Ep #3: 3 Things You Need to Do to Make Money as a Life Coach – Part 3

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I recently did a five-day training called How to Make Money as a Life Coach in 3 Simple Steps, and since this was so transformative for so many people in how they were thinking about their business, I thought I’d share it with all of you here too!

This episode is all about how to make offers, which is the third part of how to make money as a life coach. There’s a lot of mind drama that we create around making offers and a lot of confusion around what an offer even is. I’m simplifying this concept in a way that will inspire you to take action and start making offers to everyone you interact with.

Join me today to uncover how you can make high-quality offers and avoid making low-quality offers. Learning how to do this is going to be such a revelation for your business and you’re going to create the energy that gets you the life and business you want!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What an offer is.
  • How to assess if your offer is too complicated.
  • The difference between a low-quality offer and a high-quality offer.
  • A great tactic to get yourself out of being self-focused.
  • Why wanting to “do it right” will lead to inaction.
  • How to get in the mindset of someone who has clients, even if you don’t.
  • How money is created.
  • What happens when you treat everyone you interact with as a client.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey Diva. I’m so excited for this episode today. We’re going to talk about how to make offers, and I thought this would be super fun. I recently did a five-day pop up training called How to Make Money as a Life Coach in 3 Simple Steps, and it was incredible. So many people changed everything about the way they were thinking about their business.

We had over 500 women in the training and it was incredible to see in just five days how fast their mindset could shift and how fast they could get themselves in action to get out and start growing their business. So I actually wanted to give you a taste of what that training was like.

So today is how to make offers, and I’m including as today’s episode, I am including the fourth day of the training where I taught on this subject so that you can also get a taste of what it’s like to see me in action. I am a very passionate speaker and I go off on riffs and I get really into it. So I thought it would just be fun to see what that’s like because right now you just experience me on the other side of this podcast, and so I wanted to give you an opportunity to experience me in a different way.

You can watch the live video training in the show notes but you can also get access to all five days of the training. So many people have been reaching out and asking me to get access to this training and we just ended it so you haven’t missed anything. And so I decided to go ahead and make this available to everyone.

All you need to do is go to www.staceyboehman.com/3-simple-steps. That’s www.staceyboehman.com/3-simple-steps. We will also have that linked up in the show notes but if you go to that, you can actually get access to all five days of the training and get yourself making money as a life coach. Alright, I’ll see you inside.

It’s not what you do. It’s how you’re thinking when you do it. I really want this to sink in for a second so I’m going to slow it down because I talk fast, I know. It’s not what you say. It’s not whether you reach out to someone or they reach out to you. It’s not the words that you put in your PF line of your email. It’s not the email you send out. It’s not the call to action you make if you have a podcast. It’s not when you’re live streaming or you’re making an Instagram post or you’re posting on LinkedIn.

It’s not when you’re one-on-one having coffee with someone and you say, “Hey, I could really help you. I do this for a living, if you’d like to do a consult with me I’d be more than happy.” It’s not the words that you use. It’s not the timing of the offer. It’s not the length of the offer. It’s none of those things. It is what you are thinking when you make the offer. It is always that.

So some people get really, really, really confused on offers and they get – they create a lot of drama around them. So if you’ve created drama, you’re going to leave today like, completely drama-less. Here it is. Do you guys want to know what an offer is? Some people are like, “I don’t know how to make an offer, what’s an offer? What do I do? How do I do it?”

Here’s what an offer is. You see my little stick figure? It’s talking to another stick figure. I am a great drawer. And this is what the person is saying, they’re making an offer. “Hey, can I help you?” That is an offer. It’s not like genius, it’s not like, flavorful and colorful with all the intricate words you could add to it.

In fact, when you’re making offers, I highly suggest you take all the fluff out. Would a kindergartener understand what you’re offering? Would your 80-year-old grandmother understand what you’re offering? If not, it’s probably too complicated, confusing, and your client doesn’t know what it is.

