Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Envisioning Extraordinary Wealth

If you’re the type of coach that believes in vision boards, the law of attraction, manifestation, or living into any kind of aligned model ahead of time, this episode is for you. Of course, it’s helpful to consider who you will be when you have created extraordinary wealth, but it’s super important to educate yourself on how wealthy people actually live their lives, so you can see what your life will be like as a whole.

What are some of the subtle signs of wealth that you notice? I recently came across a post that asked this question. When I thought about the subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs of my extraordinary wealth, I realized that you can feel wealthy with the money you have right now, which is the best place to build your vision from.

Tune in this week to discover how to envision creating extraordinary wealth from a place of sufficiency. I’m sharing some of the common things people see as signs of extraordinary wealth, some of the signs of extraordinary wealth in my life, and how to incorporate some of these things into your life right now, as well as your vision of extraordinary wealth in your future.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why building dreams and visions from a place of sufficiency is the best place to start.
  • What it means to feel or live into an aligned Model ahead of time.
  • Why extraordinary wealth can be any amount of money you decide it is.
  • How to start envisioning extraordinary wealth by seeing the ways you are wealthy right now.
  • Why emotional intelligence and awareness of life-coaching tools is a form of wealth.
  • The subtle and not-so-subtle signs of wealth that I envisioned for the life I’m now living.
  • Some of the subtle signs of wealth that can be part of your vision for your life.
  • How to envision your extraordinarily wealthy life, and see how you’ll use your wealth for your benefit.


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 225. Today I want to talk about creating extraordinary wealth. So I saw a super interesting post the other day by Ramit Sethi. And he was asking people what were some of the subtle signs of wealth that they could think of. And I got really wrapped up in this comments section. It was so good and so fascinating. And I was able to kind of start thinking of mine. It got me thinking of subtle forms of my wealth, not so subtle forms of my wealth.

And first of all I have to just say what I loved about the thread was the examples people gave, you could find yourself extraordinarily wealthy right now, if you made $100,000, $60,000. There were things as simple as going to the grocery store and not thinking about the cost of groceries. They were from all ends of the spectrum. I’m actually going to share some of my favorites with you all. And you can go to his Instagram, I think it’s @Ramit and find this thread. It was just really, really interesting. He also has a Netflix show coming out, so you know I’m going to watch it. I’m all about it.

I haven’t followed him extensively in any way but I do follow him and any coach that has a show out I’m going to watch it for sure and this thread was really interesting. So I just wanted to share some of my subtle and not so subtle forms of wealth. And the reason I wanted to do this is because if you are the type of coach that believes in vision boards or law of attraction, manifestation.

Or if you just believe in simply feeling into or living into an aligned model ahead of time. So meaning you believe that if you go first in your thoughts and your emotions, thinking as the person who has accomplished something in your brain and in your emotional world, your actions will then start to line up and with massive, prolonged actions that line up with that thinking and that feeling, that those results will then become inevitable.

If you believe these things, if you enter self-coaching work in any of these ways, I think it’s extraordinarily helpful to think about who you will be when you are wealthy, to do these exercises with money. To think about who you will be when you are wealthy. But also to educate yourself on how wealthy people live. And I think it’s really useful to not just think about all the ways that you will spend the money that you will make, when you make the amount of money you want to make. But again, who you will be and what your life will be like when you have extraordinary amounts of money.

I think it’s super useful to think about how you will solve problems, what your day-to-day might be like. And listen, again this is subjective, it can be any amount of money when I say extraordinary amounts of wealth because I used to believe, there was a time in my life where I believed $100,000 was an extraordinary amount of money, really, only the richest of the rich people made 100K. And then there was a time where it was $500,000. I remember thinking, I will literally be the richest person on the planet when I make $500,000 a year.

It just seemed like such a ridiculous amount of money. And then a million felt that way and then 10 million felt that way. And now I think it’s all extraordinary by the way. It’s not lost on me at all, I just think it’s ridiculous. And my new number for me is making 30 million. My company selling 30 million of coaching at a standard typical profit for our business, that would mean close to six or seven million of actual take home after taxes. I get to keep that amount of money. And that to me feels like what is even happening in the world if I can take home $6 million in a year.

And I also think about when I could take home a $1 million of profit every you’ll, once the taxes are paid, or not every year, every month, once the taxes are paid, if I could make $1 million, bring home $1 million a month. That just, I don’t even know. It seems so crazy and ridiculous and amazing. It would blow my mind to do that. So whatever the amount is, there’s no judgment about it. It could literally be any amount of money but I want to give you guys permission to feel extraordinarily wealthy with $100,000, with $50,000. It’s all relative.

It’s all comparative and subjective to, you can compare to other people, you can always find other people even at $50,000 that are much, much richer than, much, much, much more richer than, that’s for sure not the proper way to say that, nobody make fun of me. So I like to spend time thinking about how we are wealthy now with the money we have. When you think about law of attraction or manifestation or creating an aligned model, however you approach it. I like to think about how I am wealthy now so that I start the dreaming off right.

