Cognitive Load

There was a time in my business where I went through a period of incredible growth. If you’ve been listening for a while, you will have been right there with me. You saw the shift in the work I was creating in the world and how I was showing up. And I can wholly attribute that shift to lightening my cognitive load.

Our brains get exposed to so much external stimulation that if you try and pay attention to all of it, it becomes overwhelming. Everything that your brain consumes drains a little bit of energy, even if it’s completely insignificant. So in this episode, I want to show you how to rebalance this cognitive load and start focusing on the things that will grow your business, without feeling like you’re missing out on all the noise of social media and the news.

Join me this week to discover what your brain’s current cognitive load looks like, and what you can do to make sure it’s not getting in the way of your success. I’m sharing how every aspect of life improves when you start intentionally consuming the stuff that’s actually helpful, and why there is no moral superiority in knowing what everyone else in the world is up to all of the time.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What cognitive load looks like, where it comes from, and why it causes all of us problems.
  • Why lowering my cognitive load allowed me to increase my capacity for success.
  • How excessive cognitive load hinders thought leadership.
  • What happens when you choose to lighten your cognitive load.
  • The two most common places I see people’s attention get misdirected.
  • Why there is no virtue or moral superiority in being informed about current events.
  • How to readdress the balance in your cognitive load and start intentionally consuming more of what serves you.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches. Welcome to episode 99. How’s it going? I just got back from Austin. We did our first in-person meeting since the pandemic with my mastermind, my group that I’m a part of. And there was half of us there in person and half on Zoom. And it was so amazing. I feel refreshed.

I don’t know about you but I – well, you would have to have a contrasting experience like I had to maybe notice. But I realized, being around my coach and around my colleagues and being in that energy of other coaches in person, I noticed that I had been tapping in more to the energy of the collective than that, like, sacred energy of my mastermind, of my 10 million, 20 million, 50 million, 200 million self that I’m creating.

I noticed it so – there was such a contrast and I had so much fun. And it just felt like such a big contrast from what I’ve been experiencing. So, it was so fantastic because I got to come back and be like – I was calling it dumpy energy. But I’m like, “That’s so dumpy. I’ve noticed how I’ve been kind of dumpy around that.”

So, I just want to call everybody, before we get started on today’s episode, I want to call everybody to just noticing if dumpy collective energy has started to set in. Nothing is wrong with you if that has happened. We are in a pandemic and have been this entire year basically.

And we’ve had a lot going on in the world, and if you’re in the United States, in our country recently. Tensions have been very high. It’s been an explosive year. And so, I just want to bring that to your attention, that it’s possible that you might be tapping in, unintentionally, to the collective dump of energy that is happening in the world and we just have to always be bringing ourselves back to that highest level of belief, that energy that fuels us.

And I actually feel like I’ve done an amazing job this year. I’ve been really proud of myself. But I do know that there’s so much more available and I am so grateful to have that shift and see that, so that I can come back and have that contrasting experience. That’s the power of meeting with your group.

I would have had that even if we were virtual. Just that we meet every three months and having that boost was so powerful. It makes me really look forward to the 200K event in January. Like, I’m ready. Let’s do it.

Also, one last thing before we dive in. As of this week, we are going to be at $6 million. What? $6 million, y’all. We’re at 5.97. Those are the numbers I reported on Monday. And we make over 30K a week. So, we’ll be there by the end of the week. But $6 million, y’all. I cried my eyes out like a baby.

I’m not even going to get into it on the podcast. I’m going to start crying again. But I am a $6 million earner a year. We’ve done that always now. We will always do that. That’s who I am now. At 35. Y’all know my history, two spoons. I came from two spoons to six million dollars a year. That was just in five years. Like, what?

I just want you to know, that’s possible for you too. My first group of the $2 million mastermind is going to start in January as well. We just enrolled for that. We have 12 students who are going to start scaling to their first million, two million, and beyond. And I will tell you 100%, that is more satisfying than even the $6 million for me. I’m so excited for them.

