Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Selling with Human Design with Danielle EymanToday’s episode is an interesting one! I know there are many coaches out there using Human Design and learning a lot from that method, and my guest this week is one of those people. She’s also gone through 2K for 2K, and is here to share how she combined these two schools of thought and how this combination has helped her make a lot of money.

Danielle Eyman is a Human Design coach who helps early-stage businesswomen get out of hustle, overcome imposter syndrome, and reach their first 100K. Danielle is an amazing example of what’s possible and the way she operates in the world and interacts between Human Design and selling is such an inspiration, so I knew I had to get her on the show.

Tune into the podcast this week as Danielle shares with us how Human Design has allowed her to create a profitable business that she truly loves. She explains how Human Design has transformed the way she sells and builds relationships through her coaching, makes decisions, manages her energy, and understands the energy of her clients on a deeper level.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What Human Design is and how it gives you permission to be who you really are.
  • Danielle’s experience going through 2K as it relates to her Human Design type.
  • The difference between being committed and being attached.
  • What Danielle has learned from Human Design about selling and rejection.
  • The work Danielle had to do in trusting that the universe has her back.
  • Danielle’s initial resistance to the idea of selling, and how Human Design helped her embrace it as her work in the world and a way to be of service.
  • How human design can help you understand what’s best for you and get clear on your selling.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

I have a really interesting episode for you today. So, I have 2K student, Danielle Eyman here. And she is a human design coach. And I have not told her why I have her on the podcast, maybe our team did. But here’s Danielle, what I thought I would do, I want you to introduce yourself and then the reason I wanted to have you on is because you posted in 2K a couple of months ago, how you had used human design, I have it pulled up here that I’m going to reference.

But your post was so clear on how you would take in the human design method and what you learned in that school of thought with what you learned with the 2K school of thought. And you merged them together in a way that was highly useful for you to make a lot of money. And we have a ton of human design coaches in 2K, we have a whole little mini community in there.

But I think that this episode can really be used to show how when your thoughts desire to find a way to make it work for you and apply for you, how you can make any process relevant to what you know as a coach regardless of where you’ve been certified or what methodology you use. And I just thought you were such an example of what’s possible for how you took each step for what feels like this is how I operate in the world and interacted with the process to make it work for you. So, are you ready?

Danielle: Yes, I am.

Stacey: Okay, great. So why don’t you introduce yourself and then we’ll just dive in.

Danielle: Yeah, okay. So, I am Danielle Eyman and I use human design to help early stage businesswomen really get out of hustle in the early stage of business, overcome imposter syndrome, overcome all the things that keep them stuck from actually shining as bright as they need to shine and get them to their first 100K, that’s my goal with them.

Stacey: I love that. So can you tell everyone, because I’m actually not familiar at all with human design. I know we have a ton of people in the group and you guys always have little threads about it so I learn little bits and pieces here and there. But can you – I’m guessing that not everyone on the thread would also know what it is, so can you talk about that a little bit of just what the concepts are, what it teaches that might be useful for us?

Danielle: Sure, yeah. I was actually surprised you didn’t know about it because in your advertising you say a lot of things around energy. And you can’t fake energy, you can literally smell energy. And all of that is…

Stacey: Yeah. Well, it’s universal truth, which all of these coaching concepts are all tapping into universal truth in different ways, that’s why I think we all are able to make these processes work for each other, right?

Danielle: Yes. And that just really spoke to me because I had never really heard anyone use energy in the way of describing the sales process. And when I heard you say that in a couple of your podcasts I was like, “This is the person I need to listen to because she’s going to explain it in the way that I will be able to truly embody it in my sales process.” And that was the link that I had been missing.

But to go back to your question, human design. So, it’s actually a synthesis of five different schools of science and thought, so it’s quantum physics, gene keys are the I Ching. The chakra system, the kabbalah, tree of life, and astrology. And so, it combines all of these and basically gives you a roadmap of your energetic aura, the aura that we all carry four to six feet off of us. It’s the energy that we can smell, we get information from other people. We can tell what’s really going on. And so, this system gives you all of it.

Here’s who you are and here’s how you interact with the energy of the universe, with the energy of other people. And so, it’s really, that’s basically what it does. So, it really just gives you a very solidified permission slip. Okay, this is who I am. I’ve known this is who I am. I’ve known this is who I am from birth because you can always remember patterning. But I’ve always been told that this was either too much, it wasn’t okay. I had to cap it a little bit. And when people find their human design it’s like, ah, that’s what was missing.

Stacey: So, it’s permission to really just be who you are?

Danielle: 100%, yes. And the good, the things that – shadow aspects, the things that you need to look through, all of it is just in one system and it’s the role we’re here to play here on Earth.

Stacey: Okay, I love it, it’s so fun.

Danielle: Yeah, it is.

Stacey: Okay. So, you heard that on a podcast and then you came in to 2K and what was your experience like coming from that space going through the 2K process?

Danielle: Okay. So, I don’t want to say things that – so I’m a one, three profile line. But I know that that doesn’t mean a lot to you. But for me I go in and I devour the knowledge. I go in and I immediately – my aura absorbs through being a consistent student.

Stacey: Okay, [crosstalk].

Danielle: Yeah. And I know that repetitive submerging of my subconscious in this information is the way I will figure it out. So, what I did was I went right into the modules. But to back up a little bit I want to touch on this because I have a very strong passion like you do with helping women pull in a lot of money. And I feel like women, the way we get stopped is that scarcity. But how is it going to all work out? But will I really get all my money back? Will she really reimburse me my $2,000? And I went into it with this is the next step.

So, coming into any coaching program, relationship as this is the next obvious step was a concrete solid decision for me. And going through the modules, allowing myself to submerge my brain and my aura in the information allows it to make sense for me in a way that it becomes as natural as breathing.

Stacey: Well, because you’ve decided, I think so many people come in and if they haven’t gotten clear – and I think you said on your post, you did talk about the investment, I’m just trying to find it. I invested without worry, expectations or attachment. I knew I would continue to be led. I thought that was so good, just exactly what you’ve just said, you were so committed in your mind in joining 2K. And you’re in the mind space for people who are following in the model or thought work, you’re in the space of I am the driver is what it sounds like I’m hearing from you.

I am the driver of this experience and I’m in full trust with this experience, I’m in full commitment with this experience. What it sounds like you didn’t spend time doing when you were immersing yourself in the content was questioning things. You were just there of I will immerse myself in this work. This work will become me. I will 100% get out of it what I need to get out of it. So, you’re not going through in that fear based thinking, you’re not going through – when you’re fully trusting yourself to do it, it’s so different when you interact with the work.

Danielle: Yeah. I love that you say commitment, that you recognize that. That is actually 70% of my energy is commitment energy.

