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This week, I want you guys to get really honest about what you’ve been spending time on in your business. Have you been feeling super productive writing blogs, finishing up your program or workbook, or recording a podcast?

What if I told you those were the last things you should be doing if you want to make money? You’re not going to be surprised when I tell you that you need to spend your time selling to make money, but a lot of you try to avoid it. Putting yourself out there and potentially getting rejected is uncomfortable – it’s also the answer to success.

Join me this week as I call y’all out because I know you’re doing this! Creating content because you’re terrified to actually get out there is causing you more pain that you really know, and I’m going to light a fire under you to change this right now.

If you haven’t downloaded my Make Money as a Life Coach in Three Simple Steps live training, go get that right now. You’re going to find some super valuable content there that will help you apply the tools I’ve taught you to make some serious money as a life coach!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How far just serving and showing up from a place of love has gotten me.
  • Why you need to learn how to sell the moment you decide to have a business.
  • What you should be doing when you’re trying to make money for the first time.
  • The only time you make money off your content.
  • What happens when you hide to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula. Let’s get started.

Hey lovey. I am so excited today to talk about creating content versus creating clients. Are you ready? First, I have to read this testimonial. It is so fun. My client Samantha in my 2K for 2K just posted this.

She says, “I started this program at the end of summer and I was at consistent 2K months at the time. I immediately hit 5K the next month and it was consistent there until January when I hit 7K. Ladies, tonight I signed a client, which brings me officially to $8500 just this month so far.”

She said, “I’m so grateful to Stacey and to the mentors here. You are all such an inspiration to me of what is possible. To all who are just starting, I am not any more of a magical unicorn than you are. You can do this. Dig into this program and commit to it. It’s so worth it to create results that blow your own mind 2K at a time.”

So exciting. Congratulations Samantha. I am seriously – like, I think you are the perfect example of what’s possible. I have so many clients that reach out to me and want to work with me and their biggest fear is that they’re too far along to join the 2K for 2K. And it’s not just creating your first 2K. It’s creating 2K more a month at a time to get to 8K. 2K to 4K to 6K to 8K consistently, 12 consistent 8K months, this is $100,000.

That’s what it’s about and Samantha, you are an example of that exact philosophy that I have. Congratulations. I am so excited for you. And listen, my clients are not the only ones making money, my friend. I’m also killing it. I should be, I’m the one teaching this. But seriously, I don’t know what to do with myself in the best way possible. I’ve almost hit my goal for the entire year for my enrollment in my 2K for 2K in two months.

The goal was 200 people for the entire year and I have already done almost that in the first two months. I’m like, I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m like, what is happening here? By the end of this quarter, we’re going to have exactly what we needed to have by December in March. Like, what? It doesn’t even make sense.

It feels like – I mean, that’s a big portion of my million dollar goal for the year, and so I just feel like it’s so much fun. This is what I’m doing right now. I’m just – because I’m like, knowing now from a deep place, it’s like the goal is truly done and I know we’re going to just blow past that goal in such a big way, I was thinking about this the other day like, how do you show up when it’s not about the goal?

And really what I’ve been working on since January, like January I had this focus where I wasn’t going to allow myself to look at the numbers ever, and I was going to see how I wanted to show up just for the love of it. Like, just in service like, if I’m going to write an email a day, it’s not going to be because I’m trying to hit my goal. It’s going to be because I am serving and because I’m just living in the belief and letting that flow through me.

And so I’ve been doing that all year but it’s really like, I’m really embodying it now of this showing up but how hard do you show up just from the love of it and just from the service of it. And for me I’m finding out it’s like, hardcore. I actually show up a lot harder and a lot more and a lot bigger when I am just coming for the love of it.

And I just want to offer that to you all. Like seriously, just get out there and serve for the love of serving, for the love of coaching. You might not think like I have to have a goal to push myself, and some of you do need a goal to push yourself. You need to have a goal that’s measurable so that you get out there and really get to work. But some of you need the opposite.

Some of you need to just show up for the love of coaching and really serve. Just shut up and serve. Like, some of you need that and that’s kind of this piece that I’m in right now is like, I’m in the awe of the possibility of what life coaching can do. As a client myself but also as a coach and it’s just – it’s so good and some of y’all need that. Some of y’all need to just be in the breakthrough. You need to feel the transformation. You need to be in the vibration of how exciting this really is. This work that we’re doing here.