Okay, so, let’s dive in. Today, we’re going to talk about cognitive load. So, there was a time in my business where I had really major growth. And most of you who knew me when I was selling Diva Business School and I had the Diva Business School Podcast. Those days.

And you saw the shift into 2K for 2K and 200K Mastermind. You saw the shift in the work I was creating in the world and how I was showing up, like that massive shift that everybody always tells me about. I can attribute that shift to lowering my cognitive load.

If you want to be a thought leader in this industry – I said I was going to do some podcasts over the next couple of months about things that I think contribute to becoming a thought leader. If you want to become a thought leader in this industry, I want to really suggest that you take this concept seriously.

So, first, let’s talk about cognitive load, what it is, and then we’ll talk about why it hinders thought leadership and the results that you can create, and then what you can do about it.

Okay, so what is it? First of all, I want to say that there’s an actual concept in the scientific world about cognitive load and studies that have been done and how it applies to various situations. And I want you to know that I have read none of that.

So, this podcast is my interpretation and experience of cognitive load and the way that I see it affecting the coaching industry. So, I want you to treat it like a concept that I made up. I have no idea how closely what I’m going to teach you matches up with how it’s being taught in the scientific world. That’s my caveat.

Okay, so this is cognitive load for life coaches from this master coach’s growth experience. Alright, so cognitive load, the way I’m teaching it, is the information you receive or expose your brain to that your brain then has to process.

Much of what our brain receives is insignificant and meaningless. But it still has to spend its energy processing it. So, the more people and things you interact with on a daily basis, the more sights, sounds, conversations, people, objects, experiences, the more processing your brain has to do.

So, this could be like, things in your home. Like a disorganized house, for example, is heavy on your cognitive load. When I go back to Jasper with my fiancé on Sundays, we watch hoarders. His dad and I. Really, we’re the only two. But we get really into it and we will binge hoarders.

And the amount of stuff, every time, I cry. Those people’s mental – what’s happening in their mind, it makes me so sad for them. It is really a mental health condition. So, I don’t want to be light about that. It’s really a mental condition that creates hoarding and it is something that we really need to bring attention to and help. I always feel just – it’s insane to watch it.

But the amount of stuff in those people’s houses, it literally creates this condition for them with declining health and declining capabilities for themselves in the world. Because every single item I your house is something you have to process.

I watch it and I’m like, I can’t even actually process everything that I’m seeing. It’s so insane. But even a well-decorated, well-maintained house, it has too many things, if it’s a lot of décor, it’s a lot of processing that your brain has to do.

You don’t even notice it, but your brain is doing it. So, the sounds that you hear, like if you live in a big city, if you hear sirens a lot, even if it isn’t your emergency, your brain is processing the emergency, the vibe of an emergency, the sounds of an emergency, even if it’s subtle in the background.

If you watch the news, especially in the morning and at night, you expose your brain as you start in your day, likely to highly emotionally charged information and discussions, thoughts and opinions, maybe even world events, actual circumstantial things that happen that now your brain has to process.

And maybe it’s the same thing over and over and over. Like, if you watch the news with the pandemic reporting, it’s like every day, your brain has to process the cognitive load that comes with how many deaths there have been and all of the stuff around the pandemic, everything that’s being reported about it, potential vaccines, all the stuff.

Your brain is taking that on and retaking it on every single day. If you wake up and start scrolling on Facebook, you are exposing your brain to every thought and feeling and behavior of the people on your news feed. You open your email, and every email, every line is something to process.

You go to Target – oh my gosh, I needed nail polish remover before we went to Austin. So, Neil and I went to Target to get some other things too. And he usually does all the grocery shopping for us. But occasionally, if I have a day off, when I feel like a civilian, is what I call them, someone that goes to the store. So, I’m like, “I’m going to go to the store with you and feel like a normal human again.”

So, I went to Target and I go down the nail aisle. And my brain is so protected now that I literally had a hard time focusing and I felt the amount of processing my brain was having to do with all the little tiny objects of manicure items. I could not focus. My eyes were like, “Divert. Too many objects to process.” It felt like I was going to get a headache. I was like, “Neil, I don’t even know, there’s too much shit in this store. What is going on?”

