still had 10 offers and was hustling and doing all the work for my clients. I was focused on the only thing about business being making more money, ignoring all of the rest of what it actually takes to run a business, like managing and systems and processes and I was not slowing down to think and make strategic decisions, and definitely not ones that were super uncomfortable.

And then my coach said, “Let’s create one offer. Drop all the others, stop taking one on one clients that you’re making $30,000 and $40,000 on. Let’s rebuild your business and let’s do it right. And you should make less money than your goal was for the year because you need the time and energy to clean up your brain in your business.” And then, we decided that that one offer would be 2K for 2K.

Now, I was totally onboard to help life coaches make money. I was committed to that. But 2K for 2K, y’all have heard me talk about this over and over and over. My predominant thought was people don’t want to make 2K. They want to make 100K. So, I had to promise them bigger results.

Now, thankfully, the day that we had this discussion we literally did half of my session before lunch and half after. So, we decided one offer, 2K for 2K. And then we went to lunch in the middle of that coaching.

And I remember right before lunch, my face literally went pale and it was like the green before you vomit. And when we walked to lunch, I was coaching myself in my head. And I told myself that I had committed to doing whatever my coach Brooke said. And I was committed to trying completely new things and so, I started, in my head, just on my way to lunch, selling myself on 2K.

Now, I didn’t just get there on a 60 second walk to lunch. But after that meeting, that complete day, I flew back home to Kentucky and for two weeks straight, I started exploring. Why do I love this? Why would this work? Why would it benefit my clients? How would it benefit me? What are all the things that I know to be true that support this?

And that was just for the concept of 2K. I also had to create a member portal and teach people how to make their first 2K and I was given specific instructions. Only what’s vital, edit out anything nonessential, make it short and concise. Basically, no fluff. No extra stuff that gets people off track.

So, we had actually written the initial four steps in the room. She had asked me, what do you think it takes to make your first 2K? And I said, well, you have to learn how to market. You have to learn how to sell. If you can master a consult, you can literally do one and sign a client. And you have to be able to walk people through their objections. All people have objections. It’s just not something you can get around.

So, I started exploring, with that, what is essential here with marketing? What do they have to know? What do I know works? What do I love about teaching this? Why will this be so impactful?

In two weeks, I went from having no clue how to create a program that was going to make me millions of dollars and create content that will guarantee my students make their money back, because we had created the money back guarantee and believing they wouldn’t want to buy it and it wouldn’t be enough, to having an outline program and being sold on it enough to record the content and start putting the program together and getting excited to sell it.

So, here’s how it happened. What we practice doing in our minds when we approach anything new is to immediately look to what we don’t know. The information we don’t have, the how. When presented with ideas, whether it’s from other people or even ourselves, we go to why we don’t like it, the reasons it won’t work.

Even with our own ideas, like, if you’ve ever gotten really excited about an idea and then an hour later you think it’s complete shit and abandon it, that’s what our brains are trained to do. This is like evolution, how our brains evolved. It’s not just you aren’t good at seeing things through. Your brain’s entire purpose is to keep you from seeing things through, to not waste energy, to not risk anything.

So, the first place we send our brain, simply out of habit and default evolution, is to thinking that creates confusion, overwhelm, doubt, and resistance.

Now, if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while or if you’re in 2K, you know that this is not a problem. This is okay. This is the human response, the way our brains work. We meet all of this head on. We go through the purgatory; we work through our dissonance. And we keep going until we get to the other side.

But intentional thought creation approaches this dissonance differently, more effectively, to get through it quicker. You sell yourself faster by asking yourself explorative – what’s that word? Y’all, it’s real. You don’t have to be hugely smart to make a lot of money. Explorative, I think that’s the word – by asking yourself explorative questions that take your brain to the information you do have, the reasons that you are onboard, by taking stock first on what’s already in your brain.

What I see a lot of coaches do is try and think intentionally using thoughts they don’t believe from a place of not believing or choosing someone else’s thoughts or a thought that seems like, quote unquote right, instead of exploring what’s already in their brain at their disposal.