Like, how much potential there is in the industry. I get so excited. When I succeed, when my coach succeeds, when my clients succeed, I’m like this is so good. This is life. It’s an amazing time to be alive. And you know, I recently was flying to Dallas and it really hit me on the plane. Like, right as we’re about to touch down I’d been doing some self-coaching and it hit me like, I’m going to be massively rich.

Like, really, really rich. I got to a place in my body with how fortunate I was and where my life was going and all the possibility of this industry and how rich my clients are going to be and how transformed everyone’s lives are going to be and I was in tears. Like, you really have to spend time in the miracle.

And even if you haven’t found your proof yet, you can be in the miracle. I give you permission, my friend. You can believe ahead of time. It’s so much more fun here, I promise. This place, this land of belief is so much more fun. Alright, but some of you aren’t in the miracle. I just want to say, and I can feel you stressing. Like right now in my office, I feel you. Calm down. Relax your shoulders. Breathe out. I promise you’re going to make it. Especially if you listen to this podcast and you do my free training and you do everything I say.

Okay, so enough of that. So today’s topic is actually perfect for this. I’m going to steer you. What I imagine is like, the direction you’re probably in, which is not the right direction, and I’m going to steer you into the right direction. Are you ready?

I want you to think about what you’ve been spending your time on, truly. I recently shared an epiphany that I had about creating content versus creating clients with my mastermind. And I’m always telling them they need to focus and get out there and create clients. That’s what their time needs to be spent on. All of their time needs to be spent on selling.

Learning how to sell really is the first thing that you need to do when you decide to have a business, period. I really firmly believe you are in the business of sales the moment you even think about having a business. You can’t learn it fast enough.

Coaches are always asking me, should I wait and learn it after this and this, I’m like, you need to learn it the moment you decide to have a business. That’s when you need to start. But life coaches come to me and they want to do anything but sell, and selling is the only thing that leads to clients.

You see the problem here. And if you haven’t listened to episode six, Your Biggest Obstacle to Selling, make sure you go do that. I go in depth for why coaches don’t want to sell and really, it’s a misunderstanding. If you have listened to that podcast, you know, you’re just confused on what selling is.

So, because you don’t want to sell or you don’t know how, or you don’t understand it, you find other things to do. And the things that you find to do are things like creating content and on top of the not wanting to sell and finding other things to do and finding content to do, what also happens is you’re looking at successful people who have gone before you with six and seven-figure businesses and you’re seeing what they’re doing in the world and you’re trying to mimic it.

You think that’s the path. So you see me with a podcast and you think a podcast is the way to get clients. I got to create a podcast. And you see my 2K for 2K program and my process that I walk my clients through and you think, “I’ve got to have a process to take my clients through, I’ve got to have a program and steps and modules.”

Or you see someone that’s super successful that wrote a book and you think I need to write a book. Like, that will bring me clients. And you might be thinking this isn’t you, but for those of you that are in my 2K program, you know how I know it’s you? It’s because you join immediately and ask about what your next email should say or you ask me about content calendars. That’s definitely a sign.

Or you talk about your program and what you should offer or what you should title it or anything related to creating things that isn’t clients. Like, you’re either creating work in the world or you’re creating clients. That’s a really great way to think about it. Are you creating more work for yourself or are you actually creating clients?

Are you creating interaction? That’s how you really know. Is it human to human interaction or is it interaction with your computer screen? And I totally get it. You see Instagram feeds that are curated and successful blogs and podcasts with thousands of downloads and you think it has to happen like that before you make money and that’s the answer.

So you spend all this time creating it, writing the books and the blogs and recording the podcast, and this is all so much more fun and comfortable than making offers. But that is not going to bring you clients. When you’re trying to make money for the first time and trying to believe in yourself as a coach, the only thing you need to be focusing on is marketing and selling and building relationships.

Meeting as many people as possible, telling them you’re a life coach, and making offers to help them. I promise, it really is that simple. But this is uncomfortable. You don’t want to get out there and make offers. Your brain definitely doesn’t want you to get out there and make offers. It tells you it will be so much easier to sell once you create the program or refine your niche or get your website up, create that freebie. Once you figure out the program you’re going to teach your clients, then you’ll be confident to sell.