I couldn’t even find the nail polish. And then, of course, I asked the lady and she was like, “Obviously you’re an idiot. It’s in the nail aisle.” She didn’t actually say that. Her tone said it. And then I found it on the lower shelf, but then I was like, “I don’t know how anybody finds this shit. How would I have seen it on the one of 30 million shelves that are here? It’s too many objects.”

Okay, anyways, if you have four kids at home and they’re constantly talking at you and tugging on your shirt, cognitive load. It all contributes. It’s all stuff we have to process. Traffic, we have to process a lot while we’re driving.

Now, you don’t have to be too freaked out about this because our brains are very good at processing a lot of information. They can process a lot. Like, you won’t die if you live in New York City. But if you know that all the things you interact with in the world end up entering your brain as information needing to be processed, and you want to create a space to think at your highest level and create impossible things and solve problems for other people, you may want to consider intentionally lightening the load.

Because here’s is what happens. This information enters and not only does your brain have to process it. But I want you to think of it like this, that the information you receive actually interrupts your intentional plan for thinking and feeling and doing for the day. So, it interrupts your life.

So, there is the energy drain of processing overload, where having too many things in your house actually drains your energy, having too much clutter will suck your energy, your focus, your processing ability. Watching too much news, scrolling too much on Facebook, having too much outside input coming into your brain. There’s the energy drain of that being exhausting, having to over-process. And then, there is also the misdirection it takes your brain and your focus, taking you away from who you want to be and what you want to create.

So, I just want to direct you in this episode to two places where your brain really gets misdirected, potentially the most. And no, it isn’t your kids. I mean, it could be. I would consider finding a nanny or working away from your home or in a separate floor or in an office with a closed door when you’re wanting to create and think.

I actually did this – I don’t have kids. But I actually did this when I wrote Advanced Selling, the book I wrote for my 200K Mastermind. I went to a hotel by myself for two days and got away from all the interruption and all the things happening at home. Like, all the experiences, the puppies, all the things to lighten my load and focus.

That’s why writing retreats are so effective, why our three-day event for 200K that I’m looking forward to in January is so effective. We take out all the stimulus from our everyday lives and we only have our brains process the advanced selling concepts and the work of 200K.

So, you might want to do that in periods where you really want to focus. But we’re going to allow family to get some of that processing capability. It’s like a necessary load or a priority load. But I want to talk to you about two areas that I have very intentionally taken charge of that have really been like giving my brain a supercharge of boosted energy and focus. Are you ready? It may not even be surprising.

Number one is social media and number two is the news and everything that falls under that; watching the news, reading the news, the news. Here’s why these two areas are so important. They drain the most energy, require the most processing, and they interrupt your own intentional thinking the most. They are both literally a flood of other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Let’s talk about the news, whether that’s reading articles or watching the news, I want you to think about what the media’s job is. The media’s job is to keep you watching. We don’t watch when things are going well. We watch when we are scared and anxious.

Our brain, when it’s scared and anxious, wants more information to try and calm the anxiety. So, it consumes what it believes is facts to find out what’s true and how to react. And what you are actually getting in most cases – I would actually say in all cases – is distorted dramatized information that may or may not have some pieces of facts. And even those have been constrained down to only the relevant facts that match the narrative of that particular reporting.

So they could literally argue both sides of anything with facts by using only relevant facts that match their argument without giving you the actual full picture of all of the facts, to let you decide what you want to think about all those facts. You don’t get to do that. That’s not the news or the media’s job to give you all of the facts, the full picture, and then let you decide how you want to think. Their job is to pick the facts that seem the most scary, present them to you with lots of dramatization so that you keep watching.

Their job is to keep you wanting more information, feeling anxious and afraid, keep watching, keep reading, hoping to feel better. And sadly, we have not evolved yet to understand this. So, what is it, Pavlov’s law? The bell keeps ringing and we keep going for the treat.