Stacey: Oh, so good.

Danielle: Yes. And quite honestly before I found human design it was very difficult for me to find my way. I was trusting everything else. When I finally came back to trust me, then I knew that every decision I made when I used my commitment energy, the answer was a given. It was just a matter of okay, what are you going to learn along the way? You’ve said that quite a bit in a few of your – I think it was the podcast I listened to yesterday with the 10,000 questions. Where when you make a commitment it’s different than being attached and that’s the difference.

When we’re in scarcity we’re attached, we’re feeling like we’re not going to get something. We’re out of control. When you are committed…

Stacey: Or not complete, right?

Danielle: Yes, love that, yes.

Stacey: If you’re on a consult it’s like I’m not complete and okay unless someone says yes.

Danielle: Yes, I love that you say that. And it really did, I mean the whole process, Stacey, you said something and I was trying to figure out the sales thing. I couldn’t get that part down. I knew I had a great offer. I knew I had a way to scale when I’m ready to scale. I knew I had the plan. I was closing sporadically. And I didn’t feel good about it. I thought well, I can’t nail this down. This isn’t a real process I can follow. But when you said, “You are helping someone make a decision.”

It just all clicked for me because the basis of human design is it gives you a way to make decisions. You are energetically programmed to make a decision. You are taught through parents and programming that your decision-making is based in your mind, yeah. Your mind is the driver of your life, not your energy. Yeah.

Stacey: Interesting, because I think also we’re taught that other people’s decision-making is better. I was thinking in school oftentimes I was one of those students that got in trouble all the time. My mom was always at school, from elementary school. I have a very defiant personality, if I don’t understand something. And one of the things I was always coming up against is I know my truth and what’s right for me, even as a kid. And having adults say, “No, no, no, this is the truth, you’re wrong. This is the way that you behave. This is the way you follow.”

And then I think society does that as well. You need to go to college. You need to get a good job. You need to have benefits. It’s all designed to say that if you have any sort of desire at all to break that mold, that that desire is wrong. And I do think that that subtly breaks our self-trust along the way. And we’re also used to looking at the world to see how to fit in and how to be okay. And we like to be in groups of people for safety. So, we’ve got to do what the group is doing. And what are the social norms?

And so, I do, I love that idea of really embodying self-trust because I think from the moment we’re born we’re kind of built, I love the idea that there’s these circumstantial pieces that are pulling at us, other people telling us, society telling us how to behave. And then the idea of being taught that your thought, your brain is driving, not you.

Danielle: Yeah. Well, your thoughts…

Stacey: You brain offers you thoughts all day long, just give a reason, it’s not always good ones.

Danielle: Yeah, your thoughts definitely create your reality. And it all clicks, so the thought is I have to convince somebody. The reality is you’re helping someone make a decision and decisions were made according to your – we call it your authority, send out frequency to the universe to respond to. So, if you’re making decisions sometimes from your brain or from fear, and other times from your authority, you’re sending out incongruent frequency and the university supports you with incongruent results.

Stacey: That’s so good.

Danielle: Yeah. So, if you’re helping someone on a consult to say yes to something they’ve never done before, you’re helping them change their life. It truly is a moment of connection between two higher selves.

Stacey: Yeah, that’s so good. So, I always like to say that when we aren’t in our highest self, our client doesn’t have access to our highest self and their highest self. So, we have to both be there for that connection to get the most use and value out of it. So, I absolutely love that. And I also think that when you’re talking about helping someone make a decision don’t you think that another way to think about it is you’re helping them discover what they already know. Because people always say, “They weren’t ready to make a decision.”

And I’m like, I really think we always know what the decision is. And then there’s the comfort of standing in that decision and that’s a different subject, a whole different thing. But I think we always do know what the decision is. What is your thought about that?

Danielle: Yeah, I think we know and we’re afraid to say yes. I think it’s fear. I think we stop ourselves from becoming the most powerful versions of ourselves all the time. And every time someone gets on a call with you, it’s like you say, they didn’t come find you. You didn’t go find them.

Stacey: Yeah, they came and found you.

Danielle: Yeah, and I love that whole, I love everything about 2K, the attraction marketing. It works that way in human design. I could go on and on, girl. I could go on and on. We have fractal line people literally. You know the kaleidoscope?

Stacey: Yeah.

Danielle: This is how you can best describe it. You know how when you look through a kaleidoscope, there’s all, the shapes just keep going, and going, and going?

Stacey: Yeah.

Danielle: That’s how our energy is. It keeps going, and going, and going.

Stacey: Yeah, I love it.

Danielle: Yeah, you have people who are meant to find you living in that frequency and work with you, pay you, become part of your journey and you’re part of their journey. Everyone has an abundant amount of those people. And so, when you’re coming from a place of there’s not enough, or I don’t trust that I can do it, or I’m not even going to say yes to this huge opportunity. Because it does, it takes bravery, it takes courage to step into the person you really came here to be because everyone else is mediocre.

So yeah, coming on the call, helping someone through that decision, they already know they want to say yes. They just need to feel safe in saying yes. And I really feel like the objection part of this call is you’re going to get everything, their subconscious brain is like, “But here’s all the reasons why we can.”

Stacey: You’re going to get their – what you said, their thoughts and their brain trying to make the decision instead of them. That’s why I’m always telling people, “Don’t take it personally. Why would you ever take a no and make it mean something about you as a coach or you as a person?” It’s literally that. You have someone who’s showed up on a call, they want to be there. They have taken the time. They have scheduled it. They’ve shown up. They know that you charge for this which means they want to buy it.

They actually know and plan to spend money with you. So, then it becomes at the end of the call, I think everyone should just expect this as that the person’s brain is going to offer them lots of unintentional thoughts and lots of fear and lots of things that are based on – I always say, when people say, “I can’t afford coaching.” I’m like, “Of course you can’t.” We have a list of all the things that we let ourselves afford, our list of necessities and basics. And if you’ve never bought coaching before, that would never be on the list.

Danielle: Yeah. No, I know. Yeah.

Stacey: You have to decide to afford it. You have to decide it’s going into the list of the necessities. And then it’s just a different conversation. But I do think it’s so important to just be aware that you’re going to have people that come and all of their being wants to be a yes and then they’ve got that chatty brain in the back telling them all the reasons they should be a no. And I also don’t think you have to argue with that chatty brain. I don’t think you have to make them wrong for that. You have to be really curious and compassionate around it.

And I think the thoughts that you’ve offered people, even who don’t study human design I think are extraordinarily useful. When you think about that person in their being, they want to work with you. They want to say yes to themselves and really it’s not even about wanting to work with you, it’s about they want to say yes to getting the result that they want, to living the life, that what you say they’re meant to live.

