Make Money as a Life Coach® | Impossible ResultsHave you ever entertained the idea of getting 100% results for 100% of your clients? For most of you, this seems so impossible and so scary that you never even attempt to take your mind to this place. So, you tell your clients, “I can’t guarantee you anything, you have to do the work,” but the truth is that in many cases, this just isn’t going to cut it. 

This week, I’m presenting the impossible result of getting all your clients what they came for when they signed up to work with you. You’re not alone if you feel a sense of resistance to the idea of being responsible for your clients’ results, but there is so much gold to be found when you dare to try achieving 100% results for 100% of your clients, and I’m showing you why.

Join me on the podcast as I invite you to go after this impossible result. You’ll discover how a relentless pursuit of impossible results will make you a better coach, and why, even if you never obtain it, your clients will receive so much value and you will be stretched to reach your highest potential. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s our only job as coaches to get our clients results. 
  • What’s keeping you from being able to offer 100% results for all of your clients. 
  • How a relentless pursuit of impossible results will make you a better coach.
  • 2 questions to ask yourself to brainstorm achieving impossible results for both yourself and your clients. 
  • The magic of being willing to sit with the idea that impossible results are possible.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 191. Today we’re going to talk about impossible results, a very specific impossible result. I’m super excited. I’ve been thinking a lot about this because I’m getting ready to head to Orlando and lead the 200K live event and meet with my Two Million Dollar group. And this is one of the cornerstones of the things I teach inside the 200K Mastermind is the concept of a 100% result. So, we’re going to revisit that concept today.

By the time you will be listening to this I will actually be in Orlando, and we will be in the midst of 200K live, so excited. I have such an intense event planned. It’s going to be, I always say this, but it’s literally the result of this, what we’re going to talk about today, of this concept that every single live event that we do is always the best one we’ve ever done because we have this relentless pursuit of excellence that my entire team as far as the backend and the production is always working on.

And then for me as the CEO, and the visionary, and the creative force, that I’m always working on. So, the content is always the next level of the next level every single time we do it, and then our production just gets better, and better, and better, and the support and what we have available for the event. And how we literally milk every ounce and every single second of that event to get everything we can out of those three days to set our clients up for the most success they can have for the rest of the Mastermind.

So, I have been thinking a lot about this and I want to revisit the concept of a 100% results for our clients. So, you know I feel very strongly about this. I talk about it all the time, I get lots of pushback about it, but I am just going to keep saying it, no matter how many people hate on me for this, or no matter how many people disagree, or no matter what people have to say. Even those of you who love me very much, some of you are like, “What, no, this is impossible. We cannot be responsible for our clients’ results.”

But I really feel very strongly, that is our only job as coaches is to get our clients’ results. I think it is absolute rubbish, do people still use that word, rubbish? It is absolute rubbish to say, “I can’t guarantee you anything, you have to do the work.” If someone said that to me, pardon my language but I would be like, “Then why the fuck am I hiring you?” That would be the thought that I would have to be quite honest.

And if you remember, I talk about this journey a lot, where I was when I first hired my very first life coach, I hired a life coach before I even decided to have a life coaching business. I’m selling mops in Walmart, I’m basically a nomad. And I had very little money to my name, but my first coach didn’t tell me that statement. “I can’t guarantee you anything, you have to do the work.” I was a mess, my life, my emotional world, I had lots of dreams and absolutely no ability or wherewithal to go after them, no clue how to make things happen.

And if she had told me, “I mean I can’t guarantee you results, you just have to show up and do the work”, I would have been like, “Well, crap, I doubt I can do that. Pass.” That would have been my most honest thought, I don’t think I could do that, I’m going to have to pass. And I can’t come up with the money for that. We cannot come up with money for things that are inevitable, we want tangible things. We want inevitable things. We want things that are a guaranteed investment. We don’t want to just piss our money away.

I for sure would not have sold my belongings and moved mountains to come up with the money to buy coaching if it wasn’t a sure thing. Instead of I can’t guarantee you anything, you have to do the work. And I’m using that statement because I’ve seen it said so many times. And listen, by the most well-meaning coaches, I love you all, I know that you’ve been taught that, which is why you’re repeating that. I get it. And you may have even been taught that. Let me say this.