Hey, can I help you? It’s a great offer. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. So we’re going to – I’m going to talk about it. I spent some time yesterday really ruminating on this and here’s what I came up with. There are two different kinds of offers you can make. Low quality offers and high quality offers, and I’m going to go through both of them.

So a low quality offer is focused on selling. That’s your agenda when you make it. I want to sell, I want to sign a client, I want to get someone on the phone. It’s very focused on getting something and selling something.

A high quality offer is focused on sharing. I want you to think about the last thing that you fell in love with, that you felt compelled to call a friend or a family member or post about on social media. I posted the other day about this toothbrush that I bought, an electronic toothbrush off of a Kourtney Kardashian ad. It was Khloe. It was Khloe Kardashian.

She had a cob of corn and it had black stuff all over it and she showed the different types of toothbrush and then she showed the Burst toothbrush and you could see how much better it cleans and I was like, this is a brilliant infomercial. And I bought it, by the way, I love it, and I posted about it on social media.

I wasn’t trying to sell it. I was sharing it. I was sharing how excited I was to use it. I was asking if anybody else had used it. I was just talking about it from the heart. That’s what a high quality offer is. It’s just sharing something that you feel really passionate about.

And when I post about the Burst toothbrush, I don’t care if people engage with it. I’m not invested if someone loves the fact that I posted and shared about it. I don’t care what people’s comments are. It was just like I’m sharing this, here you are, here’s this offer to the world. I do this with jewelry I wear, with clothes I wear, with all – restaurants I go to.

If I think something is amazing, I’m going to tell the world about it. So if you think your coaching is amazing, you should probably tell the world about it. And if you really believe it’s amazing and you feel fired up in your heart and in your soul, you will find the words. The issue is not that you don’t have the words. The issue is you don’t have the power, you don’t have the belief inside of you, you don’t have the passion. You don’t have the fire that’s coming out of you and compelling you to share, urging you to share. That’s always the problem.

So when you go to solve your making offers problem, you always got to start there. Why don’t I feel compelled to share? Why don’t I have the words just flowing out of my mouth? Why don’t I? That’s the question you want to ask.

Okay, so now let’s talk about the second type of low quality offer. It’s very similar to the first but it’s very focused on getting clients. It’s very, very focused on what is in it for you. How many of you – I want you to be really honest and comment below, how many of you have kind of gotten stuck in that? Where sometimes you’re not intentionally trying to be self-focused but you are.

And here’s how you know you are is when you get in fear about being rejected or what’s going to – I’m worried about I won’t hit my goals, I’m worried about if this person says no then how I’m going to feel, I don’t want to look like an idiot, I don’t want to mess up, I don’t want to make a mistake, I just really have to get clients, I’ve got to make money, I’ve got to make money now.

So many coaches will come to me and tell me like, “I’ve got to make money now, I’ve got to get business off the ground, I have to sign a client, I want to sign more clients,” just coming from this needy, desperate, frustrated, urgent place where you feel kind of graspy and you’re like, I just got to get clients.

That feeling is a low quality offer. Anything that you produce from that will be low quality. Anything that you – any content you produce, any ideas you come up with. Like, I once had a client that thought she had come up with this brilliant idea, and she comes to me and she’s like, “I have decided, I am struggling hardcore with x, y, z.” I don’t even remember what it was at this point but she was struggle hardcore with something.

And she was like, “I decided to work through it, I’m going to launch a training, and I’m going to bring all the people along with me,” and it sounded so great. And I said, “But that seems like it’s coming from – like you’re creating from a place of graspy, fear-based energy. And although you want to solve it with a bunch of people, which sounds amazing, I don’t know if it’s the best place to go into a training from. It sounds like you should work through your stuff first and then offer a training.”

So any type of offer of like, just any sort of graspy energy comes from this getting clients energy, versus a high quality offer is focused on serving others. This is so important. Any time my clients stop taking action, any time, and this is for you too, any time you stop taking action is because you’ve stopped serving.