And that is a really scary thing to do, to step out and say especially if the life you want to live is different than what your family is living or your closest friends are living. You’re up against all of those things in that conversation.

Danielle: Oh my gosh, 100%. I laugh about this all the time because last year when I told everybody I was going to make a business out of human design, my [inaudible], “Okay mom.” My friends behind my back were probably like, “Alright, Danielle, here I am.” Stacey, I have made $82,000 in eight months.

Stacey: That’s so great.

Danielle: And I’ve got to say this program just – it’s so high quality. It’s just so high level consciousness, that it’s – I’m just so grateful you stepped out into your highest self. Because it really does allow you to step into the process of sales as a service.

Stacey: Yes, that’s the thing I think really – I love how you said that it is when you’re stepping into – and you’re thinking about just serving, that person’s stepping into their highest self, into their most – what’s the word I’m trying to think of? But it’s almost like their most expressed self, the most authentic version of them, the biggest, just highest expression of themselves in this lifetime. And you have the opportunity to walk them through saying yes to that. That’s so great.

Danielle: Yes. It’s an honor to be able to walk somebody to that, yeah.

Stacey: So okay, everyone listening, stop and think about if your thought before you get on a call is I need to make money, I need to sign a client or I have the honor of speaking with this person today, what an honor to do a consult with this person. What an honor that this person chose me to talk about their dreams, their desires, or their problems, and their issues that make them unhappy in their lives. Whatever they’re coming to you with, it’s such an honor that they trusted you enough to get on the phone with you.

Danielle: 100%, yeah. And the act of decision-making, really when I hear people say that they have trouble with the overcoming the objections and they don’t have the right answers to the objections or they don’t know what to say or think. I always wonder, how are you trusting yourself and your decision-making process because that was one of the big things that I learned with honoring my own authority was it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable it is for anyone else, I have to follow my decision-making.

And it may not be something other people like, or that’s even really that comfortable for me, sometimes I’m being led to make a decision. And I’m like, oh my gosh, that’s scary, that investment is scary or that road looks scary. Whatever that is, that looks scary, but if I’m not confident that I’m going to be totally divinely supported, of course I’m not going to trust myself to make decisions.

So, on the calls, I feel what could be really helpful is really look at your own decision-making process because you’re projecting all of that onto somebody else and you’re making that mean that they’re the ones having problems making decisions, or they have to check with their family, or they have to come up with the money and how is that with you, where is your trigger there?

Stacey: Yeah, because it’s just like the episode, I think it was 15, Circumstance Resistance where I talk about that. When you have any sort of uninvestigated work around decision-making or money, when you have situations that cause resistance to you. So, for example, if debt, you have a lot of resistance to debt, you have beliefs that no one should have debt, that debt’s really bad. If you are unclean in your life around debt, or if you haven’t investigated at all ever, not needing to delegate decisions to someone else, you never make decisions without running it by people.

Then it will be very difficult to address that in a conversation. And of course, you won’t be able. So, I could literally tell someone the exact thing to say and you’re right, it’s the energetic piece. You can say all the right things, which is why I don’t believe in canned responses and why I don’t teach them is because you can give one, if your energy does not match that because it’s your decision-making does not align with that, then it will feel, it will come off judgment to the client, argument. And they will get defensive.

The trust will be broken immediately because you’re literally asking them to do something that you haven’t been willing to do yourself yet. And then some people knowing that, they do feel that rub, so they just say, “Okay, thanks, bye.” It’s one or the other. I’m going to go argue with you now and we’re going to get into a discussion about this because you should say yes and I know you’re wrong. So, I’m going to tell you you’re wrong. Or I’m for sure wrong. I mean I don’t know, I don’t know how to address this at all. Bye.

Danielle: It’s awkward for everybody, we’ll both get off the phone, yeah.

Stacey: Yeah. And I also think and you could maybe talk about this as well. But you think when we become entrepreneurs, and especially when we become coaches of any kind or if you – my best friend would refer to herself as a healer. Everybody has a different reference for that. But when you get into the serving other people through some type of coaching world, I don’t think that you expect that you’re going to have to come up against doing this work on your own, decisions and trust around money and around making decisions and finances.

Just all of that, I don’t think you expect to have to do that work. So, I think sometimes people can get really frustrated that they have to do that work. But it’s the best work you could ever do for yourself.

Danielle: Yeah, so lots of money follows lots of awareness. So, the work has to be done or you won’t get the money. That’s universal law. The universe hands you everything you want when you choose to become aware of what it is that you need.

Stacey: Yeah. Do you follow Joe Dispenza?

Danielle: Yes.

Stacey: Because I really love his work and I love how he explained, earlier you were saying, “If you”, I’m going to probably get this wrong but the way that I heard it is, “If you want something, the universe has already decided it’s yours, you get to have it. But you have to step into energetic alignment to have it. You have to step into the same frequency that it’s available in the world.” So, if you want a client you have to step into the frequency in the world where you are a person who signs the client in your own energetic aura.

Danielle: Yeah, aura, yeah.

Stacey: Yeah. And you were talking about the kaleidoscope and I really do think it’s like, for people who are in 2K, if you go to that beginning, at the beginning of marketing and you go to the Who, Before, How video. This is my way of explaining it. But I think that it’s – and Joe Dispenza talks about this. He’s like, “As soon as you”, I think he even, in the beginning of one of his books he talks about how you can literally, when people observe, was it protons, or atoms or something?

And he’s like, “They’re all over the place but what we have found is that you have to observe them for them to appear, otherwise they aren’t there?” Which is the scientific thing, that’s what happens, which is so crazy to me. Then he talks about how if you have a desire for something you have to then be able to put your focus on it for it to appear. And in order to do that it’s not the focus of I really want this with attachment and scarcity, and I may not be able to have it. It’s the focus and the attention, and the commitment of I see it, it will be mine.

Danielle: Yeah, because you’re going into it, if you’re attached or in scarcity, you’re going into it where there’s some thought or energetic around there that says, “But I really don’t know for sure.”

Stacey: Yeah, and they don’t match up.

Danielle: They don’t match up. Yeah, I love what you say about you have to rise to the frequency of the thing because the universe will never lower its frequency to meet you where you are. It will never do that.

Stacey: But also, why you should never lower your prices to meet your clients where they are.

Danielle: Thank you for saying that. And I love the way you structured around prices too because so many people are just $50 here and $20 here. And it’s like oh my gosh, I get that the confidence has to be there. There has to be a huge energetic behind anything we sell. There has to be confidence. But the pricing has to match, it has to match the energetic around it, it just has to.

