Make Money as a Life Coach® | Loving Your Offer for Your People with Charlotte SmithI’m bringing you another hand-picked guest host from one of my programs today to share another value-packed episode detailing the inspiring work they’ve done on themselves. This week’s host is Charlotte Smith, and she has some valuable lessons for all of us on how to love your offers for your people.

Charlotte is hosting today’s show off the back of her first six-figure launch, so she knows a thing or two about serving her clients at the highest level. Charlotte Smith is a business coach specifically for farmers and agriculture professionals. Trust me when I say that the perspective shifts she shares about looking at your offers are going to blow your mind, no matter who you coach.

Whoever your people are, tune in this week to learn everything there is to know about providing your clients with an amazing offer and show up in your business loving that offer every single day. Charlotte Smith is discussing the thoughts she sees other coaches having about their offers that leave them doomed to failure, and how to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why Charlotte believes she has so much success with her offers.
  • How Charlotte went down to one single offer after being inside 200K.
  • Charlotte’s experience of her first six-figure launch and how she created an amazing offer specifically for her clients.
  • The power of truly loving your offer for your people.
  • Where so many coaches go wrong when they put their offer out into the world.
  • Why loving your offer doesn’t mean it will make you millions the first time you sell it.
  • How to consistently love your offer, no matter who buys and who doesn’t.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, so today I have a very special podcast episode planned for you. I have been following along in several of my coaches journeys in the 200K Mastermind and the Two Million Dollar Group. And some of them have very inspiring work that they have done on themselves, gaps that they have bridged to get to where they are, things that they have worked through that I think are highly valuable for you to hear from them. So, they didn’t reach out and say, “Hey, I want to teach on the podcast.”

They weren’t doing this work for anything other than themselves. But I wanted to feature their work because I felt like it would be so useful for you. So, over the next couple of months, I am going to play some of these episodes that they have recorded for you. You’re going to get to hear them throughout the next three or four months here and there. And I encourage you to take these episodes as seriously as you would take hearing from me. They are so inspiring, I’ve been following their work in my pages and it’s just in the Facebook pages and our calls.

And it’s really stood out for me so it will be extraordinarily valuable for you. It’s one of my favorite things about masterminds is you get to learn from other people’s ideas and their work. It might not be your work at the time, but it will be your work either in the future or it is your work, and you didn’t know it was your work. They’re going to present ideas to you and how they have worked through things in a way that will be so applicable to you and your own growth in your journey.

So, I hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed hearing these and watching their journey, and learning from them myself in my own self-coaching, learning how they show up in the world has been deeply impactful for me. So, without further ado please enjoy one of our guest podcasts from one of my star 200K Mastermind or Two Million Dollar Group students.


Hey there, I’m Charlotte Smith and I am your guest host for the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast today while Stacey is home enjoying her maternity leave with her band new baby boy. And I am honored and excited to be here hosting for you today. So I’m going to be talking with you about how to love your offer for your people. I’ll be giving you my insight on why I believe I have so much success with my offer. And I just completed my first six figure launch which was so fun to have that goal and then actually accomplish it.

And what I have for you today is maybe a new perspective on how to look at your offer. So hopefully it will help you shift to a place where you will have more and more success because of how you learn to think about it. First of all though I want to share just a little bit about me. My name, again, Charlotte Smith, I coach farmers, and ranchers, and agriculture related professionals all around the world. I now have people from 15 different countries in my coaching program which is so exciting to be speaking this universal language of coaching that you and I do.

We can help people all around the world because we have the same human brains. And my offer, I now have just one simple offer thanks to Stacey’s teaching. It’s a one year membership and then of course many in my program will renew every year. It’s $2500 for one year with my online courses inside and three weekly group coaching calls. And I teach them how to build profitable farms which also means that we do a lot of general life coaching too because what stands in the way of us having a profitable business is often our personal stuff.

So I do a lot of relationship coaching, and stress, and anxiety, and money coaching, and all the things, a lot of farm families work with multiple generations too. So I do lots of in-law coaching and coaching on working with your adult children and on and on. So we do all the things and I absolutely think I have the best place in the world in my coaching program for any farmer to be and I really believe that. And I’m going to share with you today why and how I believe that so that you can do that too.