You’ve forgotten why you’re doing what you’re doing. How many of you can really relate to this? Really forgetting the whole purpose of why you got into this. Why you decided to become a coach was to serve, was to help others. And then the moment you decided to sell your coaching, the moment you decided to open your doors and then all of a sudden money is involved, now it becomes this thing that isn’t about serving others and isn’t about helping others, and it’s all about how you want to feel and all about your own fears and not being rejected and not knowing how and your confusion and your I don’t know.

And all of a sudden you just stop – Tony Robbins talks about this. He talks about how we only suffer when we’re focused on ourselves. We only suffer when we’re focused on ourselves. So any mind drama that you have in your business that keeps you from going out and meeting as many people as possible, telling them you’re a life coach, and making offers to help them, anything that keeps you from doing that is suffering induced by yourself being focused on you.

And being detached from the whole reason you got into the coaching industry to begin with is to serve and help other people. So if you get back to serving and helping other people, not only are you going to get into taking action, not only will you start meeting as many people as possible, telling them you’re a life coach and making offers to help them, but your offer will be super high quality because it will be coming from the heart, which is the next thing that makes a high quality offer is doing it from the heart.

Doing it from a place of service, just speaking from – I always call it like, the pit of my stomach. It just feels like my heart is beating so fast and I have to share, coming from a place of love, coming from a place of abundance, coming from a place of genuinely caring and wanting to help. That’s the place where your offers will be the highest quality.

So when you’re getting into the confusion about how do I make an offer, you’ve got to drop into your heart and you’ve got to get back to your why. You’ve got to start thinking about why did I want to do this in the first place, who do I want to serve, why do I want to serve, what can I serve, how can I help people, and then get back to that energy where you’re focused on someone else.

A really great tactic about this is like, when you’re in the energy where you’re all self-focused on you, and that, by the way, is completely human and totally fine and nothing has gone wrong and you’re not a failure and you’re not a fraud. It happens to everyone, you’re human.

But when you’re in that space, a really great way to get out of it is to think about someone who is really struggling with something you can help them with. Even if you haven’t picked your niche, you don’t have to have a defined niche to do this. You can just think of someone who’s struggling hardcore. They’re out there in the world and they are praying for you.

And they may not even know it, but they are praying for you. They are hoping that you make an offer to help them so that they can see, oh, this is my way out. I just remember so hardcore wanting help so bad. I used to Google – I didn’t even know what I wanted help. I actually took a screenshot of this the other day. It popped up on my Facebook memories.

It was 2011 or 2013 – I think it was 2011. This was three years before I ever found life coaching and it shows as a testament to what a bad place I was in. I posted on Facebook, “I’ve got to make a change.” I don’t even remember what I was talking about. I just know I was so unhappy in my life and it was like I was so unhappy I felt compelled to offer it to Facebook and maybe in hopes that somebody would be like, I can help you.

I don’t know why I did it. It just popped up and I was like, wow, that was the place I was in. But in that moment, if someone had been in my life, like, waving a giant flag saying, “Hey, I can help you,” I probably would have taken them up on it. That’s how bad I needed help.

So if you’re not doing it from the heart and you’re not focused on serving, get back to finding and thinking about that person who desperately needs your help, and from that place of being where you are, all of a sudden you’ll remember that your life is kind of amazing and you have a golden ticket, as one of my client Patty says, a golden ticket, you have the answer to help them out of their pain, to get them what they want, and that’s when you start making the offer. That’s how you make the offer from that place.

Remember, the words don’t matter. The method doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you feel compelled to share on Facebook, if you feel compelled to share on LinkedIn, on Instagram, on your podcast, on an email. It doesn’t matter. If you jump on a live stream and you’ve never done a live stream and you’re just like, a hot, hot mess.

Every time I’ve thought I created something or made an offer for something that was just terrible, I’ve always had someone reach out to me and say, “Thank god you said that today, I really needed to hear that.” So it’s not about you. It’s about serving others and doing it from the heart.

Now, a low quality offer on the opposite side, from doing it from the heart, is an offer that’s focused on doing it right. How many times do you all think about this? Comment below if this is you, if you think about doing it right or trying to figure it out, or wanting to make sure every little step of the process is just the right way, there’s no other way to say that.

