Ep #87: 200K Virtual Event & Creating Big Things

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200K Virtual Event & Creating Big Things

We’re talking about creating big things this week. I recently held my 200K mastermind event virtually, and I’m walking you through everything from the self-coaching I had to do, what I took into consideration when I was planning it, to the key takeaways I want you to gain from the process I went through.

This process has created such a profound shift in my self-concept and my beliefs about what I’m capable of doing in my business over the next few years, so I know that me sharing all of it with you today is going to be hugely valuable to you too. I’m breaking down how I made this incredible virtual event come to life, but you’ll be able to use the tips I share with you here in anything you want to create.

Join me today as I give you the key tools to consider when creating big things in your business. While I didn’t have anyone to walk me through the how of making this event happen, I hope that outlining all the fundamental points of the process will guide you through any future endeavors you have for your business.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The first thing you have to do if you want to create something big.
  • How I coached myself through planning my three-day live virtual event.
  • The thoughts and feelings I wanted to have throughout and at the end of this event.
  • 6 very specific results that my team and I were aiming for.
  • How I leaned on my team in making every aspect of the event spectacular.
  • Why it’s important to acknowledge your brain and the things it thinks can go wrong.
  • 3 philosophies I wanted all the decisions of the event to be filtered through.
  • The most striking byproduct that resulted from this virtual event.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 87. Today, I am going to give you a breakdown of how I created what I consider one of the biggest things ever in my entire career. My mind is still a little bit – actually massively blown. I don’t know that I’ve had a bigger shift in my own self-concept and my own belief about what’s going to happen in the next two years, three years in my business.

And such a profound change in such a small amount of time, and I really genuinely think what happened is the process that I went through to create this big gigantic thing in the world deeply changed me to where I can never go back, and I really just want to share this process with you today.

So we’re going to talk about creating big things. I’m going to break down how I created the 200K virtual event, but I want you to think about this could be anything. I feel like I’ve done this process creating the consultation code, which has been one of the biggest assets I’ve ever created for my 2K for 2K program.

I feel the same way when I went through this process about creating my first three-day live event, and each live event after for our mastermind. And really any major thing that I have creatively done in my business thus far, I’ve gone through a process that is similar to this.

So now, if you’re wanting to create a virtual event yourself or an in-person event, this will be super helpful as well, but I really want you to just think about the process that I went through, and that’s the way I’m going to break it down.

So let’s first start with when we decided to take the 200K virtual, I had a lot of fears. I, first of all, love doing it in-person and I had a lot of resistance and attachment to that. I really had created this concept of 200K and how it has to be in person, and I sold myself so strongly, which is what I teach my 200K students to do. I had sold myself so strongly on that structure, I hadn’t really left a window in my mind for a different structure for the event.

And so it’s like one of my best assets and skillsets of selling myself had worked against me. And so I felt very defensive, very resistant to the idea of having to move it in the first place, and even from moving it when it was supposed to be in New York to Florida, even that I had so much resistance.

I do think getting through that first initial resistance helped me move into the idea of taking it virtual. But when I started coaching myself, what really was underneath that was that tech scares the shit out of me. That feels like my truth always. It scares me a lot less now.

Now I feel like, okay, I’ve got this. But this is what I had to do and I think that this is the very first lesson I really need you to hear because most of you don’t want to take the time to slow down to do this. The first thing you have to do when you want to create something big, whether it’s out of desire or you have to is you have to coach yourself very deeply.

You have to slow down and you have to take the time to get your brain on board. If your brain isn’t on board, everything you do after will be an uphill battle. The faster you get your brain on board, the faster everything else will move, literally the more brain power you will have at solving problems moving forward.

And the way that I like for you to think about coaching yourself and what does that exactly mean, you can coach yourself a million different ways, but ideally, what you do is you sit down with your brain and your thoughts however you normally coach yourself, you can use whatever method you want, but you coach yourself until you no longer need to coach yourself.

You coach yourself until you have a plan. In the beginning, it will be very easy to say I don’t know where to start. So you coach yourself until you know where to start. No one has to tell you if you get in there and clean out the cobwebs of your brain.

So I’m going to share a little bit of my own coaching with you so you have an idea of what I did. So I just wrote down all of my thoughts, all of my feelings. I mean, it was like pages. I got everything out of there. All the thoughts I was having, all of the feelings I was feeling, all of the actions that I was taking, or what I was doing or how those thoughts and those feelings were influencing me creating this big thing in the world, and the result I was currently creating with those thought processes.

So I’m going to share a little bit with you. There was a lot. It was pages and pages. I’m going to share a little bit with you. So some of the thoughts that I started the week that we decided – I shouldn’t even say that we decided. The Four Seasons canceled and said they weren’t opening.