But this is what I’ve realized; the hardest thing to do in the world is take your vision that is in your mind and bring it into physical form, to bring it into life. To take the intangible and make it tangible. To bring your ideas into the physical world and in a way that is simple and easy to understand so that people can consume them. It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Figuring out what you believe, what you teach, what your process is, that is hard work.

I want you to think about how many people have ideas for art, for novels, for movies, and business concepts, like inventors, and never go through with them. They never produce anything. It just stays in their mind. It’s a lot of people. Everyone you know has got a dream somewhere. They’ll tell you all about it if you get them talking.

You know, once I heard that the greatest collection of ideas in the world was in the graveyard. What? That really rocked me to my core because it means that so many people, so many more people go to their grave with their idea than actually produce it in the world. And the reason for that is because it’s hard.

And really, the reason it’s hard is because people try to create that content, they try to create that body of work before they become the person who is capable of creating that body of work. Really hear that. This is why you shouldn’t create content early on in your business. Not only is it not what creates money and clients, but you’re trying to create it from a place of your brain doesn’t fully understand it yet. Your brain hasn’t unraveled all of the concepts yet.

You’re most likely coaching from a place of a lot of surface level understanding. Some experience you have yourself here and there, but not from a place of having mastered the work in yourself and coached hundreds of people through it. That’s a whole different place.

You’re trying to create all this amazing content because you see that coming from your mentors and you think that is what will make you successful. But your brain is still developing and understanding these concepts. You’re still gaining experience as a coach. It’s like you’re trying to create intellectual property but you don’t have it yet.

You don’t have new ideas that come to you from your understanding. You don’t have that level of understanding yet. Many of you are probably teaching somebody else’s ideas, which is totally fine. I did that my first two to three years. It was like, year two is where my brain started firing off new ideas from myself of the work but it still wasn’t good. It was just beginning to tap into it.

So this process of creating content will take you lots of time and lots of experience and lots of understanding and it will feel like you’re doing something, but it’s not going to produce money for you. And that’s if you don’t spin out in confusion and overwhelm trying to do this thing of creating content before you actually have the content in your brain to create.

Then, in an effort to avoid the discomfort of making the offer by creating the content, you’ll end up in so much discomfort you’re going to avoid your business for weeks. Think about it. You have the subconscious thought of not wanting to be uncomfortable making offers, so you create content in a backhand way to make yourself feel great and productive and busy, but you aren’t ready to create it and you don’t have the experience needed to create it, so you spin yourself literally into an oblivion of discomfort.

So from a place of not wanting to be in discomfort, you create this massive amount of it by trying to do something you’re not even ready for. What you need to do is get out there and sell your coaching and coach your clients and create your ideas and your methods and your process by coaching your clients and like, lots of them.

If you want a hugely successful business, you need to do the work of coaching. I want you all to think about this because some of you are trying to bypass coaching, especially one-on-one. You want to go straight to group. And if this is you, let me just tell you for you, you want to coach one-on-one. This is where you will develop your ideas and concepts in your own personal style of coaching.

It’s the greatest foundation you can ever set in your business. So many of you won’t make money because you’re going to get stuck in setting up shop and creating a blog and an email and a podcast and daily social media posts all in one week. Like, all of that. That’s why you need your content calendar. And that’s all time that you could be meeting people, telling them you’re a life coach, and making offers to help them.

It’s time you could be building relationships, showing up, and serving people. It’s time you could be going through the discomfort first and making money on the other side. And then you’re working with clients to be able to develop that body of work that you so badly want to create.

I really want you to think about two entrepreneurs. One spends 10 hours creating blogs and writing a chapter for their book, while the other spends 10 hours engaging with other humans. Meeting new people, telling them who they are and what they do, and making offers. Who is going to be more successful in business?

The person who spends 10 hours making offers. It’s so important. You’ve got to be making offers. And let me be clear too; this thought, this idea that you can create content like a podcast or a blog that’s going to make you money, you only make money because of and off of content when it is so good that it replaces your own brain.