I started in 2K for 2K in March of 2020 when I had just gotten certified through The Life Coach School. And then I joined the 200K program for my first round summer of 2021 and my round three in the 200K program starts this summer 2022. So I’ve been in it about a year now just halfway through my second round. And let me give you an idea of where I stand financially. So in the last 12 months I’ve made $375,000 selling just my simple offer. I phased out one-on-one coaching so it’s just my program.

And like I said, I just had my first six figure launch this last week. I made $125,000 in seven days and that was a really huge accomplishment that I’m actually still in awe that I get to do this work I get to do and was able to create that result with my thoughts, you guys. It’s so exciting to do this. And I’m also confident that by the end of 2022 I’ll be at 500,000 for the year. So especially since joining the 200K Mastermind my offer, my business is on fire because of what I’ve learned in there and implemented.

I don’t take all the things she teaches us, I just focus on one, or two, or three things and really fine tune them in my business every round that I go through in the 200K program. And it really pays off. I’ve really learned to focus.

Okay, but now I want to dive into what Stacey asked me to talk to you about today and it’s loving your offer for your people. I do think I’m really good at this because I am in love with my offer. And what Stacey teaches us in the 200K program and in 2K for 2K is there is no one right offer. I don’t love my offer because it’s right. I love it because I created it and then I decided it was the right offer. So you get to decide what is your offer. And then I want you to decide that it is the right offer and you’re going to love it and support it too.

So I see a lot of coaches who go through the 2K program, or maybe the offer week program that’s in there. And they come up with their offer, they believe it’s the right offer and they love it until they put it out into the world, they make the offer. And maybe fewer people purchased than they set their goal to purchase or maybe nobody buys their offer. And all of a sudden they decide they don’t like their offer, they think something’s wrong with it. They have to fix it. It’s not good enough.

So then I’ll see coaches adding things, and deleting things, and adding bonuses, and feeling super frustrated, and defeated. And there’s just a lot of lack in their thinking about their offer. So I just want to encourage you that you create your offer, decide to love your offer, and then also expect that the first time you try to sell your offer or maybe even the first several times you try to sell it you might not get any sales. And you’re going to be tempted to think something’s wrong. And you’re going to want to start judging and criticizing it.

And I encourage you not to do this. Of course it’s not going to sell the first time maybe. I still have webinars, my first webinar from my $125,000 launch, nobody purchased, and I still loved my offer. So you’re going to be tempted to want to change it and try to fix it, and judge it, and criticize it if you don’t make the sales you want. But I’m going to warn you against doing that based on my own experience plus my work with Stacey’s programs. So I want to share how you can learn to consistently love your offer no matter who buys or no matter who doesn’t buy.

And this is important because if you just keep changing your offer, and I’ve seen coaches constantly changing their offer based on external circumstances like people buying or not buying, or feedback they get, then you will just have this downward spiral of fewer and fewer sales. And you will keep struggling and keep yourself frustrated or what happens is people will add second offers, or third offers because the first one didn’t sell. Okay, so I want to warn you against doing all those things.

One way that I think about my offer, and I encourage you to do the same is I think of my offer and every time I offer it as its own separate entity, its own being almost. And so if I wouldn’t talk about a person with judgment and criticism, well, I’m certainly not going to talk about my offer that way. So if I put my offer out there in the webinar and no one purchases, it’s okay, no one was supposed to purchase that day. And thinking otherwise is going to put you in this critical judgmental space. You’re not going to feel good enough. You’re going to feel lack.

And you are not going to build the foundational strength that you need your offer to have from that energy. So this idea of treating it as its own entity has helped me tremendously to be able to put it out in the world and just let it do what it’s going to do. And sometimes there’s sales, sometimes there’s no sales. And it’s all okay, it’s all good, it’s all feedback, it’s all something you just take note of, and you accept. And you look at it from those emotions.