So the week that we got that notice, these were the thoughts that I was having even thinking about taking this three-day in-person event virtual. So here were some of the thoughts that were coming up for me about the virtual event. This shouldn’t be happening. The thought I’m about to tell you is an extension of my overall resistance I feel with the coronavirus in general is I’m tired of the virtual life. I’m done. I want to get in person with people.

My thought was the energy will be lower and my clients won’t like it and people will not feel like they got 25K of value. And I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t feel excited thinking about a virtual event. It’s going to throw off the entire mastermind, I won’t be able to coach at my highest level. Not everyone will get to interact with me the way they anticipated.

It will be too advanced for newbies, and it will not be advanced enough for my 200K, 300K, and 500K earners. See how I boxed myself in a corner? Nothing I will be able to do will be right. What’s really fascinating is I thought being virtual versus in person had an impact on that. Like, whether it was it being in person was going to change whether it was too advanced for newbies or not advanced enough for 200K people.

So that was really funny to see like some of those thoughts were always there. I always say the circumstance – I said this in selling in a crisis that the circumstance is just there to show you your thoughts always, but they were always already there.

The quality will be bad was another one and they will be bored or not paying attention or doing other things. So those were the main ones. And my feelings were uncertain and indecisive and scared and apathetic and resistant, doubtful, defiant, judgmental. And then what I was doing or what was taking up my time and my ability to just start taking action and moving forward is I was resisting all of it.

I had a complete inability to create a plan or a vision that made me excited. I held off deciding. I delegated control of how well it would work. I thought that was outside of me. How well it worked was a matter of being in person. I had no power over that, so I was just delegating all of my control for the results of the event, which became very important later on and I will share that with you in a second.

I was deciding ahead of time that it would fail. That was a big one for me. I noticed all of those thoughts were just deciding ahead of time that it’s going to fail. Notice if you do that often in your business, in consults. You decide before the person even gets on the phone that it’s going to fail.

I was spending time thinking about it failing instead of brainstorming how it could succeed. I was just in pure avoidance and the result of all of those thoughts and all of those feelings and showing up that way was an undecided, unplanned, not valuable event, which was my biggest thought is that my clients won’t find this as valuable as an in-person event and I was creating that in my own reality.

So that was the brainstorm of this is where I’m at now. So then I thought about regardless of virtual or in person, what do I want to be thinking at the end of it all. So I want you to think about that. When you want to go create something big in the world, I did this with the consultation code.

I laugh now when I think about how big of a project that felt for me because I never created a workbook. I didn’t know how to design them, I didn’t know how to put them together. It really felt bigger than my current self-concept would allow. And I remember this exact same process of what are the thoughts I want to think at the end of it all.

And the first thought, which is true to my core teachings, I have it in big caps in my notebook, it’s done. Like, the feeling of relief of I did it. I wanted to think it was always meant to be virtual. I’m so glad it turned out this way. We brought it. My team and I, we brought it.

My students are going to make the most money ever because we did it virtual. This was one of my favorite thoughts is this was the best one yet. Other thoughts that I had were I am a leader and everyone will get what they came for, and we’re just getting started.

Another thought I wanted to think was I excelled. I stepped into the full capacity of my greatness. Another thing that I wrote down is that the only thing that can really go wrong is I forget my own certainty. And then a couple other favorites are I’m a content machine.

This came up when I started thinking about creating the content for it and looking at how much was going to have to happen to create a virtual event is I’m a content machine, I’ve got this. Another one when I was thinking about the content of the event was simple thoughts are more profound.

That helps me from overcomplicating the material that I wanted to teach, and it doesn’t matter which way I teach it or how I structure it. They’re still going to get the results they came for. And I of course know exactly what to teach them. What I teach them will be exactly what they need to learn to get to create whatever result they want to create.

Again, these thoughts can apply to anything you want to create. And the feelings that these thoughts – I actually went through and gaged each and every single thought of how does that feel when I think about that at the end of this event? When I really picture myself at the end, at the finish line, I will feel proud and certain and accomplished.

I will feel the effects of courage. The aftereffect of courage. I will feel that release of courage, that release of adrenaline coming out of me, feeling myself in my deepest amount of courage. I will feel challenged and determined and giddy and unbound, which felt really powerful to me.

I realized at some point in this – this was just one coaching session. I probably coached myself for an hour or two, but in this session, one of the things I realized was how trapped I felt in the structure of my program. I really started to believe that the structure was what created my results and my students’ results.

And I’ve worked so much on that belief of there not being any structure that ever creates their results and their results are completely free of any structure, and this felt like the last thing to completely unbind me. I had changed other things in the mastermind so many different times that it was like, this is the one thing we never changed. It felt like the anchor to the mastermind.

