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We often get wrapped up in the big aspirations with our endeavors and often forget the importance of the seemingly minor steps along the way. When I tell people that I get excited about making a $2000 goal, people say that $2000 is such a small milestone. To those people, I say that a mindset built on achieving manageable goals is one of the keys to success in both business and overall happiness as a life coach.

In fact, one of the biggest obstacles in starting a business is immediately jumping to tackle the greater goals, instead of working on the smaller steps to reach success.

In this week’s episode, I am discussing my own personal experience with goal-setting and working to make a million dollars, $2000 at a time. Tune in as I show how small goals can have amazing results in the long run!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why goal-setting is the key to steady success.
  • Why there is no such thing as an “overnight success.”
  • How focusing on individual clients will make for better connections with your prospective clients.
  • The importance of finding new ways to continually be excited by your work.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula. Let’s get started.

Hey my lovies, how are you all doing today? Happy Wednesday. You know I call my dog my lovie, that’s I think where I started calling you all lovies. I also call my fiancé lovie, so everybody is a lovie. I just love it. I think of you as fondly as I think of my fiancé and my dog. What do you think about that?

I hope you think of me fondly, especially after the last two podcasts. I just feel like actually the – since the beginning of this podcast, I was going to say the last five or six. No, basically since the beginning of this podcast I feel like I’ve been a little tough on you. I’m going to take a break. We’re going to talk about something super fun today. We’re going to talk about making a million dollars 2K at a time. So fun.

And I have to give a shout-out to my client Stacey. Also, a Stacey. So she posted this in our 2K group. She said, “Alright ladies, as you know, the client I signed yesterday officially paid in full. I decided to take a peek at my numbers since January and I’m getting pretty excited about the possibility for 2019. January gross income, $1000, February gross income, $500, mid-March, join 2K for 2K, March gross income, $6500. Last year I grossed $12500 in my business for the entire year so in one month, I made over half of my income from the entire 2018. Plus, if I keep this up, I could support 50 clients by the end of the year.”

Amazing. She said, “I’m seriously blowing my own mind right now. This work is astronomical.” Stacey, I’m so excited for you. I’m excited to see how much money you make by the end of the year. Let’s do this. But let’s also dive into making a million dollars 2K at a time.

I really wanted to do an episode today that was just about my journey this year and making a million dollars and realizing I could do it 2K at a time. This is going to be super fun because I already have a seven-figure business. So I’ve made a million dollars, but this year, two things kind of happened.

Number one, we kept my goal the same as last year so I could kind of focus on systems and structures in my business and also so I could spend a lot of time not working. We’re taking like, three months off this year, and I’ve done a lot of hustling. I think I’ve earned my credit in the school of hustle.

So this year is like, the intention is about focusing on working smart, not overworking, creating value, building a team, preparing my business for five million. That’s what this year is about. It’s not a growth year where it wasn’t supposed to be. It was supposed to be about a prep year for a really, really big growth year. So that’s the first thing is that we set the goal totally attainable so that I could really not focus on selling and focus on making everything I do better. So that’s one thing.

So the second thing is I really went all in with this concept of 2K at a time being the secret to growth. Like, really focusing on the tangible to get your brain into action. So I went all in, and in the going all in of this and thinking about it all the time and really coaching myself on it, I realized I could make a million dollars 2K at a time.

Now, let me first say, one of the reasons I wanted to create this specific podcast for you is because so many people tell me that 2K is not exciting. It’s the biggest objection I get in my business and from potential clients. Like, it doesn’t get them revved up.

And I don’t spend a lot of time on this objection. I really don’t because I think if I have to convince you that 2K is enough, I also have to convince you the entire time you’re doing the work learning by trial and error, meeting failure head on, breaking down your consults, working hard to grow in your sales and coaching. I’m not going to have fun doing that and you aren’t either. It’ll just be kind of like me dragging you along.

So I don’t want to have to convince. But I did want to inspire some of you that just kind of have this in the back of your head that 2K isn’t enough. I want to show you how I’m making a million dollars 2K at a time. So this year, my million-dollar goal was broken down into my two programs. My 2K and my 200K.

My 200K is a higher price point with less people so it actually makes up a bigger portion of my goal and so I committed to enrolling 200 people in my 2K and then 60 people in my 200K and that would make a million dollars. But here’s what happened. I realized in January that I could just enroll one person a day and that could be my focus. Just one person a day.

It would be super simple, super easy, just one person a day, that’s all I needed to focus on, and if I did, I would not only hit my goal but surpass it. So I also decided that I was going to do this with my mind and not my effort. So a lot of us just been believing that people will show up and believing people will come and believing the signups will come.