When your content becomes as good as if you were there, that’s the only time that you start making money off your content. In the beginning, when you don’t have your concepts and your process because you haven’t been coached enough to have it and you haven’t coached enough to have it, then you’re like, hitting your head against the wall.

You’re trying to create something that isn’t even there yet. I remember doing this at such a basic level, even with my website. In the beginning, I would just sit there and it felt like literally beating my head against the wall and finally I just stopped, and I started getting out and meeting people and talking about what I do, and I started making money.

Now listen, if you’re doing these things and you’re actually creating the content with no drama, it’s fine but I want you to see the percentage of how often you’re spending time on creating content versus getting out there and meeting people and making offers because the pendulum is always swinging the wrong way. The balance is always way, way off.

It’s like, you’ll be doing 80% content and 20% – that’s a generous amount too – 20% making offers. If you’re that person that’s out there and you’re doing well at creating content, like you managed to get your website up and you have your messaging and you’re good on all that, really just look.

If you’re not making the money you want to make even if you’re making money but you’re not making the money you want to make, you just need to look at what’s the percentage that you’re spending time creating clients and what’s the percentage of time that you’re spending creating content. Because I made so much money in my business but it’s been because my predominant focus has always been on meeting people and telling them who I am and what I do and making offers to help them and that has always bee the thing that’s made me the most money.

I’m actually reading a book right now by Darren Hardy and there’s this part in the book – I think it’s called The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster. And there’s a part in this book I totally went crazy. I was like, preach.

He says, “The one thing that matters most in determining whether your business succeeds or fails miserably is sales. And the ultimate success of a product or service is 10% product quality and 90% sales. And nine times out of 10, it isn’t the best product or the best management or margin that determines the leader in an industry. The companies that become the biggest are the ones who market themselves the best and sell themselves the most.”

He goes on to say, “The person who knows how to get, keep, and cultivate a customer gets paid the most.” And he says, “Your number one job from the first glow of your computer screen in the morning to the last loose end you tie up before heading home if you need to be selling and you don’t get to hide from it.”

So good. Many of you are hiding and creating content. It’s a really safe place to be. But it’s not going to make you money. It just isn’t. And listen, I’m all about having an amazing product but it just still isn’t what makes you money. Selling does. It’s how you create clients and creating clients is where the money comes from, literally.

And I actually had – this is another great example. I had a client in the 2K group today ask if she should create her program and workbook before she sells it and my answer was no. You could spend 10 hours creating that and then maybe nobody buys it. Then what?

Or you could have spent that 10 hours selling it and then people buy it and then you create it if people buy it. And you’ll probably create it faster once people have bought it because now you have to deliver it. So this week I just really want you to get honest with yourself. Are you spending time creating content and programs or are you genuinely spending time creating clients?

Are you spending your time meeting people and making offers? Be onto yourself. Notice when you’re feeling accomplished because you got so much done this week and then you rattle off like, I got a blog done and a program done and everything but getting your ass out there and marketing and selling yourself.

Notice how all of that seems so fun. So much more comfortable, or even necessary in your brain to selling, but none of it is. I’m a sales expert. You don’t need any of that. And if you want to make money, you have to focus all of your attention. Like, I want you to have undivided attention to creating clients through marketing and selling and you really just have to be onto yourself.

Making offers, this is what it will feel like. It will feel like putting yourself out there like, naked. It’s the real deal. There’s no hiding. You expose yourself to rejection when you make offers, but that’s the way to make money. You just have to get out there and do it. And the more you do it, the easier it will get, but the longer you prolong and avoid it, the scarier and more confusing it will be.

And it’s truly, it’s like that is the difference. The difference between the coaches who don’t get off the ground and who take forever to make money and the coaches who don’t are the ones who are willing to like, not spend all their time buffering with content but they spend their time getting out there and being seen and meeting people and making offers and telling everybody who they are and what they do and building relationships.

That is the way to make money as fast as possible. Alright darlings, loveys, ladies and gents, I hope you have an amazing week. I really hope you take this to heart and you get out there and you really look and get honest with your percentages and you change it. You do whatever you have to do to be able to get yourself out there and just be telling the world like, shouting to the world who you are and what you do.

Alright, have an amazing week. I’ll talk to you next week. Bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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