And I realized once we changed this and created bigger results because of it, I would be completely unbound. I would feel the unboundedness forever. I even circled it really big on my page, and I would feel completely free. Oh, there was another one I wanted to share with you is open. I really want to feel open in my creativity, open that any how will get me the result.

I want to feel that way in my own self-coaching, in my own business, but I also want to teach that to my students, to be open. One of the things actually at the event we coached on – it doesn’t matter the number of people in the group, it doesn’t matter how I structure the program, it doesn’t matter how much time they have.

All of those things are circumstances and when you feel – doesn’t matter what decisions they make around their niche, around their pricing, around their structure. Literally we took it to them as the client and them as the coach and we even looked at them working with their clients. None of that contributes to the result they create.

And when you really believe that, you can be so open to any how creating a result for you. So that was the last one I wanted to share with you before I move on is open to any how. So good.

And then what happened when I really got into that, when I got into all of those thoughts and I got into feeling that way, I felt really powerful to make decisions and to open my mind to what we could create with a virtual setting that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to create in an in-person setting.

And I knew I would deliver a powerful message of thought leadership in that container. In fact, I really decided in that moment that not only was I going to blow my students’ minds with the virtual event, but I was going to teach them how to do a virtual event that would be incredibly impactful. I was going to lead the way.

And I started coming up with ideas of how I was going to do that. I wasn’t just going to coach them really powerfully. I wasn’t just going to teach them really powerfully, but I was going to teach them through even the way it was structured and how it was executed.

There was going to be no stone, no moments in that eight hours together that was left unturned. So I started thinking about featuring people during the event. I wanted to somehow take segments where they got to know each other. And I thought about wanting to include inspirational moments in the segments to really engage their brain.

I started thinking about all the ways we could use technology in our favor and all the ways we could use technology to bring everybody together in an intimate way in a virtual setting. And I came up in this brainstorm, in my action lines with these thoughts and with these feelings, I came up with the idea to pre-record the teachings so that we could actually take my videographer – I feel like that’s not a great term to call him. He’s so much more than that.

But he could go in and add graphics to the teaching and change it up and add visual elements to it that would make the teaching really engaging for the brain. And I would be able to be in complete control of exactly what I taught them. I could sit there and spend two hours perfecting, three hours, five hours, 10 hours perfecting the teaching that would be in a small amount of time, the most impactful content they could possibly get.

So I could be really in control of that if I pre-recorded that ahead of time, and then I could edit it down to save time, which would give me more time to coach. And because then I wasn’t having to coach and teach, which is what I normally do at in-person events, now I had the energy to only focus on my clients’ thinking and to really laser in on the coaching. I would have so much more energy for that.

And then because we could actually know exactly how long I’d be teaching, we could then very intentionally plan out how much time we would coach and intentionally add in workshopping time. So I literally created the entire structure and the vision of the event just from this coaching session. So when I say take a lot of time to coach yourself, I really, really mean it.

Another action I had that I wanted to do is create luxurious amounts of time to get everything done. So I cleared my calendar. Everything we had planned for eight weeks as a team, I said hold off everything. We had been planning an evergreen funnel. I’m like, set that aside. I want the entire team focused only on this event for the next eight weeks, everybody is going to give it their all.

And one of the other things I had written down is that I was going to spend more time planning than ever before. And it would show in the final result, which is so fun. I also decided to explain to my returning people how to get more out of each round rather than less. And then teach the newbies how to get the most out of round one.

And I started jotting down ideas of all of the things they would have to think and all the places they would have to be in their mind to get the most out of the training. And those two ideas combined was almost like a strategy against the thought that the newbies will think it’s too advanced and then the returning people will think it’s not advanced enough.

I’m like, no, that’s just their thoughts. I can create a container to combat those thoughts if they have them. I can be ahead of that experience. I can be ahead of that obstacle for them. And I ended up creating a container.

One of the other ideas I had was most of my in-person events, I normally spend the entire first day setting the container, meaning I spend a lot of time coaching their brain to get them ready to make really big decisions and be able to make those in a small amount of time and then commit to them very deeply. Like get their mindset in the most coachable place possible.

And so I had the idea that instead of spending the entire first day on that, I would break those up into seven individual models that I would teach them that a 200K, two million dollar earner possesses, the way that I think about my own mastermind that I’m in and the way that I approach it. I would teach those seven models over seven little mini trainings that I would release the week before and give them an entire day to sit with each one and an entire week to prepare themselves to really show up at their highest level at this event.

So all of those ideas came from my initial coaching session on going from in-person to virtual. I knew if I delivered this, the results that I would create is it would be the best mastermind event I’d ever held. It would be so amazing I would question ever doing them in person again, which was so fun to at the end, we’ll talk about the end results, but to see some of them say that they loved the virtual more than the in person.