I remember last month we were about to hit our goal of enrolling 200 people and that was like, the goal for the whole year. Keep in mind it’s March, and we were two people away. We had 198 people enroll since January. And I was telling my fiancé, I was like, those two people – it was like, late in the day too. And I was like, those two people are coming. Two people are totally signing up tonight.

So I wasn’t going out there and sending emails. That’s what I mean by not focusing on what I was doing but just what I was believing, and they totally did, which was so amazing. So I just kept that as my focus. One person a day. Then at some point, as those people rolled in, at a rate higher than even one person a day, my CFO and I were talking and he said, “You know, you just keep getting this steady drip of one, two or three people a day and this is going to be adding up. This is going to be a big year.”

And I joked, “Yeah, you know, I’m just making a million dollars 2K at a time,” and it really hit me. I was like, wait a minute, I am making a million dollars just in my 2K program this year, 2K at a time, which makes me feel like I have so much skin in the game with my clients who are making 200K 2K at a time.

Most of you don’t even have a goal for six figures. You want more than that. So it’s like whatever it is, if it’s a million for you, it just makes me have even more skin in the game of this is totally possible. It just really boils down to this idea of one client at a time, which is how I made 100K. Focusing on just the next one, one client at a time. Like today, I could sign a client.

And so now I have the skin in the game for what I’m teaching so here we are, it’s April, it’s the beginning of April actually when I’m recording this and we haven’t even launched my 200K mastermind yet and we’re over half a million dollars cash in just my 2K program.

So my million-dollar goal for the year has become like my million-dollar goal just for this program and probably my million-dollar goal is transforming to two million dollars. That’s what it’s looking out to be, but what’s so fun is when people tell me that 2K isn’t exciting.

If you’re one of these people and trust me, even some of my clients will tell me 2K isn’t exciting. Some of them will actually tell me 100K isn’t exciting but that’s a different story. I just want you to think is a million dollars 2K at a time exciting? I think it is. Really think about that. Well, here’s what’s really fascinating. I think some of you will still say no.

And here’s why; your brain thinks 2K at a time to a million is a lot of work, that it’s exhausting and it’s picking up pennies. But really, it’s calm and it’s easy and it’s slow and it’s steady and it’s the result of compounding work. It’s the slow, thoughtful, steady kind of achievement, and our brains want the quick, aggressive acquisition of our goals.

Our brain doesn’t want to delay gratification ever. It wants it to be all now, to be excited. It wants to win the lottery. It doesn’t want to do anything it anticipates being lots of effort. But what I see every damn day and time is the brain doesn’t want to delay gratification, so it does in fact delay its own gratification by not showing up and doing the work necessary to make those big goals because it’s not excited about the work it has to do to make those big goals. It just wants the big goals.

Overnight successes are not a thing. They don’t exist. They are the result of compounded thinking and of compounded doing. They’re the result of compounded being. So when you don’t think 2K is enough or exciting – because here’s what it really is. Even if it’s – 2K is just a number I picked out of the sky really. I chose it because it’s the hardest to make, I think. It’s your first dollars in your business. It’s the hump.

Once you’ve made a couple thousand dollars you start feeling legit. But 2K is like, just focusing on small goals to achieve big things. We talked about that I think in episode five. And it’s the same concept, one client at a time, one enrollment at a time. So when you don’t think that one client at a time is exciting or when you don’t think 2K is enough or exciting, you don’t do the small little things needed to get there.

You’re too focused on the really big things you need to do to get lots of clients. You’re focused on that podcast that you think you need to create and the perfect website and the perfect opt in and the perfect freebie that tied perfectly into the right Facebook ad to run this massive people through your funnel, and instead of focusing on getting out of your house and meeting as many people as possible and telling them you’re a life coach and making offers to help them.

How many times – I said that like, every episode from here on out. So even last year, when I first started marketing my 2K program, I was doing this. I was trying to create big launched to enroll like, 50 people at a time in the program and I wanted to get all the people in at once and I failed over and over to hit those numbers and it plummeted.

I remember at one point in the year just like, plummeted my self-confidence. The numbers were always far less than what we wanted and it was really because I was focusing on these big things and really trying to create a finished product overnight. So I launched ads without really being in the mind, set in the willingness to spend time and money to work on them, because I was just like no, we got to get my audience, we got to get these 50 people enrolled.

I didn’t have time to mess with building my audience, and I was trying to create webinars and trainings and spend all this time selling and I was really just trying to leap. That’s what I want you guys to notice is if you’re trying to leap.