So here’s how I’m able to love my offer. I’m going to take you on a little journey here but stay with me, it all applies. So when I received the email from Stacey asking me to guest host this episode, she gave me the topic in the email. And it said, “I want you to talk about love your offer for your people.” The email said, “Stacey’s been paying attention to the work I’ve done in the 200K Mastermind room and that’s why she wants me to speak on it.” So I thought, if she’s been watching my work, I wonder what she’s seen that I think about my offer because it wasn’t really super conscious to me.

So as soon as I got the email I grabbed a notebook and started doing this thought but more of a feeling download. I instantly wanted to capture my unedited feelings about my offer. And this is what I wrote down, this whole list of feelings starting with grace, respect, honor, desire, unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, compassion, and I even had the word the cherish in there. So those emotions are how I feel about my offer. And also a feeling of proud and this emotion of in service. So I just had this long list.

And then I sat and looked over the emotions and I just felt how they touch me. All those words touch me really deeply. I was really feeling unconditional acceptance, and love, and honor, and respect about my offer. And as I looked it I thought, this is also how I feel in certain other areas of my life, like my three kids for instance. I have three kids, two of whom are adults, are doing amazing work in the world. And it’s kind of like the biggest accomplishments of my life to have these adults out in the world doing amazing things, and contributing, and being really wonderful people.

And we have a great relationship. And then I thought, I looked over the list of emotions again and it kind of made me tear up because you know what? This is how I feel about myself. The same words, grace, respect, honor, unconditional acceptance, and love, and compassion, and cherish. I feel all these feelings about myself, and I tell you, it wasn’t always this way. I feel that way about myself very naturally and automatically today. But the reason I am able to feel that is I actually spent like some of us, the first 30 years of my life really loathing myself and a lot of self-hatred.

And it wasn’t just one reason, it was kind of just my upbringing, my social conditioning, the environment I was raised in and many of us had the same environment where we were just taught that we weren’t good enough unless our grades were better, or we were skinnier, or we had better friends, or my goals were not good enough. So I know some of you can relate to this. But when I was around age 30 I realized that I had a lot of problems in my life that I had been blaming on other people or outside circumstances that were actually because of this underlying self-loathing.

So yes, maybe I was conditioned to believe that, but about age 30 with all these problems in my life I realized I was the only one that could change that. So that’s when I first got introduced to therapy and soon after I started my first coach training program and I started on this journey of learning how to love and honor myself so I could turn my life around. I didn’t even know it was possible then.

And it took a lot of practice and intentional thought for several years to get to where I am today that I can look at that list of words I wrote down about my offer, which I feel that way about myself too. And it is honestly how I feel about myself today, this unconditional love, and acceptance, and honor, and respect. And I can look at that list and say, “Wow, I didn’t used to feel that way.” And now I’m truly settled in my own brain, naturally feeling these emotions of honoring, loving, respecting, unconditionally accepting myself.

Now, here’s why this is important. When I coach people on their offer because they think it has problems. Maybe they launched it last weekend and nobody bought on the webinar, or only one person bought, or only five people bought, and they just don’t think that’s enough. They think something is wrong with their offer. So when I’m coaching them and we work through that, what are your thoughts about your offer, or what happened on your webinar? And they think, well, nobody wants it. It’s not good enough. I didn’t do the right thing. It’s the wrong offer.

And beneath this when we work through the thought model is this thought of I’m wrong. If they’re thinking, there’s something wrong with my offer, that makes them feel rejection, and disappointment, and failure, the result they’re going to create with their actions is they think they’re a failure. They’re letting themself down, they think I’m wrong, there’s something wrong with me, and I failed.

So when you start with a thought like my offer isn’t right, I didn’t do it right, nobody wants it and you create those feelings of rejection, disappointment, failure. Remember that ultimate result you’re going to create is rejecting yourself, not loving yourself, not accepting yourself. So the reason this is important and relates back to how I feel about myself is, if you want to love your offer for your people you won’t get to a place of loving your offer and just letting it do whatever it’s going to do.

Which might mean the first time, or few times, or sometimes when you offer it, it might not get the results you want. Then you give it all the time it takes. When you get to this place of loving yourself you’re willing to give your offer all the time it takes to finally be the most successful offer making you tons of money. And in order to be able to give it that space to grow you have to be totally secure in your own worth and self-love. I see so many coaches trying to use the performance of their offer to make themselves feel better, or successful, or good enough.