Another result that I would create is everyone would feel touched and heard and connected to each other and all of them would get what they came for, and I, from this experience, would become a 20-million-dollar coach. So that was the coaching that I did before I ever started creating a plan for my something big, for my virtual event.

So the next thing I did is I looked at the results from my coaching session that I wanted and I got really clear on what are the very specific results that I want to measure every decision from this moment on against and I want to make sure my team also knows these are the results we’re aiming for. There were six.

Number one, everyone gets what they came for. Number two, it’s a total overdeliver, it blows their minds, they have a winning the lottery experience. Number three, that I have luxurious amounts of teaching, coaching, and workshop time planned in that they literally end the three days and they’re like, I can’t believe we got that much done in this short amount of time.

I actually used to VIP events and we would do a two or a four-day immersion and it would be just luxurious experience mixed with the most mind-blowing coaching. And every time, they would be like I feel like an entire week went by, even though it was just three days. That’s what I wanted them to experience. Like an entire week went by over three days.

So luxurious amounts of time teaching, coaching, and workshopping. Number four, I wanted it to be an intimate experience, even though we were tuning in from all over the world. Number five, I wanted everyone to feel connected, seen, and heard to me and to each other. And number six, I wanted the execution to be seamless.

So I got really clear on the result or the results that I wanted to create. So when you’re creating your something big, you want to be very clear what those are. Then, I made a list of what are all the things that could go wrong. I wanted to acknowledge my brain.

Like listen, I know you think there are a lot of things that can go wrong, what are those things? I made a list, then I offered solutions for that list. So one of my thoughts of what could go wrong was that we would miss the deadline to get the pre-work done. Like all of the content recorded and edited.

And so the easiest solution was I told my videographer Matt, I might miss these deadlines, I might not get the content done in the time that we think I will, and then I asked him as the expert what the solution was. And it actually ended up being very easy. He was like, oh, I have backup editors, we will get it done no matter when you turn it in.

Like what? Okay, perfect. Another thing that can go wrong is I might be confused. So I’m going to stop and coach myself and I’m going to get coaching any time I’m confused. I’m going to go back to my after coaching, my after model that I wanted to create all of those thoughts, all of those feelings, and I’m going to go back to those every single time. That’s going to be home base and I’m going to decide not to be confused.

Then I was afraid that I might get frustrated if tech goes wrong at the event. So we made a list of possible tech mistakes and I solved for them with my tech person and my assistant. So for example, we talked about internet connection. We made sure that we had backup internet.

The week before the event, a gas line had a leak in my neighborhood and for the first time ever, we lost power for an hour. I was like, this could be a problem. They’re building a house, they could nick that line again, we could go down again.

So we had a backup generator brought in. We had a backup room if Zoom went down, like a whole different platform other than Zoom that we would switch to. My other fear was that people wouldn’t be able to get in the room, they would get locked out. So we opened the Zoom room 30 minutes ahead of time and we left room in the event, space and our timing, if we did ever go offline, which ended up of course we didn’t because we were so well prepared that that ended up resulting in more coaching time for my students.

And then the last thing that I was afraid could go wrong, knowing myself and I’m a control freak is that I wouldn’t delegate properly. And so I asked about everything that could be delegated. Anything that was not content related or me creating the vision of the event, I delegated. And in a very strong way. I was very proud of myself. So I removed everything that wasn’t me super thinking in my brain.

So after I made that list, then I started planning the content. And again, the first thing I asked myself is what results do I want to create here? And one of the results I wanted to create was I wanted them to learn from the experience. And from that idea, I decided to start filming behind the scenes. I told my entire team, film everything, we’re going to create a behind the scenes and we’re going to give it to our students after the fact.

And then I decided not only do I not want to just do behind the scenes, I want to teach them how to do a virtual event. I’m going to create a course on it. So not only are they going to get a course on how to do a virtual event so they’re never left without the how.

I had no one to really look to. They’re not going to be left with that, but on top of that, they’re going to get behind the scenes to see what it’s really like. So they’re going to get recordings of all of the meetings I had with my team and how we ran those meetings and how we created the boxes that you’ll hear about in a second and every little second of how we worked with our vendors, they’re going to get access to that.

I also wanted the result of all the decisions made from advanced selling mindset and business planning and execution standard and giving them lots of access to thought leadership. So those are the three philosophies I teach in 200K was advanced selling, business planning and execution, and access to thought leadership.

I wanted all of the decisions about the event to be filtered through those three things. And then I started thinking about the 200K process and how to teach that in the simplest version and I ended up creating three steps to 200K, which is just giving value before in your marketing, selling your simple offer, and then overdelivering after people pay you.

So value before, selling your simple offer, and then your value after. And I actually created all of the content for the event to go into those three philosophies and into that three-step process. And then in my preparation, I rewatched the entire three-day event.