So this year, I started focusing on just one client at a time and the actions that would lead to one client at a time. Like, what did I need to do to get to one client at a time? Now, some of you might be thinking, “But Stacey, you always say to focus on the thoughts and that the actions don’t matter,” but my mindset this year has been fully aligned.

I was focused in my mind on just one client, so it narrowed my focus. Now, my brain thought that’s easy, just send out an email, so I did, and people would sign up. So with focusing in my mind with just one client at a time, I was inspired to take action because it would seem like such a simple action and then I did take action.

Whatever I thought to do, thinking about that one client at a time, I did. Even with my emails, I started emailing daily. And what I thought to write was based on is there someone out there today who needs my help? What do I need to say to them? Which is very different than when you’re thinking of 100 people or 1000 people or even 5000 people, thinking what do I need to say to them?

All of a sudden now it becomes this big thing and this nebulous of people, it’s like you got to bring it down to one. Remember, people buy when they’re inspired into action, and when an email feels like it’s written directly to you, that the author literally wrote a private note to you, you feel inspired.

But it’s hard to do that when you’re thinking of hundreds and thousands of people all at once. When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. So I want you to think of one client at a time or 2K at a time like, showing up for just one person, for just one moment at a time. Focus on one belief at a time, one afternoon at a time.

I often talk about this football analogy that I heard from a movie. That football is just a game of inches, and the game is won or lost in those inches. And my fiancé and I recently went to the NCAA tournament were Duke was playing in the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8 and I saw it happen then.

They didn’t just lose in one play, but they did lose one play at a time. They lost in a series of decisions and plays and all of those just bad plays added up. I broke it down for my fiancé actually, it was pretty funny because like, I don’t really know anything about basketball, but when I watch it I can just watch it happening.

And so I was telling him one of their star players, Cam Reddish didn’t play the game before because of an injury. And I said, you know, they lost the game there because he didn’t play, the team had to play so much harder than normal because he wasn’t there, which means that the next game they came so much more tired than they would have been.

And then while they were tired, they turned over the ball 17 times. The game was lost in each one of those turnovers because one of those turnovers might have won it. They lost by like, one point. So they didn’t rebound the ball over and over, so that was another time like, every time they didn’t rebound the ball, each one of those was the loss.

Because who knows which would have been the thing that would have pulled them over? But the game was lost in all of the missed opportunities. At one point, coach – I can never say his name, we just call him coach K. But coach K took the stay player out of the game because they had a foul early on and they had just done this 10-point run to get 10 points ahead for their first lead of the game and as soon as he took him out, they lost the momentum that they had just started gaining and then the other team came back and scored 14 more points and took back the lead.

And so the game was lost in that call. Business is also a series of decisions, a series of calls, a series of inches. You don’t have a zero month from one thing but you have it one moment at a time. And can you find those moments for yourself? And I believe you can if you’re focused on one client at a time, one day at a time.

It gives your brain focus to take action, to move forward. And if you do that, you keep moving, you keep making plays, you keep scoring points, you keep adjusting, you keep getting help, you change the momentum, you change the game. And when you feel 2K at a time is exciting, guess what else also happens? You celebrate all the time.

If you were someone who signed up for my 2K program, I celebrate every single one of you. I tell my fiancé about every sign up. I’m not exaggerating. We spend all the time just celebrating like yes, somebody else signed up, we get to serve one more person. This is so fun and exciting. $2000, I just keep reinforcing the belief that $2000 at a time is so exciting, and so of course those $2000 are going to add up to be a million dollars.

And what do you think that does for my energy, for my motivation, for my excitement, my drive? It goes through the roof. Making a million dollars 2K at a time is not hard work. It’s been the complete opposite. It’s been so easy. And I haven’t done any webinars. I did one launch but even that launch, the focus was just one email a day to one person a day, to one sign up a day. That really is how you make a million dollars 2K at a time.

So if I can make a million dollars 2K at a time, you can totally make $100,000 2K at a time. It’s so simple. And believe me, when it happens, it will be so exciting. Life isn’t just all the results you have. It’s all the choices you make. And so you have to think about it’s not just about the million dollars overnight or the $100,000 overnight. It’s about the journey to creating it and what does actually create that? One client at a time. Always.

So I hope this was inspiring. I hope that it challenges the way that you might be thinking about $2000, or it doesn’t even matter. Whatever your price is, $5000, $10,000, whatever you’re charging, really let it be the example of what’s possible. Really, what I’m teaching is not that you just go sell your prices at 2K or that it’s just all about making your first 2K.

It’s really about just understanding the mindset of the little decisions create the big results, and every little decision has the opportunity to just have that energy and that life and that excitement behind it. So go get to work. Make your money, make your 2019 goal 2K at a time.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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