So I start on a sufficient note and then I build from there. So that’s the first most important thing is you have to be able to find that place of you are better off than a certain amount of people and that is an extraordinary thing. And you can feel wealthy if you decide to find that. I remember, I did a Tony Robbins exercise once, this was before I even made 100K. And he was like, “Wealth is all about gratitude and giving.” And so I went on this rampage of giving help, giving time, giving money, paying for people’s Starbucks or tipping $10 on a $5 Starbucks. I love to do that.

Just ridiculous things that I didn’t have to have an extraordinary amount of money actually to make myself feel that way. So however much money you make now, permission to feel like that is extraordinarily wealthy. And you can always think about other people that you have so many more resources than. You can use that to be rich. For example we all have clean water. The fact that you live with a roof over your head and the fact that you can listen to this podcast. There are just so many things that you could do.

Building vision boards dreams from a place of feeling sufficient is just the best place to do it. So anyways, I don’t want to spend more time on it. That could be a whole another podcast episode. But what I did think I would do is share some of the comments that people made on Ramit’s feed that matched things I actually do have happening in my life. I’m going to share some of his followers what they offered that I thought was really interesting.

And I also want to share a story with you as well. So if any of the things I talk about match the desires for you then you can put them in your mind and start feeling into them. You can put them on your vision boards. I have made a lot of vision boards in my life. I actually am a big believer in them. I haven’t talked about it a lot on the episode but I have made a lot of things on past vision boards come true. And I think the reason is mostly because of how specific I am with them and how much time I spend curating and dreaming.

I’m going to do a vision board, it’s probably going to take me a month or two to finish. It’s going to be very detailed. I’m going to spend lots of time searching for the images and searching for the things and deciding on the things to put on that board. And then I’m going to put it somewhere and I’m going to look at it every single day. And I’m going to think about it every single day. And I’m going to hold it in my mind and my emotions. And I’m going to feel the desire for them. And then I’m going to take focused action now to move towards them.

And so I just think that it could be extraordinarily useful for you to almost as an exercise to use some of these things to add to your mental vision board. I also I want to say this before I dive in. I also did an exercise with my 200K Mastermind once on stage where we let money be exciting rather than scary and dream up our biggest desires. And then we talked about how to make them happen now on a small scale. And so that’s always really fun to do too. And I think it gets you closer to having those results that you want.

So for example you might dream of wearing designer clothes like I do. And you can go rent the runway. You might dream of helping animal rescues with all this money that you’ll have. And you could find one now and help them with their marketing or donate time to the animals. Or you could donate $5 or $10 or $50 dollars a month. There are ways to start building those things even though it might be smaller actions. So I also just think in general that’s a fun way to approach finding wealth now and getting you closer to where you want to be in the future as well.

So your homework for this episode before we really dive in is to find all the ways that you have wealth now. Another side note, that could be wealth in the form of emotional intelligence, which is how I started the journey, when I had my two spoons, or even the desire for emotional intelligence, awareness of life coaching tools automatically makes you wealthy. And then you’re going to make a list of the wealthy signs that you want in your future. So what it will mean for you and your life to have extraordinary wealth.

How you will use it for your benefit, it’s okay to use wealth for your benefit. That might be a thought you might want to explore. And just start making that list of these specific things. And you can also go to the thread @Ramit and find other things that might click with you that I don’t talk about. So that’s what we’re going to do today. It’s going to be super fun.

So first I want to start with a story that was a sign for me to tap me into the feeling of the right now, me having extraordinary wealth. It really stands out to me as having arrived. And I really am sharing this not to brag, not to make this all about fabulous living in any way. But to really bring you on a journey of what it feels like and what this experience can be like to dream of something for so many years and then make it happen for yourself. And if me making my dreams happen for me and my family, if that feels like an example for you, that’s the intention. It’s not like a brag in any way.

So the story’s meant to be something super fun. So I have dreamed about, for years, since even before finding coaching and started my business, I have dreamed of having a luxury experience at the Kentucky Derby. So we are nearing race season in Kentucky. And I’m not a racing expert or a Kentucky history buff in any way. So I’m just going to explain it to you, the way it feels to me once I moved here and started experiencing my first Derby seasons and racing seasons, but in Kentucky it’s a big deal. We live in Louisville, so we live in the city where Churchill Downs where the Derby is ran so it’s a really big deal specifically here in this city.

And the season has kicked off with the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby. Now, if you’re not familiar with any of that, Kentucky Oaks is the day that the fillies run, the female horses. Everyone, all the women wear pink at the track, actually everybody wears pink at the track mostly that day. And the winner of the Oaks race, the horse gets a beautiful garland of pink lilies. And then the Derby is the running of, I don’t know if the fillies are also three years old, but the running of the Derby is the three year old, they have to be a certain age of the males the next day and it’s the main event.