I took three full days of my calendar, I rewatched the last event, and I re-read my advanced selling book twice and I looked for anything that could be clear that might have been missing and I looked for what my students got stuck on a lot so I could add that into my future teachings.

So up until now, all of that took about two and a half weeks. So two and a half weeks in to the eight weeks planning and we haven’t started filming any content. Then I started planning the structure. What results do I want regarding the structure? First question. What results do I want?

I wanted it to be interesting and engaging. I wanted them to be so entertained and engrossed that they didn’t know how much time went by. And I wanted their mind to already be set to 200K. I wanted a faster segue into making tough decisions.

Again, that’s how I created the container, the seven-day modules leading up to the event. And I actually spend I would say a good 10 to 15 hours just on these models and editing down and getting super clear and creating concepts to teach them. Just that pre-event videos, which was probably two hours in total over seven days of content took me roughly 10 times that amount of planning.

I just really went all in. I also like to think when I’m creating that this isn’t a one off. This will – what I create today will be used forever after this, either in who I become or the actual assets we create. So far, what I’ve done is I’ve coached myself, I’ve gotten clear on the results I want to create, I’ve gotten clear on things that could go wrong and offered solutions, and then I’ve taken it by planning content and planning structure.

So here’s the moral up until now that I want to leave you when you create something big, you have to give yourself time to think and plan. A lot more than you think. This is something I teach in 200K, but it’s laughable. I talked to my coach the week that I did this brainstorm and she’s like, okay, so how long will it take you to outline the content for this event?

And I told her one hour. I was like, I’m going to do it as soon as I get off here. One hour. It took me two weeks. Three days just to watch the three days of the live event. When I started planning the outline, I was like, wait a minute, I don’t want to just teach the same stuff. I want to teach the same stuff better. I need to figure out what didn’t work about the last event, like what worked and what didn’t work and what I want to do differently this time.

So I did an evaluation over every segment of those three days. So it took me four days total to do that, but it took me two weeks to plan the content. So it makes me laugh. We always underestimate the amount of time and effort something will take, but I will say when you do give yourself luxurious amounts of time to think and plan, the difference of doing that shows up in your client experience.

So always double the time you think you need. Now, you do not double it to give yourself luxurious amounts of time to indulge in drama. That is not the same thing. Once you have planned, you want to then start moving towards execution with the energy of it’s done.

This is what brings your how to life. So notice that I didn’t spend any time trying to figure out the how ahead of time. That wasn’t in any part of my planning. The how comes to life when you start executing with the energy of it’s done.

You’re not going to know the how ahead of time. I didn’t. I couldn’t have. I remember thinking at the event, it was maybe day three, I was talking to my fiancé on a break and I said, I could never have conceptualized this. The amount of equipment in our house, the team it took to execute it, how well it was going, the way all the little things that we had built into the nooks and crannies of time, I could have never conceptualized this. I would have never been able to know the how ahead of time.

I could only move towards an emotion that I was feeling of those six results done. That’s the only thing I could have done ahead of time. Of the event being done. That feeling in my body of my clients having their results, of that being done, of the fun being done, of the feeling of me being connected to them done. The feeling of experiencing the moment of being in all of those six results.

I knew who I needed to be to create those six results. That is all I could have known ahead of time. So I’m two weeks in, and before I start taking any action, I started taking each small step in front of me over the next six weeks. No one told me how. I just kept taking the steps forward.

The next thing once you start taking steps forward that I want you to know when you create something big is that you have to expect failure and setbacks. I could spend an entire podcast talking about the failure and setbacks we experienced but I’ll tell you one quick story.

This is also contributed to being multiple weeks into the planning process and not having filmed any of the content is I knew I had a Quicktime issue on my computer and I had not taken the time to get it fixed. And I also had heard that Quicktime, I had looked it up, I had spent some time researching and they had basically said if you have Quicktime issues on your Apple, good luck, it doesn’t end well.

So my thought was I might as well get a new computer. So I went to the Apple store and asked, I said I either need to make an appointment to bring my iMac in here and get the Quicktime fixed, or I need a new computer. What can you do faster?

And of course, they didn’t have any appointments for a week so I’m like, okay, I have to buy a new computer. Except they don’t have any computers that I need, the one that I have at the Apple store. So we have to go home, we have to call Apple, then they tell us they can send one the next day, so Neil goes and gets it. He brings it back.

I’m planning to start recording content that day and he has no idea that we have to do a transfer of all of the software to the new computer. You don’t just pull it out and start it. That ends up taking an entire day because apparently, I hadn’t backed up my computer in forever.

So then after we transfer all of the stuff to my computer, we realize, wait, we transferred the software from the old computer to the new one, so Quicktime now doesn’t work on the new computer. So then bless Neil and his little heart. He knows that this will just – I’m trying to preserve my energy so well, so he calls for me, but it’s still an entire day where I can’t be in my office working.