So I ask you, in order to love your offer for your people, are you doing the daily work of loving, honoring, respecting, unconditionally accepting yourself? Because I find a lot of people skip over this. It’s too easy to just jump into our businesses in the morning instead of doing this daily work. And it has to be daily. You can’t just pay attention to yourself once a week. It’s the consistent daily work that will make you feel fulfilled when you sit down to work in your office on whatever it is you’re working on, your marketing, your offer, all those things.

So I ask you again, what is your daily protocol for your own self-worth and your self-love so that then you can work on your offer from that place? And what happens especially when I’m coaching my colleagues doing some peer coaching, so I’m coaching other coaches they say they don’t have that. They have skipped over this practice. Now, I do this every single day of my life because it caused me so many problems in my life when I didn’t do that, kind of hit bottom.

So now I never skip this practice of making sure that my thoughts about myself. And my feelings about myself are in order every single morning. Then when you go to look at your offer from this place of feeling complete, and worthy, and respecting, and honoring yourself, this place of deep acceptance. And feeling like everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to be. Well, then from that place now you can assess the quality of the content of your offer. You don’t want to try to improve your offer from this thought of it’s not working.

I keep a quote written on a sticky note here at my desk and it’s one of our instructors in 200K shared and she said, “You can’t solve a problem from thinking there is a problem.” So if you think my offer is not working and I need to fix it, it’s missing something. You’re not going to find a solution that’s going to work for your offer from that thought.

If you’re thinking it’s not right, it’s not working and then you go to work trying to fix it from this place of not good enough, or lack, or disappointment it leads you to taking actions like adding a whole bunch of things, or adding another offer that won’t change your results. Because you’re adding these things from emotions of lack, and failure, and rejection. And when you take actions from those negative feelings the results are not going to be useful or productive.

Instead you’ve got to change your thoughts about your offer and take action from this more positive place. So I want to encourage you that before you do the work of looking at your offer from a really open and constructive, useful, purposeful place, you’ve got to work on yourself first. You’ve got to get yourself to a place where you love and accept yourself so much that you now aren’t even part of the equation. You no longer feel the failure, the rejection, the disappointment.

Now, if you have a webinar and nobody buys and you thought 20 people were going to buy, and you feel rejected. You can process that emotion. Process it, allow the emotion to pass. And then you’ve got to get back to this place of loving and accepting yourself so that you can get to work maybe doing your evaluation. So what I notice with a lot of my coaching colleagues is that many of us have come to coaching for these personal development reasons.

We find our way to coaching because we just want to feel better. Whether we’re not feeling fulfilled, or maybe we’re overeating, or overindulging, or overworking, or we’re frustrated, our relationships aren’t working. And that’s what leads us to coaching. And then we discover coaching as a business, and we decide to build our businesses and we get so busy with our coaching businesses that I notice a lot of coaches stop doing this personal self-development work. Whether that’s dropping their personal life coach or just stop taking the time daily to self-coach.

I probably spend an hour on this every single morning on myself. And I see it in my work with other coaches, it’s the difference that makes a difference in how I think about my offer. So I think the most important number one work I do is my self-coaching practice I do every day. I’ll never stop that work because that work I do on myself each morning before I get to my business is the reason I can show up every single day loving my offer no matter if I made zero sales, or a few sales, or lots of sales.

And from this place of loving it so much I can see how I can shift it or not shift it, or enhance it. Or what really truly may be an improvement because I’m looking at it from this place of love, and acceptance, and honoring it where it is right now, even if that was zero sales on a launch. And I want to encourage you to do this too. Have in place a protocol before you ever judge whether your offer is working or not. Create a protocol to make sure your mindset is in the right place to get the results you want.

And this is so often the solution for the peers that I coach. And it’s fun coaching them when they realize, oh, I’ve got to think better of myself. I’ve got to do that work on myself and then I will look at my offer with different eyes. Because I see a lot of people posting about how their offer’s not working. And they’ll say, “Hey, I need coaching on my launch of my offer that’s going terribly right now.”