Stacey: Yeah, which is going back to service, it’s the way that you determine your – for example, the length of time that you coach someone, people are always like, “How long do I coach them?” And I’m like, “Think about your client. What do you think would serve them the most?” For me I really loved selling long term coaching. I still sell it, 2K is lifetime access, I’ll coach you forever. 200K is six months at a time but I recommend that people do a three year commitment. And I always say to them, “It’s not.” I am thinking about my client.

I’m thinking about how long I genuinely know it will take them to actually rewire their brain and change their entire being. I’m thinking about life events that are going to get in the way. I am thinking about the failures that they don’t anticipate. I’m thinking about the learning curve of all of that. And then I’m thinking on top of that of once they get the result they want, maintaining it, and integrating it into all of who they are.

So, when you think about your terms and your pricing, don’t think about what would serve me the most, think about what’s going to be the most effective and serve my clients at the highest to guarantee that I take them from where they are all the way across the finish line.

Danielle: Yeah, but you’ve done your part in their journey. You’ve done everything you can do on your end. Well, it’s like you said, well, you have done everything you can do on your part to ensure that all of those things are taken into consideration, the rewiring has been given a chance to happen, the nervous system regulates itself on the way. And all of us are at different stages with that. It’s one thing I do think human design has really quantum leaped for me. And I see it with other people. I mean Stacey, my goal was 100K this year. I’m going to blow that out of the water.

Stacey: It’s so fun.

Danielle: And it’s because I have this tool that I can be very aware of what’s going on around me and recognize it is a circumstance and not allow any drama around it. I recognize that it’s that’s just what the universe does, it brings me something to see where I am right now. It’s not it’s a test.

Stacey: That’s so good, okay. So, you said circumstances that arise are the universe just sending me a test to see where I am right now.

Danielle: Yeah, and your commitment level and your nervous system, are you going to emotionally react right then and there and throw everything away and change your offer and throw in the towel Wednesday? And then Friday you come back, okay, I’m going to do this again. That’s what the universe is seeing, are you really ready? Are you raising your vibration to meet the success you say you want?

Stacey: And are you maintaining it right or are you letting a circumstance immediately throw you off? So, this is really interesting because I was – actually I have a health coach. And I was coaching with my health coach and this has come up several times and you just said it. So, I think it will be worth – if I struggle with it, I know other people do. So, it will be worth having a conversation. But the way that you talk about the universe, and I think you could, for everyone listening, whatever, I always say, if universe doesn’t work for you and God works for you, say God.

Interchange the words for what serves you the most, if it’s God, if it’s universe, some people say source, whatever it is for you, take what I’m about to say and input the word that follows your faith to the highest level. But I’m going to use the universe because that’s the one that makes the most sense to me. There is a sense when you talk about it, the universe is always on your side.

And I tend and I think a lot of people who are in a lot of scarcity, victim mentality, fear, there is this underlying question mark of whether the universe does, is going to provide, does have my back, wants to give me what I want, is going to be there to catch me if I fall. Is a collaborator with me versus I think sometimes my brain thinks it’s working against me.

Danielle: How do you say that?

Stacey: There are chosen ones and I’m not it. And I’ve uncovered with my health coach, it really goes back to how unsafe my childhood was and I learned very early on as a little kid that life wasn’t safe and it wasn’t this little safe bubble with loving parents. I mean my parents are loving. But it wasn’t that environment. And it’s so interesting because my husband is Catholic, practicing Catholic. And he has the most deepest sense of self, and self-trust. And also trust in God and so he doesn’t ever think that – he always thinks things will work out in his favor, always.

He just walks around with this peace with the world that everything’s going to be okay. And so, I always notice that I walk around prepared to go to battle with the world and prepared to defend and protect with the world. So, I’m curious what your thoughts are about this, but the way you talk about is we’re just collaborating, the universe is here with me. And I just feel such a sense of trust with you, your trust in the universe. And that’s something that I don’t think everybody has. So, I think it’s worth talking about.

Danielle: Yeah. I’ve heard you say that and yeah, I’m glad that you brought that up. Because I was like I wonder why she feels that way. Again, I thought you knew all about this stuff.

Stacey: Lots of childhood trauma that I unwind frequently.

Danielle: Yeah. I mean I think with trauma in a childhood and I have had my own, that sense of it’s not safe is just it’s like breathing air, it’s not safe. We have to do everything we can to protect ourselves. The way I learned, the reason you feel it for me is because I had to rock bottom my own world. I had to lose relationships, I had to almost lose my children. I had lost my career. I had lost, the universe basically went, “You’re not paying attention, Danielle.” Pulled the rug out from underneath me and went, “Start over. Start over because you’re not catching on quick enough.”

Stacey: Yeah. So how did you do that, how did you start over with trusting the universe? This feels like a really big task.

Danielle: Yeah, it was. And I started day by day and every moment I gave myself what I needed. And I was in a couple of lawsuits that were really big. And they were – I could feel my energy disassociating from my body. And I would have to sit in Epsom salt baths three hours out of a day. I would be like, “Got to get back in the bath, I’m feeling it again.” I’m feeling the anxiety. I chose to put my own needs above anyone else’s for as long as it took. I was committed, again, that word ‘committed’. And this before – I knew my human design but I wasn’t really in it.

But I just knew that it all depended on me. No one was coming to save me. It was me. There was no one coming to knock on my door and say, “Hey, can I help you out and make your life better?” And I couldn’t count on a lawsuit to make my life better. I was like, “No, it’s me time, it’s go time.”

Stacey: How did that feel? So, I’m curious how that, because that feels like what you taught yourself in that moment was that you are so resourceful you can deliver everything you need ever. So how did that bridge into now I can trust the universe that they will also always meet me halfway?

Danielle: Yeah, that was a practice of every day looking back to see how it always had supported me.

Stacey: Like my health coach made me do. Because I’ve got to go back and look at all the ways that it worked out and all the ways you’ve gotten what you want. It’s really good.

Danielle: Yes, because whether you get what you think you want, it doesn’t matter. You’ve gotten what you needed. You’ve gotten everything you’ve needed. And if you go back and look on, even the times when life just seemed super crazy and horrible like it was for me at that time, I literally had to look at, I have a bed to sleep in, I have a roof over my head. I had to look I have food to eat, a phone, basic things like that.

Stacey: Yeah. So, we’ve both had moments like that. And that’s what I always teach with sufficiency. Before you get a sales call go through all the things, how you are completely sufficient in this moment right now. I have a bed. I have food. This is so brilliant.