And the winner, the horse gets a garland of roses and it’s so fun. You can actually go, so I think that they do it every year. I live near Middletown, Kentucky in Louisville, it’s a suburb I guess of Louisville. But you can go to their Kroger grocery store and actually watch, what do you call them? The people that work in the floral department. You can actually watch them putting it together. They have a viewing area and people come and they actually watch the garland being composed and put together and they have to spritz it to keep the roses fresh.

It’s really insane, so much fun. It’s a whole thing in the city. And they call it The Run For the Roses. And then the Derby, again, if you’re just not familiar, it’s considered one of the most exciting 60 seconds in sports ever. Everyone gets extraordinarily dressed up. It’s a time for fascinators and giant Derby hats and matching outfits. If you have a partner and you go you typically match your outfits. And there are just lots of pastels and really nothing is truly off limits fashion wise. But it’s just the best time ever to be in Kentucky, to be a Kentuckian, especially from Louisville.

It’s like New York Fashion Week combined with the Olympics. That’s how it feels for me. And then we start the whole thing off at the Kentucky Derby Festival. And there is the full Thunder of Louisville which is one of the biggest firework shows in the entire country. And the whole city is just abuzz. We watch it every year. So you either typically have a Derby party or you go. We have gone several times, the locals usually do general admission and you get to go to the paddock or the Infield there’s no seats, but you just get to walk around in the stadium.

The Infield I’ve done in college, it’s a giant marsh pit, not for me now. So I have always dreamed of, they have something called Millionaires Row and Turf Club, where these just all the celebrities go. So I have always dreamed of going in the fanciest way possible. But it’s just so extraordinarily expensive. And this year we decided to buy tickets on a whim. So this is the first sign of extraordinary wealth is you will buy luxury tickets to events on a whim. We did it for us and 10 of our friends, which is so fun.

They just did Churchill Downs just did a $200 million redesign to give the paddock area more space where the horses I guess get trotted out, whatever. And to create these ultra luxury experiences all across the track in all different ways. So we actually connected to one of the sales reps who gave us an entire tour of all the new and the old spaces. We spent 90 minutes and walked, I don’t know, two miles. We got to see Millionaires Row, Turf Club.

They have something now called the Homestretch Club, which we’re super interested in getting tickets in the future. It was so cool. The First Turn Club, we also got to see renderings of this new luxury paddock experience where they’re going to build seats indoors behind the horse stalls with this special glass that allows you to see the horses, but they can’t see or hear you. And then they’ll have a special tunnel where you can walk through and go straight to the track right next to the winners circle and watch the races.

And then they also have this luxury seating between the two spires which they’ve never had before. So these famous spires at Churchill Downs, there’s now luxury seating that you can get there which I’m also super interested in for the future. So we got to do a tour because we’re thinking of purchasing a three year lease in one of these spaces to where we get first dibs on the tickets every single year and because I asked. You’ve just got to ask for things. And Jackson went with us. It was so insane, he had the best time.

So we’re taking 10 total of our friends over a week period to the different festivities, specifically for Oaks and Derby, we got a table for 10, so eight other couples at their First Turn Club. We didn’t get to actually see it because it wasn’t open yet. But we could see it from afar and it’s going to be insane. It’s going to be so beautiful. We will see the horses the most out of any area. We’ll see them come around the first turn at the race, but we will also see the winners of the Oaks and Derby be interviewed right in front of us which is going to be so insane.

And then it’s all day food and alcohol service. The famous drinks are the Lilly on Oaks, I think that’s what they call it. And then the Mint Julep for Derby. I’m a Mint Julep girl, I will be having them both days. And then what we get to do is we have a table inside, but then we get to walk out basically right up to the rail and watch the races. And so it’s going to be just one of the closest experiences to the horses on the track. We have a car service coming to take us and pick us up. And we’re actually taking a few of my friends who have babies as well. And my nanny is watching three total babies for both days.

And then I have a private chef coming to cook for everyone that comes in. They’re flying from all over the country, everyone that comes in that Thursday before, Oaks is on a Friday, so that Thursday our chef is going to cook for everybody at my house. And so I have my stylist, you’ve actually heard from her on the podcast, Sam Brown and her husband Joel are coming from New York. And then I’m taking my Chief Technology Officer from Chicago, Neil’s brother’s coming and then of course both of my Lindsay friends and their husbands are also coming.

So we’re all so excited and it feels so fun to be able to do this, to treat ourselves, to treat our friends. I’m literally putting this every year on my dream list of experiences I want to do from here on out. I already have my dresses and my fascinators. And we’re taking some friends to opening night at the track. They just created this insanely fancy steakhouse. And so we’re going to get to eat at the steakhouse. And then there’s a balcony that overlooks the finish line. And they’re going to do night racing to open up the season.

So we get to eat dinner and then go out, every time they do a race, there’ll be multiple races. And it’s at night so the whole track’s lit up. And we’re going to get to watch the races, to kick it off. And then my nanny, her brother is also a sports photographer. So he’s getting us into, it’s called Derby at Dawn or Dawn at Derby or something. And we’re going to actually get to go in and be with the horses kind of, while they do their practice running in the morning. It starts at 7:00am. It’s going to be so crazy.