But when you’re focused on it doing it right. So here’s how you know you get focused on doing it right is if you don’t do it at all. That’s how you know. Comment below if you’re not doing it at all. Think about this. When is the last offer you made? How many offers are you making every day, every week? If you’re not making offers, I guarantee you – so it could even be that you’re totally like, you would share from the heart all day long and you would totally want to serve others, and you’re totally connected to who you are and what you offer, but you have this little thought in your brain, it’s literally just a thought in your brain that’s going, “I don’t want to fail, it’s going to be right, what if I don’t do it right, what would happen, I’m going to look stupid.”

All of those things are focused on – any time you’re focused on doing it right, you won’t do it at all. Perfection will totally shut you down and ruin your momentum. Perfection ruins momentum. You have to be willing to just go out and do it, but when you’re focused on doing it right, you’ll be very in your head, you’ll overanalyze, or you won’t do it at all.

Especially this whole process, like if you’re like, “Yeah but Stacey, what about this? What about this?” If you have lots of questions about this process, I guarantee you it’s because your brain is focused on doing it right. What if there was no right way?

There are thousands of coaches literally, it’s crazy how many coaches I know that are making six figures or more and we all do it differently. In fact, I’m in a millionaire mentoring group where we’re all making seven figures and all of us are doing it differently. All of us have a different business model, all of us have a different way of doing launches. All of us have a different way of making offers.

It’s insane how starkly different all of our businesses are. What if there was no right way? But because you’re focused on there being a right way, you’re shutting down and you’re not getting out there at all and meeting anybody and talking about your coaching to anyone and making offers to help anybody.

You’ve got to really recognize what the problem is in order to solve it. Remember on day one I said the biggest issue with coaches is that they’re too close to the problem to solve it. You guys all told me on the Facebook community all the things that you thought were your problems. Do you guys want to go back and remember those? I think it was right here.

You thought you don’t know and you’re confused on your niche and that was the problem. You thought your clear messaging was the problem. You thought your marketing was the problem or sales, or the fact that you have a full-time job, or how much you judge yourself, or time, or that you don’t have lead generation method to find clients.

These are all the things you thought your problem was. What your problem is is you’re focused on doing it right so you’re not taking action at all, or your action isn’t inspired because you’re so focused on doing it right. So some of you have the ability to override your system. You’re like, hustlers. You’ve got a lot of willpower, so you’ll keep taking action over and over and over and over, even when you’re doing it right and even when nothing is going right, you’ll keep taking action.

You’re like action machines but you’re still not getting the result. That means that you’re sharing, you’re serving others, you’re doing it from the heart, one of those things is off, and you’re in your brain and in your mind and you’re doing a lot of fear-based marketing and a lot of fear-based offers. And you can make offers all day long and if they come from fear, if they come from insecurity, if they come from perfection or trying to perfect, you still won’t get the result you want. You still won’t actually book clients.

Which brings me to the next low quality type of offer, which comes from not having. This is the one that I want all of you to hear. The lowest quality offer you can make is the offer that you make, believing you have no clients and you have no prospects and that offer has got to get you something.

Even if it doesn’t, if you’re just in the mindset of I’m a newbie coach, I’m a baby coach, I don’t have any clients, and you think it’s true to say all of those things, you think it’s just you reporting the news when you say I don’t have any clients, when you say I haven’t signed a client yet, I’m a new coach, I’m still trying to build my business, when you say all those things, you think it’s the news, it’s not. It’s your mindset.

I’m going to show you how in a second. I’m going to show you even if your circumstance, factual proof is that you don’t have someone paying you as a client, for you to be their coach, I’m going to show you how to get into the mindset of having even if you don’t. It’s going to rock your world. You’re going to be like, mind-blown, what the hell, what is happening?

It’s the greatest thing ever. I use it time and time again, it’s how I got my business off the ground, and it’s what I teach my clients as well. So a high quality offer comes from a place of having. It comes from a place of that energy, of you’re helping people. You’re actively out there working with clients, helping people, people want your help, people really like working with you. It comes from an energy of having the business that you want.