You get your brain there so much faster when you find thinking that you already have that supports the decisions you want to make to create the things you want to create. But our brains never go there. There is so much untapped potential in your mind. It’s just like finding a new door and locking it. But we’re used to going through the same door over and over and over.

So, it’s working with yourself instead of working against yourself. Like, we’re literally just used to choosing the door that we work against ourselves instead of the door that we work towards ourselves. You’ve got to utilize what you have first already to save time and energy and do less work and get the result you are after in less time.

Your brain wants to go left and you train it to go right. It wants to first stop at the how and the fear of not knowing every detail and you first stop at what you do know, the details you do have and where you can get started right now. You actually end up using more of your brain. You tap more of your potential, more of your knowledge, more of your capabilities just by a few well-placed questions.

Now, here is what intentional thought creation is not. It’s not avoiding unintentional or default thinking. It’s not pushing down all the ways you aren’t onboard, pretending there isn’t information you are missing or just saying that you love something when you really hate it. It’s not plowing over the dissonance that we automatically have in our brain as our normal brain response. It’s not plowing that over.

I didn’t ignore my belief that coaches are only interested in making 100K and that that’s the only thing that will seem sexy to them. What intentional thought creation is instead is an act of getting your brain to a place where you are receptive, sufficient, and open before looking at the dissonance.

So, after you explore your brain and the resources you already have at your disposal, you would then go to find the additional resources you will need, the gaps you will need to fill and the places your brain is not onboard. Intentional thought creation is just taking stock. What do I have? Then what do I need?

One of the other concepts that I teach my students in 200K mastermind is a method to creating their own concepts, just like this, creating their intellectual property by tracking things they do subconsciously or automatically that they don’t know they’re doing in order to teach others. This was how intentional thought creation was created. I noticed myself doing this as an extension of my evaluation process.

So, for those of you that are in 2K, this might really help you wrap your mind around it. we do this in 2K every day. When evaluating, you start with what worked first because your brain is more positive when you do that. Literally, the state of your emotions determines the effectiveness of your critical thinking. It’s more open. It has higher problem-solving skills. You’re thinking at a higher level. You set your state of being, your emotional world where you want it to be to be the most productive and learn the most before you look at what doesn’t work.

So, this is the evaluation process, just kind of reversed, used to help create new things. So, when I was creating 2K for 2K after I came up with these ideas that 2K is the hardest part, if I can teach them that, they can focus and constrain to making 100K by dong it one client at a time. And one client at time will allow them to take massive productive action. When the result is small, they will take the small actions; the ones that seem insignificant when you’re thinking about a huge result like 100K, but that are actually required to create that huge result of 100K.

And I can show them how to use their mind and belief to create clients so that they aren’t dependent on a specific method tied to whatever current technology is working now, like Instagram or Facebook. But I can teach them how to make money that is unattached to the way we do things in society now that they can make for the rest of their life. Like, they’ll have that skill forever, how to make money.

So, after I explore those two ideas, I could be really onto something. This could be hugely impactful. Then I could coach myself on the fear that 2K won’t be enough, that coaches don’t want to learn how to sell, that who am I to be teaching this?

Once I believe the impact of this program I’m creating, now I can work on the thoughts and fears I have about creating it, because I was already so connected to that end result, I explored all the ways it would work, I was in such a different place to coach myself on anything limiting my plan or my execution. The dissonance I had seemed so much less true and so much less difficult to get past.

Now, again, I didn’t realize in the beginning that I was doing this. this was just a result of me being totally in and highly coachable in my mastermind. So, when I did other things like go on to create the 200K mastermind, hire and train a new assistant, start running Facebook ads, go through master coach training, create Ask a Coach for 2K for 2K, create the 200K virtual event.

I started doing it all of the time, and once I discovered I was doing this, I started doing it with even more intention and then teaching it. And I used it over the last three years to walk myself straight through my three-year plan. And now my students are doing it too.

We spent the entire six months applying intentional thought creation. In our group, before you ask for coaching, as a standard, you have to do an intentional thought creation first. In the advanced selling book, you get pages of questions to ask yourself to explore your mind, and a whole list of thoughts to look for that destroy new processes of thinking and new ideas. And we apply it to everything we do. And it makes my students so much more coachable.