So it’s going to be an extraordinary week. I know it was a long story to tell you, but it’s going to be an extraordinary week and especially as we think about leaving this city and moving to Tennessee. I feel so excited to have this experience. I also have to tell you, guys, I’m trying to make sure I remember everything. For those of you that are always asking about my fashion. You all know, I always say at every sporting event, I’m just here for the fashion. That’s what I’m here for and it’s no exception here for the Derby, I’m just here for the fashion.

So I am wearing Carolina Herrera to opening night and Dolce and Gabbana to Oaks and Roland Mouret to Derby. It’s going to be insane. Neil is wearing a custom David August suit. It’s summer blue with a blue tie and yellow flowers on it for Derby. And I’m going to be matching him in a pale yellow dress and a pale blue fascinator. It’s going to be insane. Okay, so it’s going to be iconic essentially in every single way. And I am obsessing over the fact that we just made this happen so quickly in such a small amount of time.

It was, we decided, I think we talked to the sales rep that day, set up a meeting to go see it two days later. And in between got all of our friends to confirm that they were available and book flights and get here. It’s just so crazy. And the fact that we paid for this from a life coaching business, the money that I made, life coaching. It’s so good. And then one last thing, I have to tell you because I was just talking about this with my team. I am having a photoshoot with Jackson. I got him Gucci overalls that literally are the epitome of the Kentucky Derby.

And I have a pink, almost it looks vintage pink and white polka dot dress. Imagine Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. And we’re going to do a pre Derby photoshoot just because that’s who we are now. We just do random frivolous photoshoots for memories for our child since he can’t actually go to the Derby. So we’re going to just celebrate this event. I don’t think there’s any possible way to celebrate it harder. And I’m just totally here for it.

And then I saw Ramit’s post and I know that this is not going to be a subtle sign of wealth, but I’m also not a super subtle person. But I keep thinking about how this all happened so casually, so quickly and without the stress about the money it cost. The conversation was just originally we were looking online at StubHub first of all. Never do that.

Once we talked to the sales rep, she told us crazy stories of people spending $45,000 on tickets and finding out they were fake and that there were no seats there. And that you might get there and not know that your seats are fake until you go to scan your ticket and there’s no seats available which was so crazy. But we were originally just seeing for ticket seats available on StubHub and we were just going to buy them from there. And then when we called her, she’s like, “Actually there are tables of six.” And she was showing us around.

There were some four table options but there were six table options. We started thinking about who can we invite. And then we were like, “Oh, well.” And then she’s like, “This area has eight tables.” And we’re like, “Ooh, okay, maybe we’ll ask eight people to go.” And then she’s like, “Well, there is these 10 tables.” And so it just kept increasing of, okay, so we just need to ask one more group. We just need to ask one more couple. And so now there’s 10 of us going. It’s just really insane.

And then after we made those tickets she was like, “Well, we also have this experience for opening night.” And so we’re like, “Okay, is there two more friends that we can ask?” Who would we want to ask? And so we ended up buying Oaks tickets, Derby tickets for 10 plus opening night tickets for four. It just happened so crazy so fast. There wasn’t just this, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain it but it was just, I noticed it happening where she would be like, “We have, listen, six or eight or 10.” And I am sure she expected there to be, we just kept going, “Oh, yes, that would be great.

There’s one for eight, yes, that would be great. There’s one for 10, that would be even better.” And that just felt to me so extraordinarily wealthy. If you could just say yes to all of it and then just message your friends. I messaged my two Lindsay friends. And I said, “Listen, are you guys both by your phones? I’m going to send you a voice message. I need you to answer right away. I need you to just be by your phones and respond immediately whether you’re in or not.” And they were like, “What’s happening, are you okay?”

And so it was just so fun to be like, “We can take you guys to Derby and Oaks. I just need to know if you’re in before we buy the tickets, but we have to buy them now. They’re selling out.” It was just the way that unfolded, no other experience of that just is wealth, that you could just say yes to all the things very quickly. And all of my friends are so excited. We’re now all on a thread and we’re just being the most ridiculous ever for the next couple of weeks. So that’s my first story and I wanted to tell it in a big grand way so that you can imagine having an experience like that for yourself.

So that you know when you are thinking, when you are dreaming, to get that specific, to think about that emotion to let yourself play and have fun. Even telling that story my whole body shifted and changed. And I felt so just grateful and excited. And I think about future things like that and it just feels so exciting. So I want to impart that to you. So that’s the story. But now let’s talk about some that I came up with that are not on the thread from my own experience. And then some that they suggested.

Okay, so a couple of mine are, a very subtle form is when a banker asks if he could drive three hours to take you dinner. That’s when you know you are wealthy. We have a banker in Nashville who we have reached out to and we’re doing some business with and then we had to kind of put stuff on pause, on hold. And then he’s like, “I’m driving up. Let’s go to dinner.” And so that level of courtship for a bank to have your money, wealth status for sure.