Danielle: Yeah. And I mean even after 2K, I had a month where I made zero dollars, zero. And in that month the universe gave me a choice, what are you going to do? And it’s kind of scary isn’t it? And you used to freak out over this stuff, now what are you going to do?  Nothing, I did nothing. I kept showing up every day doing the things that I normally do and I just trusted. Because that’s the difference, that’s how you raise your nervous system. That’s how you regulate your nervous system. Because there will always be things that happen external with you.e#]

You only have control of what you have control of. That’s how I did it through that time four years ago. And that’s how I do it every time now, it’s just I know I’ll be given an answer or a way. When I was looking for help with sales, your mind tells you, you need to have a script. Your mind tells you, you’re not going to know what to say in the moment and you’re not going to be able to be present so you need a script. And then your energy will give you an opportunity. The universe will send you something and you get a choice, yes or no.

So, when 2K came into my awareness I was like that’s the answer. That’s the obvious answer and that’s how it works.

Stacey: There are many things I want to say about this but before I forget because I was going to say this earlier, you jogged my mind about the sales scripts. Listen, I think it’s okay if people give you sales scripts. I will tell you, even in the consultation code, I have it written out the way that I will transition from one step to the other so that people have an understanding, an idea of what that – and I even break down how I would handle objections and what I would say to someone so that people understand how it could sound so that it starts to make sense.

It’s literally if you’re learning another language, you can learn each word at a time or someone can say, “This is how the sentence would sound.” So, I’m okay with doing that but I do think that it’s so important that you become the person on a consult that knows deeply how to coach through anything to the degree that nothing could ever surprise you so you don’t need a script because you’re being led by your coaching tools. You’re leading with your energy. And you’re being led by their exact situation which is not going to be the same.

The response, I need to talk to my husband, or I need to think about it, or I don’t have the money, those conversations, that might be the surface level objection that the brain offers. But the reason why behind will be very different for everyone. And for me I would much rather teach you the things in 2K that will allow you to go in and embody that and to just know how to have conversations and talk through money, and talk through decision-making and be able to, like you said.

Be in your biggest trust with your decision-making and then meet someone else who also wants to have trust in their decision-making and make decisions for who they want to be. And if you can be in that, I think it’s the same also with – I’ll rewind a little bit, when people say that you only have a business that is reliably consistent when you run ads and you figure that out and you can get paid marketing. And that’s the only way that your business is safe and secure. And I think it’s the complete opposite.

I’m like your business is only safe and secure when you know how to generate a client from nothing but your thoughts.

Danielle: Oh, I love that, yeah.

Stacey: When you know how – I was talking to my CFO once and he said, “If you lost all of your IP tomorrow, all your podcasts, all your written content, your programs, everything, no one knew anything about you, you had zero social media presence, how much money do you think you can make in the next 30 days?” And I was like, “At least 40K.” That was just the amount that came to my – it would probably be more now.

But the way that I – my mastery in learning how to have a conversation and connect with another human is you could put me in any room and I could sell someone coaching in that room. And I want someone to be like, you can put me in any conversation with any objection and I could talk someone through that. Versus I know exactly what to say if someone comes to me and says they need to talk to their husband.

Danielle: Yes. I remember, I heard David Nagel say – I don’t know if you know who David Nagel is.

Stacey: No.

Danielle: But he said, “Sales is the most valuable asset that you can have for your person. It will make it through anything, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world.” And I remember thinking, oh, no, I’ve got to become a salesman?

Stacey: But really you have to become a serviceman, I don’t know if that’s quite the right word. And I don’t have any thoughts. I love sales so I love calling myself a salesperson. But I do know some people that’s a trigger word for them. But I do think that all you’re doing is being in the highest service of someone. And I even enjoy that when I’m out being sold things. I love a good salesperson. And not a pushy salesperson, someone who like, for example, my Audi car dealership salesguy. He sold us three Audis and he loves the Audi brand.

And we will, Neil and I will go in and geek out with him about the Audis. And we’ll come in and he’ll be like, “Oh my God, and let me show you this on your car and do you know it could do this?” And we love that. But that’s him connecting his passion with service to offer us amazing cars. So, then there’s your passion of human design mixed with your desire to serve someone, that’s when a consult is a yes and happens, when those two align. And someone feels that on the call.

And it doesn’t matter how deep you go with their concerns or their lack of desire to make a decision in the moment. You can go as deep when you’re coming from passion and service, you can go as deep as you want when it comes to a consult.

Danielle: Yeah. And I think you have a relationship with money that you, of course you enjoy being sold to because your relationship with money is clean. It’s not, it’s good or it’s bad, or it’s going to punish me, or it’s not going to punish me. It’s not dependent on those things so you’ve cleaned that up. And a lot of us who have the – if you’re afraid of the money objection you haven’t cleaned up your feeling and relationship around money yet. So, there is still something hanging around.

But something you said about the brand, I love that because he loves the brand. So human design teaches you are the brand. And that speaks a lot to you, it’s the who before the how. Because when you have the sales ability to see it and use it in that way and you are the brand of whatever it is that you’re passionate about or love, you’re an obvious choice because you stand out 90% over anyone else.

Because most people aren’t doing the kind of work that we’re doing. They’re not working on themselves. They’re not becoming the who. They’re believing it’s an IG hashtag hack or something. They’re not believing the who.

Stacey: Yes. And it’s like what I always say, where people don’t want to hire a life coach who doesn’t love their life. It’s not very appealing. I do think that again, that’s another barrier that we don’t think that we’re going to have to cross when we become coaches. I just know a lot of young newer coaches, that’s something that they really come up against is they don’t realize when they become coaches, they go to get certified somewhere. They don’t expect to come out and then have so much of the I don’t like me, I don’t like my life, or I’m resisting something about me.

I’m resisting something about my life, it’s not where I want it to be yet, it’s not. They’re trying to get this perfect version instead of learning how to be where you are sufficient, at peace with where you’re at and where you’re starting. And that is, to me when you get to that place where you love yourself, your brand, that’s where you do become highly attractive to other people because we do know, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, I think we have radar.

The same radar that has us turn around if we’re walking and we hear coyotes, we’re in the Midwest so that’s an actual legit thing that we have to pay attention to how close they are. Or if you’re walking in Manhattan and you see someone on the other side of the street and it feels a little uncomfortable. And you get that awareness in your body that I should walk quicker and turn a corner and find a street with more people. That same radar that keeps us safe from harm I think also keeps us safe from other people.

Danielle: Yeah, it’s your aura.

Stacey: Right. So, it pushes – it’s like the BO that makes you very stinky to people, is the desperation, the graspiness, the I don’t like my life, I don’t like my circumstances, I don’t like my mind right now. When you’re in that space it literally – we can’t – and I’ll speak for both of us on this right now. We can’t express on this podcast enough that it does not matter how many posts you post and how many emails you write, and whether you have beautiful IG graphics, and all of the money you spend on all of the things in your business.