So, it’s not facts. It’s actually other humans’ arrangement of the facts presented with an argument to make it sound more like facts, that you are consuming into your brain, adding to your cognitive load, thinking you’re consuming facts that will make you feel better.

Now, even if it is true, actual, factual information without any personal opinion attached to it, it’s still mostly, I would say 90% only reporting the bad shit; crimes, deaths, pandemics, elections and all the drama. You watch each one. They’re reporting horrible things about the other person. They aren’t reporting, “Another coach made money today. Someone lost 100 pounds with coaching. Someone’s marriage was saved.”

Like, yes, both of those things are happening. Coaches are making money in the world. People are getting better results than ever before. The coaching industry has never been more successful and more wanted. And we’re in a pandemic and we’re having all of these other things happen. Are you at least giving equal time to them?

We should start there. are you giving equal time to the good and the bad in the world? And I want you to consider who’s telling you that you need to give any time to the other stuff, any time at all to news, any time at all to what’s happening in the world.

There are people that will tell you that it’s your responsibility as an adult to pay attention and to know what’s going on. The question you have to ask yourself is, are they making millions? Are they thought leaders? Do they have the life that you want? Are they happy? Are they at peace? Are they helping others?

They might be able to check some of those marks. And the ultimate one is, is that what I want? You don’t have to listen to that. I’m telling you. You do not need to fell your brain with that shit.

And the more you fill your brain – here’s what I want to offer – the less you have time and space to super-think and create value and access higher levels of your thinking that you haven’t uncovered yet. There are actual higher planes of thinking that are available to you. You just haven’t stumbled on them. And most likely, it’s because of the cognitive load that your brain is busy processing.

Here’s what I want to offer you. I’ve spent a lot, many years on this, actually. No one is morally superior for being well-informed on world events and nobody is morally superior for ignoring it completely. It’s actually not attached. I don’t even believe in moral superiority. I think you should stay away from anything that makes you feel that way.

I really work on my mind any time that pops up or I start to feel morally superior. I think that is not a thing. There is no scale for moral superiority. But people like to make that argument. And they can. I just don’t subscribe to it, and you don’t have to either.

You can subscribe to anything and everything that you want and choose. But I challenge you to make it only things that create a net positive result for you, meaning makes your life better and brings you closer to what you want and who you want to be.

And I want to say that I feel like I’m at a place now, having gone from it’s all I pay attention to, to I’m not paying attention to it at all. Sometimes, you have to swing really far the other way to find a middle ground. Like, when I did no sugar no flour for four months, I did that so I could re-understand my relationship with food and really get control over that and not be emotionally eating and not be overeating and all of those things and not being attached, like my emotions attached to what I eat.

So, I had to take it out completely so that I could get a baseline, so I could deal with all the stuff that came up and then get used to living life without it and then love life without it. And then, once I had authority over it, then I could make a decision to reintroduce it back into my life to the degree that I wanted to.

I want to offer the same is true for the news and media. Sometimes, you have to swing all the way onto the other side where you look at nothing, to where you can coach yourself, you can get authority in your life over your brain and the results you’re creating and then reintroduce it to the degree that you then choose to from the other side of having authority over it.

So, I gave up media and the news for a year when I went through master coach training and my life has never been better. I have never had more impact and helped the world more. And I just want you to let that sink in for a second.

Some people think I need to use my platform for politics and that I need to match my content with current world events and things that are happening in the world, especially when they see all the other coaches doing it. But I don’t.

You know what I need to use my platform for? Helping people make money. Because I used to use my platform to tell other people all of my opinions and how they should be and think and my thoughts and my passions and be totally up on all the current events. And I helped a lot fewer people.

Now, I focus only on helping my students get what they come for and I have helped thousands of people. I have actually moved the marker in the world and poured a lot of money – now that I have so much of it – into the things that I really care about. I didn’t just pour my words and posts into causes. I didn’t pour my arguments and my policing other people into my causes. I poured actual cash into the hands of people who are experts in helping the causes that I care about the most.