When you have hired a private chef. That has been our most recent decision and it feels ridiculously wealthy to have a private chef. He doesn’t come every day. He comes twice a week, but it still feels ridiculously wealthy.

I may have even told this on the podcast, but if you buy a car on a whim, I have done that. And if you forget you ordered a car, I have also done that. We have been contacted that our car was in. And we were like, “Oh, what car?” And we ended up getting it, we were just like, “With the baby and stuff, we must have forgotten.”

So those are a couple of mine. Those are my three, the banker asked to drive you. If a banker asked to take you to dinner in general, but the fact that he’s going to drive three hours to take us to dinner feels pretty, we’ve arrived. Private chef, and if you buy a car on a whim or you forget.

So here were some from the comments that were so good. Someone said, when you talk openly about money. They expanded but basically they said rich people, wealthy people tend to be really comfortable about having money conversations. They’re willing to talk about how much they make, how much they’re investing, how much things cost, how much they’re spending on things. Money is just a natural part of conversation.

This was a really good one. Someone said going on trips without posting them on social media. I do this a lot. Neil and I do a lot of extraordinary things that never make it on social media. I also have an extraordinary $150,000 handbag collection that has never, many of them have never been seen. I don’t think to even post them on social media. I buy them for me. I wear them for me. I have them for me. The same with most of my, I have some extraordinary outfits that are not business outfits. And I don’t just take photos in front of the mirror and post them. They’re for me.

So I think that maybe another sign is just buying things that are just for you. They’re extraordinarily expensive, but you don’t spend money on them thinking I can’t wait to show this off or I can’t wait to post about this or this will make a great post. You just do it for you. Someone said focusing on your health rather than the cost of health. That one was really good. Someone else said not waking up to an alarm. I definitely do not wake up to an alarm, which is so fun.

Someone else said an extensive travel repertoire. They can tell you all about the world and all about the different cities. And they know all the best restaurants. They just have an extensive knowledge of really high end travel.

This one made me laugh out loud. They said, if you’re on a first name basis with your dry cleaner. And I will add that when you only want to buy clothes that can be dry cleaned only because you know that it will save you so much time because you won’t have to launder them. The way I think about it is I’m like, “It’s dry clean only, yes, I can just drop it off.” I have very little laundry to do because most of my stuff is dry clean only. Someone said casual in-depth knowledge of expensive food, sports and hobbies.

This one was really good. Are you guys ready? Driving, the speed limit. What? This is something, listen, I have sports cars. I do like to drive really fast especially if there’s no one on the road, I like to open it up, I’m not going to lie, I’ll be honest with you. My husband and I like to open up. That’s what we call it, open up the cars, open up the road. But I will say in general I drive slower than I’ve ever driven the more wealthier I get because I have more time. I have slowed myself down. I used to be the craziest speed racer on the planet and just driving frantically everywhere.

I will also add that now that I have wealth, I have such expensive cars that it has really, I’d never eat in my car, text when I’m driving, the power of my car just feels, we drive Audi sports cars, sports edition. We have a racing edition car. And it just feels at that power, you’d better have both hands on the wheel and I always do. So that’s something that’s really interesting that I’ve just seen a shift in my own personality is we don’t eat in our cars for any reason ever except for one time when I was pregnant.

I took Lindsay Dotzlaf to the drive-thru of Wendy’s on the way to somewhere and I dropped a French fry in between the seats of our RS7. And I looked at her and said, “This never happened. Do not tell Neil.” So we don’t eat in our cars, we don’t text in our cars and we drive the speed limit most of the time.

Another thing that someone said is proactively or immediately solving house problems. That is us, we do that all the time. We’re like, “There’s a chip in our paint, better call someone to immediately fix it.” Versus I remember before, I mean my car could be falling apart and I’d be like, “Well, it’s still driving. I’ll take it in later when I have the money.” But our cars, our houses, everything just gets fixed immediately. I scratched our SUV pulling the stroller out and Neil took it in that week and was like, “Hey, can you fix this?” That is something that I’ve seen. We have the time to do it and we have the money to just do all the proactive fixes.

Another one I wanted to add, what I was thinking about is when you change things on your house just for fun. So I’m going to have wallpaper. I already have super fun wallpaper in my bathroom outside my office.  But I’m actually going to have it torn out. And I’m going to have Gucci wallpaper installed. It feels so fun and so luxurious. When I run to the bathroom between coaching calls I want to see Gucci on my walls. So that feels just frivolous and fun and all the things.

Someone else said, a perpetually fresh haircut is a subtle sign of wealth. And I saw a Facebook Live recently that I did at the beginning of my business when I had two spoons. And my hair was so stringy. And I remember I used to get a haircut once a year, once a year. Now I get it cut every four weeks exactly, every four weeks. I do not like my hair to be out of place ever.