And the last type of low quality offer is an attachment offer. It means you’re attached to the outcome, which means if you don’t get a yes you’ll be disappointed, if you don’t get a yes you will feel rejected, if you need the yes in order to feel a certain way, if you’re making that yes mean something about you or you will make that no mean something about you, you are attached, if you are relying on an outcome.

Remember I said business is like dating. I think that was day two or three where I said think about the girl who’s dating 10 guys and then she meets the one hot guy at the coffee shop that seems to have it all and then she gives him her number, but she’s got 10 guys messaging her so she forgets by the next day that he hasn’t even messaged and she’s not in needy energy at all and five days later when he messages, she’s like, oh yeah, I forgot about you, that guy at the coffee shop, awesome.

And all she’s attached to is the end result and what she wants, which is finding the relationship that turns into marriage and is the – she rides off into the sunset. If that’s where – or there’s the opposite is like she’s waiting on him to text and she’s calling a friend like, I met this amazing guy and he still hasn’t called, he still hasn’t text, what am I going to do?

That energy is being attached to the outcome, the person, or the way. So many of you get caught up in like, you have an idea of how it’s going to happen. You have an idea of a course you’re going to launch, you have an idea of the offering that you’re going to make. You have an idea of wanting to do a podcast or wanting to do – it doesn’t matter.

But whatever you feel the method of delivery of making the offer you feel attached to, there’s been so many things that I’ve had to redo like, I’ve had to take all the things I think I want this year in my business and instead, listen to what other people want and be zero, like, zero attachment to any method of doing something.

We’ve redone things in my business over and over and over to the point where every quarter I just blank slate my business. I’m like, okay, that’s what worked before, now let’s figure out what works now. Some of you might be in that stage. You’re attached to the outcome, the person, or the way of making your offer, who you’re going to make it to, what the outcome is, or how you’re making it.

A high quality offer is committed to the result. It’s the girl that’s dating 10 men, right? It’s committed to what you’re creating, you’re committed to who you’re being, and you’re committed to why you’re doing it. That’s a high quality offer. That means you’re focused on your vision and your goal.

Like, my vision is to help 500 women in 2019 make money in their business. That is my vision. And I am committed to that. I am not attached to any people that come my way but I am committed to helping 500 women make money. Who I’m being, I’m committed to the belief of the person who is helping 500 women make money as a life coach. That’s all I’m committed to.

I’m not committed to all the other like, launched I do and the things I create. I’m mostly committed all the way in like, of all the things I’m committed to, I’m committed to being the woman who’s already working with the 500 women. And I’m committed to why I’m doing it because I know what it feels like to have complete power in my life because I make money doing what I love.

And I also know what it looks like when other people do it and since I’ve already done it, it’s like my goal is now to just create that energy and that impact and that excitement and that power, like watching my girls hit 100K or make their first 2K or jump up to 50 grand a year or whatever it is. Watching their face light up, watching their confidence grow. That is why I do it.

I do it because when we have money, we have decision power, we have choices to make the world a better place, and I’m committed to that. That’s what I’m committed to. That means my offers will always be high quality. This is what I want for you.

Okay, so in order to have a high quality offer, you have to know how money is created. Because what I find takes us out of our power when we’re making offers the most is we don’t understand where money comes from and how it’s created and we think it comes from clients. We think us making money is in the hands of somebody else, it’s in the hands of the person that we’re making the offer to.

This is actually how money is created. Money comes from value. You offer value, you get paid. Value comes from thinking. What makes value is thoughts. High quality thoughts. So thinking creates money and value. So therefore, thinking creates clients. Clients don’t create money for you. Thinking does.

Does everybody follow that? Money is created through value, value is created through thinking, therefore thinking creates money and value, therefore thinking creates clients. So when you’re committed 100% to who you’re being and what you’re offering in the world and why you’re doing it, all you need to be committed to sign clients is the way that you’re thinking about it.

And the best thoughts that create clients because thinking creates clients, the best thoughts that create clients are the thoughts of having clients. So I’m going to teach you how to do that right now. Y’all ready?