Now, having said that, confession time; I’m human. When the pandemic hit, I started obsessively watching the news. I mean, like, every single press conference Trump did for months, all the news channels, all the articles. I was like, “I need to know everything so that I can know if I’m getting married. Am I getting married?”

Listen, this was not for a morally superior reason. I would love to say it was my deep love and desire for mankind to survive. It was like, “I want to get married, is this happening” And all it did was cause so much stress.

I got sucked in and I didn’t even catch it. It seemed so important and necessary. And then, of course, if you attach love for humanity and moral superiority on top of that, and desire to help, it’s like just notice how important and necessary it feels. And then, instead of solving problems in my client’s brain – this is what happens so you can find out if this is happening for you – I started solving the world’s pandemic problem in my brain.

I started becoming an expert in epidemiology and economics and I had all the ideas. And it was a very dark time in the Boehman household. And then, I remembered I was a life coach. I know, shockingly little thing. And then, I remembered I’m a life coach and I know shockingly little about these other things.

But I can help you make money, 100%. So, I came back. I want to call all of you back too. Imagine if you stopped solving just politics and pandemics in your head and stopped trying to convince the whole world to agree with you on your plan and you started using that time to become an expert at something that you do know about and actually solving that problem.

Your result line, the money you make, the results your clients will get will show where you’re spending your brain’s energy, how much of your cognitive processing is happening for a net positive result.

Okay, so now, let’s talk about social media. A lot of humans like to wake up and scroll and go to bed scrolling. I used to be the worst about this. And then Jay Shetty said something along the lines that scrolling Facebook or IG in bed is like inviting all of those people into bed with you. And it was enough for me. It ended it right there.

Like, I love y’all, but not enough to have you in bed with me. And trust me, Bella, Beans, and I are bed-hogs. There’s no more room for you. I sleep in the middle of our king bed. She sleeps on Neil’s tiny equivalent of a twin-size bed side that’s left after I’m sleeping in the middle and then Neil sleeps with his butt falling off of our king bed, bless his heart.

So, we just don’t have room for you in bed. And you don’t have room for us in bed. Let’s just have no one in bed with us. Just our family. Just the members who sleep there.

Okay, so I really want you to think about this. If that argument itself doesn’t do it for you, think about this. Your brain does a lot of processing and updating and downloading in the night. Think of it like a computer.

I can’t actually remember where I learned this, but it was recommended that you study your goals before you go to bed because your brain tries to figure out how to create them while you sleep. Which is, I think, the most amazing thing ever.

Like, thank your brain. Thank you for letting me sleep while you keep working to make my dreams happen. It processes the information of the day really. So, you don’t want it processing other people’s thoughts, their posts, or again, articles they post that create stress and tension and arguing for you. That’s not what you want your brain ruminating and problem-solving on in your sleep.

I think that this is what the millennials would call a brain hack, focusing on positive intentional things before you go to bed. Even just like gratitude before you go to sleep, gratitude when you wake up. It directs your brain. Instead of, before you even wake and you have a cognitive moment of intentional thought, putting everyone else’s thoughts in there instead.

I even have to be careful about what shows I watch at night. A few of my favorites recently have been Ozark. We just finished that. And I’m re-watching the entire Suits series. If you haven’t watched Suits, it’s the best ever. And Neil and I have a little dance when the intro song comes on that we do together every time we hear the intro. So, probably my all-time favorite show.

But sometimes, I end up dreaming all night that I’m in court arguing a case or I’m laundering money or I’m being chased by the cartel. I have very vivid dreams if I watch shows at night. Game of thrones messed me up when I watched that show at night. For real.

I will wake up feeling the stress of my sleep and what my brain is doing in my sleep. I would much rather it be focusing on my goals. So, for better sleep and better use of your brain’s processing power for your peace and your happiness and the life you want to create, you have to stay off social media at least in the morning and at night. Keep those people out of your bed.

But also, I want to challenge you to keep other people out of your result line, out of your thought line which creates your result line. If you study the model, your thought, no matter what you do, will always end up in your result line. So, you want to keep other people out of your thought line, out of your thoughts because they will then end up in your results.