Someone else said, people who take ski vacations. Hell yeah, we go skiing at least once a year. I would love to go so many times a year. We try to go at least once a year for a week or two and do as much skiing as we can in the December time period. And that really showed me, when we started skiing, I was like, “Oh my God, this is a really expensive sport.” You have to spend a lot of money, at least if you’re going to ski in Aspen, you’re going to spend the most money probably ever.

Okay, this one actually broke my heart a little bit, but I had to include it because I think for your future, who you’re going to be and how your life will be, I think it could be really helpful to hear and it’s so true. Someone wrote, being able to get sick. What? Yeah. I thought back when I read that to how many times I have said the phrase in my life, “I don’t have time to get sick.” Have you guys said that before? “Don’t get near me if you’re sick, I don’t have time to get sick.” That is broke man’s mentality.

It’s just a thought that comes from being broke, I think, or from having your money tied to, I want to say your delivery, having, to your effort, to your manpower, to your work, to the work that you deliver. I used to literally get fined $500 when I was pitching if I could not show up to a store that I was scheduled to. So I would have to pitch with a 104 degree fever, I did that once. I cut my finger once in a demo, an actual chunk of my thumb off in front of an entire audience. And they had my hand bandaged all the way up to my elbow. I don’t even remember why.

But it was a giant bandage and I had to go back into the store and sell that store out with my hand completely bandaged up. You could not miss at all. And now the truth is I totally have time to get sick. And every time I get sick, I can take care of myself. And that makes me sad that that’s the truth for most people, that they don’t have time to get sick because it will financially impact them.

Or they don’t have help with their children. I remember a friend telling me that recently. “We’d better not get COVID, my husband and I, there’s no way we could handle our kids if we both had COVID.” I think they’re going to bring it down but that pushes me and drives me to get you all extraordinarily wealthy so that you can have time to be freaking sick, that you don’t have to work when you’re sick. That you can take care of yourself, that you, even retiring my husband now. He never has to work when he’s sick.

If he’s sick he can just take care of himself. That’s a big one, yes, yes, yes. Can we just stop saying that in general? I don’t have time to get sick, say, I do have time to get sick and I will take care of myself if I get sick. And I’m working to where if I were sick for a prolonged period I could take time off and pay for the best healthcare ever. Put that on your vision board, please.

Another one they said is valet parking. I’m going to bring it back up, you all. Neil used to argue with me over $2 valet. I was just telling a friend this. He would get so mad even if I wanted to spend my $2 on valet. He thought it was the most ridiculous thing that you could ever spend money on. And now he gets mad when they don’t have it which really makes me laugh.

Someone else said very expensive clean sneakers. Yes, amen. Someone has actually commented on my sneakers and how clean they are. I have some really awesome Alexander McQueen ones, and they were like, “Are those brand new? I have never seen someone with such clean sneakers.” And I’m like, “No, I have a collection and I keep them really clean.” If they get one scuff I’m in there with nail polish remover wiping it off.

Someone else said, an organized, uncluttered garage. Damn, yes. And I will also say an uncluttered house and not having to do it or upkeep it yourself. Wait, did someone else say this or did I just think it when I was reading it? Fresh sheets. Fresh sheets. We get ours changed three times a week by someone else. It’s holy. It’s holy, you all, it really is to have clean sheets. Put that on your mental vision board.

Bills and investments on autopay, that one for me was one of my first signs of wealth is that I could just have my bills on autopay and the money was always in there. You don’t have to be extraordinarily rich for that to be the case for you. So I wanted to include that one. That’s a good one.

Someone else said relaxed shoulders. Holy moly. That is what I mean by getting so specific with who you will be, how you will feel, and what your life will be like, is you will have relaxed shoulders. Did you all know we carry our money stress on our shoulders? When you are stressed about money, your shoulders will be in your ears.

Someone else said paying in full for things. And that’s a time exchange again, thinking about, if you don’t want to think about having to make payments. For me at the wealthy, wealthy level it’s just having one clean payment for my bookkeeper to keep track of. And by the way, yes, having a bookkeeper. If you have a bookkeeper you’re extraordinarily wealthy.

Someone else said last minute vacations, I think. Yes, I just talked about that, last minute experiences, last minute vacations. We just booked a trip to Miami. Our nanny said, “You guys are the only people I know who book vacations so last minute.” And it’s true, but I have been working so hard. For the last 14 weeks I have put more work into my business than I did all of last year. And one of the weekends when I was really getting tired, I said, “I need to know I have a vacation coming up.

I need to know there is an end, the light of the tunnel. I need to know that there is some hard play coming.” And so we booked a six day trip to Miami, a four day trip to Napa, and all of the Kentucky Derby festivities all in one weekend which was pretty ridiculous. And I think that is a sign of wealth is you don’t have to plan so far in advance and you can do a lot of things on a whim, a lot of things last minute. And you just have a lot more choices too. If you think about it, I remember having to budget and find the best flight prices and the cheapest hotel options.