And the perfect website, and the beautiful ads if you don’t have the energy right you’re not going to make a single sale, not one.

Danielle: Yeah. And that’s why I’m floored that you didn’t know anything about human design because I’m like, she just so knows this. I bet when I get in those modules it’s going to be all human design stuff.

Stacey: That’s so great. So, what else when you were in there, is there anything else that stood out when you were in the 2K process that felt very aligned with human design? We’ve talked about a lot of things, I love hearing it from other people’s perspective the way that they would describe it. I think if we could learn a million ways to say the same thing we’re just going to help that many more people.

Danielle: Oh my gosh, so true because there’s always one way that’s going to ring true for somebody else and be their path, yeah. I love the be in your client’s brain or thinking.

Stacey: Thinking like your client? Yes.

Danielle: Yes.

Stacey: You mentioned that here too, yes.

Danielle: Yes, that one, I use that, I have a piece of it, just stuff too, I have a binder where I do all my stuff, write it all out. I have an application process. So, I get to see some of their thoughts before they come in.

Stacey: Yeah, and to see some of their brain ahead of time.

Danielle: Yeah. I mean that’s kind of another thing. It was kind of scary for me when I knew, and I just get knowings. And like I said, they’re not always safe. I feel, yeah, I can’t wait to do this. It’s always like, oh my gosh, really? Knowing, when I get that knowing of you have to put up an application call and I have people answer questions. And, Stacey, they don’t answer the questions, I ask them to answer the questions, or I cancel the call. And so sometimes I have to say, “Okay.” But who I’m speaking with is not a person. I’m speaking with the universe.

I’m literally saying to the universe, “No, I want it in this way. No, I want it in this way.” And I feel the 2K process is really lenient on which way do you want it? How do you want to attract these people? Make it comfortable for you but stay committed to your process, whatever your process looks like. So, to go back to the thinking about your clients’ brain, it’s like you say, our brain just gives us these random thoughts. And I would find myself thinking these random thoughts and go, “Oh, interesting, I would never have known that if I wouldn’t have sat and wrote it out.”

So, I love that worksheet, it’s helped me the most I think, yeah. And like I say, I do like to listen to the modules. I love the consultation code. I printed that out immediately because I think I joined on a Friday or Saturday and there was no one in the office to give me access or whatever. And so, I went immediately and downloaded the consultation code. I did use a script in the beginning because I, exactly the way you describe it, I needed…

Stacey: Was it a script that you wrote out?

Danielle: Yes.

Stacey: Yeah, I think that’s super helpful. You’re just thinking ahead of time of the way that you might say something. I do that in my head is have the conversation 5,000 times before I actually have it. And sometimes I write it out too. I think that that’s useful.

Danielle: Yeah. I mean it was for me because I’ve never been in sales. I mean of course we’re always selling but I was a nurse for 24 years. I was a registered nurse for 24 years. And coming into this and knowing I had to learn it. I was like, well, I’ve got to start somewhere. And it felt comfortable. But then after a couple of times I was like, oh no, I know now. It’s like, you’ve said this a couple of times. It’s like when you finally know what it means and feels like to be present with somebody in their circumstance. You finally know that they’re really thinking here’s another option.

When you’re finally there, the script it doesn’t matter because they’re not going to say what’s on the script. And you’re not going to be able to refer back right away.

Stacey: Yes, that’s so good. When you’re just so present and there with someone. I think that’s also when magic can happen. And I think when you’re really present too, you hear things and you notice things and catch things that you can’t catch if you don’t have the level of energy going into the consult that presence gives you. When your brain is scattered and also thinking about you, your brain is operating at such a smaller capacity than when it’s just wide open. And you feel sufficient and filled up and you’re just with someone else focused totally on them you pick up so many things.

You pick up so many patterns. I think it’s easier to bridge the gap. And you know exactly what their problem is because you heard it. You heard the things they said and you heard the things they didn’t say. You heard the things that they inferred with their tone and their energy when they were talking to you. And your brain is so open that you can just collect all that data and all it’s doing the entire call is organizing that for you so that when you get to the bridge or the gap, and I used to take notes too. My brain does it really well just on its own.

But I used to have to just write things down, but it’s like by the time you get to that end and you’re like, okay, I know exactly how to help you. Here’s what I’m hearing. This is what you’ve said. This is what the solution is. Here’s my process. And it’s so different to the person to experience the solution being laid out to them on a consult when someone is giving them a canned solution versus when someone has truly heard them and caught things that they didn’t even see or didn’t even know that they were saying or how they were presenting themselves.

And then being able to have had that level of being heard, I remember on my consult with my health coach I cried the whole consult. And it was just that feeling of someone sees me, and I’ve been heard, and there’s hope, and there’s a solution. That felt so powerful to me. I think that right there is so huge.

Danielle: Because you’re probably the only person that’s ever given them this kind of attention, and acknowledgement, and recognition in their life. And here’s the other thing, it is so hard for us to say yes to ourselves. And that opportunity that you have on the consult to be with someone, fully be with someone is something that – that’s a way of service. Whether they say yes or no doesn’t matter. That’s your way of showing up and serving. And you are allowing someone else to be fully present.

You’re probably able, like you just said, you’re able to see things they aren’t able to see and that’s a gift, you were just able to give them.

Stacey: Yeah. And it’s like what you said of the knowing, because this is also when it comes to selling so important. I always say that you have to be willing to risk the relationship and say the uncomfortable thing. So, if you go back to the knowing of that, there are times when you’re on a consult and you know you need to say something and you don’t want to.

Danielle: So that was exactly when that changed for me was I was like, I just got permission from Stacey to say the thing. And here’s the thing, even though I knew, because I know my human design, I know it all in and out. I know the energy. That’s one of my strongest gifts is truth in the moment. It was still, I was still holding back a little bit. And every consult call I was just like, I’m just going to say it. I’m just going to say it. I’m just going to say it. Now it’s a natural thing to just say.

But you said that and I was like, you have to risk the relationship and it clicked, meaning they’re going to be mad at me. And what am I most afraid of when I’m holding back is they’re going to think something about me. And the truth is this is an opportunity for me to show them what they’re thinking that’s holding them back and they may not like that. And it may be a no for them and that’s okay.

Stacey: I also love what you just said about truth in the moment. I think that can be really powerful for people to think about. If you’re someone who is struggling to say the hard thing. You’re struggling to risk relationship. And how you know that you don’t risk the relationship. It’s not about say something triggering and combative to your client, that’s not what we’re saying when we say risk the relationship, is it’s just not holding back the knowing that comes up if it’s uncomfortable for you and scary for you.