And he ends up spending about five hours on the computer with Apple trying to fix Quicktime. They fix it for an entire day, and by the time I go to record, I get one day of recording in before it has issues again and at this point, Matt tells me, listen, if it cuts out on you, just restart and I can edit that out.

So that’s how I had to record the rest of the videos and we will have to deal with Quicktime at another time. But expect a lot of failure and setbacks. I do think I recovered from this decently well because I know that failure and setbacks are part of the process and I don’t make them mean anything about my ability to still create the end result.

So here’s the next piece of advice. For big, big, big things, if you have a team or a coach, lean on them. Lean on experts. Stay in your lane. Trust and delegate and get coached. I remember I called my one-on-one coach and asked her if she could do an emergency session, which I never do and she was able to.

And I was talking to her about everything that was going on and I, at the time, had not even met with my team. So I was still trying to create, figure out, and solve for all the tech in my brain and I was trying to do it on my own. And I have a videographer on retainer and she said, why don’t you ask Matt? Isn’t this his job?

And my brain at the time was so fried with the failure of the computer tech issues and confirming my worst fears about tech that it didn’t even occur to me to pull in the experts.

So, I met with my team, Matt and Michelle. And I had no idea. But behind the scenes, while I’m going through all my failure and setbacks around the technology, they had all of the tech set up and figured out. And it was all taken care of. So, get coached. Lean on your team. Trust the experts if you have them.

And I just want to offer that as you grow into bigger and bigger things, you will have a team. In the beginning, the smaller things you create will be on your own, but you will, as you grow, have people to help you with the bigger things that you don’t know how to do. So, never spend your energy figuring out how you at 30K are going to execute an event that I just did at six million. It’s not the same.

So, in delegating to my team, I have to give my team a big shoutout. So, Matt not only figured out all of the tech that would be needed to put together this event based on how I wanted it to run. He put an entire run of show together and ran it like a news broadcast. It was insane, the amount of equipment.

We were running off of two monitors, I think three Mac Books, the pro little computers, and switchboards that connect everything and multiple cameras as well and an insane amount of lighting. Even, like, we had to have it in my dining room, that was the tallest ceiling place that we have in our house. But the entire room is nothing but windows, open light, and I’m like, no one’s going to be able to see me.

And they’re like, no we have it covered. We have drapes coming in. We have lighting to combat the natural lighting, everything. He had thought of everything. He also went out and found the best experts to help him execute. I didn’t have to do any of that.

He arranged their travel, hired them, he took care of all of it and just sent us the bill, which was fantastic. He organized all of the equipment needed with a local production crew. He edited our prerecording teachings so fast and they were outstanding and really being so interesting that it kept my students’ brains engaged the whole time.

I would send him tons of content and it would be back within a day. It was really outstanding. And together, him and I created the most inspirational videos to start our days and break up teaching and coaching segments. The amount of creating energy that we put into it was really outstanding and I could not have done it without his vision adding to my own, like him listening to my vision and then being able to bring that to life in his own creative work.

And then Michelle conceptualized and brough to life the most amazing boxes to send to my students. And in that, Matt found the official anthem to 2K that got them dancing the moment they opened these insane boxes that we mailed to them all over the world.

She also found a designer, so I didn’t have to do any of this, made a job description, and hired a designer to create the demand formula workbook that I created for this event and million dollar copy too, and how those books completely designed and created and finished without me really doing – I think I gave an opinion on a cover photo and that was about it.

He also designed our mugs. I gave her a quote and she designed everything; coasters, pins. She coordinated the contents, like having all the contents made and then having them shipped to the people who made the boxes. So, these boxes were insane. They were made of book cloth, like this insane material, with these like foil 200K Mastermind on the top of them.

And when they opened up, they had a video monitor in them that played this inspirational video with me as the voiceover with the official anthem to 2K. and then inside, they had laser cut foam to have a space for all of their workbooks for the event, to have a space for their mug, a space for the coaster, a space for custom made pens. And everything was just outlined so beautifully. And then underneath the video monitor was this beautiful quote in silver foil. These boxes were the ultimate in luxury. And they even have a USB cable that you can charge them so that the video you can literally watch forever.

She handled all of that. She met with the team. She coordinated deadlines. She got it all shipped. And what was really amazing was to watch my students on the receiving end of that freak out over these boxes and be so impressed by the amount of time and care that we put into them. And they were really blown away, the people in Europe and all over the world that were the farthest reaches of the world who received their boxes in time for the event. And that felt like just the beginning of all of the things that she did for us.

She also hired and led the event team, created our floral backdrop, got us craft service, so we had a chef here that would make all food all day long, snacks, meals, everything, and then portion them in little proper COVID containers so there wasn’t anything just laying out to be sneezed on. Just every little detail to make sure we were taken care of at the event and my students were taken care of at the event.