So, I’m going to have you do an exercise. This one really might get you. Are you ready? I want you to write out your intentional models and your belief plan for the life you want to have, the results you want to create, the money you want to make, the business you want to have, the life you want to have, the person you want to be, whatever it is. Keep it something simple like just how much money you want to make this year or how much you want to make next year.

And then, do your scrolling. Your usual scrolling, whatever you do. Seriously, sit down thoughtfully for 10 to 20 minutes and write out a belief plan for your most pressing goal and intentional life that you want to have, and then scroll your news feed for the exact same amount of time. So, however much time you spend on your belief plan, you go scroll on Facebook and write down every sentence your brain reads as you scroll down the feed.

If it’s a rant or a story, write down that first thought or two or every line that you actually engage with and read, whatever your brain scans as you scroll, all of it, be writing it down. If you don’t do social media but you watch the news, same thing. Record it and then each new heading and topic that you hear or read, whatever someone says, whatever their comment is, write it down. And then compare your lists. Are they anywhere close to the same?

The answer will be no, if it’s not obvious. But I want you to actually do it. You won’t get the same amount of transformation if you listen to me and you think about it and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, yes,” than if you actually do it.

This is the garbage your brain is sifting through to give any amount of airtime to your intentional beliefs, to your belief plan. This is what’s weighing your brain down and taking your brain’s energy that it could be using to very deliberately create your life, to super-think, to create value, to innovate. And this cognitive load is what your brain spends time processing instead of the intentional thought you want to think in this moment.

If we just dial it into just this moment, the feeling you want to have on purpose right now. The belief plan you’re working on today to make money. It’s instead of processing that, it’s processing Nancy’s take on mask-wearing and Janet’s rant about how much she hates Target and some article that Erika shared that seems shocking and appalling that needs to be talked about right now, but it’s actually something that happened years ago. The article is dated 2016. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

And the worst is that while this is happening, while our brain is processing all this garbage, what we’re telling ourselves is, it just isn’t working. I’ve tried everything.

No, here is another thing that is really important. This social media load is also keeping you from seeing your thoughts that are contrary to your belief plan. You’re too busy processing the world’s thoughts to sit around and watch yours, to witness your brain thinking about what you want to create without a lot of crap interrupting it.

So, you will miss a lot of the thoughts holding you back from making money and helping people. They will get pushed to the very bottom. And those thoughts, your unintentional thoughts, finding those are just as valuable, if not more, as creating a new belief. Because the moment you actually see a thought that is keeping you from the result you want to create, you will let it go. The moment you really get it and you understand it, you’re like, “Oh, it’s just a thought.” You let that shit just go. It will get lost.

But that thought that you can just let go and start immediately creating new thoughts without ever creating a new belief ever, that will get lost when you expose it all day to the world’s thoughts. And listen, the world isn’t trying to make money as a life coach.

I want to create a room with 100 six-figure earners and 100 seven-figure earner just for this purpose, to help my students immerse themselves in thinking at this level on their very specific thing they want to create. The way that my coaches get to in 2K for 2K.

Like, you go into 2K for 2K, into that community and those thoughts, those conversations are about your biggest goal. That world is trying to make money as a life coach. It’s really the power of having a network of people trying on the same thoughts as you, with a moderator to even moderate the load there too.

We don’t let people complain in our group because I don’t want complaining thoughts being what my students consume. I don’t want those thoughts to end up on my result line. I want the consumption to only create the net positive result that my clients pay me for when they join 2K or any of my masterminds.

So, if you want to become a thought leader, you must start decreasing your cognitive load as much as possible. I don’t want you to have to live in a bubble to create and not be able to engage with the world. That’s not what I’m saying. But I do want you to carefully design your brain diet by choice. That’s how I want you to think about it.

We can’t change all the load we have interacting with the physical world. There are some things that are just circumstances that we can’t control. But we can choose to unload anything that doesn’t fuel our mission or hinders it, that’s within our choice.