And just that thought, my launch is going terribly right now, coach me please, that thought is going to make you feel this sense of defeated or frustrated, or at the very least make you feel terrible. My offer that’s not working, or I need help because my launch is not working right now. It’s going to make you feel futile or defeated. And you’re not going to be able to troubleshoot from that place. Or any troubleshooting you do from that negative emotion is going to be like walking through quicksand. And any changes you might make probably will not get the better results you want.

So the first thing you have to do is get to this place where you can find some positive emotions that work for you. Now, if the emotions I read off earlier don’t work for you, find some that do. And how I do that, I’m going to share with you part of my protocol for making sure I’m in the right mindset to assess my offer and really anything else in my business. And I would not dream of judging, or criticizing, or making any changes to my offer until I am in this mindset.

So to do this I have a whole list of thoughts about myself, not about my offer. It’s hard, you can’t just jump to wonderful thoughts about your offer if you’re not having wonderful thoughts about yourself. I see this all the time in coaching. So you’ve got to start with your thoughts and feelings about yourself and then it’ll be so much easier to love your offer. Let me share with you some of the thoughts that help me stay in this state of mind. And these thoughts, they aren’t affirmations or mantras that I’m just reading off. I don’t want you to do that.

What I encourage you to do, what you’ve got to do is listen to these statements I read off and then sit with them. You can write them down or get the transcript on Stacey’s website. And then read them every day, I do it first thing in the morning, I take 20 or 30 minutes and I will read one thought and I will feel the emotion they create that moves through my body. I feel the physical sensation move through my body as I think the thought.

And then at the end of the 15, 20 minutes that I do this I feel so full of all the wonderful emotions that are going to help me look at my offer from a very useful productive place. So some of the phrases I use are the following. I see and feel myself being kind to me. I love how I’m learning to express my feelings. I love my strong healthy body. Everything is always working out for me. I enjoy this moment. Everything is always alright. I love and appreciate myself. Here’s one I really like. I revel in this opportunity to be human.

I use my strength, and focus, and determination whenever necessary. I feel empowered, present, and inspired. This is just a sampling of a whole two notebook pages of thoughts I have, and the feelings created by each thought. And I pause after each thought and just let the feeling kind of vibrate through my body. And I notice how is this making me feel? What is the tingling sensation going through my body? And especially that one when I say something like, I revel in this opportunity to be human.

I don’t know about you but it’s like this bubbly beautiful feeling rising up through my chest, and my head, and my neck, and my shoulders. And the emotion, it just feels so fulfilling. So this is what I do at the start of every day. I make sure I’m in the state of feeling all these other emotions that I read off at the beginning like grace, and acceptance, and love, and respect. And that’s how I feel right now because I’m reading these statements so now I’m in the frame of mind to look at my offer because I’ve taken care of myself and filled myself up.

Now I can put myself on the backburner, I don’t need my offer to perform in any certain way to make me feel good, I already feel good. Now I can look at my offer and here’s how I look at it. For instance I had a webinar last week, now remember, this was $125,000 launch, my first six figure launch in one week. It’s very exciting. And that has been my goal since I started 200K, I knew it was inevitable. I didn’t know exactly when it was happening. Well, it happened this week but the very first webinar, nobody purchased.

And so from this place because I always come from this place of deep, self-love, unconditional acceptance, respect, honor, I thought nothing of it, okay, I gave my webinar today. It was on fire. People loved it. It was so good. Nobody signed up but that is no big deal. My launch goal is inevitable. Nothing is wrong. I love my offer for my people. It’s the perfect offer for my people, every farmer everywhere needs to be in this program. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. I will keep changing how I talk if I want to.

I’ll make sure I’m dialing in more and more specifically on the value it offers my clients. And my offer is perfect the way it is. So from that place I realized there was absolutely nothing wrong with my offer. And I want you to have this experience too. When you start from this place of you feeling fulfilled and unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and you start looking at your offer that way, you look at it through a different lens, a lens of it is good enough the way it is.