So, here’s the last thing I want to leave you with leading up to the launch of anything big, whether it’s a launch, if you’re selling something, or when we do new member portal launches, when we release new versions of our member portal, or anything that we create, here’s what you want to make sure you do, is get it done in advance.

Because there are so many of these little details, some things might slip and you don’t realize them until you’re putting all the finishing touches together so you need a couple of weeks of time to be able to step back and look at everything and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

The other thing you want to make sure that you have time for is to give yourself time to ground yourself and take care of yourself. So, I gave myself an entire week of not working ahead of time so that I could be rested for the event. So, you want to make sure, whenever you’re creating something big, that you get it done in advance.

Here were the results of this process. It’s going to blow your mind a little bit. It blew mine. 35 of the 55 people in our mastermind made their money back before we even started. What? That was the energetic currency happening, just waves of energy going out into the world. I know that because we worked so hard on this event, it just set the tone for them working so hard in their businesses to prepare for the event. It was insane.

It was also the kind of event that you don’t have to ask how it went. People loved it. My students were posting testimonials after the first three hours of the day. They were posting testimonials after the pre event videos actually. They were posting testimonials about the boxes. Some of them said the boxes themselves were work 25K when they opened them up, the shift in them, what they witnessed in a creative process of what it took to create that, the ingenuity, the innovation. They said that blew their mind and was worth 25K.

So, I’m going to share with you what a couple of 200K participants had to say. And then I’m going to end the podcast with telling you the most striking byproduct of creating something this big.

Lizzie Langston said, “I just realized, in prepping for 200K, I have brought in more money in August than I ever have. And the month is not even halfway done. $11,800 so far this month selling my simple offer. And I have a consult on Wednesday. More will come. I’m going to be bringing in a lot more money regularly. It’s inevitable. This is new for me. But it’s not new for the future me.”

So, I love that when she wrote this, we started the event on August 12th. We started the pre event videos on August 3rd. So, just from the pre event videos Lizzie made $12,000. What? That’s insane.

Juliana Garcia said, “I opened the box and it really hit me in my bones like it hasn’t before. I’m going to be a multimillionaire. Even if I wanted to, I can’t avoid it. The train has left the station.” That was a really fun testimonial for me because that is what I wanted the box to do. I wanted them to open the box and change as humans, which was so fun to see that come to life.

Mara said, “The thoughtfulness and care and wow that went into this box is so off the fucking charts. I feel so dam loved, so ready to change the whole world.”

Jill said, “I’m so grateful for the pre event videos, Stacey. Today, they helped me not feel needy for coaching, open to finding the answers from others getting coached, and have greater clarity around the self-coaching I get to do tonight and beyond. I’m also so grateful to have permission to only have three essentials to focus on for this round. Big thanks to all of the alums for their pre event sharing and on the call today too. Best room ever. And I’ve even coached myself to believe that virtual event is better than live. And I have a lot of strong thoughts on this.”

So, I love that she posted this on day one. This was her experience just from the pre event videos. It completely changed the way she experienced day one.

Elizabeth wrote, after the first three hours, “As I soak in the goodness from just our first three hours, I am reminded how valuable seeing this as a process is. I got so much out of this and it’s my third time hearing it. I see how not developing my mind about what I sell has slowed me down. I see how simple my process needs to be. I see what studying my person looks like in a whole new way. I am super-excited to build this next layer of my business this week.”

Jule said, “Today has felt like Christmas when you’re five years old. The welcome to the underdogs video made me bashful like you guys were singing to me on my birthday. And Vicky made me teary. Bring it on. See you all soon.”

So, I love this one. We make everyone do a three-minute video to apply for the mastermind and we took all of these three-minute videos and we took segments of all of them and we grouped everybody into the underdogs, the newbies, and the alumni. And we played those as montages throughout the different segments, throughout the first day. So by the end of the day, everybody knew everyone. It was so much fun.

And then our resident underdog Vicky, you’ll be hearing from her on the podcast soon, who came in, she joined the mastermind at 9K last mastermind. I told her she had to make 25K by the time we started in order to join. That’s what I tell my underdogs. She did it. and in the six months of her first round, she made $100,000. So, I asked her to make a video to tell the underdogs how she did it and lend them a little bit of her experience. And we’ve attached that to the underdog video and it was so powerful. So, that was another little fun way we used just five minutes here and there of sprinkling in those extra touches made everybody’s hearts sore.

Dana said, “Just the idea of only focusing on my best client is a gamechanger. Man, the power of one thought. I worked with two clients after yesterday’s sessions and each of their calls were so much more in depth. Thank you, Stacey, for living your purpose. Two of my clients’ lives changed yesterday even more than they already had with just one thought change from me.” I love that. She changed one thought in the live event and had calls that changed her clients’ lives. Insane. I love that.