You move towards the knowing, you move towards the thing that’s uncomfortable on the consult. And if that presents itself, a lot of people who want to shy away, the reason that they want to shy away is because of their fear of it being wrong. So, I might say this very triggering thing and then it might be wrong. And so, I don’t want to say something that could be…

I just was coaching some of my students today and I had to coach them on something that I in the moment, truth in the moment, knew was the thing I needed to say and knew was the coaching I needed to give. But I wasn’t sure how well it would be received and I love this particular student and the students that were on this call, I love them so much. And I had this moment of I can chicken out and take the safe way and still coach them really well to be honest. Or I can go straight for the gut truth that I have right now that feels like it would serve them at the highest level.

And even if it’s not, I had this kind of philosophical argument happening in my mind of I could be wrong, and this idea, other people can massively agree with me. And I remember thinking, but this is what feels right now in this moment. So, I think it’s useful to think if you’re going to say something that feels like it could be risking the relationship, something that feels like a knowing, that you don’t have a 100% trust in because maybe you never said it before or maybe it’s just been revealed to you on a call and it’s coming up as a gut thing that you think you need to say.

Know that you can just think about it being this is the truth in the moment that I’m going to let come up and out of me. And sometimes I will even say and my coaches have said this to me before too, “I may be completely off base here. This could be wrong but the sense I’m getting or what I’m feeling, I think it’s okay to let that come up.” And if you’re worried about it you can even give a little caveat of I could be completely wrong but I want to throw this out here because it’s what I’m getting or what’s coming up for me now.

And I just want to see, I’m going to present it and then you tell me what you think about it. And you can let that be a collaboration. But I do think just feeling, it’s just the truth right now in the moment can make it so much easier to go into.

Danielle: Yeah. It’s truth in that moment and in the next moment you’re going to be given more information and your truth may change. That doesn’t make you bad, or wrong, or not helpful. If you don’t acknowledge your truth in the moment you’re basically saying no to your intuition, your highest self, your gifts. And the more you say no to yourself the more your gifts just kind of quiet down in the background and you don’t really step into the powerful person that you’re here to be. And you and me and all of us in 2K are coming from a place of service, and love, and high intention.

So, you’re going to be received with that energetic, whether you think it’s right or wrong, the reception will be okay. And I’ve done that too like, “You know what? Is this really a no for you because I just kind of feel maybe you’ve pulled back or you’re hesitant, why are you hesitant?” If you call somebody out under energetic it makes them feel safe because you’re seeing them in the way they feel, they may not even know that themselves if they’re coming…

Stacey: Or they may have thought that you can’t handle having that conversation. I love saying, “Listen.” Exactly like that, “I’m sensing some hesitation and I just want you to know whatever that is I really want you to bring it to me so we could talk about it now regardless of whether you’re ready to make the decision or not, let’s talk about that. And whatever you say I will hold space for. I’m trained to do that. I will not – you can even say things about me, I will not take it personally. I just want to hear what’s really happening in your mind. It’s my greatest ability to serve you right now in this moment.”

When you’re coming from that place you create such safety for people to tell you the real thing. It’s so good. Okay, so I want to read a couple of your quotes from your post and that I really just want people to hear because it was so brilliant. And then here, if you have any other thoughts that you want to share when you were thinking about this podcast, anything that you think we haven’t touched on.

Okay, so I really loved how you said, “I managed my own energy before every call. I created new curious questions before I got on each call for guidance. This is called intentional action and when you do this the universe has to respond with the same. I love the idea that when you set such strong intention, just the idea, the belief, because I wouldn’t normally have this is the universe has to respond with the same. That’s that trust that if I keep doing the thing I know is right and I keep adding to my value bank the value has to come back to me. That’s just the way it works.”

Danielle: It’s just the way it works.

Stacey: I love that.

Danielle: It’s universal law. You said that in one of your modules, putting value in a piggybank. And so much of our society right now is, “Well, I’ve done it for a week and there’s been four calls to actions, so where’s my money?”

Stacey: Entitlement to instant gratification, 100%.

Danielle: Yeah. And the truth is no, that’s not how it works.

Stacey: No, that’s not how it works.

Danielle: It’s until, it’s until, yeah.

Stacey: It’s so good. Okay, I also loved these two. You said, and I want everyone to just think about the energetic of this statement when you’re thinking about a consult. “Each call was a divine appointment with a woman who needed help and my honor to offer them a solution.” And then you went on to say, “I removed myself from any attachment and sat in the momentum of service and value and trusted my people would find me.” It’s so good. You can just feel in this post how carried you were by trust in yourself and the universe.

It was just so abundant, everything you said, you said this one too, this is so good. “I believed first in myself and then in my dream and found evidence of it working every day and then I watched my brain like a hawk.” It’s so good. Just that, that’s a process in itself, to believe in it first yourself and then find evidence of how it’s working and then also watch your brain like a hawk the whole time.

Danielle: Yeah. It’s a very unapologetic process. It’s very much a, I’m saying no to a lot of things in my life and I’m saying 100% yes to my business and my personal divine appointment with this desire to put hands and massive amount of money in the hands of women. I have this burning desire that women of heart, the women of integrity, women of purpose need money and they need it now. And they need to start getting unapologetic about calling it in. They need to step into their power, they need to stop waiting on other people for permission.

And I’ll go first. I’ll go first. And I’ll do it and then let’s go. And you have that energy, Stacey, where you have this very much, I’ve got you. I’ve got you. And you’ve been able to do that brilliantly with even pulling yourself out of the business, not having to do the one-on-one and making sure that they’re doing it your way or whatever. You’ve managed yourself and your energy to a point where you’ve been able to pull yourself out and still give women permission to step into their power more and more every day. And that takes consistent effort.

It doesn’t just happen in a week or even a year for some people. Depending on your journey, it happens when it happens and you have to do it until.

Stacey: Yeah. I mean it’s taken us to scale our business where it is now, six years to get myself to the place where I’m able to remove myself and really. It’s only remove myself to have more energy and more brain power to create at an even higher level to reach more people.

Danielle: Yeah. Well, you’ve done it with grace and you’ve done it brilliantly, it feels good, it feels like you definitely have a handle on the community. I was a little worried about a Facebook group environment. And it feels very nurturing. It feels very supportive and it feels very focused and it feels very [inaudible].

Stacey: Yeah, well, it’s because we have a lot of rules. I always am adding another rule. And I’m like, “Listen.” But I do think that the reason people love the group so much is because there are so many rules. And it’s so tailored and specific. I don’t let people run wild and just post whatever they want to post. It’s very specific and I don’t let people sell in there. It’s this is what we’re doing, you have to be – there are very simple rules. You have to be willing to jump in and help people. And you have to be posting as a student and to share, and to help, and to serve.