And I know a lot of people who believe that they must be informed, they must stay alert and aware and knowledgeable with the world events and politics and all the things. Or that social media allows them to stay connected to people. That’s another argument I get. But only because you’ve never experienced the opposite.

Your brain thinks, if you’re not informed, you aren’t safe. But when you allow yourself to detox and see how you feel after, you’re going to be astonished at what information is completely non-essential and how safe you feel and how alive you start feeling without being connected to the world.

You will also know that other people will be okay too if you aren’t holding vigilance for them and if you stop using social media as your only connection with friends and family, you will start connecting in more meaningful ways, with actual conversations.

Yes, I keep up with less people. But the people I do keep up with, I’m informed in a more natural, authentic way that fuels my soul. So, I want you to start designing your diet by choice, knowing what you know now. Be intentional. Your brain takes on a thought the moment you read it or hear it, not after you decide whether you agree with it or not or you want to engage with it or not or you want to comment on it or not. It does it the moment you see it.

And the last thing that I will say is if you’re building your audience organically on social media, I’m not saying here that you never log on. I’m not saying you even delete them. I’m not saying don’t use them. And I’m certainly not affirming your decision to never have your business on social media.

I still use social media. But I have rules and I follow them. For example, I have social media on my computer so that I log in on worktime. When I’m creating, I stay off all of it, period. If I were still running my social media, I would post and engage at very specific times and honor them.

I would only spend time places that fuel me, in groups that fuel me, with friends that fuel me. I would only add positive models out into the world, positive thoughts out into the world, understanding that when I post, I’m also contributing to the cognitive load of the world and my clients, my potential clients. And I would unfollow anyone and everyone that doesn’t contribute value to me.

Meaning if their thoughts and feelings don’t match the belief plan I’m working on, if I have to manage my brain around them, if I’m going to want to go off on a rant when I read their shit or be stressed and angry, I’m out. Peace. Bye.

Even family members. I have some that love to post about politics and I just don’t want to have a time share with the Trump administration. I don’t want to go to Aruba with them. I want to make 10 million dollars next year. Your brain is your home. You have to consider who you want to invite in.

When you do this, here’s what will happen. Your brain will have more open space. In that space, you will get to watch your brain and find thoughts that serve you and thoughts that don’t. You will have access to more brain power, more critical thinking, higher problem-solving. You will have more energy. You will feel less mental fog and drain, less anxiety.

You will have less of a need to control and police the world. You will develop ideas at a greater rate. Your copy will be better. Your content will be more original. You will come up with lots of original ideas. Your brain will be sharper. You will coach better. You will be less exhausted. You will have more time and energy for creating the results you want. You will experience less compare and despair. You will argue, again, you will argue with the world less. There is no net negative result that will be created by choosing, intentionally, your brain diet, by limiting your cognitive load.

I remember getting a sound bath once at the Lush Spa in New York City. If you haven’t had a sound bath at Lush Spa, New York, you must do it. And it made me super-sensitive to sounds after I left. Every single noise was heightened; the subway, people talking, honks and sirens and sidewalk signals. The stimulus was insane.

The awareness of the cognitive load my brain had been processing and dealing with was at an all-time high. It wasn’t a bad experience. It was just like, “Whoa, this was always here but I’m so aware of it in such a different way.” This is what I think will happen when you give yourself a brain bath, when you put yourself on a brain diet and you limit your intake.

If you ever go back, it will feel like what I experienced in New York after the sound bath. You will become extremely aware of all of the thoughts and opinions and beliefs coming your way, all of the energy coming at you. When we are in it, it just becomes kind of normal. We don’t even realize how we’ve normalized it.

I want other people’s brains and opinions and their thoughts that are creating their results to start sounding like sirens to you, a warning that you are stepping away from your own cognitive power. I want you to have authority over it so that you are bale to have the amount of input that still allows you to be the thought leader that you want to be in this world. And you’ll know based on the results you create after doing this.

Alright, have a profitable freaking week. Let’s make some money, y’all. Alright, I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.

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