You might have been taught this from the perspective of trying to alleviate your pressure especially in the beginning. And for you to not take on other people’s models or other people’s results in an unhealthy way. And I do think you can do that. We’re not going to talk about that on this episode. We do study that very deeply in the 200K Mastermind. This is a 200K concept. But it really is all or nothing thinking. Where either I control other people’s results, or I have no part of it. And where I’m asking you to go is the middle. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

So, I just want to interrupt my train of thought to say, we’re going to talk about the middle ground. A healthy way to approach this. So, before you get worked up and stop listening to this episode, just know that my promise for you, if you stay with me through this episode is I’m going to help you have a healthy relationship with this concept. And anything that is I control other people, or I have no part in it, neither of those I think are super healthy relationships with people who pay us money for results.

That again, that’s what they think they’re paying for. That’s the only reason they would hire a coach is to help them get results that they can’t get. So instead, when I hired my first coach she sold me that she knew every answer to every problem, and the roadmap would be easy, and she would be there every step of the way with me until I achieved it. And it was going to be simple, and it was going to be fun. It was really like being sold like I was just missing information and she had it.

So, for people who are really stuck, the responsibility line isn’t going to cut it for them. If they are in a place where they are not showing up in their life, and they are struggling, and they can’t honor their word, and they can’t go through with things. They’re saying they want to lose weight and they set their alarm to get up every morning to go to the gym and then they hit the snooze, and they can never get themselves to go. They buy the membership, and they never show up, they eat the cookies instead.

For those people, telling them that, “I can’t guarantee you anything, you have to do the work.” They’re like, “Well, if you can’t guarantee me anything, I’m already not doing the work so what’s going to change about us working together?” That’s what they’re going to perceive if you say that to them. And I really want you to consider that it is our job, it’s not just a sales tactic. And I also, I want to just be clear, I always tell my 200K students, again, we don’t cover this in 2K, this is a 200K concept.

But that you never even have to make a guarantee or sell a guarantee the what that I do. You never have to do that. So, you don’t have to think, if I decide to take on this concept of 100% results for my clients, if I decide to take this on then I have to tell people that I guarantee it. You don’t have to do that in order to take your mind there. That’s also what we’re going to be talking about today is we’re just going to take our mind there. You don’t have to sell this. So, take that off the table for now too.

So, take off the table anything that doesn’t serve you in listening to this conversation because here’s what I have found is I think that what keeps you all from being able to take your mind to a 100% results for a 100% of your clients. Or the reason it never even gets attempted, or the concept gets so lost is because of the resistance and fear that you all experience. When I say being responsible a 100% for your results either I have to offer that to people right away, but mostly it’s coming from the place of not knowing how to be responsible for this as a coach.

So, you’re like, “Wait, so you’re asking me to do something I don’t know how to do and you’re asking me to tell people that I guarantee results.” And I just want to offer, I’m not telling you that you have to tell people that you guarantee results, and I am going to help you know how to be responsible for this. So, this is what we’re talking about today. So, one of the things I do is I always sell my students in 200K on just starting with taking their mind to the place of what if.

So, I titled this episode, Impossible Results. I know I am presenting an impossible result of getting a 100% of your clients what they came for a 100% of the time. When I started this model, when I started going after this result I didn’t even have close to those stats. But here is the gold, hear me when I say this, I love what we create, who we become and the effect we have on our clientele when we put an impossible result, like 100% results in our result line when we take that seriously.

Have I achieved that even now after working this concept, after working an impossible result as my model, after going after an impossible result in my model? Have I achieved that even now? No. In fact at the time that I was preparing this episode I thought that we weren’t even close. And when I say we aren’t even close, it’s usually five or six people each round that don’t make their money back. But it turns out we’ve gotten real close because this last round we only had two people, two people out of a 100 that didn’t create at least $25,000 in their business.

And that’s for their first round, if they were in their first round. Once you’re in round two and three you’re making way more than 25K. You’re on your way to 200K. So, we have actually gotten quite close but regardless, here’s what’s happened. Even though we haven’t achieved 100% results for 100% of our clients, the fact that we went on this journey to achieve an impossible result we have created so much value. And our clients have made so much money because we even dared to try.

So here is how this works. If you use the model in your self-coaching, you put 100% of my clients getting 100% results in your result line. That’s your results. You’re a coach who gets your clients 100% results a 100% of the time. You are the coach who has that result. When you imagine you being the coach who has that result you work that model backwards. What do you do? How do you behave as the coach who has that result, what is your action line? What are the things that you do that make that happen? How do you feel?

What thoughts do you have about you, about your coaching, about your clients, about their problems, about your solutions, about any of the work required to get the results that they want. Now, pro tip, if these answers do not feel simple and easy, fun, light, if it isn’t easy for you to answer these questions, if it feels very difficult to answer, what thoughts do you have about you, and your coaching, and your clients. You likely haven’t gotten to the place in your mind where you are really believing you are the coach who has this result.