And so doing things well in advance was a big deal, but again, in that wealthy mindset, typically you’re valuing time over money. And so for me it was just being so focused on work, we didn’t have time to plan ahead. We had to go with whenever we had time to do it. So I just think that could be an example of extraordinary wealth. She also said, which I thought this was really interesting in a similar conversation. My husband and I are the only couple she’s ever worked with or for that hasn’t dropped their life and living standards after having a baby.

And I was really thinking about that and I think that that’s a sign of emotional wealth and material wealth. The material wealth is we have help. That’s a big difference, when you have help, we have help with our house, we have help with our baby. We have help with, I have an executive assistant that does all of my personal stuff. So I’m not ever doing any of that. My husband is retired. So I never run errands. And I don’t have to do any of that. I don’t do my own laundry. We have so much help. So that’s the example of the material wealth.

But we also put extraordinary effort into it because of our mindset and our time management and how we know we feel with an organized life and the importance of that in creating a bigger business and a bigger life. I just remember my coach, Brooke, once said that everything you have laying around your house takes mental capacity whether you’re registering it or not. All of the things that are just kind of laying out, and let me just tell you all, I’m actually the worst about that.

I am really OCD when it comes to things being clean. I will notice base boards, I will notice all of the things that no one else in the world would ever notice, tiny, little things. Cleanliness I will notice, but I will leave a trail behind me in this home of where I have been with all of the things I leave out. And my husband will just go behind me and be like, “What is happening here? We’ve got to pick all of this up.”

So we have two versions of that but we have worked really, really hard on getting things put away and having systems and organizational processes so that our home does feel, we don’t feel stressed in our home. I’m not sitting down trying to write emails looking at mess everywhere. And so that has been something that has taken a lot of time, but I have seen that increase as I have made more money and coached myself in a more mastery skilled level in my own brain.

This one, I don’t think was on Remit’s list, but this one made my list which was not buying everything. It might have been on his list, but not buying everything. I think sometimes we think if we have extraordinary amounts of wealth, that we will just be saying yes to everything. And I see this come up a lot with people who are trying to use their future self to decide whether they should do something or not. And we use it a lot to decide if we should spend money and buy things.

We’re like, “Well, my future self would live in this amazing house. My future self would drive this amazing car. My future self would wear this outfit.” And then we put ourselves in situations where we’re buying things that you maybe can’t afford. And what’s really true is, I find that the more money I make, the more scrutinizing I am with the things I buy. I know it takes me time to process it, in my house. I have less places that I enjoy shopping at. There are no stores in our malls that I shop at anymore. I have to have things sent to me online and then that’s a whole thing. So I’m just more selective.

I think as you build extraordinary wealth, that is something that happens, you become more and more selective with how you want to spend your money. So a subtle sign is not buying everything.

And then this one was a really good one. If you register anything from this episode this one is so good with your money mindset. Someone wrote, not feeling irrationally mad by setbacks, unexpected expenses and fees. What? That one’s so good. I rarely spend any amounts of time feeling mad about a fee or an unexpected expense. And I will even coach my Two Million Dollar Group students on this, where they will have a contract and something was unexpected. And they get really, really mad, so much so that it consumes them and it takes them out of creating value.

So if you’re thinking about your mental vision board of who you will be as an extremely wealthy person, you will not be someone who gets irrationally mad by setbacks and unexpected expenses and fees. You will not be someone who gets irrationally upset about launches not going well. That’s a big one for coaches for our particular industry, one sales attempt that goes wrong will not throw you. We’ve had launches that have not gone well that have missed the mark by millions of dollars. And you’re just not losing your mind at that. That happens when you are extraordinarily wealthy.

Someone wrote, getting a car wash regularly. I wanted to include this because that’s something that could happen. It wouldn’t take being circumstantially extraordinarily wealthy to do that but it is something you could put in place now, if that was something that meant something to you. For my husband, he actually washes all of our cars himself. He’s really into it, but to have a clean car. Everywhere we go our car is always clean.

A client could get in my car on any given day and we wouldn’t have to clean out the seats or move things around and there wouldn’t be dirt on the floors or smudges or anything like that. The car looks brand new, so much so we actually traded in the car that I forgot I ordered was the Audi S5 convertible that I drive. We upgraded, so we do a lease because I like to just get new ones every three years. That’s something else extraordinarily wealthy people I think do sometimes is they just lease and they lose the cost for enjoyment of having new cars, but we do that with my S5.

And so we got the same exact car, just brand new. And my husband went to take it in to exchange the old one for the new one and they sold it on the spot before my husband even left the lot. It was in such condition, there were people in the dealership looking for a car just like that. And they went and test drove our car without Audi cleaning it out, without a detailing and said yes and bought it. Now, I’m sure they maybe did some clean up after just because, but that’s how extraordinarily clean our cars are, is that they could just sell it to someone else on the spot before my husband left with our new one.

So could your client come to your house unexpectedly or could your client get in your car unexpectedly, not that they ever would, but could those things happen? I think extraordinarily wealthy people, the answer would be yes.