And there is nothing that needs to be fixed, or changed. Or if it is it’s not even from this place of it’s not good enough. It’s just more of an enhancement. So in my case it didn’t matter that nobody bought. And from that wonderful energy I went into the next day’s webinar with the very same vibrant energy. And instead of making it mean, well, nobody bought so now I’m frustrated and disappointed.

If you create that emotion, well, nobody bought my offer. I’m frustrated, I’m disappointed, it’s not good enough, it’s not working, you’re going to hide on the next launch or in the next email. You’re going to stay small and that’s just one action you take from this feeling of defeat, and you don’t show up in a way during the next webinar or the next launch of your offer in a way that’s in service. And then what’s going to happen is it’s inevitable you’re going to create the result that even fewer people buy, or nobody buys.

So when you start out from this place of feeling fulfilled, unconditional acceptance, and love, and honor, knowing you’ve put into it exactly what it should be and you love your offer the way it is, then you can accept it that okay, I was not supposed to sell any spots for my offer on my webinar today. You know how I know? Because I didn’t and that’s okay. Everything’s working exactly as it’s supposed to.

So I’m going to take care of myself tonight. I’m going to get up tomorrow, I’m going to give another 150% knowing that $125,000 launch is inevitable. And it just wasn’t going to happen with that first webinar and that’s okay. So see what I’m doing here? When you come from this place of everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, you don’t look at your offer with negative critique and just tear it down and rip things out and add things nobody wants. Instead you look at it very honestly and from this place of completeness.

And then you notice things like maybe I could shift this one little thing but probably not, keep in mind, you want your offer to be simple. But you might see a simple subtle shift you can make. And when you love your offer because you unconditionally love, unconditionally accept yourself you usually end up in a place where you believe your offer is right and you feel this excitement coming from this place of fulfilment, and love, this excitement to get out and share with people the things, your offer, the value your offer creates in their lives.

Okay, so this is what I have to share with you today. Do the work of loving yourself and then you will look at your offer with that same unconditional love and acceptance. And you will see that, my simple offer, we’re coaches, so our offer at its very basic is coaching, at the very least. Love it. And then from that place you will get out and it will be so easy to bring vibrant energy and sharing with people the value it will create in their lives. And it’ll just make it so attractive to people. And give it all the time it takes. It may not happen in your first launch or your first six launches.

And also look at every launch of your offer as its own entity, don’t compare one to another. I have webinars where I sell 14 spots in my program and I have webinars, the very same webinars the very next day I sell zero. There are so many more things at play here that it doesn’t matter if you’re doing the same webinar, you’ve got to free it up to be its own entity. And every webinar could have very different results and that’s okay.

And if you start out with this foundation of unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and then you have that for your offer you will find you will become so accepting of how it works. And then it just becomes easier to have that energy that makes people want it and makes people want to buy from you. So my friends, thank you for being here today. I want you to love your offer for your people. We are coaches who are changing the world, we’re changing people’s lives and legacies.

And from this place of loving your offer you will realize your offer doesn’t need to be changed. It’s working perfectly. And more importantly you will start showing up in the world differently, presenting your offer to others with such love and eagerness to help, potential clients can’t help but be drawn to your energy. And it will become very easy to sell. Alright my friends, it’s what I have for you. I’d love to connect with you. I am on Instagram @charlotte.m.smith. I’m on Facebook, Charlotte Smith.

And I have a wonderful podcast, if you’re in the agriculture field at all, if you’re a farmer, maybe you live out in the country and you have a flock of chickens and my podcast is for you, it’s called Profitable Mindset. And my website is I teach farmers how to make money. Again, thank you all for being here.

Let’s send the most amazing loving thoughts to Stacey and her brand new baby boy. I’m so honored to have been able to help her out with an episode for you. And I hope this information I shared with you today and this practice I have will change your life forever like this work has changed mine. I want every coach everywhere to remember to do your own personal work of loving yourself. Don’t criticize yourself.

Have this unconditional love, honor, and respect for yourself then it will be so easy to love your simple offer. Then you’ll go sell it like crazy and make all the money you want because I truly believe in our field, our coaching world the money we can make is infinite. I have proven that to myself now. And I believe it without a doubt for all of us. Alright, thank you so much for being here. Bye bye.


Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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