You haven’t taken the time to really imagine it and feel it in your body. You might be getting stuck in the how. I want you to go to feeling it in your body and imagining yourself as that person first. What if it were possible? Just consider it. Because it mostly has been possible for me. I’ve been working this model for four years, I am relentless at it. It doesn’t faze me at all that I haven’t achieved it 100%. Achieving it isn’t really even the point. I know it’s impossible. You can’t control other people, and their thoughts, and their behaviors no matter how perfect your process or your coaching is.

Trust me, I’ve been working this for four years. There are so many things outside of your control. But this concept focuses me on what I can control. That’s the only thing that goes in my model, what can I control? The last 200K Mastermind when I was on stage, I presented the room with two questions. Number one, what can I control as the student in 200K Mastermind to guarantee myself results? You can do that with any type of coaching you invest in, if you’re in 2K, if you hire a one-on-one coach, if you go to a certification.

I was just talking about this with my team when talking about renewals, when coaching people through renewals in 200K, I usually don’t coach them through their mindset. That’s something I have thought about recently is what do I do when I am investing in myself? And one of the things I ask myself is, how am I going to guarantee myself results no matter what? How am I going to guarantee myself a return on investment? What’s going to be my plan?

And when I come up with a plan along with the specific reason I’m going to be in that room or make that investment, when I do that it gives me everything that is within my power, I always get what I come for. So, I have them decide as the student how are they able to guarantee themselves results, what’s within their control no matter how I show up, no matter what’s in the process and no matter other people that they’re selling to. How can they guarantee themselves results?

And then the number two question is what can I control as the coach to guarantee my clients get results? And I made them brainstorm as long as they possibly could. Now, your brain is going to want to write things down. And then immediately negate them or question them. Some form of, but if I do this, or, but this is why that wouldn’t work. But I challenge you to sit there instead with what if it did work? What if it was enough? What if this small seemingly insignificant thing that you wrote on your list was enough to guarantee yourself and your clients, results?

If you thought it was enough you would do it every time. That’s the magic. We do what we believe will work and move the needle forward. We skip past the things that we think aren’t significant enough to make an impact. And the things that don’t seem significant enough to make an impact are the things that actually end up impacting our results. But when you make your list, what I have experienced is most of my clients put things on there and they’re like, “That couldn’t possibly be it. That can’t possibly be enough.” And so, they don’t want to start on the list at all.

And if you’re not willing to start on the list at all it’s likely because you don’t want to do something that isn’t guaranteed a result, ironically neither do your clients. They don’t want to pay you money for something that isn’t guaranteed. One of you all got to go first, it’s your job, you’re the coach. So, it doesn’t even matter if the things on your list, you’re like, “Well, that by itself, there’s no way that could guarantee that.” Doesn’t matter if it’s on your list, do it. It’s what’s within your control as a part of this overall model.

So, you make your list of only what you can control and then you get to work. And as part of your list, I want you to add as the, if you’re making your list for you being the coach, what you can control in guaranteeing your clients’ results. I want you to add teaching your client to focus on only what they can control. If you teach your client how to focus on what they can control to get themselves a 100% results, and then you show up focusing on what you can control a 100% then you both are approaching the goal they have for themselves with full responsibility.

I want you to imagine two people coming together every single week in full responsibility to work for the same result for one of those people. How can that not produce something damn near exact to what they want? You’re both giving a 100% for the same result for one of you. That’s the brilliance of working this impossible result, not caring that you may never achieve the actual result. You’re always adding to what you can control so you’re always coming up with more value, more ways to explain things simpler to your clients, more solutions to more problems.

You’re getting better and better, clearer, and clearer. Relentless pursuit of this model helps you come up with solutions and support for every single step your clients could possibly ever face. Relentless pursuit of this model makes you a better coach. It also makes you a better salesperson because when you know just how much you have created to help your clients, when you know that every single step has been accounted for, when you believe very deeply that your clients will get results because you’ve worked this model for so long.

When you are like, “Yeah, 98% of my clients, this statement is true and there’s only 2% that don’t.” And for me I’m like, and I’ll just give them their money back. I want you to think about how much more confident you will feel with people spending money with you. I have no doubts about people paying me 25K to be a part of my Mastermind, or 50K to be a part of my Two Million Dollar group, or 2K to be a part of my 2K program, no doubts. So, what happens is you stop being scared that you wont be able to deliver and that they will spend money and not get what they came for or regret it.