Another person wrote, silence. This was so interesting to me. We always talk about how quiet our home is. It’s always so quiet. And so with this topic in mind, I started thinking about why is that, why would silence be a subtle sign of extraordinary wealth? And I think it’s because your brain is quiet. What? Your brain is quiet. When I had no money and so much stress from not having money, it’s extraordinarily stressful to not have money. My brain was so loud. There were so many things happening, my brain was always talking to me.

In the beginning of my business when I was freaking out about making it work or not, if I was ever going to make it. All of those thoughts were so loud. The more successful you get, I think there’s an opportunity with coaching for your brain to be quieter or when you are in such a high powered position you’re working so hard and you have so many people talking at you. That’s how I feel a lot is people are just always talking at me. And whether it’s meetings, clients, whatever it is, there is just always conversations happening with me.

So when I’m off, I just want things to be quiet. I want my brain to be quiet. I want to get in the bath. I want to read a book, I want to take a walk. We’re just quiet people and I enjoy that quiet. So that’s an interesting one to think about.

Someone else said, random noon walks. This one I wrote down for my list is never having to tell yourself or your partner no for something you want. When my husband wants something I’m just like, “Go get it.” I have to talk him into getting things, spending money. I’m like, “Just do it.” And sometimes I have to actually go behind him and call to have something paid for that he is going back and forth on because he stresses out so much about it. And I’m like, “Just say yes, just say yes”, all the time, so fun.

And then someone else wrote, the soap by their sink is a subtle sign of wealth, which also made me laugh because our soap on all of our sinks is called Maya & Cie, it’s a coconut sugar soap that we found at a Napa winery. It’s actually in Calistoga, called Cade. Cade is one of our favorite wines. And then that made me think another sign of extraordinary wealth is having extensive knowledge of unknown Napa wines or buying wine from the case that needs to be unlocked.

We almost exclusively buy all of our Napa wines from the case that has to be unlocked and they’re extraordinarily expensive and they’re not ones that you would ever really know. One of our favorite brands is Cardinale. It’s a great bottle of wine, very expensive, but great bottle of wine. And so I think that goes back to just having an extensive travel repertoire, is that the word? You could be extraordinarily wealthy and not be good at language and words and all the things.

Napa’s an expensive place to go and we’ve gotten the luxury of going so many times and being married there, which is so insane.

Someone else wrote, two month long breaks from work. I thought that one was really good. And then this one was my favorite, it has nothing to do with money. A subtle sign of wealth is healthy assertiveness. Yes, I think it was a woman that wrote that, I think, so amen. Yes, ma’am, healthy assertiveness. My husband always says people are so intimidated by me and he can never figure it out. And I was thinking when I read this list, it’s because I have healthy assertiveness.

Okay, last couple. I thought this one was really good too, one of his followers said, not being in a hurry ever. They’re in control of time and maintaining composure, speaking and moving around very relaxed. Yes, this is so good. That is definitely a subtle sign of wealth. Speaking and moving around very relaxed.

Someone else said, some people may show subtle signs of wealth even if they are not, they just know how to use their money to optimize their lifestyle and their life experiences. I thought that was really great. If you were putting together a self-concept of someone that was extraordinarily wealthy, one of the pieces of who you would be is someone who uses your money to optimize your lifestyle, your life experiences and your overall outcomes and results that you desire in your life, so good.

And then someone else wrote, planning for your wants because your needs are covered. I also thought that one was really interesting. I spend a lot of time planning for my wants. That’s so great.

And then this was one of my favorites and we’ll end with this, it was when finding out about a product or service, price is not a decision making factor. And I wanted to save that one for last because I also think you can start implementing that mindset now. You can start looking at, if I didn’t look at prices, if price and money weren’t options then what would I want, what would be the best fit. And when you find those things, when you’re like ”This is just what I naturally want.”

And then you find out the price, you have the opportunity, especially if it’s a product or service for your business or your mindset, your emotional health, anything to do with your coaching business or being a coach. If you find the product and the service that you want that fits all of the things then as you’re growing towards becoming extraordinarily wealthy, you figure out how to make that happen with massive action, determination, commitment, as if there is no other option to make it happen.

Could I have gotten, for example, certified, at any other school? I could have done a $100 online certification. No, I wanted the best certification. I wanted the one that really connected to my heart and soul. Think about all the things that you really, really want and are you making decisions to take the cheaper option or figuring out how to make that thing you really, really want, make that decision as if money is not an option. And it may be a factor. It may be a circumstance for you, but then saying, “Okay, but this is what I really want.

So now I just have to figure out how to make that happen with where I am right now.” And being willing to get as creative as possible to do that. And I think the same is true for all of the things on this list. I encourage you to make your own list to say, not just what are the things that I will spend money on, but how will my life unfold? What will it be like? What will it feel like? How will I make my decisions? Who’s the person I will be? And what will be my subtle signs of being extraordinarily successful and extraordinarily wealthy?

Okay, I hope this was a fun one for you. I will talk to you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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