And if you’re going to post you have to be willing to be coachable. And I always tell people, you can’t ever use something against someone when you’re in that community. If you don’t have a one-on-one coach or you don’t have – or you’re not certified, or whatever. It’s like, no, they’ve paid to be in this group and to learn the lesson, so the lessons we always give are the ones that 2K has available. And then anything that we want to offer from our own experiences. But I think that’s why it’s such a good – I always laugh because I’m like, “I think people love the group so much because it has a lot of rules.”

Danielle: No, it’s like children need boundaries, so [crosstalk].

Stacey: Yeah, you’ve just got to tap in the energy, that’s the way I’m always thinking about it. I’m actually getting ready to do in the next month, I want to teach the client narrative to the 2K students. I’m going to do a separate call and I’m going to use the group rules as the example of it. But it’s literally my attention to the energy of the room and thinking about the new person who comes into that room and what their first experiences would be if they scrolled to the first 10 posts. And I make every decision from that place.

And it’s thinking about that, what do we want that container to be? I think a lot of coaches let their containers be whatever people want to do because they’re afraid to say no. They’re afraid to honor that truth and be like, “I don’t want you to sell on this group. I don’t want you to behave this way or to do these things, or that things.” And I think that that is what makes it such a special group is it’s there’s been a lot of time and thought put into the energy that we create in that room.

Danielle: Yeah. Well, you definitely have to stand for something in every aspect of your life or life will take over for you.

Stacey: Yeah, 100%. Oh my gosh, this has been such a fun conversation. Is there anything you feel like we did not talk about that needed to be said?

Danielle: Well, I’m so glad I was able to talk to you about it because I feel maybe it will give people another perspective of looking at the actual process of decision-making is an actual honor that you get to help somebody through. When you make a decision differently in your life, it doesn’t matter what decision you make, it can be yes or no, the universe says, “Okay, you’re supported.” The universe just supports you right where you are.

So, if you’re on a call with somebody and you know that this is going to be an intentional decision your duty is to get them to a yes or a no, your duty, because you don’t want to…

Stacey: A good line, your duty is to get them to a yes or a no. Yes.

Danielle: Yes. I take it very seriously. And I have had one call, one, the universe sends me tests every once in a while on calls. And she was very did not want to make a decision. And I just flat out said, “Listen, it’s my duty to hold us responsible to a yes or no decision. If you need 24 hours to come back to me and say yes or no, I will honor that for you.” And she was able to come back 24 hours and give me a decision. But here’s the thing, you can set boundaries and people are only going to honor them as far as you honor them yourself.

So, if you’re operating your business with all these – you have to answer these calls and no show cancel, all these things. But you aren’t that person in your own life, that doesn’t count at all. You have to be the person that’s willing to have the no because you raised your price, or the willing to have the person that won’t go through and fill out the questions and show up on time.

Stacey: Yes, that’s so good. I think a lot of people, I always say this in 200K is they’ll come in and they think the 200K process is going to make a big decision that they’ve been struggling to make, really easy for them and suddenly take all the thought work and requirements from themselves of doing that commitment. So, they’ll be like, “I want to raise my price to 10K. I’ve been wanting to do that. And now I’m in the room so it’s going to do it for me.”

And I always tell them, “Don’t make any changes, any changes unless you are 100% willing to say no and hear no a lot of times to stand for that. If you’re really ready or don’t set client.” We talk a lot about client standards and filters. I’m like, “Don’t set one if you’re not prepared to honor it.” If you tell people they can’t be driving on the calls and they can’t have distractions. And they’ve got to have childcare for their kids while they’re on the call with you and they can’t be being pulled a 100 different directions. Be prepared for that client to quit or say no.”

And when you’re really willing to uphold that boundary for you or if you’re committed, the only price I’m willing to coach someone for is 10K. You have to be so committed to that and willing to say no or hear no for that to happen. And that is the only way it will be a success. My boundaries and my standards for my groups and the rules of coaching with me, they work because I’m so serious about them. And my energy is in them and I show up that way. And again, I don’t ask people to do things that I’m not willing to do.

I think it’s a 100%, I meant to say that earlier when you brought it up, I was like that’s another nugget, that’s another good lesson.

Danielle: Yeah. Well, I’m just very grateful. I’m very grateful that you put it into a process that can really help further somebody’s ability to learn to trust themselves. And you say coaching is selling and selling is coaching and it’s just so true because it’s just so true and we’re always going to be in that process. It’s never going to end.

Stacey: No. I love it, it’s so good. Okay, how can people reach out to you and find you if they want to know, if they want to work with you and they want to understand their human design and build their businesses, how can they connect with you? And we’ll drop this in the show notes as well if you go to the podcast show notes at you’ll be able to find this episode and download the show notes and the transcripts. But if you could tell them here as well?

Danielle: Yes. So, I have my website

Stacey: And will you spell that for them?

Danielle: Yes. D-A-N-I-E-L-L-E and then Eyman is E-Y-M-A-N .com and that’s where I keep all my stuff. I basically just have one offer. I follow the Stacey Boehman rule. I have one offer, yes, and I love that. You really reinforced that.

Stacey: Yeah. And if you want to work with her you have to fill out an application and you’ve got to answer all the questions. She’s serious about it. So good.

Danielle: It’s so funny, it’s so true though, I mean it really is. It’s really made a difference in my business the way that I’ve set it up. But I take four women a month and I work very one-on-one with them because learning your human design is a very overwhelming but impactful journey. And I want to make sure that you embody the new way that you make decisions completely. You know exactly how it works. You integrate the information and then you are off and running with your business.

Of course, I offer ongoing support after that but my main container is the Wealthy and Aligned program. And I’m on Instagram @hdbydanielle. And yeah, I’m in all the places, Facebook.

Stacey: What is it again on Instagram?

Danielle: @hdbydanielle.

Stacey: Okay, @hdbydanielle. Alright, we’ll put that all in the show notes. But you also have it here on the podcast if you happen to be driving and listening you can look her up after you park or whatever you’re doing.

Danielle: Oh yeah, and my podcast.

Stacey: Oh yeah, tell them about your podcast.

Danielle: I love my podcast, it’s my favorite thing. It’s called Wealthy and Aligned by Human Design. And I basically tell you how to start commanding money into your life, get serious, let’s start bringing money in.

Stacey: That’s so fun. I have enjoyed this conversation so much. Thank you so much for coming on. I know that all the human design teachers in our community are going to just be so excited to hear this episode and just cheering this episode and you on. And I’m so excited for any new clients that you find through this episode as well, that you guys energetically connect together.

Danielle: I’m so grateful, thank you so much, Stacey.

Stacey: You’re so welcome. Alright, I will talk to you soon. Thank you.

Danielle: Okay, you’re welcome. Bye bye.

Stacey: Bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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