And I think those are the two biggest fears that coaches have, that you won’t be able to deliver and that they will spend money and not get what they came for and regret it. It’s the fear of their experience of them not getting results and your experience of not getting results. But imagine if that fear were eradicated from your brain and then you’re going to sell. It is with me, that’s why my selling is so powerful. I never have a nagging fear in the back of my mind that someone won’t get results. I never have the fear that my offer will not deliver.

I don’t have to have any of that doubt when I am in a launch. And for me I have that extra layer again of being willing to be refund if they don’t. But you don’t even have to do that to start. I wouldn’t even entertain that as a business model until you have released any fear, resistance, or doubt around this concept. So again, just start with thinking about who you will become in the pursuit of this impossible result. How will your coaching and your selling be affected? Think about it really deeply.

Go on a walk. Listen to this episode again and think about how you would be affected in the pursuit of this goal. How will your clients be affected even if you don’t achieve the results? Again, I am not arguing against the idea that it’s impossible. I agree with you, so what. Let’s get after it. Let’s see who we become on the journey. We think that the only results worth going after are the ones that we can achieve. But just consider the results we go after that stretch us to the farthest of our potential. Sometimes those are impossible results.

And even though the result may never be obtained, reaching, and expanding our highest potential will be and that’s what matters for us and the people we help. When we master this for ourselves it will be so much easier to help others master. Another question that you can ask yourself is, if I were to guarantee results to my clients, what is everything I would have to teach them, both thoughts and actions they would have to take to ensure their success? That question leads you straight to your unique process and your unique philosophy.

This is how I have developed all of my programs. And as you scale and you go through the pursuit of the result of more money, working with more clients, getting them better, faster results, requiring of yourself to get every client across the finish line, having that standard that you take responsibility for will help you grow your containers without living into your worst fear that clients will be less taken care of in order for you to make more money. That never has to be on the table, I promise you.

And instead, you will ask yourself constantly what am I in control of even when there are more people. How can I guarantee each person a successful journey and a 100% of what they came for a 100% of the time, no matter how many people are in this container, or with x amount of new people in this container. How can I still do that? And again, you’re going to start with, what can you control? We recently asked ourselves this for our 200K Mastermind. As our room grows we’re always adding new things to account for how the room changes as the growth occurs.

And one of the things, this is just a small example, really small but I think it’s going to be really profound for them is one of the things we noticed as we do our 25K in 30 days challenge is that now as the room has diversified there are many more students launching. And so, they’re not always in a launch when we do the challenge. So, because we are focused on 100% results and what we can control I decided to create it as a course that can be done on demand alongside the group challenge, the live one.

So, you can do it now as soon as you enroll, and you can walk yourself through it when your timing is right. I never want them to put out a hustle offer just to meet the challenge like I don’t have a launch coming up, but let me throw out a one-on-one offer. I don’t want them to do that. Another example is when I’m being responsible for my students results, each one no matter how many they are, I also think about all of the different types of students I have. So, I have my fast start students who just come out of the gate and make a ton of money.

I have my slow burns who make just consistent results round after round. And then we have our students who aren’t making their money back. And we think of every single step of each of those students’ journeys, from every angle. And I know in our tendency just in general as entrepreneurs, our tendency is to focus on selling and just getting new clients in the door. But I really think this work, this dedication to this result is actually what brings more clients in the door.

Because think about this, the more trustworthy your offer is the more people will hear about it, buy it, have a positive experience, and then continue that cycle. It goes back to the value bank. The best way to create value is to make sure your clients get results, period. You want to add to your value bank, work this model. So, I want to offer this for you once again, and I will keep offering this for you, is to try this model out.

Try out the idea that you could get your clients 100% results a 100% of the time with this new caveat that we both agree it’s an impossible result, and we both agree that it’s not the point, a 100% achievement doesn’t have to be the point. You want to attack it as if it is relentless pursuit of it. But you don’t not even try because you think it’s impossible. You decide to go after it relentlessly as if it is possible, doing everything in your human power to make it possible because of what it produces how you show up, and what it produces for you and your clients and who you become along the way.

And if you take it seriously you will get very close. And I was talking to my COO the other day, and I’m like, “We might actually get a 100% after four or five years of working this model, we might actually get a 100% results a 100% of the time.” This next round it could happen. What if it does? What if it does, you all? That gets me out of bed in the morning. Alright, and if you want to actually work this model in a container with my guidance and all my juicy thinking around it, and all of my questions, and all of the way I think about it, join 200K Mastermind.

This is where we deeply study this model. This is when your brain is truly ready for this type of model and where you will really see an impact in your self-concept grow as a coach and a thought leader in the industry. This is how you become an expert, you are an expert at getting people the results you offer, period. You can join the waitlist at And enroll in our next open enrollment. I’ll see you there.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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