When you’re meeting as many people as possible, this is you, this is the stick figure meeting as many people as possible, this is the thought you can have. Clients are anywhere and everywhere. I want you to think of the concept of what if god were one of us? That concept. Everybody remember that? That song? I think it was by Jewel. What if god was one of us?

What if clients were every single person that you met? What if every person on the internet, every person you meet, every person you interact with was your client? I want you to think about this for a second. The concept of what is god was one of us is the concept of treating everybody as if they were god.

Here’s what I want to offer. What if you treated every single person you met and interacted with as if they were your client? This is what I do. I talk about it all the time, I’ve talked about it for years. It has never ever changed. I treat everyone as if they’re my client. No one gets special treatment, so I don’t go on social media and like, only interact with my clients.

In fact, I just interact with whoever’s on the newsfeed. It’s usually people who aren’t my clients because of how many people friend me every day. Every person I meet, the Starbucks barista, everyone, I treat the same way I would a client. Here’s what happens when you do that.

If you’re treating everybody like they’re your client, what are you thinking about you? That you’re their coach. The whole point of all three of these steps is for you to get in your mind about being a life coach to the degree of however much money you want to make. A six-figure life coach, a seven-figure life coach, a life coach who makes any money at all.

That’s the whole point of all of these steps. The three steps, meeting as many people as possible, telling them you’re a life coach, and making offers is for you to step into who you’re going to be, and the deeper you believe it, this is what will happen. You start meeting as many people as possible, and then all of a sudden the people that you’ve met or other people that you’ve never met are going to start coming to you. They’re going to start following you. The pendulum will swing.

And here’s another thought, this is the second highest quality thought, if not one of – I don’t know. Having clients and this next thought are the two best thoughts you could ever have in order to make money as a life coach. Clients come to me. I have always believed that.

My very first mentor and my very first ever interaction with a coach taught me that. Like, just clients will come to you. She didn’t say it as if like, it was something you needed to believe. She said it as if it was a fact. Like oh yeah, you just need to make offers and people will come to you, and I was like, oh okay, I could do that.

And I just made offers and people have always come to me. I made my first 250K people just coming to me. I had a compulsion of I’ve got to reach out to you, I know I can help you, a couple of times, maybe three times total ever. Everybody else came to me, all of the money I made was people reaching out to me. I was just showing up everywhere all the time, meeting a ton of people, telling everybody what I did, and I was always making offers.

I would live stream all of the time. You don’t have to live stream. You can make offers however you want, but I was always live streaming and I was always just saying, “Hey, if this message resonates with you, reach out to me, I know I can help you, we can jump on a call, I’ve give you a couple of things right away that you can implement and if it works we can keep working together for an entire year and I’ll walk you step by step through every step of the way.”

I would just constantly make offers. I said something different every single time. I always – any time, I’m always like, you want to be on my live trainings because I will explain it differently each time because I’m not reading a script in my mind, I’m just teaching you what’s coming out of me from sharing from my heart, from a place of mastery.

So this is the greatest thought you could ever have is I just need to show up and do that, just show up and share and people will come to me. Like, what if they would come to you? How would you show up? If that was the way that it works because so many people think that in order to make an offer, they’ve got to DM every single person they know. They’ve got to send an email out to everybody they know and say hey, do you have anyone you could refer to me.

They think they need to go out and hunt the people and find the clients. But what if you just show up every day and they will find you? How amazing would that be? That means the only thing that you need to be responsible for is showing up and sharing.

And making them want to reach out to you. That is really is. Why would someone reach out to you? Because they want to.  What will make them want to? Being inspired. That is what coaches do. At our core, that is what we do. We inspire people into action. So making offers is just about inspiring people into action.

How do you do that? How do you make an offer? Everybody comment below. What have you learned? You show up, you share, you serve, you do it from the heart, you come from a place of everybody in Facebook – everybody that is available to watch your life or read your post is a client. You do it from being committed to the results, committed to who you’re being, who you’re serving, and why you’re doing it.

If you just be responsible for that, people will come to you. How great does that feel?

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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