Amy Latta said, “I love you so much. What I love most about this mastermind is I can’t find another room like it, this serious about stretching and growing and talking about creating money with no apologies. It’s brilliant.”

And Lizzie Langston also posted in 2K, which was so fun, she said, “I feel compelled to share in here, the 200K mastermind is more powerful, capable and clear and simple, more thorough, more loving, more dedicated, more in integrity in her business than I ever knew it could be. She is truly an example of what’s possible, not just in her sexy fun money and numbers, but in her intellectual property, her dedication to coaching at the highest level. She walks the walk and is miles ahead. And she invites us into her space. Generous, willing, open, and sharing. Tonight, after day one in 200K, I am blown away, just like she said we would be. But also, more than I knew I could be. I’m not just saying this to kiss up or for any other reasons other than legit this girl is boss. Listen to her, do what she says. I can already see a very clear path to a 200K year. If there’s anything I’ve learned in 2K, it’s that she will help your brain make you money, question your own brain before questioning her coaching and you’ll get there every time.”

So, here was what was the most striking byproduct. I promised you I was going to tell you the most striking or most shocking byproduct of creating this big virtual event is hearing all of the 2K people who were deeply inspired, moved, and compelled, seeing our coverage and all of the posts, just like Lizzie’s inside the 2K community. The 2K page was lit up.

And not with people comparing and despairing. This was what blew my mind. But people planning. Planning to join. Committing to join, packing their damn bags. It was profound.

Elisa Owen said, “My heart is full and I have tears streaming down my face thinking about all the 200K mastermind buzz I’ve seen today. I’m not jealous, which is a new development. I’m so proud of all of you. So grateful for you blazing trails to show me what’s possible. We can all have everything we want.

Crystal Connor said, “Anybody else closely watching all of the 200K coverage and packing their bag for the next round already at the same time? Just me? So inspiring to watch.”

And Kristin Parker said, “I’m observing changes and challenges to my thoughts just because the 200K mastermind exists. I had a new client starting tonight and he kept repeating, I don’t know how, I don’t know how. I think of how this translates to our aspirations, professional and identity-wise. If 200K wasn’t a thing, it’s very hard to believe I could be having thoughts I have right now. It’s possible to make 25K in four months, It’s possible to make six figures in the next year. It’s possible to have a wait list. It’s possible to fund my retirement account. It’s possible to buy a house in LA. These are literally the thoughts I used to completely reject and I’m noticing my old circle of friends still does. Up-level doesn’t seem to cut it. This is mind-blowing stuff. Thank you for creating this reason to believe, Stacey.”

What? Seriously, it was profound seeing the amount of people committing to 200K for the next round or the next round after, the amount of people just talking about the possibility it created for them, the coaching they were doing on themselves because it existed. What?

And then, looking back – I will leave you with this final thing. I realized I did this unconsciously. And I want to make sure you know I did it because it showed in the results of the 2K people being so much more inspired and compelled and opening possibility up for them is I created the virtual event as if I’d delivered it to 500 people.

I had 55 people. But I thought about how I wanted to create it as if 500 people were attending and that is the result that played out. 500 people did attend, even if they couldn’t get in the doors. They attended by watching from the outside looking in. And it was just as impactful. It gave them incredible insight into their own mind. It gave them new commitment, new dedication, the energy, the buzz in 2K was insane.

And a couple of days after, I was in the 2K page and it was insane to watch the amount of people posting that they had made money and signed clients. It is no doubt because of the energy that was brought from the students who attended 200K, the 2K people who were following the event, and my brain leading it all. That was not a coincidence, the amount of money made in 2K during the 200K event and after the fact.

Alright, so I posted this on Instagram. But I also wanted to tell you, this event also left me knowing this. Spend a lot on your team. You’re only as good as they are. You can do anything without the how. The ability to coach yourself is the best skillset you can have in your business. Coach yourself to be in it’s done without the how.

I am profoundly impacted by my experience of this virtual event and it’s why I’m spending so much time on this podcast talking to you about it, is I really do feel unbound. From this moment on, I do not ever need the how. I can do anything with this track record now that I have created from this event. I know my brain can literally create anything without the how.

And then the third thing that this event left me knowing is, invest a lot in coaching. My students paid me $25,000 to work with me for six months. And this event was just the beginning. They still get six months of working with me every week. What? That’s insane. You get what you pay for, folks. When you join 200K, you’re getting way more than that 25K you might be worried about. So, spend a lot. Get a lot in return.

Alright, I hope this was really helpful. I want you to go out and create big things, have a big impact. I love you so much. I’ll see you in the next round of 200K.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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