I want you to think about this. Because intentional thought creation will make you highly coachable. If I tell you why it will work, why it’s a great idea, what you already have at your disposal, if I do the intentional thought creation for you, my brain is the brain that gets more valuable. My brain is the brain that reaches its highest potential. And it doesn’t have the same impact if the information doesn’t come from you discovering it from your own brain.

When you do it, you connect with it deeper in your bones. You believe it more. You act on it faster. And when I do give you a direction to go with in your business and it is very scary and you don’t understand it in the moment, intentional thought creation, if you apply that, will get you through the purgatory faster.

And it gives you more buy in for the coaching that you receive because you can’t – like literally, it’s impossible to just follow coaching blindly, to just 100% listen with zero resistance or your own dissonance coming up. And this is what people fear about being highly coachable.

But you have so much dissonance, so much pushback from your brain that it is impossible to just get onboard without doing the work of looking at your unintentional thinking and where you aren’t on board and where you don’t believe and without exploring your own reasons for taking to coaching and moving forward. It’s literally impossible.

And my personal coaching stance for the mastermind I am in, if I ask for coaching and I am given it, because I don’t always get it, but if I am given it, if my coach replies, I use it. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if I don’t agree immediately. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It means my brain is reacting to discomfort and my coach’s job isn’t to feed me more information and validation and give me more coaching to get me on board. It is my job to go to work, to sell myself on the coaching and go get to work with it.

And I also have a deal that I will always get to the result before I decide whether I want to continue with the method that my coach gave me. So, if my coach gives me coaching to do something, I’m going to agree, sell myself, coach myself on my disagreement, get to the place where I’ve created the result I want to create and then I’ll decide, do I want to repeat this again? And the answer is almost always yes.

You basically never know. But I give myself that opportunity and that option so I’m always buying myself in and I never feel like I’m getting lost and becoming someone else that I didn’t say yes to, right?

So, because I know this about myself and I’ve tested it over and over and over, I just keep using intentional thought creation, not only to get more of the things I want to create into the world, but to get more out of my coaching too. I get the most out of myself at every level when I’m willing to look beyond the initial resistance that comes up with all new unexplored things.

And I will tell you, the feedback I get on this concept, applying it to the things my students are creating and their goals and their three-year plan, applying it to their coaching is that it is truly the most mind-blowing result-altering – result-altering, say that five times fast. I can’t. I literally can’t – result-altering concept that my clients have every learned to apply.

Like, it’s difficult to direct your brain this way. That is why you learn it in the beginning of 200K. You do your three-year plan. You decide what your simple offer will be for the entire next six months. You learn how to apply intentional thought creation, you start learning how to create intellectual property, your own ideas, your coaching philosophy and your coaching process, you learn all those things together so that you understand the bigger picture. And then you can use all the concepts together to go out and start immediately working towards this year’s goal and your long-term three-year goal.

You start becoming a thought leader now. And myself and your peers are there every step of the way when your brain throws a fit and thinks it can’t do it or it’s confused on how to apply it to a specific situation. Because remember, you’re changing a habit in the way your brain processes information and makes decisions that maybe you’ve had for 20, 30, 40, 50 years.

It doesn’t just say, “This is how we think now. Okay.” So, the first six months applying this will have challenges. It’s also why I sell 200K as a three-year mentorship. I see my students who are working with intentional thought creation now for their second, third, and fourth rounds of 200K and it’s becoming just the way they think because they’ve stuck with it and kept applying it. I see it in their coaching that they give on the mastermind page to their peers. It’s just automatic for them.

So, think about for you what you can create when you start thinking like this automatically, when it becomes your brain’s first response. 200K will literally be just the beginning. And then 500K and a million, two million, 10 million, the results compound. Your leadership, your reach, your message compounds. It’s everything.

So, join us to apply this concept in the 200K mastermind. Go to www.staceyboehman.com/200k-mastermind. We will have the latest enrolment period always posted. We’re about to start enrolling or January’s class. We enroll twice a year only and we will see you there to apply intentional thought creation.

Okay, until next week, have a great one, y’all. Make some money.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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